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    HRT is a wonderful thing

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    Preference: Your First Kiss (Girls)











    It became a regular occurrence with heading over to Lexis'. Whether it was studying, working on projects or just simply hanging out.

    Plus, seeing Cassie on a regular basis was a positive sidenote.

    It was one of those times where you and Lexi had decided to hang out within her room, movies playing on your laptop which you brought over, loaded up with a multitude of genres.

    The movie was in full motion and just as the anticipation which the scene built up was finally about to be relieved, Lexi leaned forward and pressed the space bar on the keyboard, pausing the movie.


    "What?" Lexi shrugged innocently. "I need to go pee."

    "Couldn't you have waited like, an extra 30 seconds?" You ask in a whining tone.

    "Nope," she replied, popping the 'P'. "Anyways," Lexi started as she moved to stand from the bed. "We're nearly out of drinks so you can go get refills."

    With that, she disappeared through the door.

    "What's the point in having drinks if you're just gonna need a piss half way through the movie?" You grumbled to yourself quietly.

    With a huff, you stood yourself, grabbing both of the large, near empty drinking glasses that are transparent red before leaving her bedroom yourself, heading towards the kitchen.

    You whistle quietly to yourself as you walk down the hallway and stairs.

    As you pass by the front door on your way, it opens and in walks Cassie, looking slightly drenched from the drizzle of rain outside.

    But that wasn't what you had noticed about her appearance. It was the puffy, red eyes and smudged mascara.

    There was no doubt that some of the trails of moisture down her cheeks were tears.

    She closes the door and turns to walk further into the house, jumping when she spots you who had subconsciously stopped walking to watch her.

    "Fucking Jesus, you scared me!" Cassie held one hand over her heart as it beat rapidly from the small fright you gave her.

    You coughed as you were instantly brought out of your quiet trance. “Uh, yeah. Sorry.” You flashed her a small smile as you sheepishly scratch at the back of your neck.

    “Are you- uh- are you okay?” You asked sincerely, your face now contorted in a slight show of concern.

    She sniffled and attempted to send you a smile of reassurance but it did anything but. “Yeah.”

    You raised your one eyebrow as you looked at her, silently asking her if she thought you were that stupid. Cassie sighed before walking past you and heading towards the kitchen, you trailing behind her.

    Placing the two glasses down on to the counter, you lean back against it as you watch her try to compose herself. Turning towards you, her face lowered towards the ground, she finally relented.

    “McKay cheated on me.”

    Your whole body stiffened. You had gotten to know Cassie ever since you had first came over to their house to work with Lexi on a project. If you thought you had a crush on her when you first laid your eyes upon her, you had fallen hard during the moments you shared laughing and flirtatiously bantering.

    “That fucking asshole,” you mutter.

    Cassie giggled softly and the smallest of smiles graced her glossed lips. 

    It was clear the girl before you was lacking some serious self-confidece and you decided you would change that.

    “It’s his loss, I reckon. The asshole didn’t deserve you.”

    She shook her head in protest but you wouldn’t allow her to speak as you continued.

    “Like, how could anyone treat someone so kind, sweet, funny and beautiful as you like shit?” You slowly stepped towards her causing her head to raise and look up at you. “He just threw away the greatest damn thing that’s ever happened to him,” you whispered softly.

    You stood so close your breaths hit each other’s faces’. Cassie gained a small twinkle in her big, round eyes.

    “You mean that?”

    You nodded. “Yeah. I do.”

    She surged forward and crashed her lips to yours and, although you knew she was feeling quite vulnerable, you couldn’t help but lean into her touch and kiss her back.

    Cassie had initiated the kiss with such aggression but you slowed it down to a sweet, steadied pace of lips melding together. There was a tenderness to your kiss that Cassie had never truly experienced before.

    Moments pass where you and the blonde ignored all of your surrounding but eventually, you parted for air. She chased after you lips, her clouded mind wanting more but you moved back further, gently cradling her face in your hands.

    “I can’t- I don’t want to be some rebound,” you whispered against her lips.

    “I uh, I understand,” she started. “I don’t want you to be a rebound. You’re so sweet and I just- I don’t want to hurt you like that.”

    You smiled down towards her in such adoration she swore she could have melted on the spot. “Maybe when you feel like you’re ready, I could take you on a date?”

    You sounded so nervous asking such a thing, even though you had just shared a kiss. She giggled softly before nodding her head.

    “Yeah. I’d like that.”

    Beaming down at her, you placed a sweet kiss to her forehead before pulling away. “Me and Lexi are watching a movie if you wanna join. I- I mean, it is in your room but-”

    She shook her head with a smile. “Sure. Just, give me a minute to change before you come in, yeah?”

    You grinned as you nodded. “I’m on drink duty anyways, guess I gotta do you one, too.”

    Cassie laughed in a shy manner, she all the sudden felt quite nervous around you. “Okay. See you in a sec.”

    “Yeah,” you breathed out as you watched her walk away, turning the corner to head upstairs to her shared room with Lexi.



    “Hey Y/N. Jules is in her room.”

    “Thanks Mr. Vaughn.”

    You smiled at Jules’ dad as you passed him at the front door and began walking towards the stairs. Just as you reached the first step, David called out to you before you could ascend them.

    “Are you joining us for dinner tonight?”

    Turning back towards the man, you grinned at him as you gripped your backpack strap with one hand and the stairs handrailing with the other. “That would be awesome, thanks.”

    You had become quite comfortable within the Vaughn household after that first initial meeting 2 months ago. Mr Vaughn certainly liked you and had no issue with Jules spending a lot of her time with you.

    Jules and you had decided to work together and study, hence why you were currently in their house, climbing the stairs to get to her room.

    Reaching the decorated bedroom door, you rapped your knuckles against it twice before slowly opening the door. “Hey.”

    Jules looked up from the textbook in front of her on the bed and smiled towards you. “Took your time.”

    You scoffed. “Sorry princess. I’ll be sure to sprint next time.”

    She released something akin to a snort as you closed the door and moved over on her bed slightly to make room for you, to which you gracefully fell into to.

    “So, d’ya miss me?” you ask playfully, waggling your eyebrows up at her as she looked down at you.

    She shook her head but a smile was obviously evident on her face. “I saw you like an hour ago.”

    You feign hurt and clasp a hand over your chest. “That hurt princess. After I had missed you and all.” You winked up at her and shuffled to sit up beside her, leaning over the edge of the bed to reach into your bag where you dropped it to pull textbooks out.

    Jules couldn’t help the way her eyes subtly scanned over you. She hadn’t been feeling as platonically invested in you as she appeared to be. Maybe it was the way you always ensured she ate, or how you would practically force your jumper on to her when she appeared cold in the slightest. Hell, maybe it’s the way you interact with her father, him now having someone to really share some interests with and enjoyable conversation with over dinner, something she always felt she wasn’t able to do.

    “Okay,” you started, pulling a handful of textbooks up with you as you began to sit back up straight. “Whatcha wanna start with? Mr Davey in on my ass about my maths gra-”

    The blonde had swiftly cut you off the second you turned to look at her with her lips landing on yours in succession.

    You froze, only for a moment, before you allowed yourself to kiss back, your hands releasing your books and moving up to gently hold the back of her head and to rest lightly on her hip.

    With her own hands, one hooked behind your neck and the other fisting your t-shirt, she pulled you down as she laid back on her bed, you easily following without resisting, the kiss becoming more fervent within the few seconds since starting.

    Lungs becoming depleted and desperate for air, you separate and can’t help but stare into each others eyes as you breath heavily.

    “Wow, you must really hate math.”

    She allowed a laugh to bubble out of her, biting her lip as she looked up at you with adoration. “Dork.”



    Well, you did as she asked. You called her. How could you not? Honestly, you were kinda scared to find out what happened if you didn’t call.

    You wait patiently within your car outside the address the girl had told you of, tapping your fingers against the steering wheel to the low volume of the radio.

    Catching movement in the corner of your eye, you spot her bounding out of her home in a way only one Maddy Perez could pull off.

    She pulled the door open and slid in with no qualms, as if she had done it a million times over. A small smirk covered her face when she noticed your gawking, most likely from the outfit she had chosen for the evening.

    Miss Perez made it painstakingly obvious about going to some party together that evening. Even if parties weren’t your scene, you couldn't find it in you to disagree with the girl.

    Plus, Kat had assured you she would also be in attendance, calming you slightly.

    “Hey.” she pushed her chest out just that bit more as she made a show of pulling the seatbelt over her and buckling it in.

    “H-hey.” Your eyes snapped to in front of you, trying to act as if you weren’t entirely and unashamedly staring at her.

    “You remember where the partys’ at, right?” she asked, pulling the visor down and looking in the mirror, checking her glossed lips and eye makeup.

    “Uh, yeah.” You didn’t want to keep her waiting, something in you felt like that wouldn’t be something she would like greatly. It honestly felt as if she had bewitched you the moment you watched her dance, never wanting to disappoint and always wanting to please her.

    It felt different.

    You started up the ignition and pulled away from the curb, focusing on the road the entire drive. Of course, Maddie took control of the music, connecting her phone to the aux cord and playing something of her liking.


    You had been at the party for an hour and already, you were feeling quite bored.

    You opted out of drinking, staying sober to be able to drive.

    You so desperately wanted to leave but you couldn’t find it in you to leave Maddy behind; intoxicated and without a sober cell in her body. You couldn’t just abandon her and leave her without a way of getting home, a possibility of someone taking advantage of her.

    So, you stayed, watching from the side-lines as she danced with her friends, drinking.

    Kat walked up to you, leaning against the wall like you had, her own drink in hand, only difference being the cups contents. “She should really go home. She never drinks this much so soon.”

    Your brows furrowed and you chanced a peek at her before looking at Maddy once more, only now feeling concerned. “Why’d you think she’s drunk so much?”

    She shrugged. “I don’t know, but she’s gonna keep going if she doesn’t leave.”

    You sigh through your nose and drink the rest of your drink, a sprite-like drink. You hand Kat your cup before trudging through the sweaty bodies of drunken teens, desperately avoiding touching them as you navigate your way over.

    Once near, Maddy spots you and a sloppy grin spreads over her face. She pulls you closer by your shirt and hooks her arms lazily around your neck, pushing her body into yours, still swaying to the music.

    “Heyyyyy~ Where’ve y’been?” she slowly purred out.

    You glanced around you awkwardly before looking down at her. “I was uh, letting you have fun with your friends.”

    She cooed. “But I wan’ some fun with youuu~”

    You smiled down at her sweetly as you pulled away slightly, taking her arms from around your neck and opting to hold one hand as the other gently rests on her waist to keep her somewhat steady on her feet.

    “C’mon, Kat suggested getting you home.”

    She hadn’t actually put up much fight which was surprising, instead allowing you to gently guide her out the house and towards your car, setting her in the passenger seat and buckling her up safely.

    Once in, you wasted no time in driving away, intentions of taking her back to her home where she can sleep safely.

    Her head was lolling from side to side yet she stayed away, a drunk smile across her lips and hooded eyes.

    You glanced at her every so often and you couldn’t help yourself any longer, needing to know.

    “Kat said you don’t usually drink this much at parties, especially early on. Why’d you drink so much tonight?”

    She noted the concern in your tone but Maddy’s intoxicated state allowed her to ignore it, making her scoff. “God, why’re you being so- so boring?” she slurred, a hiccup interrupting her words.

    You signed softly and decided against driving further without getting some answer from her. Pulling over, you allowed yourself to rotate slightly in your seat, facing her with a worried look.

    “C’mon Mad, is something wrong? Did something happen?”

    “’Was nervous,” she mumbled out, her voice sounding tired.

    “Nervous?” you questioned. “Why are you nervous?”

    “‘Cause I like you,” she started. “Kats’ always on ‘bout you, how great you are. Then I saw you sitting ‘gether.”

    You smiled slightly and brushed her hair from her face which had fallen in front of due to all the lolling of her head. “You didn’t have to be nervous, y’know?”

    “Really?” she mumbled sweetly, looking up almost like a hopeful child.

    You chuckled and and cupped her cheek gently, running your thumb ob=ver the apple soothingly. “Really,” you affirmed.

    In her drunken state, Maddy threw caution to the wind and leant forward, her lips crashing against yours clumsily.

    You froze, not wanting to kiss her in this state, to which she partly picked up. Pulling away, she looked hurt and upset. “Why didn’ you kiss me back?” she slurred in a whisper.

    “I want to kiss you,” you whispered back. “Just not like this, not when you’re like this. I want to do this properly, take you on an actual nice date, have a good time together, open doors for you and buy you food. Will you let me do that? Will you let me take you on a proper date?”

    She sniffled and nodded, her heart swelling at the idea alone.

    You smiled at her, placing a gentle kiss on to her forehead before turning your body in your seat back to the front, hands returning to the wheel and pulling off again, heading back to the same house you picked her up from earlier.

    Maddy closed her eyes and leant her head against the window, a smile on her face.



    Conversation thrived between the two of you over social media, yet it could not be said that it was the same within reality.

    Only shy nods and quick hello’s exchanged in school.

    ‘Why do we never talk in person?’ Kat messaged one night randomly, making your eyebrows furrow.

    ‘Didn’t think you wanted to x’

    A few seconds passed, the screen showing that she was typing a response, until it disappeared, no new message following. Now you were thoroughly confused.

    Had you said something wrong? Done something?

    With questions running wild in your head, you barely slept, thinking over all the times you’ve spoken not only over the phone and through texts and messages, but the small occurrences face to face.


    You spotted Kat down the hallway beside, as per usual, Maddy and Cassie.

    Pulling out your phone, you text out a quick message, hitting send, watching readily to see if she’ll finally talk to you.

    ‘Hey x’

    Her phoned buzzed which was what alerted her, you assumed. She pulled her own phone from out of her pocket, unlocking it and reading over your message, only to lock it again a second later, pocketing it once more.

    You frowned and looked to your screen and there it said clear as day; ‘seen’.

    “why’d it look like you just sucked a fucking lemon?” Troy asked, his words prompting his brother Roy to look at you also.


    Your eyes stayed trained on the girl as she stayed more quiet than usual by her own friends.

    “Dude, c’mon,” Roy pressed.

    But the two were left looking after you confused as you left suddenly, heading in the direction of Kat. The twins shared a look of absolute confusion and opted to stay put to watch you do whatever they didn’t know you were about to do.

    It was Cassie who spotted you, who lightly tapped Maddy and nodded at your approaching form. When Kat realised the two were looking at something behind her, her face scrunched up in confusion and she turned, spotting you.

    You reach her in no time, and although you feel nerves wanting to overwhelm your body, you push through it.

    “Hey, can we talk?” You warily glance at the girls behind her but refocus a moment later on her.

    “Maybe later.” She was sort with her answer and turned to focus back on the two girls and her locker.

    The frustration you began to feel was building and you decided againt your better judgement to press more. You stepped closer and leant towards her. “Now, please.”

    “Why?” She still wouldn’t look at you.

    You internally groaned before turning her around by her shoulder, her face holding a shocked expression.

    “Because I thought we were friends, I thought we were okay. You just decided to ignore me all the sudden and I want to know why.”

    Kat scoffed and leant closer, her voice turning into a harsh whisper. “You were perfectly fine with ignoring each other before.”

    “That’s different!” you exclaimed before lowering your voice once more. “I told you I thought you didn’t want to talk during school.”

    “What gave you that fucking impression, huh?”

    “How about the fact you never came up to talk to me just as I didn’t fucking waltz up to talk to you? Conversations go both fucking ways, Kat.” You breathed out heavily through your nose, closing your eyes for a moment. “I thought you liked me, like, liked me. Like how I like you. We talked non stop and I thought it was going somewhere but then you just damn cut me off and I don’t even know what I did wrong. Or it was over some stupid fucking fact that either of us had any fucking balls to talk to each other?”

    “So, I’m talking to you now,” you continued. “You still gonna fucking ignore me, Kat? Huh? You gonna keep ignoring me? Because I don’t like it when you ignore me, I don’t fucking like it when we don’t talk, Kat. All I ever want to do is talk to you, all the fucking time. I wanna listen to you complain about anything and everything. I wanna listen to you tell me that you hate Mr Davey’s class. I wanna listen to every fun fact about fucking sailor moon you know. You drive me fucking crazy, Kat.”

    Kat was flabbergasted during your whole speech, her eyes wide and her heart racing. The two girls behind her had their mouths wide open, shock and excitement flowing through them.

    Moments passed where Kat gave no response and you sighed, shaking your head and turning to leave, your face turning crestfallen. But before you had any time to put some distance between yourself and her, she rushed in front of you and smiled up at you.

    “I really fucking hate Mr Daveys’ class.”

    You snorted and shook your head, you face slightly confused.

    That confusion melted away when she leant in and kiss you almost hesitantly. You responded with more confidence, in which boosted her own, allowing the kiss to become more affirmative, your hands resting on her waist as hers held on to your shoulders.

    “Aww, that was like, really fucking weird but cute,” Maddy voiced, drawing you and Kat out of your own bubble and out of your kiss.

    “Thanks, Perez,” you called to her, to which Kat rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless.



    You toss your tray full of food on to the table before letting your bag fall to the ground. You plonk yourself down on to the bench beside Lexi, throwing your arm over her shoulders.

    She smiles up at you whilst you give her a wink.

    “Hello, gorgeous.”

    After that day in class, you and Lexi grew closer and closer, eventually falling naturally into a relationship.

    Although, you’ve yet to kiss one another, going at a slower pace than most nowadays. 


    You bring her closer into your side as you play with the food on your tray. “So,” you draw out. “ Me, you, food, a movie?” You waggle your eyebrows and she giggles as your ridiculousness.

    “We already had that planned, in case you’ve forgotten.”

    “Well, excuse e for wanting to double-check with my girlfriend.” At this, she blushed.

    “Obviously, I’m still coming over.”

    “That’s what I like to here.” You smile and pick up one of the few tater tots on your plate, popping one into your mouth while you continue to side hug Lexi.


    Movie playing on your laptop, all junk food completely disappeared and Lexi curled into your side, you felt content, happy, relaxed.

    You sighed calmly as you gave Lexi a small squeeze, to which she smiled up at you shyly, looking towards your face with a light blush dusting her cheeks.

    Moments passed where she continued watching you, feeling her gaze on your face. You glance down at her, a smile breaking out on to your features. “You’re missing the film.”

    Her blush deepened, feeling slightly embarrassed that she had been caught staring but kept looking at you either way.

    It became silent between you once more, you enjoying the movie whilst Lexi thought things over in her head, debating whether she should ask or leave it be.

     She eventually chose to ask.

    Quietly, as her eyes shifted away from your face, she spoke. “Can I kiss you?”

    You paused, thinking you hadn’t heard her correctly, nearly not at all with how quiet she’s being.

    You lean forward to pause the movie before turning you attention down to your girlfriend, still cuddled close to you but almost as if she was trying to hide away due to her sudden shyness.

    “What?” you asked softly.

    Lexi cleared her throat and forced herself to act more confident when she repeats her words. She looks you in the eye and speaks once more. “Can I kiss you?”

    A wide smile breaks on to your face and you can’t help the way your heart swells with happiness.

    But, you being you, you couldn’t help but tease her slightly.

    “I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.”

    Her eyebrows furrowed and she looked honestly confused for a moment, almost sullen, her mind not working it out as quickly as she would like to admit. “Oh,” was all she said.

    You chuckled and shook your head. “C’mere,” you whispered, gently guiding her head towards your with your hand against her jaw, pulling her closer and closer until finally, your lips met in a sweet and attentive kiss.

    It was slow and soft and it all Lexi could want and more.

    Pulling away, her eyes remained close for moments beyond the kiss, a smile gracing her face.

    “So, am I good kisser or am I a great kisser?” you playfully spoke, earning a giggle from the girl in your arms, who still looked blissed out from your moment.

    “Any other options to chose from?” she teasingly asks back.

    “Nope. Sorry. Only those options are available. Unless you wanna say I’m like, the best kisser in the world, then I’ll make an exception.”



    “Rue, my sweet, sweet Rue. Word is you’re abandoning me,” you sigh out dramatically as you swung into her sight holding on to the door frame.

    She turns from her packing and looks at you, a deadpan expression on her face as she sarcastically states, “Oh no. Why is the world such a cruel place?”

    Snorting, you move to flop down on to her bed in the centre right beside her suitcase, still half unpacked, clothing piled up on the opposite side.

    From the moment you and Rue first interacted, you grew closer and closer, eventually, even your flirting towards Marissa slowed to a stop, too focused and caught up in what was Rue.

    “Y’know,” you started. “I’m gonna miss you. This placed sucked but it got a little better when you got here.” You had a sad smile, something very uncommon for you.

    Rue’s face turned sympathetic and she sat by your head, her hand reaching out and holding yours where it rest atop your stomach. “When’re you finally getting out?”

    Another snort escapes you and you shrug your shoulders, looking up at her face. “I dunno. Like, another month, maybe? Just to make sure, y’know?”

    You had been to rehab on multiple occasions, this being your third; which is why they’ve decided on keeping you in longer, hoping that the lengthened stay would work better than the other placements.

    It fell silent between the two of you and you basked in it, only for a short while though, hands connected by soft touches and gentle holds.

    Clearing your throat, you looked up in Rue’s direction once more and, what felt like the first time in many years, you felt nervous.

    “Hey,” you whisper to gain her attention.

    “What’s up?”

    “When I finally get out of here,” you swallowed thickly. “Let me take you on a date.”

    You held your breath as you awaited your reaction and you felt relief consume your entire being when her face lit up with a wide but shy smile. She nodded a little. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

    You continue to gaze at her face, your eyes scanning over every detail, memorising it. You decided to be bold a final time, leaning up and connecting your lips with her.

    The positioning was slightly awkward, your head a whole 90 degrees off from hers but it never prevented her from turning her head to kiss you back easier, her hair falling over the sides of both your faces like a curtain of curls.

    Your free hand reached up, bringing it to the back of her head, her hair falling between the gaps of your fingers.

    Both of you part, lazily smiles on your face. You felt ecstatic and now could no longer wait until you would be deemed safe to leave the centre. 

    “I should uh,” you cleared your throat and chuckled slightly. “I should let you pack.”

    “Yeah,” Rue whispered, her bottom lip becoming lightly trapped between her teeth.

    As if hearing each others thoughts, you both leaned towards each other and gave each other one last kiss, soft and sweet and slow.

    Pulling away, you sit up and then stand from the bed, slowly making your way out of her room which would be empty in a few hours times. Before fully leaving, you turn to her, a wide grin on your face as you overdramatically bow, causing her to laugh at your actions.

    You call out to her one last time before walking out of the doorway and down the corridor.

    “See you in a month, Bennett.”







    Honestly, these kinda sucked lmao

    My writing has just gone down hill

    (Not that it was way up there before)

    Anyways, this kinda leads on from the first Euphoria preferences I did with the girls

    You can find that one through the masterlist pinned on my page

    If you wanna be added to a toglist lemme know

    Anywho, I hope you enjoy

    As always, constructive criticism and requests are welcomed and greatly appreciated :D


    Euphoria taglist:


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    guide to my gender

    if a girl, extremely masculine

    if a boy, extremely neutral

    if an enby, extremely feminine

    the magic of ✨genderfluidity✨

    #i'm number 3 since yesterday god it's so nice to not have a gender yall #i feel like a little creature #and i do really like to be feminine when im nonbinary cause ough it's just nice it's gender euphoria #lip gloss!!!!!!!! eyeliner! i can only do makeup every so often cause sometimes it makes me feel really bad #breathing a sigh of relief. no more gender. let's hope it lasts #usually i can't actually tell if i want to be boy girl or enby (n i know it's more complicated than that it's just the way i simplify it) #and so that's when i hold on very hard to things like butch and neopronouns #i feel like. i feel like a he/him girl. and a she/her enby. and an it/its boy. does that make any sense?? #junebug on the regular
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    Someone had to ask what my gender was for the first time today!

    Admittedly, said someone was six years old, but I still count this as a victory.

    #thanks for the euphoria kiddo. you're awesome #feeling like I won gender #nonbinary tag
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    not having dysphoria for the most part now has just untethered me and made me too strong

    #like i do occasionally struggle w how to present bc im like bigender or whatever. but nothing like before #i was in so much pain and now i have gender euphoria which i never anticipated #i used to pray for gd to make me cis and he said girl hold your horses
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    me looking at myself in the mirror knowing i’m a handsome guy😩✋🏻

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    If you're like me and allergic to everything and your skin is super sensitive, here's an advice before using tape to bind:

    Cut a small piece and apply it on your leg/arm and test if you have any reaction to it. Because if you do a small square of irritation is better than your whole chest.

    probably no one's gonna read this but in the off chance someone does I thought I'd share this advice. (and yes I know it's supposed to be safe for the skin but my skin literally reacts bad to aloe that everyone praises so better safe than sorry)

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    i get that we need to challenge the mentality of “so what’s in your pants then?!” cause we need to teach people that gender is not inherently biological… but at this point i think we should just start lying.

    Someone comes up to me and clearly sees that i have tits but i’m still saying that in my pants is a 6 inch dick and they can’t exactly prove i’m wrong

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    Paeon - Trans Headcannon ^~^

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    gender nonconformity is so fucking attractive

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    omg i love hanging out with my coworker bestie bc i look like the boyfriend carrying his girlfriend’s bags while she shops

    #still Screaming at how we went to victoria secret and the lady there was talkin abt their new stuff and was Only talking to my friend #like literally did not look at me at all as she was discussing this new bra they have fhdjkfls i Loved it #the gender euphoria i feel when hanging out with fems 😌💕✨ #txt
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  • faerieorgremlin
    23.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I’ve been feeling so dysphoric lately so here’s me at my most euphoric

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  • ccorvid
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    TikTok keeps telling me, "You can has little a gender euphoria. As a treat."

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  • monkewonkedonke
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • femmenova
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #i got butterflies i love being called pretty boy so much #the gender euphoria combined with my praise kink hhhh #asks#anonymous
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  • iammauve
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    the gender euphoria i am getting today as i feel super masculine 🥺

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  • stendyle
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    this haircut is so he/him vibes fr

    #GENDER EUPHORIA 🗣🗣 #dj cuts her hair #delete l8r #im finished besides a few little touch ups ^_^
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  • kryzhi-the-gay-witch
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Things, Concept, Characters, And Other Stuff That Gives Me, A Non-Binary, Novarian Libramasc Person, Gender Envy/Euphoria, Except It Makes No Sense To Cis People

    - the song "Bleed Magic" by iDK How

    - the song "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy

    - the song "call me pretty" by elliotly

    - Michael Distortion from TMA. tbh every non-female character from TMA is gender af, but Michael especially.

    - the color blue, but like. borderline black kinda blue. as blue as the sky at night, but darker.

    - calling people 'dude'

    - fantasy creatures like fae, elves, vampires, dryads, wizards... their vibes are just so gender

    - the color purple, but like. Welcome To Night Vale kinda purple.

    - e-guitars

    - the color sage green

    - the color pink, but like. Steven Universe's jacket in that movie kinda pink.

    - olives

    - black dyed hair, but shittily dyed

    - the letter J

    - the letter V

    - the letter M

    - the moon

    - the color blue, but like. cornflower kinda blue.

    - the song "Dying In A Hot Tub" by Palaye Royale.

    - lyres

    - broken mirrors

    - black lipstick, black eyeshadow, black make-up in general

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  • karate-cat
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i was at a pet store and the checkout person looked directly at me and asked "can i help you sir"

    #gender euphoria go brr #i mean my dad was technically right next to me... #but he looked right into my eyes #let me have my fantasies #ven shares information not strictly necessary to the betterment of the universe
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