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  • There’s this Tiktok thing with a distorted voice and basically a version of the yanny vs laurel but instead what you hear is your mental state or whatever and here is what my family heard

    Mom: I can’t get out of bed

    Dad: Turn it on I need more

    Sister: I’m not faking it I’m upset

    Brother 1: I don’t like it I’m insane

    Brother 2: help help I can’t help me

    Me: I don’t make it at the end of the day

    If this ain’t the definition of generational depression then idk what is 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Person 1: What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Person 2: A lot to be honest

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  • If you are unconvinced that humans have changed just remember that we came into the 2010s wearing sillybandz and came out with e-boys.

    And that’s on Pillow Pets

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  • Dear America

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  • American public high school is the class next to/above yours banging on the walls/floor and screaming all period

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  • My mom thought I was staying up late writing my essay and I don’t have the heart to tell her it was actually because I was writing fan fiction

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  • My friends in chorus did a three part harmony of Michael Jackson’s “Hee hee!” abd it was beautiful

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  • After intense research and facebook stalking g my friend and I have concluded that my band teacher who we’d previously know was definitely either late millennial/early gen z is 100% without a doubt gen z

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  • She smells like an Asian fish market at 5:30 in the morning when it first opens

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  • I and my French class had this event in where we had to do this traditional dance which of course included long skirts and hats and stuff. Let me tell you: it was pure chaos.
    Our teacher told us that only four of us were needed and me (F, 17 yo) said I wanted to do it… as long as I get to dress as the man. My teacher didn’t like that, but said nothing. When my friend (the one from the picture, 14 yo) shouted he would dress as the woman then, and we high fived, she looked like to wanted to die right there.
    We just ignored her.
    When they contracted this woman to measure us and do the clothes and I try to say I was going to be the man, not the woman but my teacher said with this really strict, serious and bitchy voice that no, I was not going to be the man. So I shut up and get inside the classroom (we were in the hall) and told my friend that they wouldn’t let us.
    I have never heard someone say “fuck” so sadly in my entire life.
    I shook my head and said “of course she has to be a boomer”, which nobody understood because in my city you don’t usually hear the words boomer, gen z, Millenials, etc (we are a Hispanic country, mostly forgotten and outdated) but it felt great.
    A day before the event we were rehearsing the dance and we got this 5 minutes where my teacher let the classroom. I was putting on my skirt when my friend came to me and ask me if can try on. I just shrugged and say yes, and he said jokingly that it has always been his dream. We also give him a hat and convinced him to let us take a few photos.
My teacher entered and the first thing she did was shout why he was in a shirt and to take it off. Then rolled her eyes to me and start telling me how she has these other boys in another class that always do the same in this confidential-I-know-you-get-me voice. The only thing I got was that I lost any respect I had for her right there.
Me and the other girl that danced spent the whole rehearsal dancing the Tango (definitely NOT the type of dance we were supposed to dance) together and acting as a straight couple. I kept doing reverences when it was the “men job” and enumerating reason to hate doing that dance (I had to be dressed as the woman when I didn’t want to, I had to act “feminine”, let the men help me to walk, use the stairs and all that).
    At the end of the rehearsal, the four of us just laid in the floor…me with my legs across the other girl’s chest, and the other boy with his head above my friend chest, of course.
    The three of us ID with the gender they assigned us at birth, and neither of us normally dress with what some people think is the “another gender clothes” (i think clothes don’t have a gender, and you can’t make me think otherwise, sorry) but we did wanted to break the whole “you have to wear this, not that” and we just wanted to mess with our teacher.
    (Neither of us gets to dress as we wanted, but we did get a great week)

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  • Don’t worry I still call you a thot

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  • Today I witnessed group of teens rush into a metro train, apparently 2 boys and 4 or 5 girls. The boy #1 was the one who kept tabs on everyone getting in, but in the rush he didn’t see where boy #2, who was apparently youngest of the group, was, and was looking worriedly around before one of the girls pointed out where he was. Bit later, when the metro was close to my station, I heard boy #2 demand why boy #1 had called boy #2’s dad. Boy 1’s answer was almost nonchalant “You’ll thank me later. Hands.” while he took boy #2’s hands to his owns and one of the girls handed him a tube of hand lotion.

    I have started seeing a lot more teens taking care of each other like this, especially teen boys taking care of each other, and I couldn’t be more happier of this change of direction.

    Every time I’m more and more proud of current youth and I’m little bit more hopeful for the gentle future.

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  • lmao I just realised that the only boomers in my entire family except for my maternal grandad are my dad’s cousins and we like, never see them anyway??? lol that’s kinda weird

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  • me: Carl Azuz was a frat boy.

    friend 1: obviously

    friend 2: yeah! he rocked those sperrys

    friend 3: why are you all like this.

    ps if someone could photoshop Carl as a frat boy you will be the best person to have ever lived

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  • those people that randomly stop in the middle of the incredibly crowded hallway and glare at you when you bump into them

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  • You good fam

    “Goat noises”

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