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  • asryr
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    might fuck around and flesh out my hp verse some more

    #fully imagining ash being there like: i can excuse torture / murder / soul dividing but i draw the line at genocide #tbd. #just spending the last century on and off going wtf guys ur giving us dark wizards a bad name im just here to kill people :(
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  • autumnhobbit
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    that toy commercial wherein kids get to see a helpless diminutive figure be nearly murdered by a swarm of genocidal maniacs over an insanely powerful macguffin and it ends with him falling down what could very well be an endless chasm of inky blackness in the bottom of an ocean to an unknown fate was uh. an interesting choice by lego.

    #bionicle #it's even worse if you read the books and knew the matoran trapped at the bottom of the ocean had been cut off from voya nui #for who knew how long and they hadn't seen any of their friends and they were thought to be dead #but actually they were in fact still alive but living under the gun having to go out and harvest air bubbles to keep from suffocating #but outside were all these exiled warlords whom i believe had totally committed genocide before #and poor dekar was just out doing chores and literally never came home after that
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  • browly101
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    New video up!!

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  • righteousinadversity
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So, this happened a while ago, and I shared it as an ask anonymously with @plan-d-to-i, because back then this was a general fandom blog and not just MDZS. But I thought I might as well put it up here because this is hilarious.

    A guy on my class discord: Your Posts about JC makes me really uncomfortable.

    My best friend, a legit Queen: Yeah, well, so should GENOCIDE

    so there. That's where my tags, "JC Stans, if this makes you uncomfortable, well, so should GENOCIDE" come from.

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #jiang cheng #canon jiang cheng #canonical jiang cheng #JC stans #If this makes you uncomfortable #well #so should GENOCIDE
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  • urartian
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    a big misconception a lot of people have concerning the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust is that the Armenian Genocide gave hitler the idea to genocide the Jewish people. but that’s not true. they base this statement off of hitler’s famous quote “who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” that was him using the denial of the Armenian Genocide and the fact that not many people talked about it to try and JUSTIFY what he was planning to do. it did not give him the idea.

    when you talk about things like genocide, please do some research before because you can easily tread the ground of denial without necessarily realizing it. denial isn’t always “it did not happen”. it can also be “not that many people died”, “germans/turks died too”, or, in that case, “he only did it because he was inspired by the Armenian Genocide”. obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list

    #armenian genocide#holocaust#tw hitler#tw holocaust #tw armenian genocide #tw genocide #tw ​genocide denial #իմը
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  • righteousinadversity
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I just saw a post in my dash that said that the reason for a majority of the problems in canon, is miscommunication between JC and WWX. Apparently, JC sits on his feelings and WWX is always running from his problems. And that if he just talked with JC everything would have been fine between them. That they were both egotistical and selfish. You know. Wei Wuxian. Running from his problems. Selfish.

    I just.

    You come into my home. You insult my morally upright fave.

    How dare you.

    Selfish? I am sorry, which part of ripped out his golden core through surgery of constant pain for two nights and a day was SELFISH?

    Talked with JC? What the fuck was there to talk about? JC wasn't LWJ. He didn't give a fuck about WWX using Demonic Cultivation, even if it adversely affected him. His issue was with him not adhering to the social convention of cultivators carrying their swords and wasn't helping with YunmengJiang. Never mind the fact that his contribution to the war was the reason YunmengJiang got as huge a share of war spoils as the other clans, even though the disciples weren't as many. Never mind the fact that despite its almost total annihilation of the members, No one dared to dispute YunmengJiang's position as one of the four major clans because of Wei Wuxian's presence. Never mind the fact that disciples flocked to the Jiang sect because of him.

    JC knew what there was to know. He knew Wen Qing and Wen Ning practically committed treason against Wen Ruohan and risked their lives when they saved and sheltered him. He knew that Wei Wuxian gave up something enormously precious - in that context, a boon from an Immortal - to give him his golden core back. Was that not enough for him to have the slightest bit of compassion? No fuck compassion, duty? Responsibility? He'd be dead, and YunmengJiang would have gone forever without them. What more does he need to know? Don't turn his apathy and refusal to acknowledge what others do for him to MisCoMmUnIcAtIoN.

    Don't act like lack of communication is why JC and WWX's relationship fell out. WWX chose to do the right thing, and JC chose to turn his back on the life debts he owed. He either deliberately or intentionally caused a divide between the cultivation clans and WWX through lies (He tells WWX no one will speak for him, even when LWJ, LXC, LQY did. He tells the world that WWX is the enemy of the cultivation world when WWX proposed only to secede.).

    For heaven's sake. This isn't some 'sibling drama' that can be fixed with a fight. It is the fact that JC genuinely treated WWX as a subordinate whose only purpose was serving him and fuck what he wanted. It is the fact that WWX was practically groomed to be a shield for JC. This is a legitimate, serious difference in their values and viewpoints, that would always inevitably lead to a clash. Because JC cannot imagine helping someone unrelated for no reason unless it was for the credit that came with it. However, WWX simply, unabashedly seeks to help. JC can't understand this logic, so he thinks it's a hero complex and a desire for prestige.

    Miscommunication. Don't make me laugh.

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #wei wuxian#wei ying#jiang cheng #canonical jiang cheng #canon jiang cheng #Sometimes it's just fucking frustrating #I can excuse liking an asshole character #Bad reading comprehension on the other hand #is inexcusable#JC stans #If this makes you uncomfortable #Well #so should GENOCIDE
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  • xcfoxcx
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Just a lazy comic 😴💤

    I have no idea what I'm writing about-

    But I really need to share this one before I forgot about everything I dreamt about xD

    #undertale#undertale au#sans#undertale sans#papyrus#genocide #chara and frisk #comic sans #sad not sad #my short comic
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  • gorskivijenac
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    If only death could speak...

    Does memory find pain in every thing left behind? It says here: 'Goodbye forever'. In Šumarice, someone says your names. When I slowly raised my head I saw the air, something I could not see through the united brains and people without faces. I saw death from the field, I saw everything dismembered, overturned, mutilated, I saw fallen bones, broken skulls, empty eyes.
    We saw a city that was forced to turn to where death continues and where young men had to give up living. We did not believe that they would return, only cold nights filled with the commands, bursts and darkness they offered. Night fell, but no one came back. We looked for them because we believed that we would find them at least a little alive. There are no sons who can fall asleep, there are none on the roads or they cannot be recognized, there are no young men to call us, there is nothing beyond that death. The only thing that can't disappear are words and I feel that somewhere a cold wind is blowing shots and the evening is falling and the air is becoming harsh and bad. A night in which no one recognizes themselves anymore. They could not destroy the pain, nor the hands with which I touch you. She passed away before you saw her.
    The last messages and words spoken before aging were despised by bursts. The student who combed his hair because he wanted to die beautiful, the one who sang 'Oj Moravo', the workers of the institute who refused to admit death, the students who sang 'Hey, Slavs', those who recognized freedom through death. Nothing more needed to be said and there is no death as long as the memory remembers the raised hand, just as there is no reading that can conjure up death. No words are needed, nor can the landscape of that night be painted.
    You are between our hands, you are the words of silence with which I touch you because there is no death that can separate us and there is no pain that can be equated with the date of your death. Neither words are needed, nor can the memory end here on the shores where the night ends.
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  • xxfanenbyanonymousxx
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I know I am worlds behind everyone else right now, but, I am finishing up The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges right now. And maybe I'm just better at avoiding spoilers than I thought, but I feel like you like y'all neglected to mention the the lesbian dwarves in this book?

    Like, Eoin really said "It's been a while since I made the key antagonists clearly romantically involved but in the most fucked up, toxic way possible. What if we did that again, but this time they're lesbians."

    #artemis fowl #the fowl twins deny all charges #the fowl twins #myles fowl#beckett fowl #these crazy genocidal bitches gay #good for them
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  • dangan-aftermath
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #Hina speaks#Celeste speaks#Chihiro speaks#Junko speaks#Kyoko speaks#Mukuro speaks#Sakura speaks#Sayaka speaks#Toko speaks #Genocide Jill speaks #((Junko's answer would definitely be Izuru if she was out of the NWP))
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  • echoing-sounds
    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    anyway idk if any of my usual folks are on rn but I'm just gonna go ahead and scream about undertale no mercy run anyway because I've been watching it and. holy FUCK

    like it was a little bumpy for me in the beginning but once I started getting used to how things were I sorta got desensitized to it so I'm not quite so spooked by it as I was at first. But still I'm sure there's a lot more heavy stuff coming so we'll see

    but SHIT DUDE this route is SO FUCKED UP. And I'm astounded by just how much is different? Like I knew some stuff would change but EVERYTHING is different. And it's SO FUCKING EERIE

    and also WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH UNDYNE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THAT'S THE PART I'M ON AND ????!?!?!!!???!?!??!?!?!?!!!!??

    #do people call it no mercy or genocide because everyone here seems to call it no mercy despite all the resources saying genocide #so do people not call it genocide anymore due to not wanting to use that term or smth? which would be fair #or is it just like a whichever sort of thing #idk i'm just making guesses #please do correct me #BUT YEAH UNDYNE #THE FUCKING#SHE #SO SHE WAS LIKE 'NO FUCK YOU I'M NOT DYING RN I HAVE PEOPLE TO PROTECT' #AND THEN FUCKING?? #TRANSFORMED????? #WTF IS GOING ON. DETERMINATION??? SOUL FUSION??? SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY???? UNDYNE IS JUST GIRLBOSS LIKE THAT????? IG????????????? #WHAT IS HAPPENING??? #// #echo experiences undertale
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  • fictionkinfessions
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Anonymous asked:

    I know I’ve said it before, I know I’ve told you this myself. But I’m so sorry Tommy. I’m so fucking sorry. You were a kid you shouldn’t have had to deal with watching me destroy myself. I should have done better, I had you and Fundy to take care of, but instead I was getting myself so high I could barely remember who I was, and slowly getting more and more lost to paranoia. I don’t regret destroying L’Manburg, but I do regret making you and Fundy go through that. I’m being better in this life, I promise. You’ll never have to see me destroy myself.

    -Wilbur Soot (Making my tag #customtag)

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  • trubbishrubbish
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    This isn’t Genocide Jack. This is Toko.

    Whoever made this card should be stabbed with scissors for making such a horrible mistake.

    You want proof? Look at this.

    The source of the png.

    Not Genocide Jack.

    Fuck you Spike. You better fix this in the final release.

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  • caspig420halloweenurl
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    @ everyone who reblogged my kaia post tagging it as important! and then went on to reblog claire/kaia content…i hope you know i noticed 🙃

    #performative allyship on spnblr? noo waaaaaayyyyy…. #so kaias only okay when shes paired with claire. um okay so basically claires her fuckin indian agent #and if you live in north america and dont know what that means then wtf is wrong with you??????????????????? #the land you sleep on is the same land that was once covered in my blood. the biggest ongoing genocide in history and yall wanna ignore that #kaia is unequivocally used as a tool in that process. to desecrate colonize fictionize indg spirituality and struggle for shit entertainment #you should feel ashamed. you should be humbled. but dont fucking blame me for quitting spnblr (ITS HAPPENED!) its your responsibility 2 grow #again. im angry and whatever but i am always open to direct discussion irt indig spn. as a two spirited nehiyaw/anishinaabe iwill do my best
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  • mysteryman-17
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Due to its sheer length, I have put the dialogue associated with this track below the Read More.

    Time’s End is an AHIT/Undertale crossover AU of sorts, taking place in the aftermath of a timeline where you lose the final boss fight against Mustache Girl. You can find the write-up here! The silhouette of Hat Kid was edited from her official artwork. It was drawn by @asterofthedeepforest, and you can view the original post on his Twitter!

    Hat Kid replaces Sans in this AU. Years after her crushing defeat by Mustache Girl's hand, she's settled down in Alpine Skyline, which still turned out as an alright place to be even among the chaos! Everything she's gone through has visibly taken a toll, but you can still see bits of her canon personality shine through... not in the Aborted Genocide ending, however. Saddened by the loss of so many that she considered friends (especially DJ Grooves and Cooking Cat,) traumatized from pointlessly losing her soul a second time and angered by your uncaring disregard for the people of this world, something inside Hat Kid snaps. She seizes control from what little remains of Mustache Girl's agents and vows that this time, she's going to get it right. That no matter what it takes, one way or another... y o u ' l l s u f f e r f o r w h a t y o u d i d .

    I likely won't be touching on TE's other Neutral Endings that much for a while (they still need fleshed out,) but I figured I'd post something for the one ending I do have figured out ye. (Also I used a Gallifreyan font in the thumbnail like a nerd XD) Anyhow this wasn't a very complex track, seeing as it's mostly a modified version of the Premonition replacement, but I'm decently happy with it all the same. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

    You can also listen to this track in high quality on my SoundCloud here!

    Hat Lady Ending (Aborted Genocide)

    The protagonist followed the Genocide Route requirements throughout the Nyakuza Hideout but aborted the route during the travel through Mafia Town. “March of the Time Lady” plays here instead of “Goodbye Everyone.”

    Bold = Hat Kid Italics = Walrus Captain

    * (Ring, ring) * I've dialed the number. * Relay to her what I've told you. And make it quick, Captain.
    * Understood, ma'am. * (ahem) * Hey pup. * I don't understand what made you think slaughtering most of the planet was an ok thing to do, and I don't think I ever will. * But there are more pressing matters you should be aware of. * After Mustache Girl kicked the bucket, and most of those "Time Pieces" disappeared, we were expecting someone else to take charge. * Grooves, Conductor... Heck, even the Empress would have sufficed. * But... all we found was a trail of dust and broken dreams in their wake. * There WAS the Snatcher that wanted to seize control. * Looked like he could have managed it too, but before he could even try... * That hatted kid from the Alpine burst into the throne room, surging with an incredible power... * And knocked some humanity back into Snatcher, so to speak. * She now sits atop this world's throne instead of him, and she. is. MAD. * Like, I've *never* seen her this angry before. No one has, pup. * She plans to sink every available resource into hunting you down, and making you pay for your sins. * “I'll do what I should have done all along,” she says. * “I won't allow everyone to have died in vain.” * All semblance of freedom has flown out the window, and everyone MUST help the cause of our new queen. * One who understands the power of those Time Pieces all too well and, more importantly, how to control them. * So I'd suggest you sleep with one eye open, pup. * At this point, it's not a matter of *if* our Hat Lady will find you... * I t ' s a m a t t e r o f W H E N. * (click)
    #a hat in time au #ahit au #ahit hat kid #hat kid#undertale#undertale au #ahit time's end au #ahit time's end #AHIT:TE!AU #a hat in time music #ahit music#music#audio #An Ending (Aborted Genocide)
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  • hamikarem
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Dibujo random

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  • magicalgirlagency
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    They just forgot to mention that both have chaotic fandoms with immature crybabies for fans, that refuse to take any criticism of sorts, and will try to murder you if you ever dare to point out the smallest of the flaws.

    Other than that, the comparison in general was spot-on!

    #magical girl#non-japanese #i don't know which one is worse: forgiving genocide or commiting it. #(what's up with modern cartoons and genocide...?!) #Youtube
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  • venus-is-in-bloom
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    like i will never understand that line of reasoning. "this group of people is not currently the target of a genocide campaign, even though such a campaign is literally within living memory, was only prevented through continued mass organisation against the most vicious suppression, and there is not a member of that group which has not been affected by it. therefore, it's fine for me to make whatever gross and violent comments i want about them"

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