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    Me: if it's not in the movie it's not canon and you can write whatever you want

    Also me: I have heard both Luca and Marwan sing and if you write a fic in which Joe is the better singer you are wrong and should feel bad

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    Ly here, this fic, no matter how much I love its concept, is not complete. Please finish it if you wish to do so, I will gladly read every reblog if you’ll grant this fic (and me) a sweet end. baci<3

    Al-Kaysani’s music is derivative pop and sweet nonsense. I can’t wait until his song is not on the radio 24/7. —Nicolò Di Genova, half of the punk-rock Live Forever duo in his interview with Vogue Italia.
    Do I have to answer? Do I, are you saying I have to give my opinion on his music to retaliate? I like only two songs from Lives Forever and both of them do not involve the aggressive screaming Di Genova considers “singing”. —Yusuf ‘Joe’ Al-Kaysani, pop-indie star and lgbt activist, when asked about Di Genova’s quote turned viral. [Al-Kaysani’s first eponymous album stayed on top of the US charts for 21 weeks.]
    I don’t like Al-Kaysani’s music. I appreciate him trying to do more than commercial pop, but I think the result is... Can we go back to talk about serious music? — Nicolò Di Genova [Lives Forever was nominated for 3 Grammys including Best New Artist, which was eventually won by Al-Kaysani.]
    I make a point of not talking badly of other artists, but I’m sorry a talented artist and performer like Quỳnh is stuck with someone like Di Genova. I don’t know if she ever thought about changing bassist, but maybe the band would improve musically and personally. —Yusuf Al-Kaysani in his interview for GQ Japan
    Q: Is “Sweet enemy” about Yusuf Al-Kaysani? 
    Di Genova: I write less than Quỳnh, and generally I prefer handling production and music rather than lyrics. But yes, that particular song was written entirely by me and it takes inspiration from real people. 
    Q: So it is about Al-Kaysani? His “Killjoy” was considered a direct parody of your music.
    Di Genova: I actually liked “Killjoy”. Maybe he should try to experiment more.
    Lyrics from “Killjoy”
    I can’t believe, same friends, same circles
    You’re everywhere and it’s no good
    You look at me, big talk
    From someone with your talent (missing for a while)
    Asking me what I mean (what do you mean?)
    When I say I prefer you’re not around (no)
    Baby, baby, it’s so easy
    Baby you’re a killjoy 
    Stop staring at me when I sing, (I noticed that, yeah)
    It’s not as flattering as you think (Stop that)
    Baby you’re a killjoy
    Comments under “Yusuf Al-Kaysani | Killjoy (Official Lyrics Video)”
    alys_kaysani: Joe: screams 
    Me, usually into lo-fi and soft music: STEP ON MEEEEE, BABY YOU’RE A KILLJOYYYYY
    finthechat: iconic brilliant unique he fucking snapped with this
    liv_and_forever: i am a live forever fan but this honestly is such a good song Idc if he’s bashing nicky
    qqqynhs: @.liv_and_forever: actually this feels between a parody and a homage to lv music idk he sure listened to live forever before writing this the bridge sounds a lot like Nicky’s signature ‘go get ittt’
    liv_and_forever: @.qqynhs omg you’re right it’s so similar. but the let’s gotta go get ittt will forever be iconic I can’t believe he improvised those adlibs
    Q: Were you surprised by the success of ‘Sea storm’? It wasn’t a single, yet it became the most streamed song of your sophomore album. 
     Al-Kaysani: You never know what is going to resonate with the fans, with people in general. ‘Sea storm’ was very personal, all my music is personal, but that one especially. It talks about complicated feelings, when you don’t know which version of reality you should trust. ‘Sea storm’ is about being stuck in a bad situation with someone you thought you hated, and finding out a different side of them. What is born out of desperation is not forgiveness, is not understanding, but it’s a start. And it’s probably the source of questions that still haunt me this day.
    Lyrics from “Sea Storm” (2019) by Yusuf Al-Kaysani:
    I’m alright (you don’t know me no)
    I’m alright (you don’t know me no)
    Being stranded on the same island won’t change a thing
    You have a storm inside and you’re bringing it with you
    Right at my door
    I can’t be saved with you dragging me down
    I don’t want to know
    Stay away (you don’t know me no)
    Stay away (I don’t know you no)
    --- Lyrics from “Warbringer” (2019) written by Al-Kaysani for Booker’s new album, “Shared Misery”: You brought violence to my life lines of pain in my life flash of photography madness people ask and it’s your name Cause you brought violence to my life did you mean to do that? You brought violence to my life kiss me once and I’ll be on your side when the war is over We’ll have our side
    --- Lyrics from “Little love” (2020) by Live Forever: And it seems a little love but it grows and I never thought I’d apologise but for you I know I should Little love of mine the only poetry in my life is from your lips               --- Comments under “Little Love (Acoustic Session) | Lives Forever”: leathernicky: well....... fuck *grabs tissues* finthechat: Nicky’s vocals have improved so much! I’m glad they’re exploring a softer side of their music. han_skz: I’m Quynh nodding along as Nicky sings with a proud smile GO BABY MAKE US CRY kaysanovas: who is here for the first joenicky anthemmmm *sad twerking* look at us now ---
    any idiot with basic reading comprehension cannot deny that Sea Storm and Warbringer are about Nicky just like most of—scratch that, all of Nicky’s songs are about Yusuf and it’s making me go CRAZY. At first it was subtle, now Yusuf speaks of “grey eyes” and “painstaking slow revelations”, “kindness in my life, a little flat, Mediterranean sea”, JUST WHEN NICKY WAS BACK IN ITALY AND NOBODY KNEW WHERE JOE WENT FOR THREE DAYS AAAAH. —tumblr text post by user “dancingdumbqss”:
    It’s like destiny 
    —tweet by @.nicolodigenovaofficial, 346k likes, 12k retweets
    Nicky tweets for the first time. Joe leaves Marrakech wearing a t-shirt that looks suspiciously like the one Nicky was wearing at his concert in Milan last year, t-shirt that on Joe looks a bit too tight?? No words #KaysanovaIsReal —tweet by @.freEmanlover
    Nicky and Joe are both my friends, it’s not my place to talk about them. I’d prefer to talk about my music, which is the reason why I’m here. —Nile [Freeman] for Rolling Stones September Issue [Her new album “Seven Dreams” is the strongest debut by a female artist of the past decade.]
    Yes, we got married. Fuck off.—tweet from @.quynhlvofficial
    [image of Yusuf Al-Kaysani laughing as producer Andromache S. kisses his cheek. Quỳnh is in front of them crouching despite her tight black dress, she is smiling. In the background, there are white round tables and more people. Nicolò Di Genova is standing nearby and is partially visible, he looks at the others with an indecipherable expression]
    I’m so glad I could be here to celebrate this important day with my oldest friend and her soulmate. You two made me believe in love when I was at my lowest, here is to many years of happiness, baklava and music. love you both ♥️ —post from @.al-kaysani instagram account
    Ok someone saw Booker in Paris and took a video of him talking about Quỳnh’s wedding. The video was filmed with a potato so it’s grainy as fuck but it goes like this:
     “I don’t remember much of the wedding [??voice is too low to understand??] don’t worry, I had better plans than drinking, but I do remember Nicky leaving with a certain someone, about time if you ask me, yes. I hope they can sort it out, they would be good [Booker sees the fan] Ohi you, yes you, are you filming, what the fu—” —tumblr text post by user @.miissedyouu
    Maybe if people didn’t stalk celebrities and recorded their private conversation without their consent they would be more open about their relationships. Just saying. —tumblr text post by user @.okaykaysanova
    I can’t believe Booker is a Kaysanova shipper —tumblr text post by user @.quynhslaugh
    Lyrics from Lives Forever’s new single, “Sappy song” (2020), co-written by Quỳnh and Nicolò Di Genova: How I knew it was you / cross the sea to reach you / die a thousand times to meet you / this is too sappy to be an angry song / but maybe I’m almost tired of those 
    I saw your smile at the wedding / did you see mine / I swear I smiled the whole time / this is too sappy to be an angry song / you make me tired of those / darling it is all your fault / it’s ok I’m tired of those
    “Lives Forever take a strong turn in their artistic progression and fuse their electric style with love, happiness and critical optimism. The result is a tight knit album of 10 songs that will make you want to dance and scream in your bedroom like the best anthems of the 90s. Also, Quỳnh’s signature red guitar makes its comeback and we all appreciate Nicky’s new hairstyle. This is a serious review so I won’t go into details, but I showed the music video of ‘Salt and Honey’ to my wife and she started screaming intentions that could nullify her marriage vows if turned into actions. #blesstheponytail indeed”    — From Lisa K.’s reviews of Lives Forever “Serenade” for the Guardian
    Comments under “Lives Forever | Salt And Honey (Official MV)”:
    Hey_nickeh: there are so many things about this that are making me go insane but uhhhhhhhhhh Quỳnh could punch me and I’d say thank you this is the end of my Ted talk
    hyyh: lives forever is a targeted type of violence bc on one hand you have the man loved by lesbians nicky di genova, and then there’s quynh, an actual lesbian that looks and sings like that
    Hayley W.: #blesstheponytail #KaysanovaIsReal
    [image of a black baseball cap, a pair of brown glasses and a glass of water on a table, everything is illuminated by a white soft light] 
    Soon #MoonAlbum —post by @.al-kaysani instagram account
    LET ME SCREAM ABOUT THE PHOTO. LET ME. First of all, it is so soft, it looks like a photo taken on a Sunday morning when there’s no work and outside it’s sunny. The vibes? Immaculate. THE BASEBALL CAP is there and god I missed it. I showed this to my dear friend @.bo0ker and she agreed that this photo gives off domestic vibes? Like the half empty glass of water, the cap left there as if Yusuf has just come home and forgot it there. The only thing I couldn’t understand was the glasses, they’re an old model and they’re don’t look like any of Yusuf’s sunglasses and then. THEN. Then what, you’ll say as I’m ready to show you the light. .....Guess who wears glasses when he reads :).
    [photo of Nicolò Di Genova on tour, reading ‘Il Gattopardo’ waiting for the tour bus. He’s wearing the same glasses.]
    I couldn’t make this up even if I tried—tumblr text post by user @.kaysanifinnpoe, 23k notes
    “Are Nicolò Di Genova and Yusuf Al-Kaysani dating? 25 photos to prove the secret romance” article by TMZ
    Proof 3: Nicolò Di Genova has been seen wearing Al-Kaysani’s Moon merch as he leaves his house in London.
    “Yusuf Al-Kaysani third album is a masterpiece. There is no other way to describe it. Every minor detail that people like me, paid to find imperfections in art, found in his first two albums here is polished into nonexistence. Moon is bewitching, honest, original. It is a declaration of love, yes, and I don’t know if the rumors are true but whoever caught Al-Kaysani’s heart is very lucky, but it is so much more. Al-Kaysani plays with history, poetry, tales of the past, ethics. You may think these are heavy words to throw around for an album that has been labeled as indie but is rapidly gaining traction on radio and pop charts, but Al-Kaysani here is timeless.
    Each track is unique, but the overarching story is clear, leaves us gasping (and crying, yes) when we reach the final track, “Tangerine”. Through songs that go from the catchy lead single, “No Reason”, to the quiet and sweetly heartbreaking “In case you don’t wake up tomorrow”, Al-Kaysani tells a story of love in the moment of adversity. When we reach “Moon”, we are in love just like the Tunisian songwriter, in love with this idea of love that creates art and will probably last forever. “We’ve known each other for a millennium”, the fans will scream when “Millennium” will finally be played live, “I am here for all the time we’ve left”.
    “Moon” is, without doubt, the best song I’ve heard this year and possibly this decade. It is more than a ballad: maybe it’s the way Al-Kaysani sings, maybe it’s the tears in his eyes in the music video that broke his record for number of views in the first week since its release. “Moon” is perfect. It is devotion and passion made into music. 
    The tone of the songs starts to shift for the final arc of the album: Al-Kaysani writes about his own life, after all, or maybe he is just a marketing genius; the honeymoon phase comes to an abrupt end. The mood of the album changes, there are external obstacles (“Iron coffin”, which makes me want to to delete social media from existence for the pain they bring) and internal struggles (“Sysiphus”) that threaten the happy ending of our happy couple.
    The last song is “Tangerine”, and it feels like a sad surrender. “You left / will you come back, my moon?” sings Al-Kaysani. If buying his next album is the only way to know how the story ends, to know if Moon, whoever they are, really is “out of reach, on the other side of our world / always in my thoughts / inexplicable” or if the lovers will reunite again... well, I’ll be the first in line two years from now. Bravo, Yusuf, and good luck. Please let us know how the story ends.” —from James Copley’s review of Al-Kaysani’s third album “Moon”
    Nicky, can we talk? —text message from Yusuf Al-Kaysani to Nicolò Di Genova


    It’s been three months since he saw Yusuf. Nicky’s heart still makes a weird little dance of pure panic, longing and regret every time he sees Yusuf’s face around, which is a problem, because Moon is a success —of course it is, Yusuf’s a genius—and posters of the album on spotify and the upcoming tour dates are everywhere. Most of the times it’s a candid shot of Yusuf laughing, wearing a white shirt —wrinkled as usual. Other times it’s the photo Yusuf took in their rented house in Malta, because he liked that composition of Nicky’s glasses and his hat together, as if this way he could immortalise their little bubble of domesticity, those days when all it mattered was being just Joe and Nicky, together. Nicky still loves that photo. Seeing it everywhere hurts a little more each time.

    Looking at the promo pictures, he guesses Yusuf’s curls are long again. Nicky was the one who told him to let his hair grow, but maybe it was a PR move: Yusuf goes back to its musical roots and he has the same look of four years before, when his first album came out. It was the time when Joe, Quỳnh and Nicky were all at the start of their careers, when their music felt like a stairway to a higher floor, to a different life, a bridge over the garden wall of a villa whose lights and sounds of dancing kept them awake for years.

    It was the year Nicky said something mean and suddenly the whole world was watching Joe and Nicky, waiting for blood, hoping to see the birth of a new feud between two emerging artist in order to please their asinine thirst for fake drama. Most of the industry music is fake: hair, looks, songs, love stories. Yusuf was always too honest to be fake, and Nicky, despite his secrets and his fears, has always tried to be the same in return. That’s why the feud was really, really bad.

    It was true that they didn’t like each other’s music. Yusuf doesn’t like Nicky’s screaming and prefers Quỳnh’s softer melodies, Nicky sometimes falls asleep because he registers Yusuf’s ballads as lullabies. But somehow when the feud happened, it started as something personal, mean. 

    You’re not an artist, you are a product. 

    You’re fake, everything you talk about in your music is not put into practice in your own life. You live afraid, Nicky. I pity you.

    If you could find someone to love you, maybe your songs would finally sound sincere.

    You must know that Quỳnh would do so much better without you. 

    Nice speech, an olive branch that time before Nicky came out. Of course it sounded sarcastic, Nicky was so nervous, and the conversation soon became an argument. I knew you were an asshole, but mocking me for talking about my sexual orientation is a new low. Fuck you. 

    These jabs, exchanged in person during those first two years, cut deeper than any quote used as clickbait by the tabloids. Everyone in their group remembers: they hated each other. 

    The Medusa incident, as Nicky remembers it, the ten hours that inspired ‘Sea storm’, were probably the only reason why they ever became civil to one another. From the outside the entire incident must seem a joke: two musicians, locked in the same building without phones, too busy arguing with each other to stop the automatic doors form locking behind them. It took five hours for Andy and the others to find them, five more to understand what had happened to the circuit keeping the door closed.

    Nicky calls it the Medusa incident because in the room there was a smaller rendition of the painting ‘The raft of the Medusa’. He spent an hour looking grimly at the painted bodies, some dead and some alive, a few waving desperately at the ship in the distance to find salvation. 

    “We’re waiting for a ship,” Nicky had said after a while, eyes on the painting. Yusuf had turned to look at him, surprised by the break of silence. Nicky had looked at Yusuf’s eyes, then at his lips, like he’d tried to avoid doing during the whole fight. You’re my addiction, Yusuf. Don’t they say we’re all addicts in this industry?

    “For a moment I thought you were saying You’re waiting for a train. A ship makes sense too. I’ve seen that painting. The original is bigger.”

    “It’s from Inception.” 

    “What? Oh, yes. But I thought you said it was best not to talk?” Yusuf’s lips, the same lips Nicky dreamed of kissing at night, curled in an ugly sneer. “You said you preferred to spend hours in silence than talk to me again.”

    “You’re not letting me talk much. I was trying to explain—”

    “To explain, you narcissistic asshole—”

    “I was trying to apologise, for fuck’s sake. Fottiti.”

    “Fuck you too.”

    Silence again, like children recharging before going back to fighting, rolling in the mud. 

    “My words about your speech in London. They were genuine. Fuck, I’m gay, and even if I wasn’t I hoped you didn’t really think I’d be that big of an asshole.” 

    “You’ve been a dick in numerous occasions, it’s not like you lack precedents.” Yusuf snapped. “But I know, I know you wouldn’t make fun of me for sharing something that personal,’ Nicky remembers the audience crying at the end of his speech. ‘I know now, at least. That day I was so tense, I was ready to fight with anyone.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    Yusuf had looked in front of him, his eyes in line with the men still alive in the painting. 

    “I read your interview. The one where you came out. Congratulazioni.”

    “Thank you. It was a long time coming.”

    Of course Yusuf knew Italian. And that small smile, that silent truce, that promise of future peace. Nicolò cherishes that moment just as much as the ones that followed.

    Falling in love with Yusuf was like running down a hill: impossible to stop after the first few steps, refreshing like air hitting his face, a bit frightening, even, because it really felt like falling. 

    And of course they were obvious about what was happening between them. Nicky never wrote as much as when he met Yusuf and started having feelings for him. Nicky wrote with abandon, without even thinking that Yusuf might hear his songs and realise they were about him.

    Yusuf probably thought the same, because ‘Sea storm’ was so obviously about Nicky and the Medusa incident that Quỳnh forced Nicky to listen to it and then didn’t stop bringing it up every time Nicky claimed he didn’t feel anything for Yusuf. Nicky listened to ‘Sea storm’ too many times, until he could play it from start to finish without hesitation. He secretly wondered if he had it all wrong, if Yusuf counted on Nicky hearing the song, if those lines were a message in a bottle, thrown in the sea in his direction. 

    They exchanged love in songs much before Nicky had the courage to kiss Joe. For months it was only sweet lyrics sewn in with electric guitar from Nicky, pop glittery sincerity from Joe. Then Nicky had seen Joe again after months, Joe with his hair a mess, Joe who sent him memes at 11am saying “good morning” as if it wasn’t almost lunchtime already.

    “I missed you,” Joe had said.

    Joe didn’t expect to be kissed, Nicky felt him go still for a moment, worried he had understood it all wrong, that they were just friends, maybe even still rivals. Then Joe had kissed him back with abandon, like kissing Nicky was a privilege he feared would be given to him only once. Like they’d been lost in sea for so long that kissing felt like coming home.

    Malta was a dream, a frame you could cut out from the the film of movie with a pair of scissors. Nicky was tempted to just forget it had ever happened. He knew it would be difficult, ‘Have you had a relationship with Al-Kaysani’ seemed the new hit question doing promo events, but he could try. He was nothing but stubborn.

    The truth is that before they started worrying about their careers, acting as a couple had been so easy. After years of venom through words and then uncertainity and magnetic attraction through songs, Nicky and Joe relied on actions to express their love. Yusuf was a cat demanding scratches on the head while Nicky read, a human blanket at night, he took Nicky’s hand every time they went out in Malta and never let go, a pleased smile on his face when he realised Nicky loved physical affection just as much, but was too shy to ask for it. After the first months of relationship, the urge to be close had lessened a bit, but now Nicky misses every touch, every moment when Yusuf had managed to make his body feel alive.

    Maybe things can still be fixed. Nicky takes out his phone and stares at the little red number alerting him he has a message left unread.

    Nicky, can we talk?

    Are you in London?, Nicky replies.

    He exhales, relieved. He did it. He answered the text. It only took him... five days? Now he has to wait.

    Or maybe not. Nicky sees the ellipsis moving on the screen and his breath catches in his throat. He watches as they appear and disappear for a few minutes, and he swears his heart stops beating for a moment as a one word message appears on the screen.

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    The Great Kenzarelli Multiverse Poll Results: Part 3

    Here is the final installment of Kenzarelli results!

    You can view part one of the Multiverse Poll Results here, featuring Ashraf, Malik, Daan, Richard, and Matthias. You can view part two here, featuring Adrian, Pierre, Emre, Majid, and Idris.

    Results & fic recs under the cut.

    Zakaria - Rabat

    Soulmate: Gabriele

    Second place: Valerio

    Fic Recommendation: There are none for Zakaria and Gabriele, but here is one for Zakaria and Valerio!

    But I Got Both Hands On The Wheel While You Got Both Hands On My Gears by primo_nizzuto

    Rating: E

    Rico - Bloedlink

    Soulmate: Cesare

    Second place: Primo

    Funniest answer: A Good Therapist

    Fic Recommendation: There are none for Rico and Cesare, so here are two for Rico and Primo!

    At last by @awildewit (rating: E)

    Coffee Shop Rescue by me (rating: M)

    Jafar - Aladdin

    This was so close!!! I'm so sorry to the hardcore Jafar/Primo shippers out there!

    Soulmate: Fabio

    Second place: Primo

    Funniest answer: Phenomenal Cosmic Power

    Fic Recommendation: The Ocean Under the Moon by @gavotteangel

    Rating: E

    This is the only fic I found that had Jafar & Fabio. It has a great premise, but unfortunately, it is unfinished and seems to be abandoned.

    Bonus fic recommendation (for Primo & Jafar): Baby Don't Forget To Catch Me by @mrsimoshen (Rating: M)

    Raymond - De Oost

    Soulmate: Jail

    Second place: Mickey (Y'all like shipping Mickey with the evil Marwans, what's up with that?)

    Joe - The Old Guard

    Soulmate: Nicky (duh)

    Fic Recommendation: There are so many amazing Joe & Nicky fics, so instead I'm recommending the fic that got me addicted to fanfic in the first place. I started reading this before I even had an Ao3 account and knew how to subscribe to things. I would just go to the page every day and refresh for new chapters.

    Aftermath by kibosama - This is a great "prequel" story. It is unfortunately unfinished and abandoned, but there are 34 AMAZING chapters

    Rating: M

    #the great kenzarelli mulitverse #marwan simptember event #marwansimptemberevent#jafar aladdin#disney jafar#marwan kenzari#luca marinelli #yusuf al kaysani #nicoló di genova #kaysanova#fabio cannizzaro
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    Destati, my beloved, destati. Nicky’s whispering voice is sweet and golden like honey in Joe’s ears.

    With his eyes closed he feels for his soulmate, hand sliding over silk-soft sheets which lack Nicky's body heat.


    He keeps his eyes shut, wanting to maintain the illusion before he blinks slowly and searches Nicky’s gaze. As Nicky sees he’s awake he smiles from where he is crouching next to the bed, arms propped on the mattress, head resting on one hand. He is so near and yet so far away, out of Joe’s reach and his beauty lets the deep, dull ache in Joe’s chest almost fade away into the background. Almost.

    “Come on, my heart,” Nicky summons him and his accentuated voice curls like a protecting layer around Joe’s severely wounded heart. His still bleeding heart. “It’s time to start the day.”

    In the kitchen the table is empty and Nicky leans against the door frame, watching Joe with an attentive quiet. “I already ate,” he explains and Joe nods, strangely numb, preparing himself a small slice of toast. Contrary to Nicky’s words it doesn’t smell like coffee and there are no used dishes in the sink.

    While he chews endlessly on one bite, he stands close to Nicky but they’re not quite touching, never touching.

    It is throbbing and pulsing in Joe’s rib cage as if his pain would live and breathe and try to escape its prison of bones and he doesn’t know how much longer he will be able to endure it.

    “We could watch the sunset today.” Nicky looks distant and somewhat celestial as if he were far, far away from Joe and Joe wants to scream and beg and hold him to prevent Nicky from disappearing but all he does is give back the smile Nicky is gifting him with.

    The crooked corners of Nicky’s wonderful mouth burn themselves into Joe’s mind and for one second he is falling: unstoppable and fast, without seeing or feeling anything other than this piercing burn his heart sends with every beat through his veins, tearing him apart from the inside. Thump - thump - thump…

    They walk together on the beach and as Joe beholds how the salty sea air of Malta cards its windy fingers through Nicky’s hair, Joe tells him, “I miss this.” And so much more. But he can’t bring out the words, poison on his tongue and icy splinters in his blood.

    In Nicky’s terribly warm gaze is nothing less than eternal empathy and glowing affection. “I know.”

    When the sky turns orange like blooming day-lilies Joe thinks about taking Nicky’s hand. It would be so easy: just reaching out and interlacing their fingers as they always did. By the time the setting sun draws symphonies of colors at the horizon Joe is gritting his teeth, fighting the urge to simply pull Nicky closer to his side but then the sun is gone and Joe lets Nicky and his hands be.

    The next day Andy calls and Joe toys with the idea of not answering, so he can continue to draw Nicky to endure the agony but in the end he answers nevertheless.

    They have found a new mission and Andy sounds gentle and caring but also determined and wary when she asks him like she did all the time before. “It’s been over two years, Joe,” she notes and Joe hates how soft her voice suddenly is. “We would be happy if you would come back, alright? That’s all I wanted to say. We’re here for you.” A pause. “How are y-”

    “I will think about it,” Joe cuts her off and ends the call, his hands shaking so bad he drops the phone.

    “Yusuf.” Nicky is sitting in one of the armchairs, opposite to Joe, pure understanding in the illuminated pools Joe loved. Loves. Will always love. “You are ready.”

    Joe wants to protest and argue, the lump in his throat prevents him from doing either of that. “No, it doesn’t feel like it,” he finally chokes out, eyes filling with hot tears. “Nicky, you...I don’t…”

    Nicky shushes him softly, a gossamer breeze of love Joe soaks up like divine ambrosia. “I will be there with you every step of the way, habibi. Have faith in yourself.”

    How can I? After all that happened? How can I fix this?

    “Trust me,” Nicky says with a lowered voice as if he would tell Joe a secret just between the two of them and it has a pleading undertone. He beckons Joe to him like a siren to a lost sailor and Joe sinks down on his knees next to him.

    “Nicolo…” Joe doesn’t know what to say to express the devastating, raging storm inside him.

    “You underestimate your strength, my love.” It is a lie. For Joe it is a lie but he can hear Nicky’s honesty in every syllable. And that makes it so much more painful. His fingers dig hard in the armrest he clings to with all his might and although he wants to avert his gaze he can’t stand to lose sight of the love of his life. 

    “And you are biased,” he accuses Nicky half-heartedly, looking up to him, full of wonder and incredibly heavy yearning for something that dissolves like morning mist on a field.

    Nicky laughs and Joe doesn’t sob but it is a very close call. “Maybe I am. Maybe I just know you better than anyone else on this earth.”

    You do, Joe thinks without saying it out loud because he is not strong enough for that. 

    “They miss you.” Nicky lifts his hand, palm to Joe but before Joe can press his face in his touch Nicky withdraws and Joe bites the inside of his cheek so hard he tastes copper. “They mean you no harm, Yusuf. They want to help you because you’re family. They’re family.”

    This time Joe says, “I know.” The words taste like dust. 

    The kiss they exchange is light and Joe puts all his despair and love into it but it is like kissing air. 

    They meet in Prague.

    Booker hugs him tight but avoids eye contact, Nile smiles at him but she can’t hide her sorrow and Andy kisses his forehead which she only does when she is secretly worried. 

    As promised Nicky stays close behind Joe, not leaving his side and this knowledge helps lift the weight on Joe’s chest a little. 

    The bullet hitting Joe while covering the others with Nicky hurts like a bitch and he curses, spitting blood, dragging himself behind a cover. Inspecting his chest he realizes the wound doesn’t heal, searching for Nicky’s gaze.

    When the others find him he is laughing, all crimson teeth and more blood than saliva on his lips. 

    Booker frantically tries to stop the bleeding, talking in French to him that Joe doesn’t understand because he only looks at Nicky, kneeling on Booker’s left. Andy, in her protective vest, is holding Joe’s face, patting his cheek in a way showing him how scared she really is. It doesn’t matter that Nile yells into her phone, ordering Copley to get them help because it won’t be much longer. 

    “Stay awake, Joe!” Andy shakes him, forcing him to look at her but soon enough his gaze is drawn back again to Nicky.

    “Hold on, buddy.” Booker grabs his hand, slippery with his blood and tears starting to drop on their clasped hands. “Nile is talking to Copley. We will get you out of here.”

    Joe is not really listening, his lips still curved into a smile. “Nicky is here…”

    “Joe…” Booker starts, voice thick with emotions. “Nicky is not here.”

    “Y-Yes, he is.” His mouth is filled with more and more blood but Joe couldn’t care less. His Nicolo smiles sadly at him, fingers moving to caress Joe’s blood splattered cheek, hovering an inch about his skin. “I c-an...s-see him…”

    “I never left.” Nicky’s presence is a ghost of his former warmth and Joe shouldn’t be able to smell his rich, familiar scent but he does and it is wonderful. 

    “Oh Yusuf.” Andy’s eyes are glistening, deep pain in her ancient eyes and she cups his face as lovingly as a mother. He knows he doesn’t have to explain for her, knows she knows and sighs. “Go to him, okay? We’ll be fine here. Go to Nicolo.”

    “Fuck…” Nile sniffs and Joe hopes he gives her, his youngest sister, a reassuring look.

    “It won’t hurt,” Nicky promises and Joe believes him with every fiber of his being.

    I missed you, he tells him without words and Nicky’s eyes go all soft. 

    He takes Nicky’s hand, finally touching, and laughs wetly as his heart heals and the all-consuming ache in his body subsides because his other half is there.

    “You waited for me,” he breathes, claiming Nicky’s lips in a kiss which echoes in his very soul. 

    “I will always wait for you.” Nicky brings their interlaced fingers to his lips, placing a kiss on each of Joe’s knuckles. “And whatever lies ahead of us, we will find out together.”

    Joe likes that word - together. Together in life and even in death. Like it was always meant to be.

    #the old guard #tog fanfic#ficlet#yusuf al-kaysani #nicolo di genova #joe x nicky
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    16.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Una cartolina dal Grand Hotel Isotta

    Una cartolina dal Grand Hotel Isotta

    Una cartolina dal Grand Hotel Isotta Ritorniamo ancora una volta ad essere turisti nel passato della Superba. Eccoci al Grand Hotel Isotta, ad averci condotto qui è la buona fama di questo albergo che si trova in una posizione centralissima, nella fastosa ed elegante Via Roma. Sulle guide di anni distanti, infatti, l’Hotel viene per l’appunto raccomandato, ad esempio ne ho […] Fonte: Dear Miss…

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    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nicolò Patrol (Chapter 4: The Rescue) [text of a Twine fanfic]

    [If you'd rather read the story with sound and video cues, you can do so by clicking here]

    If the goal of the current mission weren’t so serious, Joe might have been caught up in the surreality of what was happening. He was sitting in the back seat of a teleporting sentient van who was following directions from a man in a leopard-print hotpants. The man in leopard-print hotpants was, in turn, taking directions from an electromagnetic spirit who lived in a man wrapped in mummy bandages. The man in mummy bandages had allowed himself to be kidnapped in order to lead the rest of the team to the facility of a secret government agency.

    Most importantly, the facility was where Nicky was being held captive. So Joe turned his mind away from the surreal situation. He instead focused on the plan; he’d need to be at the top of his game. They all would.

    After what felt like an eternity, Danny finally turned off the radio.

    “We’re here,” Flex announced.

    Danny had actually teleported them a few blocks away from the Bureau of Normalcy, so they wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention. It was here the team split up. Victor, Jane, Rita and Cliff would cause a distraction by attempting to enter the facility to stage a ‘rescue’ for Larry. Meanwhile, Nile, Andy, Booker and Joe would actually infiltrate the facility through a back entrance Victor had conveniently hacked open for them. Danny was standing by as their getaway and Flex was managing communication between the negative spirit and each group.

    Just as they were moving out, Joe heard Cliff through his earpiece. “Uh, guys, what if they’re keeping this Nicky fella in a different facility than where they brought Larry?”

    Joe heard Jane and Rita respond, “Shut up, Cliff.”

    Joe knew the answer to that possibility, though. If Nicky wasn’t here, they’d simply have to take an agent of the Bureau hostage and use them to get Nicky back. Whether that meant using the hostage as leverage, or interrogating the hostage for information didn’t much matter to Joe.

    Andy and Joe hadn’t shared this contingency with their new allies; they weren’t sure how the others would respond to taking part in a kidnapping. If it came to it, Nile, Andy, Booker and Joe would simply have to enact that backup plan on their own.

    “Stay focused,” Andy ordered them as they took up their positions.

    There was silence over the comms as the Doom Patrol moved into place. Joe waited with the second team for the signal to access the back door. Joe took slow and steady breaths. This is just another mission.

    Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of Robotman’s voice, coming through even with his comms turned off. “You Normalcy bastards better get the fuck out here right now,” Cliff shouted. “Release the Lar-bear! Give me my Lar-bear!” Next to Cliff, Jane had become Sun Daddy, a giant person with a sun for a head, and was throwing fireballs at the entrance to the base. Explosions punctuated Cliff’s vulgarities. “Fuck you, you absolute literal…” boom! “Come out here and…” boom! “FUCK!”

    The distraction worked, and as the alarms on the base went off and personnel ran to confront the Doom Patrol, Joe, Nile, Andy and Booker quietly entered the Bureau of Normalcy’s headquarters. “We’re in,” Andy said over the comms.

    Infiltrating an enemy’s prison was, in many ways, a fairly routine mission. Joe and the others had done this countless times before. Weapons ready, they moved through the hallways fluidly, appearing almost as a choreographed dance. This helped them cover ground quickly, which was necessary as the building complex was large.

    It soon became clear why they had come across so little resistance as they made their way to the cell Victor had identified as Nicky’s via hacked security logs. Any guards who weren’t responding to the commotion outside the building, were stationed right outside the door to Nicky’s cell. The four immortals made quick work of the dozen, or so, guards. They never stood a chance.

    “Victor you’re up,” Andy stated.

    “Copy,” Victor responded.

    Now that the team was standing at the cell door, Victor would need to remotely open it.

    “Uh, Keeg asks that you hurry. Larry is being tortured,” came Flex’s voice over the comms.

    “Copy,” was all Andy said in response. She was keeping it all business.

    Joe wanted to point out that they were there to rescue Nicky as a top priority. He wanted to tell Flex that they’d find Larry after they saved the love of his life from whatever horrors the Bureau had been inflicting on him. But Joe said none of that. Andy was right to keep things professional. Plus, Joe really did want to save Larry from torture too. He just couldn’t prioritize that part of the mission right now.

    The mechanism that locked the cell door audibly released, and Joe looked at Andy to confirm everyone was ready to breach the cell. She nodded back to him and he opened the door and rolled into the room in a fluid motion, weapon ready in case someone from the Bureau was in the room.

    Joe saw Nicky strapped to a medical table, with a newly regrown arm. Relief flooded Joe as he saw that Nicky was alive. It was all he could do to keep himself from collapsing onto him. Then Joe noticed that a cleaner was standing near the medical table with a mop, washing away the blood on the floor. Joe cleared his head and returned to focusing on the mission. They weren’t out yet.

    “Back away slowly,” Joe ordered.

    Nicky spoke as the cleaner moved to the opposite side of the room, “Alex, here, was just about to help me escape.”

    “Oh thank goodness you arrived,” Alex was saying. “I really wasn’t sure what to do. It all seemed so horrible. Like, worse than usual, even…”

    As Alex babbled on, Joe swiftly moved toward Nicky and began releasing him from the table. They embraced briefly. It’s not over yet. Joe handed Nicky a firearm and Nicky nodded as he took it with his good hand. “Stay here until it’s safe,” Nicky said to Alex.

    Joe and Nicky emerged from the cell and they silently greeted Nile, Booker and Andy, who had been keeping watch at the door. There’d be time for an emotional reunion after they had finished their escape.

    “Flex, we have Nicky. Have you located Larry?” Andy asked.

    “Down the corridor and make a right. Cell #247,” Flex replied.

    By this time, the distraction from the Doom Patrol had stopped being useful as a distraction. Now it was just a fight. And Sun Daddy’s fireballs were proving to be more of a hindrance. “Jane, cease the fireballs,” Andy ordered over the comms as the team made their way toward Larry’s cell. “Just be glad she’s not Karen right now,” Rita replied.

    When they arrived, Joe noticed that the cell was suspiciously unguarded. “It’s a trap,” Nile said. “Agreed,” Andy acknowledged.

    Joe turned to Nicky to assure himself that Nicky was up for this. There had been a lot of blood in that cell, and Nicky’s entire harm had only just become usable again. Nicky silently patted Joe’s shoulder in reassurance.

    With that, Andy gave the signal. It might be a trap, but they were immortal. Their biggest concern was making sure Larry didn’t end up collateral damage. “Relay to Keeg that Larry will want to duck if possible,” Joe said as they took up positions outside the cell. “Victor..”

    “One step ahead of you,” Victor replied as the lock to Larry’s cell was released.

    This time Andy breached the cell door first, with her labrys at the ready. Joe heard gunshots ring out as Andy tore through the guards in the room. Meanwhile, more guards poured out of the adjacent cells. “What’d I say?” Nile said as she met the onslaught. “When you’re right, you’re right,” Booker replied.

    The resulting fight was brutal, but ultimately the team was victorious. Andy emerged from the cell with Larry slumped against her. Cliff, Jane, Rita and Victor came up behind the dwindling guards and cut through them effectively. “We need to leave. Now,” Andy said as the two teams rendezvoused. “On it,” Jane, or more accurately Flit, said as she stuck her hands out like she was ready for a football huddle. “Hands in everyone,” Rita said wearily.

    By this point, Joe trusted this other team enough to believe that whatever was about to happen, it would aid in their escape. So he and the others all put their hands in. A moment later they were all standing outside the Bureau’s headquarters, right next to Danny and Flex. “Why didn’t you simply teleport us to the house?” Booker asked. “Actually, why didn’t you simply teleport us directly into the facility in the first place,” Andy added. Jane, who had again become Jane, simply shrugged. “Flit does what she wants.”

    Quickly, both teams hurried into the back of Danny they instantly teleported them to Dr. Calculator’s mansion. Everyone climbed out of the van and stood aways from Joe and Nicky as they reunited. Danny turned on the radio to provide what they thought was the perfect soundtrack.

    Joe was so shocked by what Nicky had just revealed to him, that he didn’t even realize what song was playing or see Danny’s message. But when he finally recognized the song, he burst into tears and collapsed into Nicky’s arms. The anger, fear and tension from the past few days was finally released. “I just got you back,” Joe murmured between sobs. The Origin of Love, indeed.

    “I’m not going anywhere,” Nicky reassured him as he wrapped his arms around Joe. “Not any time soon.”

    Joe drew a knife from his utility belt and quickly sliced open his own finger. The pain was familiar. What was not familiar was how long the pain lingered. He watched his own finger intently, waiting to see if it would heal as it usually did. A few seconds passed by and the blood started to drip down. It hadn’t begun to heal, though.

    Joe’s sobs turned into quieter sighs as his worst fears were ameliorated. For a few brief moments, Joe had imagined the possibility that he and Nicky had been wrong about their destiny. That Nicky might die in a few brief decades, and Joe would be forced to continue on alone. “I’m going to need a band-aid,” Joe called out as his breathing returned to normal. “And Nicky needs to be patched up. A bullet grazed his side.”

    On hearing the call for bandages, Danny turned off his radio and everyone gathered near the two of them. “You need what?” Nile asked in disbelief.

    Joe held up his bleeding finger and Nicky lifted his shirt to reveal his wound. “It’s nothing serious,” Nicky reassured everyone. “We’re just going to die some day.”

    “Well, fuck,” said Cliff. “Aren’t we all.”

    #the old guard #doom patrol #danny the street #nicolo di genova #larry trainor#flex mentallo#nile freeman #andromache the scythian #sebastian le livre #victor stone#rita farr#cliff steele#crazy jane#immortal husbands #nicky x joe #joe x nicky #if found#my fanfic#nicolò patrol#the plan#chapter 4 #yusuf al kaysani
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    Genova: Primo paziente trattato con il molnupiravir antivirale in compresse attivo sul Covid

    Genova: Primo paziente trattato con il molnupiravir antivirale in compresse attivo sul Covid

    Genova: Primo paziente trattato con il molnupiravir antivirale in compresse attivo sul Covid Matteo Bassetti. Genova: Ieri sera qui al San Martino è stato randomizzato il primo paziente italiano nel protocollo di studio MK4488-02 ovvero nello studio per valutare efficacia e sicurezza di impiego del molnupiravir, un nuovo antivirale in compresse attivo sul Covid.  Il molnupiravir è un nuovo…

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    #covid#Genova #molnupiravir antivirale in compresse
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    some art for an au i forgot about

    #the old guard #nicolo di genova #my art #i dont remember the au and thats upsetting but whatever! #it had to do with magic and nicky was a magic statue i think and joe was probably a sun god but idk #now im seeing everything wrong like his thighs and neck #ahh but it does not matter #the cuts arent self or anything i cant remember what they were #tw: blood#tw: cuts #let me know if thats wrong idk how to tag triggers
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    Salone Nautico a Genova: prende il via domani la 61esima edizione

    Salone Nautico a Genova: prende il via domani la 61esima edizione

      La tradizionale cerimonia dell’alzabandiera, in programma alle 10.30 presso la Terrazza del Padiglione Blu, sarà impreziosita dall’omaggio di ‘Nave Rizzo’, unità Fremm della Marina Militare italiana recentemente impiegata in attività antipirateria che sfilerà lungo il canale del porto. Seguirà il Convegno Inaugurale ‘Made in Italy, il Paese che traina il Paese‘ che vede protagonisti la…

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  • nkp1981
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #andromache of scythia #Quynh#yusuf al-kaysani #nicolo di genova #sebastian le livre #sebastien le livre #nile freeman#andy#joe#Nicky#Booker#Charlize Theron #van veronica ngo #marwan kenzari#luca marinelli#Matthias Schoenaerts#kiki layne #the old guard
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    Il Salone Nautico di Genova 2021

    Il Salone Nautico di Genova 2021

    Il Salone Nautico di Genova, organizzato da I Saloni Nautici, Società di Confindustria Nautica, è pronto per la 61esima edizione dal 16 al 21 settembre, dopo un anno importante in cui l’evento è stato l’unica manifestazione del settore organizzata in presenza e in sicurezza in Europa nel 2020. Grazie anche all’accordo decennale sottoscritto nel giugno 2020 con le istituzioni del territorio, che…

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    Sebastien ‘Pain-in-the-ass’ le Livre

    #tog #the old guard #andromache the scythian #nicolò di genova #booker #sebastien le livre #life as a family #my stuff#movie stills
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    # it’s all about the hands

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  • angelillo1921
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    #ciabattedonna #pantofoledonna💜 #homeslipper #winterseason #wool #followmefollowyou #bloggeritalia #bloggerlifestyle #likeforfollowback #vialuccoli❤ #Genova #confortshoes👣 #centrostoricogenova #shopshoes #shoppingtime (presso Angelillo 1921 via Luccoli 63 r) https://www.instagram.com/p/CT1tcP8owf9/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Yamaha Motor Harmo : Sistem Propulsi Perahu Listrik Inovatif Hadir di Genova Boat Show 2021

    Yamaha Motor Harmo : Sistem Propulsi Perahu Listrik Inovatif Hadir di Genova Boat Show 2021

    Yamaha Motor Harmo ., salam pertamax7.com, Yamaha Motor Harmo : Sistem Propulsi Perahu Listrik Inovatif Hadir di Genova Boat Show 2021 Tampak Belakang Respiro oleh Venmar With Yamaha Harmo Bukan Mbah Dharmo lho ya, hehehehe. Info resmi dari Yamaha 14 September 2021. Selama lebih dari 60 tahun, Yamaha Motor telah menjadi yang terdepan dalam terobosan teknik dan perkembangan teknologi dalam…

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    #Genova Boat Show #Genova Boat Show 2021 #Respiro oleh Venmar #Yamaha Motor Harmo #Yamaha Respiro
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    more joenicky x files to heal my soul

    #the old guard #yusuf al kaysani #nicolo di genova #kaysanova#joenicky #i truly do not know what happened to the quality im sorry #the x files au #nicky is colorblind is my new fav hc #joe fashion king opposite mulder works perfectly dont mind me #please ask me about this au i need to actually watch more x files #my post#my art #no bg because i dont hate myself. next question #white blob is supposed to be a fridge
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  • salzundhonig
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    i will spam everyone until "just you and me/until the end" as wedding vows and the taklamakan desert being the place andy and quynh met are made canon in the same way fucking stupid bullshit fancanons have been deemed canon by this fandom. because yeah, not one asshole here has tried to name the desert andy and quynh met in while i've seen dozen of names for childhood friends and hypothetic pets for nicky and joe. where are the posts about the language andy and quynh first spoke in to balance the dozen about jn?

    where are the post about nile's childhood and her relationship to her father i've barely seen cause they're swallowed by nicky's church and jn adopting fucking cats. i'll be a bitch until nile watching antique roadshow is as prominent in fics as jn cuddling. i'll be a bitch until nile and andy's complex morals are as discussed as jn ones or booker's because guess what!! they're the main characters!! you just hate to admit it because you can't face your own biases toward women and women of color in media!!! quynh isn't a demon just like nile isn't a one-dimensional kid!! andy is capable of love and care!! also, andy is bi stop erasing that.

    #i!! feel like a being a nuisance tonight!! i'm tired of dealing with this shit!! #tog#kaysanova #joe x nicky #yusuf x nicolo #nicolo di genova #sebastien le livre
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    Early days Yusuf and Nicolò!

    #Kaysanova #Nicolo di Genova #Yusuf Al-Kaysani#Immortal Husbands #The Old Guard #The Old Guard 2020 #Joe and Nicky #Cute Immortal Husbands #fandom #Florence + The Machine
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  • hoax1918
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    Mafia boss Nicolò di Genova and his hatchet man Joe.

    #the old guard #nicolò di genova #yusuf al kaysani #Nicky and Joe
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