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  • catwillscream
    22.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Masked animals AU

    for more information on this au- 

    you can just keep reading ;)

    so this au is a thing where people wear masks their whole lives and they’re only allowed to show their real faces to soulmates

    basically everyone comes to this big festival kind of thing where they all dance around the fire of fate its a festival where they can find their soulmates but kaeya has been going there and hasnt found anyone for years

    he was gonna skip this years festival but diluc convinced him to come with and just have fun at least since they could eat a lot of delicious food together and so he agreed... at the festival he saw a strange man with orange hair and a fox mask  that he has never seen before so he's like really intrigued- but he doesnt ask him out to the dance instead the fox dumbass announces that hes just gonna dance with everyone lol- kaeya was the last one he danced with ;) he found his other dancing partners so boring and uptight- 

    and since they’re soulmates and found each other- the fire turns purple- 

    basically thats the most of it- its a short au with cute stuff <3

    #catwillscream #masked animals au #chaeya#kaeya#childe #kaeya is trans as always <3 #coloring with watercolor brush was pretty fun ngl- #hate watercolor in real life but this was nice hehehe #genshin impact
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  • genshin-impact-memes
    22.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Childe: I invited you into the woods because I crave the most dangerous game.

    Traveler: Knife Monopoly?


    Childe: I was actually going to hunt you for sport but now I’m interested in whatever the fuck knife Monopoly is.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact memes #genshin impact incorrect quotes #incorrect genshin impact #genshin impact childe #childe genshin impact
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  • akuma-akuryo
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    finally, after a month of preparation,

    im going to do it

    wish me luck

    #*zooms to the wiki* #reading on her like i read on childe lmao #i need a shit ton of potions and food too but at least im a good ten levels above her #signora#genshin#genshin impact#signora fight #signora boss battle #genshin boss battle #xingqiu childe fischl and noelle my beloved #would have gone with beidou instead of xingqiu but‚‚‚ pyro res‚‚ we can always change it tho
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  • yourlocalsewerdragon
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Z H O N G L I I S 5 ' 1 1????

    #hehe. hes sh. hes shorter than childe. #genshin simpact
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  • thormanick
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Paimon: *covers up Childe’s identity*

    Xinyan: *talks about the trust and it’s importance with the Traveller*

    Xinyan and Traveller: *do not tell Kujou Sara about A Fatui/another random person (from Xinyan’s pov) being in the domain*

    Me, quietly sipping my tea:

    That’s all gonna come back and bite us all so, so badly

    #genshin impact #Genshin impact childe #genshin impact paimon #genshin impact xinyan #Genshin impact traveller #genshin impact thoughts #afinna exlpores teyvat
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  • scaramochie
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Scaramouche: what are you, twelve

    Childe: on a scale of one to ten, yeah

    #genshin impact#childe #tartagalia genshin impact #scaramouche
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  • bellatrixdulac
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Childe is only an adventurer we befriended in Mondstadt? I wish I had the option to be really mean to him and tell on Paimon immediately. Let Xiyan get his ass (if she can). At least he apologised for causing trouble for us in the past

    #Yeah if only Bennett or Fishel or Klee were here Paimon #I too wish we saw an Adventurer from Mondstadt and not Childe #tartaglia gi#childe gi#genshin impact #genshin impact spoilers
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  • chaotickitty45
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kid Kaeya is still rotting my brain. Someone help.

    The Jean one is based on a Jean & Klee sketch I saw somewhere.

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  • tartaglia-please-come-home
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Can someone go to my world and defeat the ruin hunter for me on the 'trace the abyss' quest? Or someone gave me some tip on how to finish this quest? You can send me a DM for the details like time. American server here BTW 😭😭. I cannot finish the quest no matter what. My current team are Beidou, Noelle, Lumine, and Yanfei. Thank you so much.

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  • genshinchaos
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Wait, if Xinyan reminds Childe of his sister, does it mean that Tonya has quite a temperament?

    Oh my.

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  • miraclelevellan
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'm kinda hoping Raiden shows up near the end of this event when Childe does his obviously stupid Fatui plan and he is all excited for a good fight and she just swats him aside.

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  • kaine-san
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Childe: *follows Lumine around and unintentionally stalks her, gets awkwardly close to her, invites his siblings to stay at her teapot, invites her to meet his family*

    Childe: Why won't she have a rematch with me??? I mean I am making it very clear that I want to fight her. Come on, Lumine. 🥺

    #childe gi #childe genshin impact #tartaglia#lumine gi #lumine genshin impact #genshin impact
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  • sixtharbinger
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    being in a secret relationship with them

    characters: childe, scaramouche and signora x gn reader

    tags: suggestive content, 2.2 event quest spoilers (leaks), enemies to lovers i guess, canon compliant, harbinger!reader, the sexual tension is real here

    author’s note: wake up new fatui harbinger x reader post just dropped <3

    — childe didn’t get along with you at first, and to be fair you didn’t like him too at first. however this all changed when he decides to play around with you. he always teased you or make flirty comments, making you quite flustered. it didn’t take long before you caught on feelings for childe, after spending some time with him while he was back in snezhnaya. god, you two were making it too obvious of the relationship. no one cared, but even scaramouche could latch on to you two sharing secret glares or the hickey shown on childe’s neck. when it’s just the two of you, childe could only look at you with eyes of hunger as he roughly kisses you while sitting on top of your office desk. it’s the little groans that childe makes that makes you more eager to keep the door locked for ‘privacy’ reasons.

    — scaramouche was not one to mess with. having a bad taste in almost everyone in the fatui meant you heard the rumours of him planning to betray the fatui or take off with the gnosis. and for scaramouche? he didn’t like you either... at first. he found you quite interesting. so you were surprised to eventually get along with the sixth harbinger, soon blossoming into a relationship. you and scaramouche were known enemies in the eyes of the other harbingers, from quarrelling in each other’s offices to glaring at each other during meetings. little did they know, you two were practically on top of each other in another room - having slow make-out sessions, letting the harbinger pin you against the wall. you could almost hear the subtle moans he makes. and who knew this despised figure of the fatui was good at making you feel this way?

     — signora couldn’t care less about you. all she had to do was serve the tsaritsa, and to collect the gnosis(s) for her. that’s about it. until you got into the way. this grabbed her attention, making her quite angered by your sudden appearance. you grew a disliking to her too, as her attitude towards you was rude and unpredictable. but being set up on a mission with her meant that you were forced to interact with her frequently. as time went on, she grew a bit softer around you, finding you charming and was the only one willing to stay by her side. being in love with you meant being protective over you, as she only wants the relationship kept between you and herself. signora does have her occasional moments though, where she let you kiss her behind her own office, letting her mark you up as hers only. 

    #; — works #genshin impact x reader #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact x gn reader #childe x reader #scaramouche x reader #signora x reader
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  • brilover3000
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I made genshin friend in class thanks to rule 34

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  • whitplague
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    a conversation away;

    @thesatanofpizza​ asked: Hi! First if all i love your writing. The way you wrote about thing is just hhh (can't find the right words because it's just so beautiful) and i wanted to ask if you'd to write (that's okay if you don't!) a scenario Childe x reader but reader is a person who is closed in a way like they will act like they don't like childe but in reality they do but they're afraid childe is not serious about them. The main topic that'd interest me (you don't have to keep it in mind tho, write whatever you want!) is how childe would confess to reader who act this way. Once again, i love your writing! Remember to drink water ^^

    an: with my writers block this is what i came up with and i kinda like it (?) so i hope you like it as well <3

    c: childe x gn!reader

    wc: 0.7k

    w: angst

    "TELL ME!" Tartaglia's scream came out almost like a plea, the hoarseness that the pain of rejection brought with it showing itself at the end of his words, the pain of your behavior messing with his composure. “Tell me what to do!”

    You stopped walking, letting the path fade before you, forgetting all the steps you so often took in that forest. You looked at Tartaglia, no emotion being visible in your beautiful eyes, no hint of what you might say being noticed in your expression so cold, so neutral, so irritating.

    You let time pass amid Tartaglia's plea, allowing the strong night wind to take your friend's pain with it, allowing the various nocturnal animals to lull Tartaglia's anguish into their long-rehearsed songs. And you remained silent, watching Tartaglia's bright eyes being lit by the night, the redhead's restlessness being exalted by the bright, lonely light of the night.

    “Stop acting like you really care,” your words came out icy and froze in the night breeze, hovering between you and Tartaglia, spreading its aggressiveness beyond time and space, trying to settle in the heart of Tartaglia and finally create their discord.

    "What do you mean?"

    “Oh please! Stop being like that,” you spread your arms in an exaggerated gesture of explaining your thoughts, the dry laugh that followed your words preparing Tartaglia for the speech you were about to give, for the speech he wasn't ready to hear. “First, playing with me and my feelings, promising worlds and seas and swearing vows under the moon and the stars. And then you ignore me, play with others, disappear. What do you think I deduce from here?”

    "Wait! Do you really think I'm like that with others?"

    “I saw you several times, Childe. So many times that I lost count. With so many people that I no longer know what words were genuinely said to me or repeated from dialogues already rehearsed with others.”

    Tartaglia opened his mouth slightly, his heart slowly breaking with each of your words; he heard your every word, memories of conversations with so many people touching Tartaglia's mind like a feather, caressing only agony and regret; he saw through your words, the pain of your confession sounding more desperate than the pain of his plea.

    "What was I supposed to do?" now it was Tartaglia who got lost in excessive gestures, looking around him for some help to his reasoning, trying to find a logic behind his actions so childish that he regretted so much. "You didn't give me any opportunities, any hints!"

    “Because since I met you you are like this! You are like this with me, with everyone! And you already knew that I was reserved, how do you think I would act with you if you keep being like that? I mean, how am I supposed to know I am different if you treat me like everyone else? How am I supposed to know you're telling the truth when you ask me out when you're not even honest with me now? Is it hard? Is is hard to use new words just for me? Is it hard to be honest with me? With yourself?”

    Your words were devastating to Tartaglia, catching him off guard, all your vulnerability new to the redhead.

    And everything stopped at that moment: your pain, Tartaglia's despair, the night breeze, the moonlight, the passing of time. Nothing deigned to move, nothing deigned to exist at that moment.

    When the night froze at that moment, Tartaglia's heart stopped beating for an eternity, all the regret of repeated conversations with different voices preventing his heart from seeing you for what you really were. When the night froze at that moment, your heart beat for the first time, the freedom you felt after releasing the feelings that consumed you to ease your pain.

    "What do you have to do?" you returned to the beginning of the conversation calmly and without regrets, your footsteps echoing on every treaded leaf, the forest waiting for your last word to resume its nightlife. "Prove that what you want is to be with me and maybe then I'll think about forgiving you."

    And it was with the return of Tartaglia's despair, the night breeze, the moonlight and the passing of time that the redhead saw you following the path to your house, his heart slowly beating again with the knowledge that he was only a conversation away from losing you forever.

    #;genshin impact constellation; #childe x reader #childe headcanons#childe drabble#childe oneshot#childe scenarios#childe imagines#childe angst #tartaglia x reader #genshin impact x reader
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  • rainyhomearts
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    i rambled in a chat with my friend about tartali and zhongli’s erosion and all that jazz and ended up writing a bit lmao.

    so here r some excerpts from a zhongli x tartaglia fic i may not ever write lol.


    (cw major character death, implied smut but not nsfw)

    the last thing zhongli forgets is ajax.

    he’s long forgotten the goddess of dust fading in his arms, the fierce dragon of stone locked in a prison of stone, the centuries of war and bloodshed and death he’d suffered through for glimpses of peace--everything from his past life, every moment he’d left behind as rex lapis, is already long gone.

    except for him.

    ajax is new. ajax is no warrior he’d met on the battlefield as a young, reckless god, not a creature he’d breathed life into from rocks and earth, not even a friend who he’d outlived, as he did with everyone else he had come to love in his long, long life. ajax--childe, the friend, tartaglia, the foe--met him as zhongli, his heart already entrusted to another archon, unaware of his sins and his triumphs.ajax belongs to zhongli’s story; not rex lapis’.

    that alone was enough to give zhongli hope that he would not forget him once his erosion began.

    but a god’s life is a cruel one, an immortal eternity cursed to suffer and find the worst that the world had to offer over, and over, and over, and over again.

    slowly, he began to forget him too.


    ajax already knew. some days, zhongli looked at him like he was a stranger. some days, he woke up on guard, defenses up, staring at him as though he had come to invade liyue once again, destroy everything he had worked so long and hard for.

    he had long forgotten the first time they kissed, ajax initiating under a a tree, overlooking liyue harbor. long forgotten the first time they lay together, with ajax twirling a long lock of dark hair between his fingers, kissing the marks on his arms and whispering into his skin. long forgotten the first time he told him he loved him, euphoric, smiling, happier than ajax had ever seen him before.

    he knew what was next. knew how to make it easier for the both of them.

    (that didn’t make it hurt any less.)


    “it’s starting.”

    “i know.”

    “i thought i was ready. i...suppose i was wrong.”

    “i know.”

    “...i don’t want to forget you.”

    “you won’t.”

    ajax made sure of it.

    ajax imprints the memory of his lips on zhongli's neck, presses his fingers to his waist and grips hard, hoping to leave a mark--something to remind zhongli that he was there, he existed, and he loved him. if zhongli’s mind could no longer hold onto the memory of him, then perhaps his body would.

    zhongli holds onto him, whispers his name over and over as if trying to remember, trying to make himself remember the way it felt to say it, the way it rumbled in the base of his throat, the way it sounded, ajax, ajax, ajax...

    (it’s all they can do.)


    he can feel his memories slipping from him in his sleep.

    he tries to hold on but his grasp is too weak, too fragile--

    (auburn hair and pale skin and ocean eyes that shone bright even in the darkness) 

    no, not him--

    zhongli thinks, trying to reach out, trying to hold on.

    (loving sighs and tired laughter and an excited lilt to his voice whenever he spoke)

    please, let him stay


    i don't want him to go

    (tartaglia of the harbingers, codename childe)

    let him stay

    ("my real name is--”)


    zhongli wakes up alone.

    the sheets on his bed are wrinkled, warm. he reaches out to touch them, feeling the soft ridges beneath his fingertips, empty as if something that had made its home there was missing. someone.

    but when he looks around the room, there's no one. not even a hushed breath coming from the balcony, the bathroom, the outside of his door.

    all he finds is a single glaze lily, freshly picked, in full bloom.

    (in the back of his mind, an echo: "xiansheng?")

    (in an instant, it's gone.)


    as the consultant of a funeral parlor, zhongli has seen his fair share of strange funerals. liyue was no stranger to adventurers and travelers from other lands seeking rest and repose for their loved ones at wangsheng; the land was as vast as it was dangerous, and the dead never provided him with a day of rest. but all was well. he welcomed guests of all ages from all over the land, provided them the warmth and company that perhaps his young assistant lacked. he was used to this.

    but some days still hung heavier than most. burying the young was never easy. watching mourning parents, lovers, friends cry for their departed always left an ache in his chest he couldn't quite explain. but it was the mourns of children that he could never quite shake.

    children were too young to learn about death; too young to feel the pain of an empty seat, the absence of a familiar smile, to yearn for the presence of someone who would never come home. some days, their cries still echoed in the back of his mind, calling out for people who had long passed into a world none of them understood.

    he thinks of them when he stands outside one of the funeral rooms, watching a young boy with light, rusty hair and pale skin cry in front of an open casket.


    the man in the coffin is...young. couldn't be older than twenty-two, his auburn hair messy, his pale hands crossed over his chest. and in his cold grasp, a glaze lily, just as pure and fresh as the one he found on his bed.

    the boy said he was his brother. ajax of snezhnaya, a man who loved liyue and wished to be buried there, always praying to the statue of rex lapis in the fields, a toy seller who'd run into an accident and met his untimely end at the hands of a gang of treasure hoarders.

    but zhongli looks at his skin and sees faded pink lines on his arms, his jaw, what little of his collar he can see. he knows those scars well.

    battle scars. they mirror the wounds of the soldiers zhongli has buried in the past. he’s become far too acquainted with the image of death and her many victims.

    he bites his tongue, decides not to tell the little boy the truth of his brother. maybe he had his reasons for lying; maybe he knew his work would put his family in danger. maybe he knew his other life would catch up to him eventually and wanted to minimize the casualties. maybe he just didn't want him to know.

    whatever the reason, zhongli looks down at his face once the boy leaves--sees the man’s eyes closed, his lips slightly parted, his skin deathly pale but still looking warm, soft, a warrior at peace at last--and bows his head in reverence.

    "may the gods watch over you."

    (in the back of his mind, another echo.

    "i love you. don't forget that, okay?")


    "mister zhongli? is everything alright?"

    "what? oh...of course, hu tao. why do you ask?"

    "ah...it's just that--you were..."

    zhongli blinks once, twice. his vision blurs.

    when he touches his fingers to his face he feels...


    ("you could die out there, you know. as reckless as you are..."

    "are you saying i can't protect myself?"

    "i'm saying you should be more careful. if the tsaritsa finds out what you've done, how you’ve been rebelling against her orders--how foolish you’ve been--"

    "hey...i'll be fine. trust me, okay?"

    "i just--i can't lose you as well."

    "you won't.")

    zhongli turns away from the casket and wipes his eyes.

    "it's nothing. i suppose i'm just a little worn out for the day. sorry for worrying you."

    just another headache.

    (laying on the glass is the glaze lily he had found on his bed that fateful morning, slightly withered with age, but still blooming, still beautiful, and still bright.)

    #rainyshome#lmao #i have nothing to say for myself #i love pain #idk if i'll ever write this in full but eh #enjoi#genshin#genshin impact#tartali#zhongli#tartaglia#childe #zhongli x childe #rainy writes #I GUESS??? #minors dni#jic #ask to tag
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  • alchemania
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So I'm playing the new event and I already have issues with the writing.

    1) Paimon trying to cover for Childe is stupid. Up to now, we've been openly hateful towards anyone associated with the Fatui, and considering that the only reason that Childe is not a mass murderer is that we, along with the adepti, busted our behinds to seal Osial; Xinyan ABSOLUTELY deserves to know the truth about him and trying to cover for him reeks of favoritism given how we treated Scaramouche and Signora. (Watch Childe hurt someone we're close to though and then MC goes buck wild.) Childe is not our friend in any way, shape form or capacity and deserves to be treated with suspicion; especially since he'll put himself and others at risk over trivial matters. Why is MC so much more willing to help Childe when literally all 3 Harbingers they met have attempted to kill them? It doesn't make any sense and their behavior should be consistent; and it makes even less sense we're willing to cover for Childe when the Harbingers just finished putting us through hell in Inazuma.

    2.) Xinyan's method of determining whether our new ally was trustworthy was also stupid; there's nothing backing it up in canon and it just looks silly. You trust someone over how they feel after you play them a song? Are you SERIOUS?

    And then when Childe (rightfully) is suspicious and weighing out all the options, Xinyan's like "now you listen here buddy, i don't like the way you're talking," I just rolled my eyes. I don't like Childe, but he's absolutely right in this situation to be hesitant. We have no idea where Shikigami came from, who made them, OR for what purpose. Our Shiki has no memories of anything, so that's even less reason to trust him, at least until he proves himself. I get Xinyan feels bad because she sympathizes with being judged before being fully known, but she can't let that cloud her judgement, either. She still needs to be cautious.

    3) We're way too buddy buddy with Xinyan. We talked to her for maybe 10 minutes at Moonchase, that's not enough to forge a friendship; (Then again the writing tries to convince us that Ayaka is into us after knowing us for like a week, if even that. They were never good at writing organic progression in relationships) and it just feels weird. I love Xinyan but we just ain't that close yet.

    #once again mihoyo out here proving they have no fucking idea how to write #this writing is laughable once you step back and look at it! it fucking sucks and mihoyo sucks at writing friendship #like how they shoehorned eula into amber's story randomly #absolute bullshit. literally nobody had talked about eula before; they had to update a bunch of voicelines and shove her in #characters like gorou for instance make sense because he's actually spoken about before he makes an appearance. #there's build up. there's none here; though. #only good thing about this event is xinyan and childe's bromance but even that is because she doesn't know the truth about him. #mihoyo out here like 'we are not saying we have favorites but. our favorite is childe.' #they're literally writing mc ooc for this dude like FUCK OFF. #i don't care about your ugly ass terrorist white boy; not when you're trying to cover his ass anyway #childe would be a lot more likable if he was actually held accountable by the writing and allowed to be Full Bastard #but they bend over backwards to humanize him and try to make you sympathize with him and that's THE fastest way to turn me off. #miss me with that bullshit #mihoyo give your characters to me i will actually write them with respect since you don't seem to know how to. #childe#xinyan#genshin impact
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  • ragnvlndr
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Genshin Impact + Text Posts (17/?)

    Hey! Want to join a Genshin roleplay server for canon and ocs? Check out @adventuresinteyvat!  

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  • mais-nerdy-corner
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ❝Շђє 11Շђ ђคг๒เภﻮєг'ร Ŧค๓เɭץ❞ | ՇคгՇคﻮɭเค א гєค๔єг

    Synopsis: Ajax has always wanted to have a family of his own, but he often hesitate given his status as a Fatui Harbinger. But he'll do everything in his power to protect you and his future child.

    Pairing: Tartaglia x Female! Reader

    Genre: Angst to fluff

    Note: So far our favorite Fatooey is in the lead in terms of votes so I'mma write for him first. Let's show this boy some more luv <3

    The atmosphere inside the Northland Bank is strangely quiet, maybe it's because you're the only one there. Normally chatters from the small talks you and Ekaterina have can be heard from the bank, but oddly enough she's currently out taking care of something. Nadia also can usually be found outside the bank at night but not tonight, as you allowed her to go on a date with Vlad just this one time.

    As you leaned back on your chair and enjoy the calm atmosphere, you rubbed your swollen stomach and felt a strong kick not long after.

    "Are you excited to see your dad come home from work? Be patient dear, your dad is a very busy man."

    The 9 months you guys went through together was a challenge, but in the end it's all gonna be worth it. Childe was thrilled when he received the news from you but also, he felt conflicted. He doesn't want his child to grow up in a dangerous enviroment, he doesn't want them to know that their dad deals with stuff regarding the Fatui. So he'll try his best to shield his child from Snezhnaya's 'darker side' and ensure they'll live the happy life they deserved.

    When he told his family about your pregnancy in a letter he sent, they were as thrilled as he was. Especially Tonia, Anthon and Teucer, they'll have a new friend to play with. Childe's parent hoped to spend some time together back in Snezhnaya, but unfortunately you can't because of Childe's busy schedule as a Fatui Harbinger in Liyue.

    You then suddenly heard a knock on the doors of the bank, assuming it was Ekaterina who has returned from her business.

    "Is that you, Ekaterina? Come on right in, the doors aren't locked you know."

    Seeing that Ekaterina didn't come in right away, you decided to get up from your seat and walked over to the door. But when you opened the bank doors, no one's there.

    "Was it just my imagination? I swear I heard a knock on the door earlier," you mumbled.

    Before you could fully close the door, you heard something roll into the bank room. You turned around to see a strange looking tube. You crouched down to take a closer look at the tube, but suddenly some kind of gas came out of the tube. Quickly, you backed away from it until you hit the wall.

    "Wha--what?! Is this a...gas bomb?"

    Immediatly, you started to feel lightheaded and your eyelids getting heavy. At that moment you knew that it was sleeping gas and you're getting kidnapped.

    "N-no...I have to stay awake..! I have promised Ajax to protect our child at all cost...I..."

    You ended up slumping down to the floor and knocked out unconscious from the amount of gas you inhaled. Soon after the gas subsided, three men wearing masks entered the bank.

    "Man, I can't believe that actually worked. Forgive me for doubting your abilities, Rashid," one of the guys said.

    "Haha, no need to apologize brother. Many people have underestimated ability in the past so now I'm quite used to it," someone wearing Sumeru style clothing supposedly named Rashid said.

    "Still, this woman was so adamant about staying awake earlier. I was surprised at how long she could last before finally knocked out unconscious," the other guy said.

    "Yes, she was quite the fighter indeed. Anyways, we better get out of here quickly and don't leave any traces," Rashid said.

    "Yes, sir."

    "Babe, I'm back~! Has our little sunshine been naughty to you while I'm away?"

    Childe happily called out to you when he entered the bank. He did noticed that it was rather quiet inside, so he assumed that you were playing hide and seek with him.

    "Oh, are you playing hide and seek with me? Alright then, ready or not, here I come!"

    Childe started by looking for you behind the reception desk, thinking that you would hide behind there. But nope, you were not there.

    "Huh, she's not here...that some smart moves you got there, babe. But it won't be long before I find you~!"

    Childe spent minutes looking around the bank in search of you, but in the end you are nowhere to be found. At this moment, you can tell that he's starting to panic.

    "Y/n, sweetheart? Where are you? Did she go out with Nadia, since she's not here either?"

    Not long after, Ekaterina and Andrei enter the bank to find one of their Harbingers pacing back and forth.

    "M-master Childe, what seems to be the problem? You're usually not like this..." Ekaterina asked out of concern.

    Childe aggressively grabbed Ekaterina by her shoulders out of a sudden, causing her to let out a quiet shriek.

    "Have you seen Y/n anywhere? Did she go out with Nadia perhaps?" Childe asked.

    "C-calm down, Master Childe. No, we haven't seen Lady Y/n and certainly she's not with Nadia either. We saw Nadia with Vlad earlier in the docks of Liyue Harbor," Andrei explained.

    Even Andrei's explanation didn't make the situation any better as Childe quickly released his grip on Ekaterina's shoulder and showed his anger at the poor bank manager.

    "What? What is Nadia doing hanging out with Vlad?! She was supposed to guard outside the bank and keep my wife save, so that nothing like this would happen! For fuck's sake she's also carrying my child right now!" he lashed out.

    "Master Childe.....supposedly Lady Y/n allowed Nadia to go out with Vlad for tonight only. I didn't expect that it would end up like this," Ekaterina said.

    "And you didn't even bother to stop her from doing that? Oh god, forgive me Y/n...I've truly failed to protect you..." Childe said as he fallen to his knees, covering his face with both hands.

    Andrei and Nadia looked at each other confused about what to do to calm their Harbinger. But then, suddenly Childe noticed something hidden under the set of table and chair. He approached it to further examine the object, and it was a strange looking tube.

    "What is it, Master Childe? Did you find a clue?" Ekaterina asked.

    It took him a few seconds to figure out what's going on, and Childe suddenly blurted out, "She was kidnapped!"


    "There are traces of some sort of gas particles in this room which threw me off at first, but then I realized it was related with this tube right here. This thing is a gas bomb that emits sleeping gas after a certain amount of time,the person who made this is not an ordinary person," Childe explained.

    "B-but, who would dare to kidnap someone of high status' significant other? Especially a Fatui Harbinger?" Andrei asked in confusion.

    "Well then, guess I'll have to work overtime to find out. I'm heading out."

    On a ledge north of Mt. Tianheng, three Fatui Skirmishers are sitting around a fire as they clean their weapons. But one Fatui Cryogunner decided it was the right time to eat pancakes.

    "Uhh, dude...you should consider saving on ingredients. The delivery ship from Snezhnaya won't arrive until a few weeks later," a Fatui Pyroslinger said.

    "Yeah, especially now that the Fatui's reputation in Liyue is ruined, we should at least save a little until the delivery ship arrive," the Fatui Electrohammer spoke.

    "But I'm hungry...and I just picked these fresh berries that shouldn't go to waste," the Fatui Cryogunner responded.

    The Fatui Pyroslinger and Electrohammer sweatdropped as the Fatui Cryogunner continued to eat his pancakes. Suddenly there was the sound of a twig snapping behind the bushes, immediatly alerting the three Fatui Skirmishers.

    "Wh-who goes there?"

    Soon the figure of a tall young man appeared, revealed to be the 11th Fatui Harbinger when the moon's light shines on him.

    "M-master Childe, forgive us...we thought you were someone else..." the Fatui Pyroslinger apologized as he bowed down before him.

    "Have you seen anything strange the last few hours?" Childe asked in a serious tone.

    "Hmm.....something strange..." the Fatui Electrohammer mumbled as he tried to think of something.

    "Oh, I have. So when I was on watch duty around an hour ago, I saw a carriage being escorted by a group of Treasure Hoarders. They were stopped by some Millelith soldiers who were patrolling the area and supposedly the carriage belonged to a scholar named Rashid. This Rashid guy was with them when this happened, he rejected Millelith's order to inspect his carriage, claiming that he brought some 'important' equipment for his research," the Fatui Cryogunner explained.

    "In which direction are they headed?" Childe asked once again.

    "That way, sir. Towards Lingju Pass it seems," he answered.

    "Alright, you three, come with me. I'll explain the situation later on the road."

    "There, that should be good enough. Don't tie it too tight."

    Some Treasure Hoarders tied you to a chair with a rope as Rashid watched from afar. They hid in some kind of abandoned warehouse left by another Harbinger by the name of Il Dottore. He smiled smugly and walked closer to the group of people.

    "Haha, well done my brothers. Thank you all for your hard work, now all we have to do is wait," Rashid said.

    "So, what reward will we get from helping you in this scheme? Especially after we kidnapped someone related to the Fatui," a Treasure Hoarder Pugilist said.

    "We will be mercilessly killed!"

    "Ah, no need to worry about that brother. Okay, here's the deal. We force them to pay a certain amount of Mora we agreed on, and split the Mora from there. You get to keep three fourths of the money, while I will only keep one fourths of it. It did took me a lot of resources but you voluntarily chose to test it out for me, so you may keep most of it," Rashid explained.

    Without hesitation, the Treasure Hoarders agreed to Rashid's offer and started to fantasized what they would do with the amount of Mora they'll get. Not long after, two Fatui Agents barged into the building.

    "They actually kidnapped her...!" one of the Fatui Agents mumbled.

    "Ah, I've been waiting for you, brothers. Now, if you want your precious lady back, you better pay up. How about...600.000 Mora? What do you say?" Rashid said, welcoming them.

    The Fatui Agents looked at each other confused on what to do and looked back at Rashid, who was grinning like a Chesire Cat.

    "Huh, is that not a satisfactory price for you guys? Perhaps, we should change it then. What do you think, my brothers?"

    When Rashid turned around to see where the rest of the Treasure Hoarders were, it was dead silence, like they weren't even there. Did they leave him alone to take care of it by himself? Or there was another reason...?

    "Haha, that's strange...it seems my brothers have gone somewhere. I'll be back when I've returned with them."

    When Rashid was about to leave and and went to find the group of Treasure Hoarders who were with him, a voice suddenly spoke causing him to stop walking.

    "I don't think you should be troubling yourself, my friend. Because I have taken care of them."

    Suddenly all the lights in the warehouse came on, revealing the fate of those Treasure Hoarders and their killer sitting on the metal second floor railing, covered in blood. They have been mercilessly killed, stabs, cuts and arrows can be found all throughout their bodies.

    Rashid then fallen on his butt in shock and fear as he backed away, afraid that his own fate will be the same as theirs. Childe came down from the second floor and walked over to the frightened Rashid.

    "Wha--what have you done to them?! Were you not satisfied with the offer I made, sir?" Rashid asked.

    "Oh it's not about that, my friend. Do you see what have I done to your friends? Well you don't want that to happen to you too, do you? So take my advice, you shouldn't take something that doesn't belong to you. Especially a Fatui Harbinger's," Childe said in a intimidating tone.

    "W-wait...so...you are a--"

    "Yes, just like what I said. I'm Tartaglia, 11th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Now, why don't you skedaddle out of here immediatly before I changed my mind," Childe threatened.

    Rashid immediately ran out of the warehouse and was never seen again. Later the Fatui Agents freed you from the chair and walked in the Fatui Electrohammer and another Fatui Agent.

    "Master Childe, this problem has been resolved. I don't think we will hear any news from that Rashid guy again," the Fatui Electrohammer said.

    "Master Childe, I figured that you would be completely covered in blood. Here, I brought you a change of clothes," the Fatui Agent said as he handed over the clothes.

    "Just leave it on the floor over there. Get my wife out of here and wait till I finish changing," Childe ordered.

    "Yes, sir."

    The Fatui Electrohammer walked over to you and carried you out of the warehouse. As Childe stared at the Treasure Hoarders he killed, he sighed and went to change his clothes.

    Outside the warehouse, the Fatui Electrohammer and Fatui Agent are waiting for their Harbinger. The Fatui Agent looked at you with a worried look and said, "Lady Y/n hasn't woken up, just how much sleeping gas did she inhaled when the attack happened?"

    "Don't sweat it, she'll wake up eventually..." the Fatui Electrohammer replied.

    Not long after, Childe came out of the warehouse in his fresh change of clothes and walked over to the three of you.

    "I see that you're still here waiting for me, has my wife shown any signs of her waking up?" Childe asked.

    "Unfortunately not at all, Master Childe. She laid completely still in my arms the minutes we waited for you," the Fatui Electrohammer answered.

    Childe then let out a long sigh and muttered, "...Just...hand her over to me..."

    The Fatui Electrohammer took his words and handed you over to Childe, back to the safety of his arms. He slowly sets you down on the ground and reached for your hand, putting it on his cheek.

    "Gosh...it feels good to have you back in my arms. I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you, Y/n," Childe cooed at you as he kissed your forehead.

    "It wasn't your fault, Ajax..."

    Childe gasped when he heard your voice and saw that you're awake. He laughed happily while hugging you tightly as he said, "Y-you're finally awake, sweetheart. I thought that I would never be able to see your beautiful eyes again."

    "I've made a promise to never to leave you, and to protect our child at all cost. I can't bear to break our promise even though it'll cost me my life..."

    "And I will promise not to let that ever happen to you. Come on, let's go back to Northland Bank," Childe said as he picks you back up and started walking.

    But then, just a few minutes he walked, you suddenly winced as you gripped on his gray jacket tightly.

    "Y/n, babe? What's wrong? Did those bastards hurt you? Please, tell me what's wrong," Childe asked worriedly.

    "No...they didn't hurt me Ajax...it's just a--"

    You were suddenly interrupted by another searing pain in your lower abdomen, as your face scrunched up and winced once again.

    "Y/n! Could it be that...the baby's coming right now?! Just...hang in there for a bit longer, I'm going to get you to Bubu Pharmacy as fast as I can!"

    It's just another quiet night at Bubu Pharmacy, as Herbalist Gui wrote something in his book. Qiqi is enjoying her coconut milk as she sits next to Baizhu who's reading a book.

    "Herbalist Gui, would you mind if Qiqi and myself go home first? And perhaps can you also close up the pharmacy for me?" Baizhu asked.

    "Not at all, Dr. Baizhu. I'll close up the pharmacy once I'm done with my notes," Herbalist Gui responded.

    "Why thank you, then I shall take my leave. Come on Qiqi, let's go home."

    Baizhu stood up from his seat and exited the pharmacy, followed by Qiqi who's still drinking her coconut milk. Before the two of them could descend the stairs, Baizhu saw a familiar figure running towards Bubu Pharmacy.

    "Why hello there Chil--"

    "Dr. Baizhu! You have to help me, my wife is in labor--and she's in a lot of pain...! I don't know what I should do to help her..."

    Baizhu was interrupted by a panicking Childe before he could even greet him. He can clearly see you gritting your teeth as you stayed there in Childe's arms, trying to endure the immense pain around your abdomen area.

    Baizhu glanced at Changsheng and he can clearly see the conflict in her eyes. Changsheng was no ordinary snake, she already know of the Fatui's deeds since the day she laid her eyes on them. She was already suspicious of the concept of a Fatui Harbinger doing business in Liyue, so she concluded that whatever the Fatui would do are up to no good. After her thoughts and suspicions were confirmed by the attack on Liyue incident, Changsheng promised herself that she would have nothing to do with the Fatui and would never forgive their actions.

    But the conflict within her arises because of you, you are a citizen of Liyue who coincidentally married the person she hates. Now you're carrying his child, and you're currently in labor right in front of her own eyes. The question is, is she willing to sacrifice your life and that of your child just because you are related to the Fatui? She's not sure.

    Baizhu and Changsheng snapped out of their thoughts when they heard you yelped with tears streaming down your face. As a result, this caused Childe to panic even more and literally begged them to help you.

    "Y/n...! Please Dr. Baizhu, Miss Changsheng, I beg of you! My wife and child's life is on the line, if we continue to stand here their lives will be in danger! Please...I will do anything just to receive forgiveness from you two! Whether it's an endless supply of coconut milk, Mora...or even my life, I will do--"

    "Enough! Fine, you can bring her in. Consider yourself lucky, I have promised myself not to get involved with the Fatui in any way, I will help you just this once," Changsheng interrupted.

    Childe heaved a sigh of relief and thanked them over and over. He quickly takes you to Bubu Pharmacy and laid you on the bed in one of the rooms. Baizhu who was still outside with Changsheng and Qiqi smiled at his pet snake just said a simple 'thank you'. Then Baizhu called Herbalist Gui outside the pharmacy and asked him about something.

    "Herbalist Gui, did she come to the pharmacy when I wasn't there earlier?"

    "Umm...uhh, yes she did Dr. Baizhu. She only bought a few Violetgrass and Qingxin Flowers, just asked how are you doing this afternoon," Herbalist Gui responded.

    "I will tell her to come to the pharmacy. You can stay here if you want when she comes, I'll stay at the pharmacy if something happens. Bring Qiqi home if you are going home."

    "Dr. Baizhu, it's been a while since I last saw you. What do you need at this hour?"

    "Drop the formalities, Meihui. We've known each other for quite some time now. I have a patient for you."

    Baizhu stood before an old friend of his named Meihui, a colleague and doctor who's been trying to find a cure for his ailment.

    "A patient? And who might that person be?" she asked.

    Baizhu led Meihui to the room you were in and she saw you in pain as Childe holds your hand, trying to comfort you.

    "Oh, I'm glad you brought this to my attention. Do not worry, I'll take good take of her," Meihui said.

    Meihui walked over to your bed and informed, "Excuse me, sir. Let me check on your wife's condition for a minute."

    "O-oh, alright..." Childe said as he moved out of the way.

    "Huh, your progress is quite fast. Just a few more hours and you can meet your little ray of sunshine, hehe. Sir, is this your wife's first pregnancy?" Meihui asked.

    "Yes...this is indeed our first child. Is there something wrong that I should know about?" Childe answered and asked back.

    "No worries, there's absolutely nothing wrong with anything. It usually takes longer to be in active labor, I'm just surprised on how quick your wife has progressed...that's all," Meihui simply responded as she smiled.

    Meihui walked towards the door to give you and Childe some space.

    "I'm going to go home and get my equipment, get some rest when you can. You know, pushing out a baby takes a lot of energy, you'll need all the rest you can get."

    As Meihui and Childe sat around the room waiting, you laid on the bed trying to get some sleep while not minding the pain. Childe stayed by your side as he holds your hand, so worried about you that he doesn't even let you out of his sight for a second.

    "Maybe it would be better if you also rest, sir. We don't know how much longer we have to wait and we don't know how long the labor process will take," Meihui said as she placed down her cup of tea Baizhu made prior to this.

    Childe didn't respond, because all of his attention is on you. His lifeless blue eyes scanned your body from head to toe then back to your face, and he noticed the beads of sweat on your forehead. He took out his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe off the sweat on your forehead, but before he managed to do so, you suddenly winced and writhed in agony.

    "Y-y/n...?!" Childe said with a confused tone as he backed away.

    Meihui rushed to your side to check up on your condition, and as soon as she finished, she already know what's happening.

    "Huh, just as I thought. Baizhu, is the water finish boiling? This child is coming a lot faster than I anticipated..." Meihui said loud enough for Baizhu to hear it.

    Baizhu entered the room carrying a pot of warm water and said, "Here, I have brought it for you."

    "Ah, you shouldn't be troubling yourself Dr. Baizhu. Let me help you," Meihui said as she walked over to Baizhu to help him out.

    "W-well...Dr. Meihui, is there anything I can do to help?" Childe asked.

    "Yes there is, I'm sorry sir but it requires you to leave this room while I'm working. As much as I want to you be here and support your wife, I need you to be outside the room so I can focus on my work," Meihui responded.


    "No buts Childe, come on. Trust in Meihui's abilities, she is good at what she does. Let's wait outside," Baizhu said as he dragged Childe outside the room.

    Childe didn't even bother to struggle out of Baizhu's grasp as his eyes are locked on you. But he was snapped out of his thoughts when Meihui shut the door in his face, now he's forced to wait until it's finished outside the room.

    For the next few minutes, Childe kept walking back and forth as he placed his hands on his hips. Changsheng who was fed up with Childe's constant worrying said, "Can't you just sit and wait like the rest of us, Fatui boy? Or do something to distract yourself, that keep yourself busy."

    Childe actually stopped walking around and took her advice. "Thank you for the suggestion, Miss Changsheng. In fact, I'm going to do that right now. Please excuse myself Dr. Baizhu," Childe said before leaving Bubu Pharmacy.

    He then set out to the wild, looking for bloodshed. Childe is a warrior at heart, he constantly seeks ways to grow stronger and lusts for combat. He would fight anything to improve his strength, even if it could mean dying in the process.

    After being satisfied with the amount of killing he did for the past hour or so, Childe took a deep breath and stared blankly at the lifeless bodies of his enemies. He also just realized that he was once again covered in blood after being in the same situation a few hours ago.

    "Huh, how predictable of me. I ended up covering myself in blood again, I can't let Y/n see me like this. I guess I should go home first to take a quick shower," Childe said to himself.

    He started walking to the small cottage you shared just outside of Liyue Harbor. When Childe entered the main room of your shared home, he realizes how lonely it is in the house without you. But that quiet atmosphere will soon be replaced with sleepless nights because of the arrival of your child. Childe smiled without realizing it himself as he started to imagine the life he's going to live after the arrival of your child. It might be hard at first but you'll get used to it, right?

    "This might be the last time I'll feel the silent atmosphere of this house, because it won't be long until you come and change everything, little one."

    After finishing his bath and changing his clothes again, Childe headed back to Bubu Pharmacy and just sat down on one of the chairs, ended up falling asleep after working for a full day. Honestly, can you really blame him after all the things he did?

    "Hmph, finally, he managed to calm himself down and knocked himself out. Wonder what he did to manage to do so?" Changsheng mumbled.

    Baizhu who heard his snake pet murmur just smiled and closed his eyes to get some sleep. Changsheng, who noticed her owner's behavior, mumbled again in annoyance, "Ugh, really? Not you too. Now are you telling me to be a nocturnal just to keep an eye on the situation? Hmph, I'm blaming the Fatui for my horrible sleep schedule for the next few days."

    "Hahaha, forgive me Changsheng. I was a bit tired and just wanted to nap a little while."

    "Ah, you're actually awake. Just so you know, I will never agree to help people from the Fatui ever again. Even if they make all of these compromises, I still will not help them. Got it?"


    Baizhu and Changsheng clashed for a few minutes until Childe to stir and woke up from his sleep.

    "H-huh...Dr. Baizhu? Did something happen...?" he asked in a confused tone.

    "Ah, did we wake you up from your sleep because of the noise? Please forgive us, you can go back to sleep," Baizhu apologized.

    Before Childe could go back to sleep, a cry was heard directly coming from your room. His eyes were wide and tears began to pool as Childe smiled.

    "She did it, she really did it...! I have officially become a father," Childe said feeling touched and euphoric.

    "I must congratulate you, Childe. You'll be a great father, I'm sure of it. Soon you will be able to meet your wife and son or daughter," Baizhu said.

    "Thank you...thank you Dr. Baizhu."

    Not long after, the sound of your room's door opening was heard and Meihui peeked from behind the door.

    "Sir, you can now come in and see them. They are waiting for you," Meihui said.

    Hurriedly, Childe opened the door to your room and walked over to you who was lying weakly on the bed. He took your hand and kissed it, then proceed to place a kiss on your forehead.

    "Y/n...! Y/n...hey, you're alright. You're alright, you'll be fine..." Childe cooed as he he holds your hand tightly in an attempt to comfort you.

    Slowly opening your eyes to see him gently stroking his thumb on your delicate hands, you tried to say something as you're still catching your breath.

    "Ajax...where's...where's the--"

    "Shhhh...save your energy first. We still have plenty of time to talk about it later, just take it easy sweetheart..." Childe interrupted you.

    Meihui is finally back with your newborn child after doing a quick check-up. Childe can already see that his little ray of sunshine inherited his ginger hair color, causing himself to smile unconsciously.

    "Congratulations you two, it's a healthy little boy. Would you like to be the first to hold him, sir?" Meihui said.

    "M-me...? Ah, I don't have much knowledge on how to hold them though...shouldn't my wife be the first one to hold him?" Childe asked hesitantly.

    "No no, go ahead...I'm still tired..."

    "Oh, okay then..."

    Meihui handed the little one to Childe and helped him position his hands so that he could hold him properly.

    "There we go, safe and snug in your dad's arms. Hehe, I'll give you two some time alone. Once again, congratulations," Meihui said as she walked towards the door.

    "Thank you, Dr. Meihui..."

    The room fell silent after Meihui left, only the sound of your soft breathing and the strange little noises your son makes can be heard in the room.

    As for Childe, he was in complete euphoria. He kept smiling and kissing his son's little forehead as he's cradling him in his arms.

    "Gosh look at how tiny and precious you are, I'm afraid I might hurt you because of that," Childe whispered before he looked at you. "Your mom is asleep right now, so it's just gonna be me and you for a while."

    He then walked closer to your bed and placed a kiss on your forehead, followed by one on your son's forehead.

    "Thank you for bringing this little ray of sunshine into my dark and grim life, Y/n. I swear I will protect both of you at all costs, I'll do everything in my power to ensure that. For now, I will put aside my position as a Fatui Harbinger and enjoy moments like this as a father."

    [Author's Note]: So sorry if this took so long for me to finish, but I've finally finished this one fic of mine. In celebration of Childe coming home on October 13th, I present you this fanfic my brain managed to think of. I hope you enjoyed reading it :)

    Publication date: October 22nd 2021

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