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    get a room 🥵

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    — genshin boys as your college roommates who are head over heels in love with you

    ೃ ft. childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, and xiao x gn! reader

    ೃ 400-600 words per character!  ♡

    ೃ warnings: mention of alcohol drinking ( but aside from that, just lots and lots of fluff!)

    ೃ this is my very first writing contribution to the genshin fandom, so i hope everyone likes it!  after 5 months of playing genshin, i think it’s safe to say my brainrot for it has finally consumed me and i’m confident enough to brew something up! <3

    ೃ if you want to be a part of my taglist, answer this form! ♡


    – You and Childe are the perfect embodiment of the best friends to roommates trope. Whenever you wanna sleep in for 5 minutes more and you’re about to run late for your first class, Childe never fails to slowly drag you out of your bed, laughing as he does so. “Wake up sunshine!” is the first thing you always hear in the morning and you don’t complain if you get to hear his smexy voice anyway. He is a confident flirt and is not afraid to show you how much he cares or how much he pines over you. 

    –  He’s always always there to save the day. There was a time when your classmates stood you up on the group project you were making, and guess who comes up to you with glitter, glue, and colored paper? Childe, of course! He stayed up until the wee hours of the night with you just so he can help you finish it. He even promises to set things in a “very civil way” with your absolute jerk groupmates the very next day. You practically hang out with him 24/7 as most of the time he just barges in your shared apartment with some amusement park tickets on hand or to some expensive yoga or judo class. There’s never a dull moment with him and with each passing day, the more you fall harder for him.

    –  After a morning jog with him and seeing cute little dogs frolicking around with their married owners, Childe suddenly had the urge to adopt a dog with you.  But, due to a no pets rules established by the landlord, the two of you opt to owning hamsters instead! Childe named his hamster, narwhal (after his favorite animal of course!) whereas you named yours bunny, to match his irrelevant pet name picking. your hamsters both share the same house/cage and even they are pining over each other.

      –  His siblings visit a lot, especially Teucer. At this point, there was never a day the little boy didn’t ask when are you and Childe going to finally become “playground playmates” (a term for lovers that they use in second grade apparently) since the two of you are living with each other and seem so close. Childe is always able to successfully change the topic and shift away from talking about the shared feelings that the both of you have for each other. But, alas, the day had finally came to be and during your monthly trip to the amusement park, Childe confidently confesses to you on top of the ferris wheel.

    “So... everyone in my life knows that you’re my best friend. Yea, that’s pretty cool and all but... Can we be more than just that (Y/N)? Is there hope if I think there could be something between us?”


    – Diluc is your posh and rich roommate who sounds and looks too good to be true. The fact that you’re roomies with the literal heir to the country’s biggest wine and beverage company sounds like something straight out of a fanfic. But, it was of his volition to decide to live in a penthouse near Teyvat University. It was the doings of his step-brother Kaeya who tricked him into getting a roommate so that he won’t be alone for the rest of his college years... aaand that’s where you come in. practically barged into his life, but, you were a blessing. an angel sent from the skies.

    –  He’s quite cold and unapproachable at first, only greeting you whenever he sees you but never bothered to engage in small talk with you. Even if the both of you go to the same university. It wasn’t until your second month as roommates, when you accidentally had too much to drink after a friends’ night out. You come home to see him in the living room, drinking grape juice from a wine glass, and watching a rerun of Hannah Montana. You practically collapse at the front door, he rushes to you and helps you up as you drunkenly confess to him in tears how you wanted to become much closer to him especially since the  two of you are going to spend the rest of your college years together. That was when Diluc realized how distant and aloof he’s been and vows to make it up to you.

    – Diluc is very talented. Albeit in very discreet way, he makes sure to make use of his talents especially if it’s an opportunity to make memories with you. He is an amazing cook as much as he tries to deny it, He’s a secret virtuoso caught in 4k when you impulsively bought a guitar one time and you asked if he knows how to play, and he does so well. He practically serenades you in the most non-obvious way possible. Lastly, He’s very athletic. You invited him to play tennis one time, betting that if he won, you would do his bidding for the rest of the week. Before you could even blink, he wins. His “punishment” for you was that you accompany him in binge-watching TV Dramas. Grey’s Anatomy and Downtown Abby are just some of the shows the two of you would watch. It is absolutely adorable seeing him so invested in these dramas. and since the next on Diluc’s list were sit-coms, you were preparing yourself to answer his questions on the context of jokes that he didn’t get. In a poor attempt to flirt with you, he calls out your name and recites in the most Joey Tribbiani voice he could muster, “How you doin?” You were laughing so so hard that night because his pick up line actually worked on you and suddenly your realizations came full circle: you were very much in love with him too.

    –  His naturally cool yet shy nature had always gotten the best of him.  He’s always wanted to ask if you wanted to carpool with him to school. Riding with him in his Tesla sportscar that goes 150 Mph? Heck yeah. However, it took quite a while before he could muster up the courage to ask you (4 months of being roommates until he finally popped the question) Since then, the two of you go home to and from University whenever you had similar schedules. Ever since then, Diluc had began to soften. His cold and hard facade slowly melted. Asking if you could help tie his floofy red hair then he’d let you play with it and let you style it in different ways. He takes you out on café dates during lunch breaks and take you out to watch a movie after both of your late night lectures. Everyone in campus thinks the two of you are practically together at this point. All that was left was to bare your feelings with one another through a fumbling and awkward confession.

    “Words cannot not suffice these feelings I’ve been harboring for you since the very beginning. I L-like you a lot. Do you feel the same way too?”


    - Everyone loves Kaeya. Your friends and family, The School Faculty, The owner of the Convenience Store from down the street, The old lady who lives next door, The little kids from down the hall, and even the angry brown poodles from the farthest apartment to your right absolutely loved him. it was hard to keep up with having a roommate that not only were you crushing so hard on, but also had such a vibrant social life. Kaeya interacts and socializes with a lot of people and he admits that it does tend to get tiring at times. But, if these sacrifices lead to coming home to his cute roommate who has captivated his heart since Day 1, then it’s all worth it.

    — Despite how warm and friendly he may seem, Kaeya is a very private person. He’s brought two or three friends like Jean, Lisa, Albedo, or Rosaria. But, only to discuss school affairs. He wasn’t the kind of person who trusts others easily, even if he was giving off the impression that he was a trustworthy and reliable person himself. He’d much rather spend time with you on days off from school. He may be a party guy on the outside (he insists he does it for future connections when he graduates) but he’s quite a homebody. Kaeya is the type to watch korean dramas and anime with you, go on late night convenience store cravings, and these always resulted in a perfect evening spent with him. When the both of you are fully immersed into the anime and things get a bit cozy, you rest your head on his shoulder, huddling for warmth.

    — Kaeya would always come home with a little something for you. May it be take-out food, A trinket, a board game, an accessory, and even skincare products. The indigo-haired man is very particular about self-care and you bet that he’s bought different kinds of face masks, ointments, and even matching cute headbands just for the two of you! He’s very flamboyant and flirts with you a lot. Trying to impress you with pick up lines and suggestive jokes, but you always thought that he was just joking around because that was always a part of his personality. It was always a part of him. For Kaeya on the other hand, it seems to him that you don’t take him seriously and it's possible that you don’t return his feelings at all. He had to set things straight and it didn’t take long until Kaeya found the perfect opportunity to do so.

    — With the help of practically everyone in the apartment, Kaeya is about to surprise you with a candle-lit dinner up on the apartment rooftop. His sly smooth-talking quickly convinced you that the both of you were just going to go out on your nightly convenience store trips. Your curiosity grows when he takes you by the hand, covering you with a blindfold, and whispering to your ear, “Do you trust me?” Gripping onto his hand tightly, the both of you go up some stairs and you reply, “Yes Kaeya, I do.” He slowly uncovers the shield from your eyes and your eyes sparkle at the sight of the candle-lit dinner, complete with jazz music, and a romantic view of the city.

    “(Y/N)... You are the most precious person to me. I hope you can take me seriously, especially my feelings. I am saying this with my heart in my hand and with nothing but genuine love in my soul.”


    — Zhongli is truly husband material. You’re saying this as his friend, as his roommate, and as someone who’s absolutely smitten over him. He’s a third year environmental archaeology student at Teyvat University. Gentle, kind, and has nothing but wise and intelligent things to say. your lovestruck self can’t help but just admire him from afar, not knowing that he too has been entranced by you ever since you moved in.

    —He's always the first to wake up in the morning. The first thing he does is make you a cup of coffee. He's got your favorite memorized, (Coffee with cream. Not to sweet and not too bitter.) The both of you own matching mugs, (written in colored scribbled letters, “The Wise Roommate” for Zhongli and “The Cute Roommate” for you.) He always wants to spend his free mornings with you. Both of you have different schedules so you never see each other at Campus and this was the only blissful time of the day you can spend with one another. Once you get home for dinner, (Zhongli is always the first to get home if he doesn’t stay too long at the library or strolling around the city) If it’s your turn to cook or if it’s his, he never forgets to brew you oolong tea after dinner. A perfect chance for the two of you to just talk the night away and engage in deep and meaningful conversations.

    —Zhongli fell in love with you because you just quietly listen to him. Sometimes, you would share your thoughts and insights, even sharing your own personal knowledge that Zhongli had not known prior. You were one of the very few people in his life whom he could talk about absolutely anything with. Well, who wouldn’t listen to a handsome man who has a voice as smooth as butter? He is very passionate about his studies. Taking a lot of extra courses and spending a lot of money on his research. and so, most of the time, he spends all of his Mora on his extra studies (excluding the money he needs to pay for rent) and other interesting antiques. You understood why though. So, instead, you ask him to accompany you to do mundane chores. Going grocery shopping, doing the laundry and cleaning the apartment. He always helps in any way he can. The prying eyes of people around you and the old lady fr next door boldly coming up to you to ask if you and Zhongli were a married couple. You blush profusely whereas Zhongli coolly denies the woman's claims. It hurt quite a little but who were you to complain?

    — It was during one of your night strolls with Zhongli. He had invited you out after dinner under the guise of wanting to have some fresh air and find a clear spot for the fireworks from a nearby festival. Your heart was thumping loudly to a non-existent rhythm, blissfully unaware that Zhongli was feeling a burst in his chest too. He clears his throat and his shoulders straighten. Zhongli puts his hand on your shoulder and breathes deeply. His cool and gentlemanly aura still radiating off of him as always. A wonderful array of colors fill the sky as his lips began to form the words he's always wanted to say:

    "Tonight is beautiful isn't it? I thought that this would be the perfect time to open my heart up to you... You are a diamond in the rough that few see the beauty of. My beloved– Will you accept my feelings?


    —  Having a popular twitch streamer as your roommate was a one in a million chance. Especially if you’re not even an influencer or internet figure yourself. But, how did this come to be? Why have you developed a crush on Xiao aka VigilantYaksha without knowing who he was? A gamer with over 6 million followers on different social media platforms? Simple, a high-end apartment near Teyvat University had a special discount if you were willing to be roommates with someone. It’s an amazing deal, near your school, cost-efficient, and you believed the 10% chance of scoring a hot roommate as seen on reality TV and romantic comedies. It was like rolling through a Gacha Game and getting a 5 star character. As that “character” is soon to be revealed as Xiao.

    — Things started off rocky at first. On your first day, he flatly welcomed you by the door, introduced himself, then quickly retreated back to his room. As soon as you locked eyes with him, he gave off a certain cold and unfriendly aura. You wanted to get to know him better. Maybe with a little love and care, he could open up to you and you could become friends! That same day, you had mistakenly thought of your room as his and you walked in on him streaming a horror game. He wasn’t spooked by the jumpscares. But instead, he was looking at you in horror because you’ve just exposed yourself to thousands of people. You wave at the camera, apologize, and left. Since then, his fans, (called the Anemo Tofus) have been shipping the two of you together. Creating fanfiction and fanart of Xiao and the mysterious roommate that accidentally walked in on him. They practically begged Xiao to at least talk a little bit about you, to which, he declined. When you surprised him with dinner (as a little treat since this was your first week with him) He sits across the table from you, his eyes gazing deep into yours, as he pops the question, in a very tsundere tone: “Would you like to appear in my streams? T-the Anemo Tofus wanna learn more about you. B-but, if you don’t want to, it’s alright! You don’t have to-” You cut him off before he could continue his doubts, “Xiao! What are you saying? I’d love to!”

      —  There was something blossoming between the two of you after that particular dinner with him. Starting with your first “roommate video” that you had thought of when you were brainstorming for video ideas. It was an Almond and Mapo Tofu mukbang whilst the two of you answered questions from fans! The viewers noticed how visibly comfortable he was around you despite his usual reserved attitude. He was cracking up a lot more sarcastic and self-deprecating jokes whilst Tofu filled both of your mouths. Outside of the confines of social media and inside the comfortable space that was your apartment, you and Xiao grew closer. Wearing matching hoodies, going on midnight snack runs, playing in arcades, and stargazing with him up on the rooftop as you contemplate about life and talk about the mysteries of the universe. There were times when you would stay up late doing school works and would accidentally fall asleep on the sofa. Xiao would come out of room because he periodically had cases of insomnia. When he sees you on the sofa, he can’t help but smile at your sleeping figure and admire your beauty. First. he brings all your clutter back to your room then slowly picks you up from the couch, into his arms, and brings you back to your room. He places a blanket on top of you and your stuffed plushies next to you so you can hug them any time. 

    — On a particular night, you fell asleep on the sofa once again and begun to  have recurring nightmares. Xiao was there to witness you whimpering, muttering to yourself, and shivering to a mental image that he could not see. (He wishes he could erase all the pain that these nightmares were giving you) You subconsciously grab onto his hand, murmuring to yourself: “Xiao, please don’t go.” He whispers back, “I won’t.” Your nerves slowly relax when you feel the Yaksha squeezing himself to lie next to you on the couch. Holding onto your arm, he continues to reassure you that it was going to be okay. You grab onto him, hugging him from behind. He feels your heartbeat revert back to it’s normal pace and you return back to your peaceful slumber. “I’ll always be here for you, (Y/N). I’ll be here to protect you. Forever and always.”  Turning to you to plant a kiss on your forehead, you nestle your head on Xiao’s chest. He watches as you cling to him for love and warmth until he is slowly whisked away by his weariness, rewarded with a peaceful sleep he hasn’t felt in a while.

    “And they were roommates.”

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    My top three bois in Genshin Impact!

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    🦚🍓 • 💥🍓 • 🦉🍓

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    Diluc x Fem Reader

    Tireless Nights Pt. 4

    Parts 1-3 can be found here!

    After landing a job at Dawn Winery, you become acquainted with its master, Diluc. After learning about his secrets and past, what will happen to you?


    I hate walking.

    I absolutely hate it.

    After I left the tavern last night, I broke into my foreclosed house to get a good nights rest. But as soon as I woke up, soldiers were patrolling around the front door. I panicked and ran out the back door and went straight out the gates of Mondstat. Now I was in Springvale. I walked through the small village, trying to avoid the prying eyes of the townsfolk.


    I sighed as I sat on a crate. I decided to take this opportunity to go over my game plan. First I would arrive at Dawn Winery. Second I give the card thingy the bartender gave me to the butler. Then I would ace the interview and land the job! Thinking of the outcome gave me enough energy to finish the walk. I jumped up off the crate and left Springvale. The worn path grew darker and darker as the sun started to set. Looking to my right, the sunset reflected on the water, setting a beautiful scape. It was peaceful, the occasion cricket chirp, the birds chirping, hitchurls screaming, frogs- Wait hitchurls?! I looked to my left and saw a camp of monsters situated under a cliff. One of the hithchurl snipers was looking directly at me, it stared a hole into my soul through its mask. I quickened my pace, and looking forward I could see a statue of Barbatos. I decided to make that my destination.


    The hitchurl screeched as it shot an arrow directly at my head. Good thing it’s aim was bad as it hit the ground next to me! I turned my head and saw at least 4 hitchurls running in my direction. I decided that this was the time to start sprinting. This sprint did not last long since I did not get out much but it was far enough for the hitchurls to lose sight of me. Sighing in relief, I found that I was just below the statue and after finding my way up I leaned against it to rest.

    “Agh what the heck! Why were those hitchurls so keen on trying to get me? “

    I huffed, looking at the surrounding scenery. I saw some grape bushes, and some more grape bushes, and a building.. WAIT! Is that not Dawn Winery? I stood up and squinted at the building, and as I thought! It was the same Dawn winery that I have seen in paintings! Hehe finally! I climbed down the statue to finally get my job.


    a/n: AHHH So we have finally found Dawn winery! And we have some beef with some hitchurls? I guess we’re going to have to wait to see what happens mwahhaahah. I’m hoping you guys are liking this! For my next series I’m going to the the reader guizhong x zhongli SO STAY TUNED!! - amarynne💕

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    Aether:Diluc! Can you make me a great sword?

    Diluc:Sure thing. What kind?

    Aether:Snow Tombed Starsilver.


    Diluc:Why do you need a physical damage great sword?

    Aether:*hiding primogems*...




    Aether:Eula! Stop counting!!!

    Diluc:*bitterly grabs materials* how could use me like this, helping the knights? I feel so filthy.

    Aether:You have a date with Jean in an hour!

    Diluc:I don’t see how that has anything to do with this.

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    #genshin x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x you #genshin x you #writing#reader#genshin oneshot#zhongli drabble #zhongli x you #zhongli x reader #zhongli#genshin zhongli#genshin drabble#short drabble#genshin drabbles #diluc x you #diluc #diluc x reader #diluc drabbles#kaeya #kaeya x you #kaeya x y/n #kaeya drabble #kaeya x reader #xiao x y/n #xiao x you #xiao drabble #genshin impact xiao #xiao x reader
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    Dawn Winery is my favorite of the Windtrace maps just because its so funny to me. Poor Diluc opens up his home for the event, probably just expecting some kids having fun. Instead you got all these crazy motherfuckers running across his roof, Spidermaning up thewalls, trampling his grapes, his maids are hiding Albedo and Noelle, Kaeya is chasing Klee, im sure plenty people have tried to sneak inside the house to cheat.Chaos, Chaos everywhere. Diluc hasn't known peace all week.

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    "Питер Пен" и очередная диснеевская принцесса 😅👍 Шучу.

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    how old is literally any genshin character? is it just in the eye of beholder? do i just start making shit up?

    #i just wanna know who i probably shouldnt be making sex joke or dating jokes about #i already made a joke about kaeya and diluc being exes just to find out theyre brothers #never again#then again #does it matter? #probably not #it is wild to even vaguely interact with the fandom rn cause i see people calling smth problamatic and idk if i just havent gotten there yet #or if they are just wilding #dave plays genshin
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    diluc, kaeya, zhongli, and childe with an s/o who doesn't get sleep

    authors note : I just decided to do this because MY sleep schedule is terrible so this is basically a coping thing to write

    pronouns : not mentioned 

    warnings : none 


    ☁ d i l u c ☁

    ~ i just have the feeling he doesn't get much sleep as well 

    ~ but that doesn't mean he lets you not get any sleep

    ~ when he comes back from working, diluc immediately goes to your shared room, to make sure you have fallen asleep

    ~ if you did, he smiles, happy that you're getting sleep

    ~ if you're not asleep, he would usually sigh, and go onto the bed with you, initiating cuddling until you fall asleep 

    ☁ k a e y a ☁

    ~ he teases you for it at times ngl 

    ~ but also, kaeya is a bit worried for you 

    ~ he would either force diluc with tips on how to help, or just ask jean 

    ~ kaeya sometimes forgets you don't get sleep, and likes to stay up with you at nights 

    ~ but, kaeya would try anything to make you sleep, he's just worried for you 

    ☁ z h o n g l i ☁

    ~ lmao, you think you wouldn't get sleep around this man?

    ~ he always makes sure to have a nice sleeping schedule for you, and if you have plans, he cancels them 

    ~ zhongli always makes sure to be by your side until you fall asleep, and once you do, he either falls asleep with you, or goes out to do stuff 

    ~ but no matter what, with zhongli around, it's impossible to have a bad sleep schedule 

    ☁ c h i l d e ☁

    ~ like kaeya, he would also tease you 

    ~ but, also, he would think of the weirdest ways to try and get you to sleep 

    ~ one way that usually doesn't work is making you walk around for a long time until you get tired enough to sleep 

    ~ he's trying his best, okay?

    ~ childe wouldn't know much tips, so he would ask one of his siblings 

    ~ and if that didn't work, out, well, it's back to the drawing board, he just wants to make sure you're okay 

    #genshin impact x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader #childe x reader #genshin scenarios#genshin headcanons#diluc scenario#kaeya scenario#zhongli scenario#childe scenario #genshin impact x you #genshin x reader
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    Scenario: He forgot your birthday

    Requested by: Anonymous

    Want more? Here’s the masterlist:


    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao


    “Hey, Diluc? Do you think we could go to town today? I heard the store has discounts on some books!” You’re excited about it, but don’t really mention the specific occasion.

    He takes your hand and gives it a quick and chaste kiss before apologizing, saying that he has work to do but he’ll go with you some other time, maybe.

    “Ah, okay, well, I’ll go by myself then, I’ll be back!” there’s a weird type of smile on your face, he notes.

    Well into the afternoon you come back, hiding something behind you “I’m back! I’ll go and freshen up first,” You try to quickly leave to your room but he notices. “Wait,” he says and asks what you have there. 

    You’re silent for a moment, looking up at him with a nervous gaze and bring out from behind you, a pretty blue paper bag, with a red ribbon on top. It’s obviously a gift. “From who, and why?” Diluc asks, just curious, not really thinking anything about it.

    “...Well...” you can’t lie to him. “From Kaeya...” Diluc’s gaze changes into a blank one. “Why?” he asks again and you were silent for a moment. “...It’s my birthday,”

    The realization dropped on him like a ton of bricks. He slowly puts his work papers down and leans back into his seat. You bite your lip and just stare back at him. 

    He runs a hand through his hair and closes his eyes with a sigh. “I-” he starts, not having the right words to say. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t...” You shake your head and tell him it’s totally fine and that you understand he’s busy.

    He stands up with a sigh and pulls you into a hug. “I’d like it better if you were angry at me,” he glares at the pretty blue paper bag. Has the urge to grab it away from you but refrains. 

    “Come on, I’m taking you out... Anything you want for the day, and tomorrow,” He leans his forehead on yours and closes his eyes. “I’ll make it up to you, really, I’m sorry,” 


    “Hm? What’s that? You want to go stargazing tonight?” He wonders what you’re on about. You rarely ask for trips out into the wild. 

    “Yeah, I know it’s a lot to ask, just this once though?” You ask with a small smile. You knew he had definitely forgotten it was your birthday, judging from the confused look on his face.

    “...Alright,” he says and you beam up at him. “Really?” he nods but in the next second, “I’ll ask if Amber can go with you, I’ve got to track down some Abyss Mages from last time,” Your smile falters and you guessed that you weren’t clear enough that you wanted to go with HIM.

    You didn’t say anything though and went about your day. 

    When Kaeya asks Amber if she can accompany you stargazing, Amber gives him a weird look. “Me? Shouldn’t YOU go with her?” When he says he’s busy, she looks disappointed in him. “Oh, you forgot. It’s the 25th today,” 

    Kaeya blinks at her, still not piecing it together. “Y/N’s birthday? Ring any bells?” There’s a chill that runs down his spine, as if he’s been hit by his own cryo vision.

    He sprints out the next moment, passing by to get flowers before arriving at your door in record time. When you open the door, he cracks a small smile and hands you the flowers. “...I don’t think anything I say is gunna make it better, but, please forgive me. I’m sure you’d still want to go with your charming boyfriend tonight, right?”

    You cross your arms with a slight glare and pout and answer “Only if he gives me a piggy back ride all the way there,” Kaeya grins, “Deal.”


    Doesn’t happen. He’s got your birthday memorized and if not, Sucrose is tasked to remind him. 

    BUT if he DID forget it he’d most likely spend some time making something for you. Maybe your favourite cake. Maybe something that involves alchemy, like a necklace that lights up and glows at night. 

    The only problem is, because he’d spent all night making something for you, your birthday had passed and it was now the day after. That made him feel bad and inadequate.

    Starts to contemplate time travel. “If world traveling is possible... Surely time travel is too?” 

    In the end would apologize to you but would still be wildly confused as to how he forgot about it.

    But like I said, it probably won’t happen.


    “Hey, Y/N, so sorry but could you watch Teucer for the day? I promised to play with him but I gotta run some errands today,” Childe said the word “errands” with a certain tone to it. It was his harbringer duties and you didn’t need him to explain.

    You merely smile and agree, telling him you’d wait for him to come back. He says it’ll be quick and will be back tonight. Gives you a quick kiss and is off.

    You and Teucer play and walk around for the day. Talking and laughing about little things. Teucer suddenly asks you when it’s your birthday and you answer it’s today. He gets real excited and says that you and him should go out to eat something tasty. 

    You agreed, you go out but decide to make dessert at home. While you’re in the kitchen, Teucer draws a birthdya card for you, just as Childe comes back home. “Hm...? Who’s that for?” The smaller kid is delighted to see his brother but puts the drawing up proudly. “It’s for Y/N! It’s their birthday today!”

    Childe stops for a moment, looking at the card Teucer made. He feels absolutely lame that his younger brother had given you more than he did. Appears at the kitchen in the next moment, arms wrapping around your waist.

    “Darling, leave the dishes for a moment will you?” He spins you around to face him and with a small frown “I’m jealous you spent the day with Teucer...but... that’s kind of my fault,” 

    He starts to trail kisses on your jawline, “How would you like me to make it up to you, sweetheart?”


    The concept of a birthday is lost to him because of how long he’d lived. He doesn’t really find anything special about it, but knows that it’s still a special occasion to humans.

    Even then, he completely forgets about yours and doesn’t even realize it until a few days later, when Hu Tao asks what he did for your birthday.

    He blanks out for a moment and asks when exactly your birthday was.

    That afternoon he goes to find you and apologizes and you’re not really sure what for. You didn’t make a big deal out of it, knowing that Zhongli probably didn’t care much for people’s ages and you told him that’s what you thought. 

    He shakes his head and sighs a little, “Correct. I wouldn’t concern myself with other’s birthdays, but yours is special, and I would like it if you would remind me of it, maybe three days before.” 


    Much like Zhongli, birthdays aren’t really something that he celebrates, but still tries to take a mental note of yours. 

    There’s a certain day where he feels as if he had missed something. He kept on thinking about it at the back of his mind but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. 

    Days pass and when you’re hanging out with him one day he notices something new on you. There was a bracelet on your wrist that he’d never seen before. He asks where you got it from and you explain it’s a gift from a friend for your birthday.

    He blinks and then squints his eyes to look at you. “Your birthday...passed?” You blink in confusion and nod your head. “A few days ago, you were out that day!” 

    He averts his gaze, as if offended and mumbles “You could’ve called me...”

    You’re not sure how it’s suddenly YOUR fault that HE forgot your birthday. But you tease him anyway. “Awe are you upset? Sorry Xiao,” 

    He side glances at you and crosses his arms, slight glare on his face “...Nevermind.”

    The next day you wake up to a mysterious (not so mysterious, really) bouquet of flowers.

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  • devgelo
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    short haired diluc ♥️

    #genshin impact #genshin impact diluc #diluc #i wish he didn’t look like such a baby #if kaeya doesn’t need to look like a baby #then why does diluc #devgelo
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  • teyvatdreams
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago


    pairing: diluc x gn!reader
    word count: 0.6k
    just some peaceful diluc fluff i might have written at 3 am last night <3

    the night air is cold — it sends a shiver down your spine, one that makes you regret not bringing a jacket. your mind was racing, but luckily, you didn’t have to think about the path you were taking. it was muscle memory at this point. you even knew where dendro slimes could pop up, and rerouted your path accordingly.

    windrise was beautiful, no matter the time of day. but something about how peaceful it was at night was what always drew you back. watching as crystalflies fluttered by, hearing nothing besides the nearby waterfalls, you felt like you could die happy.

    you take your usual seat by the giant oak tree, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. you used windrise as your personal stress reliever. you laid in bed for god knows how long staring at the ceiling, thoughts bouncing around in your head, making sleep feel impossible. so you quietly pulled yourself out of bed and made your way towards the windswept wilderness. despite being such a beautiful place, it was rare to see more than one person there at once, especially at night.

    which is why diluc found you so easily.

    “it’s cold.” he says.

    your eyes are still closed. he’s right. you’re freezing, but somehow, you feel as if you could fall asleep right where you’re sitting. “it is.”

    you hear his footsteps growing closer, and then warmth. you open your eyes to see that he’s wrapped his jacket around your shoulders. he’s always so warm, you think. maybe bringing him along sometimes isn’t such a bad idea.

    “what brings you out here tonight?” he asks. his eyes are tired, but his hair is the biggest indicator that he had just woken up from what seemed to be a good night’s sleep.

    “nothing in particular,” you reply. “i just couldn’t sleep. i’m sorry for waking you.” you apologize.

    he sighs. “it’s alright. i’d rather make sure you’re safe than to sleep.” he says quietly.

    it falls silent. you look over to him. his eyes are closed, and he has the same peaceful look on his face that he did when you left. you can’t help but smile.

    you stand up and pull diluc’s jacket tighter around your body. it’s still as warm as when he placed it around you. you walk to the statue of seven, kneeling down and pulling a windwheel aster out of the ground. you make your way back to diluc and gently put the stem behind his ear.

    the feeling makes him stir. he doesn’t open his eyes, but his arms instead. “come here. let me hold you.”

    his arms wrap around you and you rest your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat and rhythmic breathing. you don’t dare disturb him again, not yet. you sit in silence, watching the nightlife of windrise.

    “how did i get so lucky…” you start, more of a test to see if diluc wakes up. but he stays still.

    “how did i get so lucky,” you repeat. “to be able to love someone like you, diluc.” you intertwine your fingers with his — slowly, gently, as if his hands were made of glass.

    “and to think i sometimes take your love for granted…”

    “why do you say that?” diluc doesn’t move. you feel your face grow hot upon hearing his voice. you weren’t supposed to wake up yet…

    “because i’m selfish.” you admit. “and it makes me think that i’ll be yours forever.”

    in a swift motion, diluc gently pushes the stem of the windwheel aster behind your ear. even the flower is warm from his touch.

    “hmm,” he hums. “well, then we’re both quite selfish, because i’ve never thought about loving anyone else.” he replies.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact x gender neutral reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact diluc #diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #diluc fluff#diluc fic#diluc headcanons#childe#zhongli#kaeya
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  • ganyuslily
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    okay but,, were all are aware of the fact crepus projected onto diluc right?? everything he wasnt able to achieve diluc did. the prime example being him being a knight. AND BEFORE anyone comes for me this doesnt make him a bad man or father but it means that diluc mightve done it to please him and not actually because he wanted to. which is in general a very common trope that parents make their children do things they failed at,, im open for discussion but you cant really deny it imo

    #knives.rants #knives.genshin #i mean?? it all makes sense #but ive met some people not realizing it #idk#genshin impact #diluc genshin impact #genshin diluc#genshin
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  • xcrystalzero
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    matchups open

    Alright, so based on my inbox this morning, I think that opening matchups is something that people are interested in so I'm going to go ahead with it.

    I am going to be a little bit strict with formatting them since I get kind of anxious when I get spammed.

    things to include in your request:

    - age

    - romantic or platonic matchup

    - sexuality

    - appearance (not needed but it can be fun)

    - personality (could be MBTI or hogwarts houses or just random traits anything goes)

    - hobbies/things that you like

    - things that you dislike

    - anything else you think would make an impact on the person i decide to match you up with.

    Just prefacing that I will likely not respond if you don't include at least the first three bullet point as those will narrow down the character range for me and make sure that I'm not matching minors with adults or vice-versa and respecting people's sexualities.

    Also, more information is always better so don't be afraid to send me a lot!

    what you can expect in your matchup:

    - a person (obviously...)

    - a few general headcanons about your relationship with them

    - possibly a small drabble

    other things:

    - i feel like these are going to fill up rather quickly so I may close them at some point but that's a problem for later

    - if you have already sent info in before this post goes up, please send it in again

    That's about it! I hope you guys like these and I'm looking forward to seeing what you send in!

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  • unstoppablescreeb
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    i had fun with some randoms i joined and we tried to kill the diluc

    #genshin impact #genshin impact diluc #genshin diluc #genshin impact diona #genshin diona
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  • pluvioseprince
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Diluc ft sweet madames

    #genshin impact#jei's art #genshin impact fanart #genshin fanart#diluc ragnvindr#diluc #genshin impact diluc #aether #genshin impact aether
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  • clqverr
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    | what’s most important ⋆* ❤︎ ⁺

    ⠀ ─ diluc ragnvindr/kaeya alberich x gn!reader

    ⠀⠀⠀ • request ; could you write being besties with both diluc and kaeya, but they’re both way too stubborn to hang out all together till you trick them one day and they go out with you to pick materials while saying snarky remarks to one another, djdjdjd sorry that was really long

    ⠀⠀• warnings ; diluc & kaeya being dicks to each other, angst that i didn’t intend to happen but i like it sooooo, fluff in the end though!

    ⠀⠀⠀ “this is quite the accomplishment you’ve made ____; being able to get both me and my dear brother to hang out by tricking us? why... i’d say you were just meant to be with someone like myself~ think about it! we’d be able to undermine so many people and—“ kaeya was cut short by diluc, his glare from atop the cliff showed how upset he was by this arrangement.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “shut your mouth kaeya. you’re the one who always ruins these outings with your large mouth and obnoxious flirting,” diluc groans as he drops down from the small cliff he had to climb in order to get you a flower for your ascension. you smiled gently at him, thanking him for the flower before you told him to calm down.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “yes diluc, why don’t you calm down. it seems apparent that all these years, that even with your anger management classes, you have yet to bring them to good use!” you swear if kaeya’s face could, it would have stretched to have the same smirk as the grinch. you sigh, wondering if this was a bad idea. you just wanted to go out material collecting with two of your favorite people; however, you had seemed to forget that these two, are each other’s least favorite.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “will you two please just get along for two minutes! i’m gonna have a headache by the end of this from all your endless bickering! and to think we’ve only been out for thirty minutes! thirty minutes it’s taken both of you too make it seem like i’m going to regret this!” you huff as they both softly apologize. for goodness sake - it felt like you were a mother with your two sons who could never get along. you pinch the bridge of your nose and wondered how jean dealt with this all the time.

    ⠀⠀⠀ ‘maybe i’ll get her a basket of baked goods... archons know i’d have a migraine just dealing with these two, let alone the entire city of mondstat..’ you think to yourself as you look at your map to see where the next location of the flowers you needed were.

    ⠀⠀⠀ you realize it’s been oddly quiet, and turn back to see diluc and kaeya walking behind you. they’re giving each other the stink eye. you groan and roll your eyes before you look up to see the next flower. placing your basket down, which was full of items, you rolled your sleeves to ascend the cliff.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “woah! allow me darling~” kaeya says as both you and diluc look at him like he just said something stupid. which... he kinda did...

    ⠀⠀⠀ “they can do it by themselves if they desire kaeya. remember we’re only here because they asked us. don’t go around screwing their expedition up,” diluc jabbed at kaeya. you sighed once again before ascending to grab the flower, they were already going at it which allowed for kaeya to forget the motive to climb. it was fairly high up, so you’re glad you have your glider. you picked the flower and placed it in your pocket for safe keeping. you could hear them bickering beneath you from all the way up the cliff, which made you groan.

    ⠀⠀⠀ ‘archons above to these two ever shut up?!’ you thought as you started to regret this whole idea. using your glider, you positioned yourself right next to them before picking your weapon for a plunge attack.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “you always ruin these sorts of things! i don’t understand why ____ even considered bringing you! you’re rude, impolite, a flirt, and constantly bicker with me!” diluc yelled as kaeya rolled his eyes.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “you’re the one who’s always so quick to anger. you can’t even handle one joke i throw at you before your about to stomp over all of the fun. without me your life would be as boring as a flightless bird. you’d be no where without me!” kaeya yelled back. diluc’s eyes gave away how much patience he had, but before he could say anything back, your plunging attack made them both stare at you.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “what was that for?!” they both asked as you finally stood up, looking at both of them dead in their eyes.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “if i hear one more word from either of you, i’m leaving! i tricked you both into coming here because i thought maybe a change of scenery would make it so you both wouldn’t bicker so much! but i was so wrong! this expedition has been no fun thanks to both of you! i-i thought it would be different this time...” your eyes start to tear up, and you feel awful, but you needed to get it off your chest. you take a shakey breath before continuing, “i wanted to be able to hang out with my two favorite people, and i thought that maybe... just maybe, you both would stop arguing because i was here. it was a stupid idea i know! b-but i just wanted to be able to have fun,”

    ⠀⠀⠀ now you’re full on sobbing, and the two guys are speechless. they didn’t realize how much of an affect this had on you... and now they feel awful... they both try to comfort you as you curl into your knees.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “____... w-we’re sorry. you put a lot of thought into this. it’s our faults that you’re crying. me and kaeya have our differences but we’re still both your friends. that should come first. i apologize sincerely and will not bicker with kaeya, at least in front of you...” diluc says, and you slightly chuckle at the last part. you wipe your tears as kaeya sighs.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “i apologize too. i love making diluc angry, but i love seeing you happy more. i shouldn’t have started the bickering. you deserve better friends than us, but i hope you can forgive us... we both promise we’ll be better... just don’t go off alone okay?” kaeya rubbed your back as you wipe away the last of your tears and your nose as you compose yourself. you look up at them to see their eyes filled with concern, but also genuine grievance for their actions.

    ⠀⠀⠀ “i-i love you guys... it hurts to see you fight... but thank you. i trust you guys will one day work it out and become friends again... like from our childhood,” you said as that spiked both of them through their hearts. they hugged you closely, forgetting about their anger towards each other.

    ⠀⠀⠀ because in the end, your friendship was more important to them than their toxicity towards each other.

    ⠀author’s note ─ ୨୧ *·˚

    ⠀⠀• i really like this... it’s kinda cute. i’ve been loving to write angst lately. i think angst helps to be able to simulate your growth for writing. i’ve also been listening to classical music which has helped me reach the kind of style that i love for writing with. in conclusion: i love writing again!

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ masterlist

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  • gremmiie
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    Cares about Dilumi

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