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  • conspirartist
    21.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Today I offer: more of my Kaeya & Venti friendship doodles (they're old and my handwriting is atrocious but they're good).

    They probably passed out on Angel's Share floor a few too many times, at this point Diluc just let them sleep the night because dragging them out is too much of a hassle.

    Can we all stop for a moment and appreciate the idea of tiny Venti using his archon strength tm to carry Kaeya over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes?

    Just drunk shenanigans with Lisa, feat Xingqiu being a menace while Aether keeps being the only sane person in the room... Meanwhile Diluc is just... Suffering, in the back (poor dude isn't being paid enough for that).

    #my art#genshin fanart#genshin impact#genshin kaeya#genshin diluc#kaeya alberich#doodle #venti genshin impact #barbatos genshin impact #lisa minci#genshin xingqiu#genshin aether #angels share shenanigans #venti & kaeya
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  • midgardlibrarylovers
    21.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    I really wanna do the bug where you can steal Thoma from his hangout but at the same time I wanna wait cause that'll make pulling for him and getting him that much more exciting

    #and fingers crossed i lose the 50/50 so I can have guaranteed albedo gkshfhshdggd #i am... very close to pity lmao im at like 57 rn i think??? #i wouldn't mind a hu tao constellation though #it'll give me an excuse to start building her again ESPECIALLY since i spent the money and got death match #sorry hu tao but thoma is getting engulfing lightning /lh #if i lose the 50/50 though genshin rngoddess if you hear me please give me a diluc or a jean constellation thank you #the librarian plays: genshin impact
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  • transaether
    21.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    warmup doodles wow chiluc agenda so true !

    #it's not really chiluc but any time i draw diluc or tart EVER just know that it's chiluc. #diluc#childe#tartaglia#genshin impact#mine#my art#them <3
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  • athela-3
    21.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Has this been done yet?

    Ssh he's lv 50 because my attention is divided right now, but at least he's properly labelled [citation needed], right?

    #genshin impact #ari plays genshin #diluc ragnvindr#ari's screenies #don't mind me just making a seiyuu joke #also i just remembered that since all spearmen in inazuma wield jumonji yari so does ono here #it ain't oochidori but 's close enough #now if i had ei i know where to stand in front of a miyuki #but i threw sixty pulls at her banner and she said no #(well i was pulling for sara so technically it's the kujou tengu who said no but i didn't get ei either so.)
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  • teyvat-writer
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #nsfw.txt #genshin imagines #genshin impact scenarios #genshin diluc #diluc x reader #diluc x male reader #genshin x male reader #genshin x reader smut
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  • mikasadiary
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Genshin Impact x Kanao!Reader

    "Baby though I've, closed my eyes"

    0 1 2

    "All right, when you're on your own, you can decide by flipping this coin. When you fall in love with some boy some day, you'll change, too, (Name)."

    Opening your eyes you looked around you, nothing seems familiar to you other then the trees and flowers. You were soon greeted by a floating fairy who started interrogating you.

    "Hey you! Explain yourself! Are you from this world or what?!"

    As you were about to open your mouth, you we're interrupted by a blonde haired boy.

    "Paimon! Your being too straight-forward!"

    The boy spoke, you tilt your head to the side, confused on what's happening, The boy got the hint and shut the fair called 'Paimon' off.

    "Hello there, My name is Aether me and Paimon are out on a mission to find my sister, Would you like to help? We would need your name first."

    The boy spoke calmly as you stood up and took the coin from your pocket and flipped it over


    "Hello Aether, I am (Name) Tsuyuri, I am from Nagatumo Mountain."

    You spoke, in a blink of an eye the pocket-sized fairy came out of her dimension and started eyeing you from head to toe.

    "Nagatumo Mountain? Paimon has never heard of that place before! ooh ooh! Is the food tasty there?"

    The fairy spoke in confusion, but her tone got replaced with excitement as she talked about all kinds of food that might be in your Hometown.

    "A-ah, Sorry about her, She gets hungry most of the time, Um can I ask something?"

    Aether said as you hesitantly nodded your head.

    "Why do you have a coin with you?"

    After those words left his mouth, You flipped the coin, again.


    Seeing the head icon, You explained to him how your still not capable of making your own decisions so you always carry a coin around to gamble with your fate.

    You also told him that there could be a boy for you to fall in love with and give the key to your heart to, along with making your decisions.

    Aether couldn't help but blush at the thought of him being that man, snapping back to reality after realizing he only met you for a few minutes.

    Heading to the gates of Mondstadt a not so familiar voice stopped the two of you to continue on to the path.

    "Hey you! Stop right there!"

    A girl said, you both turned around to see where the mystery voice came from, only to be greeted by a brunette dressed in red.

    "I am Amber, outrider for the Knights of Fvonious"

    She eyed you both bringing her hand up to her chin and continued onto examining you, yes only you.

    "You don't look like citizens of Mondstadt, Explain yourselves!"

    She spoke with pride almost reminding you of a blue-haired girl back at the butterfly estate.

    "We're not looking for trouble."

    Aether said as a excuse to getting past the outrider, but boy she wasn't dumb, not at all.

    "That's what all the troublemakers say."

    Turning around from the conversation you took the coin out of your pocket and flipped it, it soon fell then to the back of your hand which you covered with your other hand, only to reveal.


    "Hello, I'm (Name)"

    You said, before you Amber could say anything Paimon popped out of her pocket dimension, causing her to startle Amber.

    "Gah! What's up with this mascot?!"

    Amber spoke, annoyed that she got interrupted.by something as small as Paimon.

    "We're friends."

    Aether said, which calmed down Amber from, what ever happened.

    "We've only been traveling partners for two months but, we've already become the best of friends!"

    Paimon said, proud of the adventures She and Aether made.

    "I know who you pretend I am"

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #aether x reader #amber x reader #kaeya x reader #lisa x reader #jean x reader #diluc x reader #eula x reader #albedo x reader #venti x reader #sucrose x reader #various x reader
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  • mintjeru
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    happy chiluc thursday, i present: them

    open for better quality || no reposts || ko-fi

    #childe#tartaglia#diluc#chiluc#genshin impact#genshin#fanart#myart#doodle #hee hee hoo hoo gentle caresses #no i don't know what happened to my art style do not ask #i really like the pose for this though #at first i was gonna have them dancing or something but this is ok too
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  • thebluester2022
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Live Another Life [Chapter 8 out of ???]

    Note: F i n a l l y. We're at the part in the series where the main story actually begins! Which leads me to alert y'all to some things beforehand-

    I will do my best to try and keep reader x character shippings out of the story! This isn't an x reader type of thingy so I will do my best to avoid it! But, if you see the reader get a little extra friendly with some of the characters. Just be warned that that character is probably someone I'm biased towards :,D.

    Anywho~ enjoy the story lovelies!

    Synopsis: A reader in the world of Teyvat! Mouthing off to Archons and Harbingers alike as they try to find their footing and purpose within' this new world of theirs! Surely, these new lands won't be too difficult for them...right?

    Warning(s): Non-Canon to the current story of GI, Changed Events/Stories to better fit the personality of the reader, Angst, Explicit Gore, GN! Reader and mentions of death! (Possibly more warnings to come as this goes on?)

    And per usual, critique and comments? Likes and reblogs? All is appreciated!


    "Ooh...what's this stone?" Paimon said as you and her walked up to a floating red stone.

    Or...well, it looked more like a teardrop.

    "You know better than I do." You said as you raised your brow curiously towards the object.

    Red and glowing...and something that only appeared after the dragon flew off. A mixture of words that had no business being together, whatever the stone was, you couldn't help but assume immediately that it was something that had no business being touched.

    "Let's just leave it-"

    "No!" Paimon exclaimed.

    "What if someone bad gets it instead?" She said, tugging your sleeve a little to make you stand back infront of the teardrop-shaped object.

    "What's that gotta do with us?"

    "If something bad happens, we're technically responsible! Let's put it away for now!"

    You ran a hand over your face, whatever made her happy you supposed.

    "Alright..." You groaned. "Can you go and find me a bag then?"

    ~ ~

    As you and Paimon continued to walk through the forest, the city of Mondstat growing ever closer as your floating companion continued to try and urge you to walk faster or would try to command your animal companion to nudge you a little to give you a boost. Just as you reached the end of the forest and saw a road up ahead, the sound of running caught your attention.

    "What the-"

    A blur of red and brown suddenly hopped off the nearby small cliff next to you. Your eyes widening as the girl landed in front of you before she turned towards you and Paimon with a cautious expression.

    "Ah...may the Anemo God protect you stranger!" The girl greeted you.

    "I am Amber, Outrider for the Knights of Favonius!"

    Knights of Favonius? It almost sounded made up...but, then again, nearly everything in this world should've been made up.

    "You two-" You jumped a little at the feeling of your animal companion rubbing up against you with a bark. Instead of having the poor thing walk or be carried everywhere...perhaps, maybe there was a more efficient way of having him around.

    "-Or three." Amber chuckled.

    "You all don't look like citizens of Mondstat, explain yourselves."

    "We're not looking for trouble!" Paimon exclaimed, waving her hands in front of herself.

    "That's what all trouble-makers say."

    You rolled your eyes before extending your hand towards the girl. "I'm Y/N. We're not looking for trouble, really. We just want to get into the city." You said.

    Amber gave your hand a shake, slow and suspicious but still no less friendly.

    "Hm...doesn't sound local to me, what's with your mascot?"

    "Everyone's got to have a mascot right?" You joked, a couple of extra snickers leaving your lips as Paimon shoved your shoulder.

    "Paimon is not a mascot!"

    "Okay...so...you're traveling partners then?"

    You nodded your head.

    "Well then, there's been a dragon spotted near Mondstat recently so, if you want into the city. You can just follow me." Amber smiled before turning on her heel to start walking off.

    You gave Paimon a curious look before walking after the Outrider.

    During the walk however, you couldn't help but be more than thankful to Paimon for being the talker most of the time. For as you grew closer and closer to the city, the exterior grand but still giving off the general aura of home. Your brow rose a little when Amber mentioned why the two of you were in Mondstat in the first place.

    You let out a sigh. "I'm...looking for someone." You answered.

    "Oh? That's rather vague."

    It was supposed to be, although Paimon took your backstory rather calmly and surprisingly well. You didn't know how everyone else would.

    "It's supposed to be." You stated curtly.

    "Well...whatever you're looking for, I hope you're able to-"

    You yelped at the feeling of a stone hitting your head. "Damn it!" You shouted as you looked around for the origin of the stone.

    Up on a hill, a masked creature with strange words on it. Fur seeming to cover its head and neck while the rest of its body was black and its unmentionables were covered with a loincloth.

    "Ah! A hilichurl!" Paimon gasped, hiding behind you.

    "Don't hide behind me damn it! "

    "I'll take care of it! Traveler-"

    Traveler? What a strange nickname.

    "-You can fight right?" Amber continued as she glanced at the weapon on your hip.

    You slowly nodded your head, removing your hand from your bleeding head as you took out your weapon with a nervous sigh. Enough to get back at the hilichurl who threw the damn rock at least.


    Link to Chapter 7:


    Link to Chapter 6:



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  • mikasadiary
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Face sitting with Genshin Men.

    warning/s; face-sitting,overstimulation, fem reader,degradation,sub reader, spanking

    a/n; very short because I didn't wanna run laps around my house at 10:00 in the evening

    Aether; absolutely loves the thought of you sitting on his face, whenever you two are in private he always lets you sit on his face, he also loves seeing your tits bounce up and down, when he tells you to get off, don't even think he's done, he hasn't even entered his cock inside of you and your legs are already shivering.

    Diluc; Is obsessed with face-sitting for one reason, tits he's so obsessed with seeing your tits bounce all because of him and him only, would sometimes spank your ass when you miss behave, by that I mean when you get off his face, he'd push your hips down and move lick your cunt even harder.

    Kaeya; will make you cry just because of his tongue, to the point the only word you can think of is 'Kaeya', not only that, but he would also degrade the living shit out of you, calling you a slut for cumming for the nth time only on his tongue, and the fact it's only his tongue- imagine what he could do with his cock😳.

    Morax; face-sitting with Morax? HELL YES do you even know what this man is capable of? Get yourself a man with a long tongue and cock, he can and will make you go crazy on his tongue, tired? You can take it, he knows you can, this man is literally a oversimulating icon, and when he's in heat? He will take a WHOLE one hour of fucking your pussy with his tongue.

    Foul Legacy Childe; Ohohohoho- OHOHOHO okay so like, HIS TONGUE HAS TO BE ATLEAS THE LENGTH OF HIS DICK, and I've gotten my hands on headcannons that said he might have a 36 cm dick......HOW LONG EVEN IS THAT? anyways he will fuck you with his tongue and cock until- well your crying and begging him to stop, he will take an entire day to plant his seed inside of you, so you better be ready <333.

    #genshin smut #genshin impact smut #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #aether x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader #childe x reader #face sitting#sub reader
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  • pinkflamme
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #genshin x reader #genshin impact#thoma #thoma x reader #kazuha #kazuha x reader #gorougenshinimpact#gorou #gorou x reader #genshin fluff#diluc#zhongli#xiao
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  • hearttebayo
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    To all of my followers, if you ever have the weirdest brainrots, tell me about them,

    If you ever need to talk to me either send me an ask or just message me. I won't mind it.

    #genshin x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #kaeya x reader #diluc smut#xiao smut#zhongli smut #akatsuki x reader #childe smut #childe x reader #random tags lmaoooooo
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  • chichikoi
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    More Random headcanons :D

    Part 1 here -> [ x ]

    DILUC loves giving you massages. Self indulgent, but true! If he finds you trying to press your neck and try to relieve some pain, he will come to you and help you feel better <33

    Bubble baths, XIAO loves them. Demon slaying takes a lot out of him, and all he wants to come back home and do is soak in a warm bath and unwind with you in his arms <3 (sfw, take your head out the gutter smh)

    Cliche, but GOROU wraps his tail around you. You could be cooking, working, and he just walks up to you, puts his arm on your shoulder and his tail “accidentally” finds his way around your waist… (“accidentally.” sure.)

    THOMA is very lazy at home. Yes, he is the Chief Retainer of the Kamisato clan, but at home, all he wants to do is sit on the couch and cuddle with you while reading a book. Don’t make him cook or clean, although he won’t mind, that’s the last thing he wants to do with his lover. But if you cook for him, he would take your food and… he won’t share with you

    KAZUHA does not write you haikus! You might think he sits there on the crow’s nest and writes away for you, but no. He can’t put his feelings into words, how much he loves you, how much he thinks you deserve. What a pity, hmm? A poet, lost for words. But the times he does write haikus, you are his muse, his inspiration. He can’t write a poem without thinking of you. Rolling waves? Your smile. Dew on leaves? The glint in your eyes. He can’t not think of you at any given point in time

    Taglist: (send an ask to be added!)

    @paradise-creator @mayple @heaven-dissolution @starrconch @almond-adeptus @ventirain @haliya-mori @myluvkeiji @luvajax @noirkkat @simplyxsinned @hunniewriting @hushyouu @cxlrose @somemothgoingferal @almondoufu @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @joysinsanity @mooscutely

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin headcanons #genshin impact headcanons #genshin fluff#genshin crack#chichikoi#diluc #diluc x reader #diluc ragnvindr x reader #xiao #xiao x reader #gorou #gorou x reader #thoma #thoma x reader #kazuha#kaedehara kazuha #kazuha x reader #kaedehara kazuha x reader #kaedehara x reader #genshin fanfic #genshin impact fanfic
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  • floofycheeto
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    my piece for the @/const_bang rarepair bang on twitter‼️ It’s zhongluc (the crowd gasps)

    I recommend u check out @/momocha_latte’s 3+1 fic and @/milk_luvr69’s piece as well !! :3c (both @s are for twitter its worth it promise)

    #原神#genshin impact#zhongluc#zhongli#venti#diluc#mihoyo #noise filter ily #my meowmeows…ilu #back to ur regularly scheduled kaemiu again
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  • masqueradeoftheguilty
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    stan railuc for clear skin

    #they're so pretty together ddsjsjskks #i will get more sooooon im busy today #also will get more w/ diluc facing the camera its just difficult to screenshot and hit buttons at the same time lmao #them <3 #im tagging it dhjjsjs #genshin impact#diluc#raiden shogun#raiden ei #baal genshin impact #teddie chatters
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  • bricreatescosplay
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ~Diluc Ragnvindr~

    As soon as i saw Diluc in Genshin Impact, I knew I had to cosplay him! 

    This was the first time I cosplayed a Genshin Impact character and the first time cosplaying Diluc! I had fun & I’m a cosplayer who doesn’t care so much for accuracy anymore, however I do like to see whether I can improve! I wanna work on the bangs a bit more. 

    In this post I have also included some detailed photos of the boots, a picture of the character, not in game but with the official art, and a wig test I did without makeup on. 

    Disclaimer: I cannot wear eye contacts due to past eye surgery, so I colour my eyes in with editing software, along with making the makeup and my face “pop” more~ However what you see is me! Well, it’s me in a cosplay with much makeup on my face a wig and accessories ahaha but you get what I mean :D 

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  • genshinmatchup
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact matchups #genshin impact diluc #diluc x reader #diluc x you #genshin impact venti #Venti & reader #Venti & you #matchup
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  • bluisheyes
    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    enemies are supposed to hate each other, right? — right? then why are their hearts beating near you? why is their heart breaking into two seeing you hurt? and why is it that everything around them shatters as they place their blade above your head, preparing to kill you?

    ↳ basically enemies to lovers but angst:hehe: i won't say what happens or anything but as repentance, my next new series will be a 4nemo au and i will be releasing some fluff. also the last part of my traveler s/o series will be released this weekend because i got busy :<

    genre: angst, hurt/no comfort, forbidden love

    tw: implied major character death, (if u are sensitive please do not proceed), break ups :(

    ft. Mondstadt boys (kaeya, diluc, albedo, aether)


    kaeya feels lost, which one was he supposed to pick? You or the nation he's said to protect? He feels sick— why, why was he supposed to be the one to choose? Why was he supposed to love you? He curses at himself for letting you get to him, curses at himself for letting his walls down for you to enter; and most of all, curses celestia for giving him this kind of fate. He's lost again, he's lost his nation and his family; and now he's about to lose his beloved yet again just to protect the others. How much more pain do the gods want him to feel? “In another life time,” He promises to you, promises that you and him will be together no matter what in your next lives. But for now, you and him are on the opposite sides.

    Diluc feels confused, he asks himself what his morals are, ask himself why he protects mondstadt and who he does it for— he questions why you both must suffer from this kind of fate? What kind of destiny was this? Were 2 fated lovers not meant to live a life full of love and happiness? He hates himself. Diluc was known to make quick and smart decisions; and yet as he's one step away from ending the life of his loved one he feels as if no matter what he does is the wrong choice, what would his father think? He asks himself, would his father approve of letting you go? Would his father approve of the love you two shared? Diluc closes his eyes— opening them, he remembers his goal: to protect mondstadt from all enemies— and you are an enemy.

    Albedo thinks of a solution, every problem always has a solution right? This means that this very problem right now is bound to have a solution he'll find soon, right? He's albedo keideprinz: the chief alchemist, the smart man who spends his time painting or experimenting; the man who everyone rarely sees for he prefers to be alone or be by your side— he must find a solution for this issue. He takes a deep breath and remembers to compose himself, acting irrational won't help him, especially not now; but as he stares into your eyes he can't help but feel his heart disintegrate, and so he sighs. It's time for this silly love affair to end.

    Aether let's go of you, he let's go of everything between you two, the love you shared, the memories you made, and all the happy times you both enjoyed so much. If you're his enemy he can't bring himself to hurt you, bring himself to even touch a hair of you; you are special to him, and so he breaks everything off to spare your life. He can't bring himself to kill you— “please find someone else” He tells you, before permanently pushing and locking you away. If he could, he would erase all the memories you both shared to at least help ease your pain; but he can't. He allows you to love someone else, allows you to be happy with someone else. In his dreams are you and your memories; buried safely within him.

    #genshin impact #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin x you #genshin albedo #albedo x reader #albedo x you #albedo x y/n #genshin diluc #diluc x reader #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #genshin kaeya #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #kaeya x y/n #genshin aether #aether x reader #aether x you #aether x y/n #📎;; works#kaeya angst#diluc angst#albedo angst#aether angst
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  • rulaineyu
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    How the Genshin Boys Carry You

    Fandom: Genshin Impact

    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao, Scaramouche x gn!Reader

    Type/Genre: Headcanons, fluff

    Warnings: None.


    You had just gotten a haircut, your first in a while.

    You were excited to see how your boyfriend would react, almost giddy as you imagined the look of pleasant surprise on his face.

    However, when you walk into his office at the end of his day, Diluc is still working, holding what looks like a contract in his hands while frowning

    You ask him what he thought, and he glances at you for a moment before returning to his work, telling you it looked nice.

    To be fair, you knew Diluc was busy, but surely he could spare five seconds? He was supposed to be off work by now too

    Later, after he’s finally done, he notices your sulking.

    When he asks what’s wrong, you mumble something about your hair

    To your surprise, he lifts you up, arms wrapped securely around your waist as he slightly leans back.

    Your hands fly to his shoulders for support, but Diluc presses you tightly against his chest, ensuring you won’t fall.

    You splutter, asking him what he thinks he is doing.

    Tilts his chin up to look at you. All of your protests and complaints die away as he smiles softly.

    “I wanted a good look. You look beautiful.” 


    There are many reasons why Kaeya loves his job as a knight. 

    One of them is hatching up absurd plans, sending his soldiers on a wild goose chase. They achieve results, so what’s the problem if Kaeya derives a little entertainment from them?

    He was in the middle of drawing a treasure map when you knocked on his office door, asking if he was planning on finishing any time soon. You tell him you had a bad day, and all you want to do is go home and cuddle.

    Smiles apologetically, saying he’ll try to work faster but it still might take a while

    Allows you to sit on his lap, his chin resting on your shoulder as he works on his schemes. 

    Halfway through, he feels you grow limp and your breathing slow to a soft snore

    Chuckles softly to himself, turning his face to kiss your neck.

    Slowly scoots out of his chair so you don’t wake up and carries you like a baby to the couch.

    Places his hand on the back of your neck as he gently lays you down

    Takes off his coat and pelt, arranging it so it covered as much of you as possible

    “Sweet dreams, love. I’ll wake you when I’m done.” 


    Every Sunday morning, the two of you would head to the farmer’s market, where you would buy most of your groceries. 

    It was generally a pleasant affair, with the two of you enjoying the domesticity of grocery shopping together. 

    Today, however, one shopkeeper was clearly trying to cheat you with his prices. Childe had only left for a minute to say hello to a Snezhnayan merchant before returning to you engaging in a near shouting match. 

    Was it going to escalate and end in violence? Probably not, but he isn’t going to take the chances. 

    Throws you over his shoulder like you weigh next to nothing and runs 

    As much as Childe loves a good fight, even he knows it’s not proper to duel with the fruit seller, even if their price for oranges is obscene. 

    You pound your fists against his back, telling him to put you down so you could teach the rude seller a lesson 

    Once you’ve calmed down, he’ll stop holding you like a bag of flour, positioning you upright. His arms wrapped tightly around your thighs as he grinned at the sight of your pouting expression. 

    “Have you calmed down, baby? It’s always nice to see you so feisty, but we all need to learn to be patient sometimes.” 


    As much as Zhongli enjoys his work, there are other parts of his job that are more exhausting than others. Namely, dealing with his boss’ antics. 

    So when he comes home from work after a day of falling for her tricks, there’s nothing more that he wants than to relax with you.

    He walks through the front door, calling your name, but receives no response. He calls your name again, and when you still don’t answer, he starts to grow worried.

    Rushes into your home, only to find you asleep on the couch, book on the floor, clearly having fallen asleep while reading.

    Lets out a quiet sigh of relief

    Rests the back of your head against his bicep and hooks his other hand under your knees, lifting you up in a bridal carry.

    You immediately snuggle against his body, causing feelings of warmth and adoration to burst in his chest.

    Tucks you into bed, giving you a light kiss on the forehead before going to prepare dinner 

    “You’ll catch a cold if you sleep on the couch with no blanket, darling.”


    Xiao had just helped you complete a difficult commission, and the two of you were now heading back

    On the side of the road was a sunsettia tree, its fruit too round and too plump-looking to ignore. 

    Your mouth watered at the sight, but cruelly the lowest one was hung just out of your reach. 

    Xiao offered to get it for you, but you refused. He helped you complete your commission, after all. He must be tired after clearing an extra-large hillichurl camp, he deserves to rest. You’ll manage...somehow.

    He watches you hop around for a few minutes with an amused expression. Despite how much you jumped, your fingers barely brushed against the skin of the fruit.

    Right when you were considering throwing your sword to knock it off the tree, you feel your feet being lifted off the ground. 

    You yelp in surprise, grabbing onto Xiao’s hair to balance yourself as he lifts you onto his shoulders.

    Ignores your protests to put you down. Holds your ankles, standing on the tips of his toes so you can reach for the sunsettia. 

    “It’s fine. I’m not tired.”


    The two of you have been walking for hours. The sun was burning the back of your neck, and all the pebbles on the road weren’t making it any easier. 

    Sure, you could suck it up, but it’s more fun to complain loudly and watch as Scaramouche clenches his jaw in annoyance. 

    At first he told you to cry about it. His feet hurt too, but the two of you had somewhere to be and there were no teleport points in the area.

    Eventually, he has enough and loses his temper, telling you to shut up before his ears start to bleed from your whining.

    Scaramouche didn’t expect you to actually fall silent. The next few minutes are quiet, only filled with the sounds of your shoes dragging along the gravel road.

    He feels guilty for snapping at you

    Stops walking, dropping to one knee with his back towards you and his arms out behind him

    Tells you to get on, that he’d piggyback you 

    After climbing onto his back, he adjusts his grip on your thighs, ensuring you’re comfortable and he’s not squeezing you too tight before walking again. 

    He’ll complain about having to carry you, but squeeze your arms around him and plant kisses on the back of his neck and he’ll be happy.

    “It’s only so you’ll stop whining, okay? So don’t get too excited.”
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