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  • mondstadt-official
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hey I started a lil fanfic. It’s kinda shit and so far only has one chapter, but idk I thought I’d still share it anyway.

    You can read it here.

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  • myroof-isonfire
    23.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This part is longer:D I had the most fun with this, dunno if you will. ehe (nervousss)


    part 1

    part 1.5


    pushing him, because lord knows you fell in love with a stubborn man. (way to pick em' y/n)

    It's been weeks, maybe months you weren't exactly sure anymore, since Diluc last spoke to you. Since he last looked at you. You understood after his father had passed, but now you missed him and it hurt relentlessly.

    You weren't sure what you did wrong, if you even did something wrong, you just knew Diluc was avoiding you. Every time you were face to face, he would mumble an excuse about needing to be somewhere or that the tavern is busy and he couldn't talk right now.

    Your heart broke everytime he avoided your eyes.

    And you were tired of it.


    You were purposefully seeking him out, you have been all day. Charles didn't know where he was, neither did Kaeya. Kaeya said they stopped talking, but when you asked why out of confusion he didn't respond. Not even a sound or mumble.

    What was happening.

    You groaned and slid down the wall outside the tavern, the sun was setting and you could hear the sound of a bustling crowd of men entering the tavern for a night off from work. You burried your face in your hands, trying to desperately to hold back you tears. You missed Diluc, you missed him so much.

    You looked up from your hands, resting your chin on your knees and trying to listen to the sound of laughter from inside the tavern. Friends, family, lovers laughing together. That used to happen with you, Kaeya, and Diluc. Maybe you even let yourself consider it a lovers date sometimes when it was just you and Diluc.

    Diluc held your hand under the table once when a boy wouldn't leave you alone. He told the boy off, his tone was sinister, but you felt so safe around him. Always around him.

    Your thoughts evaporated when you saw a glimpse of red hair whisking around a corner.


    You jumped from your seated position and scrambled after him, your heart beating out if your chest when you came to a stop a foot or two behind him.

    "Diluc!" You smiled, exasperated from trying to catch up to him.

    He turned around, his eyes did not lighten and your smile fell.

    "Diluc can we please talk?" You sighed, trying to walk up to his side when he turned back around and started walking.

    "I'm busy."

    You paused, his response was expected, but being Diluc's best friend for nearly a decade meant being a fighter, take that as you will. He was only a few inches ahead of you before you jumped forward and grabbed the edge of his cloak, yanking it backwards. He stumbled but caught himself and lashed around to face you. Your arms were already crossed like your mother when you looked him in the eye.

    "What is your problem?" Diluc hissed, straightening out his clothes.

    You scoffed, trying to keep your cool but you stomach fell at his harsh tone. You never imagined he'd suddenly turn and speak to you like this.

    "What's my problem?" Your voice rose, "You've been ignoring me for weeks, Diluc, what the hell is your problem?"

    Diluc paused, eyeing your face carefully.

    "My problem is starting to be you."

    Your face fell, heart breaking in confusion. He turned around and started walking off again. No, hes not getting away this easily.

    "I swear to the archons if you don't tell me what the hell has gotten into you-"

    "Stop it." Diluc snapped.

    "What? Stop what? Diluc you just started ignoring me! I understand you lost Crepus but please, tell me if I did something wrong, tell me what it is." You cried, raising a hand to your face to cover your stinging eyes.

    "Y/n." Diluc warned.

    "It's like you don't even know me anymore, you forgot about me and it hurts. You're breaking my heart and I don't know what to do." You sobbed, silently demanding your pain to not spill out of your eyes, but it was determined.

    "Y/n, theres a reason why...I... You need to understand that I can't tell you why." Diluc tried to keep his facade up, his hands clenched when he saw you wipe your tears away from your eyes.

    "What the hell, Diluc?" You huffed, "That's all you're giving me?"

    Diluc looked away from you. You groaned and marched directly infront of him, making him look you in the eyes.

    "Oh I don't think so, I want to know exactly why you left me behind. I want to know why you and Kaeya wont talk to each other anymore. I need to know why the laughter I hear in the tavern isn't us anymore." You poked his chest with every emphasized word, the tears that fell from those eyes of yours were endless.

    "Please don't do this." Diluc whispered to you, grabbing your wrist and pulling it away from his chest.

    "Fuck all, I wasn't interrogating you the night Crepus died but now I am Diluc Ragnvindr."

    "I'm sorry."

    That was all he said, and even he started to struggle keeping his tears at bay.

    And so he turned away from you.

    One more.

    "I love you, Diluc." This was your last attempt.

    Diluc paused in his tracks, his fist clenching.

    Please, my love.

    "I used to imagine us together, as lovers, did you ever realize that?" You sighed shakily, "Do you remember holding my hand? When I snuck you out at the break of dawn? You let me braid your hair? The times you were vulnerable in front of me? I think about that all the time, I was reminded constantly of why I loved you, and I can't let that end. Not now, not ever."

    Don't leave me behind.

    It happened in less than a few seconds, but he was suddenly infront if you again. You barely blinked when he cupped your face, hesitating before kissing you.


    Your eyes widened, but you kissed him back. Oh archons his lips were warm, you expected that. Who were you kidding? You daydreamed about what they felt like.

    The kiss lasted forever it seemed like. But it ended too quickly when he pulled away.

    "Come back." You whispered, trying to brush your lips against his.

    "Y/n, I love you too. I did realize that and I imagined it too, believe me." Diluc didn't take his hands from your face, "But since I quit the Knight's of Favonius, I've become involved in dangerous things, things that could get you hurt if you were seen with me. I'd never forgive myself if you were harmed like that."

    "I'd rather be harmed by a terrible person than be harmed like this by you."

    Diluc dropped his hands from your face, "I've made up my mind."

    You let him turn around and leave this time.

    This can't be over.

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  • o0phylyra0o
    23.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    After a minute he reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a dark blue coat whose cuffs and hem were rimmed with fur; it had been a favorite of Diluc’s for years, but had gotten too tight in arms and been relegated to simply hanging in the closet. “Do you think this will fit him?”

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  • pyro-doll
    23.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Wanting to post / interact with my followers because I love you all.

    Send me some assumptions about me! My inbox is open. :) 💫🎀

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  • runningonmonster
    23.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hello all! Monster here, this is my first writing in a while!

    Glad to be back, it is indeed! My asks are open and my account maybe get a new revamp!

    Character: Kaeya Alberich

    Reader: Gender Neutral

    WARNING: I will be talking about and hinting at Murder, Blood, a bit of Blood Lust, and a hint of Yandare activities. Im not promoting it as a sexual way, nor am I making it into light, I had the idea and now im really wanting to write about it! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

    Entry #47

    Oh my love, it was so nice to see your face again. Seeing you across the room, wonder around Mondstadt.. oh, how I would long to talk to you again.

    I saw you talking with Jean today… I assume it was for something important. I’m so glad I get to watch your quests, oh it makes me so happy to watch you do them. You give me quite a scare. Though, know, whatever creeps up on you goes down by the cold hands of mine.

    Why do I act like this? For you of course! You still hopelessly wonder where Lisa and Amber have gone, the thought makes me chuckle from a far. You’ve stopped talking to me… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped watching.

    Now that Lisa and Amber are gone, you get to wonder helplessly along Mondstadt. You’ve even asked me if I’ve seen them! Oh those moment we had… so short but so sweet. You don’t have to worry about a thing, Buttercup. Lisa had drank bad tea… Amber had a gliding accident. At least, that’s what the people of Mondstadt think.

    One day we will hold hands at the peak of Starfell valley and you will tell me how much you love me. I will love for that day to come, but until then I will keep my word…

    You will be mine.

    ~Love, Kaeya Alberich

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  • yuunie135
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    𝙶𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚗 𝙸𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚌𝚝 𝙾𝚗𝚎𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚝


    Iᴛ's ᴀ ɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ ᴅᴀʏ ᴀɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙᴏʏғʀɪᴇɴᴅ, Cʜɪʟᴅᴇ, ʟᴇғᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴡᴏʀᴋ. Hᴇ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀᴋᴇᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴇʀᴇɴ'ᴛ ᴄᴜʀɪᴏᴜs ᴜɴᴛɪʟ ʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴍᴇ ʜᴏᴍᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀ ᴘᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏғ ᴀ ʀᴇᴅ sᴜʙsᴛᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴏɴ ʜɪs sʜɪʀᴛ. Hᴇ ᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴡɪɴᴇ, ʙᴜᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅɪᴅɴ'ᴛ ʙᴇʟɪᴇᴠᴇ ʜɪᴍ. Oɴᴇ ᴅᴀʏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴇᴄɪᴅᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ʜɪᴍ ᴀɴᴅ ғɪɢᴜʀᴇ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʜᴇ ᴡᴀs ʜɪᴅɪɴɢ, ᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ sᴀᴡ sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ ʙᴏᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɴᴅ ʜɪᴍ.

    Warnings: mentions of blood, death, slight gore, cussing


    "I'm home!"

    The cheery voice of the man entering you house rang through the room. It alerted you and you couldn't help but grin after hearing the familiar call for you.

    You ran downstairs from the room you two shared, and instantly ran up to and hugged Childe, you boyfriend. "Welcome home," you said, your voice muffled due to your head being buried into his neck. He only smiled and hugged you back. When you let go, he sighed in bliss smelling the delicious scent of the food you made for him. "Calla lily seafood soup!" you exclaimed. It was his personal favorite dish, especially when you were the one who made it.

    "Thank you so much darling," he chirped, giving your cheek a light kiss before placing his small pouch on a chair.

    While he did that, you noticed something on his shirt

    "Childe, there's something on the back of your shirt. Is that...blood?" His eyes seemed to widen in horror, but only for a split second. "Oh, no! Please don't worry about that, we just had wine at work today and someone behind me spilled a bit of theirs on my shirt." He let out a nervous laughter, raising you suspicions. You decided to brush it off for a bit.

    "Okay then.. Well anyway, what do you want to do?"

    "Let's eat! I'm absolutely starving."

    You laughed at how over-dramatic he was being, and made your way to the table to sit down. "So, how was work today?" you asked while he took a large spoonful of the food. After swallowing it, he responded, "It was great! Everything went really well."

    "Well, everything except the wine that was spilled on me," he added with an obviously fake laughter at the end.

    "I'm sure it can easily be washed off. I'll do it later for you. You must be pretty tired."

    "Yeah I really am," he sighed, resting his head on his palm. "After we have food we can both lay down in bed and rest for a while, how does that sound?" you asked. He nodded with eyes full of nothing but love and adoration. "Well I guess I should finish this fast so I can spend even more time with you." You chuckled at his words, butterflies secretly going off in your stomach. You guys had been dating for months, yet he still managed to make you feel so many different ways.

    You watched as he quickly finished the soup, staying true to his words. "Alright, let's go. We can wash the dishes later together, they can wait. Now come on, let's go upstairs."

    As the two of you walked up the stairs, the little stain on his shirt still lingered in the back of your mind.

    Childe opened the door, letting you in before doing the same himself and closing it. You both got comfortable in the bad and Childe wrapped a free arm around your waist. He left little kisses on the nape of your neck, whispering an "I love you," between each one.

    After he stopped you giggled, "I love you too, Ajax."

    He loved it when you called him by that.

    The arm on your hip lingered there the whole time. Childe asked you about your day, what you did, what you saw, etc. You happily answered each question, slowly getting tired after he asked only about 3.

    "Ajax, can we go to sleep? Sorry, I'm pretty tired."

    "Of course, love. You don't need to apologize. Here, I'll sleep next to you."

    He snuggled up even closer to you, whispering sweet things into your ear from time to time to show you that his feelings for you were true.

    He loved doing that. Constantly reminding you of how much he loved you for who you were on the inside and out.

    The both of you slowly fell asleep in each others arms, not before a small, "Good night, I love you," left Childe's lips. "I love you too," you said quietly, not being able to use much volume because of how tired you were.


    The next morning, Childe woke up with you right next to him. He slowly got out of bed, trying not to wake you up from your peaceful state, and quietly walked down the stairs. He opened the cabinet in the kitchen while thinking about what he would make for the both of you.

    You woke up to an empty bed, instantly assuming that Childe had left for work. He never told you where he worked. He never let you visit, never let you help, never let you get involved with anything related to him. You sighed, getting out of bed and changing into different clothes.

    "Good morning, darling! Did you sleep well?"

    You were shocked to hear Childe in the kitchen placing something in a pan and turning the heat up. "Good morning. I slept pretty good, how about you?"

    "Same! Also, I won't be able to have breakfast with you. I need to get to work as soon as I can."

    "Oh..it's fine."

    Then you noticed his shirt.

    The red stain was too familiar and too chilling.

    "Hey, do you want me to wash that shirt?"

    Childe's eyes slightly widened for a second, "Oh, haha, it's fine. You don't need to."

    That nervous laughter again.

    You knew something was up.

    And that's why you followed him when he left.

    And doing so led to the current situation.

    Blood was everywhere. Maniacal laughter left Childe's mouth. "How pathetic! You can't even fight back before getting beaten to a pulp. I honestly feel kind of bad," he snickered. He was holding a man by his messy and bloody hair. Laughing in his face while kicking his stomach. He then threw him to the ground, using a water blade to deal the final blow and stabbing him in the chest.

    It was painful to watch

    But you couldn't look away

    Was this even him? Was this the same Childe who greeted you with a sweet smile every day, who helped you with all the housework you did, who held you while you were sleeping and whispered sweet words into your ear?

    Or was it all just a facade?

    This is his true self. He's just faking it all.

    You didn't want to think that, but of course it entered your mind.

    Childe stood up, his breathing uneven, that terrifying grin still on his face.

    It scared you. Maybe a little too bad.

    Of course you had to make a noise

    The bush you were hiding in rustled, Childe's head snapping in your direction at the sound. "Who's there," he asked, but it sounded like more of a statement. "You know, if you keep hiding you'll die anyway. At least come out and show yourself so you'll die an honorable death."

    You were scared.

    Part of you wanted to hug him. To cry in his shoulder and make sure it was really him talking.

    The other part wanted to run. You wanted to leave him.

    But you couldn't.

    You slowly stepped out, revealing yourself to the man before you. Tears were streaming down your face at that point. You couldn't think, couldn't breathe, couldn't see.

    You didn't even see Childe's reaction to you stepping out.

    Well, he was definitely shocked.

    He grabbed you by the hair, his face right in front of yours. "Why did you follow me? I thought I told you not to get involved. Of course you didn't listen." You were sobbing. It hurt. Physically and mentally.

    "Please- hic- stop! It hurts!" He didn't stop. He only held harder. "Oh, you should've listened to me. Now what do I do with you?" He looked around as if he were trying to see if anyone was watching. "Ajax, I'm begging you, stop-"


    He hit you.

    He fucking hit you


    The stinging pain shot through your face. Childe just stood there. He did nothing. He didn't care.

    He threw you to the ground, knocking you unconcious.


    Your eyes slowly opened. A strange sound ringing though your ears.

    As you woke up, the sound was clear.

    Crying. Sobbing.

    Next to your bed was Childe. His hair was messy, tears streaming down his once beautiful face. Whimpers left his mouth every now and then. Whimpers of your name.

    It broke your heart.

    But he still broke yours.


    He looked up at the sound of his name, eyes widening as they landed on you. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to- I- I was lost in my own anger and- I don't know, but I swear I didn't mean to do that! Please forgive me, I'm begging you!"

    "Why did you lie to me?"

    That was the first thing you asked

    it hurt him.

    "I..didn't want you to get involved."

    "Do you think I'm that irresponsible? If I knew that was your job I definitely wouldn't have gotten involved. I'm not even mad about that, I'm just mad about you lying to me about the whole thing! I thought I told you I'd accept every part of you when we first started dating!"

    "I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I love you so much, I really couldn't risk even the slightest chance of getting you hurt. Yes, I work for the fatui. Yes, you can leave me if you want to. But please at least forive me for what I've done."

    You sat in silence, thinking about his words. He was right. He only wanted to protect you from the potential dangers of getting involved with his job as a fatui harbinger. But why did he hurt you that day? Why did he resort to physical harm?

    "Ajax, the only thing I need right now is time. Give me time to think, and I'll come back to talk to you another day."

    You slowly leaned into him, connecting your lips to his. You two shared a soft, tender kiss before you pulled away and whispered, "I love you," silently. After another quick kiss to his temple this time, you quietly left the room, leaving Childe with nothing but an empty heart.

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  • xiaosmoon
    23.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬

    parings: kaeya, thoma, diluc, xiao x gn!reader

    summary: somehow a box of chocolate covered strawberries has landed in your possession. catch is, it's not from your lover

    warnings/content: fluffy! jealousy.

    a/n: got the inspo from snacking on some strawberries

    -> kaeya

    from the fanciest of bouquets to the sharpest of jewlery has all been gifted to you at least once. it's not uncommon for kaeya to gift you such romantic things — it's quite expected at this point in time. so with valentines right around the corner, you didn't think twice of the chocolate covered strawberries that was found on your desk this morning. you brushed it off as another one of kaeya's love tokens and stored them away to eat later.

    but when the cavalry captain came to surprise you during lunch today, the mysterious box with a big red bow caught his attention immediately. "what are these love?" kaeya asked in his normal tone, eyeing the box. you smile, "well, a very handsome man left them here for me this morning." at that response, kaeya snapped his eyes back to you, squinting a bit. "oh? was he? well, looks like i have a competitor." his voice was laced with a bit of venom, much to your surprise. "what are you talking about? kae, didn't you gift me those?"

    kaeya picks up and opens the decorated box. the contents inside looked delicious, he couldn't deny. "to be fair, i would have gifted you ones dipped in milk chocolate, not white." the way he eyed the dessert with such distaste was undeniably funny. a soft giggle slipped your lips by accident. you quickly slapped your palm up to your mouth. kaeya's playful gaze found your widened eyes. "ohh so you think this is funny?"

    kaeya inches closer to your body, letting his hands lean on either side of your desk. you were now entrapped by your lover, with your back pressed against the edge of your desk. kaeya let's put a velvet chuckle before resting his head against your shoulder. "we should figure out who sent these to you, perhaps i can convince this secret cupid of yours to send me a box as well."

    more below the cut!

    -> thoma

    as far as thoma's famous hotpot games go, anything is fair. mooncakes, cabbage, vegetables— you name it. so when a shrine maiden presented you with the box of chocolate covered strawberries that were signed anonymously, you had assumed they were from thoma, signaling a brutal game of hotpot for dinner.

    "oh, it is so on." you spoke to yourself, taking a bite of the juicy strawberry. you had gotten through roughly two strawberries before thoma had found you. "there you are! i've been looking for you everywhere. what are these?" he picks up a chocolate coated berry and eyes it suspiciously. "these are typically gifted to someone in a romantic manner."

    you tilt your head in confusion, you were sure it was thoma who had gifted them to you. "so it wasn't you who got me the strawberries?" thoma takes a berry and eats the whole thing in one bite. "no, 'course not. it's such a lame thing to seduce someone with, no?"

    you giggle, nodding in agreement. it certainly was a boring gift, especially in attempts to woo someone. you throw your arms around thoma's neck, pulling him in to meet your lips. "so how would you seduce me, hmm?" you softly tease, hoping to get a reaction out of the blonde. "uh-" thoma stifles a cough. his cheeks slowly turn into a very noticeable crimson shade. "i suppose i will have to show you later."

    -> diluc

    having you at the tavern on nights diluc would bartend would make his shift go a lot faster somehow. you would be chatting away with rosaria, talking about god knows what. but you making small faces at diluc every now and then kept his spirts high (well, high as they can be while surrounded by drunks asking for their 5th shot of the night)

    diluc swears he had only looked away for a split second making a drink. when he turned back to look at you, both you and rosaria were pondering a beautifully decorated box that was sitting right in front of you. you were reading a note while rosaria was opening the box. he tried to peek over the counter to get a better look, but was interrupted by customer.

    in an annoyed mood, diluc was stirring the drink while maintaining his focus on you. you picked up a content of the box to reveal a perfectly chocolate coated strawberry. what on earth? diluc nearly dropped his mixer. who could have possibly given you that when he wasn't looking.

    "charles, do you mind taking over for a moment? i will be right back." before even receiving a response from charles, diluc was making a beeline straight for the booth you were seated at. "darling, how are you doing?" diluc greeted, showing you a warm smile.

    "wonderful. i didn't think the owner himself would greet me." you playfully shoot a wink at him. diluc nods towards the box of sweets, giving the strawberries a side eye. "oh," you pick up a strawberry. "kaeya got these for me. he said 'sweets for the sweetest person' which i'm quite sure was just some more of his teasing." the way you brush it off so lightly strangely makes diluc relax more. it's natural for kaeya to get on diluc's nerves. this just happened to be another way of doing it. a very provoking way of doing it.

    for tonight, diluc will let you indulge in your chocolate covered strawberries. tomorrow, kaeya's head will probably be hanging from his fireplace.

    -> xiao

    xiao wasn't overly familiar with the gifts humans give to each other. he wasn't sure why on birthdays they received cake with candles to blow out and on christmases why small items would be shoved into a big sock that hangs above the fireplace.

    so when he saw a box of chocolate covered strawberries with a beautiful note resting on your bed, he had no clue as to who could've gifted it to you. xiao knows he shouldn't, but he couldn't help himself. he took a peak at the note.

    dearest y/n, i hope you find these to your liking. i would appreciate it if you could join me for dinner sometime tomorrow afternoon? best regards—

    the signature was so messy that xiao couldn't make it out. but it was more than clear to him that whoever this bastard was, they were asking you out on a date. xiao scoffed to himself. "what a lame attempt." his attempts at wooing you haven't been great either, but he's sure that almond tofu beats chocolate covered strawberries any day.

    xiao's head snapped when he heard your door opening. he quickly placed the note back down and plopped down onto your chair, looking everywhere but the box he wishes to crush. "oh, i wasn't expecting to see you. especially so early." you warmly smile at xiao.

    he'll never show it, but that smile makes his heart race a million beats per second. "you have a surprise, apparently." he didn't mean for this distaste to show in his tone, but his words were spoken with venom. you glance down to your bed, where a box that just couldn't go unnoticed sat. "oh, from who?" you mindlessly mutter, reaching out for it.

    you quickly graze over the note. xiao was focused on your expression the whole time, hoping to get some sort of reaction. you only scrunched your eyebrows close together and let out a soft hum before tossing the note into the garbage can. you open the box to reveal a beautiful arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries. "shameful, such a beautiful dessert gifted to me by the worlds most obnoxious person."

    you turn to xiao, lifting the box. "wanna help me finish these? i promise they're still good."

    #kaeya x reader #thoma x reader #diluc x reader #xiao x reader #kaeya x you #thoma x you #diluc x you #xiao x you #kaeya x y/n #thoma x y/n #diluc x y/n #xiao x y/n #kaeya#thoma#diluc#xiao#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact fanfic #kaeya fanfic#diluc fanfic#thoma fanfic#xiao fanfic
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  • psid99
    23.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    First draft.


    The Wandering Tale

    What If

    2000 years after the Celestial Cleanse, the old Teyvat was destroyed severely and their existence fade away with time. However, there's a man, a figure that is rumored to belong to the lost civilization, wandering all over the continent telling stories of the ancient world.

    "The Wandering Tale", he was called. And by chance, were the fortunate one to cross path with him, he would tell them the world. But none of them remember how he looked like, only the tales remained.

    On no particular day, he encountered a child, a little demanding yet bright child. The little boy asked him to tell a story of a great hero, a figure of strength and vigilance.

    They settled down. When the man was about to tell a story of a hero with the red scarf, the child interrupted him and ask: " Will this have a happy ending?"

    Zhongli let out a genuine smile with a glimpse of sadness. " I believe, that's for you to decide."

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  • extrakuli
    23.09.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #genshin impact#genshin fanfic#genshin headcanons #fan fic writing #genshin fan fiction #genshin fluff#scaramouche headcanons#scaramouche #scaramouche x reader #xiao x gender neutral reader #xiao x gn reader #xiao headcanons #xiao genshin impact #xiao#genshin xiao #xiao x reader #[💭] extrakuli replies
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  • swirler44
    22.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    1k words in and I’m still not in Mondstadt 0-0

    this is gonna be a lot longer than I planned

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  • plessieness
    22.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    — the autumn tide

    kazuha x doushin guard! reader
    gender neutral reader
    tags ; angst, fluff


    The last thing that Kaedehara Kazuha had ever imagined happening was ending up on the complete opposite side of one of the people he loved the most.

    (y/n) had been his companion for as long as he could remember. They would listen to his poems, music, and ramblings. Kazuha never came to be bored of their presence. He always enjoyed their company, so being on opposite sides in an all out war made his heart feel heavy, and at the thought alone, his throat would tighten. He’d already lost one close friend to the Shogun, the unawakened vision he kept showed as much. He was afraid of losing (y/n) next.

    (y/n) was a Doushin guard in the Raiden Shogun’s army and they worked in the unit led by Kujou Sara. They had always enjoyed their job and expressed as much to Kazuha, however, that was before the Vision Hunt Decree changed the nature of their nation and caused an uproar of tension.

    When Kazuha was chased out of Inazuma, he had confidence that (y/n) would join the resistance on Watatsumi Island. After all, they had a vision of their own and they saw what happened to Kazuha. They wouldn’t side with the Shogun after all of that, would they?

    That’s what he’d originally thought, at least. However upon his return, he was informed by Ayaka that (y/n) was still fighting for the Shogun alongside Sara. It caused conflicting feelings of confusion within him. He knew of (y/n)’s morals, and knew that they didn’t have the level of loyalty to the Shogun that Sara did— so why? Why were they still fighting for her? Why were they fighting for the person who took something so important from Kazuha?

    He’d gotten that answer rather quickly, though. Ayaka was quick to clarify. The Tenryou Commission had threatened to seize their vision and execute them if they were to join the Resistance, promising to hunt them to the end if they’d left. The Kujou Clan had preyed on (y/n)’s flaming loyalty towards their loved ones, and it was incredibly unfair, Kazuha thought.

    Sangonomiya had once tried to console him about it, offering help to Kazuha to try and rescue them, but Kazuha refused. He didn’t want to put them at risk, even if it meant fighting against them. As long as they both survived, they could end this war and be reunited once again. That’s all that he wanted at this point, and he expressed as much to Kokomi. She gave a smile, simply responding that whoever this person was, they must be wonderful if Kazuha was wishing for their safety so much.

    Days had passed, weeks maybe— Kazuha hardly kept track of time anymore, his thoughts filled with (y/n) and wondering if they were okay— and tensions were on the rise. With the Traveler and Thoma having bounties on their heads, the fighting persisted far more often than before and the Resistance was dwindling in numbers. Kazuha, alongside Gorou, and Beidou spent more time on the frontlines fighting head-to-head with Sara than ever before. It seemed like almost every other day they were fighting and as per usual, Kokomi was gone, away strategizing instead of fighting alongside them. He kept his faith in her, but it wasn’t always easy.

    As the day would have it, he was once again fighting against Sara’s army. He ducked back as a group of soldiers came running at him before using a slash of anemo energy to blow them back. Amongst the chaos that was the battle, he somehow heard a familiar voice yell and his eyes darted around, attempting to find the source while he fought.

    He spotted (y/n) and his eyes widened, his heart rushing. With the rush of adrenaline, he fought off large groups of soldiers before running towards them. They seemed to spot him and shook their head, trying to signal to him that they couldn’t reunite in such a place, but he didn’t listen, far to stubborn and unwilling to miss this opportunity to pull them away.

    He tugged the other aside, taking cover behind a few large boulders before wrapping his arms around them tightly, afraid that if he let go, they would run away. (y/n) struggled a bit before sighing and relaxing into the embrace.

    “Kazuha, you know how dangerous this is. If someone sees me then I could get hurt, so could you.” (y/n) whispered. Kazuha took in a deep breath and pulled away from them, placing his hands on their shoulders and looking at them.

    “I know, but I couldn’t help it. We’ve been apart for so long, and after I found out what the Kujou clan was doing to you… I only wish you could join the Resistance, but I know how dangerous it is.” Kazuha stated softly and grasped their hands in his own. (y/n) sighed and intertwined their fingers before looking up at him.

    “Kazuha I have to go. Sara will notice my absence.” They said, looking away from the other before unlinking their hands hesitantly. Kazuha nodded understandingly despite the pain in his heart. He wanted for their reunion to last much longer than this. He wanted to be able to come home with them as opposed to parting ways once again. Before he could express how he felt, he heard a fast pattering of footsteps and was whisked away before he heard a pained yell from the other.

    Once his vision finally cleared, he noticed that Beidou had pulled him away and Kokomi was engulfing (y/n) in a bubble of water. Kazuha struggled against Beidou’s grip as he watched the one he loved most begin to drown.

    “Wait! Stop! Kokomi— don’t kill them!” Kazuha yelled and struggled against Beidou.

    “Kazuha I know you’re a peacemaker, but this is war— another vision bearer on the Shogun’s side is a threat to all of us.” Beidou insisted. Kokomi nodded in agreement as more bubbles of water rose around the battlefield, but his eyes were only set on (y/n), watching their struggle and the fear in their eyes, their eyes set on him, pleading for help.

    “Please stop! Please— Kokomi! That’s (y/n)! That’s the person I told you about!” He yelled and felt Beidou falter on her grip before quickly escaping. He watched as (y/n)’s struggle slowed and they became still and panic instilled within him and he sent a slash of anemo energy towards Sangonomiya, causing her hydro attack to cease.

    All of the trapped soldiers’ bodies fell from their traps, some lifeless, others barely hanging on. Sara fell back with her army, but he wasn’t focused on that, instead he caught (y/n) before they fell, quick to gently bring them to rest in his lap. Their stillness only amplified his negative emotions, glaring at Kokomi and Beidou as a wave of anger washed over him. He laid them gently on the ground before standing and drawing his sword.

    “They weren’t doing anything wrong! We were just talking! Why’d you attack them?” He snapped. He lost one friend already and now was about to lose another because of his own comrades. He couldn’t take a passive stance or be understanding in a moment like this. Beidou went silent, as did Kokomi. The battle was over, but the tension remained between them. Kazuha felt the onset of tears before whipping his head away.

    “I’ll meet you back at the camp later.” He muttered. Kokomi made an attempt to step forward to provide comfort, but Beidou stopped her with a hand on the shoulder. Kazuha needed time alone, Beidou knew that, so they left.

    Kazuha returned back to the other, holding their hand tightly as he hoped to whatever archon was listening that he didn’t lose someone for a second time. And it seems in that moment, that whoever was listening had some mercy.

    (y/n) doubled over and coughed out the water that they had earlier been drowning in. Kazuha felt a rush of relief and joy that they were alive and rubbed their back, helping stabilize them as they recovered. (y/n) let out a shaky sigh before hugging Kazuha tightly. No words were needed for them to express what they were feeling. Kazuha smiled and returned the embrace, allowing them both a moment to just hold one another.

    “I thought I lost you. I can’t lose someone else, (y/n). It’s far too cruel. I’m so glad that you’re okay.” Kazuha whispered.

    “I’m glad that you saved me, Kazuha. I thought… I thought I’d be dying with so many things unsaid and so many regrets. That’s the last thing I wanted.” They murmured before pulling back, giving a small smile at the gentle and warm gaze that Kazuha had set on them.

    “Well, Kujou Sara believes that you’re dead. You should lay low at the Resistance camp with me. I’ll keep you company— if you don’t mind me talking and reciting my poetry to you. It’ll be like our younger days.” Kazuha suggested and (y/n) nodded softly.

    “Well, I’ll need you to help me though. I don’t think I can manage walking well after almost drowning to death. I’d love to hear your poetry though. Or your music. I’ve always enjoyed your company and the way you express yourself.” (y/n) smiled. Kazuha let out a light laugh before helping them up and allowing them to lean on him for support as he helped them back to camp.

    Both were relieved to be reunited, in much better spirits as they returned to the Resistance camp side by side, finally back where they belong in the arms of the person they spent the most time worrying about.

    Kujou Sara watched the interaction from afar. While she debated on what to do, she concluded that even she was not ruthless enough to separate such a happy couple.

    So like she had done before in the prison to the vision replicator, she turned a blind eye.

    And the two returned safely, arm in arm, to the Resistance camp and despite the war that was still raging on, they were at least reunited and finally fighting alongside one another.

    And when they weren’t fighting, they were together, under a sturdy maple leaf tree. Kazuha reciting poems while (y/n) listened with their head rested in his lap. Reunited for good.

    Just as Kazuha had hoped for.

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin fanfic#genshin kaedehara#genshin kazuha #kazuha x y/n #kazuha x reader #kaedehara kazuha #kaedehara kazuha x reader
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  • empherealzen
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    Call Me Sweetheart Once More...

    ships included : Xiaoven (I think everyone's tired of my XV brainrot already), Jeanlisa, Kazutomo (Kazuha x Kazuha's Friend, for the purposes of this fic, he's called Tomo!), Albether, Eulamber


    Call Me Sweetheart Once More : A Jeanlisa Fic

    Jean sat at her desk. Nothing weird, today. She rubbed her eyes, the candlelight flickering slowly as it splutters, blanketing the room in darkness as the embers turn black, save for the shafts of silver moonlight pouring inside.

    The Acting Grand Master sighed, reaching for her matches, striking it alive, then lighting yet another candle. The room burst alight again, into the flame's light, licking the walls in a mellow orange. She dipped her quill in the ink, before carefully writing reports, reviewing more reports and commissions...

    Her door burst open to reveal an exhausted Albedo wearing an oversized white shirt, but his eyes were wide and alert. Jean frowned, before glancing at the clock. 5am. Ah, so Albedo already went to bed... So why was the Chief Alchemist here?

    'Acting Grand Master. It's Lisa. She's unwell, requesting for you. Barbara is still out with Aet- the Honourary Knight, so I'm unsure where to find them. I think they're in Liyue, since Barbara needed Jueyun Chillis,' Albedo informed, answering her question as if he could read her mind.

    'Unwell?' Jean was confused. Lisa was hardly ever sick, and if she was, it was mild. She'd never showed any symptoms of sickness before. Was she overworking Lisa?

    'I suspect it's a curse, Acting Grand Master Jean, but I request you see for yourself.'

    'Alright,' Jean snuffed out her candle, putting her quill down before following Albedo to the HQ's bedrooms. There were electric lights everywhere, of course, but Jean's recently broke. Albedo and Lisa were supposed to fix it in the morning but she couldn't ask Lisa to do it now, could she?

    She knocked on the door to no answer. Albedo said nothing as he pushed the door open. He switched on the lights, and Jean saw.

    Lisa was not her usual self - even in bed, with people she was always her smirking, teasing self, relentlessly flirty and overconfident. That was just Lisa's charm. But she was dishevelled, silent, blood pouring from her mouth with splatters on the floor, avoiding the bucket that Albedo had tried providing. An open book was at the foot of the bed, pages ripped from the spine, covered in blood. Mysterious black matter was spilling from the same spine, and Lisa's hands were obviously covered with it.

    'Lisa?' Jean gasped.

    Lisa gave Jean a half-hearted glance before shaking her head.

    'Albedo can you please help her using Alchemy - I-I'll find a healer,' Jean was almost on the verge of tears. Her beautiful fiance...

    'No, I... Alchemy can do a lot of things, but this is... Abyssal. Khemia has never gone as far as to heal or remedy anything Abyssal. I'm sorry, Jean... I tried, trust me I did. Lisa pleaded I didn't go to you, and I prolonged her life by a little bit. She has an hour at most, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Jean...' Albedo explained softly.

    Jean's heart shattered at the news.

    'I'll try find Aether and Barbara by Liyue, Jean. You should be fine as long as you don't touch the book. And, please don't touch it,' Albedo said, gently, as he left the room.

    Jean said nothing, she did nothing. She couldn't. She watched Lisa weakly smile, as a river of tears fell from her eyes.

    'No need to fret, Jeany Jean Jean, I'm fine,' Lisa said before exploding into a flurry of coughs.

    'Why... Why did you- why...'

    'I didn't want to worry you. And you shouldn't be worried. See? I'm-' Cough attack. And Jean was helpless,' Fine.'

    Jean rushed to her side, holding her black-stained hand. Ink. It was dry ink, but it felt so... Wet, and heavy.

    Lisa laughed humourlessly,' Ah, we both know I'm on my way out. Soon, the Curse will eat me and then I'm gone. Buried inside the ink, and suffocation will come in, and then I shall die a slow, painful death. I could've had 20 more years if I hadn't gotten so curious. Stupid Lisa, right? Lazy Lisa, like you've always said, Jean.'

    'You know I never meant it, I love you, you know that, Lisa,' Jean whispered as her lover's hand got heavier and heavier...

    'It's accelerated because I read it. I read it all. Jean, destroy that book for me. It contains all the secrets of the Abyss. It's not for our eyes, but rather that darling, Aether, Traveller. He'll find it,' Lisa said.

    Jean whimpered,' But-'

    'Jean. Destroy the book, please, don't read it. Promise me.' All while Lisa's hand got heavier and heavier, so heavy even Jean couldn't hold it properly, but she squeezed on.

    'I'm sorry, I should have told you, you're right. I love you. Please, don't let all of this hold you back from loving, from living. Maybe Venti's taught us something after all about poetry,' She laughed quietly, the ink peeking from her chest into her neck, an ugly, violent purple, turning darker and darker, corrupting Lisa's body, as the bed struggled to hold the weight of Lisa's ink. The curse. Stupid Abyss...


    'Stop doing that,' Jean whispered. She hadn't the voice to call, to say something louder than a whisper, a secret between them,' Call me sweetheart once more.'

    'For a kiss.' Jean smiled between the tears.

    'Deal,' She gently kissed her lover, her hand letting go of hers. Without Venti's divine blessing (every worthy Grand Master had some kind of blessing on them, that being a Vision. Vannessa was the sole exception, of course) combating the Abyssal curse, it spread faster, like a plague, cutting Lisa off.

    She struggled to talk, but she coughed out,' I-I- Sweetheart, I love y...'

    The ink got to her chin before Jean could do anything, to touch Lisa again, not even knowing what she did was horrible for the condition.

    Then it wrapped around her neck, her mouth, and Lisa let out the most ear-shattering scream of all time. The blackness slowly faded out to be a paler purple, so her skin resembled Rosaria's more than anything else. Defeated, Jean slumped on the floor, knowing Lisa's chest wasn't moving anymore, her heartbeat wasn't shattering the world with its musical drum.

    The door flung open. Barbara, with Albedo and Aether hand-in-hand. Barbara screamed at the sight, while they grimanced.

    Eula, Amber (who was wearing Eula's shirt), Kaeya and others followed, faltering at the sight of Lisa and Jean. Even the witty Kaeya who always had something to say said nothing. Eula recovered first, her aggressive voice softly saying,' I'm sorry for your loss, Jean. She was beloved to all of us. She will not be forgotten.' Her words didn't reach Jean's ears as she sat there. Not seeing. Not hearing. All was in her mind was the grief plaguing, ravanging the quiet, quaint village she honed for these years.


    The funeral was quiet. Nobody said anything. Lisa didn't have any living family. It in Windrise, by the winding river she and Jean travelled to so often. Even Liyue's elusive Adeptus, Xiao, Barbatos' (Venti's, really) lover, was there. Another one of Venti's friends, too ('It's my band! 4NEMO!' 'We aren't a band, Venti.' 'You're no fun, Xiao'), was there - Kaedehara Kazuha.

    At the end, a lot of people left. The only one there, sitting quietly at the grave, was Jean. The Anemo users stayed, of course. Kaedehara Kazuha sat down next to Jean, offering a smile. He spoke gently, like the calm winds blowing at Windrise. Obviously Venti's offering of condolance. The Windrise winds were usually passionate, roaring, a sea of Crystalflies...

    'I, too, lost someone close to me. He wielded an Electro Vision, as well,' Kaedehara Kazuha said,' And he is irreplacable, as Lisa Minci is irreplacable to you. But, all things come at a rest, eventually. Though the journey is a mire of anguish, of pain and of misery and grief, there is always a destination. I believe you, too, will reach that destination.'

    Jean said nothing still, her hand clutching the purple rose Lisa wore in her hat. A boquet of purple roses that Lisa had offered was indeed in her room, but this one carried Lisa's spell - it would live, everlasting. The paragon of her love and care. The symbolism of her duty, her wisdom...

    'I believe there is a happy ending for us all, Grand Master. If not, then we must find it, no?' Kaedehara Kazuha smiled gently, everything about ths traveller was gentle. She wondered what got him to soften like this. 'Love is vulnerability, but vulerability is not weakness.

    'And you are exceptionally brave to let go of your vulnerability, but it isn't the end of it. I believe there is a myriad of life in store for you, Grand Master. If you just live . Live for Lisa Minci, as I am living for Tomo.'



    'The dust settles one day over the book of memories but we will always be able to sweep it off and revisit the days of happiness, but it is ever growing. Your life can be more than Lisa.'

    'Thank you,' Jean murmured,' Thank you, Kaedehara Kazuha.'

    Kaedehara Kazuha laughed, smiling genially,' Ah, well, one's wisdom must be passed on, no? Kazuha is what my friends call me, and I extend that invite to you, Grand Master.'

    Venti grinned, dragging along a petulant-looking Xiao,' Great speech, Kazu! No wonder he's our songwriter, right Xiao?'

    'We are not a band, we've said, Venti!' Xiao rolled his eyes,' My condolances for your loss, Lionfang Knight.'

    Jean opened her mouth to thank him, but Venti butted in,' Kazu agrees its a band, right? Right?'

    Kazuha laughed. Breeze. Gentle wind, curling through her hair like a crown... 'No, rather, Anemo boy, it is a poetry club. Remember Xingqiu and Hu Tao of Liyue, too, are in.'

    Venti whined, bickering with Xiao and Kazuha. It provided a nice distraction to Jean. But, she thinks, Kazuha is right. Maybe she is going to be alright.

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  • pokemonispain
    22.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Business as usual-Kaeya & Diluc

    Summary:  Set during the wishful drop, Oceanid event, in which Kaeya very quickly realizes he should've stayed home.


    There was a serious problem at Dawn Winery, its inhabitants had woken up to the horrible surprise that the river that bordered Mondstadt and Liyue had turned bitter.

    Anything caught from the river such as fish or anything made from the water turned bitter as well. The river was a very valuable location as it provided much of the water that Dawn winery used when making their wine so needless to say it was a big problem.

    It was also the reason why Diluc was currently sitting in a meeting with a few of the Knight captains, as well as the current Acting Grandmaster Jean.

    The majority of the night Captains save for maybe Eula and Kaeya looked like they were either hungover and would rather be anywhere else besides a meeting this early in the morning.

    Diluc probably wouldn't have come to the knights about this issue in the first place, but he’d taken Elzer’s and Adelinde’s advice and done so. After all, the possibility of Mondstadt’s entire wine industry coming crashing down was a very big deal. Alcohol flowed like water in this city after all.

    “It still doesn't make any sense for an entire river to turn bitter overnight, ” one of the knight Captains said, glancing over at Diluc.

    Beside the man Kaeya gave a small yawn, “It doesn't matter if it makes sense. Something is clearly causing it.”

    Jean nodded in agreement. “It would be one thing if it were just the water, but it is the fish as well.”

    “We’ve tried purifying the water, but the taste remains unchanged, ” Diluc sighed, shaking his head.

    Kaeya nodded, barely holding back another yawn. He was exhausted right now and felt a bit off. A slight tinge of queasiness nagged at him from the pit of his stomach as a dull ache settled in his head.

    Honestly, Kaeya wouldn't be surprised if he, like many of the other knight captains, were hungover at the moment. But the thing was he hadn’t exactly drank too much last night. He’d had one glass of wine as he went over some paperwork at home but that was it.

    Maybe he’d eaten something he shouldn’t have or something that’d gone bad without his knowledge. He tended to eat out more often than not, although he knew how to cook but at the same time, nothing strange came to mind when he’d eaten dinner or breakfast.

    Although there was a slight heaviness in his stomach. Giving a soft sigh Kaeya gets up from his chair and Jean glances at him briefly, confused, but continues speaking.

    The other Captains are busy trying to read over the paperwork they’d be given in between their own hangovers to really bother paying attention to him. He feels Diluc’s eyes on him, no doubt confused as Kaeya walks over to the trash can sitting in the corner of the meeting room and grabs it before walking back to his chair.

    He quietly sits back down and places the trash can in his lap with a scowl. Truthfully he doesn't think he’ll need it but it was better to be safe than sorry. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time he or one of the other captains would do this considering most of them liked to drink.

    Eula glances at him with a small snort. “Hungover as well I see,” she said almost nonchalantly.

    It wasn’t a rare sight, after all, in fact, there had been a few rare times Kaeya had found her hungover as well.

    Kaeya gives a soft chuckle, shaking his head slightly. “Not this time, however, thank you for your concern, ” he said, ignoring the brief look of shock that flashed across Eula’s face.

    Hearing a soft sigh he glances up catching Diluc’s gaze before turning his attention back to Jean. Diluc no doubt more than likely thought that Kaeya was hungover much like the other knights.

    But that doesn't matter much to Kaeya, he was all too used to Diluc’s assumptions of him.

    Glancing down at the paperwork in front of him Kaeya scowls, something of note jumping out at him. He looks over at Jean. “We haven't questioned Liyue’s Millelith about the issue yet?”

    Jean shook her head. “We’re in the process of trying to contact now, but it may take awhile considering many of their soldiers do not patrol the Liyue, Mondstadt border directly. The Traveler offered to go as they were already headed to Liyue when this occurred.”

    Kaeya merely nods but says nothing else, closing his eyes for a moment he sighs softly that dull ache in his head only growing stronger as the slight queasiness slowly begins to turn into nausea.

    What had been a slight annoyance is very quickly becoming a much larger issue. His hand discreetly goes to his stomach when it makes a soft gurgling noise and he quickly glances up to make sure no one else heard that.

    Thankfully though most of the other captains are either focused on Jean or the paperwork, that still doesn't stop the slightest hint of blush from appearing on his face.

    Okay so he definitely wasn't hungover, and he wasn’t sure if he’d eaten something bad. So maybe the flu? But that didn't make sense at the moment either considering while he’d been fairly tired last night he’d felt alright.

    Kaeya can’t help but feel slightly, well more than slightly annoyed by this. He didn't like not having a definitive answer for things.

    He grits his teeth as he shifts slightly in his seat, the movement sending pain streaking across his stomach as the feeling of heaviness with it only seems to grow.

    His stomach makes a low gurgling noise and he just barely resists the urge to glare at it. He ignores the quick almost weary glance Eula shoots him in favor of focusing or rather trying to focus on his paperwork.

    The sharp spikes of pain shooting through his skull make it incredibly difficult though. Kaeya notices something else as well as he’s shuffling through the paperwork.

    He feels warm, his normally breathable clothing feeling as if it were almost smothering him. He reaches down his fingers brushing over his stomach when no one is looking and he scowls, noticing that the skin is bloated and taut beneath his fingers.

    The fact that he can feel his stomach actively churning beneath his fingers definitely doesn’t help his nausea in the slightest. And he swallows thickly, a cold sweat prickling at his skin as an intense wave of almost dizzying nausea washes over him.

    Closing his eye, he bows his head for a moment, his face over the trash can as he swallows rapidly trying to clear the warm excess saliva building up in his mouth. It’s sticky and tastes vaguely sour.  

    He opens his eye glancing up, Jean is still speaking and she glances over at Kaeya noticing his pale almost ashen face but Kaeya merely shakes his head slightly.

    Kaeya notices Diluc looking at him as well, although it’s only a brief glance, was it just Kaeya, or did Diluc look slightly concerned?

    Kaeya’s normally form-fitting clothing he wore felt uncomfortably tight against his abdomen, the cloth feeling as though it were digging into his skin.

    Muffling a soft burp into his hand, Kaeya scowls, closing his eye when he notices that his hand is trembling slightly. He feels as if his stomach was in knots right now, his breakfast sitting in his stomach like a rock refusing to digest as its contents churn like a whirlpool.

    He feels his stomach slosh like water ballooning and bows his head again, his head practically buried in the trash can at this point, his eye screwed shut as his head throbs viciously. It is hot, unbearably disgustingly hot and Kaeya briefly considers using his vision to make some ice to cool himself down but at the same time, he doesn’t want to move. And somewhere in the fever-fueled haze blanketing his mind he knows that moving right now just isn’t a good idea.

    Pressing his lips into a thin line Kaeya simply tries to focus on breathing around the dizzying nausea and pain assaulting his senses. After a moment or two, he opens his mouth slightly, his tongue sticking out as he lets the near river of drool still building up in his mouth to drip into the trash can, but more because the sour taste of it is only turning his stomach further.

    He closes his mouth again, scowling when he realizes that the drool isn’t going to stop coming out. His stomach hitches and Kaeya swallows hard as he presses his lips into a thin line barely suppressing the urge to gag.

    Kaeya knows that he’s sweating, that his nose is probably running, and that this was in no way good, but none of that matters at the moment when he’s practically delirious with nausea at this point his body trembling.

    Jean sighed crossing her arms as she looked at Kaeya for a moment, Kaeya had his face practically buried in the trash can, his body trembling and his now pale almost ashen gray skin covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

    “Kaeya, would you like to go home?” she asked him, easily seeing that he was sick rather than hungover.

    Kaeya groans but doesn't say anything, his body jolting with a soft sickly sounding hiccup. His stomach gives a low gurgling noise that made Jean grimace another sigh leaving her lips.

    “We will adjourn this meeting for now and reconvene when the Traveler returns after contacting the Millelith,” Jean announced to which the other captains merely sighed looking slightly relieved.

    She turns to Diluc who is staring at Kaeya wide-eyed and concerned. “Diluc, would you mind taking Kaeya to his office to rest for now?” She asked softly.

    Honestly, she wanted Kaeya to go home but at the moment he seemed as if he couldn’t walk home and sick or not she doubted Kaeya would like being carried home.

    Diluc is quiet for a moment before slowly nodding and Jean can’t help but notice that he looks a bit pale as well.

    “Are you alright? Not hungover too I hope,” she jokes keeping her tone light. She knows that Diluc doesn’t drink, not anymore at least.

    Diluc takes a deep breath before he nodded again, seeming slightly more composed. “Yes, I’ll be fine,” he said as he got up from his chair.

    While the other knight captains are beginning to file out of the room Kaeya remains sitting down, his head still buried in the trash can trembling, soft hiccups jolting his body and his legs almost drawn up to his chest.

    The room feels as though it's spinning around him, the horrible throbbing in his head leaving his brain feeling almost completely numb. His stomach hitches as he barely suppresses the gags that threaten to come out with each breath he takes.

    His stomach will not shut up either loud, tense gurgling coming from it that makes him internally cringe.

    “Kaeya, ” he hears Diluc say and he merely groans in response as he swallows audibly.

    Diluc lays a hand gently on his shoulder which makes Kaeya look up and Diluc grimaces.

    Kaeya's face is a mess, his nose is running, drool leaking from the corners of his mouth and running down his chin. His eye is glassy with tears and there’s a fine layer of sweat on his face.

    Diluc can feel Kaeya trembling beneath his hand and he scowls. Was it just him or did Kaeya feel really warm?

    “Diluc?” Kaeya mumbled, blinking slowly.

    “Come on, come with me, ” he told Kaeya softly, ignoring the glances of interest a few of the lingering knights gave him.

    Many people in Mondstadt had seen the way he and Kaeya treated each other, but it must’ve been different for them to see it up close.

    Diluc also ignores the shaking of his hands and the way his heart is pounding in his chest. Diluc didn't do well with illness but that didn't matter considering Kaeya really seemed to need him at the moment.

    Kaeya takes his hand and Diluc carefully helps him up, he does it slowly as well as he really doesn't want to be responsible for setting off his already sensitive stomach.

    Kaeya keeps clutching the trash can as Diluc leads him away from the room.

    “Don’t worry, we’re almost there, careful, ” Diluc assures him when Kaeya groans.

    He reaches out to steady him slightly when Kaeya sways as they walk up the stairs, his head still buried in the trash can as his shoulders shake with barely suppressed gags.

    Diluc doesn't bother hiding his sigh of relief when they finally reach Kaeya’s office. Still holding one of Kaeya’s hands he guide’s him to sit down on the sofa.

    “I-I don’t feel good, ” Kaeya whispered, lifting his head for a moment to look up at Diluc. His words slur together, his voice thick with nausea.

    “I know, ” Diluc sighed, scowling. He removes one of his gloves with his teeth, setting it aside as he reaches out his own trembling hand.

    He brushes Kaeya’s hair out of his face, then feels his throat with the back of his hand before reaching up to gently cup Kaeya’s cheek a small his leaving his mouth.

    It was just as he thought, Kaeya had a fever, and a high one at that.

    Kaeya groans, a soft whimper leaving his mouth as he closes his eye for a moment, leaning into Diluc’s touch.

    “Feels ni-nice, ” he whispers. His stomach gives a low gurgling noise and Kaeya groans practically curling in on himself as he brings the trash can to his mouth. He pants, drooling into it but nothing comes up.

    Diluc takes a deep shuddering breath trying to calm the panic gradually building in his mind. First things first he needed to take Kaeya’s temperature and see how high his fever actually was.

    Kaeya’s office is very familiar to Diluc because not only had he been here multiple times it had also once been his office when he was with the Knights.

    It doesn't take him long to find the first aid kit and he returns to Kaeya’s side thermometer in hand. Kaeya raises his head from the trash can as Diluc returns, an almost green tinge to his pale skin.

    “Stomach...hurts, ” Kaeya mumbled in between his panting.

    “I know it hurts, here lean forward and open your mouth, ” Diluc said, giving Kaeya a small sympathetic smile.

    Yes, it was true that he and Kaeya didn't always agree on many things and that they could be petty towards one another from time to time but that didn't mean that Diluc wanted to see Kaeya suffering like this.

    During the meeting, Diluc had initially thought that Kaeya had been hungover so he could help but roll his eyes a bit when Kaeya got up to get the trash can. After all, Kaeya rarely listened to Diluc about pacing himself when drinking, why would this time be any different. Now Diluc couldn't help but wish Kaeya had been hungover rather than whatever he was currently sick with.

    Kaeya swallows thickly around the thermometer in his mouth, feeling bile bubbling at the back of his throat as a particular awful cramp twists at his stomach, a low almost tense gurgling noise coming from it. A salty almost metallic taste coats his mouth and Kaeya’s breathing hitches, a second right before he suddenly lurches forward with a wet, guttural retch, a wave of thick, lumpy pale and yellow vomit spraying from his mouth as his stomach, finally clearly having had enough gives in to the nausea that been torturing him.

    Diluc jumps, making a noise very similar to a startled cat as the vomit pouring from Kaeya’s mouth splashes his clothes slightly.

    Diluc merely stands there, his eyes wide, his face practically white as a sheet, his hands trembling as a slight wave of dizziness washing over him.

    Kaeya gives a series of hiccups, still leaning over the mess on the floor as he pants, drool dripping from his mouth. He raises his head slightly, noticing the mess on Diluc’s clothes, along with the panic and fear in his eyes despite the fever-fueled haze clouding his mind.

    “I-I’m sorry, I-I couldn't hold it in, ” he whimpered. Kaeya’s body jolts with a loud wet burp and he frantically brings the trash can to his mouth as his bloated stomach heaves, practically convulsing as it sends another thick wave of vomit gurgling up his throat and pain streaking across it.

    The disgusting lumpy mixture of bile and the remains of his undigested breakfast practically congeals together as it falls from his lips and splatters into the trash can.

    Diluc closes his eyes for a moment taking deep shuddering breaths in through his mouth as he tries to ignore the fact that he can feel the warm vomit actively cooling on his clothes. He needed to calm down, he wouldn't be any help to Kaeya if he either fainted or had a panic attack.

    So he tries to focus on one thing that he just needed to help Kaeya and it definitely helps to soothe his panicking mind a bit. Later, if he wants to panic he can do it later.

    Diluc opens his eyes and with still trembling hands reaches out, gathering Kaeya’s hair back and away from his face as he manages to choke up another thick wave of vomit, his face pinching in pain as he does.

    Considering the sludge-like consistency of the mess, Diluc isn’t surprised that Kaeya’s in pain actually trying to get it up.

    “Kaeya, please you need to breathe, ” Diluc told him when Kaeya had been retching consistently for a bit, barely able to gasp for air before the next wave hit him.

    Some small part of Diluc can’t help the almost morbid fascination he feels at how much Kaeya was bringing up, the trash can was halfway full now after all.

    Kaeya groans his body jolting with a loud, gurgling burp as he brings up one final, small wave that leaves him dry heaving and hiccuping over the trash can. He greedily gasps for air, blinking away the black dots in his vision as he swallows, his stomach hitching slightly at the bitter disgustingly slimy taste coating his mouth. But nothing else comes up and Kaeya continues panting, drool dripping from his mouth.

    His stomach is still killing him and churning violently, he lays a hand on it grimacing when he feels it gurgling beneath his hand as tries to rub it slightly. Despite the horrible throbbing in his head, his mind does admittedly feel a bit clear now that he didn’t feel like he was going to gag with each breath.

    He opens his eye slightly when Diluc takes the trash can from him, setting it aside out of sight. Which was good he really didn’t want to set off his still upset stomach again.

    Kaeya closes his eye again, merely trying to catch his breath. He felt uncomfortably hot as if his body was burning from the inside out. Coughing he opens his eyes again when he hears Diluc moving around.

    “Here,” Diluc said, holding out some tissues for Kaeya to clean his face with.

    “Thank you,” Kaeya rasps, taking the tissues from him. His mind clearer he scowls, noticing just how much of a mess he made on not only the floor but Diluc’s clothes as well. “Oh Archons, I’m sorry.”

    Diluc shakes his head with a sigh. “It’s gross, yeah but it’s fine. You’re sick, not like you can help it.”

    Kaeya nods slowly as he finishes cleaning his face. He pauses for a moment screwing his eye shut when his hand puts pressure on a particularly sensitive spot on his stomach and he gags, Diluc grabs the trash can almost frantically holding it in front of Kaeya’s mouth as he coughs, retching up a wave of bile and saliva into the trash can.

    “You need to go home,” Diluc sighs softly, placing the trash can down as Kaeya sits there panting softly and carefully rubbing his stomach, his eye still closed.

    When Kaeya opens it and opens his mouth to speak, Diluc prepares himself for Kaeya’s usual stubborn refusals or excuses. But shockingly Kaeya slowly nods. “I know,” he whispered, his voice breaking slightly on the words. Truly a testament to how horrible he felt.

    Diluc grimaces. “Do you think you can walk there,” he asked. While he’s pretty sure he can carry Kaeya home if it really got to that point Diluc is also sure that neither one of them want that.

    Kaeya nodded slowly again. “Yeah, I feel a little better. At least good enough to walk,” he said softly.

    He holds out his hand for Kaeya to take and Kaeya does, his body still trembling with the exertion and nausea as he slowly stands. Diluc steadies him when he sways in place for a moment.

    “Are you sure you can walk,” Diluc said as he kept a grip on Kaeya’s arm with one hand.

    Kaeya merely nodded, taking a deep breath to clear the slight dizziness he felt.

    “Alright then, let’s get you home,” Diluc said, giving Kaeya a small sympathetic smile.

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  • sprayio
    22.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Fanfic is so valid yall. I think being able to create content for something you probably won’t gain money or ever have the rights to is so freeing. At the same time I see writers getting burnt out from piles of requests so there are 2 sides ofc, as there is with everything. I think its very beautiful to not have to worry about the commercial side with fanfic and just focus on artistic creation. I dont know if this makes sense haha,, falling asleep but tl;dr thank you fandom contributors! take care of urself muah

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  • alberivh
    22.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Highschool Sweetheart ( w/ diluc ) pt. 1

    a short fic of genshin man and their highschool sweetheart; whom only have several amount of time to live. (and how will they take all of these moments you have for granted)
    diluc x gn!reader
    MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, prescription/mentions of ilness, heavy angst, comfort/hurt, slight fluff
    a/n ; back to these classical angst trope haha,, working on the event request right now haha, kind of excited honestly. Also once again, Thank you for your support! <3 have a pleasant day ahead

    diluc — a warm embrace

    Meeting you was a blessing, he convinced. Like those sweet-creeps on tv show, both you and him are lovers to adore in your highschool. Diluc, your highschool sweetheart, he has always been this perfect; a charming prince with an accent of nobility, he was a definition of wish upon the star. but nothing could change the fact he was in love with no one..the unknown and the purest of em all. a not so well coincidence to begin with. Well, after-all…love has no bounds, correct? So why not..he accept this mortality? aside..from the fact you both were a soulmate for one another, beside the fact he was in love with a dying soul, above the fact he was hopeless to begin this tale, it was too late.

    His heart beat balanced it’s ballad with your breath, leading his palm to stroke your hair; soft and soothing, a lullaby with no hook. And within each strokers of kisses, he devoted himself; leading you to no end of addiction, realizing how lovely it is for diluc to stay every each hour and then. Making a warmth radiance every second he pass to your room, you were grateful for his presence..and always have been. And those loving realization stick through your head till how death seperated you both.

    Monitor everywhere around the shell of your body, inflated and connected to veins and organs you have. gaining a life for someone who’s dying. He wasn’t so sure if it’s right for him to assured you’ll be fine or sort. He wasn’t the one who’s dying, it was you..so how could he assured you, how could he stay..? when you’re about to go; to a place he could only dream of. So every night he stay, every kisses he lingers are honest devotions, touches of memories which past, cliché of warmth embodiment and embraces of the stars apart. He was the moonlight you ought, the warm embracement of heavens apart. The body of radiance, he was your home. Warm..beautiful..perfect. Diluc you’re so warm and it always make me feel as if i was alive. I like that..i’m grateful for that.

    he stroke your hair once more. Making sure you were safe in his arm. he wouldn’t go, obviously. He also wouldn’t let go. And just because you’ll fade, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t devote himself to you any longer. He was hopeless, but he wouldn’t give up this fast. Not you, please. He begs on his knees for the archon mercy, but the gods are deaf to their peoples wishes. Gods are selfish, even barbatos, the god who ought freedom are blind to diluc’s nobility and purity. It seems like he was nothing to the gods, ever since his sin turned into his impurity. They are gods, who are they to listen to mortals plea? They deserve their freedom to choose whatever they love because they are god’s. every each subjects, reunions, and meetings, he skip it..he crushed it, he’ll do it all just for you. His highschool day was a mess. Those plea he yells when his knees touch the statue of the impurity was a memory he couldn’t forgot. The breath who whisper amongst his ears were nothing. death would grow, so do his life would fall. but you’re still here and it’s going to be alright…it’s going to be a—

    Alright. That’s how he woke up to a decent crook of a bird. It was almost 8pm now, his body was trembling in fear. Leaving cold sweats in his forehead. He was laying in the same position, with dark roses petals on his palm and some white lilies all over the grass he laid his body on. He remembers nothing but the small presence of you behind his mind. He wanders to the sky, searching the brightest star he could; while realizing the tears that formed into his eyes. to the upmost sincerity of the galaxy, he called out your name. Once upon a time those name remembered him of loyalty…now, it reminded him of, home.

    The bird in your tombstone chirp it’s lullaby to diluc’s void. the stone where he laid his fingertips on. The stone where he trust his whole life on, it was full of memory and..beauty. As The star was so bright tonight, making diluc’s attention gone too many ways. it was shining..like the wish you made upon your last birthday. To be one of the part of the galaxy, to be your soulmate, and to be your next highschool sweetheart. And to the afterlife, i reborn as the brightest star.

    Tonight he found you. The brightest star amongst the all. The part of the galaxy and an afterlife whom waited for his presence.

    “i found you again, my dear.”

    #diluc x reader #diluc ragnvindr x reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #diluc x y/n #diluc ragnvindr x y/n #genshin impact #genshin impact fanfic #genshin impact diluc #genshin impact diluc ragnvindr #diluc ragnvindr#diluc#genshin diluc#diluc angst #diluc ragnvindr angst #diluc x reader angst
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  • qingxin-s
    22.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    ˗ˏˋ ᴜɴᴅɪꜱᴄʟᴏꜱᴇᴅ ᴅᴇꜱɪʀᴇꜱ : ᴛʜᴏᴍᴀ x ꜰ.ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ´ˎ˗

    note: sorry for going afk again,,,,,life is busy y’know? but i have such huge brain  rot for this man so i had to write something for him
    synopsis: you haven’t lived the best life, and this whole vision decree hunt had only added more stress. but a particular man wants to help with your undisclosed desires. [kinda inspired by undisclosed desires by muse if you squint]
    genre: angsty kinda, thoma being head over heels for you
    warning(s): not proofread
    word count: 0.7k words

    Life hadn't been the kindest to the poor girl, constantly throwing hardship after hardship her way. First, having to flee from her hometown due to a rumour about her family. Then, her parents being taken away from her due to the visions they bared. She had no one...she was alone.

    So she learnt to block herself away from the world, to present herself as cold and unlovable. And it worked! The citizens of Inazuma would no longer wave good morning to her, the shopkeepers would no longer strike up conversation with her or give her good deals. She had successfully outcasted herself.

    But no matter how cold she let herself onto be, she couldn't hide the deep emotions bubbling inside her. The anger, the violence. She wanted nothing more than to strike the Shogun down and give her parents their visions back. So she joined a secret organisation built to put a stop to the decree, and to restore peace to Inazuma. But little did she know...one of the members was to become the bane of her existence.

                                                 '*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'

    "Good morning, Miss (L/N)!" The all too familiar blonde beamed as she walked into Komore Teahouse, and her mood was instantly soured.

    "Hi" She murmured, and the blonde clutched his heart in mock hurt. He was wearing his usual bright smile, and he patted the ground next to him to signal for her to sit with him. She rolled her e/c hues, and she sat opposite him- earning a pout in return.

    "Harsh, as usual" He sighed, and she turned her head to ignore him. His name was Thoma, and he worked very closely with the Kamisato Clan. She had considered being more civil with him due to his status and importance to the vision decree, but she just couldn't bring herself to do so. She had an image to uphold after all.

    The air was heavy as the two sat in silence, waiting for their leader. But after 30 minutes had passed she began to realize that their leader had most likely been caught up in other business. Which if that was the case...was odd. Thoma was Miss Kamisato's personal bodyguard, so why wasn't he with her?

    "Well...I don't think Miss Ayaka is showing up. I'll see you next week" She grumbled as she stood, plucking up her weapon as she headed towards the doorway. But she was stopped by a firm grip on her wrist. She turned with her eyebrows laced in confusion, and was greeted with a stern face. Odd...he was never one to look serious.

    "It's only the two of us today, I did this on purpose" He started, holding up a gloved finger to silence her as she opened her mouth to speak. His grip was still firm, the cold leather of his glove stopping any pain she might have felt from the grasp.

    "I wanted to talk to you...alone" Thoma finished, leading her back towards the table and sliding her weapon off her shoulder for her. Her lip wobbled ever so slightly, and she was trying desperately to keep her composure- she couldn't let him know how affected by his touch she was.

    "I wasn't aware that there was anything for us to talk about" She muttered, and he shook his head ever so slightly. Removing his hand from her wrist, he was quick to wrap her in an embrace- pulling her against his chest.

    "Just...I know this is all an act. I know you're struggling, that you're not as cold and unlovable as you make yourself out to be. I want to reconcile the violence in your heart, I want to show you that you don't have to be angry all the time. It pains me to see you so distraught" Thoma whispered as he rubbed circles into her back, and her eyes widened in shock. How did he know?

    But the answer was simple. The two had been working with one another for years, he would have been a fool not to notice her act. Since they had met, he had become devoted to breaking into her cold interior- devoted to fix her hardships.

    "I'm going to help get your parents visions back, and I'm going to exorcise any demons from your past" He finished as he pulled away, wiping away a stray tear from her cheek with his thumb.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact fanfic #genshin x reader #genshin fanfic #thoma x reader #tohma x reader #thoma genshin impact #tohma genshin impact #anime#fanfic#x reader#oneshot
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  • ohmykazuha
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    physical touch

    order: SENCHA (煎茶)

    from the customer: xiao, scaramouche x gn!reader

    warning: fluff

    a/n: fluff!!! all the fluff!!! lets get it past 200? maybe? :"D


    Xiao's embrace is.. warm. It is comfort, it is love. You can feel the warmth within each hug and the love that radiates from it, even if he doesn't outwardly show it. The way he looks at you is enough. He cares for you as well. Xiao shows it in the way he swings your intertwined hands, the way he rubs his thumb over your knuckle when you're anxious, the way he holds you to sleep. Xiao does not come off as a physically-affectionate person to people, but he allows himself to be more tactile with you. He is caring, and he is kind.

    He genuinely does love you. A quiet love emanates from him each time he gets to hold you or talk about you. He looks at you with the greatest sense of pride, thankful that he can call you his. Each night is spent with him, cuddling and falling asleep with each other.

    "They're mine," He thinks, and every day he thanks the Archons that they blessed him with you. He wouldn't trade you for the world.


    Scaramouche is not one for physical touch. Like a cat to water, he avoids it the best he can – but he would willingly hug and cuddle you anytime. He holds you at night as you fall asleep – he's usually the big spoon, but will be a little spoon occasionally. He holds your hand as the two of you walk through the park, him lightly jeering at the children at the playground. He is Scaramouche, after all.

    Whether he admits it or not, he cannot deny that he loves the feel of your touch. Because of your touch soothing his anxiousness every time he gets nervous, he loves you and he loves your tactileness. He is not tactile, but he loves you enough to tell you that he loves you by his touch. As a... emotionally detached person, Scaramouche didn't understand why your need for touch was so evident, but he respected it nonetheless. He grew to love that side of you – the side which always accepted hugs and cuddles.

    He's proud that he can call you his. He understands you and your tactileness, and he loves you dearly. Even if he doesn't show it sometimes, Scaramouche is definitely down for hugs and cuddles.

    hehe this was cute! hope yall liked it, like/rb if you did!!!
    taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondto-fu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @geolatt3u, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge
    #jia's works 🌾 #jiawrites #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin character x reader #genshin writing#genshin fanfic #genshin impact fanfic #genshin fanfiction #genshin impact fanfiction #genshin impact writing #genshin impact#genshin xiao #xiao x reader #xiao x gn reader #genshin scaramouche #scaramouche x reader #xiao fluff#scaramouche fluff#ohmykazuha100#comfort fluff #genshin males x reader #genshin males x gn reader
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  • genshintea
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    - when you're jealous ✿

    pairing: kaeya alberich x fem! reader

    category: fluff + headcanons

    content/trigger warning(s):

    - mod keqing

    kaeya just LOVES to tease you, especially when he finds out that you get jealous easily
    he will purposely flirt with other women and act so oblivious to it, just to get a reaction out of you
    if you're this kind of person - the most successful way to get back at kaeya is to flirt with his adoptive brother, diluc.
    kaeya will get really mad when he sees you so close with diluc, and that's why it's so successful! so he'll drag you away from wherever you were with diluc, and literally interrogate you
    "why are you talking with him?"
    "do you like him more than me?"
    "what are you trying to do?"
    when he figures out what you were doing, he'll apologize, though on the inside he's bursting with laughter
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  • ppsycho
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    Yandere genshin x modern reader

    Part 2


    “(Y/n)… uhh you drooling”

    “Paimon is sure that you are hungry… me too! Just the thought of food made my mouth drool” Paimon said

    “Y-yeah but mine is different kind of food… uhhm anyway…didn’t you say you would take us to mondstadt?”

    You asked amber

    “Uh! Yes, but first I have to take care of something, come on I can keep you safe while doing it” she said

    You went with her and saw the monster camp, aether help her, you decided to open your game to fight using aether.

    He was shocked that he got stronger, you wanted to use the other characters but you saw a weird option

    “Use elements?” You clicked on it and it gave you options of all the elements.

    “I can use that instead of bringing a character, that would be more fun and useful”

    You used cryo.

    “Huh? Where did that come from?” Amber said then looked at you

    “How did you bring that element”

    You pointed at your Nintendo, she was amazed by it.

    “Wow, so you do hold some power in you”Paimon said. Aether was disappointed, maybe he should take that thing from you.

    You followed her to mondstadt

    “Welcome to mondstadt!”Amber said

    “Finally no more having to camp outdoors.. but the city don’t look so cheerful” Paimon said

    “Everyone bing put out of place because of storm terror, but everything will turn out fine as long as jean’s with us”

    They talking a little about Jean and storm terror

    “Before I take you guys to the knights of favonius headquarters, I have a present for you two” amber said

    “Hey! Why doesn’t Paimon get a gift!”

    “Because it’s useless to you… come on give me my wind glider, I want to glide!” You said with excitement

    They looked at you, why would say that like you know what’s the present is

    “H-how did you know?”

    You got got, how you gonna cover it up

    “Uhhh, I … I can read minds, BUT!! It doesn’t work all the time so don’t ask me to read anyone minds”

    They believe what you said, why would someone so beautiful and kind like you lie you’re so pure no way you do anything wrong.

    Aether tried the gliders and did so well, you on the other hand….

    As soon as you jumped from the high ground you couldn’t open the gliders

    “Aaaaaaaaaa!!! aether !! Help me!!” He jumped to help you before you even opene your mouth, he caught you and glides down with you

    “Why couldn’t I use them, I was so excited to fly” amber comfort you, she can’t imagine not bing able to glide she saw how excited you were

    “It’s okay honey, everyone needs time to be able to master gliding even me” you looked at her and nodded

    “That right” you said

    “Don’t you worry, I’ll be the one who teaches you, I’ll make sure you can glide in no time” she said with proud face

    ‘It’s my time to show her that I’m the right one for her’ she thought, already thinking about where your first date gonna be.

    Aether caught on that, he pulled you to him showing that you already taken

    ‘Ugh, even tho amber gave me the best gliders I can’t do it… I’m not aether I’m myself in this world’

    Coming to the realisation that you can get hurt or maybe worst… DIE… but that won’t stop you from exploring.

    The weather started to change to the worst, you heard a loud noise and storm terror showed up, people started running away.

    Strong tornado showed up you ran from it with amber, aether and Paimon but it caught you, aether was quick to pull you and throw you on amber causing him to be the one the tornado get.

    “No!!” You quickly opened your game, you help him aim on the dragon.

    He heard venti voice guiding him

    “Wow, your aim is really good” Paimon said

    Aether came down, you rushed to him with amber.

    You heard someone clapping

    “You got the power to go against the dragon, are you. A new ally or a new storm” Kaeya said

    You didn’t like kaeya that much but it doesn’t stop you from wanting him.

    He looked at you, you hid behind aether your face all red

    “Who we got over there? Are you an angel if some kind?” He asked

    “She might be, Paimon is sure (y/n) is an angel” she said, you couldn’t help but snatch her and hugging her, she laughed

    “A-stop, haha, you’re tickling Paimon, haha”

    You didn’t notice how the three we’re looking at you with love and lust, thinking of every scenario of them having you, even if it’s meant to lock you somewhere.

    “How about you let go of that flying thing and hug me instead” kaeya said

    “Hey!!! Who are you calling a flying thing!? Paimon have a name and it’s Paimon! Not a flying thing!”

    “Yeah! Don’t disrespect her!.. it’s okay Paimon don’t pay him any attention” you said, hugged her, she parried her face between your chest with smug smile looking at the three who were about to kill her.



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  • 5aph
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    butterfly clips

    your daughter + butterfly clips + diluc’s red poofy hair is bound to be an entertaining afternoon for the ragnivndr family.

    note: your twin boys are named alexander (older twin) and addison (younger twin), and your little girl is sofia or sofie as a nickname :) i thought it was cute

    i’m a family blog now 🧍‍♀️

    after having twin boys, you and diluc decided to have another. a girl, sofia ragnivndr. the boys were quickly enamoured by her and the way her golden brown eyes blinked up at them, that included diluc. now with your boys at twelve and your little girl at five, you couldn’t help but stare in awe and marvel at the years that had gone by.

    little sofie had your features from head to toe but her untameable hair was most definitely from diluc. your boys, alexander and addison, however had taken diluc’s fiery red hair. you were glad that only alexander took his untameable characteristic, you were sure you heard your brush and hair ties sigh in relief as well.

    “can i pleeeaase play with your hair?” sofia glanced up at her older brother with big, puppy dog eyes.

    addison was speechless and looked over to you for help. “w-why me…?” he was almost whining.

    “because! daddy said he was busy…”

    you quietly sighed. diluc had been buried in a boat load of paperwork, not to mention the nighttime activities that refused to cease over the years. even you hadn’t had the time to see your husband.

    “i’ll let you play with my hair if you want,” xander said. he sat down on the floor with his back against the couch.

    sofia was more than happy to play with xander’s hair, especially since he had the same poofy hair as diluc.

    giggling, she climbed over the couch with an arm full of colourful bands and a bag of clips by her side. she even had two types of brushes and a comb wedged under the hair ties—your daughter was ready to get to work.

    addison examined her bag of clips, “what’s this?”

    “those are my clips!” she was gathering a handful of xander’s hair. “adelinde gave me some butterfly clips, and i also have a bajillion bobby pins, and i have the flat ones too, and some hair ties with the little bobbles that mommy puts in my hair.”

    xander winced. “please don’t use those.”


    the ornament diluc gave you the night before your wedding shimmered in the corner of your eye and you raised an eyebrow at your daughter.

    “is that my clip?”

    all three of your children froze and your daughter let out a nervous laugh. “can i use it mommy?”

    their reactions almost made you laugh. you didn’t expect them to think that they were in trouble, not even xander or addison. but knowing your boys, they would probably try to save their little sister from trouble.

    “as long as you’re careful with it while you do my hair.”

    her eyes sparkled. “okay! you can sit here so it’s like you guys are in line like the hair store.”

    she glanced at addison who had a troubled look on his face. “are you sure you don’t want me to do your hair too? i can let you use the butterfly clips if you want.”

    as if that wasn’t enough to tempt your son, sofia had a smug look on her face. you pat the spot next to you and with that he resigned.

    sofia giggled. “imagine if i just went snip snip,” she was still giggling, “you’d be bald—“

    “—no!” xander jumped from his seat.

    “don’t worry, only i’m allowed to touch your hair with scissors.”

    still, xander looked wary. it wasn’t like his hair let anyone touch it anyway, same went for diluc. even before your first pregnancy whenever you showered or bathed with diluc you always did have a hard time reaching his scalp.

    addison with thinner hair on the other hand pointed at his brother, “pffft! bald.”

    you rolled your eyes. “the day your brother goes bald will be the day i start finding all the hair ties i lost in your father’s head.”

    that seemed to ease your son’s worries and he sat back down.

    addison leaned against you. “i’m glad i got your hair mom.”

    you kissed the top of his head. “not my hair colour though, only sofia got that.”

    “yeah!” she shouted and you thought she was going to fall off the couch. “we’re like a necklace. we should make necklaces next! or earrings!”

    “is there room for one more?” you heard your husband say. he had loosened the top button of his shirt and he no longer donned the vest he wore this morning.

    “hey,” you greeted. though it sounded more like a question.

    “hey yourself,” he said. he looked good in his shirt.

    “daddy! daddy! look! lexie looks just like you! then i’m gonna do mommy’s hair, then i’m going to cut addi’s!”


    xander cackled. “pfft! bald!”

    “adelinde told me about the little hair dresser downstairs and i thought i should check it out, you know, change my hair up a little too?”

    sofia frowned. “but i don’t wanna lose any of my fingers in your hair.”

    both your sons sputtered, howling in laughter. you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, cracking a smile at their contagious hyena-like laughs.

    xander was on the ground rolling and gasping for air. “s-sofie! you, you can’t just say that!”

    “you- you can’t talk! your hair’s just as bad!” addison quipped.

    you ran a hand through diluc’s hair, he looked like he’s aged a decade from being cooped up in his office for so long but you wonder if it was that or if age really had taken a toll on the two of you. “are you sure? you’re not too busy, diluc?”

    “i’m sure,” he places a kiss on the back of your hand and there was a glint in his eye. it reassured you to know that no matter how many strands of grey hair you might grow, he would find you just as beautiful as the day he fell in love.

    diluc lowered his voice, loud enough for only you to hear, his thumbs tracing circles across your knuckles and he had a far away look to him. “there won’t be other times like this, we should savour it while we still can.”

    you leaned into his ear with a laugh. “you know they’re laughing at you right?”

    “oh yeah.” diluc cleared his throat. “boys—“

    and they froze.

    sofie now had multiple clips in her hair and another mischievous giggle bubbling in her throat, “wuh oh! someone’s in trouble!”


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