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  • lovesukii
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    —yandere headcanons.

    ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ: xɪᴀᴏ
    ᴛᴡ;ʏᴀɴᴅᴇʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇs,ᴠᴇʀʏ ᴜɴʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜʏ ʙᴇʜᴀᴠɪᴏʀ.

    ▪︎Xiao is aware of his unhealthy behavior from the beginning. Let alone the fact that he feels such a strong attachment for a mere human. Pathetic. He's anything but delusional and before he will even talk to you, he would drown himself in thoughts about why he feels like that. You didn't even know him all that much, but you could swear that you can sense a look directed at you sometimes. Xiao enjoys observing you from afar when he's done with work, it is relaxing for him even. And he is good at what he does. Most of the time you won't even notice that Xiao looks at you, at least when he doesn't want you to notice.

    ▪︎At first, you didn't notice any difference in his behavior towards you and different people. Even if he's yandere, Xiao still has a tsundere manner in himself. Even if he doesn't want to admit it. Well, Xiao has a big soft spot on you. If you're oblivious, there's no way you will notice it but it's fair easy to see how his gaze softens whenever his eyes are directed at you. He isn't rough with you and will take his time to open up to you. Which only will cause his obsession over you to grow, day after day. There's no way of stopping him, no one can stop him when he decided to make you his. Despite the situation he is in, Xiao doesn't care actually, giving it a second thought. All he wants is for you to be safe and in his arms.

    ▪︎Xiao has no experience, whatsoever. He tends to be very jealous and possessive without giving it much of a thought. Why should he share you?  He hates it when you pay attention to someone else for too long. Everyone, especially the person who bothers you can sense his hateful and angry look in his eyes. Xiao may not look intimidating for everyone, but believe me, when he's jealous, he sure will be. Xiao won't be lenient with whoever dared to take you away from him. He killed before, why shouldn't he now? The audacity some people have cannot go unpunished. He lives by that. From your perspective though, it is quite weird. Random people who you had a chance to talk with, were gone. Sometimes even, found dead. Xiao makes sure that you don't find out that he's the one responsible for this. As an adepti, he could easily go away with that. But there's too much chance that you'd escape from him when you would find out about this. (as you should tho.)

    ▪︎Xiao wants you to love him. More then everything. He never knew the affection from a lover, and he won't ever stop craving it form you. His grip is usually so strong, as he would never want you to leave, which is true. It takes a bold amount of time to get away from his loving embrace.

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  • https-pterodactyl
    19.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    hello little gay people in my phone, this morning i would like to offer you some genshin headcanons/theories because i am too lazy to make a doc

    starting with the dendro archon, kusanali:

    -we obviously have no idea what shes gonna look lime but i think she'll look one of two ways: grandma clothes, cardigans, glasses and all OR like amber, simply she'll be a dendro amber

    -she most likely acts similar to amber too tho, considering whay we've heard of her so far shes the youngest god, i hope she'll be playful much like izzy from mlp: new gen.

    -freckles and brown skin pls mhyo we need a poc archon

    -adding on to the last one, her colour palette could be that of a tree's colours, brown skin, dark brown (or green) hair fading into a lighter green

    -bow user, affectionate

    -i think she might get distracted easily, looking at shiny things very adhd coded

    -she has a few pet snakes but cant remember the names of them sjdjd

    -tries her best to keep track of all the sumeru academia students but just c a n t

    - her hair is probably the s o f t e s t thing ever fjxjd also yes its curly bc i said so-

    - she probably hides some of her emotions behind a happy-go-lucky smile, as dainsleif said the god of wisdoms enemy is wisdom itself', so going off of that, i think she's upset about it, not knowing things sucks, and not remembering things sucks worse and she tries her best not to let others know about it

    -she also probably wishes she weren't a god, she hates it, she jus wants to be human, completely human and not bearing any responsibilities

    #i could think of more but thats all for now skxk #idk if these are headcannons or not but eh dkjdjc #im excited for her regardless if any of these are true #genshin impact#dendro archon #genshin impact headcanons #pterodactyl talks lol
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  • xiaowhore
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    au where you're in a secret relationship with thoma that you keep hidden because you're a noble of upper standing and your parents would never allow you to have a lover they don't approve of. the time you introduced thoma to your family ended in disaster — he was slapped by your seething mother and immediately escorted out of the premises. you'd been forbidden to meet him ever since.

    but thoma couldn't possibly leave it at that. so you meet in secret, sharing kisses in the cover of the dark, far away from prying eyes. you link pinkies and whisper promises, hoping for an unattainable future where you can be together freely.

    your dream falls apart before it could even begin. afraid you'll bring yet again a disappointing partner in your next infatuation, your parents took matters into their own hands and arranged an engagement for your sake.

    you're not even given time to shed tears at the abrupt revelation, promptly excused to your room to dress your finest. the doll-like face that stares back at you in the mirror looks like it's mocking you.

    you contemplate your choices in the carriage, considering running away from your home. perhaps you could embarrass yourself in front of your potential husband so horribly that your parents would disown you. or maybe-

    you pause when you start to recognize where the carriage is going. the foliage you pass by, pathways that are all too familiar to you, servants that belong to one particular commission lined up in two lines to welcome your arrival, and...

    the unmistakable figure of your beloved, not too far off where you stand.

    the confusion is evident in his eyes, unable to comprehend your reason to visit. as far as he knew, your family wasn't acquainted with the kamisatos. thoma wasn't present in the estate's preparations this morning, out for his own share of errands, but what could possibly be taking place here...?

    you take a deep breath when you hear a set of footsteps, reluctant to tear your eyes from the ground. you feel your mother tug on your sleeve to coax you into looking up, and left with no choice, you hesitantly face forward.

    his regal presence is overwhelming.

    a kind smile rests on his face, warm eyes looking over you fondly. your mouth dries, and you almost forget to bow in respect if it weren't for your mother tugging on your clothes again.

    “thank you for making time to meet us today,” your father exchanges the same old pleasantries, displaying his practiced smile. ayato chuckles, mirroring his show of courtesy.

    “it's an honor to have you here.”

    you can't help but flinch when his curious gaze lands on you. with a few strides, he steps to the position in front of you, extending an arm. thoma scrutinizes the hand you place on top of his.

    color drains from thoma's face the moment he sees ayato press a kiss on your knuckles.

    “i'm quite a lucky man, soon to be wed to someone as beautiful as you.” he doesn't falter even as your expression twists into something unpleasant, fingers trembling in his grasp. “i look forward to seeing you more, [name].”

    briefly, thoma considers his chances. ayato was his friend before his master, and he was never interested in things like romance. maybe it was the elders who arranged this marriage for him. if he told ayato that he loved you, then maybe- maybe he'd help you and him to-

    thoma's hopes are crushed when he sees the bright gleam in ayato's eyes, the undeniable spark of interest he has for you.

    it's only a matter of time before this love gets messy.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact headcanons #genshin x reader #genshin impact scenarios #thoma x reader #thoma imagines #ayato x reader #ayato imagines #ayato kamisato x reader
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  • mooscutely
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "sweet dreams"

    summary; how genshin boys react when you're having nightmares
    Pairings; kazuha x gn!reader, gorou x gn!reader, xiao x gn! reader, thoma x gn!reader
    Genre; fluff
    Warnings; mentions of trembling, crying, sweating etc.; nightmares but not briefly said what nightmares are about.


    Sings lullabies at first, and then tunes on a leaf.

    He's sleeping peacefully at first, right next to you. But then he hears those faint whispers of the wind,, telling him to get up and he wakes up.
    He's a very light sleeper. Travelling for a long time awakes that habit, just in case there's danger nearby and you have to move, you know? so it doesn't take long for him to wake up. He's very worried and seeing you trembling doesn't make it better.
    Sings some lullabies at first because poor bby doesn't know what to do in these situations.
    He's never really had to deal with these situations except for when he got them, but this was different. It wasn't him. It was you.
    When he sees that his lullabies didn't have any effect, he does what he knows you love.
    Tunes on his leaf of course!
    He lays a little, resting his head on the headboard, and starts playing.
    He can see you visibly relax after a few minutes of playing,,and he's relieved. Though the question lingers in his head, why did you have such a,, terrifying nightmare? he decided to let it go..for now,,he slipped the blanket on both of you and went to sleep, holding you in his arms

    Rest utc!!


    Wraps his tail around you and kisses parts of your face

    Gorou is actually awake when he sees that you're having a nightmare.
    He was discussing battle plans with kokomi, and right after dismissal when he enters the bedroom and sees you crying in your sleep,, he immediately runs to hold you.
    he could honestly care less about what nightmare you're having. It's not that he doesn't care, it's because you're his first priority and he needs to make YOU feel better. His own curiosity doesn't come first.
    Whispers sweet nothings in your ear and wraps his tail around you in hopes to turn your nightmares into dreams.
    He kisses your eyes, your nose and your forehead. Not your lips even if you've been dating for two years cause consent is sexy.
    He will hold you as if there is no tomorrow. You don't even need a blanket at this point he's literally covering all of you.
    Until he hears your crying stop and knows that your nightmares are gone, you best believe he isn't going to stop kissing your face and tears away.


    Eats your nightmares away [affectionate]

    Not even kidding he literally eats your nightmares away.
    He actually isn't even there with you when you're having a nightmare. Only comes when he hears you calling his name. Regrets not coming to check up on you when his heart told him to.
    doesn't know what to do at first, just awkwardly stands there while you're trembling. He knows he has to do something, but what?
    He hesitantly places his spear standing next to the wall, and sits down next to you. What to do? He didn't want to see you in fear, like this.
    His mind told him to just,, eat them away. He could do that, being an adeptus.
    And so he did. He kissed your forehead, and sucked those nightmares right away. Seeing your peaceful face brought a smile to his. The nightmares sure were bitter,, but, if you were having these nightmares again,, he wouldn't hesitate to eat them away.
    Contemplates later, on whether he should leave or stay,,but his heart tells him to stay. (It's not like he likes you or anything!! /j) it's only to make sure you don't have nightmares again,,yeah.


    He thinks you're having a fever

    Poor bby thinks you're having a fever when he sees you, all sweaty and trembling :((
    He's just a simple (not so actually but whatever) housekeeper,,he doesn't actually know how to differentiate between nightmares and fevers :,((
    He covers your forehead in a warm, wet cloth and brings some warm blankets too,,he would make some hot soup too, but it's midnight and he didn't want to disturb anyone else.
    he goes to sleep too :,)) he thinks you're fine and there's no reason to be worried :,))
    Wakes up at 4 am cause he needed some water and when he looks at you his mind goes into panic mode cause why the hell were you crying in your sleep
    Wakes you up cause he didn't know what else to do,,and now there's a very worried thoma and a very confused you because you don't remember your nightmare.
    And yes i will add, at 4 am as well so both of you just go back to sleep in utter confusion,,and well worry on Thoma's part.

    © mooscutely all works belong to me. Do not copy/repost/translate my works in any way.

    #👻 [𝔴𝔯𝔦𝔱𝔢𝔰]#kazuha fluff #kazuha x reader #genshin impact kazuha #gorou x reader #gorou fluff #genshin impact gorou #xiao x reader #xiao fluff #genshin impact xiao #thoma fluff #thoma x reader #genshin impact thoma #genshin headcanons#genshin scenarios#genshin imagines#genshin fluff #genshin impact x reader #genshin#genshin xiao#genshin kazuha#genshin gorou#genshin thoma
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  • shamebymitski
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Making NSFW headcanons for characters I'm not familiar with based off appearance 1/?

    Arataki Itto Edition

    - He definitely has fangs/jagged teeth

    - Has a long tongue. Whenever you get hurt or something, he'll lick the wound to "help it heal"

    - He's surprisingly inexperienced with sex but that does NOT mean he's shy or timid. He'll just get a bit confused as to why he feels so affected by you. He explores your body, just touching/licking and seeing your reaction, making you cum several times and watching curiously.

    - "You're wet here, y/n..." He would say in a bit of awe as if he doesn't know he's turning you on.

    - I get tsundere himbo vibes from him. Not much of an obvious romantic but will show his love by always protecting you even above himself.

    - It's super easy to turn him on, he'll want to fuck you several times a day. EVERYTHING is a turn on, from the way you look when you're tired, the way you smell, even the way you call his name, this man is a horny bundle of nerves.

    - He does get a little embarrassed when he gets turned on in front of you, he feels a bit like he's losing his cool. He seems like a prideful person (sorta like inuyasha?). If you tease him about it, he'll get even more flustered and deny it vehemently.

    - He loses control during sex easily, fucking you too fast, overstimulating you because he has so much stamina. He fucks you like he's trying to breed you. He likes being on top with you clutching onto his arms, maybe even digging your nails into his skin or scratching him.

    - The first time you ever sleep together, neither of you were expecting it to happen. There's no forethought or seduction just the two of you reaching your limits for sexual tension.

    #arataki x reader #arataki itto#genshin itto#genshin headcanons #itto x reader #itto smut#headcanon #I don't play genshin I just like hot people.
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  • cynettic
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ( gn!reader x scaramouche )

    Summary - Scaramouche is not a hopeless romantic. But perhaps... 

    Pairings - gn!Reader x Scaramouche

    A/N - I wrote this on a whim listening to asmr of rain after a super bad day at school and volleyball. Fictional characters really are the best <3

    The soft pitter patter of the rain on wood awoke Scaramouche, a gentle soothing noise that sang only of sleep and a lazy day. The harsh winds howling in the distance, leaves brushing against the glass of his window as it bounced up and down with the droplets. Calm, he felt safe in the warmth of his covers, letting sleep overtake him.

    “I love you.”

    Your lips pressed against his forehead was the second contact to crack his eyes open. The rain once again playing the sluggish morning anthem, coaxing him into the new warmth beside him as you slipped underneath his covers. 

    Scaramouche stared half lidded, “What is this?”


    The covers were a beige, a darker shade of pillows complimenting the palette of the room. But the curtains covered all but the tree that lobbed to the side, casting a dark hue into the room and maintaining the morning at a slow pace.

    He didnt hesitate when mumbling, “Disgusting,” under his breath. And it was only when you pulled away that he leaned further into you. His small body flushed against yours, you wouldve been able to see the slight tint of red on his cheeks if you looked down.

    You leaned back down on your back, and Scaramouche followed suite and cuddled up on top of you. His head on your chest with both hands on either side of you.

    “Do it again.”

    It was you who was tired, slow when chuckling at his giddy response. “Hm?”

    “This…” Pensive eyes now seemed fully awake as he hesitated, a bitter taste on his tongue at the mere word. “Affection.”

    He knew the words that you held back, the same, ‘you’re so cute,’ stare you always gave him when he was soft. When he spoke with his heart and not his mind, letting the words he wanted to let go fall with the morning rain. Because you were his sanctuary, the roof in his haven that held back the bad weather. Kept the raging storms in his head at bay, holding him so close, suffocatingly so that all he could think about was you.

    Scaramouche was not a hopeless romantic.

    You leaned down at his request, pressing your lips against his skin once more before pulling away. Again, the same warmth ran through his veins, quickly sweeping through the rest of his body and leaving the heat of the blanket a hoax in comparison to your touch.

    He was not a hopeless romantic.

    But perhaps he’d consider it, for you.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact oneshots #genshin impact fanfiction #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact hc #genshin impact scaramouche #scaramouche #genshin impact x reader #soft scaramouche #reader x scaramouche #scaramouche x reader #cynshealthysfw#<3
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  • teyvattwriter
    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Wanna Bet?

    ❧ Anon asked: Are NSFW requests ok? Because I've got this thing in my head for a while and I was hoping someone could write something for it... If they are not ok, that's fine. So... basically in this scenario, Childe likes the reader and the reader likes him back because she refuses to acknowledge and accept it, since he's a Fatui and an idiot. But, after seeing his soft side towards his family and the ones he loves and all that, she could not help it. She was madly in love with him, even if she didn't want to. Despite all this, they happen to hook up from time to time. Childe teases Y/N a little and this one time he's teasing her about stopping and just leaving her right there, to prove that she likes and needs him. But, she says that he wouldn't do it because he is enjoying it more than she is... all this, leads to a (play) fight over dominance as they try to pleasure each other all they can, and well... the first one to cum loses.

    ❧ Genre: suggestive/smut

    ❧ Words: 725

    ❧ Warnings: written with fem!reader in mind but I don’t think there are any female identifiers

    ❧ Synopsis: You hated that you loved Childe and finally your feelings caught up with you

    ❧ A/N: this is my second time writing this because tumblr decided to crash right as I was about to post this (also this is my love letter to Childe pls come home baby)

    ~※ Main Masterlist ※~

    “Come on, you know you love me.”

    “I definitely do not.”

    In your head, you wholeheartedly believed this statement but your heart disagreed. You were absolutely in love with Childe. And you hated it. He was a Fatui Harbinger for Archons sake! But behind the cocky and idiotic exterior, he was a kind and loving soul. He cared so deeply for the loved ones in his life and was extremely generous. It made you fall hard for the man and you hated it. 

    “Aww I know you don’t mean that,” he pouted

    “Believe whatever you want, Childe.”

    You pushed passed Childe and continued to walk down the streets of Liyue. He quickly caught back up with you and began to walk with you. He looked like a puppy following its owner. It was cute and you hated it. 

    “You’re so mean,” he complained

    “I’m not mean!”

    “Yes you are! You won’t even entertain the thought of liking me!” 

    “That’s not being mean. That’s just being rational.”

    You laughed to yourself at the large pout on Childe’s face. Apparently he wasn’t the biggest fan of your roast. 

    You continued to walk around the shops in Liyue Harbor doing your errands. Childe, of course, followed because why not. He’d much rather follow you around instead of doing work. You arrived back at your home later with many items on your person. And, with the help of Childe, you brought them inside. You were setting down the stuff in your hands when you felt a pair of hands o your hips. Before you could react, your back was being pushed up against the wall. 

    “Now this is a view I could get used to,” Childe hummed

    “Oh, fuck you.”

    “If you insist~”

    You rolled your eyes and attempted to move but Childe’s hands kept you pinned to the wall. He leaned close like he was about to kiss you but instead moved his lips to your ear. His breath tickled the shell of you ear making a shiver run down your spine. 

    “You’re not as inconspicuous as you think,” he whispered, “I see how you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

    “You’re a bad liar~” 

    He pressed a kiss just below your ear. You kept in the gasp that threatened to escape your lips. He continued kissing along the side of your neck. You struggled to keep all the sounds that wanted to leave your mouth in but you did pretty good. You weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing — or hearing you react. 

    “Ya know,” he mumbled against your skin, “If you really hated this, you would’ve stopped me by now.”

    You cursed him in your head. He was right; no sane person would let the person they hate the most do this to them! You hated him for pointing out the obvious. 

    His lips continued suckling and kissing your sensitive skin. You honestly thought you’d be able to survive this encounter without giving in to him but that didn’t last much longer. His hand traveled under your clothes to play with you through your underwear. When you felt his hand, the whines and whimpers you were holding back immediately began falling from your mouth. 

    “I could just leave you like this,” he teased, “I could just walk away and leave you all hot and bothered.”

    “You wouldn’t do that,” you breathed

    “And why’s that?”

    “Because you’re enjoying this just as much as I am.”

    Your hand moved down to the tent in Childe’s pants. He groaned at the feeling of you palming at his unbelievably hard cock. You soon reduced the “big buff man” into a moaning mess. You attempted to slip your hand past the waistband of his pants but was stopped by Childe grabbing said hand.

    “No way. I’m in charge here.”

    “You absolutely aren’t,” you scoffed, “I can easily reduce you to a begging pile of jelly.”

    “Wanna bet?” 

    You quirked an eyebrow up at the male. You could tell he had an idea and seeing the current situation you were in, it was going to be an interesting idea. 

    “First one to cum loses.”

    “Are you trying to make sex some type of...challenge?”

    “Maybe I am,” he smirked, “Scared you can’t win?”

    “I’d easily win!”

    “I’m sure you would,” he said sarcastically

    “Fine. You’re on.”

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  • yandere-sins
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Vain Efforts

    Horrortober Day 19: Cold “I know the perfect thing to warm you up.”

    This got long and a little wonky I think, but another perspective of how Zhongli could use contracts to get what he wants! I had a different idea first with past!Zhongli, but eh, had to cancel that. Maybe at another time ^^’

    Warnings: Yandere, Manipulation Characters: Zhongli x Reader

    A contract is a contract. But behind every pretty phrase, you had to wonder what it honestly said.

    You knew that better than anyone, writing up contracts for all kinds of things, for a living. Contracts were an essential part of Liyue’s daily life, and many a merchant needed one. You were busy with orders that kept your schedule full for weeks. That’s how much you and your knowledge in crafting these tricky papers were needed. Once, this work was your pride and joy. You went to work smiling and left satisfied. But not anymore. Not after he destroyed it for you.

    Even though you worked yourself up in the ranks, new positions, new responsibilities, you always did your best, taking pride in your work. Perhaps that’s why other people liked coming to you if they needed a new contract for the business they were conducting. You were honest and trustworthy, and most importantly: you were excellent in what you were writing. They told you what they wanted in the contract, and you wrote it in the language of lawyers, personally designing it to every wish. No one ever came back dissatisfied. Only when they wanted a follow-up or a negotiated change, you welcomed them back to your office with a smile, happy to provide them with their needs in exchange for a nice sum.

    That was until this man stepped into your life. Unannounced. Unwelcome. And started to pick your contracts apart.

    To err was human, but the mistakes he found in your works were beyond receiving forgiveness. Zhongli, he called himself, from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, a long-standing client of yours. He came to talk about the contracts you had set up for the establishment, and one by one showed you terrible mistakes that could not only cost the Funeral Parlor thousands of Mora but also you!

    Contracts were a tricky thing. These mistakes had gone unnoticed for so long because no one had searched for them. No one but Zhongli. Had it been anyone else - mainly, a lawyer searching for a way out of it - they could have been fatal to everyone involved. How could you have made those small, unnecessary mistakes? And much more urging: How many contracts of yours were affected by your errors?

    You were pretty sure that the man on the opposite side of your table saw the face of despair on you as you read through his notes. It was shameful, and you were embarrassed that you couldn’t hold back your horror as you went through the mistakes, realizing he was right with every one of them. For the longest time, you had prided yourself on being an excellent writer, but maybe, you weren’t as good as you praised yourself to be. It wasn’t necessarily pride that sealed your downfall. Still, you’ve been arrogant, believing yourself too good to make these minor mistakes and not having anyone check it twice. Perhaps the lawyers who read it after receiving it from your client were silently happy and ridiculing you, waiting for the right time to strike. You felt it throughout your body as you hit reality, every mistake a painful gut punch.

    Lost and fearful you found yourself, as a new contract was slipped over the table, hiding the terrible mistakes of the ones you had crafted under it. You gently picked it up, confused yet intrigued by it. This one was written in beautiful penmanship, with no wrinkle or kink on the paper and no mistakes in the sentences it held. If yours was excellent, then this must have been perfection in the flesh. You read it once, eyes darting over the words, but your head could not comprehend them. So you reread it, this time more careful, taking your time. The man didn’t seem in a hurry, pouring himself tea without hesitation, not minding your customer negligence. And when he was done, he sat silently, watching you read, in his eyes curiosity.

    “I do admire your work,” he confessed, holding the - by now cold - teacup in his gloved hands. You weren’t done with the contract yet, but you got the gist of it. “But with how your contracts are, I hoped you’d need another pair of eyes to look them over.”

    The way he said it, you weren’t sure if he was the arrogant one or if it was mere confidence. With how humble he offered his help, you got a bad feeling of what he was hiding beneath the calm and collected facade. Life in Liyue had made you mistrust others, knowing what all there was people needed contracts for. It was never just a pure, good business that needed a contract for their doings, and neither was this deal. He wanted a job, a piece of your work. You knew everyone in your business, but Zhongli was no one you had ever met before. Maybe he was new. Perhaps he wanted to brag about having spent time at your office and use your name as a stepping stone to raise his own business. But whatever it was…

    You turned around to the shelves behind you. Hundreds of copies of contracts you made were slumbering peacefully inside of it. All of them, at a risk that you might have made an error and ruined them. Before you, on your desk, were the new inquiries of contracts. A few were due the next day. Some the same week. And you weren’t Rex Lapis, God of Contracts; you couldn’t just do them in a blink of an eye. It would take time to go through everything while taking on new ones and fearing for them as well.

    It was simply too much for one person to handle.

    Whatever his intentions were, you had to accept his help. If you didn’t, you couldn’t be sure if he’d go around slandering your name, and should you take too much time with the contracts, chances were that someone would find the errors you made. With a heavy heart, you reached forward to your quill, setting your signature on the last page of the contract. You read it, at least the critical details you believed, and it was flawless. It was the help you needed for little to no Mora in exchange.

    Zhongli smiled at you as you handed back the contract to him. Hands briefly brushing over each other, his lingered, gazing at the signature you made and showed to him. Clearing his throat, he said his farewells for the day and left you sitting in your chair uncomfortably. Wondering if you made the right choice. Was it a good decision? A fair deal? Because contracts were tricky enough that sometimes, you don’t realize when you sell your soul to the devil. Even someone like you could fall for it.

    He was there the following morning. In your office when you came in. How he unlocked the door, you had no idea, but he was sitting on one of the guest chairs, marking the contracts as was his work. You greeted him, confused, but your hesitation soon turned into joy as you saw the work he had already made. Everything was going swiftly, and you two got a big batch of corrections and new contracts done before the end of the day. For the first time since what felt like an eternity, you were smiling again, happy and satisfied. 

    From then on, your life went smoothly again. Zhongli came in for a few hours every day, preferring the morning over the afternoons, helping to sort things out. It was fun, you had to admit, to have someone to bounce ideas back and forth and play word-bingo as you searched for the best possible phrasing for something. He only asked for tea, though he gladly accompanied you to lunch a few times before heading back to whatever his work was at the Funeral Parlor. You two got to talk, and your opinion of him changed greatly. In the beginning, you wouldn’t have been able to admit it, but he was a respectable man and an even better partner. Zhongli harbored enormous knowledge that he offered to you as if it was nothing, and you immensely enjoyed the few fascinating tales he had to tell as well. 

    Occasionally, he’d ask you about yourself as well, and you proudly told him of the business you took over from your family. Part of you still mistrusted him, but you were also putting hope in him to respect you and your work even after all these mistakes. He might still betray you, but when he asked you to not talk about work but yourself, you undeniably felt him pull at your heartstrings. He was so proper and polite, and at times mysterious. Seeing him take an interest in you personally was something that rarely happened in your line of work, and you felt like he was opening up to you. Time seemed to fly like nothing when you were with him, and you enjoyed it. 

    That was until the first reclamation came in. Then another. And then another. 

    You thought you fixed the problems, but your new contracts were creating new ones. Suddenly, people didn’t want to sign them anymore. Businesses were going bankrupt as they couldn’t get their clients to sign the newly implemented contracts. “Where did I go wrong?!” you sobbed, ramming your fists into the almost empty shelves now. 

    Hadn’t you tried everything to fix your mistakes? How came you were the one ruined now as no one wanted your faulty, unsellable contracts anymore? There were no longer requests for contracts piling on your desk but letters with bills and lawsuits you already didn’t know how to pay anymore. You were beyond ruined. You were so deep in debt you didn’t see an end to it anymore. 

    Zhongli stood silently behind you as you broke down. You two had worked tirelessly to fix things, and you weren’t ashamed anymore that he witnessed you at your lowest. When you finally turned around, you wanted to apologize to him, tell him it wasn’t his fault but that you could no longer pay him what the contract you had demanded. But he was by your side before you could force yourself to say it. Admitting defeat was the hardest for you, as it seemed so final. You tried to counter what came your way for the longest time, but it had just outgrown you. Giving up was the hardest choice to make.

    Brushing the hair out of your face, Zhongli pulled you into his chest. Not in a way you’d say he was embracing you, but he let you cry yourself out on the neatly ironed coat he wore, ever so often pushing you towards him. Clutching your hands into the fabric, you cried your heart out, realizing he knew already. That you were sure of. And if you didn’t imagine him having feelings behind his composure, then maybe he was feeling your pain, even just a little bit for you. He, too, put so much work into fixing this chaos after all.

    The thought alone gave you comfort, and eventually, the tears sept away in the fabric of his garments while you sat down. There was nothing cozy about your office anymore. Furniture was either sold, or the necessities changed. Everything that you didn’t need but was of value had been pawned to make ends meet, and the rickety chair under you was groaning under your weight. Leaning against the just as shabby desk, you were lost in thoughts, seeing your whole life go down the drain in front of you. 

    Only Zhongli remained steadfast in the corners of your vision, leaning over you and wiping away the remains of tears from your eyes. For a moment, you two silently stared at each other until you couldn’t bear to see your pitiful state in the reflection of his eyes anymore. That’s when, suddenly, he made a new pile of papers appear, placing them in front of you, on top of all the unpaid bills you had to work through. 

    Pristine, beautiful, perfect. A new contract better than any you could ever write. You lacked the strength and mind to read it, but even if nothing was left, you could still be polite. Picking it up, you forced yourself through the clauses and words. They should have been as familiar as your mother tongue, but still, you struggled to read them. “What does it say?” you whispered weakly. You had no reason to distrust his words.

    “I can help you with paying off your debts.”

    Simple, clear. Easy. “And the catch?” you laughed because, really, it was a laughable matter. You never paid Zhongli enough to even pay for one of the lawsuits. How was he supposed to pay for ALL that had shamefully collected?

    “Work for me. Give yourself to my wishes and make them yours as well.”

    Had he planned that from the start? Had this been the underlying intention you always imagined? Did he work for months only so he could reap this as the harvest of his endeavors? Why would he want someone like you, a failure, to work for him? Didn’t he see how badly this cooperation ended? 

    “What if I say no?” you asked, less because you had a choice, more out of curiosity. Without a hint of disdain showing for your question, Zhongli straightened his back, reaching over you into the flimsy shelf of left-over contracts, pulling out his own. You would have recognized it everywhere, as it was still as well-preserved as it had been when you signed it. He briefly flipped through it, landing on a page towards the end and handing it over to you. Gripping it tightly, his gloved finger ran down the paper, pointing towards the clausal for not fulfilling the contract. 

    It was even harder to read, but you wondered how you had never given it any attention. How cocky had you been, thinking you could fulfill this contract? Especially with conditions that would make you a slave to your contract partner, should you not be able to honor it? You looked up, meeting his unwavering gaze that never fell off you. He smiled, sympathy in his expression though you didn’t know if it was fake. 

    “Sign it,” he encouraged you, tapping on the new contract. “You’ll be better off this way than just accepting our old conditions.”

    This was mercy. Even without you having a choice, he was being merciful, as everyone knew breaking a contract never ended well. What else could you have done other than sign it? Either be an unwilling slave or a willing one, that was all he was trying to negotiate here. You shivered as you placed your signature, a jittery, unreadable mess, just like you. You felt incredible cold all of a sudden, your stomach churning as you already regretted signing. Maybe you made the wrong decision.

    You didn’t read the non-fulfillment clause again.

    As faulty as your own contracts was your ability to read them. Everyone knew that you should read it carefully and sleep over it a night. But could it be worse than the rocky bottom you were already sitting at?

    “Excellent,” you heard Zhongli appraise your signature, taking the paper before you could change your mind. It disappeared into what seemed like thin air, and his arm snaked around yours, pulling you up from the chair. “Come,” he urged you, a smile playing on his lips. “I know the perfect thing to warm you up.”

    Gentlemanly as he was, he slipped off his coat and pulled it over your shoulders instead before leading you around the table and out of your office. With a last glance behind you, you wondered if he was serious about paying these bills of yours. But what did it matter? It was his problem now, wasn’t it? So why didn’t you feel relieved?

    Even if he were to clad you in riches and comfort, you already knew you signed away your life to escape a different life of misery. There was no freedom for those who couldn’t meet the agreement in a contract or the ones who broke it. That’s how your life had always been, and you knew it better than anyone. 

    Zhongli closed the door before you could truly say goodbye to your old life. Before you could make amends with yourself and forgive you for what you had done. Again you asked yourself how you could have been so wrong. Again you wondered what you signed. “Did you do it?” you asked him, on a whim, unsure if he even understood what you meant. Secretly, you hoped for him to take the blame, tell you it was all a set-up. But Zhongli only smiled. He knew more than he admitted, and you had no proof he had done anything to hurt you like this.

    Looking forward into the nightly atmosphere of Liyue Harbor, you let yourself be led to the restaurant of his choice, eating your fill while he talked about old history he had with the lands. It did warm you. At least your body. But true to his word, Zhongli found a way to warm your soul as well, later, in an unfamiliar apartment, he called your ‘home’. 

    Somehow, he knew how to raise your feelings, make you rage and struggle. Surprisingly well, Zhongli knew how to make you feel alive. But you never asked for him to do these things to you that you wished upon no one. And as you screamed for him to stop, he only pulled out your contract, reminding you of what would happen if you broke it.

    Making you wish it wouldn’t hurt so much that freedom wasn’t the only thing you willingly signed away to him.

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  • callimagines
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    modern genshin headcanons.

    Lumine has this chipped off flower keychain that Aether gave her on her 7th birthday.

    Noelle is most likely to be school secretary of Tevyat High, while Jean is her favorite character.

    Barbara’s vice president in the music club while Venti’s the President.

    Xiao is the “I fall for the DN jokes”. Hutao’s the “I make the DN jokes”. While Ganyu’s the “What’s a DN joke?” / “I laugh at DN jokes but I don’t have a clue on what’s happening”.

    Bennet babysits Klee with Fischl a lot, they’re neighbors that’s why. However, both of the girls bully him a lot so that’s kinda a pity.

    Zhongli started looking out for Hutao when her parents decided to live in another country.

    Ayaka hangs out with Keqing and Ganyu, is one of the popular girls but no one knows who she really is since she always puts up a facade.

    Xingqiu is school treasurer and people always forget about how he’s part of the student council cause he always pulls pranks on everybody.

    Hutao has lots of friends, she hangs out with Yoimiya and Yanfei a lot but out of school she hangs out with Xiao and Ganyu then from time time she hangs out with Ganyu and Ayaka.

    Diluc is a math teacher in the morning but works in the winery at night.

    Ningguang is the school Principal.

    Razor and Bennet are in the basketball club, Fischl is in the astrology club with Mona as her senior.


    These are very few ideas of mine that may or may not make sense. <3

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  • totally-correct-genshin
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Lisa, Amber and Kaeya has a tally count of the wall of whenever Jean drops a curse word and whose fault it was.

    Sometimes It was Albedo saying something concerning or just weird ("babies come from the lab, they're all created")

    Others was muttered under her breath when she hears Klee is exploding something.

    Amber has a good number too by getting hurt doing something stupid (including dropping from the top of the knights headquarters without her glider because she wanted to know if she could survive it.)

    Kaeya has a bit but most of them was when he manages to get Jean drunk.

    And Lisa has a good chunk too by making Jean gay panic.

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  • 2-dsimp
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #illustration #artists on tumblr #artgallery#oc#artwork#comics#procreate#anime #arataki x you #arataki x y/n #arataki x reader #yandere arataki #genshin arataki itto #yandere genshin x reader #yandere genshin impact #arataki itto #arataki itto headcanons #yandere simulator #yandere simulator au #genshin impact #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact imagines #husbando #i love this man #HELP
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  • ceciliacheri
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    *Stares into the stars*

    I don't know why, but I think I'm getting back into Persona lmao. Also Mario party. *sighs*

    Anyways, headcanon times!

    Pai can bake! She's not the best baker out of the group, however she can very much make delicious muffins or small types of pastries

    Vanilla is a Barbara and Annette fan! They remind her of herself! Due to her liking these two characters, She's sort of adapting their small traits like Barbara's song and small dance along with the lines "I wonder when I'll be tall as my big brother?"

    Those are my headcanons for now. If y'all want more, leave suggestions on what or who I should write about!

    #worlds end club #headcanon#genshin impact #pai worlds end club #vanilla worlds end club #what do i do #hahaha
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  • genshinlover101
    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #lisa x reader #jean x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #lisa minci#jean gunnhildr#genshin headcanons
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  • gayturtledoves
    18.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Because we do not in fact have an exact date for Pervases death, and we know that Skipper and Parcifal were around roughly 1,000 years ago I can headcanon that Skipper and Pervases have met before and no one has the power to correct me

    #genshin impact#genshin lore #tw death mention #genshin skipper#genshin parcifal#genshin pervases #how do I tag this as deep genshin lore #like you won't even know who skipper is unless you know parcifal's lore or you've read his book like what #ANyway #Skipper and Pervases met because Skipper bit off more than he could chew sea monster wise #and Pervases got there just in time to stop the ship from sinking and to help finish the thing off #Ever seen the most enthusiastic seamonster hunter of the century just start chatting to a big bird out of nowhere?? #Anyway my point is that I Think Pervases granted Skipper an adeptal gift and that adeptal gift #and that gift was the gift to always keep his ship on course and enhanced tracking #Do I have any evidence of this at all? #no no I do not #does anyone have any evidence to prove me otherwise? #no no they do not #so the power of my headcanon reigns supreme
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