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  • hahaimnotdeadyet
    24.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thursday visitor

    Diluc X Gn!Reader
    W: Mention of alcohol

    Regulars are someone good businessman should always remember. So yeah, Diluc definitely remembers to ask Kaeya and Venty to pay before they drink all dandelion wine stocks. And he perfectly memories this very one bottle of a pomegranate wine he serves to the table on the far side of the wall. On the first floor, so you can always hear the bard's gnawing song.

    It started so suddenly, yet the begging was so common for red haired man. You - he never saw you before, just another traveller - came to his tavern, luckily this one evening he was in a good mood enough to be a barman himself. Took one bottle of wine and came to the table. It was a professional habit to observe all the time, so Diluc was left discouraged when he realized that this evening no one would join you. You left the bar almost at midnight, with the half of the bottle untouched.

    Somehow, he always gets used to new people at his tavern. Doesn't matter how strange they are sometimes.

    One new costumer who always appeared on the threshold of his tavern, just after sunset, every two weeks on Thursdays. One bottle of wine, untouched, only for you. As a good businessman himself, after a month and a half he prepared this bottle at the bar, so you will not have to wait for it. This surprise and gratitude that you were remembered that showed on your face the moment he gave you a bottle even before you took out the mora, was definitely worth it.

    You always took the same table, and somehow it became some kind of a routine for Diluc. Small piece of stability he learned how to appreciate. He learned that you like pomegranate because it reminds you your home. You need it in the breaks during your mind blowing missions. It's a pure accident, bit he saw scars covering your arms and heard your little drunk complains about those people memories of those you preferred to keep left behind. And you wait for this one silly bard's song each evening, because it always touches your heart. Not like you'd like anyone to know abot that. Song is silly, lyrics are too sappy, so you even feel ashamed. Diluc smiles politely when you ask him do not tell anyone. He thinks it's cute. Too cute for - even regular - customer.

    He finds himself liking this silly routine even more and more.

    Although he is kinda shy around you when he sees you at the city the same days. He is a barmen for you, right? So no messing between work and "friendship".

    He mentally breaks when you don't come the next week. And two weeks after that. And even in a month he doesn't see you either. So each Thursday's midnight he spasmodically squeezes the bottle, with dark glass and even darker liquid. Takes it back to the cellar. And prepares in the ice bucket in a week. Maybe you left, maybe something happened during your traveling. Ther is no chance for him to find out. Or probably he is afraid to check it up and find out the truth.

    He walks around the city this quiet evening. No mood to be at the bar, today is too overwhelming already. And he sees you. You rest your elbows on the railing and just enjoy the silence of the evening. The very first thought?

    Relief? Yes.

    He is nothing more but a barmen for you. But he is happy you are safe and sound.

    Diluc dared to come closer to greet you, only to notice familiar bottle in your hands. Only a quarter left. You smile, but not the same as all those weeks before. A little more tired, a little more broken. Maybe he imagines, but a little to warmer towards him. You offer the bottle, but he doesn't take it. Neither asks how your mission went. He knows the answer.

    But he smiles. "Welcome back" Not his lips, his eyes. You are here, you are safe. His favourite Thursday visitor.

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  • luzysabel
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ✿ — Drifter — ✿

    The emptiness of your heart is not difficult to describe, may as an abyss in the core of your soul or a gardener without color on the plants. It was something you had never felt before, the loneliness of not having one like you; no one with the same memories as you, no one who knows the same places you do, no one with the experiences like yours, but even then, you were not left alone.
    He is like the sun to you, your moon, your savior, the only one you feel that can understand you, the first one that met you. But, not even he can give you that.

    Fem!reader sorry :(

    I won't say the couple, may there are not even one, who knows 😜

    I don't like it but I want to write this:(

    Isekai obviously ndksksks

    Slow updates bc the school D':

    I hope you like it :') @captainzep

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  • icycaptain
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Comfort Between Your Arms

    Note: I'm in need of little comfort and maybe you all need it too Genre : Fluff Character : Anyone you want (I will be using they/them )

    Imagine this... You walked into passed the front door of your home after a rough day at school/work. Your eyes just staring down the ground as you closing the door gently before taking off your shoes. You cant help but frowned upon your day, you wasn't in the mood to do anything other than sit down and just rest to wash away the exhaustion. You brought your feet to step heavily and heading to the bedroom to clean yourself. You walked into the room and started changing into more comfy and home clothing, a soft knock suddenly landed onto the door from outside,catching your attention. You called out that you already done and the door slowly opened revealed them standing there. "Do you have a rough day today?" they asked softly,doesn't want to add anything bad. You felt your tense shoulders slowly relaxed after saw their familiar face,your comfort one. They've been in your life not so long but they are where you seek warmth and comfort after tired or even normal days. You can talk to them endlessly because they will listen to you patiently with few nodding to let you know they are happy to listen to you talking about anything. You saw a cute cat at the street and it also being friendly to you? They will smile and listen. Someone made you frustrated? They will be there to comfort you. Something bothering you? They will give advice or helping you out,whichever that will make sure you feeling better. They will always be there to brighten your days when others cant. In short, they make everything feels better as long as they next to you. They watched you slowly lowering down your gaze and trying to stay strong from whatever person or problem that bothering your mind. A pair of arms slowly brought you close to them and a hand gently rubbing your back in comforting your tense body. "It's okay,you are home now. You can rest and calm yourself down first,that's really important" spoke them in their comforting voice next to your ear, slowly making you leaned into their hug. Their touches felt like they really want to take care of you and it's brought seek of sweetness to you. "Thank you.." you whispered as you slowly wrapped your arms around them,bringing they closer to you for their warmth. "Remember that I will always be here for you"

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  • le-cinnamonrolls-and-roses
    24.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ✿...You, Not the World | Genshin Impact

    • ° • Ayato Kamisato Brainrot

    Rare are the moments when Ayato boasts about the love he has for you out into the world. For a man like him enjoys to love in the silence of the company of the one he holds most dear.

    For must the world know that he enjoys the way your eyes twinkle when you smile? Must the whole world lay witness to the tenderness of his embrace or the warmth of his face when he kisses your cheek?

    “You are who I love,” Ayato tells you, nuzzling his nose against youe, “Why should the world know about the love I hold for you and you alone?”

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  • feral-sakuras-obsessions
    24.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Main pairing: Chongyun x Gn! reader

    Author's note: I'm late but Happy birthday to one of favorite characters!

    Warnings: swearing [just one word]


    "Happy Birthday to you~" You sang as you wrapped the gift in bright blue wrapping paper. The moment you saw the words 'Chongyun' and 'birthday' on one of your sticky notes, you started searching for a birthday gift.

    You searched every shop, every travelling merchant and even asked Xingqiu, but in the end you settled for something simple. You put everything in a small wicker basket and headed out into the unusually cold streets of Liyue.

    Liyue glowed in the rays of the setting sun. The merchants were packing up for the day and people had started to head home. Little children were called home by their parents, the tales of  imaginary monsters whispered into their innocent minds just to keep them safe from the actual ones.

    You clutched the basket and knocked on the door, the soft footsteps served as a proof of someone being present in the house. The door opened too reveal a very tired looking Chongyun.

    "Hey, Y/n." He said in his god tier voice. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and ran his hands through his fluffy blue hair.

    "Chongyun! Were you sleeping? I'm so sorry! I'll come back later-"

    "No!" Chongyun looked away, a small blush tinting his face a lovely shade of pink. "It's fine. Come in."

    You stepped into the house and immediately started shivering. It was cold. Which makes sense since Chongyun was a bit more....... cold-friendly. Other than the Dragonspine-level cold, it was a relatively normal house.

    "Make yourself comfortable. Is it too cold? Should I light the fire place?...... Do you want something to drink too? No actually I'm going to make dinner now so are you going to stay for dinner?"

    You laughed, shaking your head. "I'm fine, don't worry about me. I'm just here because I have a gift for you."

    You both sat at the dinner table and Chongyun nervously shifted in his seat when you placed your basket on the table. "A gift? What for?"

    You gave him a small smile, opening the cover to reveal a thick book. You took it out and handed it to him with a nervous smile. "Happy birthday, Chongyun!"

    "You remembered!" Chongyun laughed, holding the book close to his chest.

    "Wait there's more...." You reached into the basket and pulled the rest of the items out one by one. A snowman plush, a bunch of Qingxin flowers and a small notepad.

    "Thank you so much, Y/n." Chongyun said as he flipped through the notepad full of popular ghost sightings and news articles of evil sprits. "How could I ever repay you?"

    "Don't be silly. It's your birthday and you're my um.... friend! You being here is the greatest gift I could ever ask for."

    "I think so too."

    As you watched Chongyun read one of the articles, you wondered if it was the right time to confess. A poem? A song? Nope he's too oblivious for that.... A letter? Maybe. Direct confessions were less romantic but they did avoid misunderstandings. Just as you were about to say something, there was a loud knock on the door.

    Chongyun placed the notepad on the table and walked to the door. The door opened to reveal three people and a huge cake.

    "Oh hey guys."

    You walked up to great your friends and instantly regretted it when you saw Xingqiu smirk. "Are we interrupting something?"

    "Oh no not at all!" Chongyun remained oblivious while you prayed to the archons for the ground to swallow you whole. "Y/n and I were just talking, please come in."

    "Yup just talking sure." Xingqiu murmured, helping Xiangling place the cake on the table.

    He gave you a mischievous smile, shaking his head at your pleading looks and threatening glares. "Chongyun?"


    "Y/n is shivering!"

    Chongyun looked at you with an extremely guilty expression. "I'm so sorry Y/n! I-it's all my fault I should've been more vigilant!"

    "Yes you should've. Now you could just lend Y/n your jacket-"

    "Shut it." You hissed. You looked back at the exorcist with a sweet smile "Don't say sorry! It's fine-"

    Unfortunately, Chongyun was too busy taking his jacket off and Xingqiu was too busy snickering to listen to you. Xinyan and Xiangling were too busy staring at each other to even look at the three of you.

    You reluctantly took the jacket from him and put it on. You were embarrassed, you wanted to disappear but the jacket was so warm and it smelled so damn good like why?


    If he was blushing, Chongyun looked like a tomato now. He was so red you feared he would pass out. Xingqiu had that annoying smirk on his face and Xiangling and Xinyan were still busy staring at each other.

    For the next few hours, you all just had fun. Xingqiu constantly tried to fluster you, Xinyan played a new song she had written just for the birthday boy [ she had to stop halfway through it because of Chongyun] and Xiangling was the only normal person present.

    By the end of the 'party', Chongyun's house was a mess. Popsicle sticks littered the floor, frosting smeared across the dinner table, used cups were everywhere, gift wrappings flooding the bin. Your gifts were neatly kept in a corner, the Qingxin flowers were kept in a vase to preserve their freshness.

    "Where's the broom?" Of course, you all weren't going to leave the mess all of you had created so another hour was spent cleaning up.

    One by one, everyone did their fair share of cleaning before all of them left, leaving you and Chongyun alone once more. "Thank you so much for everything, Y/n. I mean it."

    You patted his shoulder. "You don't need to thank me for doing something on your birthday. I'm sure you would've done the same."

    You waved at him as you walked out of the door. "Bye!"

    "See you later, Y/n." Chongyun waved back at you with an extremely cute smile on his face.

    You once again walked the comparatively warmer streets of Liyue, the soft howl of the wind provided you with comfort as you walked home with Chongyun's  jacket.


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  • feral-sakuras-obsessions
    24.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Main pairing: Albedo x Gn! reader

    Author's note: I didn't do anything for Albedo's birthday so here it is! Happy belated birthday Albedo!

    Warnings: None


    You sighed, watching Klee run around with her bombs with a fatigued expression on your face. Babysitting Klee made you tired and trying to keep up with her energy was almost impossible, yet you always readily agreed to babysit her every time Jean needed you to.

    You didn't really like children. You thought they were annoying but over time the little cheerful girl grew on you and you began to see her as a little sister. If she was not with Albedo, she was often found playing with you.

    "Y/n! How are we going to celebrate Albedo's birthday?"

    You had already given Albedo gifts wished him before he left but it wouldn't hurt to give him another birthday surprise.

    You thought for a moment before you bent down to Klee's height. "How about we..." Your lips curved upwards into a smile at her eager eyes. "cook something for Albedo! It's his birthday after all."


    That's how you found yourself in the kitchen, desperately trying to keep Klee from burning your entire house down. "Klee, would you like to decorate it?"

    Klee nodded, sitting on the chair you had placed next to the stove and looked at you expectantly. You fetched the frosting and the rest of the toppings, removing the cooled cake from the tin.

    "Here you go! Do you need help?" Klee picked up the piping bag and started icing the cake. "Klee's a big girl and I don't need help!"

    "Alright." You watched Klee scoop a hand full of chopped strawberries, arranging them carefully on the cake.


    You patted her head with a proud smile. "Well done Klee! It looks great!"

    "Thank you, Y/n!" When Klee got up and hugged you, you almost cried. You bent down and wrapped your arms around her in a gentle embrace.

    Albedo open the door slowly, smiling at heart-warming scene in front of him. The moment he met you, he felt this warm, fuzzy feeling in his chest. You made him feel loved, accepted, you were like a warm blanket from the harshness of his reality. You were perfect, too perfect for someone like him. He was a puppet, a weapon of war with his entire life revolving around following his master's orders but you acknowledged his feelings, you appreciated his efforts, you made him feel human even if he was not.

    Albedo didn't realize that he was so lost in thought, he had been staring off into space until Klee had jumped into his arms. "Big brother Albedo you're back! Klee and Y/n have a surprise for you!"

    He felt blood rush to his face when he saw you giving him a fond smile. He couldn't understand how such a smile could be directed towards him.

    He put Klee down and walked up to. "Klee, why don't you bring the surprise here?" Klee nodded as she skipped all the way to the kitchen.

    Albedo secured his arms around your waist, pulling you towards him. You petted his hair and you swore you heard him purr. "Welcome home, Albedo. I missed you."

    "I missed you too, Y/n." Albedo whispered, tightening an arm around your waist, his other gloved hand grazing your cheek. "I love you." The words left his lips before he could even notice.

    Your eyes widened, it felt as if your heart was going to burst out of your chest. You stayed silent for a moment before pecking his lips. "I love you too, Happy birthday"

    The moment you locked lips with him, he knew he had found the true meaning of home.


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    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • xiaowhore
    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    a dance with the devil


    (Before you begin reading, I highly recommend you listen to this playlist!)

    Despite being dressed in your finest clothes, you couldn't help but feel awfully out of place in the luxurious ballroom.

    A glittering chandelier hung in the air, sparkling brightly like an array of stars. Clacking of heels against the marble floors pricked at your ears, merry laughter sprinkled throughout the light chatter of the guests. Dresses twirled left and right as the women spun in the waltz, prompting a spike of envy to stab at your gut.

    How marvelous it would be to dance with the man you loved.

    Unfortunately, you were of no position to do such thing—he was already in the middle of waltzing away with your best friend, who you knew was madly infatuated with him as well. You couldn't be a hindrance to her happiness.

    But you were upset with her. Just a little bit.

    “What are you moping around here for, princess?” a jeering voice snapped you out of your trance, sobering you from wallowing in self-pity. In that instance, you clicked your tongue, swiveling your head to face the foolish man approaching you whom disregarded your visible foul mood entirely.

    “None of your business,” you replied coldly, but Childe had simply laughed in response. He slid to the position next to you, away from prying eyes. Not that anyone would bother glancing at the cornermost sides of the room, anyway.

    “This whole thing should be very fun for someone like you, and yet you're stuck here in the shadows. Why is that, hm?”

    “Like I said, it's nothing you should worry about,” you sighed, crossing your arms. You shouldn't have worn a sleeveless dress in this chilly evening.

    “I'm willing to lend an ear,” he offered, sweet and kind on the surface, but you knew better than to allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of someone who belonged in Fatui. A scoff left your lips.

    “Sure you are. Don't you have anything better to do?”

    “Not at the moment, so I thought I should take this chance to cheer up my dear friend.” Childe's lips curled into a knowing smirk. You arched your brows downward.

    “Cheer up? I don't get what you mean.”

    “Only a fool wouldn't notice you giving heart eyes to lover boy over there.” you flinched when his eyes darted to the man of your dreams. “It's truly unfortunate to be stuck in an unrequited love, don't you think?”

    “...You're spouting nonsense.” you adamantly avoided his burning gaze at your form. “Heart eyes? I do not... possess such thing.”

    He scrutinized the discomfort in your expression. The music slowly died down to transition into a new song, and you attempted to pin your focus on that matter instead of minding his words.

    “Alright,” he easily accepted your excuse. “Let's leave it at that. More importantly, I had been meaning to ask you...” he held out his hand, this time displaying a polite smile. “Care to join me for a dance, princess?”

    You stared at him for a moment, trying to search for what he truly wanted. “What are you planning?”

    “Aren't you too suspicious of me?”

    “You're from the Fatui, Childe. Of course I would be suspicious of you.”

    He chuckled. “That may be true, but I only want to dance with you. Honest.”

    You fumbled with the ruffles on your dress, reluctant to accept. You were hardly capable of tolerating this entire event, you couldn't handle stepping into the actual crowd. “I'm... not in the mood to da-”

    “He's looking.”

    No prior context had been given, but you managed to pick up on the hint. Tentatively, you willed your eyes to sneak a peek to your best friend.

    True to his words, the man you loved was there, staring at the pair of you. He flinched when you caught him looking, forced to return his attention to your friend annoyed by him being distracted. You didn't know what that meant.

    You didn't know what that meant at all, but your heart throbbed in glee for attaining his concern, even for just a few seconds. It didn't matter how insignificant it was. You wanted his attention.

    “Do you think I'm desperate?” you whispered as you held Childe's hand, who took it as his cue to lead you forward. He hummed ambiguously, not quite giving you a desirable answer.

    “Perhaps.” his hand found its place on your waist, the other entangled with your own. Yet your gaze was set elsewhere, too far away that he began to felt lonely. Unsatisfied with the remaining space between you, he pulled you even closer, coaxing a yelp to fall from your lips. “Eyes on me, princess. I'm your partner, not him.”

    “...Sorry,” you apologized, forcibly tearing your eyes from the sight. Awkwardly, you stared at the floor instead. “If I step on your foot accidentally, I apologize in advance.”

    Childe sighed, momentarily letting go of your waist to use his hand to tilt your head upwards, encouraging you to look straight into his eyes. “Then please pay more attention to me, hm?”

    Bewitched, you couldn't say anything other than a quiet “Okay.”

    (Do you think I'm desperate? The question still rings in Childe's mind as he spins you in the waltz.

    Yes, he wants to answer. But so am I.

    Because even as you dance, you keep stealing glances from somewhere far away. Even if he's in front of you, you don't look at him, unprivy to his longing gaze as you look at another man. Even when he was there all along—

    You'd still want someone else.

    He snaps out of his reverie when he feels an ache on his cheek. “Hey Childe, you're the one spacing out now,” you pinch at his skin. “You said it first. Please pay more attention to me?”

    His mouth involuntarily twitches into a stupid grin. “As much as you want, princess.”

    It's because you're like this that he can't give you up.)

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    24.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    taking requests yay !

    make sure to read rules before sending anything ! and remember, dom reader only <3

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    High pony diluc makes me happy

    [Commissions Open]

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  • smolxuxirolls
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Zhongli x fem reader

    (Also with my artwork)

    The Geo Archon gazed thoughtfully at the tablet under the crystal encrusted tree. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t hear you approaching. You had been traveling through the area and had seen him from far off. Being the granddaughter of an adeptus, you knew his true identity. But you had only met him recently when he took on the form of a mortal named Zhongli. From the moment you saw him you knew you were in love but you dared not tell him.

    You didn’t know if you should speak to him or not so you hesitated. He looked so melancholy, you wanted to comfort him.

    “Morax?” No response.

    “Rex Lapis?” You called his other godly name.

    “Zhongli?” You said finally. He finally heard you and turned.

    “Oh, it’s you Y/n.” He said sadly. The tone of his voice nearly broke your heart.

    “Zhongli, what are you doing out here.” You stepped forward to stand next to him.

    “Thinking.” He said simply. His eyes looked like they carried thousands of years of pain and sadness. Which they did.

    “Would you like me to stay with you, or should I leave?” You questioned, you didn’t want to bother him if he wanted to be alone.

    “No, stay…. Please, don’t leave.”

    You stepped closer to him, you wanted to hug him and try to comfort him but you didn’t know how he would take it.

    “What’s wrong?” You asked. “I’ve never seen you so sad.”

    He took a shaky breath and hesitated. He didn’t know why but he wanted to tell you…. Everything. But was the weight of a 6,000 year life too much for a young woman like you.

    “Tell me, please… Zhongli?” You couldn’t handle it anymore. You wanted to be there for him.

    “Everything keeps eroding around me.” He said. “After all this time, I’m still alone. And the friends I have made of late shall soon disappear in the wind like all those before them.”

    He fell to his knees unable to bear the weight anymore. You heard him let out a shaky sob. Dropping to your knees next to him you wrapped your arms around his neck. You had never heard the Lord of Geo cry, but there he was sobbing deeply into your shoulder. Your hands stroked his hair softly and you kissed his head.

    “I’m here, I’ll always be here for you.” You told him.

    His arms moved to hug your waist as he continued to cry. You stayed like that for a while as the wave of tears dissipated. He leaned against you as his breathing slowed.

    “Eventually, you will leave me too.” He said. The words he said shattered your heart into a thousand pieces.

    “No!” You hugged him tightly. “I never want to leave you.”

    His large gloved hand caressed your back gently. He pulled back so he could see your face.

    “Y/n,” you looked up at him. “Why does this mortal form, this mortal heart, beat so fast when you are near?”

    Your breath caught in surprise.

    “I don’t know what it means. Six thousand years of life and I don’t know what this is.”

    “I feel the same, Zhongli.” He smiled sadly at your words. His hand cupped your cheek and gently stroked it with his thumb.

    “May I?” He asked.

    “You may.” You said breathlessly. You closed your eyes as he pressed his lips against yours in a gentle kiss. When he pulled away he sighed deeply.

    “I think… I know what it is now.” His words made you laugh quietly. He wiped away the tears from your cheeks that you hadn’t even noticed were there. He hugged you closely, relishing the simple touch.

    “Zhongli?” An idea had appeared in your mind. “Will you make a contract with me?”

    He pulled away to look at you curiously.

    “Why do you desire a contract?” He questioned.


    Noticing your sincerity he nodded. “Anything for you, my love.”

    Your heart fluttered at his new name for you.

    “What is it you wish?” He asked.

    “To be with you, forever.” You breathed shakily. “I want to stay by your side for the rest of your long life, and when death comes for one of us we will go together. I never want you to be alone anymore.”

    His eyes widened at your request. “Is that… truly what you wish?”

    “Yes, it is.”

    “You realize that if you do so, you will never lead a normal life. If you live a life like me you can never grow old and all your friends and family will eventually be gone.” He looked at you hard. “I still have many years ahead of me. Are you prepared for that?”

    “Yes, I am. Even if everyone I know is gone, I’ll still have you.”

    He kissed you again, longer this time.

    “Since you are sincere, let us make this contract.” He kissed your forehead. A rush went through you as you realized he had given you life. You would never grow old, you would stay the same just as he did. Until the final day where you would leave this world together.


    750 years later

    “Zhongli, I’m sorry.” Tears leaked from your eyes as you laid in his arms. “I’m afraid I’m breaking our contract.”

    “It’s alright my love, all is forgiven.” He buried his face in your hair as he clung to your weakened body. He tried to cover your bleeding side with his hands.

    “I don’t want to leave you, but I think celestia has other ideas.” Your breathing was becoming shallower. “Zhongli, I love you so much.”

    “I love you too.” He took a shaky breath.

    “Don’t be too long, I don’t think I can wait a thousand years for you. I’m too impatient.”

    “I won’t, I’ll try to find you soon.” But you didn’t hear him. You were already gone. He realized it and a shaky sob escaped him.

    “Y/n. Don’t leave me.”

    Something inside him began to change. His arms became weak and his vision began to darken. As the world faded away he realized it.

    “You didn’t break the contract my love. I’m coming. Don’t worry, I’m following you now.”

    And so he fell by your side as his spirit followed yours.

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  • lunaviatrix
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    Part 3 of first kisses, this time with Kazuha, left vague for reader or traveler

    as always, anons open for requests, enjoy!  part 1 | part 2

    Kazuha: Although he’s ever the wanderer, your two paths are always colliding. Though visits were brief at first, you find him linger longer and longer with you. Simple conversations become endless ones, and more often than not you’ll be talking into the night. You never know when to expect him, but you’re always looking forward to his visits. It is one such night that there’s something a little different in the air. Did he change his hair? Is he sitting differently? 

    You can’t put your finger on it, and to complicate things further, he’s peering at you with a peculiar expression on his face. 

    “What is it, Kazuha?” 

    “I wondered where my travels would take me. I always find my path comes back to you. Why is that?”

    “Maybe I keep getting in your way? Do you want me to change that?”

    He pouts. “That’s not it. I think my feet are the one carrying me to you.”

    “Well yes, in many cases that is how one travels.”

    “They have a mind of their own. Or rather, I think they follow something else. Not that there is much else on my mind lately but you.”

    He was speaking matter-of-factly, but what he said just dawned on the both of you. It was nothing short of a confession. The buzz of fireflies can be heard as the two of you stare at each other, the moonlight not bright enough to show the blush on your cheeks.

    Finally, you decide to break the silence. Leaning in, you ask, “Does that mean you like me?”

    He rubs his neck sheepishly, though his other hand gently slides over yours. “The cat’s out of the bag now, isn’t it? But...” he bites his lip, tilting his head at you as he tries to understand if his feelings are requited. “Do you feel the same?”

    You smile sweetly, and kiss his cheek as your reply. “What do you think?”

    “I think,” he smiles, and cups your chin in his hand. All his poetry in the world wouldn’t be enough to describe how he feels about kissing you next. As if you’re the most precious thing in the world, his lips are almost tickling yours with how gentle they are. He carries the scents of so many flowers, as though he’s the wind himself. Though the moment is brief, it’s as if the weight of his heart is imprinted into your kiss. “I think,” he says again. “That it is a very, lovely night tonight.”

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