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    23.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Bisexual Kaeya icons for Mari anon!

    (Transparents/renders credit: 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙)

    Please do not tag as kin unless you are the requester!

    Credit is very much appreciated, but not required.

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    23.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    The boys after a night out

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  • mymoira
    23.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    Genre: hurt/comfort
    Warnings: Crying, fear of abandonment
    A/n: just wrote this on a whim, enjoy your day/night everyone <3

    "Promise me you won't leave" your whispered

    "Wha..t where is this coming from? " 

    You smiled, your gaze trained on the palms of your hands. He knew you were lifting your mask to your face, so the way your eyes don't crinkle at the edges made him uneasy. Your indefinite Silence only made it worse. 

    His eyes caught the sight of tears falling onto your hands, followed by your shoulders quivering. He caressed your jaw to guide your gaze to him, and the sight broke him. Tears welled at the seams, trying their best to stay put but failing, the same concerning smile on your face. "What's wrong?" his voice soft as his touch. "I'm scared I'll lose you" you confessed, your hands trembling at the thought. 

    "Oh Y/n, don't say that. You don't have to worry about that", he wiped your tears with his thumb and brushed the strands of hair off your face. "I'll always be here" he smiled

    It was all crashing onto you that you lost so much throughout your life and the thought of losing someone that inspired you to keep going terrified you. But seeing his smile grounded you, fate can be merciless at times but if he's with you smiling then perhaps things will be okay 

    You felt him pull you into his embrace, the cozy warmth he radiated soothed the pain. And tears sprung out at the love he showered you with, while his words only seemed to further bring you at ease.

    "You're not alone" 

    #diluc ragnivindr x reader #diluc x reader #childe x reader #genshin x reader #diluc x y/n #childe x y/n #genshin impact x reader #tartagalia x reader #genshin x y/n #genshin x you #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader #thoma x reader #tohma x reader #kazuha x reader
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    23.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i was taking plunging attack pics of my characters and uh.yeah

    the mondstadt cryo bitches who like to drink strike again

    #genshin impact #pavo ocellus: kaeya alberich #spinea corona: rosaria
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  • aine-ayase
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yk what makes em wanna cry? soft kaeya who lays there in bed with you as you fell asleep after a tiring day just caressing your cheek, memorizing every spect of your face to engrave in his mind. whispering his most longest, heartfelt and sweet words and dunping out his insecurities on your sleeping form. Eyepatch sitting on top of the bedside table as his eyes glimmer faint gold in the dark lit room. Kaeya who's insecure ab not deserving you bc he was supposed to be a spy for his hometown and has a fear if he reveals this information on you, yiur reaction would be the same as his brother; causing you to drift apart. As he pressed a kiss on your forehead, letting his eyelids shut. Limbs entagled with each other, sharing more warmth in the cold night despite him not having body heat and making you more cold but it's a sign that he was right next to you.

    sorry no edit, no proofread either. just brainrot and letting imagination go wild.

    #kaeya x y/n #kaeya scenarios#genshin kaeya #kaeya x reader #kaeya alberich #kaeya x gender neutral reader #kaeya ragnvindr#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #brainrot#brain dump #i hate my brain #kaeya brainrot#kaeya fluff#sighs loudly#no edit #no proofreading we post like men #not me writing a whole fanfic #kaeya
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    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • ronanblake
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My Genshin Team:

    Beidou; Leader, mom of the group

    Kaeya: Second in command, dad of the group

    Aether: Big bro of the group and the most sane

    Bennett: everyone keeps him from dying but they love him anyway

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  • kokomiswifey
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A/N : here’s the prompt list that i used for today’s post!

    i was listening to this podcast and this one whilst writing this! If you don’t like true crime stuff please do not listen to it <33

    This isn’t my best piece of work so please do check put my other ones!

    Characters : Kazuha, Zhongli, Ganyu, Jean, Kaeya

    Reader : Gender Neutral

    Genre : Fluffy Drabbles

    Prompts : "it's been a while since i last smiled like this” (Kazuha)

    “How are you so beautiful?” (Zhongli)

    “No stop, you’re making me blush!” (Ganyu)

    “I’m in love with an idiot” (Jean)

    “This reminded me of you” (Kaeya)

    Tw : Mentions of death, Drunk Kaeya


    Kazuha’s body was curled up against you, his face hidden in your chest , legs tangled up together. He long hair was painting the bed sheets white and red. All you could hear was the soft breaths that both of you took. Stroking his hair was so comforting, it was as if you were petting a puppy. “It’s been a while since I’ve smiled like this.” His voice was like velvet, so soft and beautiful, you knew what he meant. You didn’t need to pressure him more.


    Zhongli was cooking dinner, the smell of the food filled the house that you two called home. He didn’t have to go to work today so he wanted to treat you to some breakfast in bed. “Y/N?” His voice emerged from the other side of the door, a knock followed afte it. “Come in” You could barely make out his figure coming towards you until he pressed his soft lips to your forehead, “morning love.” “Mm morning.” Your morning voice was quite surprising to say the least, and the bed hair that you had was actually impressively messy. “How are you so beautiful?” He questioned as he placed the food on the cabinet next to you, to him no matter what situation you were in, you were gorgeous.


    You and Ganyu were on a cafe date near the port, the salty air made the whole day sort of romantic. You two were patiently waiting for a waiter to come so you could order the food, it wasn’t until you two began to get impatient that you called a waiter. “What would you two like?” He eyed Ganyu for a while until he bowed his head a bit to show respect, “we would like the couple’s combo!” The waiter wrote down the order and the drinks, “any reason you guys are getting the couple’s combo?” he interrogated for whatever reason, “wouldn’t you two like the- “ “she’s my girlfriend? Sir?” He had a dumbfounded look on his face, his cheeks turning bright red. “I’m so sorry you two!” He scurried off to the kitchen, barely squeaking his apology. “Stop! You’re making me blush!” She hid her face in her hands, you said it really loudly that she wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the cafe heard.


    “Jeeeeaaannnnn-“ you whined as you burst through her office door, she was currently on her break, yet she still spent it looking through paperwork. A small chuckle left her lips, knowing you were probably going to start ranting about something, “what is it hun?” “I dropped my coffee as soon as i got it and idunnowhattodoanymorebecauseimnotgoingbackbecausethatsembarassingjusttotellthemim-“ her face was blank, she sighed very audibly as she leaned back on her chair, head leaned back. “I’m in love with an idiot!” She exclaimed as she rubbed her temple, a smile was plastered on her face.


    “Y/ *hic* N this , reminds me of you!” He slurred his words together, he’d been drinking all night as he persuaded a reluctant Diluc. He held up a drawing that he drew, as to where he got the paper and a pencil you have no idea. It was supposed to be you, but it was just a stick figure that hair kinda resembled yours. “Kae-“ “ALbeDO has *hic* been giving me lessons…” “Y/N please take him home…” Diluc said as he snatched the drink out of Kaeya’s hands and went to go clean it. “Will do.” You put his shoulder above your head and grabbed his waist, dragging his tall figure out of the tavern. The hangover he was going to have tomorrow was not one you were excited to see.

    #genshin imagines #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin x reader #genshin fluff#genshin impact#genshin kazuha#genshin zhongli#genshin jean#genshin ganyu#genshin kaeya#genshin drabbles #kazuha x reader #zhongli x reader #ganyu x reader #jean x reader #kaeya x reader #fluff#comfort#drabbles
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  • teyvattwriter
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Genshin Boys Having an Affectionate Partner

    ❧ Anon asked: Hello, again!! Tysm for writing my request, and I hope I’m not bothering you by submitting another one but,,Do you think you could write (scenarios or hcs, I don’t mind:)) Zhongli, Venti (or Kaeya if you don’t write for Venti-)and Childe with a s/o who’s just super affectionate and cuddly👉👈These genshin men have my whole heart-🦐

    ❧ Genre: fluff

    ❧ Includes: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli

    ❧ Warnings: n/a

    ❧ A/N: I’m not quite equipped to write for Venti yet so imma do this with Kaeya

    ~※ Main Masterlist ※~

    Kaeya actually wouldn’t mind having an affection partner. Everyone needs a little physical touch every once in a while and you just happened to like it more than others. Kaeya respected that. He wouldn’t mind how you cuddled up to him and how you held onto him all the time. 

    Childe loves this. This man is quite affectionate himself so having someone that was just as affectionate as him would make him very happy. The two of you looked like you were practically joined at the hip most of the time. He loved being able to hug and kiss you whenever he wanted. 

    Zhongli did not mind having an affectionate partner but he wasn’t one for PDA so he’d ask you to save your affection for when you were in private. In private, he honestly could be just as cuddly as you. He does like when you cling onto his arm as the two of you walk through Liyue though.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact reactions #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact scenarios #genshin impact imagines #genshin imagines#genshin headcanons#genshin scenarios#genshin reactions #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x you #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin impact fluff #genshin fluff #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #childe x reader #childe x you #zhongli x reader #zhongli x you #kaeya fluff#childe fluff#zhongli fluff
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  • teyvattwriter
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Getting Caught Making Out with Genshin Boys

    ❧ Anon asked: Hello there, how do you think kaeya, zhongli,Thoma, childe would react to their s/o’s sibling walking into the room without knocking while the boys where making out with their s/o?😭(To make it shorter getting caught making out by s/o’s sibling)

    ❧ Genre: suggestive

    ❧ Includes: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Thoma

    ❧ Warnings: making out

    ❧ A/N: I just tweaked this so it was a bit more generic and not necessarily being caught by a sibling

    ~※ Main Masterlist ※~

    Kaeya doesn’t care who walks in while he’s making out with you. This man has no shame. He kinda gets off on it too. do i think Kaeya is a bit of an exhibitionist? yes but that’s a discussion for another time He’ll make some sort of remark to the person that walked in and continue to make out with you.

    Childe, like Kaeya, has no shame. Yes, he might blush a tad and the tips of his ears will turn a bit pink but he’s not stopping. When this man is getting heated with you, almost nothing will stop him from continuing making out with you. He probably won’t even acknowledge the person who caught you two.  

    Zhongli is gonna be a bit embarrassed at getting caught but once that has passed, he’ll be willing to continue making out with you if you were up to it. He’d pull away from you suddenly and awkwardly clear his throat pretending the two of you weren’t just heavily making out. 

    Poor Thoma would get so embarrassed if you got caught making out. His face would get so red and he’d hide his face in the crook of your neck. Poor boy would take a very long time to recover from his embarrassment. He’d need a lot of reassurance that it wasn’t something to be embarrassed about.  

    #genshin impact #genshin impact reactions #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact scenarios #genshin impact imagines #genshin imagines#genshin reactions#genshin headcanons#genshin scenarios #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x you #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin smut #genshin impact smut #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #childe x reader #childe x you #zhongli x reader #zhongli x you #thoma x you #thoma x reader
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  • tartagliaxx
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i was going to tag every kaeya lover out there but im too sleepy to wait for replies so here @abyssheart @alberivh @lolvivienlol. have a good night and in this house, we love kaeya alberich w all our hearts and souls ❤️ also ew sorry its gross i did this in like,, fifteen mins

    kaeya alberich drinks for many reasons.

    he drinks to forget. the looks of disappointment never cease to fade away from his tired mind and though he knows that he was reliable enough as a knight, the harsh words from his childhood still remain to taunt him. right, who was he to assume that someone so troubled and vile could be enough for anyone? he was miserable and pathetic at that. kaeya has only known hope as the precursor of hurt because all the times he had hoped that someone would accept him for who he was — scars, estranged roots, and all — ended with him being left all alone in the cold comforts of his lonesome home.

    “that’s your sixth cup tonight,” diluc notes blankly though squint and you’ll catch a wisp of his concern. he didn’t need to be on good terms with the man to worry about his imminent collapse, “finish that and get out.”

    a bittersweet smile lifts his cheeks up and though he was out of it, kaeya still responds with the same, old mocking tone, “is that concern for my wellbeing that i’m hearing, master diluc? my, who would’ve thought that this day would come?”

    diluc could very well hit him on the head and end both of their misery but as he spots the small tremor in kaeya's hand, he decides against it. the darknight hero of mondstadt had ears everywhere; ears that were just as keen as the cunning cavalry captain’s was. the mysterious disappearance of kaeya's lover was enough to warrant diluc’s suspicion so he had gone ahead and investigated — just to make sure they weren’t kidnapped and not because he was being held back by old, fragile ties. though he had never been close to them, he thought that they were honest. he was wrong, of course, because what he heard was not delightful in any sense. no farewells, no explanations — your disappearance was thought to be caused by some darker power but the explanation was simpler than that. you grew tired. you fell out of love. you realized you never loved kaeya at all. who knew what it truly was but in the end, you left and kaeya was once again sinking into the deep sand of agonizing self-deprecation just like back then.

    “you look like you want to say something,” kaeya broke the silence that covered the two, and diluc sighed at the knowing glint on his eyes.

    “if a person leaves by their own choice, it’s no use clinging onto the memory of who they are— no… who you thought they were.”

    “bold of you to say that. tell me, master diluc, have you ever been looked at as if you don’t belong?”

    the man in question stills.

    “you’re born and raised in mondstadt and you carry a last name that warrants their trust and respect. you’re the kind of man that everyone aspires to be and to be with. to them, you are unflawed and even if they do see your flaws, they are readily accepted and understood. do you think the same goes for me?”

    it must’ve been the alcohol or the grievance brought by your absence because the kaeya that diluc knew was insufferable and would never, ever speak to him like this. it reminded him of when they were young — when he wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about but he did know that it plagued kaeya and stole away his nights.

    “i am unlike you and a look into my background would sow a distrust that would last ten lifetimes combined. that isn’t me, of course — or at least, i hope it isn’t. they say that one should never judge a son by his father’s sins but it’s hard to believe it when everyone who spoke it are hypocrites. perhaps it’s easy for you to say ‘let go’ because you always had everything but try telling a man who had nothing but the few pieces of his heart that and watch as he fights tooth and nail just to hold on to it, no matter how worthless.”

    diluc didn’t speak because he knew he was in no position to do so. he was neither a close friend nor a good source of comfort. if anything, he should be rid of sympathy and forcibly shoving kaeya out of the door but as his eyes meet the clock by the wall, ten minutes past closing, diluc thought that just this once, it’ll be alright to stay for a while longer.

    “funny how i thought that someone finally understood me — saw me as someone separate from my sins and from my confusion. i… i really thought that there would be someone waiting for me at home. i really thought that he was wrong when he told me i wouldn’t have anyone but him and his twisted delusions. i really fucking thought… that i found someone who would see me and still choose to stay.”

    kaeya looks up to see diluc wiping yet another glass in an almost rhythmic pattern. he thought he’d be chastising him for wasting his time with something that shouldn’t affect him as much as it was now. maybe the grumpy, stoic man had a heart after all… the captain snorts in light amusement as he eyes the bottle that diluc was just threatening to take away.

    “do you know where they are now?”

    diluc sighed, briefly glancing at kaeya before he turns back to his work, “would it help you if you knew?”

    “it was a rhetorical question,” the captain huffs, “i know where they are. i’m guessing you still remember thoma. that kid that used to run around with us? he’s in inazuma now… with them. hah… i don’t know if i should be laughing at this twisted turn of fates. they seem happy — genuinely so. i guess i should celebrate that, at least. would you like to cheer on that with me, diluc?”

    “if i said yes, would you finally stop mulling over what could have gone right and go to sleep before you collapse on my floor?” the hidden meaning behind his words need not be said.

    “is that the price i should pay to finally see you drink out of your own free will? hm… fine by me.”

    rolling his eyes, diluc picked up an empty glass from the counter — the one he was just drying and poured himself a quarter of kaeya’s favorite drink: death after noon. it’s quite unnerving. he was doing so much that was out of character for him to do but the longer he stared at someone he once knew well… ah, even diluc ragnvindr feels pity for the damned.

    “can i tell you another funny secret?”

    a snarky remark stood at the edge of his tongue but diluc swallows it the moment he caught a glimpse of the faded streak of tears that kaeya was desperately hiding. he didn’t speak a word about it, merely nodding his head as if saying ‘go on.’

    “i would’ve been fine with pretending as if they loved me just as much as i did. well… i suppose that goes without saying. it’s easy to lie especially if it’s at yourself. hah… what a person i’ve become… so desperate and so dependent… do you reckon he’d be disappointed in me now too?"

    the man he was talking about, crepus, was also the one person who never went back on his word. he never looked at kaeya with sheer disgust and disappointment, only with an understanding and supportive smile. though now that he thought about it, maybe it was because he was gone before he could do so and not because he genuinely felt as if kaeya and his best was enough.

    it has never been easy for diluc to speak about his father but this time, he knew just the answer though he, himself, denies it.

    “no. he’d tell you that it was their loss, not yours.”

    “you think so?” kaeya laughed bitterly because he knew that it was he who was losing, “well no matter. i have a deal to complete. cheers, master diluc, for you who is disturbingly bad at comforting people, for me who will continue to stain your tavern with my presence, and for them who are now happy together, away from me but not from my mind.”

    diluc was hesitant to clink their glasses together, not because he despised the thought of drinking with kaeya but because he wasn’t too keen on cheering on his idea of continuous self-pity. alas, kaeya’s bitter smile and awaiting gaze made him sigh in defeat. with a delicate ring, diluc drinks in hopes that he would forget the weak and broken form of the captain come the morning. as much as he hated him, he hated the idea that he was so vulnerable and hurt more.

    turning around to wash his glass, diluc realized that it was still he who knew the cavalry captain best. he knew that kaeya alberich drinks for many reasons but ultimately, there is one that stands out from the rest.

    kaeya alberich drinks to mourn for what he has lost and now, he drinks for you.

    #˗ˋˏ°• stories from lady lei •°ˎˊ˗ #genshin#kaeya#genshin impact #genshin x reader #genshin x y/n #genshin imagines#genshin scenarios#genshin oneshot
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  • wispycecilia
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    hey , pretty stranger !

    genshin characters as strangers you’ve met

    various! genshin impact x reader. (albedo, childe, diluc, fischl, gorou, hu tao, itto, kaeya, kazuha, scaramouche, thoma, venti, xiangling, xiao, yanfei, zhongli.) - 5037 words.

    synopsis: genshin characters as people you’ve encountered, and have remained in your heart ever since then.

    notes: modern! AU. long headcanons. british english used. lowercase. some cliche romance tropes used. edited. semi-proofread. gn!reader. mother used in albedo’s one. father used in diluc’s one. slight cursing used. arranged in alphabetical order.

    a/n: this was meant to be released way earlier but then word deleted all my work are u srs.. but anywayysss most of these are happy, i promise :) key word is ‘most’ tho. and holy moly these are long asdffghhjkl new record for me!!



    • the person who let you have the last carton of eggs. you were rushing to the supermarket in an absolute frenzy; your mother wanted to make desserts, but you used up the last eggs in the house to complete a stupid ‘rubber egg’ science project of yours.

    • it was already late, and the chances of the supermarket actually having anything there at all was very slim, but luck seemed to be in your favour??? lo and behold, right there in the poultry aisle, sits the last box of eggs. you could literally hear angels singing.

    • well, your glorious moment was interrupted by a third party picking it up before you could. he was observing them with a critical gaze, and in a slight moment of panic, you were debating whether or not you could win against him in a fist fight.

    • but as he gave you a quizzical look at your defeated expression, you opted for the second option: begging.

    • it was a pitiful sight, really. you were about to get on your knees and plead at the poor guy just for the eggs. you knew your mother would be angry if you came home with nothing, and you weren’t about to risk a scolding, not today!!

    • but instead, he just wordlessly handed the carton to you. no small talk, no need for you to throw your dignity to the side, nothing. it was like he could read your mind. you stood there in awe.

    • you swear you could see a hint of a smirk on his face, though.


    • the attractive person who was taking care of their sibling at the park. he was helping teucer climb up one of those spider web playground equipment things, and then his shirt rised up a bit and. oh. oh my god. ohhhhhh my god?!?!?

    • turns out, he was your neighbour… the hot neighbour that you never noticed until now. you’ve interacted with his little siblings before, but never saw him?? and as you were having a mini crisis on a park bench, his little brother noticed you!

    • you were invited to join them with a warm smile from both boys, and your heart almost skipped a beat imagining a domestic scene with the two: childe cooking a meal, while you and teucer sit at a table expectantly. ohh you hopeless romantic... imagining all these scenarios with a boy you’ve just met..

    • you got attached way too quickly. you thought that childe believed the same: that you two hit it off, but apparently he didn’t. he gave you his number, but only ever initiated conversation if teucer wanted to meet up with you in the park. (the little boy had grown attached to you!) but it was never for anything else. childe never interacted with your ‘how was your day?’ texts at all.

    • next thing you knew, the texts eventually faded into nothingness. you heard from a mutual friend of yours that childe started to date a new girl that moved into town, and that the two can be seen in the nearby park, acting like a sickenly sweet couple as they play tag with childe’s siblings.

    • you occasionally walk by the park sometimes, and watch in envy as the girl took up the spot that you once had with the boys. it seemed as if teucer completely forgot about you; he liked the new girl more. and childe… he never once looked your way; he never saw you anything beyond a friend to begin with. childe may have never been yours, but a part of your heart still considered him to be a traitor.


    • the person who helped pick your stuff up when you bumped into them. with you being the upcoming successor of a highly esteemed business company, the sight of you rushing to a meeting after sleeping in was embarrassingly undutiful.

    • as if your day couldn’t get any worse, you bumped into a stranger along the way, all your files and documents spreading across the pavement like a snowstorm. he initially seemed to carry an impassive look, one that screamed ‘i hate idle chit-chat’, but once diluc saw your face fully?? you swear his eyes perked up in a slight amount of interest.

    • one quick apology from both ends later, he helped to pick up all your folders off the ground. and after the situation was all said and done, diluc asked you for your number, his face staying ever-so impassive. and this… just left you shellshocked. him?? the one to initiate romantic advances?? he totally seemed like the unapproachable type. maybe out of your league. but he even called you cute!?!? how even??

    • …although, you might’ve gotten your hopes too high up. later that night when you scrambled for the business card diluc scrawled his number on, the dreaded message of ‘number not in use’ popped up on your screen while you sent a quick hi.

    • your heart sunk in an instant. one google search of the company written on the business card later, and you found out he was the son of crepus ragvindr, the man who your father left high and dry on a company deal several years ago.

    • you seriously thought you had a chance with someone who wouldn’t judge you for your upbringing for once. but, this time round, it looks like you were the one who had gotten fooled once again. why were you involved in your father’s mess?


    • the worker at a super suspicious shop you visited. fischl was there, dressed up in a half-magician half-princess get-up, with… somber music in the back. you entered the shop on an absolute whim, just trying to find a present for a friend, and instead? you get a girl trying to predict your death.

    • it was oddly captivating, though, and soon enough, you were a regular visitor in this weird shop. you even managed to stick around long enough to meet the second owner, mona!

    • fischl would go off on tangents about myths. in particular, shadow familiars. she claimed she had a pet eagle called ‘oz’ that would take form of a vengeful shadow, and would also do anything she asked.

    • fischl dropped the act around you soon enough, and even told you her real name. she poured out secrets about her past that not even mona was aware about. fischl’s past was shrouded in more mystery than the mirror ball on her desk, and yet, she described all her tribulations with the crystal clear intent of getting you to understand her.

    • as you two got closer, you realised she was just a sheltered girl that needed a friend. that all of this? this store that she set up with her one childhood friend that she had? was a form of escapism. this coping strategy was one that might be looked down upon by many, but was held in such high regard by you. fischl appreciated your presence more than you could ever know.

    • and in your point of view? she was initially a stranger you met by pure accident. but now? she was more than that; fischl was someone you hold dear.

    • fischl told you once that she lacked the capability to be loved by others. but, as you clutched the crystal bracelet you made for her against your chest, you hoped that fischl would understand that she was loved and cherished.


    • the stranger who dropped popcorn all over you in the cinema. you two were in a movie premiere for an adaptation of the saddest novel of all time, and to say the least, you were in absolute shambles.

    • sad films nowadays were filled with cliches that weren’t enough to make you cry at all. but this one? this one hit straight in the feels. a refreshing feeling, but crushed your ‘stone-faced bitch that refuses to cry during sad films’ title.

    • and??? the hypothetical waterfall coming out of your eyes seemed to be so strong that it came into real life. a wave of pure salt and buttered popcorn came pouring out from behind you.

    • the tearful moment you had was no longer, and turning around, you came face-to-face with a brown haired boy giving you a sheepish smile, holding an empty popcorn box. the white-haired friend next to him, panicked beyond belief, apologised on his behalf, but the damage has already been done.

    • the cinema workers seemed to go heavy-handed with the butter machine today, as you were covered in the thing. great. you looked like an absolute mess; how were you going to recover from this moment socially?

    • gorou came down to your row and gave a brief introduction, before offering you some tissues and wrapping his jacket around you. he escorted you to the toilets to clean yourself up, making playful jokes here and there.

    • it would’ve been the highlight of your day, but it quickly became sour as he spoiled a pivotal part of the movie to you, only further adding to the pain.

    • it’s okay though. gorou was cute; you forgave him. and on the condition that you two go out to watch the movie once more - just you two, alone - this encounter was later forgotten.

    hu tao

    • the person who was your escape. you were at the countryside temporarily to visit your grandparents for the summer holidays, and you liked to take escapades at nighttime to bask in the chirps of the cicadas.

    • you first met hu tao while she was stuffing ‘help me’ and ‘come here at 3am’ notes underneath rocks at the riverbank the kids would stay at. the shock on her face as you caught her in the act is something that still makes you laugh to this day.

    • after that, you two kept your nighttime meetings consistent. it would always be during a luminescent moonlight, besides the run-down convenience store that stood just above the river you first met at.

    • you never caught each other’s name, but it didn’t matter. all that mattered was the picturesque memories you’d make together: climbing on top of a playground to look at the stars, watching the fish at the river, and you entertaining hu tao’s pranks by acting surprised whenever she snuck up on you.

    • though, of course, good things always come to an end. you were just visiting the countryside, so you had no choice but to leave hu tao behind. you keep those memories in your heart, feeling melancholic every time you reminisce on the best summer you’ve ever had.

    • hu tao gave you a ghost plushie before you left, telling you to call it ‘boo tao’. and yet, still, as you asked her for her name or any form of contact, she just gave you a smile, one that was unusually sad for her joyful self.

    • ‘mysteries make the moment more special, don’t you think?’

    • you hoped that the next time you came to visit, hu tao would be sitting there where you first met, welcoming you back with a tight hug and the cheerful smile you loved so much.


    • the stranger who got you a stuffed toy from a festival stall. it was one of those absolutely infuriating strength games. you know, the one where you’d have to smack a table super hard with a hammer? yeah. those ones. the neon sign saying ‘strong striker’ was literally mocking you. you were neither strong or a striker from the looks of things. the game absolutely was rigged.

    • although you’d probably neglect the toy after the adrenaline from winning it wears off, who cares? whatever! it would fit perfectly in the depths of your closet with the rest of your carnival winnings!

    • you were going broke and wasted literal hours on this one game.. you hadn’t even had the chance to try out the cotton candy stall from the other end of the carnival yet! any rational person would’ve stopped right now, but who said you had self control?

    • as you were about to hand over your last coins, an unmistakably attractive and muscular stranger stops your hand. he gives you a reassuring smile, before proceeding to look at the game with a challenging glare.

    • ‘leave it to me, stranger!’

    • …and just like that, the stranger hit the table so hard with the toy hammer that the meter just. went off the scale. the vendor, who was once looking at you with a look of maliciousness due to literally robbing you of all your money, was now awestruck at the sheer power the man holds.

    • you felt your heart drop as he claimed the stuffed toy you were so obviously eyeing, but as he looked at you with a satisfied smirk (maybe even a little cocky), he handed it over to you with little-to-no reluctance, before proceeding to return back to the group of friends who were mocking him for showing off so much.

    • before he left, though, he asked you to name the stuffed toy ‘itto’, after his name. you did comply to itto’s wish, and instead of rotting in the back of your closet, the toy sits on your bed, reminding you of the both kind (and a little terrifying) stranger who you met on a not-so average saturday night.


    • the worker at an arcade you were visiting. you went to the arcade to blow off some steam after a relatively rough day, and decided to give their bowling venue a shot.

    • what you didn’t expect, however, was how absolutely shit you’d be at it. a worker took pity on you and decided to put up the side railings so there would be no way you could miss a shot, and somehow?? It still never hit??

    • after the 2nd set and an endless amount of disappointment, a worker, clad in the tacky uniform he had to wear, walked up to your station and just... laughed in your face. way to make the day worse, asshole.

    • he then proceeded to ask you needed a ramp because of how bad you were at bowling and?? come on?? he knew you were bad; you knew you were bad. but, he could’ve at least tried to be discreet with your lack of bowling abilities??

    • the stranger was at least perceptive enough to realise that you weren’t in the mood to entertain his friendly bantering, and even offered to play with you after his shift ended. just to teach you the proper ropes of bowling, of course.

    • your day may have had a rough start, but kaeya, as the stranger claimed was his name, was here to pick you back up.


    • the library crush. you first saw him while cramming a project of yours; you needed more stable wifi - the mcdonald’s one just wouldn’t cut it anymore - and had to renew your library card to be able to get in.

    • and… shit?? since when did librarians get so hot??? you’ve only ever encountered the stereotypical ones. the old, cranky men that would yell at you if you were ever caught speaking a bit too loud.

    • soon, these visits of yours became more and more regular. you’d pretend to act like you’re studying, but in reality, you were admiring the librarian that sat so beautifully on the front desk. you often daydreamed, wondering what he would look like if the afternoon glow cascaded against his face.

    • you’d constantly sit at the table adjacent to the desk so you could get the best view of him as possible. maybe even occasionally freak out whenever he would smile at the book he was reading because.. he was just so cute??

    • you thought you were being slick with your admiration, but apparently not. because one day, as you were ‘reading’ one of the books you just borrowed from him for ‘research’, kazuha approached you with a cheeky remark.

    • ’the book is upside-down, you know.’

    • that knowing, cunning (and dare you assume, a little flirtatious?) look on his face said it all. he knew your ulterior motive this whole time, and this slip-up of yours just gave you away completely.

    • but it didn’t matter, because in the end, you received a kiss on your forehead, a reminder to take care of yourself, and a number scrawled on a sticky note on the book you borrowed.

    • you may have just landed yourself a prince in the kingdom of literature <3


    • the stranger who you dubbed as the ‘vending machine rager’. you know those compilations of those 12 yr olds screaming at their xbox on youtube? yeah. that was scaramouche, but with a can of cola instead.

    • you’ve never seen someone take canned drinks so… seriously before??? it was. questionable. from afar, it looked like a child baby-raging at a vending machine for not giving them their soft drink.

    • this thought of yours only intensified when you went closer, and saw that yes, he was kicking the vending machine out of anger. all you wanted was a strawberry calpis from the machine, but instead, you get a boy blocking everyone else from accessing it. poor you.

    • eventually, the guy’s rage was no longer humorous to you, and you just felt bad that he was going this far. usually, people would’ve left it alone already and tried a different machine?? but he was still here??

    • you purchased the drink directly above his stuck one, and it knocked it down instantly… scaramouche’s 2 hours of suffering was solved within 2 minutes of your presence. boss moment.

    • you handed his drink to him with a smile; he gave you a disgruntled expression. not even a thank you in return. how rude. but this is a story you tell your friends often, just to lighten the mood. after all, what's funnier than an xbox kid personified in the flesh?


    • the stranger who re-enacted a drama scene with you. there was a venue opened up for a drama that was trending at the time, and the workers were handing out props and other merchandise that was featured in the show.

    • you were out of money, but there was still this trinket that you wanted to buy. the friend who you came with offered to get it for you, on the condition that you shout out one of the most famous lines, all in an attempt to embarrass you, of course.

    • with absolutely no shame, you yelled, ‘why do you look at me like that?’

    • what you didn't expect was someone from the other side of the shop to join in with you too, completing the iconic line of the well-known show, ‘how else should i look at you?’

    • you two locked eyes, and you were convinced you found your soulmate. after all, no one had looked at you with such a warm expression like that before. the boyish laugh he gave, paired with your faint laughs of amusement, captivated the entire shop.

    • from an outsider looking in, you and him looked like you knew each other all your life; like you were destined to be together. you later approached thoma, making light conversation to get to know this enigmatic stranger a bit more.

    • but he revealed to you that he was enlisted in the army, and was due to resume training in a week or so. any opportunities for a relationship, let alone a friendship, were completely eliminated.

    • thoma settled on taking a picture together, where you and him were holding hands, backs facing towards the camera. it remains as your lockscreen to this day. you’d visit the spot once every full moon, in hopes for looking for the boy of ‘what could have been’, called thoma.


    • the busker who everyone was ignoring. the city was crowded and bustling in a way it never had before, but for some reason, even in the sea of people, venti managed to shine and stand out from the crowd.

    • that day, you were in a rush to chase up a replacement for a kettle you owned, but as soon as you saw him pouring his heart and soul out into his performances, only for people to not even bat an eye in his direction?? what??

    • you had placed to be, but you guess they could wait. and, the smile venti gave you as he noticed you watching his performance attentively, made it all worth it. the conversation you two had afterwards is one that you hold dearly, and you swore to yourself you would help him in any way you could.

    • he would be there every tuesdays and wednesdays, always at the same time too: 2pm. and so without fail, you’d show up, 5 minutes early, watching him set up his instruments and the speakers so skillfully.

    • venti loved having you around. little did you know, he would’ve given up had you not noticed him and supported him since that day.

    • you knew diamond in a rough when you see it, and turns out, a man working in a scouting agency thought so too. you saw him giving venti a card one day, and the next, venti was no longer on the designated spot where he would play his songs.

    • he was a shimmering star in the sea of talents, and you were there to watch him grow, right from the beginning. a star is nothing without the support from you, his fuel and fire, to shine.

    • you smile in absolute glee whenever you see venti and his recent albums being advertised on the billboards across your city. you hoped he still remembered who you were; his first fan, the first person to see his potential to hit it big.

    • but it was okay if he didn’t. you’d support him anyways.


    • the stranger who kept going for free food samples at the food stall you worked at. she’d appear like, 10 minutes apart from each visit, each time with a half-assed disguise. even the little kid who refused to leave you alone noticed her after a while??

    • you weren’t allowed to give out more than 3 portions at once of the sliced chili steak you were handing out, but she was on her 15th sample… oh goodness. you’re getting in trouble, alright.

    • you knew you had to stop xiangling’s madness soon, or else you’re getting fired, but as she comes up to you with a fake moustache from the $2 dollar store, an obviously fake deep voice, paired up with an equally cute laugh at the end that gave away her disguise? who were you to decline?

    • she kept coming until the end of your shift, using obviously fake names such as ‘bartholomew’ or ‘margaret’... it honestly impressed you on how much costumes and disguises she owned. she probably prepared this in advance.

    • after that incident, you were never placed in the food station again. a co-worker ratted you out for having favouritism between customers, but who could blame you? she was so cute.

    • chances are, she found another food place to harass for free samples. good on her. who knows? maybe you’ll encounter her again during one of your mall adventures. who knows. <3


    • the airport crush. it was a dull morning, and you were preparing yourself for the jet-lag that was undoubtedly going to occur. and then, in the sunlight, you see the prettiest stranger you’ve ever seen in your life.

    • you thought that would be it. that after the quick, fleeting eye contact you two made, that you’d never see the man again. it did put a slight ache in your heart.

    • then?? he was literally on the same flight and everything?? this is your chance?? but you were wayyy too shy and couldn’t gather up enough gall to approach him and ask for his number. the guy had a certain air about him, one that seemed unapproachable, as if he was a deity that you could do nothing besides stare upon.

    • you tried every method beside approaching him, though. you got so desperate that you even tried to airdrop people, asking if they know (or are) the guy in seat 365. however, it was all futile. you were unaware that the guy didn’t even own an iphone.

    • and finally, as you two, by some miracle, end up leaving at the same terminal once more, you mustered up enough courage to approach him.

    • but with his response of a quick ‘i’m in a rush; you’re wasting my time’, all your fantasies of ever seeing the fleeting airport crush once more were crushed beyond comprehension.

    • nowadays, whenever you see a similar shade of green hair, you hide and revert your gaze as quick as possible. that nauseating feeling whenever you think of that day was too much for you to handle.


    • your stupid friend’s legal advisor who they were crushing on massively. your friend got into some massive legal trouble after knocking down an entire aisle of precious antiques at a pawn shop, and now here you two are.

    • you initially refused to play any part in this, but they did absolutely everything to persuade you to come with them because, in verbatim, ‘my lawyer is the prettiest person ever!!’

    • they even sent you the whole ‘ohh lawrd im goin to jail my lawyers hot’ when they first met up with yanfei. put a leash on your friend so they don’t go and jump on her please <3

    • they did end up convincing you to go, eventually. it was on the condition that they’ll go out and take you out to a restaurant you’ve always been wanting to try.

    • but as soon as you saw the lawyer in question, sitting on her desk with a sense of maturity that you could never imagine having, even though you were most likely the same age??

    • oops. looks like you fell for the legal advisor too. good luck to you :)

    • that fluttering in your chest only seemed to increase as she sent you a warm smile, obviously well aware that you were forced here. yanfei even offered you her candy jar to keep yourself entertained as she talks business with your friend.

    • you two wouldn’t be just strangers for long, and you both knew it.


    • the coffee shop stranger. you’ve imagined this scenario plenty of times before, actually. it’ll be a cute moment: you’ll forget your wallet at home, and the cute guy behind you will offer to pay for it in full, asking for nothing besides your number in exchange.

    • ohhhh nope!! how wrong you were!!! as the man in front of you, clad in a crisp suit, sheepishly turns around, (all the while a disgruntled worker who was definitely not getting paid enough for this sighs in the back) asks if you had any spare change??

    • you wanted to curse the universe for this. what have you done wrong to deserve such a thing? the opportunity was right there, the stars were all aligned, so what have you done? you thought you’ve been a relatively good person all your life.

    • seriously. why were you the one paying for him?? it was meant to be the other way around. what made it even worse was that he ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. the bashful smile that he gave you made your anger dissipate for a second. just a second, though. annddd then you were back to staring holes into the back of head.

    • as he hands you his business card, thanking you for your kindness before promptly walking off, you stare in absolute awe. you weren't shocked because of how rushed his thank you was - the only thing in your mind was that he didn’t even give you his number after all that. the fantasy in your head was completely crushed now.

    • but as you flipped the card around, your shock increased tenfold. morax co. was scribed perfectly onto the black card??? even a child would know that name. it was one of the most well-known companies around.

    • maybe this encounter wasn’t too bad after all.

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact imagines #itto x reader #zhongli x reader #albedo x reader #childe x reader #diluc x reader #venti x reader #gorou x reader #kaeya x reader #kazuha x reader #thoma x reader #xiao x reader #scaramouche x reader #fischl x reader #hu tao x reader #xiangling x reader #yanfei x reader #childe#zhongli#venti#itto#kaeya#diluc#wispywrites *; #teyvat collection *;
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    uft/s ♡ all

    ha*ro (i, 40)

    prof*t (i, 50)

    p*cnic (i, 50)

    k*eyas (a, 50)

    k*r*s* (u, no b/i/n)

    dm me on discord, chlo#0004 ♡

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    Mark the date, so you don't miss out! 🗓️

    Pre-orders will open on: November 2nd, 8:00 AM PDT! Find a co-op friend and get ready to explore Teyvat together with the Genshin Planner! 🔖

    ⏳ Countdown https://genshinplanner.carrd.co/

    @faneventshub @fandomzines

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    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    falling for the devil | kaeya x reader [pt. 1 halloween event '21]

    summary. the ragnivindr halloween party goes a little unexpected when you meet a man dressed as the devil

    ft. kaeya and lisa + jean besties

    cw. modern!au, flirty kaeya

    wc. 1.2k

    notes. yeah lisa and jean's costumes are their normal clothes i'm very original. also kaeya calling you petnames jsdkjfskjd (i asked my friend to beta read this and she really thought lisa was lisa from blackpink help-)

    parties at the ragnvindr house didn’t come by often. but when you received the news of a halloween party being hosted there, your friend lisa begged that you and jean come along, because it would be a good chance to “liven it up a bit.” you knew that lisa would need someone to care for her after partying too hard so you decided you’d go. jean reluctantly agreed to go afterwards, and lisa dragged the two of you to the nearest costume shop. lisa had already decided that she wanted to dress as a witch and jean had settled on a knight costume. “go for something a bit sexier, jean,” lisa had said when jean came out of the fitting room and the young blonde shook her head saying it would not be appropriate. lisa suggested that you dress as an angel for halloween and she said that she had all the clothes for the costume. you shrugged and agreed.

    now that the 31st of october rolled around, the three of you met at lisa’s house to travel together. when lisa opened the front door to let you in, you could see that lisa and jean were already in their costumes. lisa had created her own costume from purple material and her dress was paired with high stockings and gloves. to top it all off, she had a violet large-rimmed hat. jean’s costume was not an obvious one, but the prop sword at her side and the gold accents made it easier to tell that she was dressed as a knight. lisa grabbed your hand and dragged you into her bedroom. the two of your friends helped you get into your costume and urged you not to look in the mirror until they were finished.

    “all done, now you can look!”

    you carefully opened your eyes and looked up and down at the costume. you couldn’t deny how well put together the costume was. the fully white outfit was elegant yet comfortable, and it showed a bit of skin (undoubtedly lisa’s idea), and you had white-feathered wings on your back. you adorned gold slippers and a gold halo headband which brought the costume full-circle. you had to admit, you looked incredible.

    “i must say, y/n, you look amazing! you exude the innocence of an angel; what a darling,” lisa squealed and you could see jean nodding in agreement behind her, “but we must get going, we wouldn’t want to be late to the party, would we?”

    it was turning to dusk when the three of you finally reached the mansion. it was your first time going to a ragnvindr party much less even going to the ragnvindr house. you heard that these parties went from dusk to dawn and it was very intense. they said that diluc ragnvindr was the host, but he was never to be seen at the actual party. the real star of the show was his step-brother, kaeya alberich. another person who you had never met, but you heard the rumors that he was a massive flirt.

    “alright, are we ready to have some fun?” lisa asked when the three of you reached the door.

    “yeah, let’s get this party started!”

    lisa laughed, “that’s the spirit, y/n, now let’s go!”

    the moment lisa opened the door, you heard music blasting and people chatting. the lights were bright and people were dancing everywhere. you could see food tables set up and halloween props and balloons everywhere. there were so many people, the whole grade must have been in here. but as you looked around, you could barely tell who anyone was in their costumes.

    “i’m off to the dance floor, come with me, jean.” lisa grabbed jean’s hands and dragged her into the crowd with a mischievous look in her emerald eyes.

    ah, now you were alone in a party where you barely knew anyone. you made your way from the doorway to a corner where there was a table for drinks. at least you wouldn’t be alone. the music was too loud, the atmosphere was suffocating, and you didn’t even have anyone to talk to. you looked for your friends, but they were lost in the crowd. perhaps you should have joined them on the dance floor as well.

    “hey, angel, would you care for a dance?”

    you whipped your head around at the sultry voice, and next to you stood a tall man, definitely over 6 feet tall, dressed in an all-red suit. one quick glance told you that he was dressed as a devil with his horns and the tail peeking out from behind him. you chose to avert your gaze when you saw that his suit was slightly open giving you a peek at his tanned chest. the mysterious young man had steel blue hair that was tied into a long ponytail and had bright cerulean eyes. well, eye, since his right eye was covered by a red eyepatch.

    you blinked up at him. was he asking you? you looked around to see if there was anyone else, but the other people around you weren’t even looking at the two of you.

    “i’m asking you, angel,” he chuckled and you felt your cheeks flush at the nickname. it probably was just because you were dressed as an angel though.

    “i-i suppose so.”

    you mentally facepalmed. you get asked if you want to dance by a hot guy and you respond with the dumbest reply. you’ve already messed up and you haven’t even gotten to the dancing part yet.

    he held out his gloved hand and you took it, surprised by how soft his grip was when he clutched your hand. he practically swooped you off of your feet as he led you to the dance floor. the song was slow and quite clearly meant for couples dancing. (which was strange, wasn’t this a halloween party?) you felt panic rise up in you as the two of you started to sway to the music in sync.

    you could feel the eyes on you. the numerous people watching you dance with this man. this man whose name you didn’t even know. he led you through the dance and you kind of just followed along clumsily. you couldn’t bring yourself to look up knowing that your face must have been bright red. you could hear him chuckle from above you.

    “why so shy, angel?”

    his teasing only made you flush further. god, you must have looked so ridiculous right now. slow dancing while looking at your feet the whole time. despite this, you were still enjoying yourself somehow. you couldn’t wait to tell lisa and jean that you scored a dance with someone like him. how you even did it, you had no idea. you were just some random person in a costume but he had chosen to dance with you. it was almost as if he had read your mind when he next spoke:

    “there’s nothing to be so self-conscious about. you’re the prettiest one at the party, you know that?”

    if you thought you had reached peak embarrassment before, this was the one that had really done it. you unknowingly leaned your head against his chest to hide your face. you couldn’t even say a single word to him knowing you’d just fall apart. you could hear his smile as he said the next words.

    “my my, you’ve really fallen for the devil, haven’t you, angel?”

    #lavie.txt #series [halloween event '21].exe #genshin impact x reader #kaeya x reader #genshin impact#kaeya #genshin impact x y/n #kaeya x y/n #modern!au #i 100% believe in kaeya calling you angel #y/n is awkward as hell but y/n is literally me-
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    hey ;)))

    *shyly sends leaks of my upcoming fic*

    #—the vault 🤫 #as always taglist are open ! #yes thats right im writing the way of the househusband au #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact fanfiction #childe x reader #zhongli x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader
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    Just imagine-

    Kaeya in a button up shirt with some left unbuttoned revealing his chest early in the morning. He woke up before you, finding you asleep by his side. He plays with your hair while watching your chest heave up and down, listening to your slow breathing. He kisses your head before going in the kitchen to cook breakfast aaaaaa this sucks but oh well

    #I wrote this half asleep don’t attack me please #bubblegum wrappers [🎀] #genshin impact kaeya #genshin x reader #genshin x gn reader #genshin x y/n #genshin x you #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin#genshin fluff#kaeya #kaeya x reader #kaeya fluff #kaeya x y/n #kaeya x you #kaeya x gender neutral reader
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    Like this post for a lyrical one-liner from Kaeya.  Fellow mumus please say who it’s for. 
    #& Starter Call (Kaeya // Genshin Impact)
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    ok mr fruity skewers

    ( instagram )

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