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    PSA: Calling out racism is NOT THE PROBLEM, ignoring/excusing racism in your own community is.

    Not defending any side I’ve just had this thought for awhile

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    Blooming | 4NEMO

    B l o o m i n g

    A/N: The amount of time I took to draw that (^) banner just to have it for 4nemo ficlets— a-ah, I love how it turned out anyway soOOO- anyway! This is sort of 4nemo’s... origin story? At least my take in how the group was built. 

    There will be three parts to this, Blooming, Falling, and Loving! (And a bonus angst because it won’t be me without angst, Withering)

    Words: 4.1k

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    A dream is a wish your heart makes—isn’t that a saying from a fairytale? 

    You aren’t too fond of it, actually. There are dreams that do remain as mere wishes, but you are not the type to let it remain as a blooming desire in your head. Because-

    “Why fantasize when you can grant it yourself?”


    For the first time in your life, you are a witness to your friend’s bewilderment. A rare sight to come across, so you milk it with a smug yet determined grin. 

    It isn’t everyday one gets to see the usually charismatic Venti to be the one stunned into silence, his teal and aquamarine pools blinking in what seems to be an attempt to process what he’s heard. 

    He appears just as lost and disordered as his papers that lay on the floor. 

    At the center of it all stands you, eyeing the sheets inked with black. Sheets that contain discarded and incomplete musical notes arranged by a passionate yet reluctant mind. 

    “I said what I said,” you pick up one of the musical sheets, eying the title that read ‘Zephyr’. “You have what it takes, Ven. Are you really satisfied with just being in the music club?”

    Said friend pouts, leaning forward to snatch the paper away from your hands with a rosy flush to his cheeks. 

    “Of course I am, what do you take me for?” 

    “A liar.”

    He dramatically falls to his paper-blessed floor at this retort, whining about how you’ve wounded his poor little heart. Still, he voices nothing regarding your description of him—which can only mean one thing. 

    You sigh. This guy, I swear.

    “I’ve known you ever since we were in kindergarten and I stole all your crayons except for the brown one—”

    “So you did steal them! You thief, I didn’t get my gold star sticker because all I had was a measly stickman doodle of our teacher! She said she looked like a broomstick!” 

    “—Because you lied about not stealing my [c] crayon!” you exclaim, huffing when he guiltily chuckles. “So to put it short, I’ve known you for a long time. It is impossible not to know whether you’re really happy with something or not.”

    You sit back down on the floor, careful not to slip on any of the musical sheets where your dear friend poured his heart and soul into writing. 

    “That face of yours may fool others but not me.” 

    Venti gazes at you with a look of resignation, but there is a trace of gratitude if one peers close enough. His slacking grip on the papers he has collected lets loose and he falls back onto the side of his bed. 

    Enveloped with quietude, the room makes no noise other than the faint sound of the air conditioner and the faint pattering of the rain against his window. You contribute to the silence, not saying anything as you lose yourself in the recollections of your mind. 

    The sudden poiesis of his love for creating music comes barreling when you were both fourteen—and unsurprisingly, you only became aware of it when you caught his incomplete sheets stuffed in his violin bag. Getting the answer with the said sheet as evidence came easier afterward, and so you accompanied him in his passionate rambling about a dream that remains as a faraway wish. 

    Students alike have praised his talent and he’s all the more hyped and thankful, but underneath that countenance laid an unsatisfied person who sought for more. 

    Of course, despite his ongoing mask in front of others, there is a tacit understanding between the two of you. 

    You’re proud to say that you hold some kind of power over others because of this, but heavens, you just wish that Venti would allow you to help sometimes. 

    “Do you really think I can make it?” his whisper—so small and so wishful—has you glancing at him, his stare still pointed to his ceiling. 

    The pitter patter of raindrops become harsher as if mirroring itself to the raging storm in your friend’s head. The gentle bob of his adam’s apple is a dead giveaway. 

    With an incentive to drill in him the fact that ‘yes, I’ve been saying it so many times already!’ , you jump onto the bed chest down, humming when he tilts his head to meet your eyes. 

    Receiving the eye contact, you say, “Of course you can. I’ll help you, Ven. Just let me.” 

    Venti swallows at this and heaves a sigh, tearing his eyes away. 

    One can practically feel his reluctance oozing out from his aura, but you reach your hand down to squeeze his own. It may not help much but the message of ‘I am with you’ does wonders in giving your childhood friend the encouragement he needs.

    You know you have won when he looks back at you with a surprisingly sheepish yet eager smile on his face. 

    “So where do we start, [Nickname]?” 

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    “This wasn’t part of the plan!” Venti cries as he is almost sent tumbling into other sleep-deprived students thanks to his wrist being pulled. 

    To his chagrin, he does tumble when you stop all of a sudden, his front slamming into your back. “You just said how you’re not against forming a team. So, we’re going to get you a team! Don’t worry, I know the perfect candidates!” 

    You’re speaking as if you’ve stalked them. He thinks. 

    “I’ve stalked a couple of people, see, so I already had my eye on them from the start.”

    Venti splutters. 

    “You what!?” 

    He gets a few odd stares but zero complaints. Either the other students are too sleepy to care that he screamed in the middle of the school courtyard or they just can’t be bothered by the daily ruckus.

    You laugh in jest, shaking your head as you pull the songwriter onto one of the stone benches, breathing in the crisp air of the early morning. Way too early for your childhood friend to be screaming in protest, but people could care less. 

    “Kidding. I have things to do other than stare at men who are drop dead gorgeous.” 

    Venti pouts, crossing his arms. “Why look for drop dead gorgeous men when you already have me?” 

    You look at him, flabbergasted. Look at this smug lil’-

    “I mean drop dead gorgeous men who will be willing to kiss good old me.”

    He gapes openly at this, seemingly forgetting the reason why the two of you are out here in the first place as he switches subjects. “Is that it!? You could’ve just asked, silly!”

    “Look over there—that guy with the cool cyan headset, I heard he—VeNTI DON’T KISS ME, WAIT- I WAS JOKING-”

    “Were you really though- [Name] get back here!”

    The person you have just referred to stops abruptly when you halt in front of him, beady golden eyes narrowing at the mere sight of an unfamiliar girl. Suddenly, everything feels chilly. 

    Or maybe it’s because you lack a jacket. 


    You still. Oh wow. 

    You’ve always thought that his voice will be smooth, but this is heaven- maybe not as lovely as Professor Zhongli’s, but that grit though—ahhh, get in the game, [Name]! Simping later!

    “Aren’t you a part of the dance club?” his stare furrows to a mild, simmering glare as if asking how you came to that fact when you’re both strangers, yet you are unperturbed. 

    “I’d like to ask if you’re interested in teaming with a few people for a video—”


    He interjects before you can finish, his hands already adjusting his headset back onto his ears and blasting his music so loud to the point that it’s a direct message that says ‘back off’. Oh you would’ve backed off alright.

    If not for your strong belief that he will fit right in the group, that is.

    Discreetly, you slip a folded paper into the pocket of his bag, tapping his shoulder and feigning concern afterwards. “Your backpack’s open, thought I should tell you at least.” 

    He doesn’t stop to fix the zipper of his bag, only slinging it to his front with a grunt as he walks away, lost in his music. Venti passes him with a glance, shuddering before grasping your arms. 

    “Xiao is your definition of drop dead gorgeous?” you do not understand his panic as he resumes shaking you back and forth, “I won’t question your taste in men, but what will he contribute? Won’t he onlycriticizeme-”

    “Yah- first of all, oh, so that’s his name. Second, I could be lesbian for all you know—”

    “Nooooo! The universe will rip us apart-”

    “But I’m not. Also, he’s hot, you’re not,” your dramatic friend drops to his knees and you snort, “I won’t give you up for the world, though. You’re stuck with me, so stop sulking, Ven! Third, you will work in a group that will excel not only in singing, but dancing! And perhaps rapping? Isn’t that the craze nowadays—anyway, I’ve seen him dance and oh my go-”

    Venti jumps back to his feet, fiery eyes twitching. “I’ll dance tango with you!” 

    You flinch, eyeing him as if he’s grown another head. What the heck is this guy talking about? Tango? That will be an honor, but you have already promised your dancing skills to a senior student who will seek vengeance if you ever decide to turn her down. 

    Opting not to mention that to the hyperbolic violinist, you shake your head. 

    “Tut-tut, this is a learning lesson. Naturally, all of you in the group will be benefiting from each other since one will specialize on a certain aspect. Teamwork makes the dream work!” 

    Venti drawls a whine at your vigor but doesn’t lose himself to the tempting prompt to back down. He considers asking the contents of the paper you slipped into his classmate’s bag, but instead humors your other ‘candidates’. 

    He’s gone this far, no use in backing down. 

    Besides... the feeling of having someone at his beck and call is nice, he knows he can rely on you. 

    “Ehe, okay, then. How about you let me see the rest of your ‘chosen’ ones?”

    “That’s the spirit!” 

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    You have a good feeling about this one. It is like hitting two birds with a single stone! For the next two candidates, they’re both in a couple of your classes. 

    Another invitation has been extended to one of them, the blond transferee who accepted the paper without trouble during History period. 

    You don’t have similar major courses, but everything else is shared with them—unfortunately, Venti has no joint classes with you. To his dismay. 

    Oh well, good thing you both are roommates! 

    Oh goodness, and you are roommates- 

    ”The only issue with this guy is if he’s interested in actually joining the group, not working behind the scenes.” you mutter, waiting out at the corridor as your classmates file out after the ringing of the bell that indicates the arrival of a long-awaited lunch. 

    Ah, the nerves are getting to you. 

    And it’s definitely because you are going to invite one of the.. oh you can’t explain it, perhaps the anxiousness stems from the fact that you are going face-to-face with a perfect man. No, you definitely didn’t have your eyes on him from the start because you planned to ask him with or without Venti’s consent- 

    No, really. No. 

    “Care to enlighten me on what has captured your mind for you to space out in the middle of the hallway?” benevolent eyes of carmine meet [c]s and you jump, spooked. 

    In your panic, you answered with an idiotic, “You.”

    His eyebrows rise, his lips tugging up in a manner so faint yet you are able to see his bemused smile. 


    “Well to be specific, you write really well. I’m wondering if you’re interested in joining a group,” your elaboration comes with you pulling out the same sheet of paper prepared beforehand. 

    Much like the transfer student, the silverette takes it with a delighted bob of his head. Nothing much is written on the paper except for a logo of what he assumes are wings, a text that read ‘4nemo’, and a subtext at the bottom that read ‘music room’. 

    “What’s this for?” 

    “[Name], [Name]! There you are! Come on, hurry- they’re going to run out of apple pies!” 

    The simultaneous chorus befuddles both you and your classmate, and you chuckle -albeit awkwardly- as Venti latches onto your side in desperation. Waving a hand in apology and shame, you are dragged away. 

    “It’s after class, Kazuha, I hope to see you there!” 


    Uncertainty is on his expression as if he’s about to say something more, but your figure is already disappearing around the corner before he can add anything else.

    It takes you a complete minute to realize that Venti is not dragging you towards the cafeteria at all, instead, towards the said room you’ve penned down on the bunch of papers you have given out. Upon reaching a rather secluded hall, the violinist heaves a sigh of relief before turning to face you.

    “So.. Xiao saw the paper,” he starts with a light tone.

    In spite of his attempt to sound unbothered, however, the existence of nervousness is as clear as day to you. 

    “And he may or may not have thrown it away..” 


    Disappointed but expectant of it being the outcome given the dancer’s rather frigid persona, you assure your friend that it will be fine. You can always search for someone else... though you think that no one else will fit the slot as perfectly as Xiao does. 

    Venti’s smile is blue as he listens to you. 

    What are the odds that the other two you gave those papers to will even come later? He chews over in his mind and doesn’t vocalize it out loud, not wanting to dampen your mood with his once-in-a-lifetime pessimism. 

    “We can’t stop now, [Nickname]!” he beams, his hand already sliding the door to the music room open. The small crack provided by the door allows you to see a couple of instruments already set up along with his idle laptop. 

    “You.. said you’ll help me, right?” Venti chuckles. 

    He may be dubious about the arrival of the two remaining people after class, but that doesn’t mean that he’s willing to back out entirely. Appreciating and making the most of the help someone who believes in him is giving is his top priority.

    “Of course! Ooooh, will you finally let me listen to that Zephyr track?”

    Venti’s smile turns fond as he turns his head away and walks inside the room. You’ve always liked listening to my songs regardless of whether or not they’re finished... 

    ”Well, that’s what you’re here for! Ehe.”

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    It isn’t very long until you find yourself walking back to the room you agreed to meet in after the bell that calls for the end of today’s classes. 

    Languidly slow in your pace to check if there are any signs of a certain blond and silverette making their way towards the music room, the dismay begins to seep in when you notice that there are zero sightings.   

    At least.. zero until you went inside said room only to find Venti already conversing with the blond transfer student. 

    “Aether, you came.. !” 

    The mentioned person swivels to find your surprised figure standing by the threshold of the room, blinking as if you can’t believe that someone did come. 

    Venti himself looks stoked. 

    Aether chuckles sheepishly. “Well, I’m not in any clubs yet.. I was wondering if this was an opportunity for me to enter one.” 

    His reason makes your eyes meet your childhood friend’s, unsure on how to reveal that... well, it isn’t exactly a club.

    I told you you should’ve put more information! Venti’s eyes scream and you blink in defense. Well, too much info would’ve bored them out! 

    Clearing your throat, you start to explain to Aether that this isn’t quite the chance he is looking for before going off to a tangent on the real reason why you’ve asked him to meet with you. 

    The knock on the door, however, interrupts your small little tangent, leaving Venti to bear witness the slow, unreadable morphing of the blond’s visage. 

    The very other person you are looking for enters the room with his tiny smile still present as ever, though anyone can see the small ounce of confusion in his optics. It is clear that he came here not out of interest, but for answers. 

    “This is quite the mix.” Kazuha denotes, nodding towards Aether and Venti whilst introducing himself to the latter. 

    He’s in a few of Aether’s classes, too, so there is no need for him to extend his introduction when they already know each other. With the exception of the other person, of course. 

    After he takes a seat on one of the chairs, he becomes silent, being the usual listener. 

    This urges Aether to finally ask you to continue your earlier sentences, ones that still is incomprehensible to ears until he has heard it over and over again. 

    “What about forming a musical group again?”

    Kazuha is immediately out of his usual behavior, bewildered. “Musical group?” he echoes, as stunned as his classmate. “Like.. idols?”

    No lights are on in the room but the setting sun filtering through the curtained windows and from the door slightly ajar is sufficient enough in alighting the wonder in both of their faces. Such a confrontation and reveal sizzles your nerves, but you push through. 

    Laying a hand on the unusually silent Venti, you form one of your most welcoming smile. Time to spill, then. 

    ”I personally went to you because I know that you all will fit well together, enhancing each other’s skill to make the best of you as a group. A-and it’s not like this will take up all of your time! Only for one song, please?” 

    Second thoughts are visible on their faces, so you’re listing off their skills in an endeavor for them to realize how well they all mix. 

    “Kazuha, I’ve seen the haikus you’ve written in Literature class. You’re a perfect lyricist, no one can tell me otherwise.”

    A flush of faint rogue decorates the silverette’s cheeks, the tint gradually becoming similar to the streak of ruby in his tresses. His smile is grateful, albeit reluctant, still. 

    “And Aether!” said blond jumps at your stare, “I’ve heard from Lumine that you like to sing. Plus, that face of yours is to die for!” 

    “Uh- I- ah..” he swallows with a nervous smile, like he isn’t expecting you to know of his hobby. He swears he catches your friend perk up at the mention of singing. 

    You inhale deeply, collecting your thoughts. 

    “So.. please help me make someone’s wish come true!” 

    The moment you bow is the moment Venti shoots up from his seat, both touched and flustered that you are going miles just to give him a taste of the dream he knows will never be reality.

    Having the others’ eyes on his profile doesn’t even faze him anymore as he tries to get you to stand upright once more. 

    You are only budging out of the position when Aether stands, the look on his face loud enough for you to identify his unsaid sentences. “Listen, I’m thankful that you think so highly of me, but I don’t think I’m cut out for this..” 

    He collects his things with a despondent smile, politely pushing the chair back to its rightful place as Kazuha follows suit. 

    You don’t see Venti’s expression but by his flaccid hold on your shoulders, you can basically feel his melancholia exuding off. 

    Thus, in a desperate attempt to convince the two, you hurry to the open laptop, exclaiming, “Wait—at least hear what he created!”


    Venti stammers as he races along, trying to get you to stop because ‘there’s no use forcing someone if they’ve already decided’, but you get to it first. 

    Switching tabs to the lone playlist Venti has exclusively made for his tracks, you press the play button, thankful that the device is already connected to the speaker at the side. 

    The interlude of the song plays immediately, synths harmonizing and creating a build-up before launching straight into the main melody. Its low bass somehow fits especially well with the faint grit of an electric guitar, hidden under the layers of synth that set the mood in tandem with the kicks and snares. 

    It is far- so far from what Venti usually creates that it has you looking at him in complete awe. 

    “To hell with ballads, Ven, this is amazing!” 

    The feeling brought by the lyric-less song is still wondrous—like an upbeat start to an adventure. Despite the fullness it seems to convey as your friend’s music resonates in the room, you find it somewhat.. lacking. 

    It is as if Venti has purposely removed a key element to present the idea that this song will never be completed at all. 

    Oh, how you ache for him to realize that he is worth it—that the rest too, are, worth it. 

    But you know—you know that he is right. 

    There is no use in forcing someone when they have already finalized on a decision, so even as the song carries through the verses and the choruses, you  don’t look back. Knowing that no one will greet you when you turn, both your eyes are fixated on the screen of the laptop. 

    A faint click implies the shutting of the door and you swear you see Venti’s hands shake, like he failed himself. 

    His momentary display of weakness has you rubbing his back, a simple sign that you’re still there and he sighs. The faint mumble of gratitude is almost unheard if not for the dying reverbs of the song’s last notes. 

    A moment of silence.

    At least, until you break it. 

    “That sounds wonderful, Venti.. I’m surprised I didn’t hear your violin.” he smiles at you, aquamarine pools gleaming before he gently closes his laptop, biting back the rueful sigh. 

    “I wanted something new for a change.”

    His sluggish movements prompt you to clean up as well, your movement as slow as his, various thoughts weighing heavily in both of your minds. 

    The extra piece of paper -a spare- is seen in your bag just as you are about to tuck away the small speaker. Tealish lines that curve like the swirls of drawn wind mimic a pair of wings that stare back at you. It is the very logo you spent your free time in creating. 

    Flight.. wings, freedom. 

    The freedom Venti himself is afraid of grasping. 

    You sigh. 

    “The title of the song... what is it?”

    “Soaring.” comes Venti’s monotonous response as he’s in the middle of zipping up his own bag, having placed his things inside. 

    You nod your head, “That sounds fitting—wait a minute.”

    When it has struck that the question didn’t originate from you, you are turning to Venti, who is already looking at you like a fish out of water. He is just as spooked as you are. 

    In a flash of a second, the two of you are whipping back because—oh my go- 

    It isn’t what you expected, but it is greatly welcomed. 

    “You’re.. still here.” 

    It is Venti who speaks this time around, his voice faltering as realization comes to dawn slowly upon him. 

    It is only one out of the three people you invited in the room, but it’s more than enough for you to kneel by his feet and kiss the ground he stands on. Venti is already seizing you by the arms before you can do anything, though. 

    Kazuha smiles, in his hands a couple of blank papers.

    “You are in need of a lyricist, no?”

    “Unrelated, but I am in need of a husband, too-”


    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    The cheerful bouts from within the music room are loud enough for it to be heard outside. As if anyone will be able to hear it, anyway. Everyone has gone to their dormitories. 

    Well, for the exclusion of the three in the room—and one outside. 

    “Kazuha, you’re such a godsend, have I ever told you that?”

    “Suddenly I do not know who you are.”

    “Hush, Venti.”

    With a roll of his golden eyes and a click of his tongue, the dance major sets his headset back onto his ears, having removed it a while ago to (eavesdrop) listen. 

    The only evidence of his lingering presence outside, albeit fleeting, is his echoing footsteps that eventually fade. 

    He is gone by the time the group of two, now three, exits the room.

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    a/n: aww, kazu bb! unfortunately, the other two are still mia. but they will come around! we still have two (not counting the angst) parts to go! 

    #4nemo #4nemo x reader #reader insert #kazuha x reader #modern au #venti x reader #xiao x reader #aether x reader #idol au#college au#genshin fluff#genshin imagines #genshin impact x reader #i utterly love these boys is my bias showing #it feels foreign writing fluff #BUT I LOVE IT NONETHELESS
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    Taking A Sick Day 

    Characters: Venti, Kazuha, Xiao 

    Summary: You’re not feeling well, but good thing you have the best care from your favorite person :) [Day 22 of Axia’s:fall festivities collaborative event!!]

    So, I do not think he would care that you’re sick and ask for kisses

    It would get him sick too, obviously

    Which is exactly why you don’t wanna do it!

    But he has ways of persuasion and before you know it, both of you are laying in bed and suffering

    But the good thing is that you’re together, even if you’d already told him that he would get sick but

    Snuggles, snuggles and did I say snuggles? You guys don’t have to worry about getting the other sick, so you can cuddle and smooch all you want, just please don’t get carried away

    But the bad thing is now, that both of you are like this who si gonna take are of you guys? Things become a lot harder, but one of the sisters probably drops some medicine at the very least

    You would most likely end up recovering first and end up caring for him, but it’s okay

    Cause you love him <3

    “I told you, you would get sick if you kissed me,” You shoot a look at Venti who replies with a playful giggle. “Last time I give into you so easily.”

    “So what I’m hearing is, it’ll take even more next time?”

    You try to ignore the cheeky smile he gives you before turning away in a fit of coughs. You really can’t deny that you would do anything for him, as he would do anything for you, but sometimes you wish you could resist. Even just a little.

    You plant a kiss on his cheek, noticing how his expression deflates when you neglect his lips. 

    “But, windblume-”

    “Nu-uh! Not until you’re better, then you don’t even have to ask, sweetie.” You won’t lie, the nights when you shared a cold, clinging to each other for warmth, getting close as possible under the covers were comfy but nothing could replace the feeling of cuddling under the tree at windrise when you both are well. You put the thought aside, promising to yourself that as soon as Venti is better, you would do just that. But first, you had to get him to take another dose of medicine, which both of you hate.

    It probably happens when you guys were in the rain together, and of course you probably forgot to properly dry your clothes

    He would know immediately, nature told him after all 

    especially because it’s you

    His normally soft voice, has grown even softer if possible and so sweet you swear you might get cavities

    The flowery words and poems dedicated just for you would make your heart soar! He wants you to know you’re loved, in sickness and in health

    Probably wouldn’t sleep in fear you might get worse

    He would snuggle you regardless of you being sick, you of all people deserve all of the warmth and affection, especially in these times

    Probably wouldn’t give you actual kisses, like on your lips, but scattered kisses elsewhere

    forehead kiss pls

    Okay but imagine: Kazuha rubbing the goosebumps on your arms, soft confessions of love present even in the haze of your sickness.

    “No, Kazu, you’ll get sick,” your pleas come out hoarse, yet your persistent boyfriend approaches you anyway. Your fingers were cold against the cool air of the room when you pulled the comforter to your face.

    Gentle and warm fingertips brushed along on your own and out of curiosity you looked  up from the mass of comfort you’d created for yourself. Vermillion eyes looked into your own and your eyes instinctively watered. Kazuha brought his hands to your face, settling on your cheekbones. You lean into the touch, how could you not.

    “I don’t care if I’ll get sick, let me be here for you, my dove.”

    And with a look like that, how could you deny him? You sigh constantly and lift the comforter, an invitation. Kazuha finds his spot next to you, his favorite spot. You scoot down to make room for him. His arms encircle around your waist, pull you closer. You were pulled flush against him. His heartbeat was soft in your ears, a peaceful tune to drift off to.

    He plants brushed hair away from your temple and kisses the skin there.

    And then, for the first time in days you felt like you might be able to breathe peacefully in your sleep.

    When you get sick I can’t see him understanding at first. Like, has he even heard of the common cold or fevers?


    When he finds you later, curled under a million blankets and still shaking, his heart would sink to his stomach-

    Were you dying?

    So he might assume you’re dying and run to Zhongli and explain and all of that. But then Zhongli is like “Xiao, they’re just sick”

    Furthermore, Zhongli might have to aid the clueless bby Xiao on where to go from here

    Once Xiao knows what you need, he might have went overboard trying to make you comfortable, and since he doesn’t sleep, he would watch over you at all times

    He would be able to get you anything you want in a heartbeat, and if you need him his name wouldn’t even leave your lips before he is there

    But to be honest, if all you want is snuggles with him, and since he is so smitten for you, he would give them, since he doesn’t need to worry about getting sick

    He would fall asleep with you too~

    “Xiao, why aren’t you sleeping?” Your voice is morphed into something quiet and hoarse, it makes his heart ache. 

    He sighs, “It’s easier for me to watch over you this way, besides, adepti-”

    “Don’t need sleep,” You pause to cough. “I know. But couldn’t you, just for a little while, snuggle here with me? It could be relaxing.”

    “Love, I-”

    “Please?” Your eyes looked up from your spot on your pillow, and you struggled to try to sit up and reach out for him. Xiao put a hand up, to stop you from moving any further, but in truth he never could deny you, not even if he tried.

    He finds a spot next to you, never getting used to how plush the mattress is and how warm the blankets are against his skin. He brings the blanket to the edge of your shoulders. When you glance at him, he knew you wanted him to come closer but he still was nervous, heat rose to his cheeks. 

    “You really are a strange creature, but...I do not mind..” 

    When Xiao moves closer, or snuggles as you would say, you take his hands and bring his arms around you, and interlocked his fingers with yours. After a few moments like this you stopped shivering, and in your sleep quiet content sighs left your lips. 

    Xiao couldn’t help the smile that fell to his lips, he was glad he could do something for you when you needed him.

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact#genshin #genshin x reader #xiao x reader #genshin impact xiao #xiao x gn reader #kazuha kaedehara#kaedehara kazuha #kazuha x reader #kazuha x gn reader #gesnhin impact kazuha #venti x reader #genshin impact venti #venti x gn reader
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  • sal-vindagnyr
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i have a guaranteed 5* ~20 pity and around 70 fates but i have No Fucking Clue of what to do with all of that because while i kinda want Arataki Itto and Gorou and (while hes not even been announced as playable much less given a release date) Really want Scaramouche i literally dont need another character bc my main team works so well for me i havent used more than those specific four characters in months other than occasionally throwing Venti in for Need A Bow User To Do Certain Things reasons did i win the gacha game by being satisfied with my team

    #like literally the last time i played with a team that isnt xiao kazuha razor and bennett it was BEFORE I PULLED KAZUHA #seriously considering just. getting gorou bc dogboy then only ever saving again to get constellations for xiao and kazu #since razor n benny are both c6 #had a little taste of c1 xiao and kazuha in labyrinth warriors and their c1s are so good #genshin #jer's provisory game tag
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  • thatringboy
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    So do psychedelics exist in Teyvat? And Paimon why do you know what they are?

    Paimon. you’re wrong.

    Venti doesn’t even play for that much

    #But this event is so fun #Genshin Impact#Kaedehara Kazuha
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  • brilover3000
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I made genshin friend in class thanks to rule 34

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  • kuroro696
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Hello, I just received my Diluc and Kaeya Enamel Pins, and the other character is in process, I think I can't get the mockup before the project end.

    Please remind that the project end at 25th Oct

    If you want to follow up the Enamel Pins update, please follow my circle  instagram

    Kickstarter project Link

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  • saiong
    22.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    POV: they're blind

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  • slothsvoid
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Collab with @vvennntea on Instagram :)

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  • alatusxiaoo
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    omgomg wait — au where reader was coerced by kazuha’s close relative to murder him, but when the plan eventually falls through you’re faced with the opportunity to confront your princely lover of the bitter truth.

    “i can’t believe i’m saving you, after you tried to kill me.” he grunts with distaste, fending one of the royal guards off from behind you, after you oh so conspicuously crashed his coronation party — which actually turned out to be a set-up in hopes of finishing what you were incapable of accomplishing the night before.

    “i didn’t try to kill you!” you emphasize with flaunting gestures in an endeavor to defend yourself. you were planning to disclose everything to him today — were it not for the kingdom’s protectors coming after you, by order of his reigning uncle who failed to kill him. you’re about to say more in protest, but you bite your tongue back, flushed cheeks from visible chagrin when your frantic eyes meet his accusing ruby gaze.

    another royal guard sneaks from behind to ambush your vulnerable stance, however kazuha is quicker to react — instinctively wielding his sword against the man’s cheap attack. “fine, whatever you say. we’ll talk about this later,” he scoffs in an irked manner, shifting protectively in front of you as he seethes through gritted teeth at the masked guard that almost managed to get away with harming you.

    “and you — you stay away from her.”

    #kazuha x reader #genshin kazuha#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #🐥 rants !! #damn it 😩😩 angry but overprotective kazuha though 😌❤️
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  • slimearchon
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I swear Kazuha is my heart but anytime I’m like, “Let’s write him a fanfic,” my head is like (empty). 

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