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    — # 🍨 Hooking Up Infintes | Genshin ✘ Reader(s)

    [🍨] Summary: Hooking up with *Genshin Men* was never a problem. It was a simple friends with benefits type of thing. The both of you promised to not catch feelings, and while you managed to not catch feelings, they still caught feelings for you despite that “promise.”

    [✉️] Notes: I don’t know what the fuck this is, it’s been rotting in my drafts so uhm yeah. Fuck it

    [📋] Warnings; Angst, Toxcity, Dark Tones, “Romance” + Friends With Benefits + Fear & Comfort + GN!Reader + Suggestive

    Diluc | ❝ I want too… but I can’t. ❞

    Once his soft lips left yours, the grasp of his hands on your waist tighten. Diluc’s eyes had confusion but he didn’t question as to why you stopped kissing him. He raised an eyebrow, as your eyes darted to the nearest clock in his bedroom.

    You arrived nearly 15 minutes ago, but you didn’t let anything get further between you and Diluc, other than kisses. Not even the love bites that he adored leaving on your neck. You couldn’t afford going to a date, with blue and purple marks all over neck and shoulder and even collarbone.

    “You seem dull today…” Diluc stated extremely quietly with a lowered voice. You stay quiet sand chuckle to yourself, be unraveling your legs from his waist, and getting up from his lap. Your expression a bit cold.

    “I have a date tonight.” You say bluntly. “Which means this probably won’t continue.”

    A pinch in Diluc’s heart. That pinch capable of destroying his whole heart. Diluc watched, carefully, how you got up from his lap. And fixed the tight clothing you decided to wear today.

    No wonder your clothing is so fancy, Diluc thought. He had slight hope that maybe you were trying to turn him on or something. Though his hope was slight, it was still too high.

    Way too high.

    “When are you leaving?” You hear Diluc ask, as you start to head towards his bedroom door.


    That now felt a pirañas chasing after Diluc’s heart and ripping off all of his flesh. And happiness. His eyes grew dull. He watched your skin, that skin he had adored kissing for years, leave from his sight.

    Your lips that will no longer be his to kiss.

    He felt angry, but at last, there was nothing he could do.

    Or maybe there was something he could do.

    ⠀ ⠀ ✦✦✦⠀

    For past couple of hours, Diluc has sat in nothing but his own panties grunts and groans. His heavy breathy and the heavy thoughts about you swarming through his head.

    His body and mind were in different places. But they all lingered on the same subject.


    Diluc laid in bed throwing his head back into the pillow. He let out a numb sigh. He could only imagine the person you were on. Sure they weren’t as handsome as him… right?

    No one as handsome as him, a thought that lingered in his mind. Yet that thought was quickly erased because Diluc didn’t want to be a cocky arrogant dude.

    But he still couldn’t think of anyone better than him. There was no way someone could be better than him. Impossible.

    After all this time, even some nights you admitted he was the best. But there was one thing missing from those nights…

    Was that you never stayed. You only came and left.

    Sure the two of you promised to not fall in love. But promises are meant to be broken… right?

    A grunt left his throat again before he climbed out of the bed before heading towards the bedroom door.


    “You’re generous…” you told Kaeya, as you folded your leg over the other, underneath the table. Kaeya chuckled, placing his chin in his hand, while his other hand held the wine glass.

    You smiled.

    A gorgeous smile Kaeya was addicted to. You watched as Kaeya paid for the overall bill, though you kept insisting to spilt the bill. Soon after the bill was paid, the two of you headed out of the fancy restaurant.

    Once you two were outside, the streets started to get a bit busy with several other cars. Kaeya guiding you to the parking lot. The two of you share a smile as you enter his nice car that he had picked you up in, and will now be driving you home in.

    As soon as you guys entered the car, all you could remember was Kaeya mumbling something before his lips found yours. And his hands exploring your body, for the first time.


    You walked onto the campus of your university. With your hand held with Kaeya’s. The two of you heading to the parking lot. It’s been two months since you last seen Diluc.

    Didn’t expect to see him today.

    “[Name]” Diluc mumbled, his hands bawled into a fist. You turned around, you and Kaeya both stopped walking. Before Kaeya had a sly smirk forming.

    “What?” You said with a bitter tone.

    During the months you have been dating Kaeya, you wanted to forget that you have been spending too much time on the wrong brother. You hated how it wasn’t Kaeya who had touched you first, and that it was rather Diluc who did.

    “You left me, for a cunt like this?” Those type of words you would have never guessed would leave Diluc’s lips. You expected maybe a “but why” but for something so toxic to leave him, only made you question why.

    “And why not?”

    Both of you staring at each with the same equal frustration. You understood Diluc was jealous, but why? It’s been nearly two months? Did he not learn how to move on. You glared are Diluc, while Kaeya stood there in the heated tension.

    “Honestly Diluc, just move on…”

    “I can’t though-”

    “Then learn how to.”

    Felt like Diluc was stabbed in the heart, not once, but like 8 times. But at last, he was the one to blame.

    “Shouldn’t have never fallen in love with you to begin with.”

    “You shouldn’t have.”

    Childe | “You’re just to unforgettable… pains me to see that someone else kisses you just how I did.”

    Today, your kisses felt different to Childe. You didn’t grind on him like usually did, when sitting in his lap, nor did you hold his cheeks in your hand. Your kisses, tasted bland. And Childe took a heavy notice to that.

    “You seem to act different” he spoke when your lips parted from his.


    Your “mhm” was way too dull but Childe didn’t want to question. Though when you attempted to get up from his lap, his grip tightened. He always had his grip tightened when he wanted more, but tonight was not that night.


    Childe’s face was now shifted to the left of you, as his grip completed loosened. You carefully got up, with such a dull agony in your eyes shining brighter than ever. You wiped your dress a little before heading to his apartment door.

    He didn’t say anything. Wouldn’t say anything. He just kept quiet. He knew to keep quiet after the hard smack you gave him. No point in bothering you.


    A beautiful couple of months has passed since you had last seen Childe. It’s been a long time. Yet times pass and you moved on from him quickly. He on the other hand, didn’t.

    All he found himself was hiding in his room all day. Thinking about you. His heart still broken. He would go outside only for classes. But seeing you was too much of a heartache. Especially with another person who wasn’t him.

    So at last, he had switched all of his classes. He personally couldn’t pretend like he was okay seeing you with someone else who wasn’t home.

    Though upon this day it was a coincidence that he happened to see you at the same grocery store. With another man.

    A man that he knew.


    A friend of his. A “friend” Childe thought harshly. You didn’t see him because you were too busy buying some rice and seasoning with Zhongli. But Childe saw you both.

    He didn’t bother to approach. He saw how happy you were with someone who wasn’t him. All he could regret was ever falling in love with when the two of you promised not to.

    Such regret…

    #Diluc x reader #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #diluc x gn reader #diluc x gender neutral reader #diluc x reader smut #diluc x reader fluff #Genshin Diluc #diluc ragnvindr x y/n #childe x reader #genshin childe x y/n #childe x gn!reader #childe x gn reader fluff #genshin childe x reader #childe x you #childe x y/n #genshin childe #— ᦈ childeluvs answers 🐚 #— ᦈ reblog ☁️ #genshin headcanons #— ᦈ childeluvs writes 📩 #kaeya x gn reader #genshin diluc #kaeya x reader fluff #ajax x reader smut #Genshin childe#angst
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    Gorou Has A Crush

    Characters: Gorou, Y/N, Kokomi (Mentioned)

    Genre: Smut


    Today was his birthday, but even so, you still weren’t his.

    That’s a problem.

    A big problem

    So because of that, he’d make you his present without you even knowing! Of course he would do anything directly to you, he’d never hurt his darling! But he needs a present, and the photos you posted on Instragam were more than enough.

    He was so lucky you built up the courage to start posting, I mean, all of that time of him feeling you to, it’d be obvious you would.

    Gorou entered his shared dorm, ignoring his beloved roommate Kokomi, going straight to his room and locking the door, plopping onto his bed, getting his phone and desperately taking off his pants and boxers, showing his normal sized dick.

    He needed to get off now.

    The Shiba lover opened his phone, opening Instragam and clicking on your profile, shit, was already hard just looking at a picture of you.

    Gorou started pumping his cock, blocking his moans, he remembered a technique that he used once that made him cum in seconds.

    He’d close his eyes, imagining your head going up and down on his shaft, he would start moaning louder, forgetting that his roommate is a room away from him.

    “Oh fuck baby~ Suck on that dick, suck it!” He’d put a pillow on his face, but the sound was still oh so loud. Fake you started to get up and spread your legs, you looked so good that he couldn’t ever imagine you getting off to him too, well, he was wrong but, he wouldn’t know.

    “Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!~” You’d plead, and he complied, inserting his dick in you, feeling your wet walls, the sensation was amazing, he was so sure nothing else felt better than this.

    “Mmph~” He moaned as he thrusted, he was going to fast it was abnormal.

    “Oh baby you feel so good~ Don’t ever feel insecure about your w-weight *Hmph~* again!” He kept going faster with every word he said, your moans were delicious too, honestly, nothing could be better than thi-


    Gorou looked to the door, seeing Kokomi and you with a cake in hand that was now on the floor, he thought he locked the door, but that didn’t matter, what did was covering himself with something.

    “You deal with this!” Kokomi left the room, face red as a tomato.

    “I- uh- Y/N! Haha, w-when did you get here?” Gorou gulped. “We saw the whole thing, honestly, I don’t know why you would do that for me… Hmph.” You left, disappointed about the cake that you prepared for such a long time, and because your best-friend was masturbating to you.

    Honestly, Gorou felt sad.

    Perhaps one day you’ll be his.

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    would you guys like an admin q&a? like this post if yes, or send an ask!

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    Me sending multiple blogs dn jokes:

    No i can't laugh yet, i've gotta hold it in...

    #genshin lumine#genshin drabbles#genshin smut #dream smp x reader #no but support them they deserve LOVE #deez nuts
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    cw: kaeya x virgin!reader, dubcon, coercion, this might be bad since i haven't written in a while, kaeya is your nii-chan's best friend, i didn't proofread this lol, kaeya has a corruption kink, use of the word cunt

    thinking about big brothers best friend!kaeya. he thinks you're just the cutest little thing in the world. how could he not? the shy smile and murmured "thank you" when he tells you how pretty you've looked, the way you can't even look him in the eyes when he talks to you, your perfect little ass. and when kaeya give you a compliment, it makes you feel special. you can't help but feel butterflies in your tummy when he rubs his hand on your thigh and tells you how soft your skin is.

    everytime you let out a shy giggle at his advances, he knows you'll let him do more than "accidentally" brushing his hand up against your tits or pressing his face into your neck.

    and you don't know how many time he's fantasize about doing more. making you kiss him because you two are friends, right? and there's nothing wrong with friends being affectionate with each other. slipping his hand under those tiny skirts of yours as you whine that nobody's ever touched you there before. rubbing slow circles into your clit before dipping his fingers into your cunt, stretching you out in preparation for his cock. licking and sucking on your neck and chest, making you shiver. he pulls away from you making your lips pout. hands pulling down your pink cotton panties and staring at your cunt in awe, spreading your legs apart to see your slick folds, so warm and inviting. what man wouldn't let himself in?

    your perfect little body, squirming underneath him, whimpers of his name escaping your lips. making you cum on his cock just to see your fucked out face. your breasts bouncing as he thrusts into you.

    so when your big brother has a sleepover, he can't resist coming into your room when your brother falls asleep. he makes his usual small talk, but somehow he turns it around from "you should come with us to bar this weekend" to "are you a virgin?"

    once you give your answer, to embarrassed to look at him, kaeya can feel his cock straining in his pants. of course, he already guessed that you were a virgin. as cute as you were, you were the innocent type. so sweet, he couldn't wait to break you in.

    #kaeya#kaeya alberich #kaeya x reader #tw.dark content #kaeya smut #genshin impact smut #tw.coercion #tw.dubcon #tw.corruption
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    !domKaeya x !femReader [18+ CONTENT]

    Summary; You find Kaeya reading something, soon it escalates to something more serious.

    Warning; petnames, slight daddy kink, dumbfucking, (If I tell you the rest, you'll get spoilers.)

    You never expected to see the Calvary Captain in the library at late midnight, even though the library was in the Favonias headquarters, you didn't know Kaeya enjoyed reading. It was very strange to see him hear all the while. You approached him closer walking toward the table he was sitting at. He was reading some so of red book though when you came closer, it all made sense.

    It seemed that Keaya was reading somesort of erotic novel. You didn't even know they had that their, watching as Kaeya flipped through the pages seeing dirty words. "Oh, hello Y/N wouldn't have thought I would've cross paths with you another time today." Oh continued to stare at the book filled with words that you couldn't even write unless you wanted to lose your dignity. "Oh Y/N, do you find interest in my book? I never knew you were into these things." He teased with a coy tone. "Why don't we read it toghter if your so interested. Have a seat here." He said pointing to his lap. Oh how you longed for this moment, you were shy yet you couldn't decline this offer.

    You nod and sat down on his lap. "Why don't we take turns reading these paragraphs? You do one and then I will do one." He says calmly. You couldn't even say no to it, you were so heated up and your heart was pounding so hard. "Go ahead, start." He says. "Oh how, ...-naughty you are. She says as she begins to suck his.." you paused, you were so flustered squirming around in Kaeya's lap that his erection poked your ass. "Go ahead, finish the sentence. You're not done yet?" Kaeya said. "-She says as she begins to suck his..- member." You say hesitantly, oh how flustered you were. "Read whats on the page, don't want to be misinformed." Kaeya said as he chuckled. "Cock." You say quietly.

    "Good job, now continue." He coos. "Oh how hard he was, veins bulging. He began to.. moan." You said. "Good girl, now it's my turn." He says shifting a bit. Oh you couldn't bare how his hard erection was pressing you, if was to much to handle. "Ahnnmm..~ too—much.. your mouth is so good. He said as he pushed her head to the base of his cock." Kaeya said. You wondered how Kaeya could have no regard of what he's saying.

    Then suddenly, you heard a click from the door. "Ehm.. let me check the door for one sec." You say as you scooch out of Kaeya's lap. You heard a groan that came from his lips and became even more flustered. While checking the door you began to notice that the door was locked, you were in utter terror. "Kaeya, you should check the door." You say. Kaeya gets out of his chair and begins to check the door while coloring you between himself and the wooden object. His hard dick pressed right on your ass. "Oh, it seems like we're locked. What a shame." He exclaimed as he tossed it out like nothing.

    He began to inch closer to you, you began to squirm under his touch. "Ah-ah.. stay still. You know what your doing to me, don't you?" He teases. "Why don't we do something like those two did in the novel, though instead of her being dominant, it'll be me." He chuckles. You were so hot but you just couldn't say no, this was an opportunity you couldn't just shake off. You begin to nod. "Okay, leave me to do the work." He says with a grin. He begins to touch you through your clit through your panties and play with your slit. You stiffen up whining, you need more than that. "Awee, no need to be whiny. I'll get there soon." Kaeya coos. He begins to toy with your pussy more by rubbing you clit in circles and sliding down your slit towards your asshole. You still continue whining, but all Kaeya does in shush you down.

    He continues teasing for a little while, then Kaeya begins to take your panties down looking at the string of slick coming from your pussy. "So wet after a little bit of teasing? So naughty.." he claims. Kaeya begins to unzip his pants. You see the big print of his dick on his boxers. Once you he his cock it was huge. Kaeya begins to rub tge tip of his cock on your folds. His cock was huge! Is he even going to prepare you for his cock? "Aren't you going to prep me?" You exclaim and wail out! "Darling, your so wet I can slip it right through. Do you not have the ability to take my cock into your tight hole?" He mocks.

    You whine, soon he inserted half of his cock in. "Euuh..!" You moaned, oh how big and painful the stretch was. Though you were to indulged in your pleasure that you ignored it. "Shhh.. that's my girl, you can take more can't you?" He whispers in your ear. He beings to insert the rest of his cock, groaning at the sensation of your tight walls sucking him in. He begins to ram his cock right into you, it was so deep. "Ah-! Ah..!~" You moaned, you begin to feel your eyes water, it hurted but felt to so that you felt like you were floating in pleasure.

    It was a sight to behold for what Kaeya was seeing, you looked to precious and cute with you looking so dumb on his cock! Your tounge lolling out, your eyes looking up, head bended back, tears filling your eyes, and the sight of drool coming from your mouth. Though when your walls tightened, he lost it. He ram even faster trying to reach his high and to pleasure you, he hasn't felt this way ever. "Ahn- aughh..! Ah-!" You moaned out loudly, you were so cute! You looked so dumb that it make Kaeya's heart flutter.

    You felt pressure build up in your stomach, you felt like you were going to combust! The sound of you moaning, whimpering, and crying was already to turn Kaeya on, but seeing you this lewdly and feeling you was his breaking point. Kaeya began to toy with your clit, rubbing it in circles feeling your stick slick that had covered it. You lost it at that point. "Cu-umm..!~" You exclaimed, you then came on Kaeya's dick, you were trying to recover you high but Kaeya kept thrusting. "To mus-ch!" You cried out. "Baby, you-r so tight for me.." he groaned. "Let daddy reach his high." He said. You would've been shocked and flustered if Kaeya said that to you to refer him as that, though you were so dumb fucked that you moaned even more after that!

    Soon things came crashing down as Kaeya came right inside of your wet walls, spurts of thick creamy cum went to your velvety tight walls. So much that it began to seep out if you as Kaeya and you rested at the bottom of the floor to catch your breath. "Ah.. we should do this more often baby. Since we're locked here till someone comes, we should get some rest." He says. He sounded sincere, quite different from the times when he was mocking you. You could quickly get used to the pet names he gave you too. You begin to fall asleep with the wooden door that you were leaning on, the hardwood floor, and Kaeya who was right nearby you.

    (Author: This writing has been in my drafts for days, I tried to put it out as soon as possible but I has to sort things out with my education. Though, I hope you enjoy this smut cause this one was something I find quite creative, this probably would've worked better for Zhongli, Xingqui, ect.. though it works out.)

    #kaeya smut#kaeya ragnvindr #genshin impact kaeya #kaeya x y/n #kaeya alberich#kaeya#genshin imagines#genshin impact #genshin impact smut #genshin smut #knights of favonius
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    please be welcome to send me any thirsts you have, any sexual secrets you have with a male character or something, my request is open as long as you follow the rules..uhm all this has gotten a bit boring since my account was deleted , and I miss talking to my anons and all that, so be free to send me everything you want

    Au's: motorcyclist!boys au, bully!boys au, bully!reader au, Virgin!boys au, dilf!boys au, milf/dilf!reader au, teacher!boys au, teacher!reader au, misogyny!boys au, and more!

    I'm thinking about what I will do for the 500 followers ... I'm still thinking, if you want, give me ideas ... and well, that, I love you so much <3

    #xen.post #genshin smut #genshin x reader #xen.talks #genshin impact smut #genshin impact x reader #genshin x gn reader #diluc smut#childe smut#zhongli smut#kaeya smut#thoma smut#tomo smut#kazuha smut
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    23.09.2021 - 13 hours ago


    IN WHERE Childe has been tracking down an agent from an organization (for months now), needing information from her, he gets more than he bargains for when he backs her up in an alleyway, with a blade to her throat.

    “Are you sure you aren’t going to fess up?” The harbinger smirked.

    He had you in a vulnerable position.

    You were a part of an estranged organization, you and your group were seemingly mysterious, working in the shadows constantly.

    Usually, you were never this careless.

    The tall man was pressed against your back, he had one of his blades clutched against your neck, the tip of his weapon pointing beneath your jawline, and at the tender flesh of your neck. He drew small droplets of blood from your irritated skin, but he hadn’t cut deeper than what he needed.

    He didn’t want to kill you, he couldn’t.

    Not because you had such a pretty face, but because he needed information out of you.

    And you didn’t seem to be giving him what he needed.

    The two of you were tucked away in a small alley by the harbor in Liyue.

    The sky was growing darker, and darker by the moment, lights, and lamps, from the city, began to illuminate the atmosphere.

    The peaceful music playing in the center of the city wasn’t helping your situation either.

    His opposite hand was pressed against your front, against your belly, to keep you against him.

    His pink lips nearly caressed the shell of your ear, and you could feel his warm breath against your skin.

    A sly smile pressed its way on your plump lips as you proceeded to struggle in the young man’s hold.

    “It seems I may have underestimated you a little.”

    “A terrible mistake,” he cooed, smiling as well, “I know, it happens all the time.” He grunted when your ass unintentionally ground against the front of his crotch.

    “But, I have a job to do,” he needed to remain focused, but damn, did your ass feel amazing against him right now in this position. “I’ve been chasin’ you around for gods knows how long, and you’ve slipped through my fingers each time,” he complained, becoming somewhat bitter as he recalled his failed attempts of capturing you.

    “Not this time, I’ve got you now. Right where I want you.”

    You had a trick up your sleeves though.

    You couldn’t give up the information you had so effortlessly, he was going to have to persecute you before you were to ever betray your organization.

    Your boss would never let you live to see another day if you were to spill the beans.

    So, as a last resort, you began your art of retreat.

    “Right where you want me?” You purred, your dominant hand curled behind you, pressing against the male’s hard stomach for a moment, moving with grace as your fingertips ghosted over him, and the fabric of his clothes.

    Childe felt his body tense slightly, caught off guard as your hand descended his slender body, your palm pawing at his cock that was residing against his thigh, though it was slightly hard from your struggling earlier.

    The ginger sucked in a breath as you grasped him, slightly jerking your hand this time.

    “I’m sure you do,” you cooed.

    You noticed your captor slumping over, looming over your shoulder, but his blade was still pressed against your skin. His shoulders shuddered as your skilled hand continued your ministrations, his dick was getting harder, and harder, by the minutes that ticked on.

    Childe chuckled, the hand on your tummy balled into a fist, bunching up the fabric of your clothes as well, pulling you seemingly closer, if that were feasible.

    “I never took you to be so straightforward,” he choked for a moment when you pawed him again.

    “I’m full of surprises, you should know that by now.”

    “You’re right,” he groaned, pressing his blade against your neck anew, applying a bit more pressure.

    “Fuck,” he cursed under his breath.

    He seemed to be thinking, lost in thought for a moment, his hips bucking to meet your hand.

    You heard a faint clinking noise, the blade at your throat was no more, disappearing in a bright blue light before the same hand that had been holding the blade grasped your throat. His fingers tightened slightly, he muttered sinful words in your ear.

    “You’re playing with fire,” he muttered in your ear darkly, “but I think that’s what I like whenever I’m chasing you,” he purred, his broad chest vibrating against your back.

    “We’re in public, and here you are, touching my dick when someone could see us.”

    Was he trying to shame you?

    You weren’t going to let such a thing fly.

    “Oh~?” You whispered, “you should be the one feeling shameful, pulling a young lady, such as myself, into an alleyway, threatening me with a blade to my throat.”

    He laughed, he slapped your hand out of the way, the hand that wasn’t grabbing your neck grasped your hip, his fingers dipping into your flesh, and clothing, with a vice grip.

    He pulled you flushed against him so he could grind his clothed cock against your ass and in between.

    “You may have a point,” he groaned.

    The male trailed his hands in front of you, pressing you against the wall of someone’s house. His hands began to hastily undo your belts and the straps of your organization uniform, you smirked, laughing slightly as the buckles of your clothes jangled.

    “You have any idea how badly I’ve wanted to fuck you?” He harrumphed as if this was all your fault.

    Your pants were manhandled down your thick thighs, he cursed seeing the underwear you wore. It was sheer, almost seethrough, and there was a small, but noticeable damp spot. He licked his lips, your ass was practically swallowing the underwear you wore.

    If Childe wasn’t turned on enough, he sure was now.

    “I used to dream of this ass,” he admitted, kissing one cheek, before biting at your plump flesh, his other gloved hand pawing, and grasping the globe of your other cheek, his fingers dipping into your soft flesh.

    “I’m flattered,” you wiggled your hips slightly, it caused your ass to shake in his face slightly and you swore his pupils dilated.

    “Oh fuck,” he sighed, “keep doin’ that,” he encouraged as he undid his pants.

    You did as he had asked, smirking as his hand grasped the panties you wore. He bunched them up, even more, pulling them against your pussy before he parted his lips to suckle on your folds even though your panties were in the way.

    “Oh..” you bit your bottom lip, you continued to wiggle your hips against his face.

    “You’re dirtier than I thought,” you giggled, you had taken notice that he was jerking himself off, his dominant hand grasping the base of his girth just beneath the tip, jerking himself and using his pre-cum as some sort of lubrication.

    He pulled away, lips damp, and a dark look in his pretty blue eyes.

    “Baby, there’s a lot you should learn about me,” he muttered.

    You squealed, clamping a hand over your mouth when he shoved your panties to your knees, joining your pants and belt. His mouth returned to your sex, now bare and out in the open, glistening with some of his salivae, and a majority of your slick.

    His tongue laid flat against your puffed pussy’s lips, his lips enclosing around your labia and fold before he started to suckle. With his tongue lapping at your center.

    You could hear the lewd noises he made, his mouth vibrating against your pussy, moaning into you from the feeling of his hand wrapped around his cock, sending jolts of pleasure throughout your body. It felt similar to jolts of electricity coursing from your pussy, through your legs, to the ends of your toes.

    You moaned, rotating your hips at an angle as if to make his tongue go deeper after he stuck his tongue inside.

    “Oh..” you quickly clamped a hand over your mouth as a guard began walking past. However, he stopped, his back facing you and Childe.

    Your eyes widened, and you sucked in a breath as the ginger bastard pulled his mouth away.

    His fingers, slender but long, were between your legs.

    His index and pinky parted your pussy’s lips as his middle and ring finger pushed inside your hole.

    He thrust his fingers back and forth, your pussy squelched, even as your vaginal walls clenched around his digits. He pressed into you again, and he brushed his nose against the side of your face.

    He gave a shaky breath, “keep your hands on that fucking wall,” he ordered, “and don’t make a sound,” he murmured, “I don’t want to hear a peep, baby,” he whispered, “or else that nice gentleman over there,” he whispered as he planted a small kiss against your neck, gingerly sucking on your sensitive skin, “he might hear us,” he teased.

    Pulling his fingers out, he brought both to his lips, his tongue savoring the flavor of your sex. His other hand grasped the girth of his cock, guiding his hips forward to gradually brush the tip of his cock against your moist lips.

    He eased himself in, his mouth parting in unison with you.

    “Ooooh..fuck,” he whispered, sheathing himself in until his hips were met with your ass.

    One of his hands grasped your hip, he pulled out till it was just the tip of himself before pummeling his way back inside. His other hand, the tips of his fingers dipped into his mouth, his saliva coating his fingers before he ultimately pulled them away and wedged his moist fingertips between your legs. His skilled fingers flicked friction against your swollen clit.

    You clenched your eyes shut, your voice died amid your throat. A small smile pulled at your lips, your hips moved back, meeting the male’s thrusts.

    You bit your bottom lip, “don’t be shy,” you whispered after suppressing a moan, “fuck me you mean it,” you encouraged him.

    Your breast bounced with each thrust, every time your hips met with his.

    “Harder,” you moaned, you could hear him slide his way back inside of you with each thrust.

    “If I go any hard we’ll get in trouble,” he teased, “they’ll hear my hips slapping against this sexy ass of yours, and my balls slapping against you.” He droned on, lost in the pleasure of his cock stretching you out.

    “Unless that is,” he bit down, gently, at your earlobe, “you want all of Liyue knowing you like sucking guys off in alleyways.” He snickered, but he had to restrain himself from making any more noise as you happened to buckle back against him.

    He could feel himself getting close, and he was positive that you were close as well because the way you clenched around him felt heavenly, and he had still been rubbing furiously at your clit. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” he repeated in a mantra, his hips sped up, and the pressure from his fingers became harder.

    You leaned back against him, mouth parted open, wordless throughout the whole turmoil of events as his pace sped, even more.

    “Inside,” you moaned, “inside,” you whispered with a shaky breath.

    He hummed, nodding his head, his lips caressed against your neck. His hips slapped against you one last time before he pressed you against the wall, keeping himself on your body.

    Your hips twitched, your legs slightly trembling, identical to a newborn calf.

    “Fuck, that was fun~” he cooed, a devious smirk crawled on his lips. “I knew you were fun. You must love it when I chase you around, and when we fight? You were probably thinking of me overpowering you, just like I did before this, and fucking you into any surface I could find,” he growled against your ear in a low tone.

    You smirked, he had a point.

    “I’ll make you a deal,” he whispered.

    “I say, you tell me everything you know about that little group of yours, and when you do, you’re gonna come with me, I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours again,” he purred, “a little reward for being such a good girl,” he hummed, “and then you can come with me, hm? And you can meet my boss,” he smirked.

    “She can whip you into shape in no time, I just know it.”

    2021 ©Daysom_Kobayashi all rights reserved.

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    gimme requests? <3

    #sub!genshin x dom!reader #genshin x reader #genshin smut#smut #dom!reader #sub!genshin #gn!reader #sub!genshin x reader #genshin x dom!reader
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    SUMMARY; Autumn dates both consisting fluff with the Genshin characters taking you out on a date in fall. A simple headcannons since it is the first day out of autumn! This a gn!reader work..! (FOR YOU @luventi )

    CHARACTERS; Childe, Eula, Kaeya & Diluc

    WARNINGS; Fluff + Suggestive & Gn!reader

    ᥫ᭡ CHILDE;

    He’d take you on a nice date but will always make sure to buy you a fancy coat in case if you get cold. It wouldn’t be the most fancy date but he’d take you on a walk, picking you up out of nowhere and teasing you just for the sake of it. Also will have an adoring habit of sliding his hands into your own pockets, and holding your hands there with a warm cozy heat forming. He always likes to take you out for coffee (or a warm drink of your choice) and sit on a bench with you while you sleep on his arms.

    Other times when it’s in the morning, he’ll hold you, while you sit on your knees, naked with the soft breeze of the wind entering both of the house you shared. While he pressed gentle kisses on your body, marking soft dark spots all over your chest and neck. Which often times these things will lead to something else. 

    ᥫ᭡ EULA;

    She would adore taking you out to a cafe where the two of you can engage in either flirty conversations or just normal ones. Often times it being normal because Eula would get too red just from you complimenting her. She always likes to take you to a book store and will read books with you. If it’s too chilly to go outside you’ll both cuddle reading the book you guys chose. At night during the cold breeze, she’ll press soft kisses on your head.

    If you wake up before her, cooking something she’ll wrap her hands and arms around you burying herself in your neck. While groaning because she’d have to rake the leaves outside. And she’d rather linger inside with you.

    ᥫ᭡ KAEYA;

    Would take you out to a nice field with the leaves falling and the crunching sounds forming because of the constant walking on top of the leaves. He’d always pick you up in the bridal format way, and spin you around watching you trying to keep him from continuing. But he found it funny that any time he did this you’d always cling yourself into his chest for warmth and comfort. He never bothered to tease you about that because if he knew he did you would stop doing this.

    Always had a habit when the night breeze came he wanted to “warm” you up, simply just by forming hot, and steamy kisses between you guys at night. That will forever turn into something else, but he adored your warmth way too much. Just as much as you adored his.

    ᥫ᭡ DILUC;

    Would make you drinks at home and would make you hot drinks since the season is changing. Though he’ll always take you to somewhere quiet or to the park in the early mornings where he knows you enjoys it most. Besides, it gives him more opportunities to hold your hand with that much of a big crowd around. Besides you were just so cute to not satisfy.

    When it is the early mornings with the windows open to let some breeze in, the sound of your winds and pants fill up the room. With Diluc’s arms and hands gripping around your waist. Though the pants fade shortly with a simple kiss gained from your husband.

    #childe x reader #childe x gn reader fluff #childe x gn!reader #genshin childe x you #childe x you #genshin childe x y/n #childe x y/n #kaeya x gender neutral reader #kaeya x reader sfw #kaeya x you #kaeya x gn!reader #kaeya x y/n #Kaeya x reader #eula x gn!reader #eula x you #genshin eula #Eula x gender neutral reader #diluc x reader smut #genshin diluc x reader #diluc x y/n #diluc x you #— ᦈ childeluvs answers 🐚 #— ᦈ reblog ☁️ #kaeya x reader #genshin headcanons#genshin childe #— ᦈ childeluvs writes 📩 #kaeya x gn reader #genshin diluc
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    Xiao's Mommy God (2)

    Xiao x God!Fem!Reader

    Warnings: NSFW, Mommy Kink, Lactation, Bottom!Reader, Top!Xiao, Smut, Inappropriate use of anemo vision, Manhandling.

    Summary: This is an alternative version of Xiao's Mommy God, where instead of the reader being the dom, Xiao will be the one on top. But I suggest you read the original first, because of important story explaination.


    "Xiao! I'm so sorry! I thought you were an intruder." You were by his side immediately, worried that you may have hurt him, yet when you tried to coddle him, he just pushed you away, holding onto his neck as he breaths heavily. "Xiao?"

    The Yaksha stays silent for a couple of seconds, still breathing heavily as he avoids your lingering gaze. "Did I hurt you?" You asked quietly as you sat on the floor, placing yourself in front of him.

    The boy shook his head, still refusing to look at you. You felt unconvinced, maybe you choked him to hard and he's holding back on vomiting, that's why he won't open his mouth.

    You call for him once again, and finally his golden orbs look up at you, filled with an emotion that you don't seem to fully understand. You reach your hand out, cupping his cheek and caressing it with your thumb.

    "You can tell me anything, Xiao? I just wanna know if you're okay." You then plastered a small, but genuine smile on your face, looking at your student fondly.

    Xiao can't take it anymore, with your constant worries about him, babying him, saying you love him, but keeping him at arm's length. He just needed to knock some sense into you, make you realize that he's older now, and that what he feels for you, isn't just a mere adoration for a God.

    The cat-eyed boy grabbed both of your wrists firmly, taking you by surprise. He then yanked your hand away from his face, getting up from his position on the ground. Binding your two wrist with his one hand, he pushes them to your chest, wrapping his now free hand around you waist.

    "Xiao?" You called out questioningly, but all you got from the boy was a growl, his face inching closer to yours. Your back hits the side of your bed as he pushed you with your bind hands. You felt the chill air blow stronger, somehow feeling a light stimulation on your chest area. You felt dizzy, confused, speechless from what was happening right now, as your dearest Adeptus face looks at you with dissatisfaction.

    "Y/N..." He finally said something, despite his serious expression, you hear the softness of his voice, so you assume that he just had a strange episode and tried to take your wrists apart from his binding hand.

    You realized that you were very wrong when he growled at you again, tightening his hold that it starts to hurt. You called out to him once again, feeling a bit worried about his strange behavior.

    "I'm not a child anymore." He stated, intently looking at your face, studying your expressions. You yelped as he tighten his hold on your body, before fully standing up, carrying you with one arm around your waist. Scared of falling down, you immediately wrap your hands around his waist, leaning into him as he let go of your wrists to hold your figure even tighter.

    You place your hands on his shoulder, steadying yourself. And then you felt it, Xiao had started to run against your clothed center, you instantly feel a growing, rock hard bulge poking your pussy.

    Your eyes widen in realization, looking at the younger boy currently carrying you right now. His eyes were closed, mouth agape, seems like he was enjoying what he was doing with you.

    "I d-didn't think of you as a child, Xiao." You stuttered, ignoring the growing heat within your stomach. He slowly opens his eyes, looking at you fondly. And before you know it, your back is on the bed again, only this time, the Yaksha was right on top of you, looking at you with need.

    "I liked it when you choked me." Xiao stated breathlessly, grabbing one of your hands before bringing it closer to his neck. You wrap your hand around his neck softly, but never daring to squeeze. "It doesn't hurt." It was like an encouragement for you to do it again, so you did, you squeezed his neck lightly, making him smile.

    In one foul swoop, he just cuts through the center of your night dress. "Xiao!" But he pays you no mind, taking off the fabric. You're now left with just your undergarments.

    Xiao placed his hands onto your stomach, channelling his anemo control and in an instant, both your bra and panties glow a mint green light before disappearing into nothingness.

    And now, your fully naked, right in front of your little Adeptus. You felt like covering your boobies but he clasps his hands onto them before you could do anything.

    "I've always wanted to taste these, mommy." Xiao squeezed your boobs, rubbing your nipples with his thumbs, it all made you gasp, your hands finding their way onto his wrists.

    Mommy? You liked that.

    He then let go of one of your breast, replacing his hand with his mouth. The Yaksha's lips wrapped around your hardened nipple, sucking so intently that you let out a strained moan. His now free hand started going down, onto you little pussy.

    With his fingers grazing your clit, before going to your hole, you just realized how wet you are, feeling hot liquid slowly pour out of your cunt.

    "Xiao, please." You let out a little whimpers, jumping even more as he shoved two of his gloved fingers inside you immediately, loving the way you yelped and moaned out his name as he starts to rub the inside of your pussy with his fingers. You don't know why, but it seems as though his gloves makes it even more hotter for you.

    It was his turn to be surprised however, when he tasted a sweet liquid pour onto his mouth. Xiao pulled away in shock, looking at the boob he was sucking and seeing that milk had started to leak from your mounds.

    He looks up at you and you look away in embarrassment, you just lactated. You didn't even know you could do that!

    But he swallowed the milk in his mouth, smiling whilst looking at your embarrassed face. "Mommy's milk taste so good." He teased as he went back in to drink more.

    "You... Y-you can have it anytime you want." Right as you said that, he pluged another finger inside you, using his palm to rub you clit. He suddenly went at a very fast pace, making you scream as you but your own hips against his hand.

    "Ahhh, Xiao!" You screamed as you felt both his sucking and fingering get more intense, his palm pressing harder against your clit as he sucks hard on you nipple. And with that, you came right of his fingers. "Th-thank you." You breathe out, the feeling of your hot fluids seeping out as he takes out his fingers.

    Xiao shows you his now ruined gloves, "You really liked that hug?" You nodded eagerly, despite being an immortal Goddess, you lack experience in this type of things, but it's still surprising that Xiao just knows what to do to pleasure your body. He takes off both his gloves, throwing them wherever before cupping your cheeks.

    You loved the feeling of his bare skin against your own. "X-Xiao... I love you." You finally say it, tugging at his shirt to invite him closer to your face.

    "I love you too." Sealing you lips with a quick sweet kiss, you were about to close your eyes, when you feel his breath on your ear.

    "We're not done yet, mommy."


    You felt like your body was no longer in tour control as Xiao, who had stripped himself naked, pushed your legs onto your chest, lining his rock hard cock with you now sopping hole. Your whines as he takes full control of your movements fall on deaf ears.

    In his eyes, you're an all powerful Goddess, someone who emerged out of the Archon War barely wounded. And with that in mind, it probably wouldn't hurt to just plunge his cock into your inexperienced pussy with ease.

    "AHHH!" You screamed as he rammed inside you with no warning, immediately setting his thrusts at a fast pace, not giving you a chance to adjust.

    Xiao groaned as he abused your pussy with merciless pounds, hands landing on your thighs to grope and spread you apart, feeling even more accomplished to see his cock disappear into your cunt over and over again. Your moans encourages him to keep going, getting addicted to the feeling of your pussy walls rubbing against his hard rod.

    Your legs feel tired without him keeping it close to your chest, slowly trying going back to their place. But he growled when your ankles got in the way of his perfect view on your abused cunt, wrapping his hands under your knees, pushing it back so close to your upper body that you start to actually feel sore.

    The Yaksha's ruts started to get more feral, going so fast and deep inside you, pulling out until only the tip is in, just to plunge back inside to hit your womb. It all made you moan in delight.

    "X-Xiao! Breed me, please!" Your strained moans fill the room, feeling his grip on your legs get tighter, thrust sloppier, and you know exactly that he's about to cum.

    "B-breed?" The cat-eyed boy repeated in confusion, but hearing you say that you want him to breed you, it made him to this all this to you over and over again, ram his cock into your cunt every chance he can.

    You felt the knot in your stomach snap, cumming from his ruts. At the same time, you feel the flow of hot liquid pour inside you, Xiao's thrust coming to a full stop, wanting to pump you full in the deepest part of your pussy that he can.

    He released your legs from his harsh grip, letting them fall into place around his waist. The blissful look on your face made the boy proud, it seems you enjoyed his service.

    Xiao slowly pulls out, cock somehow still semi-hard despite the exhausting fucking session.

    He looks at you first, your face looking up at him with a small smile, "I'm so..." You yawned, "...Tired." You finished, as the boy's lips slightly curl up whilst looking at your droopy, tired eyes.

    He looked down onto your swollen pussy, and his smile fades. Hot liquid, his cum inside you started dripping out, he does not like that one bit.

    How is he supposed to breed you if his cum keeps dripping out?

    And you were about to drift off to sleep when he suddenly just flipped you over, grabbing your hips and hoisting it up. The Yaksha positioned himself behind you, his cock once again rock hard, and the base is currently rubbing again your clit.

    "Xiaooo, I'm tiredddd." You whined, voice also getting droopy from the tiredness. He pressed his cock harder against you, making you moan.

    "I just need to breed you, till you're full of my cum, mommy~" He shoves his cock into your pussy once again. "Then you can rest."


    Requested by: @peachykindalovesyou

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines #xiao x reader #genshin impact smut #genshin impact xiao #xiao smut#xiao
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    SIR? | Toa

    Your boss offered your team a blowout at his manor. He asked for your help specifically to do a task with him for a week. Only the two of you - at his manor - everyday - for a week. You get excited because who knows what will happen?
    cw: nsfw 18+ (minors dni), diluc x f!reader, modern au, slight cursing, one-shot, fingering, masturbation, licking, kinda drunk sex¿, alcohol, unprotected sex, full-on filth - MINORS LEAVE.

    “Good work, everyone” Your boss, Diluc said. He’s always been serious but sometimes he laughs and you feel butterflies in your stomach. Yes, you have a slight crush on your boss. You’re fully aware that he’s not the romantic type though. He’s always been nice to you but he’s like that to everyone. You sigh at this thought.

    “I never really ask people to go to my home but since you all are hardworking, let’s have a small gathering at my manse” he said, nonchalantly. Who has a manse? He does. Everybody cheered at his remarks, then he added “Since we’re going to be there, I would like us to taste some of the new alcohols I’ve made before we officially sell them” Everybody agreed, including you. You were the most excited out of everybody.

    Hours later, it was in the evening. You were all inside Diluc’s manse. It was so fancy you couldn’t believe your eyes. You didn’t know he was this rich.

    Everybody was enjoying their time, being careful not to break anything. You walked around, you figured this is a nice opportunity to get to know him more since he barely talks about himself.

    You see picture frames and tons of books lying around, probably his research. You see a picture of him and his brother Kaeya. Although with ill feelings for each other, clearly he cares about him greatly. You smiled at this thought.

    “Y/n?” You hear someone call you, it’s your boss. You feel your heart jump. He offered you a glass of wine. “It’s the one I’ve been working on the longest” he said, you grab it from him gently, your hands slightly touched and it gave you different mix of feelings.

    “Thank you, sir” You answered, you always call him sir, everytime. You sniffed the bouquet and then took a sip “The flavors are rich and the aroma is just fantastic. What are you planning to call it, sir?”

    “I was hoping you could help me with that” He said, then took a sip. You were surprised, you felt special to him. He never asks anyone to name a wine he mixed himself, so this was such an honor.

    “I would be honored, sir!” You got a little excited and shouted “Sorry”. He put a finger in front of his lips

    “You can’t tell anybody” He whispered. You gulped then nodded, this is the first time you saw him like this, being mischievous so suddenly. He added “We can work on it this week. Instead of going to the office, go here”

    Your eyes widened. You were excited but also nervous. Diluc has never been like this. Was he drunk already? It can’t be. Then what’s happening? Where’s the real sir?!

    You nodded in response and then he left. You thought maybe you were getting the wrong idea here. He really just wanted to work on what to name the wine.

    ♤ ~

    The next day, you did exactly as what your boss told you. You went straight to his manse.

    “Ah, y/n. Come in” He said and you walked in. You can never get used to how fancy this place is.

    “Thanks for having me, sir” You told him with a bow. You notice he’s wearing casual clothes, you smile at him.

    “Is there something wrong?” He asked and you shook your head no.

    Diluc went and grabbed the wines he needed named. You were surprised that he grabbed a lot.

    “Oh, sir, I thought we were just going to name one” You said, looking at all the wine he got out.

    “Since we’re both here. I thought might as well” He said and started to drink. You did too, to be able to name a wine, you must know how it tastes.

    You both went on for hours, drinking. You actually feel kind of drunk yourself.

    “Okay, sir, how about this–” You didn’t finish talking, you saw one of the bottles taped with something. That bottle has a name, you touched the other bottles and some of them have names. “Sir? The others already have names”

    Diluc’s eyes widen. “O-oh..” He was silent. You were so confused. But he refused to give you answers. You just look at him. He continued “I apologize. I must have grabbed the wrong bottles” Maybe he was surprised as well, he rarely make a mistake.

    You sighed, it was already night time and you both wasted half of the day naming wines that already have names. “It’s alright, Sir. I have to go home, I think I’ve already had enough wine for today.” He nodded silently. He didn’t even tell you to get home safe. That is rare. He must have been embarrassed by his mistake. You thank him then leave.

    After 3 more days, your work with him is smooth. No more mistakes this time. Even after 4 days, you still don’t know anything about him. 3 days left and your work is over. You’re kind of sad for it to end.

    “Goodmorning, sir” You say as you went in. He said the same and both of you got to work. At this point, you lose all hope to get to know him more and focus on just getting the work done.

    You drink and drink, you feel yourself getting emotional all of a sudden but you hold it back for the sake of professionalism.

    You drink again and this time it spilled on your blouse. You curse yourself for it.

    “You alright?” Diluc asked and left to get a towel, “Here you go, y/n.”

    “Thanks, sir” You said, embarrassed. You started to wipe you clothes, you were soaked with wine. After wiping yourself you notice that your bra can be seen through your wet blouse. Your cheeks immediately flushed and you covered yourself. You look at your boss who is looking at everything except your chest.

    He coughed slightly “D-Do you need to go home?” He asked, still looking at everything else in the room.

    You look at the time and it’s way to early to leave plus you can’t go home looking like this!!

    “Sir!! What?! I can’t go home like this!!” You burst from embarrassment. You still cover yourself using the towel he gave you.

    “O-oh!! Of course!!” He shouted too, not knowing what to do. “Do you need extra clothes?”

    You nodded “Please!”

    He immediately ran towards his room. You realize it’s taking him way too long, his room is like 10 steps away from here. You’re still soaked. You drink and drink again, to help yourself from the shock. You feel a little drunk.

    You sighed “God.. this is so embarrassing.”

    After a few minutes, he went out of his room holding a shirt.

    “Where’s the bathroom?” You asked and before he gave you the shirt, he leaned in, suddenly you were face to face. You avert your gaze. He has flushed cheeks. He raised his hand and wiped your lips using his thumbs.

    “O-oh” You reacted, but you didn’t move.

    “Sorry, you still had wine on your lips” he said, as an excuse. Truth is, he can barely help himself anymore. He took a while in his room to compose himself. 1 week is too much of a time to name wine, it’s just his excuse to say something to you. Something he wanted to tell you a long time ago. For some reason, he can’t bring himself to say it. Time passes by and he’s getting desperate.

    You were speechless by his sudden movement. You ask yourself if that’s even possible, to still have wine on your lips without feeling it. You think that maybe it’s possible since you’re a little bit drunk right now. You were clearly overthinking this moment.

    It was silent, but you broke it “T-the bathroom, sir?” You asked, feeling cold on your chest area. Diluc pointed where the bathroom was and you sprinted there, embarrassed by the awkward situation. The sexual tension was too high. You breathe in and out in the bathroom and removed your blouse.

    “Stupid blouse, this is all your fault” You talk to yourself, feeling a little bit drunk. You look at the shirt Diluc gave you. You’ll be wearing his shirt. You start to feel giddy again. It’s like from the movies. You start feeling excited without realizing it.

    Before wearing the shirt Diluc gave you, you let your bra dry a little bit by removing it.

    You can feel the cold air on your nipples. It felt good for a little bit. Without thinking, you started to touch your nipples.

    A slight moan escaped your mouth. You start going faster, moaning silently. You slowly put your finger above your clit. You’re so wet and you’re guessing it’s from all the sexual tension earlier. He makes you so excited just by the small things.

    “The hell am I doing?” You whispered to yourself “At my boss’ bathroom, no less, what has gotten into you, y/n” You stop touching yourself and check if your bra is dry but it isn’t.

    You sighed wondering that Diluc might wonder what’s taking you so long.

    Not long after, you heard a knock.

    “Y-yes?” You answered and covered yourself with your hands. You didn’t know why you did that, it’s not as if he can see you through the door.

    “Are you alright in there?” He asked and you answered yes “Okay, I was just worried”

    “Oh just- you know- doing something” You answer, looking at your wet bra, realizing that you might get a cold if you stay naked

    “Something?” he asked again, “Look, I came here to say I’m sorry that I saw that”


    You suddenly want to bury yourself in dirt.

    “I-I’ve really been meaning to tell you something. So, could you come out for a little bit?” He asked of you, you can’t say no to your boss but also, you didn’t know what to do.

    Since Diluc’s shirt is quite big, he won’t notice that you don’t have a bra, right? Maybe. You just wear it and go out.

    You’re now standing in front of the bathroom, you didn’t have time to fix your clothes in there so you stand in front of the door.

    You coughed a little bit “W-what is it?”

    But he didn’t answer, he just looked at you longingly. He had this look in his face that you can’t quite describe.

    “Sir?” You asked, waving a hand in front of his face. Still, he doesn’t answer, he just stares at you with mixed facial expressions.

    Diluc was controlling himself by being silent. He couldn’t take it anymore. He was unsure of what to do or on what to say to you now that you’re out of his bathroom.

    The silence went on for a few seconds before you felt awkward.

    “Um, sir? I have to get back in the–” You didn’t even finish talking. He put his lips on yours. A gentle kiss. Your eyes widen. “!!! Are you drunk?”

    He shook his head no, his face still in front of yours, your nose touching. He said “I can only hold so much” with that he kissed you again gently.

    He stopped and looked at you, feeling like he have tarnished your beautiful lips “I-I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have” he said as he was about to leave. You don’t know what’s gotten into you but you held on to his wrists. You pulled him closer to you.

    “It’s okay!!” You blurted out, you know you like him but you never thought you would get this close with him. It was just a casual crush anyway, I mean, the real question is who doesn’t like him?. He looked at you and you looked at him. For a second he averted his gaze and stared at your chest. You immediately covered them.

    “Hey!!” You shouted at him and he became red almost immediately. He was getting closer and closer. He cupped your face with his warm hands and pulled your lips into his.

    You were suddenly kissing, roughly this time. You don’t know what’s happening but you feel your heart beat like it was about to jump on your face. You hope to God that Diluc doesn’t hear it, especially now that your bodies are so close.

    He continued to kiss you, letting you gasp for air every now and then. He doesn’t let go of your face in fear you might distance yourself. Jokes on him, you will never.

    You hold his hands that’s on your face, you kiss back and entered your tongue on his mouth. He muffled a moan and that turned you on even more. Now, your tongues are dancing with each other every kiss you take.

    “Sir..” You muffled a moan, his other hand went to your waist to pull you closer to his body. You can feel his bulging dick through his shorts.

    Feeling his body against yours, you feel your nipples getting erect. You start grinding on him, earning another one of his moans.

    “F-uck.. You’re so bold huh” He moaned, pulling your pussy closer to his package.

    The alcohol really helps a lot with confidence. You feel nothing but lust and pleasure. You want this. You want him inside you.

    Diluc puts his other hand on your bare breasts. He didn’t even bother to feel it above the shirt, he quickly put it in, feeling your soft breasts.

    “You look so sexy wearing my shirt” He whispered into your ear. You were so turned on by his sexy voice. Also, because he’s rubbing your nipples at a fast pace, sometimes pinching them.

    “D-Diluc..” You moaned, breathing hard into his neck. You plant a few kisses there as you stroke his long red hair.

    He started slammimg into you, feeling your pussy over your clothes. As he was doing this, you grind onto him.

    You can’t take it anymore. You put your hand in his shorts and started rubbing his dick. You don’t care if it’s going too fast. You want him inside you.

    Diluc took that as a signal and removed all your clothes, from your shirt to your pants while you still stroke his dick from inside his shorts.

    He stared at your body “You’re beautiful”

    You knelt down and started sucking him. He closed his eyes shut, feeling the warmth of your mouth on his fully erect cock.

    “I-I .. want you” You say in between slurps. Still with closed eyes, he grabbed a handful of your hair. While he fucks your mouth, you remove his shorts completely.

    “That feels so good, y/n” He moans as he goes faster. You feel the tip of his dick on your throat but you let it be. You gag, both your hands on his legs.

    He pulls your hair up, making you stand up and face him. Still grabbing your hair, he pulled you in for a short rough kiss before removing his shirt.

    “I have been waiting for this” He muttered. You see his abs and his toned muscles, you just look at them.

    “Oh Lord” You say as you examine his body, he was perfect.

    He carried you, both your legs now on his waist, he pinned you on the wall.

    “You’re so hot.. sir” You whisper to him seductively. He stared at you, he licked two of his fingers and entered it into your pussy hole. You moaned loudly.

    “That’s what you get” He muttered, he let himself feel you first before going up and down in your hole.

    You couldn’t say anything else but ‘more’ with moans of pleasure. Only from his fingers.

    You feel his dick, erect, touching your stomach. Diluc’s pre cum on your belly as he fingers you.

    “Put it in, please” You were breathing hard from all the pleasure he gave you. Your hands on his broad shoulders to support you. He smirked, removed his fingers then licked your breast for a second before putting it in quickly. You screamed, never expecting that it was this big.

    He let you adjust to his size first.

    “Shit. I can’t hold it anymore..” he said and then started moving at a quick pace. You moan loudly as your body jumps up and down on his dick.

    Moans and cusses filled the air.

    “Nnghh ~ Aghhg ~ Fuck ~ More ~”

    You used your legs that was embracing his waist to pull his cock deeper into you.

    “Do that more" He muttered between heavy breaths. “You’re so delicious” he moaned

    “D-Diluc.. I- znghh” you couldn’t speak, feeling his huge dick inside you. You were so full of him. He stares at your stomach as he pushes deep in you.

    You arched your back, still pinned on the wall. Your head bent backwards from all the pleasure. While Diluc holds both of your ass cheeks to support your weight on him. He started to suck your erect nipples, letting his tongue circle, licking it.

    Every now and then you come to your senses that your hot boss, Diluc, is fucking you. You ask yourself if what you’re doing is right. But everytime you think about it, Diluc slams his dick right into you and all judgments become clouded with lust and pleasure.

    For some reason, you don’t feel his cock there anymore because he let you down. Still pinned on the wall he kissed you before pulling your arm to go to the sofa.

    “Sir..” You muttered, being fully conscious of what was happening. You start feeling embarrassed. You feel warmth on your face and your whole body is on fire.

    Diluc pushed you on the sofa, making you lay down. Turning you on once again.

    “What is it?” He asked in a raspy, sexy voice. That alone can bring all the lust back in your eyes.

    He groped your breast again as he grinds on your still wet crotch.

    “You feel so good” He whispered and you smiled at him, he started sucking your breasts, his other hand playing with your other nipple. All the sensation that was gone, came back in a second.

    You feel his dick on your clit rubbing softly as he plays with your chest. You grab his cock and played with it. Diluc moaned on your breast.

    “Y/n” Diluc muffled his moans by sucking your nipples. You started to rub his dick faster. You placed it in front of your pussy and put it in.

    “Fuck me ~” You whispered, letting lust control you. He started moving, moaning as he goes faster and faster.

    You embrace his waist using your legs, so he can go deeper in you. You embrace his torso, feeling his body all over yours. You kiss his neck, his ears as you stroke his hair and dig your nails in his back.

    He slipped a finger on your clit while fucking you. This made you lose your mind. He rubbed your clit on the right spot. You trembled with pleasure as he goes faster rubbing and fucking you. Instead of moans, you release screams of pleasure. You tried to take his finger off of you but he doesn’t let you. You continue to tremble as he went faster.

    “You like that?” He stared at you with lustful eyes, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, he sucked your nipples. You feel triple the pleasure feeling your high.

    He groans every now and then, a signal that he’s about to cum. He removed his hand and stopped sucking your nipples to focus on your wet hole, both of you feeling your high. Twisted knots on both your stomachs.

    “Cum with me” He groaned and you nodded. Both your eyes closed as you reached climax. He let his dick out and came on your stomach. He plopped beside you on the sofa, hugging you.

    “Fuck” You stare at him with a heavy breath and stare at your stomach full of his cum. He kissed your cheeks before sitting up and grabbing a towel to wipe your stomach.

    “Hey..” He called, wiping your belly. You look at how cute he is, how vulnerable he’s being but you realize something - he’s your boss. You stared at him waiting for him to talk. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something”

    “Sir.. I-I’m sorry” You say as you watch him take care of you.

    He chuckled slightly which was a rare sight “Don’t be. What are you calling me sir for?”

    Your eyes widen and you’re sure you have flushed cheeks. This is a new look on Diluc. You never expected him to be like this.

    “Anyway, I’m the one who should apologize” He said, pretty weird talking when you’re both naked. He continued “I’ve made a lot of excuses just to tell you what I feel. I like you” he said it with a straight face. “The blowout, the wine naming, I’ve been trying for months but you weren’t getting the hint at all” You think about all the times he acted weird and you have just realized

    “I’m sorry!! I just didn’t think it was possible for you to like me” You apologized with a light bow

    He laughed lightly “I said don’t be. Also, confessing after - erm - sex, I apologize.”

    Diluc went near to the bathroom to get your clothes.

    “For the record! I-I’ve always liked you!” You blurted out, he looked back at you and gave you a sweet smile. He started to open the bathroom and you remember something there.

    “Diluc!!” You try and stop him by running but you were too late.

    He laughed slightly, he grabbed both of your clothes. He started to put your clothes on you, helping you get dressed. You were surprised.

    “Um” You were confused as to what to do

    He looked at you and smiled “Does this little kitten want a round 2?”

    You were shocked but you didn’t say no to him. He loved seeing you flustered, especially when it’s about him.

    ♤ ~

    note: this took me way too long, tumblr kept saying i've hit the maximum length. 😭 Now, it looks all cramped up.
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    ♡ kinktober 2021 ♡

    navi | m.lists | rules

    ♡ 18+

    ♡ dark content

    ♡ all characters are aged up !!

    ♡ a/n : hello! It’s me back again :)) I’ve decided to try my hand at kinktober this year in celebration of me coming back :3 every day for the month of October there will either a Drabble, headcannon, or fanfic that related to a specific kink and character !! I don’t have the full schedule worked out yet, only who and the specific kink relating to them. This will (mostly) be dark content and will contain fiction that is triggering to some so please be careful!! I’ll see you on October first!!

    ♡ Send me a number (1-31) to randomly sort out the schedule!! Thank you!! ♡

    ♡ will almost exclusively be afab! reader with some gn! reader mixed in :3

    ♡ fandoms include: aot, mha, haikyuu, blue lock, genshin impact (primarily), tokyo revengers, demon slayer, and jujutsukaisen

    ♡ all work will primarily be written ahead of time !! So I don’t stress myself out :)

    ♡ Schedule will be announced on 09/30/21 !! Look forward to seeing you then!!

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