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  • alatusxiaoo
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SEASONS. (a youthful otome game with the genshin boys)

    love blossoms in all seasons.

    “an…otome game?”

    a snort escapes your lips in disbelief, as you send a perplexed glare over to your chagrined friend. “oh, what are you looking at me for…you wanted a recommendation!”

    “yeah. not this cheesy shit.” you cringed at the mere thought of it, begrudgingly inserting the video game’s dvd in the television’s slot. “i was expecting…i don’t know, something more interesting?”

    the humdrum remark earns a playful slap on your shoulder from her, as you wince at the impact of her offended smack. “gods, just trust me already! it’s going to be life-changing.” she dreamily muses with a fanciful smile, however you’re not even the least bit convinced by her starry-eyed demeanor.

    your eyes carefully scrutinize the displayed monitor, watching the game agonizingly load inside the box. dread crept up and sent chills down your spine as the screen slowly lit up, and your wandering eyes catch the sight of messily stuffed packages poorly concealed behind ajar closet doors. “actually you know what, i do have some unfinished monster hunter quests in the — ow! excuse me? what the hell was that for?!”

    “come on y/n! you promised you’d play this time.” she childishly huffs in dismay, crossing her arms as she leans back on the edge of the bed in evident betrayal. “it won’t be that bad, i swear. let’s just finish one chapter today, and then i’ll let you decide after if we play a bit more…or you burn the damn game into smithereens.”

    the latter option made quite the tempting offer, though you personally would have favored a third alternative where you could just burn the dvd now. “whatever.” you quietly grumble while snatching the plugged controller from the space on the wooden boards beside you. “fine, lets do it. but i’ll hold you to your word of that second choice.”


    SEASONS is a youthful otome game, where love blossoms in all seasons. Depending on the choices you make, you may encounter different characters, and unlock various special (and even secret) routes within certain chapters. There are a total of four major episodes — each contain storylines that require your decision on the choices you wish to make in pursuit of your love interest.

    chapter one, spring. (when the flowers bloom.)

    route/s: ??

    chapter two, summer. (the warmer half of the year.)

    route/s: ??

    chapter three, autumn. (when the leaves fall from trees.)

    route/s: ??

    chapter four, winter. (the colder half of the year.)

    route/s: ??

    note: for the upcoming 600 milestone <3 this short series’ lovely concept is inspired by seasons of blossom. if you haven’t read the webtoon, please do because i legitimately swear ;-; genuinely the most beautiful story i’ve read,, not to mention the build-up — the fucking build up!! literally the top-tier kind of writing and talent i aspire to achieve in this lifetime >;(( i laughed, shed tears and blushed a whole lot from the plot :””> so im sincerely hoping my own rendition will do greatly deserved justice to it ٩(˘◡˘)۶

    warning: will contain webtoon spoilers, so i’d suggest you avoid reading if you’re interested in seeing the original first!

    status: masterlist’s style is a work in progress, and speculated characters may be subject to change.

    #lmao watch me say i have time to write this shit #and get writers block while juggling hw and the fic 😌🤞 #genshin impact#genshin albedo #albedo x reader #genshin childe #childe x reader #genshin diluc #diluc x reader #genshin kazuha #kazuha x reader #genshin gorou #gorou x reader #genshin thoma #thoma x reader #genshin xiao #xiao x reader #genshin scaramouche #scaramouche x reader #genshin zhongli #zhongli x reader #genshin impact x reader
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  • sinqi
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    did u guys know xiaos eyebrows do That Thing....,,,ive drawn him 2382932 times and i only just realized..

    #genshin impact#xiaoven #xiao x venti #venti x xiao #venxiao#genshin xiao#genshin venti#genshin fanart #genshin impact fanart #style experimenting lately idk about this one ahha prolly not gonna use it
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  • ludicrx-dreams
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    genshin impact + rock band au (i)

    character(s): lumine, childe, xiao, hu tao, fischl
    pairings: childe x lumine
    synopsis: with multiple unique personalities stuck together, chaos ensues
    t/w: bad english, slight swearing, small spoilers, small acts of violence
    a/n: based on an instagram hc by @its_cl0udy. i altered a few details but if you want you can check out their account to see the original post!
    lumine: leader, main singer, songwriter

    a.k.a the disappointed mom friend that everyone admires. she cares for all her band members equally (except childe).

    completely smitten with childe but won't ever accept it. she acts like she hates him but anyone can tell that they're giving each other googly eyes. even the media ships them

    lumine will be the first to look for when you're in trouble and is extremely reliable. it's the reason why she's the leader after all.

    don't expect her to act all cute and nice when she snaps, it doesn't happen often though. will and won't hesitate to rip you to shreds, especially if you insult her height (or if you're childe).

    has a resting bitch face and all her fans want her to step on them because she's a girlboss. everyone loves her.

    childhood friends with xiao. she tried to ship him with aether when they were kids but failed horribly.

    ajax: drummer

    a.k.a childe a.k.a tartaglia a.k.a mr. steal yo girl

    an absolute simp magnet because he's rich, hot and sexy. likes to occasionally give fanservice to either piss lumine of or to seek for attention because he's a huge show-off.

    childe thinks that he's everyone's big brother even though lumine and xiao are older than him (dotes on fischl a lot). in reality, he behaves like an 5-year-old gremlin who annoys the shit out off his band mates and won't stop giving lumine headaches every 5 seconds.

    teasing is his part time job and he takes pride in it. makes fun of you affectionately because he's such a good guy and won't ever stop if you don't show genuine distress. in the end, childe would probably still cheer you up by teasing anyway.

    if he's the first thing you see in the morning then it's an unlucky sign.

    xiao: bassist

    a.k.a the quiet eboy. also a huge simp magnet because of the overall bad boy vibe.

    the only other responsible adult besides lumine. takes things very seriously although he sometimes ignores everyone as he's too old and tired to deal with disorganized children.

    xiao's hard to fluster. but as long as you know how to push the right buttons, you'll get quite a violent reaction out of him. he'll recover quickly though, so you better hurry up taking those pictures because his embarrassed face is a sight to behold.

    is always hu tao's and childe's #1 victim for harmless pranks. he's just so exhausted to the point where he'll ditch his duties as the group's babysitter and listen to angsty rock in a corner.

    once cosplayed with fischl but somehow their photos were leaked and the fandom went apeshit. the leaker was definitely hu tao.

    hu tao: guitarist

    a.k.a the memelord and the true epitome of madness

    body of a 19-year-old girl, mentality of satan. xiao has to follow her and clean up the mess she leaves behind. she might actually be more chaotic than childe but there're are few disagreements from certain individuals.

    is the one distributing dumb memes about her friends including herself. the whole fanbase worships her creations and even has an entire website dedicated to ridiculous images of the band.

    hu tao can get surprisingly philosophical and sentimental but chooses not to and prefers her troublemaker persona.

    joked about planning a detailed funeral for each member on an interview. she was not joking.

    fischl: pianist, songwriter

    a.k.a the prinzessin der verurteilung

    her real name is amy since fischl is only a stage name. however, if you ever call her amy, she'll stab your eyes out with an arrow.

    the source of creativity for her group. from song ideas to costumes or even the general aesthetic of the band, she does it all.

    beneath the confident and boastful facade is a really shy and awkward girl. she has trouble expressing her feelings but somehow everyone will automatically understand what she's trying to say. also respects her seniors a lot and aspires to be like them (she's the youngest).

    will always be asked to record things with hu tao and childe for blackmail material. she reluctantly contributed to the pranks for fun a few times already.

    has a pet bird named oz and he's trained to repeat curse words.

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  • whotaoknows
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    still can’t believe that this is was played when xiao appeared

    #genshin impact#xiao#wangshu inn #character x reader vibe
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  • strawbtea
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    a pair of shikigami who help banish evil!

    #do not separate!!! #haha i just started the new genshin event today #and i didnt realize shiki taishou was a voices character?? #hes so cute #so i made shiki xiaoaether to be friends with him (delusional) #tbh its the xiaoae brainrot im so down bad for these bois #xiaoaether #xiao x aether #xiaother#genshin fanart
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  • charlies-a-thief
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    wip of Xiao with his ugly cat yawn

    #Xiao #xiao genshin impact #genshin #genshin impact liyue #genshin impact#art#fanart#artist#digital art #genshin impact fanart #xiao fanart
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  • hahaimnotdeadyet
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Waking up next to you with a boner Genshin HC (Venti, Xiao, Gorou)

    Warnings and tags English is not my native! NSFW NO MINORS PLEASE, mention of BoNer ofc and sex

    (Diluc, Zhongli, Kazuha) (Kaeya, Tartaglia, Tohma)


    - will be this one little brat who wakes you up

    - yeah, he is a type of person which if wants something - gets it right after

    - so when he opens his eyes and finds you both in almost pornograthic position - his body is between your legs so your hips are next to his waist - even if he hasn't got a boner - he would right now

    - starts pecking your skin where he can reach - your neck, jawline, collarbones, lips, while his fingers dances on your leg

    - "Oh, Barbatos" you curse, not putting any specific sence, slowly waking up only to see your lover smiling slyly

    - "Ready to partake of your prayers" he giggles as his head disappears under the blanket

    - he immediately finds his way to suck on your nipples, while his hand caresses on your clothed sex


    - happens really rarely. Firstly he is a light sleeper, secondly - he barely need sleep

    - so usually he stays with you till you fall asleep and leaves

    - if it happens he is /paralyzed/. He is not a virgin ofc and this isn't new for him, BUT

    - early morning, sun is just starts to rise on Liyue, it's warm orange light on your face and bare shoulders. Sweet, a little cool air from the open window

    - Xiao moans in delight, pressing his hips onto you. He screw up his eyes, squeezing you in his arms. Yeah, tomorrow he will be grumpy if you tries to ruffle his hair, but right now he can be a little softer, a little more mortal


    - because of his hybrid nature has higher sex drive than most of the human. The second reason - it's not a common thing to wake up together, sadly

    - so probably will wake up in the middle of wet dream and find himself being extremely close to you. Like, really close, right behind you. Uncertainly checks if he left marks on you. Ears are pressed to the head.

    - feels conflicted. His instincts wants to wake you up and show how he misses you, on the other side - you need rest

    - so most likely to hide his face between your shoulder blades and almost cry. He is a good boy, but wants you so bad and you two have to wake up and leave each other again soon

    - gonna stay like that, without doing anything till you wake up what happens shortly after

    - will suggest to mate with him by pushing himself closer to you and caressing your thighs almost touching your privy parts

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  • dourpeep
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #anon asks#xiao #xiao x reader #xiao but with bird mating habits #that's the tag for this now because I don't want to make a new oneee #xiao headcanons #genshin impact xiao
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  • asmo-deus
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    some unfinished xiao art for a friend and i can't remember if i posted this or not

    #wip #xiao genshin impact #im not done yet <33 #makin it for a bestie but can't seem to finish the lower half of the thing
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  • kirozai
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    losing track of you

    oh dear you accidentally get lost.. what happens to the dear acoyltes that have no idea where you are?

    obsessive worshiping, genshin cult au, yandere themes, mentions of blood.

    playing with qiqi’s hair

    poor archons going insane trying to find you.. dont be suprised if you see the entirety of teyvat gone and destoryed.

    knock knock. two knocks on your door. knock knock. four knocks on your door. “your grace?” no answer. he’s getting worried. “your grace!” BAM. the door opens but your no where to be seen.. where are you?! he looks all around, under the blankets, the bathroom, he knocks before of course, but you’re no where to be seen. chaos. he starts by asking venti. where are you? venti has no idea obviously. now two archons are looking for you. then baal, then so in and so on. now you have 7 archons looking for you, your whole genshin cult, the entirety of teyvat…

    although there IS one other person missing. no one notices because your gone! qiqi. “qiqi your hair is very soft!” “qiqi thanks you.” oh how would you react to know that teyvat is going insane trying to find you. “your grace? where are you?? we can go to angel’s share together if you come out!!” “your grace lets go fish blasting together!!! come out pleaseeee!” “your grace! please come out we are all worried for you!”. if you didnt notice the many screams screaming for you and maybe the smell of that… why is it so familiar? i cant put my finger on it.. it smells metallic.. and… BLOOD. you rush out and yell “im here im here!!” if only you ran a bit faster and yelled a but louder maybe you could’ve actually saved some innocent lives from being killed.

    just so you know.. you wont be out of watch for awhile. and dont doubt how clingy your dear, loving cult can be. not pointing any fingers but… tartaglia, venti, xiao, klee, zhongli, ganyu, hu tao, and goes on to name every character.


    hii! thank you for all the positive support and everything really! i got everything sorted out and ready to write some sagau!!!! send in your request, ideas, brainrots, or whatever!! make sure to peek at the rules of course!

    kirozai out! <3

    edited: no.

    #genshin self aware #tartagalia genshin impact #genshin ajax #genshin cult au #genshin ei#genshin zhongli#genshin baal #self aware genshin #genshin xiao#genshin imagines#genshin klee#genshin qiqi #genshin hu tao #genshin ganyu #genshin impact liyue #self awareness#soft yandere
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  • yan-dreams
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #genshin#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #yandere #yandere genshin impact #yandere genshin x reader #yandere xiao x reader #yandere xiao #yan xiao x reader #yan xiao #yandere venti x reader #yandere venti #yan venti x reader #yan venti #yandere albedo x reader #yandere albedo #yan albedo x reader #yan albedo#🐇 anon
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  • jjviki
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Mum is on the phone

    I will not be taking questions

    #genshin x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact scenarios #genshin #genshin impact headcanons #venti#xiao#bennett genshin#diluc#Lisa#zhongli#thoma#itto#albedo#traveler#ayaka#ganyu#yanfei #I made a spelling mistake lol #Mona#childe#hutao#kazuha#beidou#Klee#eula
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  • darling-707
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Genuinely why don’t I see Hispanic reader fan fics? Are they just irrelevant?👩‍🦲

    #genshin impact #bnha mirio togata #mha togata #mirio is my husband #genshin impact x reader smut #mha x reader smut #aizawa x reader #xiao #bnha x reader #x you smut #genuinely#im#so#confused#Hispanic#rep #when?
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  • z3nitsusgf
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #val.writes ❦ #genshin impact smut #genshin x reader smut #xiao x reader smut #xiao smut
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  • crownshattered
    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    @diverse-hearts​ inquired: It's just one of those nights, where the Archon can be found climbing into Xiao's lap, curling up silently but seeming to relax once he was comfortable. There wasn't even the usual smell of wine of his breath. Maybe he just had missed the other - rather than having had a nightmare of bad thoughts...

                                                                ~ ~ ~

    Unprompted—Always Accepting!!

                                                                ~ ~ ~

    He…certainly wasn’t anticipating this. He was sitting on the highest balcony of Wangshu Inn, as per usual, as he listened to the sounds of the night. There was a certain music to the night, the sounds of the wind and chattering of the animals and people down below…

    And then, Venti was there in a gust of wind. Before Xiao could react or say a word, Venti was crawling into his lap and curling up against him. He didn’t smell any wine…he just wanted the affection. Xiao smiled softly as battle-worn fingers ran through black and blue locks, a rare act of affection from the Yaksha.

    A soft kiss was placed against Venti’s head before Xiao leaned his chin on the Archon’s shoulder. “…stay the night?” Xiao offered in a low yet soft tone. He’ll be sure to chase all of Venti’s nightmares away…

    #~ᵉᵛᵉʳʸ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇˡᵉᵉᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰᶦⁿᵍ ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗⁿᵉˢˢ ʳᵉˡᵉⁿᵗˡᵉˢˢ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵘʳᵛᶦᵛᵉ~ [xiao ask] #diverse-hearts #~ᵃˡˡ ᵐʸ ᶠʳᶦᵉⁿᵈˢ ᵃʳᵉ ʰᵉᵃᵗʰᵉⁿˢ; ᵗᵃᵏᵉ ᶦᵗ ˢˡᵒʷ~ [interactions {venti}] #fandom: genshin impact #~ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ; ᵗʰᵉʸ ˢʰᶦⁿᵉ ˢᵒ ᵇʳᶦᵍʰᵗ; ᶦ ʷᵃⁿⁿᵃ ˢᵃᵛᵉ ᵗʰᵉᶦʳ ˡᶦᵍʰᵗ~ \venti x xiao (diverse-hearts)\
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  • tartaglify
    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Genshin Impact Men College Au

    I don't mind at all!! ♡ I wasn't sure which of them you wanted so I just chose a couple but lmk if you wanted any other ones :)) @teadorokiii


    He's the top of the class, and a business major. His apartment, a couple minutes from campus is quite cozy actually. Though traces of you are all over it with your clothes tossed onto chairs and your things in different rooms, the couch and decorations all radiate his energy.

    However, you two go out frequently to one of the cafes to study. This studying consists mostly of you getting tutored, but you don't mind because he looks cute in glasses. Plus his teaching voice!!!

    "Diluc, I got you your black coffee," you eyed him suspiciously as you set the drink down on your table. He didn't glance up from your textbook, and merely murmured a 'thank you, love', which didn't ease your worries at all.

    "Diluc, are you sure you wanted this? Do you feel sick?" you raised a brow. "You don't even like coffee like this. I can get you the usual latte or hot chocolate if you want-"

    He shoved a scone into your mouth, muffling your voice as a light pink dusted his cheeks. You didn't miss the way his eyes flashed to the table behind you two, where a group of other business majors sat with their black coffees and blueberry scones. "Focus."

    You couldn't help but stifle a snicker.


    He's your usual fratboy.

    So when you first meet him, you have a different impression to after you start going out with him.

    He's actually very clean. He's basically the maid of his house because he used to live in a huge family house that he helped clean up. Of course, sometimes he makes messes here and there, but he's mostly decent.

    His grades though, are mediocre.

    Not because he's not great at certain subject---he's a genius at almost all of them, but he literally refuses to do homework because he'd rather "challenge someone" than waste his time. You don't want to ask what that means. He's forced to take tests though, and his competitive nature makes him do extremely well on those.

    So often, you resort to dragging him to his duties.

    "Childe, are you done with those pages yet?-" you start, glancing to the library seat beside you. Instead of his dejected blue eyes, you're met with them closed, with his cheek pressed against the neglected papers.

    You sighed, placing your own things down and shifting to wake him up. But the sight of his peaceful face makes you shrink back. In moments like these you remember how pretty he is, and you end up just tracing features of his face with your finger.

    "I guess homework can wait."


    History or psychology major probably.

    He spends most of his time bothering any of his professors about random knowledge he for some reason needs.

    He works quite a lot of part time jobs though, so his time is often cut short. You first meet him at one of these jobs, working at a bookstore, and he gives you an essay of why history books need to be in the front of the store. You find it cute.

    Now he's your personal dictionary for when you read books that require more knowledge of difficult words.

    "Zhongli, what does beauteous mean again?"

    He watched you flip a page and look up at him expectantly, to which he replied. "Beautiful."

    "I know," you shrugged. "Just wanted to hear you say that."

    He gave you that smile that never failed to make your heart stutter. "You could've just asked."


    Maybe something related to sports? Maybe criminal justice, it's up to you.

    Either way, he lives in a dorm and absolutely hates it. He hates his loud roommate so he either camps out at your place or lives at the gym.

    Your campuses are pretty far away from one another and he ends up going to pick you up everyday as a result.

    "Xiao!" you rushed up to him, far before your just released colleague's behind you. "You're early."

    He nodded. "How was class?"

    "Boring, obviously. Oh, what's that?"

    He lifted his tattooed arm to let the scent of the plastic bag waft over to you, to which you almost drooled. "I got us almond tofu. You said you were hungry."

    "Oh my god you're the best," you groaned, tilting your head to peck him on the cheek. His shoulders immediately went tense, his face crumpling embarrassment you knew all too well. When he noticed your cheeky grin, he just took your hand and dragged you back home.

    "Just shut up and follow me." The way he turned his head to hide his face told you all you needed to know and your smile only grew.

    #genshin impact #genshin x reader #diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #childe x reader #childe #zhongli x reader #zhongli #genshin impact xiao #xiao x reader
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  • iheartganyu
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #i am in love w xiao as well as ganyu #from what i’ve noticed all my faves have a similar colour palette #genshin x gnreader #genshin x reader #genshin #genshin x gn!reader #genshin x you #genshin fluff#genshin impact #xiao x reader #xiao x gnreader #xiangling x reader #xingqiu x reader #hu tao x reader #albedo#xiao#xiangling#hu tao#xingqiu #hutao x reader
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  • hahaimnotdeadyet
    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Poly with Genshin characters NSFW moments (Beidou and Kazuha, Aether and Xiao)

    Warning and tags: English is not my native! NSFW, NO MINORS, threesome
    Next - Tartaglia and Zhongli, Gorou and Kazuha ig? You can suggest yours 🤧

    Beidou and Kazuha

    - Bei is a mommy, you have to except it. Kazuha is used to it and himself enjoys being under her command

    - when you are whiny Beidou loves to "play". She won't touch you, barely even glance at you, asking Kazuha to help you

    - he is on top of you, he gasps. His hands, covered with light perspiration, tremble with tension. He is tired, but so sweetly tired

    - he bare looks at you, riveting his eyes on her, while she praises him for doing so well

    - "Kazuha" she looks at both of you hungrily, with delight "you are such a good boy. My favourite good little boy. Now, kiss. "

    - his high pitched moan answers Bei and and he lets out a quiet half laugh half sob lowering himself to steal your kiss

    - head falls on your shoulder so you can burrow your fingers in his matted hair. Run your hads over his sweaty nape and temples

    - she finally comes closer to you both and leaves two kisses, rather purring. On Kazuha's forehead and your lips

    Aether and Xiao

    - they both have too different types of libido

    - sometimes you don't cross with Xiao for weeks and after that fuck for a couple of days at a stretch

    - Aether needs more affection, but usually in a platonic way

    - so this moments when Xiao has some free time for you and Aether is in the mood not for you to braid his hair, but to go nasty - get ready to use all of the stamina you have

    - Xiao takes you laying on the side, his hands are caged on your middle section. He is sadistically harsh and rhythmic. He does not moan, but rather howls, lowly, dangerously, right next to your ear.

    - Aether sits next to your front and his hads are everywhere. Really, everywhere

    - holds your leg to let adepti more access to you, caresses your stomach with his free hand, run it higher, to your chest, only to vulgarly pinch you nipple, make you squeak

    - Xiao's reaction for your movement is only to press into you harder, digging his teeth in your shoulder

    - one more cry of yours and Aether is right here to occupy your sweet mouth. Firstly with his fingers, after that - with himself

    #genshin headcanons#genshin imagines#genshin impact#polyamory#beidou #beidou x reader #sub kazuha#kazuha kaedehara #kazuha x reader #Beidou x reader x kazuha #xiao x reader #xiao x aether #beidou x kazuha #aether x reader #xiao x reader x aether #smut
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  • coffeeebeeans
    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    the wind's agony

    Notes : wrote this instead of working on my requests akdsalskdnalsk. anyways, comfort with a side of angst comin' right up :)
    Pairing : xiao x reader (pronouns not mentioned)Genre : comfort with a tiiiiny bit of angst (im sorry i dont know if it counts as comfort or not, im new to this kind of thing gbkadsjbaksd)
    Synopsis : after a particularly nightmare filled night for the both of you, you and xiao find solace with each other
    Warnings : (dunno if this counts but i'll put it here anyways) mentions of nightmares
    Word count : 815

    Again. He clutched at his ears, a desperate attempt to block out the blood curdling screams. It was futile. He had devoured the dreams of others, and now it was coming back to haunt him. Tonight, his fellow yaksha’s voices were among the chorus. The sound of their howls felt like burdens upon his shoulders, weighing him down. Ropes of what seemed like blood reached out towards him. He didn’t try to fight it, only allowing his karmanic binds to grab ahold of his limbs. Then, the pain began.

    He had grown accustomed to the pain, having had this dream nearly every night. But tonight, it was different. He saw you, hovering just out of reach, as if taunting him. Now he did struggle. Fighting against the crimson binds, he reached out towards you. You seemed so out of place, a glaze lily among a field of blood. His fingertips brushed over what could have been you, only for his hand to go right through you, the very image of you evaporating. How foolish of him. Why had he reached out for you, a mere mortal? He knew the answer deep down, but he did not dare admit it.

    Then, he awoke.

    The night breeze tickled his scalp, his hair dancing in the wind as he sat up abruptly. Taking in deep inhales, he forced himself to calm down.


    He commanded himself to take slow deep breaths, to calm down. But his thoughts were crowded. Thoughts of you. Forcing himself onto unsteady legs, he moved soundlessly to the balcony, overlooking the rest of wangshu inn and the land below. Tracing his finger absentmindedly along the wood grains on the railing, he wondered what you were doing at this late hour.

    “Xiao?” a voice came from behind him. He whipped around, shoulders tensing, until he saw you.

    “You shouldn’t sneak up on me like that” he let his shoulders drop as he observed your figure. “I might hurt you”

    You had merely shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep?” he hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “Me neither” you came up to the railing, eyes fixated on the stars twinkling furiously in the sky above

    “The sky is clear tonight” he observed, in a voice so quiet you wouldn’t have heard him were you not standing next to him. You nodded in agreement, rubbing your eyes. Xiao noticed that they looked bleak. Upon closer examination, Xiao thought he could see the paths of tears that might have run down your face. A small nudge from you brought him back to attention

    “Were you staring at me?” ah. So his gaze did not escape your observant eyes. He nodded in response

    “Nightmare?” Despite the lack of words, he understood that you too had a nightmare, the weariness in your eyes confirmed his thesis.

    “Yeah” he looked around at the landscape around wangshu inn, his eyes wandering. From here, he could see a river, the moon’s light reflecting off the water, visible even from the inn. Or maybe it was just his eyesight. He didn't know.

    In your presence, he seemed to have temporarily been freed from his nightmares. He was glad for your aura. It seemed to cleanse him of all the sins he had committed, all the dreams he had devoured.

    He shook off his thoughts as he looked at you once more, your skin illuminated under the moonlight, hair swaying in the slight breeze. There was something in your eyes, a sorrow that he did not expect to see from you. Your gaze turned to him once more, and he looked away in embarrassment.

    “Anything wrong?” your voice, clear and melodious wafted through the air


    “You sure?” you looked at him with concern etched into your features. He did not reply, instead choosing to observe the scenery

    “Hey, I've got an idea” your voice, suddenly more cheery made him glance back at you, intrigued


    “Well,” you started, seemingly unsure of whether or not you wanted to continue “Since it appears that we both get nightmares frequently, maybe…” you trailed off, a light blush, barely visible under the moonlight, tinted your cheeks

    “Go on,” he prompted

    “Maybe we could,” you smiled at him awkwardly “Sleep with each other?”

    Now his face was on fire, not that you could tell. Your eyes were cast downwards, perhaps embarrassed by your suggestion

    “NOT IN THAT WAY OF COURSE” you added quickly once you realised he was staring at you, cheeks a deep crimson

    “Of course” you looked at him in surprise as he spoke “As long as it helps you” he smiled awkwardly, half expecting you to withdraw your offer. Your eyes twinkled at that, and you flashed him a shy smile

    “Shall we head inside then?” you held out a hand to him, and he reluctantly took it, a small smile still present on his face

    “As you wish”

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