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    I love this kind of Zhongli main 💞

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    The way Zhongli greets Guoba hits me so differently

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    #genshin impact zhongli #genshin x reader #genshin#genshin sagau #genshin self aware #genshin self aware au #genshin impact#sagau#zhanyi#genshin zhongli #zhongli x reader #gi zhongli #cult!zhongli #azem.writes #azem.asks #realm.lingerers #event
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    "eternally grateful."

    i know i'm a day late, pls forgive me ;(

    prompt: its thanksgiving evening, but how will zhongli and diluc like to spend this holiday with you? why, a feast of course. :)

    genre: fluff, NSFW BONUS. !gn character (both afab and amab parts are included.)

    warnings: mature content, kissing, hickeys/biting/slight slapping, oral (reader receiving)

    PART 1

    zhongli adores thanksgiving, especially after you gave him even more of a reason to reflect on the things he's grateful for. though, he tells you how grateful he is all the time. you'd think it's just like any other day if you actually heard the end of it.

    "good morning, my love. such a special day, hm?"

    "have i told you about how much i cherish you exactly? well, i assure you its not just because of the date."

    "i've waited decades for your love, i'm thankful you decided to amble into my life when you did."

    its not that he thinks he doesn't deserve your love. he's just always in awe that you chose him. from the way your skin bloomed when the light of the morning gently grazed you, or how your hands caressed his bicep when you two trot around in the young night of liyue. admiring the golden lights that had always reminded you of his eyes, it's those moments that have him tranced by you.
    and so, thanksgiving held a special place in this aureate heart. and he wanted nothing more than to shower you in his thanks. there was just one problem, however... the mora it would cost to hold the feast.
    ah yes, the expected issue.. i know you saw that coming. now don't get me wrong, he would give any amount of mora to this day if it is to please you, there just isn't any mora to actually spend. he wishes he was actually able to spoil you like that, he just never had it in the first place. so, he comes to a compromise, you two would simply make it together.
    he already has all the spices and knick-knacks needed to season the raw foods, and it would be much cheaper hand cooking it than getting a professional chef. and plus, something always tastes better with love put into it, right? as long as an accident is made together, it would at least make for a good story. (you also would probably buy all the main foods, too. it's your way of expressing thanks, right?)


    The clock stroke 2. Your eyes glazed over to the the pre-set table when you walked into the dining room, the napkins folded neatly in place with rings squeezing tightly against the fabric. A beautiful center piece filled with golden flowers and sage leaves overflowing the dish.

    "Is it time?" His voice comes smoothly from behind you, a delicate touch to your lower back, slowly rubbing its way to your waist. His warm aura always finds peace next to you, it's something that had always been with you two. It makes him love you more everyday, and he never even thinks it's possible until it hits him.

    "It seems like it." Your head turns to meet his, a smile already beautifully fit his lips as he looked at you gently. You couldn't put your finger on it exactly, but everyone else could. He doesn't look at you the way he looks at everyone else. He was stoic, the same aura that you two perfectly reciprocate together turns into a missing piece when he looks at someone else. He always goes back to that frigid demeanor when another person approaches. Some people say its natural at this point, others say its on purpose. That he wants everyone to know who he really wants to be with, getting them to shoo away early so he can have his quality time with you.

    "Well, then. Let's begin." His hand leaves a slight squeeze on your waist before he walks past you into the kitchen, leading you there with him. His steps leave an echoing knock on the floor, it just makes him seem even more graceful than he already is. "I should warn you, however..." You look up from the ground to him, not much expecting more conversation during this small walk. "I don't have all the most experience with cooking... Please be patient with me during this. I'm sure it'll be an experience for both of us."

    He chuckles as he gives your knuckles a quick peck, his bashful expression slowly fading. "It definitely will be, a good one at that." A smile shoots at him, your determination to make sure this ends well is such a beautiful thing to him. it may not be a huge task, but that's why he enjoys it so much. It's the little things that help him know you better, and that's his one goal. To know everything in that alluring mind of yours, it attracts him every day.

    And so, you two get to cooking. The smell in the kitchen is overwhelming, filled with seasoning and sauces, different concoctions in the pots, and a turkey cooking with anticipation. He doesn't give himself enough credit when it comes to things like this, truly. Something about Zhongli, is that he is definitely a perfectionist, but tries to be subtle with it. His measurements are always perfect, and his preciseness is amazing.

    Time was going by fast, and very smoothly. A bit too smoothly. And of course, you had to do something about this. It was supposed to make for good story, right?

    Your eyes graze Zhongli for a moment, looking as he handled the pot with care, whisking the ingredients together. And then you looked down at yourself, the spices lined up as you thoroughly pinched dashes of a little something here and there. What could happen, right?

    "Hey, Zhongli?" You called his name softly, gently turning your head up just slightly, enough to get his attention. He looked so focused, you almost weren't sure if he was enough on earth to hear you. At least you'd be getting a good meal in turn. "Is something wrong?" His body shifted towards you, gently poking his head to see if something was not where it was intended to be.


    A brown smoke quickly traveled from your hand to a cloud in front of his face, blowing a good portion onto him with a mischievous look on that face of yours as you hastily waited for some sort of reaction.

    Huff. An audible breath escaped his lips when his arm reached to cover his face just in time, eyes closing tightly. He quickly fanned the dust away from him, the profuse smell completely corrupting his senses. It was strong, and you were just enough away from the cloud to avoid it. He could feel your snickering without him even having to hear you.

    "Well, you certainly caught me by surprise. But I don't think I'm in need of seasoning, now am I?" Your giggles turned into laughter, wiping off your forehead.

    "Of course you are. You're the main course, don't you know?"
    "Is that so?"
    "Do you disagree?"

    He turns his head back to the pot, that same devilish look finds its way to him. He takes a wooden spoon and carefully scoops enough of the broth for it to sit steadily in its dish. He watches as the steam evaporates from the liquid, off into the cool air. The aroma was amazing.

    "I would say such a title belongs to you."

    He flicks a small amount onto any exposed skin you may have, the heat warms you in the small droplets it comes in. It gently drips down your skin, moisture falling onto the floor with a splash. Your eyes open widely, it deems he had caught you by surprise as well. From a quick check-up on the broth, to this. How unpredictable. You shoot him a quick smile.

    "I suppose we can be side dishes now, hm?" Both your laughter can be heard from outside the kitchen. If good story was what you were looking for, then it showed up right in time.


    now let me tell you, his appreciation doesn't end in the sheets. he's always spurting praises and flattery at you, it's essential for you to understand how much he loves you. how glad he is to have you after decades of loneliness. a little someone to show him relief after a long day.
    there's not a place on your body he hasn't explored, covering it in gentle kisses, grazing his fingertips against your flushed skin so agonizingly slowly. he takes his time with you, testing your patience.
    i'm not necessarily calling him vanilla, but i can call him classy. he can't always predict when you two are going to do something like this, but he does like to make it common. it doesn't always have to be because of special event, sometimes he just wants to throw rose petals on the bed and spread candles around on the tables. they always radiate pure lust, too.
    though i can't say in full certainty that he'd do anything in major relation to bdsm, i know that deep down in that mind of his, he thinks about it. almost wants you to ask him to try, just to get a taste.
    the only thing i doubt he'd try is anything to do with hurting you severely. like light slapping or biting is definitely something he would be okay with, maybe even choking. but if it comes to knives or hard hitting, you probably won't convince him. he just doesn't want to hurt you, and prefers a time like this to be more romantic than anything.
    definitely has a thing for massages, too. loves watching his calloused hands rub across your bare back as you mutter sweet little nothings to him. loves watching you completely collapse from just a touch, it really gets him going.

    The lush candles were cancelled out by the scent of two lovers. The roses surrounded you two as they creeped into the indent made in the bed where you lay. And Zhongli, hands running up and down your bare skin that always sent chills down your spine. The delicate fingertips that always made you feel things you never anticipated, the hands that caress you and love you in turn of yourself.

    His abdomen tensed as his head buried further in your neck, kissing it just like the sun in the mornings, moving further and further down. His lips never leaving contact with your skin, never wanting to.

    Your eyes were sealed tight, mewling every time he kissed you just right. Running fingers through his silk hair, up and down. Making shapes across his jaw, embracing his skin gently. It made him feel wonderful, hardly any better feeling in the world than being close to you this way. But he strived for more, to find that better feeling. To be even closer. It wasn't a want, but a need.

    His hand found his way farther and farther down, making contact with your undergarments and brushing against the cloth, it almost made you get goosebumps by that single touch.

    "May I take these off?"

    "Please do."

    And with that, he wasted no time. They fabric brushed past your thighs and already made its way to the floor, about where the rest of both your clothes were too.

    His fingers were quick, aligning them with exactly where he needed to be. Lightly brushing back and fourth on the bare skin, exploring exactly where he wanted to be. Where you wanted him to be. Don't think he wasn't unaware of your eagerness, too. He wanted to spend as much time with you as he could. To still be pushing in and out as your half-lidded eyes watch as the sun rises with him in such a lewd manner. It made him crazy.

    And finally, his middle finger entered. Pushing carefully and watching your face to make sure you're getting exactly what you want. Curving his finger in ways to hit spots no one else could, and he makes sure you know that no one can have this affect on you like he does.

    You whimper at the feel of him. His fingers are so long yet slender, even a single one couldn't miss a spot if it tried. Pushing in and out, smoothly glazing your velvet walls, it was so close to perfect. But he knew you needed more than just this. Adding two more fingers, he was quick. Not wanting to waste another moment of him not getting a taste of you himself.

    You blenched, the stretch of his fingers making your back arch into a beautiful curve. Your fingers that ran so calmly through his hair had now gripped tightly. But there was no time for delicacy. Your hand held Zhongli’s hair into a small fist, long strands flowing out of every finger or two. And the rest of it drooped down onto the bed, if he wasn’t an archon already you would’ve sure thought we was one.

    Your whimpers and whines almost drowned out the lewd sounds he managed to make with your body, but nothing loud enough to make it there. He was completely merciless, creating a pattern with his fingers as they go in and out. His bicep flexing every-time he curves a finger or two. Reaching places you never could have imagined.

    Zhongli’s other free hand was not shy, either. It creeped up and down your waist, slowly elevating. Softly tracing the bottom of your chest, cupping it and scratching his fingertips along your bud. He was everywhere at once, there was not a place on your body he was afraid to travel to.

    The cool air hits your hot body, dancing with the heat as he plays with everything inside of you. Your sex squeezed tightly onto his fingers, engulfing all it could. He knew you were close to your release, and he had no intentions of stopping. The sensation makes him go rougher, he would stay here for a lifetime if it meant he got to see that pretty expression for the majority of it. He could probably reach his own climax just by looking at you.

    And finally, you released. The tightness increasing, he almost found it difficult to keep going. Your eyes opened with heavy breaths escaping your lips. He came back down, still pushing a finger in and out ever so slowly. Pulling his hand up, he licked his fingers clean, looking you straight in the eyes as he did it. Your chest felt heavy, you had to close your eyes afterward too. You felt far too bashful in this position.

    “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” The answer was yes, he has. Many, many times. His fingers lay back down on your waist, the wetness from them and the cool air were not a good combo, it gave you the chills just by the feel of them. Zhongli leaves a quick kiss on your temple, rubbing the back of your neck slowly.

    “Let’s make this an experience, hm?”

    ah yes, diluc. the man who faces the opposite financial problems than zhongli. he's the type of guy where if he cant pick out what he thinks you'd like best, he just gets all of it. he simply has to be sure, you know?
    and so, thanksgiving is a treat with him. depending on how long you two have been together, he varies from taking you out to a private little dinner to get the "best-of-the-best," but will also be happy to share your meal at home. as long as he gets to hear your little "mmm!" 's to express how good the dinner is, he's happy.
    but i'd say if it's your first time sharing this holiday together, he'd prepare a candle-lit, lavish, personal dinner with him in the main dining area of his home. hell, he's gotta make a good impression, hmm? or that's what he thinks. he's probably beyond nervous, anxious that you may not like anything he's assembled.

    "err, i was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner on thanksgiving evening? i understand if you already have plans but, uh, only if you'd like to come. i don't want to put any pressure on y-"

    "that sounds lovely, diluc." :)

    "oh. aha,, great! i mean, yeah thanks, see you then."

    of course you're beyond happy when he invites you to dinner. the maids prepare a beautiful outfit for you wear when the time comes, you think its a little revealing but they shrug it off. (it was definitely on purpose.)
    he goes to great lengths to please you, searching vigorously for the top chef in mondstadt, maybe even going further out. you know, just in case. ;)

    "what do you mean you're taking the day off?... no, no, that won't work. i want you here first thing in the morning to start preparing the meal, i don't have a budget."

    Diluc adjusted his tie anxiously. The red of the fabric matched the charm of his hair, his gloved hands glazing over the expensive material. He looked at himself from countless angles, making sure everything was perfect from the collar of his neck to the hem of his pants. The last thing he needed right now was to make an utter fool of himself.

    Was this really a good idea? Maybe he shouldn't have invited you at all, you probably only said yes because you felt pressured. Why would anyone like an insolent man such as him, anyways? He should just-

    "Your guest is here, Master Diluc."

    His thoughts were interrupted by one of the maids gently calling him from across the room. Looking at her from the mirror in front of him, but never turning around. His hands went to dust his suit one more time before taking a deep breath. "I will be there shortly."




    "Take a seat, darling. Master Diluc will be here in no time." One of the older maids gently pat on a seat, you found that only two chairs on the table had actually been set. A set on one end, and a set on the other. Mind you, this was no small table. It was grand, from the luxuriant gold lining, to the champagne runner carefully drooped on the hard wood, it was dashing.

    "Thank you, I appreciate your guide." You smile at the woman and take your seat, another maid coming to pull the chair out for you, adjusting it to your comfort. They really tried to flatter you, of course they couldn't say anything to Diluc himself, but they were overjoyed by you being with him. As people for many years had said that he may just be alone forever if he kept up this stoic presence, you somehow broke his walls down. You obviously worked miracles to have such an apathetic man fall in love with you.

    Just when you started to quickly adjust your outfit, you hear footsteps behind you. Such a strong aura, he has. Someone who was bound and cursed from the moment he was put into this world, living on to be met with insufferable occurrences. He was a ruined man, shattered into a million pieces with no one to help him pick up his own mess. No one he allowed, at that. Except for you. You allowed him into your life with open arms, never judging or belittling his feelings. He couldn't cherish you more.

    "I apologize for my late appearance, I hope I didn't keep you waiting for too long." He notes, closing the door behind him and tenderly setting his blazer on one of the coat-hangers. "Not at all," you assure him, "There's no time I wouldn't wait for you."

    Diluc's eyes light up, eyebrows raising enough that its only noticeable if you really look. A soft peach paints his face, wishing his bashful expression wasn't extremely obvious to you. You always knew just what to say to get him like this. He takes your hand and kisses your knuckles with delicacy. "I could say the same to you."

    You both share a laugh and he takes his seat across from you. The fireplace cracks as the flames dance together, but not even the candles could distract you from the succulent smell of the meal coming in behind you. Everything was tender and cooked with care, the turkey had an appetizing glaze sealed onto it, the entire sight was mouth-watering. Not to mention how much food there was in general, there was no way just the both of you could finish this in one sitting.

    "Ouuh! This looks delicious!" Your smile almost made a genuine indent on his heart. To see you so tranced by something like this made him more than just joyful. Dinners like these are common where he comes from, his rich name could make a meal from the garbage seem gourmet. But of course, you didn't have this kind of money, and meals like this are not-so ordinary. And he'd give this to you a million times if it means he could see you so happy.

    "Thank you for your hard work. And uh, I apologize for calling you so insistently on your day off." The chef sighed and shrugged it off. Being completely honest, it was expected. He needed someone pronto to prepare this dish, and of course Diluc's trusty little chef is always there if needed. He's just glad he can go home now.



    After a long night of dining and talking, you were tired. Very tired. You two hardly made a dent on the food, but it makes for good leftovers, right? He got up and walked towards your end of the table, pulling your chair out.

    "Thank you. This was amazing."

    "Of course. I am happy to do this whenever you feel you want to, not just because of this holiday."

    "Well then, I think I should be getting home."

    "Oh, right. Err..."

    He rubs the back of his neck while you reach to grab your own coat from the coat-hangers next to you. Just as you were to put your last arm through the jacket, Diluc's hand went to grab your wrist.

    "You can stay here for the night, if you'd like. It's quite late, I wouldn't want you in any danger."

    Your eyes widen by the sudden request. You watch as his cheeks turn a hue of pink, trying so desperately to not be seen as embarrassed as he is. You thought it was so cute how much of a gentleman he was. Everyone thinks he's this big grumpy guy, but truly, he's such a softie. And quite frankly, you were just as delighted when the request came out so sweetly. How could you say no?

    "Well since you offered so kindly." You smiled at him, taking your coat back off to instead hold it in your hand. A sigh of relief escaped his lips, but the blush never faded.

    "Thank you. Would you, uh, be okay with sharing a room?"


    this man is so sentimental. he's going to tell you how much he loves you the entire way through, don't even tell me otherwise. he treats you like absolute royalty. he's okay with being seen as viscous to everyone else, but he'd die before he allowed you to see him that way.
    needs to be close to you, all the time, some how. like zhongli, he's also very sensual and romantic. he may not go as far as decorating for the occasion, but he'll throw some candles here and there just as a little hint. he's far to shy to say it upfront.
    he also can never predict when you two are going to be intimate. it's preeettyyy common though. the only thing that gets in the way of it is how much he needs to work, and how tired he is after. but sleepy sex with diluc is just as good so you're never losing <3
    but lets say, hypothetically, he's had a bad day and/or jealousy takes over him. how kaeya tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, or the hungry drunks licking their lips at you when you walk by... this is where he gets not-so sensual.
    he's not going to degrade you specifically (if you didn't try to make him jealous,) but he's going to whisper little curses at them under his breath while he relentlessly pounds into you.

    "damn kaeya, can't keep his disgusting hhh-hands off you,,, ghh."

    "those men looking at you like that, they'll- they'll never get to see you the way i do-hhah."


    That's right, he loved to hear you like this. The way you let out those little "mm's" at the dinner table, he wanted to show you the real meal. For him and him only to devour, to engulf and show no mercy along with it. He wants to lick everything up afterwards, saving the best bite for last. Savoring the sweet taste in his mouth after it's finished. That's what he wanted.


    Mmhm. To hear his name, Gods, he loved that. Taking his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers while his other ones were inside of you. In, and out. To kiss your silky walls with his fingertips, his tongue spelling his name around your sex. To show who his meal belongs to.

    To feel both his mouth and hand at once, it was absolute heaven. Never being able to feel this good with another, even if they tried. He had something that no one else had. Like the universe paired you together to dance in each others bodies this way. It was perfect. There was nothing more he could have asked for.

    The sound of sucking and slapping filled the room. You were sure the maids were on the other side of the door, blushing with their hands to their mouths. But hell, you couldn't care about that right now. Your voice was loud, mewling and crying for more. Rolling your hips with him as he touched just the right spot. Gently biting here and there just to send a chill down your spine.

    You felt as though you had just only begun, but your release was coming fast. Everything was spinning, you were sure that you'd be seeing stars by the end of your time with him if you weren't seeing them already. Whimpering and back arching, begging, begging. You never wanted something more in your life.


    And finally, it happened. Your climax was the best you'd ever had. Diluc memorized your body so well, he knew more about you than you did yourself. And he knew how to make you release so quickly. How to make you know that you were his, and his only. That no meal out there could ever compare to the meal he just devoured.

    Licking his fingers clean, enjoying the after-taste of you. He could never feel more delighted than to give something like this to you. To make you feel so damn good.

    "I love you."

    "I love you too."

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    Childe: *panics*

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    Childe suggest to watch some horror, but ends up getting scared and Zhongli comforting him 👀

    (Late submission Tartali week day 1: domestic 💕)

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    i bake a lot when im at my grandparents and when im baking or helping with dinner my brain switches to, domestic life with thoma. and its the only thing i can think about as i move around the kitchen to grab sugar or smth.

    like him hovering over you as you peel potato’s for your dads amazing mashed potatos in order to make sure you dont cut yourself

    or him peeping over your shoulder as you form the crust of a cheese cake and smears some of the cream cheese on your cheek

    OR OR him wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and setting his chin on you shoulder as you lightly sauté some apples and narrowly doges some butter that bounced outta the pan, pouting as you giggle

    #thoughts abt thoma today #no zhongli #but he has popped in there #quite a few times too #genshin impact #genshin x reader #thoma #thoma x reader #genshin#thoma genshin #thoma genshin impact
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    Commission for @kzianne



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    raiden skykid!!

    #now zhongli remains but alas no ponytail cosmetic #raiden shogun#raiden ei#genshin baal#sky cotl#thatskygame #sky children of the light #skykid#scotl #sky children of light #genshin impact
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    When you know you play Genshin way too much, you start to have dreams about them lmfao.

    I just had a dream that I was wishing multiple times but my phone started glitching so I had to close out the game and get back on because I had seen that I reached pity.

    Then, when I tried to check my character list, I suddenly hear The Raiden Shogun's theme music but with Zhongli's character and animation. I forgot what happened after that but it was weird lol.

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    when they’re drunk || genshin impact headcanons || part 1?

    a/n: so i was bored. and i thought of this, because why the hell not!! i have a lot of motivation lately, so i really hope you enjoy this goofiness~!! requests are open, as always :)

    pairings: diluc, childe, kaeya, zhongli, ningguang, beidou, venti x reader (seperately)

    pronouns for reader: gn/not mentioned

    genre: crack and fluff

    warnings: some suggestive parts, swearing, alcohol consumption

    synopsis: they get drunk lmao,, and you have to deal with it.

    𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 hardly ever gets drunk, and when he does, he’s basically a mess. He feels like he’s doing something wrong, and he feels really bad about it. His face is as red as a tomato and he just sits there, probably crying uncontrollably, for no reason. You’d try to comfort him, even if nothing was wrong. It wouldn’t work, of course, and he’d probably just cry into your shirt. Either that, or he would be fawning over you. He would be cuddling with you and whining for kisses, but either way, he would be super embarrassed when he got sober.
    𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄 would be acting two times more maniacal than usual. He would demand to spar with you, and you would just have to accept his challenge. Although, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge for you at all. He would be stumbling around, his legs wobbling, and he’d probably do more damage to himself than he did to you. He’d probably ask you if you wanted to fuck, even if he was so drunk he could hardly stand. Plus, you’d have to clean up his injuries anyway. He would be embarrassed about making a fool of himself during your sparring match once he sobered up.
    𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 gets drunk often, so you’re not taken aback by his drunken antics. He’s goofing around and being a huge idiot, acting like a little kid and giggling at his own stupid fucking jokes. He’s even more flirty than he is usually when he’s drunk, constantly making quite suggestive comments. You always ignore these comments, waiting for him to sober up. Although that’s quite difficult for him. Eventually, you have to tell him to stop. He’ll whine at you like a kid having a tantrum, but you don’t care. Once he does get sober, he isn’t particularly embarrassed about his drunken antics. You’ve seen them all before.
    𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈 doesn’t get drunk often. When he does, he doesn’t seem that different... at surface level, at least. He gets a bit red in the face, and his words tend to slur together, but otherwise, he acts normal. At first. The more he drinks, he tends to get much more emotional, whether he’s fawning over you, getting really mad, or just sobbing uncontrollably. Sometimes he’ll yell at you, but feels really bad about it afterwards. He also gets really bad headaches after he sobers up, so you have to bring him water.
    𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐍𝐆 doesn’t often touch alcohol, but when she does, she acts like a completely different person. When she’s drunk, she doesn’t act anything like the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing. She gets all red in the face, often flirting with you and playing with your hair. She’s much more flirty and loving like this, but she can’t take anything seriously. You don’t mind this Ningguang, that much, but she gets very embarrassed and flustered after she realizes the things she said and done while drunk.
    𝐁𝐄𝐈𝐃𝐎𝐔, like Kaeya, is often drunk, so you’re pretty used to her antics. But she’s very rowdy, much more so than usual, if that’s even possible, and practically unpredictable. While you’re not very bothered by her being wild, you have to keep a close eye on her, lest she do something very, very stupid. On one circumstance, she tried jumping off the crow’s nest of the Alcor. Luckily, you stopped her, and from that moment forth, you decided to be watchful around her when drunk. While more wild and crazy, she is also more flirty when drunk. She’ll get really close to you, your faces mere, tantalizing inches apart, and then try to convince you to do something super dumb, like fight a fish or something.
    𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈 is constantly drunk. What would you expect from him? You don’t mind his stupidity, or his even stupid-er stupidity while they’re drunk. He’ll probably scream in the middle of the streets without a shirt on, and you’ll just have to drag him back inside before he starts throwing rocks at someone. They’re certainly very crazy, but the only thing you can do is keep a close eye on him. Even if you hide the alcohol, the little weasel will always find a way to get it back. And then he’ll get even more drunk.
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    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Genshin is legally required to give me Xiao or Zhongli /j

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    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    adepti found family plus venti get haircuts arc

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    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Just found out my month of work isn't getting paid. Send in requests BC I need to distract my frustration

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    #•*⁀➷𝑶𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒌𝒏𝒆𝒆𝒔 #•*⁀➷𝑳𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆 𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒔 #•*⁀➷𝑩𝒆𝒈 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒊𝒕 #•*⁀➷𝑺𝒊𝒏𝒇𝒖𝒍 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒓 #Zhongli x reader x Childe #Zhongli x reader #Childe x reader #Sub genshin#Dom reader#Genshin thirst
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    The sizing is SUPER weird but everything fits (more or less) and is wearable so it’s fine I guess lkjkljlkj

    I still haven’t styled my wig properly. And I forgot pictures with the horns. But it’s fine! I think the cosplay looks super nice and it’s a great quality tbh

    I just really have to get the pants re-done by a tailor, because even though I ordered XL the pants and shirt are M? The jacket is XL though it’s so weird But yea the pants have a zipper on the side and i can barely close it halfway to wear the pants lol

    I’m not good at taking pictures of myself, obviously.

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    Venti to Zhongli: You gave him his name, I gave him a sweet moment of peace through song on a moonlight night that he'll never forget. We are not the same.

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