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  • George: I cant believe you just ran off like that!

    Lockwood: Really? What part of that was out of character for me?

    George: …fair enough.

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  • Holly: Nothing in life is free.

    Lucy: Life is free.

    George: Knowledge is free.

    Lockwood: Adventure is free.

    Skully: Death is free.

    Flo: Everything is free if you take it without paying.

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  • George: Don’t do anything stupid.

    Lockwood and Lucy:

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  • Alright hello I’m going to tell you about my favorite ghosty, scary-but-not-that-scary, super entertaining book that needs to be more popular: Lockwood & Co.

    I am absolutely not exaggerating when I say that the Lockwood & Co. series is %100 on my top tier, need-to-read book that is absolutely amazing. Not only does it have an amazing author (Jonathan Stroud) who also has lots of other amazing series (Bartimaeus) it also simply has something for everyone; action, adventure, ghosts, a hint of romance, and it’s really funny as well!

    Without spoiling it, here’s a quick overview(minor spoilers ahead- you find it all out pretty quickly though):

    Lucy Carlyle, our main character, lives in a world where ghosts are common entities. Most are Very Evil. There are people who get rid of ghosts by burning their Sources- the object that the host is tied to- but here’s the catch; only children can see ghosts. Once you are an adult, you slowly stop seeing ghosts- so, the ghosts are vanquished by children. Naturally. Not to mention that some children can see ghosts, some can hear them, and come can sense them by feeling their source.

    So, the story follows Lucy, who kills ghosts as her job, her mysterious new boss, and her interesting new colleague. It’s an amazing story with 5.5 books. (Yep, there’s book 1.5. It’s a short story by the same author)

    So, in conclusion, the Lockwood & Co. series is definitely worth reading.

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  • Jonathan Stroud: Lucy is 14, Lockwood is a year older than her (15)

    The Fandom: We’re gonna act like you didn’t just say that-

    #i forgot that they were only 14-15 #i literally thought they were 16-17 #lockwood and co #lucy carlyle#anthony lockwood#george cubbins #the most underrated series #EVER #we have such a small fandom #lockyle
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  • image
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  • why do i feel like george would be one of those gamer boys on discord who plays video games until ungodly hours of the night

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  • George: You killed it.

    Flo: …I’m sorry.

    George: Don’t be, I’m impressed.

    Flo: Are you really?

    George: Well, I didn’t know it was possible to kill a plastic plant.

    Flo: With me, there’s always a way.

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  • Lockwood: …how did you find me?

    George: oh well, I saw a tremendous explosion from my window and I wondered “now, who could that be?”

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  • George: Lockwood is my best friend! We share a toothbrush!

    Lockwood: I was not aware of that.

    George: Well we do!

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  • EDITED. I’ve read the comments and reblogs and re-evaluated the manner in which I wrote parts of this post. Apologies to anyone who was offended; was not my intention in the least. I have edited the post below, and stand by the newly worded version.

    What I don’t ever understand, is why authors in fanfiction completely disregard the actual character when writing about the character. For example, Lucy Carlyle from Lockwood and Co. I’ve read COUNTLESS fics that portray her as “tiny,” “light,” “skinny.” Stroud makes it a point to show that she’s not skinny as a stick. She’s curvier and heavier. Why to you have to wave your generic wand of cliche over her? Stop it.

    Lucy’s body type is very rarely depicted in book, tv shows, movies, ect., at least from what I have read. In fanfictions, even less so. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve read mention of a heavier girl in a fic. I feel that it removes a key piece of the character’s… characterization. Furthermore, J. Stroud essentially made a whole CROWD of people (including myself, a midsized person, who is heavier around the hips and thighs like Lucy) very happy and appreciated.

    I have absolutely nothing against thinner and lighter people. All I’m saying is that the representation they have is more than plenty. And the physical description of a character, especially when the character differs from the norm that is usually portrayed in media and entertainment, takes away so much from the character and the readers.

    Also, all those nightmare fanfics. Not the ones reflective of the scene in the books. And not the ones that are elegantly crafted to reflect something that Stroud’s characters might actually experience. I’m referring to those that are most often found on the underwritten, under-edited, and under-thought side of Wattpad. The side of Wattpad that has 34 fanfics describing the same scene in different words.

    Of course, I do acknowledge that characters are interpreted by different people in different ways. However, certain aspects of the character shouldn’t be pulled away. For example, Lucy’s hesitance to share. The entire constant enigma surrounding Lockwood. George’s adorable love of the “why?” of it all and the science (and how he knows both Lucy and Lockwood better than they know themselves).

    I personally can’t see Lucy or Lockwood crying to each other in the middle of the night about a bad dream (which in most fics that I’ve ended up reading, is a dream about one losing the other; perhaps I need to dig deeper, but that is all I’ve found on that trope). Discussing? Sure. Sitting together? Sure. Once their relationship progresses, being more vulnerable? Absolutely. But I can never imagine them the way that these pieces do.

    To each their own.

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  • George: Why do you do the things you do?

    Lockwood: Because nobody has stopped me yet

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  • George, talking to Kipps: With all due respect, which is none…

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  • Lockwood: Okay, guys, I need you to help me pick out a new suit.

    George: I don’t know why you asked us. You know I don’t know anything about fancy clothes. And Lucy thinks you look hot in everything you wear.

    Lucy: I don’t-

    Lockwood: I’ll try something on, and just tell me if you like it or not. Okay?


    Lockwood: *exits dressing room*

    George: Nope. Absolutely not. It’s way too small, and that jacket is horrendous.

    Lockwood:… George these are the clothes I came in.

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  • George: I think to bond as a team, we should all tell each other one secret about ourselves.

    George: I’ll start. Up until I left Fittes, I slept in a race car bed every night.

    Lucy: That’s not a secret? You tell that to everyone you can.

    George: I know that’s not a secret. I just want people to know that I had a race car bed.

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  • Lockwood in 35 Portland row when Lucy left

    Lockwood: George what the fuck?

    Lockwood: Why did we let her leave George?

    Lockwood: Give me the phone Holly I need to call her!

    Lockwood: I AM SO SAD RN I AM SO EMO

    George, whispering to Holly: He knows she just lives like 27 minutes away right?

    this is for @abooksbestfriend bc I just know she misses the lot of the agency!!

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  • Lockwood and Co Revelation (AKA me being an idiot)

    I always thought it was funny that in the Screaming staircase Barnes thought Lockwood and George were corrupting Lucy. If anything they were corrupting each other.

    But then I thought about Jacobs. The supervisor who stood by while Lucy tried to save her team. An event that causes her to doubt the system. Upset her enough to leave her home town and head to London.

    Cue Lockwood and Co. The upstart agency going against the status quo. It’s ingrained that adults are still in charge even when they have no clue what they’re doing. But here is a couple of kids running a business and saving lives with no grown ups in the vicinity.

    So when Lockwood asks during the interview is that going to be a problem, it changes her world view.

    Adults don’t have to be in charge. They can call the shots and since they can actually see or hear ghosts, there is less risk of dying.

    Jacobs was the push Lucy needed to join Lockwood and Co. She was already corrupted. She just needed to find others like her feed up with the system.

    #this probably isnt a big revelation but it was to me #lockwood and co #anthony lockwood#lucy carlyle#george cubbins#holly munro#quill kipps#flo bones#inspector barnes #why did i never see this before #lucys backstory
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  • image

    i know i know no one asked for this lol but just like me here it is loolll 

    obviously the ones i uploaded here has lower quality, so if you guys want you can get one with better quality on my google drive link; either in image form or pdf

    google drive links :

    Lockwood and Co. 2021 fanmade Calendar by medisisyphusocre

    2021 Calendar page 1

    2021 Calendar page 2

    these characters aren’t mine. they’re own by author Jonathan Stroud of the Lockwood and co. series. 

    like and reblog if you like this thanks xo exposure doesn’t pay my bills but it sure feels good 

    #i've always wanted to draw for calendars really #i think it's cool #these are in a4 sizes btw #it took a lot of fiddling #considering the only digital art software i own is Gimp lol #lockwood and co #anthony lockwood#lucy carlyle#george cubbins#ghosts#phantoms#holly munro#quill kipps #sir rupert gale #penelope fittes#marissa fittes#florence bonnard#flo bones#headcanon #neil gravedigger sykes #lucewood#locklyle#2021 calendar
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    Accidentally became addicted to a new book series… Now I have to buy the rest of the series 😓

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  • Holly: You have no shame.

    George: Oh, please, like shame is something to be proud of.

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