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    So keep me alive. So keep me alive. So keep me alive.

    (Immortal; Marina and the Diamonds)

    #band of brothers #band of brothers edit #hbo war #i was feeling angsty #my first edit like this so dont be mean 💀 #george luz#eugene roe#lewis nixon#buck compton#joe liebgott#donald malarkey#dick winters#david webster#babe heffron#joe toye#bill guarnere #FUCK I HURT MY OWN HEART
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  • some memes created by -amber-


    some of these might make sense, others not so much!

    fanfiction coming to a tumblr near you at some point when i stop being lazy and actually write


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    Band of Brothers screencaps/edits (157/?)

    Wayne “Skinny” Sisk

    #band of brothers #skinny sisk#philip barantini#my edits#johnny martin#eugene roe#popeye wynn#joseph ramirez#henry jones#moe alley#david webster#george luz #july 13 1999: Skinny's last jump #it's also Philip Barantini's birthday #my bob edits #frank perconte
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  • Luz and Liebgott would 100% be the kind of friends that love each other very much but absolutely hassle the shit out of each other. Just non stop sarcasm and friendly jabs and arguments.

    #i wish they interacted more on screen #their friendship would be incredibly entertaining #band of brothers #george luz#joe liebgott
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  • I like how bitches in the bob fandom just rewatch the same ten episodes, make illogical headcannons to take the pain away, love George Luz endlessly and cry a lot.

    It’s me. I’m bitches in the bob fandom.

    #band of brothers #hbo war#george luz #seriously this is all i do #stage an intervention??
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    BoB boys as types of cheese part 2/3

    Me and @wecomrades back on our shit again

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  • Part two of band-of-bitches’s Easy boys as Tik Toks

    There is a particular Tik Tok I died laughing at while editing…ya’ll guess which one

    #band of brothers #band of brothers meme #George Luz#richard winters#lewis nixon#ronald speirs#Eugene roe#Joe toye#babe heffron #okay that's all I'm tagging #why does Tumblr make it so hard to upload videos?
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  • hmm, gon crawl back into the void after this one. see y’all in 4-5 days


    (also yeah, this is a repost the tags on the other one were tripping. im sorry about that, please enjoy though)

    #band of brothers #band of brothers meme #george luz#easy company#hbo war #hbo war meme
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  • Forgotten Birthdays

    George Luz x Reader


    Gif not mine! Credit to original owner.

    disclaimer: writings are only based off of the actor portrayals in the television series. this is not meant to disrespect the real hero’s of the war.

    synopsis: George forgets a special day leading to the couples first fight

    request: anon - Hello! I love your writing! Could you possibly do a fic about how George wouod act in a fight?

    warnings: none

    word count: 1.9k

    taglist: @floydtab @hellitwasyoufirstsergeant @peggycarter46 @mavysnavy @ivy-miranda-2390 @love-studying58 @ya-yeeteth @rarmiitage @primusk @punkgeekchic @joesliebgott


    Birthdays had always been a big deal for (Y/N). Being the youngest in her family, she relished in the once a year attention her whole family devoted to her. She enjoyed the constant praise, the well-wishes, and the feeling of being celebrated by her loved ones. She always spent the day with a radiant smile, never too shy to tell the older man who worked the ice cream shop down the street that it was her birthday in order to get a free sunday.

    But that changed when she joined the Airborne.

    She quickly learned to not draw unnecessary attention to herself and was sure to never mention her birthday around Sobel, fearful he would gift her extra PT as a “birthday present”. As time wore on and as she started to get closer to the men, she shared her feelings about how much birthdays meant to her.

    She always made sure to write a birthday down when she heard it, even if she wasn’t close to the man, she understood how alone they felt and wanted to cheer them up and make them feel close to home. So, she always had her list handy and frequently checked it, got to know their interests, and scounged around for gifts when the time came. On the day, she would leave it in their fox hole or bunk, a small smile on her face as she watched their reactions.

    Yet, there was never anything left for her on her birthday.

    When her and George got together, she had expectations. George was a good man, he was always there for her and she was his priority, so she didn’t think anything was wrong with expecting a heartfelt happy birthday from him. It’s not like she was asking for a diamond necklace.

    She had especially thought things would be different once they settled down in Haguenau. They had a warm bed, hot food, and had a roof over their heads.

    So (Y/N) had found herself watching George organize and take inventory of the extra rations for the men on a particular cold day in February, her 21st birthday. A big milestone in her life, for now she could legally drink and not one word muttered about it from any of her friends. She had spent the last three years fighting for them, protecting them, and not one of them remembered.

    She leaned against the counter, her chin holding her head up as she watched his eyes scan over the candy bars as he mumbled numbers under his breath. She was finally a full blown adult, images of her being able to walk into a warm bar back home filled her mind as she listened to the crinkling of the wrappers as George picked them up and set them back down on the counter. The folded letter she had received earlier that day from her sister pressed against her chest as he swiftly pushed them to the side and wrote a number down on a piece of paper, his eyes not meeting hers as he spoke.

    “You haven’t said more than two words to me all day sweetheart” He pointed out as his hand reached up to scratch his hair covered chin, pulling her out of her thoughts. “Did I do something?”

    She shook her head as she pushed herself away from the counter, his head snapping up and watching her movements. (Y/N) didn’t want to be difficult, but she couldn’t stop the ache in her chest as the day wore on with no mention of its significance from George.

    “No” She responded softly, the sound of an explosion outside causing her to slightly jump. George’s eyebrows furrowed as he moved in front of the counter, holding his hand out for her to grab. “No” She repeated again, looking towards the door and then back at George, his concerned expression causing her heart to beat faster. “You didn’t do anything, I just-” She cut herself off with a curt shake of her head.

    Why couldn’t she just open up to him? Her mind was screaming at her to be honest, be an adult, and be emotionally available to him, but the disappointment she felt clouded her judgement.

    After a moment of silence, she continued. “I just got a letter from my sister, that’s all” She felt his warm hands rub up and down her arms, gently squeezing at her forearms, his deep, warm brown eyes still locked onto her face. “Makes me miss home, I hate only getting to see everyone through pictures.” Her eyes filled with angry tears as she bit her lip, a feeling she couldn’t describe washing over her.

    “(Y/N), baby, what’s going on?” George’s words were rushed as she crumbled before his eyes. He leaned down a little bit, catching her eyes with his as his hand gently cupped her chin. He knew a few letters from home wouldn’t have caused such an extreme reaction.

    She shook her head, pulling her arm out of his grasp as she felt her emotional floodgates open.

    Her bottom lip quivered as a hot tear rolled down her hollow cheek. “I don’t understand why you couldn’t remember one day.” She knew she was being ridiculous, throwing a fit over her birthday while the world was at war, while young boys were dying outside. But she couldn’t stop herself. “I-I don’t ask a lot from you George” She felt his warm hand on her arm again, his face frozen into a confused stare. “But I asked you to remember one fucking day.” Her finger prodded his chest as she finished with a sniffle, the usual dullness of her cheeks morphing into a deep red, not allowing her to mask the shame and embarrassment she felt for yelling at George.

    A harsh silence settled between them, his eyes pleading with hers as his eyebrows stayed furrowed. “Doll” He spoke softly, hoping his tone and the pet name would calm her down a bit. “Help me out here. What did I forget?”

    A light scoff escaped her lips, her eyes closing for a few seconds before reopening. “Nevermind”. Her words were barely above a whisper as she stepped back, creating a large gap between them. With a huff she turned and walked out of the small building, the grey sky and distant sounds of explosions reminding her of the horror that lay across the river.

    (Y/N) and George had never fought. They had never had a disagreement or a misunderstanding, so George was thrown for a loop. His mind drifted back to her words and the look on her face as he tried to piece together what he had down wrong; what he had forgotten. He was distant and distracted all day, allowing his drifting mind to interfere with the tasks he was given throughout the day.

    The rest of the day dragged along, (Y/N) silent as she pushed the “stew” Malarky had cooked up around her mug. Her dark eyes seemed to drill a hole in the old wooden table as the men joked around her. Her mind floated to the many birthdays she had spent at home, her body warm by the fireplace as music floated into the dining room. Her favorite meal was always on the table as her friends and family chatted amongst themselves. It was a stark difference to the stuffy air of the basement.

    George walked in, his footsteps heavy on the creaky stairs as a small gag left his parted lips from the smell of that night’s dinner. Malarky looked over at (Y/N) before back at George, silently asking the older man what had transpired between the couple. George sighed softly as he shrugged. “Not sure.”

    (Y/N) didn’t spare George a glance as he pulled the chair out from next to her, placing his hot mug on the table as he sat down. Clearing his throat as he mixed the contents of the mug, his eyes downcast as a heavy cloud of tension fell over them.

    “You gotta eat.” He started gently, not sure if this was the type of situation he should joke around in “Don’t know how this isn’t making your mouth water” he added with a light chuckle, scooting closer to her so their knees were touching.

    Her lips pursed as she turned her head, a piece of her dirty hair falling onto her cheek. “It’s not my ideal birthday dinner” She watched him put together the pieces as her words hung in the thick, dank air of the basement. “But it doesn’t make sense to complain” She stood up, the chair squeaking against the floor, grabbing the attention of some of the other men standing by them. She scraped what was left in her mug into George’s, his eyes wide as he watched her pale shaking hands.

    “Sweetheart-” He stood as well, his calloused fingers pushing the mug away from him as he watched her retreat up the stairs, no longer hungry.

    He waited a few minutes, allowing himself to collect his thoughts as he rubbed his hands over his forehead.

    His feet dragged against the cobblestone road as he made his way back to the house he had been staying at, a weight lifting off his chest as he say (Y/N) tucked into bed, moonlight from a part of the caved in roof illuminating her hand as she wrote on an old yellow piece of paper. He sat next to her on the bed, one hand grabbing the paper and pen out of her own as the other ran over her cheek.

    “Wake up sleepyhead” Her eyebrows furrowed as she stared up at him “Happy birthday” His chapped lips curved into a smile that reached his eyes “I simply cannot allow you to spend your birthday in bed.”

    “What the fuck are you on about?” She asked as she sat up, bringing her knees to her chest as his hand trailed down her body and stopped on top of her knee.

    “I want a redo” A chuckle escaped her lips as she started to move, wanting to get out of the small bed but his hands steadied her. “No (Y/N) I’m serious.” His change in tone stopped her as she fell silent, letting him say his peace. “I fucked up today, I know that.” He wet his lips with his tongue before he continued. “You deserve to be happy, to feel appreciated and loved. It’s my job to make you feel that way, I want you to feel like that everyday, but I know you don’t.” He took in a sharp breath as his thumb rubbed small circles on her knee. “And it’s one fucking day a year I should be able to remember, ‘cause I want to celebrate you, I want to make you feel how you make me feel.”

    “George-“ She tried to interrupt but he stopped her.

    “I’m not done.” His hands moved to her cheeks, forcing her to look into his eyes. “I love you and I’m sorry I’m such a dumbass.” She couldn’t help but laugh at his words as she relaxed into his grasp. “So please accept my apology and let me spend the rest of tonight and tomorrow celebrating you.” He leaned in and pressed a light kiss to her lips, letting their noses brush. “Can you do that?”

    She nodded, closing her eyes as he kissed her again, this time, for longer. “What are your plans for the rest of the night?” She asked as she moved over to create space for him.

    “Whatever you want” He answered as he slipped his legs under the thin blanket. “It is your birthday, but I was hoping we could start with a cuddle.” His lips pressed wet kisses to her jaw as her eyes closed.

    “I have a feeling this might end up being a pretty good birthday after all”

    #band of brothers #band of brothers imagine #hbo war #band of brothers x reader #george luz #george luz imagine #george luz x reader
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    Band of Brothers screencaps/edits (151/?)

    Robert “Popeye” Wynn

    July 10: Happy birthday

    #band of brothers #popeye wynn#nicholas aaron#my edits#joe toye#shifty powers#george luz#frank perconte#bull randleman#buck compton#dick winters#carwood lipton#herbert sobel #i wish we had more Shifty and Popeye interactions #they were great friends before the war and enlisted together #my bob edits
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  • - band of brothers: big brother edition -


    Originally posted by terror-native-live

    - [ BUCK COMPTON ]

    • reckless dumbass big brother
    • is the entire reason you both got in trouble as kids
    • all he ever did was prank you when you were younger, but somehow you forgave him after every single time???
    • he has a scar right before his hairline with a story behind it. when you two were younger, you both decided that racing down a hill in a wooden wagon would be a good idea… needless to say, it didn’t work out too well for him. he cried the whole time he got stitches, so you held his hand so he’d be less scared.
    • you guys joke about hating each other all the time
    • but let it be known, if anyone else makes a cheap shot about the other to your faces, they better hide their face till the rest of their life
    • you guys don’t fight very often, but when you do…. holy shit
    • both you and Buck are very stubborn, so these fights can last up to WEEKS
    • you both make up in the end (partially because of your parents), but like all siblings, you both bring up how the other has wronged you all the time
    • always wants you to make food for him
    • bothers you all the time for no reason
    • you still love your big bro tho

    - [ CHUCK GRANT ]

    • oh dear oh no… chaos awakens
    • slaps you upside the head whenever you say something stupid
    • he’s that type of brother that everyone would expect to be super nice to you because he’s pretty chill, but NOPE
    • he’s basically another version of Joe but he pranks you more
    • convinced you once when you were 6 that you were adopted and you cried to your mom about it (he got in so much trouble)
    • mocks you when he has no comebacks
    • says one word that refers to something dumb you did in the past ALL THE TIME
    • many inside jokes together
    • you guys like to sit around and judge people around you when you go out in public together
    • you two are like “ew why would i hug my sibling” but you secretly love each other
    • calls you snitch and gives you the middle finger when you tell your mom that he hit you
    • don’t go in his room… just don’t


    • oh boy
    • you guys have… so many siblings
    • he’s lowkey jealous because he’s the second youngest (you’re the youngest) and he wants more attention
    • of course, he gets attention, but he’s such a baby
    • barges into your room for no reason (constantly scream-ranting about stuff when he comes in too)
    • tries to help you with your homework (key word: tries)
    • if you look at LITERALLY ANYTHING for more than three seconds while you both are out shopping, he’ll buy it for you
    • hates anyone you’ve ever dated… he always aggressively crosses his arms and glares at them when they come over for dinner
    • teaches you to make a bunch of your mom’s traditional dishes
    • eats all of your leftovers (often gets beaten with your hairbrush by you because of it)
    • gives you affectionate nicknames like “ugly”, “dumbass”, “stupid”, etc.
    • how sweet ☺️

    - [ BABE HEFFRON ]

    • occasionally covers for you when you sneak out
    • loves to do sunday spa night with you (the face masks are his favorite)
    • as much as i love him, he can be so friggin dumb
    • like when you ask him to ask your parents for something, he does that thing where he mentions your name when he asks (it’s so annoying but he means well)
    • goes into your room to steal your shit for no reason
    • he actually gives it back though
    • gives you the bigger piece of food when your mom forces you to split it
    • will murder you if you don’t let him control the radio
    • you get told that your brother is cute a LOT and you’re always like sis i don’t see it

    - [ JOE LIEBGOTT ]

    • you get in trouble for some of the things he does AND HE JUST LETS IT HAPPEN INSTEAD OF CONFESSING
    • always is like “come here” and then just fuckin slaps you for no reason
    • never says sorry but he buys you food as a silent apology so take what you can get
    • eats off your plate but won’t let you do it back
    • sometimes he just comes into your room and picks up stuff because he wants to hang out with you but he doesn’t know how to say that he wants to hang out
    • will fight people for you, but he also talks shit about you
    • no one else is allowed to do that though
    • if you wanna get under his skin, you go into his room
    • if you want to die, you take one of his Dick Tracey comics
    • he doesn’t care if you steal his shirts, just don’t touch the comics

    - [ GEORGE LUZ ]

    • jesus christ the DUO YOU TWO WOULD BE
    • trouble… make it double
    • catapults food at you with his spoon from across the dinner table
    • always says “i’m not touching you” even though his finger is like 3 inches away from your face
    • always spoils movies that you’ve never seen (he talks all the time during them too)
    • you two have inside jokes that NO ONE ELSE understands
    • you guys sit in the corner during every family gathering and mock people it’s what they deserve
    • puts another dish in the sink when you’re almost done with the dishes
    • kinda feels bad about it tho
    • actually apologizes to you…. but in like “hey, do you want food?” type of way instead of actually saying “i’m sorry”
    • comforted you when your ex cheated on you
    • he then convinced Joe to help him beat the kid senseless


    • needs help with his homework…. please help him
    • doesn’t get super mad at you when he catches you using his stuff
    • will RKO you to get the passenger seat…. seriously, you have physical scars because of the fights over the front seat
    • if you tell him to shut your door on his way out of your room, he doesn’t do it
    • he almost shuts it, then slams the door open and suddenly turns into fucking sonic while running to his room
    • he doesn’t beat you up, he’s the one getting beat up
    • always tries to race you, even when you’re both adults
    • wakes up later than you but somehow always gets to the bathroom before you????
    • shares his food with you
    • brings you towels when you realize you forgot to bring one into the bathroom
    • older than you but acts so much younger than you

    - [ LEWIS NIXON ]

    • oh wow
    • daddy issues galore with both of y’all
    • will kill you if you touch his vat 69
    • not because he doesn’t want to share, but because he doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes he has also because he doesn’t want to share
    • honestly an unproblematic sibling
    • maybe just ruthlessly teases you, but that’s about it
    • helps you make every family dinner uncomfortable
    • your parents got sick of the tension, so both of you just eat dinner with each other in Lew’s room
    • hums beethoven while you’re trying to study to make you mad, you’re getting real sick of this shit
    • flirts with your friends… Lewis, you have a BOYFRIEND-
    • everyone tells you how hot your brother is and you’re just like wtf no
    • steals the good chair when you go to the bathroom


    • oh no
    • will NOT share his food with you like sis don’t even think about it
    • always trying to throw hands with you for no reason
    • his shirts fit properly though because he’s so short (just steal them all)
    • doesn’t curse you out in front of your mother but he does flip you off when she turns around
    • if he finds out a secret that you don’t want him to tell your parents HE BLACKMAILS YOU LIKE CRAZY
    • you will be waiting on him hand and foot for the next week
    • such a control freak for no reason
    • whines on road trips and always asks “are we there yet?”
    • says such dumb shit you genuinely don’t know how you’re related
    • helps convince your mom to get fast food
    • passive-aggressively cares for you

    - [ EUGENE ROE ]

    • speaks to you only in french so you better start learning that shit real quick
    • you guys don’t fight much, but when you do, it’s just aggressive french noises
    • gives you lots of chocolate
    • you get told your brother is pretty ALL THE TIME and you are tired of it
    • he’s a passive aggressive caring type of person
    • so basically he’ll yell at you while feeding you because he’s worried that you didn’t eat enough
    • always put bandaids on you as a kid whenever you scraped your knees
    • you’re always asking him to cook you food because he’s the better cook
    • if you tell him a joke, don’t be surprised if it turns into a lecture
    • acts like a 3rd parent instead of a sibling tbh
    • he means well
    • you both stay up to ungodly hours of the morning in total silence


    • the sibling that you like??? never see???
    • he’s like the sibling that lives in the same house as you but is nothing like you
    • his door is always shut and he NEVER wants you in his room unless he invite you in
    • is also the type of brother that wants to hang out with you but has no idea how to tell you so he just goes into your room and touches things
    • always stealing your stuff, even if he can’t use it???
    • like he’ll go into your room and be like ya maybe i do need an unused tampon lemme take that
    • hovers around whenever you bring new friends over to the house
    • you opened his room door once, and let’s just say NEVER AGAIN
    • takes you to get fast food at like 3 am… he doesn’t know why
    • if you own literally anything he’s just like “it’s free real estate”
    • he never let’s you drive his car, and often threatens to leave you on the side of the road and drive away if you keep messing with the radio
    • he would never do that


    • all of your pets like him more than you i’m sorry
    • he always has his friends over at the house… you think they’re cute & some of them hit on you
    • he’s literally stopped talking to some of his old friends because they liked you
    • petty as hell in a fight
    • he’s always in the bathroom, you can almost never go in there because he’s usually fixing his hair 24/7
    • always begs you to make him food because he doesn’t know how to do it himself
    • constantly tries to prove that he’s right by saying, “well, i’m older soooo”
    • he’s always trying to steal the remote while you’re watching TV so that he can change the channel (literally so rude)
    • he’s so petty when you guys play board games
    • if he doesn’t win he’ll probably get so upset that he’ll almost burn the house down
    • what a sore loser
    • he’s the type of sibling to snitch on you because he’s getting yelled at

    - [ JOE TOYE ]

    • oml he’s that type of brother to be so aggressive for no reason
    • you always ask him if it’s his time of the month and he looks like he’s ready to murder you every time
    • he’s that type of brother to be like “i barely touched you!” and there’s like this BIGASS red handprint on you
    • actually respects your space, so don’t ever take shit outta his room because he WILL find out and you WILL die
    • doesn’t know how to comfort you when you’re crying so he awkwardly pats your head while you sob into his shoulder
    • goes through phases of hating and loving you
    • like one moment you will be throwing stuff at each other and the next minute you’ll be singing disney duets
    • does petty things to get back at you
    • like he’ll put minced onions in your shoes and cut all the bristles off your toothbrush
    • always complains that he would never be able to get away with the stuff that you get away with now
    • lies about who won fights between the two of you (we all know he gets his ass beat)
    • in conclusion, he has a classic case of older sibling syndrome


    • he’s actually a very good brother ngl
    • even though he doesn’t understand some of your interest, he tries very hard to be supportive and turn up for all of your extracurricular events
    • i love him, but he can be a know-it-all dickhead, so don’t try and get into any arguments with him
    • the type of person to talk to you even though you clearly have headphones in and aren’t taking them out anytime soon
    • and then he’ll get mad at you for forgetting to do whatever he told you to do while you had your headphones in
    • is always convinced you’re going to die when you get sick because he looked up your symptoms online, and according to google you have stage 4 brain cancer now
    • helps you with your homework when you don’t understand it
    • willingly shares his food with you (rare sight to see)
    • judges you if you don’t read classic literature 24/7 (it’s fine you can bully him for being a nerd)
    • he feels bad because he knows your parents put pressure on you to be more like him
    • but he tells you that you don’t have to change and it’s good to be yourself

    - [ DICK WINTERS ]

    • a wholesome brother
    • lowkey another nagging parent though
    • wakes you up at the asscrack of dawn for no reason other than him wanting to have a morning swim for SiBLinG BoNDinG TiME
    • like sis chill out that can wait until at least 9
    • looks out for you all the time, even though you can take care of yourself
    • hardcore judges you if you do anything remotely scandalous
    • but he doesn’t tattle to your parents so at least be grateful for that
    • he’s like an old man, he doesn’t understand memes
    • helps you study for important exams
    • every teacher you have expects you to act just like him and be perfect so good luck
    • lowkey barges into your room but you get used to it

    hey guys! should i do a part 2 with some people that i missed? i’m sorry i haven’t posted in a while, but i’m trying to get better about it…. this is lowkey inspired by an idea @noneofurbusinez gave me. have a fantastic week, you deserve it 💕

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  • i’m glad we all collectively love george luz and babe heffron.

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  • #band of brothers #george luz #what can we take from this?? play with george luz's hair #everybody #just do it #my writing#Anonymous
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  • Band of Brothers : Favourite scenes per episode ~ Carentan 

    AKA Harry being done for 65 minutes

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  • SECRET SOLDIERS; oc characters

    ( norina’s )

    CLAIRE; skyler samuels

    ILSE; jenna coleman

    ( amber’s )

    MAGGIE; hayley atwell

    CAMILLA; eleanor tomlinson

    some gifs:

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    Band of Brothers screencaps/edits (149/?)

    John Janovec

    July 9: Happy birthday

    #band of brothers #john janovec#tom hardy#my edits#george luz#frank perconte#moe alley#david webster #my bob edits #tooooom ❤❤❤!!! #oh! the severed pinkie tendon predated BoB #poor tom puked in his helmet when he first discovered the landsberg camp set
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  • I’m sorry, I literally cannot hold back my enthusiasm for sharing WIPs

    This is referenced from the scene where Luz was tryna get with that random German girl and Perconte just kinda goes uhhh with the eggs in his helmet and she slaps Luz. I felt that

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    have some late night memes my friends. well, late night for me at least. time zones are wack.

    #carwood lipton#george luz#joe toye #band of brothers #hbo band of brothers #hbo war #band of brothers meme #hbo series#mine
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