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    • fred: good morning, i'm ratfink, and welcome to potterwatch!
    • george: good morning ratfink, i'm...ranivorous
    • fred: ranivorous
    • george: that's what i said, and i'm sticking to it
    • fred: care to comment on the meaning there?
    • george: it means someone who eats frogs
    • fred: neville, if you're hearing this, we're very sorry
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    After all this time?



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  • Who else think that Connor and Travis and Fred and George are kinda similar sometimes?

    (not saying that uncle Rick based the characters off them it’s just an observation)


    Maybe? Idk.

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  • someone said that george is the only weasley kid whose name isn’t short for anything and i just wanna say that’s false, it’s short for georgeluxander

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    “Hello, my name is Noelle,” she said kindly, stretching her hand toward you, you wanted to hate her but it was difficult, so you just shook her hand corresponding to the greeting.

    “Y/N?” You said sounding more like a question.

    “I’ve seen you at the Weasley twins store, are you close friends?” You nodded a little and she smiled “I need to ask you a favor about George” you opened your eyes and nodded waiting for her question, “yesterday I sent him an owl since in one of my parents’ bookstores, its going to be this magician who is very talented in potions and I know that it could serve George you know, for the store” she said sounding as the most obvious thing in the world, you nodded again and wait for her to continue “Anyway, he said that he had something very important to do with a friend tomorrow” you frowned and remembered that tomorrow you would go together to some places that your moms marked for details about the wedding, you knew that from what she asked that she wanted you to convince him of go with her.

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  • fred and george are still in a competition to find the nichest meme

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  • Wizardrynets Advent Calendar: Day Four

    What did I do? 
    Ginny. She’s been talking about you all summer. Bit annoying, really.

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  • guys. thank you for all the love.

    i can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me that you guys like my writing and keep requesting prompts from me. i love you guys so much. my heart is full. 😙


    Originally posted by imagineseverywhere

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  • Just planned a 5 day family vacation to Universal Studios Orlando in a few months. 5 days in the Wizarding World?! Omg I’m so excited, I could burst!!

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  • “On Rainy Days”, George Weasley x Reader

    request: anon: Erica! can i request a George x reader with loads of angst and maybe some fighting?? can i submit my own prompts? Maybe like “we’re not just friends and you know it” and “why don’t you tell me why you really came here tonight” and “don’t you love me” OMG sorry this is long thanks girl i need some hp angst | another message per anon: actually wait can you take out the whole “friends” prompt i don’t like that thanks | omg stop i love this so much, sometimes we need some ruff stuff yaknow? like it can’t all be makeout sessions in broom cupboards and fluffy “love u forever”s and shit like that so i am totally game to write this babe but dang hope it lives up to your expectations…kinda nervous now

    prompt(s): “why don’t you tell me why you really came here tonight” / “don’t you love me”

    warnings: um angst? fighting? maybe mention of war or something?

    On rainy days, you think of him—the way his hair is always slightly messy, the way his eyes light up whenever a new invention makes its way into their shop, the way he’s always bloody happy and goofy…but soft, like his mother, and was not afraid to show it.

    Today was one of those days.

    You walked slowly through the light falling rain, careful to breathe in the beautiful scent of the earth mixed with rainwater. It had always been one of your favorite smells. You loved when it rained. Or, you used too. The last rainy day you could remember was the day he left, the day he told you no, the day the world seemed to come to a slow.

    “You cannot do this,” he’d pleaded with you. His eyes were worried and tired, the same way your body felt in the heat of the moment.

    “I’m going,” you’d told him, “and you can’t stop me.”

    The impending war, and fighting in it, was never a discussion—it was always an argument. It was always too dangerous, too risky, too this, too that—but you were a grown woman and no individual would make decisions for you. He looked at you once more with begging eyes, but all you did was squeeze his shoulder.

    “Then I’m sorry,” he said and moved slowly towards the door. “I can’t be here to watch.”

    It was the price you chose. The love of one, or the love of many? Truthfully, you were doing this for him and all of your loved ones, but he just couldn’t see it that way. He wanted you safe, at home, holed up, away from the danger. But what good would that do if the danger would just find you there?

    A few months after he’d left, death eaters stormed your home. Alone, terrified, and almost unprepared, it could have been awful—but somehow, someway, you’d managed to escape—your house burning to the ground, your Muggle parents, far away and safe somewhere, you’d hoped, nowhere near the war…nowhere near here.

    You guess you understood where he was coming from. You’d shipped your parents off as quickly as you could. “For your own safety,” you’d told them. “I can take care of myself.”

    You’d told him that, too, but he could not understand it. You pleaded with him just the same, to allow you to fight by his side, to promise to never let go of him. But instead, he needed to leave. And so he did.

    Now, walking through the rain seemed to be more of a chore than something you enjoyed doing. The cool wind hit your back and sent chills down your spine. Was it the wind, or was it something else? You pulled your hat tighter over your ears, pulled your jacket closer to your body, and turned left into the Three Broomsticks.

    You thought you’d prepared for it, but as prepared as you could be, it still wasn’t enough. Seeing him sitting there knocked the wind right out of you. His hair still messy, his eyes still sparkling, his smile still soft. It was all still there. And so were the feelings, of course.

    His 6’3 frame swallowed you whole, just as it always had, and it took every ounce of strength you had not to cry, not to jump on him, not to yell at him, not to kiss him. Your feelings were bubbling to the surface, but so was your frustration and anger. It was all still there, right in front of you.

    He kept his distance at first—a few feet from you, but it felt like miles. Millions of miles. “Hi,” he started with a shaky voice. “…you’re here.”

    You wanted to say, “I’m home,” but instead you said, “I’m here.”

    Because he had always been home to you. But now…

    He began to move towards you, but you slowly backed away. No, you weren’t ready. You couldn’t fall into things exactly as they’d been before he’d left, before the war began. The pub was completely vacant except for the two of you. The pattering rain sounded so loud upon the rooftop.

    “I missed you,” he told you. He seemed to be choosing his words carefully.

    You said back, “Missed you, too,” and bit your lip, trying to hide an almost-smile. He broke and gave you a nervous grin, furrowed his brow and looked as though he was about to break down and cry. “George, I—”

    “I couldn’t do it,” he said. You thought you could hear his heart pounding. “I didn’t want you to get hurt. I…I know you can take care of yourself, but it was hard.”

    “Then why didn’t you just believe me?” You asked, emotions running high. You tried to hold it in, but couldn’t. Months of anger and sadness and confusion were making you explode. “Why didn’t you let me be with you, with all of you? I’ve studied, I’ve fought, I’ve done my time in school. Why not let me try?”

    He swallowed over a lump in his throat. “It was dangerous. You and Ginny, it was just…too much.” He looked down at the ground and you noticed something not quite right underneath his hat. When you realized that he’d lost an ear, you ran towards him, your hands in his hair and on his shoulders. “I could’ve been with you, I could’ve helped you!” You cried. “This is what happens—things like this—”

    “Exactly!” George said. His emotions were rising to the surface, too—the two of you like boiling pots of tea. “It could’ve been worse, or it could’ve been you! I didn’t want that! Mad-Eye died, d’you know what I’d do to myself if that had been you—”

    You pushed on his chest and backed away, eyes filling to the brim with tears. The rain seemed to be falling heavier now. “And what if it was you? You’re lucky to be missing only a small part of yourself, George. What if you’d been taken away from all of us? Do you know how that would’ve felt to me if I’d heard it while sitting at home instead of out there, helping? At least I would’ve known that I did everything I possibly could, at least I would’ve been by your side—”

    “It’s more than that!” He raised his voice.

    “Oh, well then enlighten me, would you, Weasley? Why don’t you tell me why you really came here tonight?” You yelled, and the pub seemed to shake in your anger. “Because if it’s to tell me, again, not to fight, I won’t have it, you do not make my decisions for me—”

    He grabbed you by the shoulders and cried out, “I’m here because I love you! I love you and I can’t do this without you anymore! This war, these things happening…it’s madness without you! These past few months have been…just terrible…” his voice trailed off in the sound of the storm.

    You stood, silent, frozen, still in his embrace—eyes wide and heart pounding—waiting for more.

    You watched the rise and fall of his chest which seemed to intensify by the second. His eyes were pleading again, the same pain glistening in them as the day he left. “Don’t you love me?

    Your heart was beating so thunderously, it was basically screaming your answer for you. You brought your hand to his cheek and let the tears fall. You noticed scratches and bruising all over him, and your heart ached for justice. You told him, “Of course I love you,”

    He wrapped his arms around you so tightly, like he was surrendering to the entire world. Your whole entire body hurt in the entanglement, but you didn’t want to let go. You pulled fiercely on his shoulders and breathed in his scent. You ran your fingers through his hair. You felt the beating of his heart, thumping dramatically in sync with yours. The butterflies in your stomach danced around quicker when you heard a break in his voice when he choked out, “God, I love you.”

    On rainy days, you think of him—the way he throws his hands around when he’s angry, the way his voice still trembles slightly even when he’s yelling, the way he cares so bloody deeply, it’s almost painful…and how he’s not afraid to show it.

    Today was one of those days.

    The two of you set foot towards the castle, better than yesterday, but not as good as you’d be tomorrow. There were wounds that needed time to heal, discussions that needed to be had, gallons of love that needed to be shared, not hidden. His hand was warm around yours in the freezing rain, the impending war on both of your minds. But feeling his body next to yours now, at least it felt alright. If he was next to you, fighting alongside you, then you were alright. You were home.

    #yoooo but like this was kind of mega hard to write #george weasley#fred weasley #george weasley x reader #george weasley imagine #george weasley reader insert #fred and george weasley #weasley twins#hp #harry potter reader insert #hp reader insert #hp imagine #weasley twins imagine #how do we feel about this idk #ANGST
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  • I would like to take a moment to remind ya’ll of the outrageous bet the Weasley Twins placed during the world cup. That is a character defining moment for them, not because they did it, but because they were right. This shows that either A) they’re geniuses, which we already knew or B) they’re time travelers, which I would 100% believe. Until book 7 I was half convinced there was only one Weasley twin who just lived every day twice.

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  • My Expectations


    I’ll be a cool aunt. Or a cat lady.

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  • liquid courage.


    Originally posted by imagineseverywhere

    george weasley x fem!reader

    a/n: sorry this request took longer than usual to fill! as always requests and feedback are welcome!

    also, there is a part of this that doesn’t really make sense as i say george can’t break the charm to get into the girls dorms but you (a girl in this story??) can get into the boys so let’s just pretend it makes sense.

    request: Can you please please write a George imagine where the reader is a bit drunk after a quidditch game or something and she embarrass herself infront of him or something? Thank you so much!!

    your head was pounding. squinting one eye open, you took in your surroundings. no way was this your dorm. sitting up quickly you noticed that you weren’t in your clothes, you were in someone else’s shirt. what the hell is going on you thought .

    you felt terrible, like you had been hit by a truck. you started massaging your temples, trying to relive the ache in your head. then your attention was drawn to a boy sprawled out beside you. george weasley. then it hit you, you were in george weasleys bed. presumably wearing his clothes. you rubbed your eyes and for a second you wondered if you were dreaming. then embarrassment washed over you as memories from the night before started coming back.

    the gryffindor common room was bristling with people. the quidditch team had just won a game against ravenclaw, and as always it was being celebrated with a party. the atmosphere was electric, everyone was happy like everything was right in the world.

    and here you were, in a corner admiring george weasley from afar. it wasn’t really a secret that you liked him, everyone seemed to know, except the boy himself. it was quite unfair really. not only was he good looking, he had an amazing personality to go along with it.

    “stop drooling will you?” your friend said as she handed you a shot of firewhisky.

    you rolled your eyes but you could feel your cheeks heat up. “i wasn’t.”

    “okay why are you blushing then?” she replied cheekily as she raised her glass to her lips and chucked the drink down her throat. “now hurry up with that and i’ll go get us more.”

    “you’re a bad influence you know.” you said as you copied her and emptied your glass. “don’t worry i’ll go get them this time.”

    you made your way through the crowds of people, to the drinks table that had been set up at the other side of the room. you sighed as you found the firewhisky bottle empty.

    “i can go get more if you want.” came a voice from behind you. you spun around and found yourself looking up at george. he smiled down at you as he waited for your answer but you had frozen on the spot. it was like you had forgotten how to speak and you felt your cheeks heat once again.

    “em..i-i..no.” you stuttered out. turning you grabbed a full pitcher of butterbeer from behind you and stalked past without another word.

    god i’m such an idiot you thought as you walked away. you just had an amazing opportunity to talk to him and you blew it. you made your way back to your friend who was sitting at a table now with a few others.

    “what happened over there?” she asked as she took in your flushed appearance. “and why have you brought back the entire bottle?”

    “don’t ask.” you muttered as you took a seat beside her and poured yourself a drink.

    then you had another.

    and another.

    and another.

    then a few more.

    now you were a little more than tipsy, dancing around in the middle of the room with your friend.

    “isn’t this fun? who cares that you made a fool of yourself in front of george.” she shouted over the music as she twirled you under her arm.

    “i have no idea what you’re talking about.” you slurred. you swirled around in the opposite direction, hips moving to the music.

    she threw her head back and let out a loud laugh. “well then i suppose you won’t want to know that he’s been watching you for the past ten minutes.”

    your eyes widened and you turned. sure enough he was staring and as he caught your eye he sent a grin your way. you stopped dancing and stared back, almost like you were in a trance. were his eyes always as nice as that.

    “way to make it obvious Y/N.” your friend laughed in your ear.

    you whirled around and grabbed her by the shoulders. “he just smiled at me.” you said excitedly. your heart was racing.

    “wow, when’s the wedding?” she replied sarcastically and started dancing again.

    crossing your arms you glared at her. “hilarious.”

    “what? it’s not like you ever speak to him.”

    you staggered a little as you pointed your finger at her. “yes i have. the other day he asked if i had a spare quill. and i said yes.” you replied haughtily as if it was the biggest achievement in the world.

    the stopped dancing too now and started clapping her hands, a devious look on her face. “woah well done. groundbreaking achievement there.” sarcasm dripping from her voice. she straightened up. “okay then smart alec. i dare you to go and talk to him. a proper conversation.”

    “what are we, 12?”

    “ha, i knew you wouldn’t do it.”

    “fine. watch me.” you smoothed down your hair, rearranged your skirt and spun around. you caught sight of him talking with his brother and began making your way over, silently thanking the alcohol for your faux confidence.

    once you got there you decided you’d play it cool. you slammed your hand down onto the wall beside him and jutted your hip out. “hi there.” you said, completely interrupting their conversation.

    his head turned and he looked down at you surprised. but then again his face broke out into a smile.

    how is he so handsome.

    “i don’t know,love. you tell me.” he shrugged, a playful glint in his eyes.

    “oh no, i said that out loud didn’t i?” suddenly it was like the wall disappeared under your hand and you felt yourself stumble forward.

    strong arms wrapped around your waist and you felt yourself be steadied back on your feet.

    you grabbed onto his biceps. “wow you’re so strong.” you started fluttering your eyelashes madly, in an attempt to look flirty. at this point, fred started backing away laughing to himself.

    george chuckled.

    running your hands down his arms you grabbed his hands. “want to get a drink with me?”

    “i think you’ve had enough, dont you darling.”

    pouting, you stomped your foot like a toddler which made you stagger. his arms steadied you once again.

    “alright why don’t i take you upstairs eh?” sighing, you nodded your head.

    he wrapped an arm around your waist and starting leading you towards the staircase leading to the girls dorms.

    the alcohol you’d drank was starting to catch up to you now, your legs felt like jelly and george was practically carrying you. after he got you half way across the room he made a quick turn the other way.

    “sorry love, it looks like you’ll need to go up to the boys dormitories for now. there’s no way i can break the charm and heave you up the stairs too.” he muttered into your ear.

    on the other hand, you were off in a world of your own. george weasley. the boy you had liked as long as you could remember was looking after you. you could feel his hands on your skin where your t shirt had ridden up. he could be taking you into the forbidden forest and you didn’t think you’d care.

    getting upstairs was a task. george did his best and kept behind you the entire time, making sure you didn’t fall back. you had drank so much though that you had lost all sense of direction and toppled over the last step on to the landing.

    the alcohol numbed any pain you would have felt and you rolled on your back giggling and soon george was chucking along with you.

    “you’re mental when you’re drunk you know that right?” he said as he looked down at you.

    “whatever you say georgie.” you slurred.

    “alright up you get.” he grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. “honestly sweetheart, you’re worse than my mother when she’s drunk.”

    you stumbled into him and pressed your finger against his lips. “please don’t compare me to your mother, that’s gross.”

    you staggered past him into the dormitory.

    “wow it’s a lot cleaner in here than i thought it would be.” you stopped at the first bed, twirled around one of the posts and threw yourself face down onto it.

    “this bed smells like you george.” you said, voice muffled by the blanket.

    “that’s because it’s my bed love.”

    your head turned slightly to find him standing in the doorway, arms crossed.

    seriously how can someone look so effortlessly good.

    he walked over and began rummaging in the trunk at the bottom of the bed. he found what he was looking for and threw it. it landed with a soft thump on the bed but you couldn’t find it in you to lift your head.

    “it’s a shirt,get changed.” he had moved to the side of the bed now and sat down facing the other side of the room. if you had been sober, you think you would have passed out with being offered his clothes, but now you were feeling quite sleepy and nothing else seemed to matter.

    grumbling, you slowly pushed yourself up, tugging your shoes off before you stood. clumsily you pulled your shirt off, leaving your bra on. you began reaching for the zip on your skirt, which just to your luck was jammed.

    “george.” you whined. “my skirt won’t come off, it’s stuck.”

    “alright, alright two seconds.” he stood up and turned around and he took in your half naked state. you watched the blush rise in his cheeks, all the way up to his ears.

    “see something you like, george?” you raised your eyebrows comically and he let out a dry chuckle. you began pulling at your skirt again. “please get this off me.”

    he snapped out of his daze and slowly moved towards you, as if you might bite him. he reached for the back of the skirt and you saw the way his breath caught in his throat when he touched the bare skin of your back. you shivered and dropped your gaze to the floor.

    “there.” he said softly a few seconds later. you looked back up and for a second you thought you saw him gaze at your lips but then he was gone, back to his seat on the bed.

    you got dressed as quickly as you could in your current state.

    “you can turn around now.” you said quietly and as you said he got back up and faced you.

    “you should get some sleep, love. you’re going to feel terrible in the morning.” there was a weird look in his eyes as he looked at you.

    you nodded your head in agreement and george pulled the covers back so you could climb in. he tucked you in and placed a kiss on your forehead.

    “goodnight darling.” he said lowly before he turned and started to make his way out of the room.

    “no don’t go.” you mumbled sleepily. “stay with me.”

    and then he was back. he removed his shoes then climbed in beside you at the other end of the bed. which was too far away in your opinion and you shuffled over towards him, and put your head on his chest.

    he tensed up a bit but then after a minute you felt him relax under you, his arm wrapping tentatively around your shoulders. you felt your eyes droop and knew you wouldn’t be awake much longer.

    “i like you george.” you mumbled. “like really like you.” and then just like that you were asleep.

    you were affronted. you never really understood the feeling of wanting to crawl in a hole and die, but now you did. maybe he never heard you thought to yourself.

    you didn’t have long to dwell on your thoughts, because your head started swimming and you felt your stomach lurch. you ran to the nearest bathroom and threw up.

    great, just great.

    you were in there a few minutes before you heard soft footsteps behind you and a hand rubbing circles into your back, the other holding back some of your hair.

    you looked around you to find george, crouched behind you a sympathetic look on his face. embarrassment raged in your veins and you managed to angrily hiss a “oh my god-get out” before you were being sick again.

    “i’m good thanks love.” he replied. “i told you you’d feel terrible.”

    “thanks for rubbing it in.”

    you both stayed there until you were sure you weren’t going to be sick again, then you made your way to the sink. you couldn’t even bare to look in the mirror, you had a sinking feeling you probably didn’t look the best.

    “do you remember what you said last night?” he asked. you glanced up and made eye contact through the mirror.

    “nope.” you lied.

    “oh really?” it felt like he was looking right through you. “cause i have a feeling you do.”

    you stated rinsing your mouth out with some water and shook your head.

    “okay well i guess i won’t need to tell you that i like you as well then.” he stated making his way for the door.

    you were shocked there was no way he would like you, especially after witnessing that.

    “wait!” you exclaimed. “what did you just say?”

    he turned and that cheeky smile you loved so much was plastered on his face.

    “i knew it.” he moved closer. “i said i liked you. and as far as i remember last night you said you liked me too. i might need to hear it again though because you were plastered when you said it.”

    you couldn’t believe it. george weasley likes you. were you dreaming?

    “i like you.” you said shyly. you couldn’t stop the smile which came across your face and as you looked at him it seemed neither could he.

    “now i’d like to kiss you but i’ll probably leave it for another time as you’ve just been sick.”

    you laughed. “i’ll go brush my teeth then.”

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  • “Trust Me”, Fred Weasley x Reader

    request: from anon: Can you do 1 3 and 8 with fred | hi anon! this is for you, i put your request for 1 and 8 together a few months back, so now it’s time for numero 3! i’ve much enjoyed writing more freddie, especially since i write waaaay too much george (not complaining lol) but i love me some freddie! hope you enjoy, sorry it’s super late x

    prompt: “are you sure this is legal?”

    warnings: do i even need to say that this is purE FLUFF

    Are you sure this is legal?”

    Beside you, Fred laughed. He was rolling snow between his hands to create the perfect snowball. It was that very wet, heavy, perfect for hitting someone on the back of the head type of snow. It was coming down quickly now, and your toes were frozen. The Gryffindor common room fire was calling your name…you could defrost right in front of it! But as you looked at the twinkle in Fred’s eye, you could tell you definitely weren’t getting out of this.

    “It’ll be fine,” Fred told you and squeezed your shoulders. The tip of his nose was red from the cold, and his messy red hair was sticking out of his hat. “Besides, you owe me one, darling.” He winked at you. “Trust me,”

    Trust you, you thought. At least he was charming. You groaned and let your head fall into his chest as he continued to laugh. The two of you were huddled close together behind a statue, watching intently as Professor Snape was chatting with another teacher. You were waiting for him to head back into the castle towards the dungeons—and as soon as he did, it was game time. All Fred’s idea, obviously.

    “What could I have possibly done in a previous life to have been given this sort of punishment?” You asked nobody in particular as Fred dropped the first snowball into your hand. Go time.

    “I’ve made extra, but I’m hoping one will do the trick,” he said to you, winking mischievously. “Don’t miss.”

    “I hate you,” you told him. As Professor Snape turned on his foot and made his way cautiously from the courtyard to the castle, you heard Fred clear his throat beside you and poke you in the ribs. I swear to god, Weasley, you thought, but couldn’t help but smile giddily, and launched the snowball across the courtyard. To your surprise, it hit Snape square in the back of his greasy head, and he was not happy.

    His growl intensified. “Who threw that?! You nasty little—”

    Fred was shocked and could not hold back his laughter. “Well—that worked out better than I’d planned. Let’s go!”

    He grabbed your hand and the two of you sprinted through the heavy snow, into the castle, as far away as you could from the courtyard, as Snape’s screams still lingered in your ears. You could hear the pounding of his footsteps against the marble floor. He was nearing closer. The sheer horror on Fred’s face was rather unnerving and amusing at the same time—he was never nervous. “This way!” you whispered as you spotted a broom cupboard just across the hall. The two of you ran inside and shut the door quietly. “Muffliato!” You said, just as Fred backed into a cabinet of cleaning supplies and knocked them right into the floor with a loud crash! You both froze—eyes wide and red faced—and waited for something, anything—to see if the charm had worked before the supplies came crashing down and you were safe for the time being.

    You heard Snape’s footsteps approaching again and they stopped right in front of the broom cupboard. We’re caught, it’s over, we’re done for, you thought, but just as you imagined everything coming to an end, you listened and heard as Snape’s footsteps sounded more and more distant until finally, they were gone. The charm had worked! The bloody charm had worked and the two of you were in the clear.

    Both of you let out sighs of relief, and Fred ripped his hat from his head. His hair, messy and askew, was wet on the ends from the snow, and his cheeks were rosy from the cold. He almost looked frostbitten. “Nothing like a bit of an adrenaline rush, huh?” He asked you. “That was bloody brilliant,”

    “I am never doing that again,” you told him straightforwardly. Your heart was still pounding, and you could see the rise and fall of your chest even though you were looking directly at him. His eyes were still sparkling and his smirk was nothing but enticing. “What, Fred?”

    He moved closer to you.


    Closer, still.

    “Oh bloody hell, Freddie, what’re you doing?”

    He was teasing you. “You have to admit that was at least a little fun. Didn’t I tell you to trust me?” He ran his fingers through your hair. The adrenaline pumping through your veins was no longer from almost being caught, but from being closer than you’d ever been to Fred Weasley. You could count the freckles on his nose, you could trace the outline of his lips with your finger— “And you know you want to do it again.”

    “Ugh,” you groaned, and then he wrapped his arms around your waist, his hands tightening around your hips and the small of your back. The Muffliato charm was working—you had some time to be alone in there without being caught—and his charm seemed to be working, too. Your heart thundered in your chest as he inched closer, and you felt your insides go warm when he gently moved his finger across your jawline. His lips met yours in a fiery passion. You smiled into the kiss and couldn’t help but laugh, “Only for you, Weasley.”

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  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

    Welcome to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, a joke shop located at Number 93 Diagon Alley founded by Fred and George Weasley. 

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