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    18.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    A god and his favourite human

    Request for @allinory 

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  • baka-monarch
    18.04.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Random stuff about Pokemon au because it has taken over part of my brain-

    Tommy is Tubbo's starter Pokemon

    After Tubbo caught Ranboo- Tommy was immediately jealous and the first time Tubbo called out Ranboo before him Tommy didn't listen to Tubbo at all and didn't do any attacks during the battle-

    Ralts was George's starter Pokemon- but not by choice. This Ralts supposedly had something wrong with them, as they'd say "Dream" instead of they're name and one day when they got a hold of a mask they would never let any of the professors tek it from him... So when the day came to choose Pokemon everyone chose all the other starters and George was left with this very annoying Ralts that he guesses wants to be called Dream.....

    Techno owns a gym called The Blood Gy- *Corviknight squawking is heard* -The Hardcore Gym with the mc hardcore heart as the syble/badge (from when Techno was just starting as a kid becoming a trainer and he'd gotten stuck in a rock slide with a Corviknight and they had to help each other survive- until they got out and found that the rock slide make a weird heart shape- after that Corviknight, or, Philza, became Techno's main Pokemon)

    All of Techno's Pokemon have his gym symbol on them- Phil/Corviknight has it painted on his chest, and Wilbur/Toxtricity has an oversized yellow sweater with it on the chest

    As of recent (around the time Tubbo starts his path to becoming a trainer) Team Rocket has integrated to be part of another larger group that's even more mysterious- one called The Eggpire. Nobody knows anything about the Eggpire apart from a few rumors that it's run by Pokemon....

    Niki and Jack are part of Team Rocket with their main Pokemon Ant/Meowth- and they're all completely convinced that Tubbo's Torchick is more powerful them normal (Tommy is an average Torchick- nothing special- as always Team Rocket is just idiots) so they are deturmined to catch Torchick for Team Rocket/The Eggpire!!!!!

    #mcyt#pokemon au#tubbo#Technoblade#georgenotfound#niki#jack manifold #pokemon!tommy #pokemon!ranboo #pokemon!philza #pokemon!Wilbur #pokemon!dream #pokemon!sapnap #pokemon!antfrost #pokemon!badboyhalo
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  • salmons-of-lmanburg
    18.04.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Favorite Mortals: DreamXD



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  • prettyboydream
    18.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago


    #dream smp#georgenotfound #sorry for yelling im just very curious #i wanna know. what dream n george (ccs) think it means to be human too just out of curiosity #but mostly c!george
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  • goldenlie
    18.04.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    So I was considering what would happen if C!George were to visit Dream in prison but his timing correlated with Quackity showing up to torture him. Although I feel he would hold some compassion towards Dream and confront Quackity, imagine if he was on board.

    Just outside the prison everyday cheering Quackity on like "Day 23! Give it up for day 23!". He's marking the days off the calendar, giving him a pep talk beforehand like its a boxing match. There's something funny to me about Dreams last hope rallying a fanbase behind his demise.

    #/rp #anyway not gonna happen but still what a visual #Georges tendency to go along with Quackity is not applied to this scenario alone #anything else including searching old warehouses for Pokémon packs is plausible #georgenotfound#quackity#dream smp
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  • glitchy7734
    18.04.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    "I'm telling you, Tubbo, they're up to something!" Sapnap exclaimed in frustration, pacing back and forth, speaking to a short young man. Tubbo, with kind eyes expressing their inner concerns, was minding his own business and enjoying the sunny weather when Tommy and Wilbur had 'confiscated' his brewing stand and potions, but he thought it was for a large job or prank. After confronting Wilbur, Sapnap was fuming his way back to his home when he stumbled upon a confused kind-eyed male and, after learning what had just happened, was made even more wary of the two individuals.

    "I don't know..." Tubbo spoke in a bubbly higher-pitched voice, in a similar regional accent to Wilbur. "I mean - what if they really were just playing a prank or did actually want to help?"

    "Do they look like the type of people who want to help others. The type to actually care about anyone's well-being other than their own?"

    "Well, no, not really but-"

    "Exactly!" Sapnap spoke in a deeper, more prominent voice - American accent with the under-linings of Southern Drawl. "I say this - we go check out their hide-out. Y'know the Cara- Cama-"


    "Whatever. Let's just take a look, alright?"


    To be fair, this was not how Sapnap wanted this to go. After he and Tubbo arrived at the 'Camarvan', they noticed how Wilbur did not care that they had just discovered their whole operation and this became very clear very quickly. Shortly after a heated argument over the illegal and immoral implications of owning a drug empire were, Wilbur's son, Fundy, stumbled into the area. Despite clearly being outnumbered, Wilbur was very clearly not outwitted as after Fundy joined, he shouted out white lies left, right, and centre.

    "You're accusing me of confiscating highly dangerous and addictive substances because they're what you want! Come to terms with it Sapnap - you have an addiction to these potions and want to hoard all them to yourself! Maybe you want to start a drug empire yourself, huh?"

    Fundy's fluffy ears flattened against the top of his head while his father shouted, it was rare to see him so - angry? He couldn't tell if he was upset at Sapnap because this was different from the other few times he got mad, it seemed... forced.

    That's when it clicked in.

    "Oh shut up! You stole everyone's stuff just so you could get rich off of exploiting everyone and getting them addicted to drugs!" Sapnap retaliated to Wilbur. "And you are starting a fight and drug operation right in front of your fucking son!"

    Fundy spoke calmly with an airy tone. "I don't know. This seems like a pretty normal hot dog van to me. It is a hot dog van, isn't it, Wil?"

    While this long-winded argument was occurring, hidden in the backroom, Tommy attempted to hide the brewing stands and ingredients within an enderchest - which worked as a gateway to a pocket dimension to only store objects and only who owned it may have access to it. He silently rushed around and stuffed as much as he could in the enderchest, his blonde fluffy hair bounding with him as he did so. The shouts grew louder from the opposite end of the vehicle, which made it easier for Tommy to move around. Stand after stand, warts and rods, creams and tears, half-made potions, one right after the other.

    That was then when there was a loud knock at the door.

    Everyone froze. Their arguments long forgotten as they stared holes into the door. Wilbur swallowed thickly before shuffling over to the heavy iron door and calmly opening it. There stood Purpled and Ponk holding crossbows to Wilbur, two other inhabitants of D'Simpariya and they were known for their grudges held against Tommy. "Wilbur," Purpled started, his voice held a clear American accent and he spoke in a slightly higher voice as he was only seventeen.

    "Wilbur Soot, you are under arrest."

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  • scrawnycatra
    18.04.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #ask#amigops#mcyt#dream team#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#sapnap#sykkuno#valkyrae#corpse husband#disguised toast#tommyinnit #i wanted to talk quackity too but tbh i haven't seen many of his youtube videos #mostly his streams #quackity is chef KISS tho #god it was so hard not to info dump here #i really just said drop links #anyway here u go #i hope this helped #fruitymuppets
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  • bapples
    18.04.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    comfort doodle

    #dream smp #dream smp fanart #georgenotfound#doods#mcyt #gogy and dre what will they do
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  • insertchaoticenbyname
    18.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie, those posts about 12 year old girls being ‘down bad’ and how they’re ‘going after’ Dream and George after a few people in the fandom acted off are very weird and feel creepy as shit. Like why are y’all using people who aren’t even teens (not saying using teens would be an okay idea either) as a representative for a group of people sexualising literal adults? Same vibes as teachers telling girls to change because they’re ‘distracting a teacher with their shoulders’ tbh

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  • tabzanite
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You know a characters good when half a fandom hates them and the other fandom loves them or when there are countless arguments whether theyre a good person or not. Reason number 59 why i love the Dream Smp storyline-

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  • angy-mouse
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • axokoi
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “And the universe said I love you because you are love.”

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  • space-gorl
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @effable-as-f ok so here my theories so i can kinda explain what i think happened:

    The beggining was real, look at george call niki and bad 'lore woman and lore gremlin' as they confused respond they dont know what he's talking about (this fact is important given that quackity's stream only ended like 5 minutes before that, impliying quackity's stream was a dream and he just woke up, also if im not wrong, he started the stream in a bed placed in spawn (bed in which he wakes up at the last 5 minutes of stream) which gives further evidence to the first bit of the stream to be real)

    Then, after mexican dream burns the house, he just dissapears, when george niki and bad go to set off the fire, mexican dream dissapears, 2 minutes later, dreamXD appears, then before dreamXD appeared george burnt himself as the fire kept spreading and kept yelling 'IM DYING', after that things started to get weird.

    In conclusion my theory is basically that george passed out setting off the fire in karl's house, and given that dreamxd's presence in george's dreams affect reality, dreamxd probably popped out to save george from dying, and placed him back to his bed in spawn, then i RLLY DONT KNOW HOW IT WORKS BUT DREAMXD CAN COMMUNICATE WITH GEORGE TROUGH DREAMS SO IG HE DID HIS MAGIC SHIT and gave beggining to all of what happened next after saving george's life. /rp

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  • lixxen
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thanks to the Omegaverse discourse on TikTok, I have explained ABO/Omegaverse to a handful of people, had to explain how healthy ABO fics should look like, how pack dynamics are blessed within ABO, and how Voltron was one of the best fanbases to portray ABO and ABO pack dynamics.

    I have also had agreements on who would be what secondary ABO gender in both DreamSMP AND Daredevil and I have taken 10 psychic damage.

    In 2021 I didn't think I'd have to explain why Wilson Fisk is obviously an Omega who has had traumas by a oppressive father and how Georgenotfound is a Beta and not an Omega just because he looks the part.

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  • blooskysims
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It's a "Dream" house! Perfect for a pair of mega-famous gamer boys who totally aren't completely infatuated with each other and are totally not fueling the fire. Very mid century modern, and aspiring minimalist but ultimately failing at that. One bedroom, one bathroom, two dedicated offices in signature colors.

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  • bookishbarnowl
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Night Masked With Changes: Chapter 1

    Once a month, the town held a Masquerade Ball. Ostensibly, it was a chance to catch up with your neighbors and enjoy a night of carefree revelry. In reality, it was paradise for anyone who wanted to get away from who they were during the day. Not everyone hid their identities, but most did, and they came from all walks of life.

    Clay's finally ready to attend the Ball himself, determined to explore the world beyond the castle. Romance is not something he accounted for. Whoops.

    Warnings: None

    Relationships: Dream & Technoblade (twins), Dream/George, Dream & Wilbur, Dream & Sapnap, Dream & Fundy, Phil/Kristen

    Word Count: 1,929

    Ao3 Link: Here

    Chapters: 1 (here) 2 3 …

    The clock in the Great Hall had just sounded twice, and the castle was silent. Guards were just beginning to nod at their posts, servants had long since retired to bed, and the royal family should have been asleep in their beds. The young crown prince was defying expectations.

    Clay carefully shut the door of his bedroom with a quiet click, his usual extravagant attire exchanged for a simplistic suit of forest green and a dark cloak. He’d spent the last few nights working on his mask, a blank white disc carefully fitted to his face and painted with a plain black smile. It was embellished with stylized ferns and edged with painstakingly painted daisies. He was proud of it, perhaps embarrassingly so. Art was not one of his strong points.

    He spared a quick glance towards the door a few rooms down from his own, knowing his twin, Technoblade, was asleep inside. He’d seriously considered dragging him along on this little excursion he had planned, but ultimately decided he couldn’t risk it. His brother could carry a secret to his grave if he wanted to, but he was a serious stick in the mud about rule breaking. Clay’s general rule of thumb with his brother was that if it could get him in trouble, he kept it to himself, and he really didn’t want his dad to find out about this. This was most definitely in that category, so tonight he was alone.

    The other person he’d desperately wanted to confide in was George, his best friend. Technically, he was Clay’s valet and manservant, but over the years their relationship had evolved into something much deeper than that. They spent most of the day together and their friendship had gone from tentative giggling at jokes the other made to raucous late night gossiping sessions and sharing practically everything with each other. George had been the first person brave enough to make fun of him (besides Techno- he didn’t count) and Dream found that he actually liked being the butt of a joke when he could laugh with the person and snap back with some witty retort. George wasn’t afraid of him, and when one was the crown prince, unprejudiced companionship was a valuable commodity.

    His friend was currently asleep in the servants quarters far below him in the depths of the castle, sharing a bedroom with fellow servant Floris. After a lot of troubled consideration, he’d decided that he would keep this escapade a secret, at least for now. The worst that could happen to him was he’d be grounded or punished by his dad, but George could lose his job or even worse if he was discovered helping Clay sneak out of the castle. His father wouldn’t care whose idea it had been, only that they were both involved. He was not willing to put that on the line, so no matter how guilty it made him feel, he was going to do this by himself. Besides, Floris was a light sleeper. It would be hard to avoid waking him up.

    He slipped down the hall and crept down the stairs on cat feet, tying the strings of the mask behind his head as he went. Getting out of the castle was a simple matter, he’d long ago discovered a window that was loose in its casing and large enough to fit through while being light enough to lift by himself. He could slot it back into place from either side of the wall, which made it the perfect escape route.

    The outer wall was a bit more of a challenge, but there was a reason he’d waited until this exact moment. There were only twenty minutes until the next change of the guard, so they would be tired and bleary from four hours of alertness. If he was careful, he could sneak up to a parapet and let himself down with a rope, which is exactly what he did.

    He landed on the ground with a soft thud, tying his rope to a nearby tree so that it couldn’t be pulled back up without a hassle. He checked that his mask was secure on his face, then darted off into the night, bound for the brightly lit village in the distance.

    Once a month, the town held a Masquerade Ball. Ostensibly, it was a chance to catch up with your neighbors and enjoy a night of carefree revelry. In reality, it was paradise for anyone who wanted to get away from who they were during the day. Not everyone hid their identities, but most did, and they came from all walks of life. Some came in shoddily patched linen with burlap sacks over their faces and some came in fine silk with embroidered bandanas hiding the countenances of high profile officials, but all were treated with the same welcoming spirit. One’s real name was a well-respected secret, and unmasking someone was the ultimate act of cowardice. Anyone who broke that trust would be punished without remorse.

    Clay had known about the event for quite some time now, having heard a few details from George, and had finally worked up the courage to attend himself. He was sick and tired of everyone looking at him and seeing someone to be impressed and flattered. He wanted to meet someone as himself for once. Tonight, he wasn’t the crown prince. With the mask and costume on, he became Dream, his idealized self.

    He snuck into the town square through an inconspicuous alleyway, ducking into the crowd and hoping he hadn’t been noticed by too many people. He wasn’t looking to draw attention yet. He got a few looks, but most people were content to return to their own conversations and pay him no mind. He was about to sigh in relief, glad to have made it in unscathed, when someone touched his shoulder. He jumped and rapidly turned to face them.

    It was a man in a pale tunic and dark pants, the bottom half of his face covered with a cream-colored bandana and sparkling black eyes winking mischievously at him from the upper half.

    “Welcome to the Ball,” he offered cheerfully. “You seem like you haven’t been here before.”

    Clay nodded, not trusting himself to speak yet without giving himself away.

    “Well, if you’d like a dance partner, I would be honored to make your acquaintance.” The man bowed cheekily, extending his hand in invitation.

    Clay couldn’t think of a good reason to refuse. He was Dream now, and Dream took risks. Dream could afford to dance with strangers without fear of judgement. He nodded again and took the man’s hand. He was promptly whisked off to the center of the square, where about a dozen couples were dancing to the lively music.

    He was grateful for the years of rigorous lessons he had to fall back on as the masked man swept him into the forms of the dance with confident ease. His new friend was leading, but he found he didn’t care much and excitement thrilled in his heart as the man swung him into a dip with a brilliant smile that was obvious even with his mouth obscured.

    He felt so alive he could fly, grinning like a madman as the two of them twirled across the square in perfect step. His cape swirled behind him in effortless elegance when he spun, the lightweight fabric echoing his thoughts as he realized he could never happily go back to the heavy woolen mantle he wore to formal events. He’d never danced like this outside of the privacy of his lessons, and it was exhilarating.

    The last measure of the song sounded with a triumphant zing, moving into a more sedate melody. His dance partner bowed once again, breathing hard and eyes wild with delight. Clay, equally tired and elated, bowed low in return.

    “May I steal you for one more?” the man asked, nodding towards the other couples, who had transitioned to a stately waltz.

    In response, Clay caught his arm and took the lead, placing a firm hand on his waist and gently guiding them into the first steps of the dance. They were the epitome of grace, well-matched in skill and dexterity as they flowed through the figures of the waltz. He started to notice a few people staring, growing aware that compared to most of the other attendees this level of expertise was unusual. He decided he didn’t mind the eyes on him as much as he usually did.

    With the relaxed pace of the slower song, he was free to fully take in the man in front of him. He was a couple inches shorter than Clay himself and had a shock of dark hair that stuck up in all directions, his skin a few shades shy of olive. The hand clasped in his was callused around the fingers but not the palms, so he probably wasn’t a manual laborer, but he was still well-muscled. His costume was simple but the fabric was a far cry from the coarse cotton of many people here.

    Clay estimated he was somewhere in the upper middle class, but he had no idea who was standing in front of him. He felt sure he would’ve remembered those impish eyes if he’d seen them before.

    He wondered how he himself looked. He knew his height and fitness weren’t anything to scoff at, and compliments on his appearance were common, but what impression did he make without his famous face? He felt mysterious and intriguing, and certainly something about him had attracted this man’s attention. It felt good, knowing that he was interesting enough to seek out even without his title. He was sure his joy must be showing on his face, and he wished he didn’t need to hide it.

    “So,” his partner began, interrupting his thoughts, “do you speak, masked man? I would love to know the voice that matches such exquisite dance skills.”

    Clay cleared his throat, pitching his voice a few tones higher than usual. “My ability is no greater than yours,” he said appreciatively.

    The bright eye-smile was back. “It’s rare I find such a well-trained dance partner, good sir. Do you have something I can call you?”

    “Dream,” he answered warmly. “And what can I call you?”

    “Sapnap,” he replied. “And what are you seeking tonight?”

    He thought for a moment. He obviously couldn’t say he was escaping royal responsibilities. “An unbiased eye,” he admitted after a brief hesitation. “Why are you here?”

    “Why, to dance!” Sapnap laughed. “It’s a Ball, after all. You’re the best partner I’ve seen since the Blood God, and I’ve been coming every month for ten years.”

    “Who’s the Blood God? Are they a regular attendee?” he questioned, interest piqued. The name itself evoked fear and awe, but a certain majesty tempered it. And they were apparently a dancer as well.

    “He comes most times. He’s here tonight, actually. He keeps to himself, but I finally convinced him to favor me with a dance a few months ago. He’s a very strong performer. He’s dressed in a red cloak and a pig mask, if you’d like to find him later.” He glanced over Clay’s shoulder and his eyes widened. “Or you can meet him now. He’s coming this way.” His expression switched into something more nervous. “To be quite frank, he intimidates me. Act cool.”

    Clay laughed lightly and finished the waltz, bowing to Sapnap one more time before turning around to meet the Blood God. His jaw dropped as he saw who was pushing his way through the crowd, suddenly very glad indeed that his face was covered.

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  • hauntedbagelpizzacroissant
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Conspiracy theory: All of the Dream Shorts videos are lore, and they have hidden messages in each video.

    Soon the Dream Team will reveal that all Dream Shorts lead to a message for us to decode, and all of the skits will tie together.

    In this essay I will

    #/j obviously #i reckon this will be brought back up in june or july /j #dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#sapnap#badboyhalo#dream shorts#dream smp#mcyt
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  • prettyboydream
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    in this video, we coded it so that the splash text on the minecraft title screen displays the ship name of me and my friend, george, with an emoticon heart next to it. this means that whenever i open minecraft, my favourite game, i will be conditioned to think of not only my close friend georgenotfound, but the idea that we’re romantically involved, keep watching to find out what happens next. also, only a small percenta-

    #georgenotfound#dreamwastaken #i was posseses by mr wastaken himself to write this #did you or did you not read this in his voice be honest /j #dnf
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  • strandedcrow
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    that clip of sap and george screaming at each other during among us is the actual reason dream won’t let george move in yet,, man needs time to mentally prepare to live with That

    #is dream a fuckin. covid warrior? yes. but also? holy shit could you imagine #dream team#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#sapnap
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  • nightcreepsin
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dnf fics that have made me smile recently

    i’ve been going through a lot, and reading fic has been a nice break. so here are some fics that i’ve really enjoyed (nsfw recs under the cut)

    treehouse by plvioqhile - dream and george's relationship through the eyes of their best friend. it's a wip but i couldn't stop smiling the entire time i was reading it. outsider pov fics are just something else.

    pretty privilege by pelican_noises - george with pretty privilege + jealous dream, ft feral boys and wilbur. people flirting with oblivious george is always so wholesome.

    homecoming by disgustedvictories - to the students, dream and george are rival teachers. to each other they are best friends living together. perhaps something more?

    can i get a kiss for good luck? by westywallowing - i love heroes of olympus so so so much. this is a son of neptune ish au, and everything about it was absolutely perfect.

    any place, any time by zypral - for anyone in a geoguessr drought, take this geoguessr in real life au. dream and george wake up in a different place everyday, but maybe home isn't a place.

    weak knees; don't go by limerence - dream is a pining idiot. it's the summer after high school and this fic has somehow made me nostalgic.

    hear the child within me screaming by andthentheybow - dream is forced to supervise his younger brother's field trip, but it's not so bad once he sees the teacher. more pining dream it's great.

    whatever you make me (wherever you are) by squigly - 500 days of summer au with a twist on the ending. it's a bit angsty but so so well written. and dream and george are so well characterized its so good.

    nsfw fics (if you've seen my recs before i simply cannot not rec some spicy fics)

    my original sin by zonegoose - i always see fics writing dream as a demon, but take angel dream and demon george. ugh there are many feels and it has the trope of sensitive angel wings i can't even describe how good this is just read it please.

    pen pressure by souhiyori - this is one of my favorite authors and i love basically everything they write, but this is a recent favorite. dream draws on george and discovers just how sensitive he is.

    all i wanna do is surround you by ivalander - what happens after george shows dream that over sized hoodie he bought. lots of teasing with a side of webcam s*x.

    pretty privilege by molly roll, occultisaperta - prison au where george has pretty privilege and dream is just trying to protect what is his. i love this au. and it has a tasteful hint of corpsekkuno if that's your thing.

    here are my other formal fic recs if you want more! i tag anything related to fic with "fic recs" and "night recs fics"

    part 1, part 2, part 3

    also if you have specific requests for tropes or aus feel free to send an ask and i will do my best to find something in my arsenal

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