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  • goldenlie
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Rewatching the L'manberg elections purely for Quackitys realization in real time that his running mate, Georgenotfound (who he barely spoke to before this), isn't as shy and reserved as he initially assumed. (Full transcript below)

    Clip 1

    Tommy (T): Le-Let's everyone let's quite down. Go on, go ahead George. Quackity (Q): (simultaneously) I don't see why you're associating him (George) with Dream, he's his own entity... (Away from mic) he's his own entity. George (G): He gave you the money, it is now your money. Dream gave you the money and then now it is yours. Just because it says "signed by Dream"- Oh if I, if I write on a twenty pound note "George's money" and give it to you and then you give it to someone else, is that me giving it to them? No! It's not, you're ridiculous. T: Ok well you're making a (inaudible) Q: (muting mic so only chat can hear) HE'S SO GOOD! HE'S SO GOOD CHAT G: You have no- you have no comeback. Look I don't want you (pause) blood money, ok? That's disgusting. (Throws back 8 books entitled $2500) T: That's not- ok you don't have to- it uh it doesn't mean anything. Fundy: *gasps* Karl: Can I still have that? (Referring to the money) Jack: No I'll take that. G: No, it means everything Q: (still muted) He's so fucking good

    Clip 2

    Wilbur (W): (mocking George, high pitched voice) "We're gonna use historical data to innovate" shut the fuck up Georgenotfound. Audience: *Whoa* G: Let me talk, let me talk. If you're- Q: *Whoa* (x2) Is this your president? Is this your president right here? (F5 mode capturing Wilbur) T: Hey George when's the vlog dropping? W: This is your fucking president. T: Cause I'm not sure you even met up with Wilbur. G: When you ask to talk I allow it but when I talk Q: This is a direct attack G: When I talk it's all (mocking) "BluBluBluBluBlu" shut up, okay? Listen Q: OH *laughing* T: Hey George what color is this bitch? (Places blue wool block) Jack: My goodness Gogy. W: (Stern and approaching George) George, George, George G: It's not about innovation, it is about quality. W: Gogy, Gogy, bow in the presence of your president. Q: Yikes, yikes, yikes he really just said that. G: (takes out sword, jumps on podium, shifting twice looking down to Wilbur) Audience: OHH (Jack laughing) W: Tubbo I'd like- Tubbo I would like- Listen Q: WOO WHOA Staring down to him! Staring straight down to him! W: Listen, Tubbo I would like- Tubbo I would like for the- for you to please control of this and actually fuel some debate questions Q: (in background) Holy shit W: This is turning into- This is turning into how you would describe a pissing match. Tubbo: Yeah, yeah okay Q: (delighted) That was a power move.
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  • emlarrr25
    03.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    daily dsmp headcanons:

    day 3 - dream xd constantly gifts george expensive gold jewellery as a sign of affection. it’s far too heavy to be comfortable and sometimes gets painful, but xd would get mad if he got rejected, so george has no choice but to wear it.

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  • lemliv
    03.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    I told you - he just looks like some dude ! He’s a very neutral design as in the au he’s a neutral person to me.

    But yeah !! George ! His candy was directly a suggestion of the polls and an anon! I think these particular candies are sour but the consensus on the poll was a kinda sweet candy !

    I’d like to say the 404 in his design is a reference obviously to his user - and doesn’t have a connection to ranboo in this au, I just thought it was a neat idea!

    There isn’t much to his design that I can say other than in this au he’s closest to dream and sapnap !

    Here’s the master list ! It needs to be updated though pft

    #mcyt sugar rush au #sr!george #georgenotfound#mcyt#mcytblr#fanart#lemliv art
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  • riversnothere
    03.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    My mans is sleepin forever

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  • gavin-screaming
    03.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago


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  • areum120
    03.08.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Grandpa dream telling stories

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  • melancholycatastrophe
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    me, vibrating intensely: dteam as superheros and the bench trio as their mentees. dream mentors ranboo, sapnap mentors tubbo, and george is supposed to mentor tommy but the two end up causing mayhem every time they're left alone together

    #IM WRITING THIS IM WRITING THIS IM WRITING THIS #tommyinnit#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#sapnap #the dream team #tubbo#ranboo#bench trio#fanfic ideas
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  • lu-isgone
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • bastardbvby
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dream last summer truly was Something huh

    #the way he would stutter and blush before every saying something like this now outside of like jackbox raps😭😭😭 #george’s deep breath at the end i’m- #dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#dnf#my clips
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  • gnf-but-everywhere
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • basilly
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    'guys i have an announcement' | cc!mcyts x reader

    request: hey basil!!! can i please request a headcanon of how the mcyts would tell chat you’re dating? preferably she/her with streamer!reader
    note: yup! it is she/her but tbh u can substitute it in ur brain <3
    includes [all cc!] : wilbur, george, dream, sapnap, karl, quackity
    pronouns: she/her
    not edited
    warnings: swears


    . he's SO nervous

    . you probably had to talk to him a lot and reassure him because he doesn't want anyone to come and attack you :(

    . it was probably also in an alt stream so not everyone saw the reveal, he didn't want to overwhelm you or himself

    "hey guys, by the way if you ever hear another voice back here or anything- that's my s/o, y/n. and before anyone goes out to attack them, i love them a lot and you will be blocked."


    . he was prob on stream and it wasn't planned

    . like he was fighting with dream

    "dream you're a dumbass, i do have a s/o." "yea right." "it's true! you probably know her too, y/n?"

    . sapnap hates being clowned so <3


    . he would pull one of those "i have a HUGE announcement, tune in on my stream"

    . he hypes it up sm but everyone thinks it's just a merch drop again

    . also does another crazy ridiculous stream

    "guys if you want to hear the announcement, you have to subscribe and prime."

    . everyone flips when they find out though-

    "ok guys- so i actually have a s/o, you may or may not know them, y/n."


    . he is SO excited

    . has a whole stream planned to introduce you, he just wants to show you off <33

    . he almost immediately spills it on stream-

    "guys she's the most stunning person ever, i love her so much- guys guys guys she's here!!"

    . he's so excited to finally stream together as a couple


    . its either planned out or completely accidental

    . like- you're streaming and he calls you

    . before you could tell him you were live he starts going off

    "babee i'm so tired, can we cuddle when i get home?" "quackity i'm live-" "fuck shit-"

    . hangs up in panic


    . this man probably didn't want to share it tbh, you had to convince him

    "guys you need to shut up, i have a s/o."

    . as chat goes insane he then goes-

    "chat you can't believe everything i say, i'm lying."

    . then you walk in-

    . twitter has a meltdown

    @inniterhq @dysfunctionalcrab @yamturds @strawberrymilkgeorge @mitzimania @cherios @ttakinou @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc

    #mcyt x reader #dreamwastaken x reader #dream smp x reader #dsmp x reader #quackity x reader #sapnap x reader #georgenotfound x reader #karl jacobs x reader #wilbur soot x reader #mcyt fanfic#mcyt headcanons#mcyt headcanon#mcyt fluff#mcyt fic#mcyt fanfiction #dream x reader #dreamwastaken fluff#dreamwastaken fanfic#dream fluff#dream fanfic #dream smp fic #dream smp fluff #quackity fic#quackity fanfiction#georgenotfound fluff #karl jacobs fluff
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  • crasans
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    multiple x seamstress!reader

    a/n: all the characters featured here are their dsmp characters. had this in the works for a bit lol i hope you enjoy it. could be platonic or romantic actually.
    featuring: technoblade, wilbur soot, dream, georgenotfound

    techno just enjoys watching you work.

    he could just come in after a long day, find you sitting on the cabin floor just swaddled in cloths, looking very focused.

    will help you with carrying heavy cloths and unraveling them because he just has bigger limbs compared to yours

    you keep this spoon of golden thread just for him. he found it in some village so you knew it was really rare.

    that thread is how he knows you've been fixing some of his clothes, which happens a lot more than usual because .

    it's the small silent stuff that he loves.

    sometimes you'd sow stuff you think he'd like on his cape or on his clothes

    nothing big, just little trinkets by the neckline.

    so he'd be out in the nether and literally stop when he spots just a little, rough patch of golden thread in the shape of a sun and his day would be a lil bit better.

    ──── WILBUR SOOT

    wilbur somehow managed to convince you to teach him

    he makes you this yellow scarf that you use way too much.

    it's not perfect but it's one of the reasons that you love it

    it's too loose and tight on some parts

    and it just reminds you of that time you spent together and of course, it reminds you a lot of wilbur.


    you helped out a lot with the revolution.

    had a bit of fun, but mostly because of tommy. seamsters are rare so it was nice to meet someone as dedicated you.

    you two took care of the uniforms and flags. it took a lot of time and effort...

    but you wouldn't say it's one of your finest moments.

    ──── DREAM

    in the beginning of the server, when they were still halfway through finishing the community house, you were sewing a really big blanket as some sort of housewarming gift

    it's a memory he's very fond of because everything back then was so simple

    when it was done, everyone just huddled together around it and you would always take it with you when all of you went for a picnic down the beach


    when he's out and about he always remembers to get something for you.

    like a rare shade of dye. a stack of lapis. paper, etc.

    you really appreciate it because you knew how much work goes into trading and the travels.

    usually when it's a busy day and he knows he needs to get out of your hair, he goes out to pick flowers.


    very intimidating man decides to go out, wander into the forest and come back out with a handful of flowers.

    in his defense, it's very calming.


    literally so lazy. will not lift a finger.

    you ask him to go get you some yellow dye by the hill and he comes back with a basket of brown mushrooms.


    he's trying it's ok.

    he would ask a lot of questions about what you were doing. get's really interested with a lot of the dyes and fabrics.

    will also try and make something

    he goes all out

    he tries very hard and tries to make a sweater

    but it ended up being an apron

    also it looked like a toddler made it

    but you frickin loved it because he tried to put on mushrooms on it and everything waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    #tadaaa #rlly had fun with this one #technoblade x reader #techno x reader #techno x you #technoblade x you #dsmp x reader #dsmp x you #wilbur soot x reader #wilbur soot x you #georgenotfound x reader #georgenotfound x you #dreamsmp x reader #dreamwastaken x reader #dream x reader #dream smp x reader #dream smp x you #dreamwastaken x you #wilbur soot fanfiction #technoblade fanfiction#dsmp fanfiction#georgenotfound fanfiction#dreamwastaken fanfiction#acwdgfdhjhakjhd
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  • dreamquackity
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    dream’s four grandchildren all looking like aged down versions of george sapnap quackity and karl implies that dream breeded with each and every one of the feral boys. in this essay i will–

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  • softinen
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    pinky promise? :] ✨

    #hello i like them a lot #this is platonic but idc how you view this #dreamnotfound#georgenotfound#dreamwastaken#dream fanart#mcyt#georgenotfound fanart#mcyt fandom#my art#digital art #artists on tumblr
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  • morgan1011
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i think there are many things to be said about this picture. many,,,,many things

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  • technosoot
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • lav1nd3r
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    gnf in da travis scott shoes

    //this is unfinished my bad

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