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  • claireallentfs
    08.09.2015 - 6 years ago

    ooc / gigi + claire

    okay we talked briefly about how these two may be friends?? I definitely think that Claire would enjoy talking about fashion w/ her and I feel like she’d basically decide to ~mentor~ Gigi and like for the most part she’s just like “why” about everyone who comes from the other side of town,  but she also likes to take some of them and basically be the emma to their harriet tbh. also she def thinks it’s “cute” that gigi does costumes ... like she def thinks that that’s less impressive than what she’s doing since gigi is just doing design for theater/ballet ... idk claire can be a little bitchy sometimes but tbh that’s probably why they are friends and not enemies b/c claire wouldn’t feel at all threatened by gigi haha?? 

    Anyway, I feel like they are probably in the very early stages of their friendship, since Gigi has only recently started working for Lorraine?  

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  • ameliapiercetfs
    18.08.2015 - 6 years ago

    ooc / gigi + mia

    I feel like Mia is def on board w/ “let’s find susan a new boyfriend” and is probably a bad influence in this area tbh (amongst others if i’m being honest ;DD)

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  • lenamilnertfs
    15.08.2015 - 6 years ago

    ooc / lena + gigi

    okay so these two definitely knew each other when lena dated nick! i think a lot of their relationship would be based on how gigi would react to someone like lena??? and someone like lena dating her bro?

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  • emmabassfordtfs
    12.08.2015 - 6 years ago

    ooc / emma + gigi

    so these two would def know each other from the theater! :D i feel like emma would really like gigi tbh and is v happy that she’s there b/c i think that lorraine basically reminds her wayyy too much of all the ppl in her parent’s social circle and she’s like “ew” and meanwhile gigi is way more pleasant <3 (i mean i have to talk w/ tina, but i do feel like lorraine is probs nicer to someone like emma than she is to someone like gigi?? but i still feel like emma would see through her b/c she’s known soo many ppl like that) BUT either way, i think she’d really enjoy gigi and i mean obvi she’s not an expert on costuming or anything, but she’d be there to give her general pointers about the company and the other staff members, etc. and how to navigate backstage, etc. etc.  

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  • auroracoletfs
    05.08.2015 - 6 years ago

    ooc / gigi + rora


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  • harrylennoxtfs
    26.07.2015 - 6 years ago

    ooc / gigi + harry

    okay so gigi and harry are the same age, so they might know each other?? i feel like there is a private school + then a public one and most of the poor kids obviously go to the public one, but idk i can see the coles possibly sending gigi to the private one??? idk?? but even if not, i feel like harry does kind of hang around on the ~wrong side of town and could have possibly met gigi, especially when they were in high school or whatever? there’s every chance that he hit on her/tried to sleep w/ her but he probably got bored with her before that happened?? 

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