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  • nik-knacks
    23.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Anderperry Week 2k21 Day Five - Sharing a Bed

    Hello! Heres just some sweet fluff, no bonk worthy things here because no <33 go to ame for that (/hj) they are just sweet

    Tags! @aedan-mills @cupiiid @maisietheweltoncow @justarandompjofan @iguanamuppet @mentalthisone @tuskofthyme

    Summary: Neil wants to cuddle, but Welton's beds are way too small for that. Maybe his friends have a solution? (Hes wrong.)

    With their relationship going steady, sharing a bed seemed like a natural next step. Well, in Neil’s mind it made sense. Todd ran like a tundra and Neil ran like a desert in the night, so sharing a bed would create a perfect balance. Plus, Neil wanted to be as close to Todd as possible, and having whispered conversations across the room from each other wasn’t the most practical thing to do.

    But, there was a certain issue. The beds at Welton were small.

    They were just plain old single beds shoved up against the opposite walls of the room and could only comfortably fit one person lying down in it. Sitting on the beds were fine, so cuddling while up right was a very common occurrence. So, it seemed that sharing a bed with his wonderful boyfriend was off the table for Neil until their days at Welton were over.

    Well, actually no. Neil never gave up. Todd said his persistence was one of his most endearing and most annoying traits. But, hey, it got him his boyfriend in the first place.

    Neil spent a while just sitting in his room trying to figure out what to do. It wasn’t like he could just replace the beds, they were school issued and also Neil did not have the time or money to buy and build a bed. Maybe his friends had advice?

    “Wow, spicy, wanna share a bed with Anderson?” Charlie teased. “Well, use protection and also try not to make too much noise, okay? You’re my best friend but I do not want to know - or hear - anything about your love life.”

    Neil groaned. “Charlie! That's not what I meant.” He said. “Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant for sleeping! And cuddles!”

    Charlie smirked. “Sure, sure. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

    “Shut up.”

    “Hey, Neil. Its okay. I understand, this a time of great change in your body. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are and what you do-”

    “Thanks for nothing, Charlie!” Neil interrupted.

    Charlie continued. “No, no Neil. As long as whatever you and Todd do is consensual and safe and you’re both into what's going on-”

    “Goodbye, Charlie!”

    “Do I need to tell you about the birds and the bees-”

    Neil raced out of the room, Charlie’s cackles echoing throughout the hall. Why’d he go to Charlie first, again?

    “What if you get caught?” Cameron asked. “You’ll be in so much trouble!”

    “They don’t check our room anyway, not when I’m one of the finest and Todd barely exists outside Keating’s class in this school.”

    “Yeah, but what if, Neil?” Cameron worried. “I’m happy for you two, but I’m just nervous. It won't end well.”

    “I know, thanks for caring.” Neil said. “I’ll be careful.”

    He smiled. “You’re my friend, Neil. Of course.”

    Well, he hadn’t gotten any advice, but he’d eased Cameron’s worries a little.

    “Make a pillow fort.” Meeks said, barely looking up from his and Pitts’ new invention.

    “Oh! That’d be fun.” Pitts agreed. “Like, a mini version of the cave in your room.”

    Neil hummed. “Yeah, but like, a pillow fort isn’t really a permanent sleeping arrangement, you get me?”

    “Yeah, but it’d still be fun.” Pitts said.

    “Pillow forts are always fun.” Meeks nodded. “We should make a pillow fort, Pittsie.”

    “Oh my god, we should!”

    Neil laughed. “At least somebody here figured out something.” He sighed. “Thanks guys, tell me when you make that pillow fort.”

    “Sure, Neil. Good luck!” Pitts called.

    “Bye Neil!” Meeks yelled.

    Knox shrugged. “I really don’t know, Neil.”

    “C’mon, Knox, you’re my last hope.” Neil said.

    “You could both… sleep on the floor?” He said. “I just heard what I said and it was dumb.”

    Neil laughed. “Yeah, a little. At least you didn’t try to give me the sex talk like Charlie did.”

    Knox snorted. “So that's why Cameron was yelling earlier.”

    “Oh my god, he's an idiot.”

    “You betcha.” Knox said. “Don’t sleep on the floor. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.”

    Neil sighed. “It's fine Knox, that's not the worst idea I’ve heard today.” He stood up. “Thanks.”

    “Hey, Neil?” Todd asked as he walked into their dorm. “Is there a reason all our friends have been asking me about our beds?”

    “Uh, no?” Neil said.


    “Okay, I was just asking advice on how we could cuddle in bed without literally merging into one person.” Neil admitted. “The beds here are small!”

    Todd smiled. “Oh- thats- thats really sweet, Neil. Uh.” Todd glanced at their beds. “Let me think… we could push our beds together and make a temporary double bed?”

    Neil grinned. “That's a great idea, Todd!”

    So, the two of them dragged Neil’s bed to be pushed right up against Todd’s. The bed wasn’t too heavy, so with the two of them, it was an easy task. Once their beds had been pushed together, the two of them flopped onto them, lying in the middle facing each other.

    “I love you.” Neil said.

    “I love you too.” Todd responded. “Let's take a nap.”

    “Yeah, that sounds nice.”

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  • inahallucination
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I have this hc that Knox, who is a romantic, is completely oblivious to other people, especially. Like if he likes someone he knows it but that/s about it. His gaydar? absolute shit. He can’t tell straight couples are couples either so you can’t even blame the heteronormativity of society. He’s just oblivious


    Knox, staring at where Todd and Neil are cuddled up with Todd’s legs thrown over Neil’s, and Neil’s face buried in his neck as they softly read poetry to each other: wow i wish i had a best friend like that


    Knox, watching pitts and meeks sneak away and come back obviously disheveled: oh no did they fight :(


    Knox, noticing Todd’s been reading love poetry (whilst tangling his fingers with Neil; softly giggling as Neil kisses his hand): woah Todd, do u have a crush or something


    #in his defense neil and todd were like that before they started dating #and they were as oblivious #and charlie encourages him because he likes chaos #dps#dps fandom#deadpoets#incorrect dps #dps incorrect quotes #dps headcanons#knox overstreet#steven meeks#gerard pitts#neil perry #todd and neil #todd anderson#charlie dalton #dead poets society #dead poets headcanons #knox overstreet headcanons #he's a mess your honor #meeks and pitts
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  • olemotionalass
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Imagine Neil is in New York for an acting job and he’s hanging out with all the other actors and actresses and this actress comes up to him and starts flirting with him. Neil is so oblivious that he thinks she’s just being nice and they’re at the bar one night and she tries to get him to go home with her. He just laughs and tells her that he’s married and she goes “nobody has to know”. I KNOW he would immediately call Todd and tell him and Todd just laughs about it and tells Neil to come home and the girl is just so offended-

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  • gallwithapall
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Am I going to watch dead poets society yet AGAIN for possibly the 100th time?


    Is this free therapy or self destructive behaviour?

    Also yes

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  • edgarallanpoebutworse
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    to all pitt’s kinnie

    i love you and you deserve the world ,pls continue being incredible

    #gerard pitt’s #gerard pitt’s kinnies #pitts kinnies #dead poets society #dps#sincerely #a steven meeks kinnie
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  • gatttacas
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    guys pitts is so good at dancing to swing

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  • in-love-with-their-relationship
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    DPS boys go to a haunted house since it’s that spooky time of the year

    Neil starts off having a lot of fun and really enjoying himself but then right at the end the actors actually start to terrify him.

    Todd jumps he doesn’t say anything or do anything he just jump sometimes.

    Charlie made bets that who ever screamed first or the most has to do the other boys homework. He screaming 19 times and ended up hugging Neil and knox until they were at home

    Knox challenged Charlie on that bet. He screamed 16 times and jumped on Neil and Charlie 7 times. He wouldn’t let go of Charlie until he passed out of fear

    Meeks and Pitts have a lot of fun and they end up smiling the entire time. They went through the house twice

    Cameron walks with Todd (they’re leading the group) and he laughs whenever he hears Charlie and knox.

    #I may be projecting on Charlie this time #Todd was offered a job there when they were leaving #Pitts works part time there #i feel like someone already did this but idk #dead poets society #dead poet society #todd anderson#charlie dalton#neil perry#richard cameron#steven meeks#dead poets#dps#gerard pitts
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  • toddtakefive
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    literally shaking and crying thinking of neil getting his first oscar............... no one talk to me wtf

    #the poets would yell so loud you could hear them over the music. the confetti. the rest of the crowd #camera people would cut to them because of how loud they are and theyd all be fucking sobbing #same with neil who would nearly break down on stage btw #he'd have his whole like 'thank you' speech and he'd end it with 'and the biggest thanks to my father. john keating' #and keating would be in total shambles #anyways neil perry i love you and you deserve the world im so sorry my dad mistook you for your own father it was so fucked up of him #gen tags after this: #dps #dead poets society #neil perry#todd anderson#knox overstreet#charlie dalton#richard cameron#john keating#steven meeks#gerard pitts
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  • unmannedflyingdeskset
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #NO ONE BE MAD AT ME PLS I MADE THIS ON A WHIM #dps #dead poets society #dead poets honor #dead poets edit #dead poets society memes #dps fandom#dps memes#dps headcanons#neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#steven meeks#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#mr keating#richard cameron
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  • justanotherdeceasedpoet
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Someone please share their obscure dead poets head cannons with me i am sad and need them in my life

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  • inahallucination
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    dead poets society as shit said at my uni pt 2

    Part 1


    Charlie, at any minor inconvenience: That’s not fun. That’s not flirty. That’s not /fresh/.

    Neil, when his life is falling apart: That’s not fun. That’s not flirty. That’s not /fresh/.


    One of the poets: *sobbing*

    Cameron , on the way to class: *awkward pause*

    Cameron, internally: wait imma be late

    Cameron: *walks away*


    Literally anyone: do you have a moment to tal-

    Todd: *aggressively turns headphone volume to the loudest setting*


    Charlie: I think i’ve lost about half of my brain cells

    Cameron: So one.


    Meeks: Bikini bottoms? More like your a bikini bottom

    Meeks: Am I right gentlemen?

    Neil: No bottom slander

    Meeks: No it’s okay, i can reclaim it


    Pitts: ok so how do we convince everyone to agree to the same amount of points, so that everyone gets extra credit?

    Charlie, yelling: If you don’t agree, you’re an asshole

    Cameron: Well, I’ve been called an asshole several times before so-


    #dps fandom#deadpoets #dps incorrect quotes #incorrect dead poets society #dead poets society #incorrect dps #incorrect dps quotes #dead poets society incorrect #anderperry#neil perry #todd and neil #todd anderson#charlie dalton#richard cameron#steven meeks#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#dps headcanons#dps memes#source: me#source: uni #well actually me and a bunch of other miserable college students
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  • mauvefayette6
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Master List :)

    includes: Charlie Dalton, Todd Anderson, Gerard Pitts, Steven Meeks, Neil Perry, Knox Overstreet, Richard Cameron, Chris Noel

    DISCLAIMER!: The Dead Poet Society characters are NOT MINE the scenarios/one-shots I came up with. YOU belong to YOURSELF TW/CW will be in front of every scenarios!

    QUICK TW/CW there will be kissing, mentions of food, hugging, and swearing! If any of these make you uncomfortable/you don't like it pls don't read the scenarios/one-shots!!



    How You Meet

    Becoming Friends

    They Asks You On A Date

    The Date

    Sneaking Out

    They Asks You To Be Their Partner

    They Meets Your Friends

    You Meet Their Friends

    First Kiss

    Hanging Out With Them

    Joining Their Secret Society


    Jealous (you)

    Jealous (them)

    Your Song

    They Meet Your Parents

    You Meet Their Parents

    Nicknames For Each Other

    Texting Each Other

    Wearing Matching Clothes

    Getting High Together

    Music They Listen To

    Watching Weird Movies Together

    Doing Their Makeup

    Midnight Walks

    Your First Time With Them

    When You Get Sick

    First “I Love You”


    Cuddling With Them

    Your Favorite Spot

    They Invites You To A Concert

    Late Night Calls

    School Dances

    Head Cannons:

    Dating Neil Perry Wound Include

    Dating Todd Anderson Would Include

    Dating Knox Overstreet Would Include

    Dating Charlie Dalton Would Include

    Dating Steven Meeks Would Include

    Dating Gerard Pitts Would Include

    Dating Richard Cameron Would Include

    Dating Chris Noel Would Include

    Their Hogwarts House

    How They Would React To You Breaking Up With Them

    Going to the Beach With Them

    How They Would React To Being Rejected

    Charlie Dalton Dating An Athlete

    Their Love Language

    Being in the DPS Friend Group

    What Piercing They Would Get

    Their Way of Saying “I Love You” (w/o saying “I Love You”)

    One Shots:


    I Love You So (Knox/Charlie)

    Dinner at the Anderson’s (Neil/Todd)

    Charlie Dalton one-shots:

    The Doll (fem reader)

    Not So Secret (male reader)

    Chris Noel one-shots:

    She Looks Just Like A Dream (fem reader)

    Gerard Pitts one-shots:

    coming soon lol

    Knox Overstreet one-shots:

    Poems (fem reader)

    Neil Perry one-shots:

    Kisses (male reader)

    The Singer (GN reader)

    Richard Cameron one-shots:

    I Need A Hug (male reader)

    Steven Meeks one-shots:

    Radio Date (fem reader)

    Unrequited Love (GN reader)

    Todd Anderson one-shots:

    Somewhere Only We Know (male reader)

    They Love Him (GN reader)

    Best Friends Brother (male reader)

    The River (GN reader)

    #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society scenarios #neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#steven meeks#chris noel#richard cameron#dps headcannons#dps headcannon #dps x reader #dead poets society x reader #neil perry x reader #todd anderson x reader #charlie dalton x reader #knox overstreet x reader #steven meeks x reader #chris noel x reader #richard cameron x reader #gerard pitts x reader
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  • propaganda-for-poets
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    this meme literally should not be as funny to me as it is i study ancient greek and latin i've been able to read classic literature in english since i didn't know how to speak my first language well enough i get top of the class at every math test i'm taking two different orientations this year for the hell of it WHY the fuck am i lauGHING AT THIS

    #is THIS WHO WE ARE #IS THIS WHO WE REPRESENT #i'm so disappointed in myself #dead poets society #stephen meeks#gerard pitts
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  • ithinkthereforeidread
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    what the dead poets would listen to if they were around today

    a very comprehensive, well thought out list

    neil - taylor swift, basically every musical theatre soundtrack out there, kate bush, lorde, phoebe bridgers, cage the elephant, mitski, fleetwood mac, rina sawayama. man LOVES his women artists and we stan that behaviour

    todd - the smiths, sufjan stevens, hozier, elliott smith, the beatles, salvia palth, nick drake, mitski, slowdive, todd really has a penchant for sad white men singing and playing guitar. he has his happy guilty pleasures songs every now and then too :)

    charlie - super big into jazz and rock, think the white stripes, john coltrane, miles davis, the smashing pumpkins, joy division, chet baker, billie holiday, queen etc…

    meeks - billy joel, elton john, wallows, vampire weekend, queen, weezer, the cure, lemon demon, though i think he listens to any genre as long as he finds a song he likes in it!!

    pitts - ricky montgomery, jack stauber, the strokes, declan mckenna, peach pit, mac demarco, blur, david bowie, pitts tends to go for happier sounding music, he doesn’t let the poets know the extent that listening to music is the best part of his day and always manages to brighten up his mood

    cameron - the beatles, frankie valli, buddy holly, stevie wonder, arctic monkeys, young the giant, joni mitchell, the beach boys, deerhunter, what, there’s nothing wrong with the classics, right? cameron finds solace in the nostalgic and in some of the new. the dead poets are the most surprised at his taste.

    knox - in all honestly, (and this is knox slander) he’d probably be into mumble rap. there is lots of GOOD rap out there but knox doesn’t have any of it. artists on soundcloud, xxxtentacion, lil xan, 6ix9ine. he does however, play piano, and he listens to classical every now and then too, chopin, bach, mozart etc…

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  • toddtakefive
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    So because I’m an absolute sucker for ‘accidental secret relationship’ au’s; I wrote one. Hope everyone enjoys 10k+ words of pure stupidity! :)

    ( link and summary under the cut :D ! )

    Reliable Sources

    Famous actor and screenwriter Neil Perry is married. World renowned poet Todd Anderson is also married. To the general public - and especially the tabloids - these two statements have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

    alternatively ;

    Todd and Neil have been married for sixty years - the rest of the world apparently hasn't gotten the memo.

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  • mauvefayette6
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Going to the School Dance

    master list

    Charlie Dalton: At first Charlie was unsure how you felt about going to school dances. Only because you weren’t exactly good when it came to dancing. But you were delighted when Charlie asked you to the dance at Welton, one that Mr. Nolan was very hesitant to agree on. You two went in matching colors and had a blast.

    Chris Noel: Homecoming was coming up and you had made a big poster asking her to be your date to which she said yes to. You two wore matching colors and took loads of photos together and had the best time. You two danced to all the hits and she was crowned homecoming queen.

    Gerard Pitts: Gerard loved going out to dance, of course when no one knew who he was. But because it was a school dance he didn’t want to go because he knew his friends would make fun of the way he danced. You really wanted to go but didn’t want to force him to go. He decided last minute to go with you.

    Knox Overstreet: Knox and you NEVER missed a school dance, perfect opportunity to be the cringe couple that have choreographed dance routines for every song they played. Knox found it amusing showing off your best dance moves for everyone at school to see.

    Neil Perry: Neil and you enjoyed going to school dances, he of course loved talking to new people and inviting them to go see him on stage. He had a group of “theater” friends that would go with you two to the dances. It was a blast going out as a group and as a duo.

    Richard Cameron: Cameron was iffy about dances, he for the life of him could’t dance and was extremely shy when it cane to dancing. You of course didn’t care if he could or couldn’t dance, you loved having him around. He would accompany you to all the dances but wouldn’t dance and would just watch you lovingly as you danced with your friends.

    Steven Meeks: Meeks definitely would rather lay in bed or dance in the comfort of his room. You of course enjoyed going out to dance but also liked to mostly dance when it was just you and Meeks. When out at parties or dances you two would mostly just hang around the food area.

    Todd Anderson: Todd didn’t like dances or public settings. He’d much rather turn on some music in his room then to go out and dance in front of people. He was working on this because he knew you liked going out to parties and dance. When you proposed you went out with the Poets to the school’s dance he was hesitant at first but agreed to it. He enjoyed watching you dancing to all the songs but didn’t enjoy the loudness of the room.

    #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society scenarios #neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#steven meeks #neil perry x reader #todd anderson x reader #charlie dalton x reader #gerard pitts x reader #knox overstreet x reader #steven meeks x readers #chris noel #chris noel x reader #richard cameron #richard cameron x reader #dps headcannon#dps imagines #dps one shots #dps x reader
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  • poetofthedyingstars
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    hehe here’s fluff for u,,, i didn’t proof read this btw so notice what u notice. 

    taglist: @aedan-mills @crispin-kreme @theluminoussunflower

    “I don’t want to go,” Todd whines as he lays his back on the bed. “Come on, Cam, let’s stay indoors and sleep.”

    Cameron looked at him, exhausted and patted his shoulders as if to say ‘i want that too but’. “Charlie, Todd says he doesn’t want to go.”

    Charlie ran in their room, hands on his comb and hair. “Why? I thought you said it was okay? I already promised to you that it’s nothing batshit!”

    Todd avoided their gaze. “I dunno,” he said, almost a whisper. “Blind dates are weird.”

    “And saving people in Halloween costumes isn't?” Charlie eyed him and snickered.

    Cameron glared at him. “I swear to God- I’m going to strangle you with your most hated halloween costume.”

    Todd chuckled. “First of all, may I remind you that the costumes are your idea? It was also for the kids! And, secondly, blind dates are different. I need to share interests, talk, chill- whatever. It’s exhausting! I don’t even know who I am meeting.”

    Charlie, done fixing his hair, was putting on his suit. “Alright, let’s make a deal. I know this guy by heart- he’s really nice. So, if anything happens that makes you uncomfortable, we’ll fetch you up immediately. Is that okay?”

    Todd sat up and looked at his friends and pursued his lips. “Fine, I’m already dressed up anyways.”

    Charlie smiled and clasped his hands. “Great, Toddy! Also, Cam, honey, will you help me with the ties, please?”

    Cameron stood up to help Charlie and grunted, saying, “You know, you should really learn how to do your ties.”

    Charlie just smiled cheekily and simply shook his head. Todd sighed. Always being with his two married-like bestfriends could sometimes trigger jealousy. That’s why Charlie offered a blind date to him. Todd hesitated at first but well, he figured, if he doesn’t try he’d probably be stuck with these two. Plus, if it fails, he’s never trying it again. Simple as that.

    After a whole week of a bit of work - he might get a rest tonight. And hopefully, love too.


    Todd tapped his feet on the floor, uneasily. The restaurant was full and the two had already left him for their own date. He texted them again, just to make sure he’s not going to get stood up.

    T: “What is he wearing?”

    Chicken boi: “IDK bro he said something green u jus chill there k”

    T: “It's taking too long, should I leave?”

    Chicken boi: “toddy you’ve only been there for 3 minutes. calm down you'll be fine”

    Todd sighed and put back the phone in his pocket. He wished he was sleeping right now. In his comfortable bed, while the TV is on, showing whatever’s on the godforsaken news. Or maybe just read a book on the cozy sofa. Or maybe watching a movie while wearing his sweaters and socks. He sighed again. Anywhere but here, he supposed.

    Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted when somebody sat on the chair in front of him. He’s incredibly handsome, wearing a green sweater tucked in leather pants.

    ‘It must be the guy Charlie was talking about,’ he thought.

    “Hi,” Todd forced an awkward smile. The guy looked at him, seemed uninterested, but forced a smile too. They both stayed quiet as one did not know what to say and the other seemed to be bothered by other things.

    Todd bit the insides of his cheeks and decided to break the silence.



    They both said in unison. Todd gestured his hand to let the Guy go on first. They cleared their throat and sat up straight.

    “Okay,” they coughed again. “So, you look pretty nice, yea… cause erm, see, I’m having dinner with my buddies here and I forgot to have a reservation…”

    Oh, my god! This is the worst date ever. Todd stopped listening after they said something about inviting someone else over. Because that means Todd probably needs to leave or endure the whole evening with more strangers. If they ask Todd to stay, he would just leave. The Guy stopped talking after a minute.

    “... so, like, i hope you understand my situation- like-”

    Todd stopped him midway. “It’s fine, you can have this table.”

    The Guy looked at him as if hesitating. “Really?”

    Todd raised both of his eyebrows. “Sure. whatever. I’m leaving anyway.”

    “Oh- uhm, thank you,” they smiled but Todd didn’t spare them any attention anymore and left the resto. He didn’t even look back.

    Walking away, he felt very frustrated and embarrassed and had the urge to rip his face off- which is becoming a common occurence now. What a jerk. He didn’t even ask Todd’s number or say sorry.

    With no ride and purpose for the night, Todd searched for the nearest convenient store and bought Mogu-mogu. He bought two which are both strawberry flavored. He walked back to the resto’s parking lot. It’s spacious and eerily lonely so Todd chose to sit there. Plus, if he ever decides to call Charlie- which probably is not going to happen- it’d be easier to find him there.

    For now, he’s just going to sit here and wait an hour or two. Maybe just until his drink ran out. He sighed. Oh, to be in his bed right now. His only problems are what he is going to say when they ask him about the date.

    He stood up- walking back and forth. His shoulders slumped and his face looked like he was bombed by the sky and earth. He walked left and he walked right. He was so lost in thought he didn’t notice someone was walking behind him. They bumped into each other. Todd’s drink spilled on the other one.

    “Shit! I’m so sorry!”

    He heard them sighed. “It’s okay, I swear. I’m harvesting a lot of bad luck today.”

    It wasn’t okay with Todd. “I’m really, really, sorry. I’ll- I’ll buy you a shirt- is that okay?”

    They chuckled and looked at Todd. “Well, sure. I don't have a choice, eh?”

    Todd smiled. “Yeah…” he mumbled, embarrassed. They looked at each other for a moment. Todd swore that if he’s blushing right now, he’ll bury himself later when he gets home. Because, this beautiful man that came from god-knows-where, probably from the stars or a sculpture from the Gods itself.


    “Yeah, uhm, right, shall we… go now?”

    They went to a nearby dress shop they could find. Todd said he’ll buy anything they want.

    “Oh, don’t worry, I’m not a very dress-up person,” is what they replied but surely it was not true because they’ve been picking clothes one after another. Which is fine. But, you know.

    Todd sighed and promised himself not to get out of his house for at least a month. This is the worst day of his life and if this bottom rock can still have a downhill, he'll lose it.

    Sitting down on one of the benches in the store while his new found friend fits whatever clothes he wants in the fitting room, he checked his phone.

    New messages from Chicken boi (charlie).

    Chicken boi messages:

    yo??? how's it goin?

    my guy just texted, he'll be late

    he's wearing a brown flannel he said

    u ok?? guess u both r busy

    Todd widened his eyes when he saw that the messages were not far from recent— so, like— the guy from before at the resto, wasn't it? Todd facepalmed.

    Well, it's something to be thankful for! However, if that weren't his date— then, who?!

    As if on cue, the one Todd bumped into just came out from the fitting closet, wearing a new polo.

    “Is this okay?” they asked.

    “It looks great on you,” Todd answered with a smile. They sat beside him.

    “Well, hopefully, my charm would swoon my date and forget eventually about why I'm late.”

    Something hit Todd.

    (More like, todd.exe broke.)

    “Uh, do you know any Charlie, perchance?”

    “Wait… Don't tell me you're Charlie's blind date?”

    Todd felt a refreshing warm water was thrown at him. Felt relieved. “Yeah, well, YOU'RE Charlie's blind date!”

    They looked at each other for a second and laughed.

    “I'm Neil Perry,” he said.

    “Todd Anderson,” he paused and smiled. “You won't believe what happened to me before you came.”

    Neil smiled widely and laughed. “You won't believe what happened to me either—”

    Before they could catch up to one another's experience, one of the saleslady approached them. She cleared her throat.

    “Are you going to buy that, sir?”

    “Uhm, yes, sorry!”

    They gave each other a meaningful look as they hid their laughter. Todd felt so silly right now. He never enjoyed rollercoasters but this day was like one.

    When they got out of the store, Neil offered to drive somewhere in the park. To stargaze he said. Todd agreed, of course. Better to spend the date wisely, right?

    The green grasses stretched under the car where they laid up to the forests behind them. Like the parking lot where they met, it was spacious and eerily lonely— but the mood changed. Todd forgot how he yearned to be cozy in his apartment, he felt pretty cozy right now, with Neil, and that's great.

    It's great, he supposed. After a long day, he found peace.

    “Is it just me or was this night crazy?”

    Todd nodded his head while smiling. “Definitely! So, I was waiting for the resto before I was in the parking lot right? So this guy came up to me, wearing a green sweater and just sat down— not saying anything! I thought it was you. Then, I don't know, he started talking about forgetting to reserve, blah blah. So I just left and gave him the table for them and their friends! I was so freaking annoyed and embarrassed.”

    Neil chuckled. “I'm so sorry for that! But, if that happened to me, I would've done the same. Now, on my part, my friend borrowed the outfit I was supposed to wear tonight because they have a gala and his supposed outfit— you won't believe this— got eaten by moths! So, of course, yeah I gave it to him. I have another outfit, after all, but get this, I went outside and then this dude from our apartment spilled white paint all over me. I had to change again! And my car had problems before I could even leave. It was a mess.”

    Todd laughed. “Oh my God— maybe blind dates aren't for us?”

    “Yeah… we still met though. I'm glad.”

    Todd glanced at him. “Me too.”

    And then they were silent. Sighing while the stars stared back at them. Todd wondered if they were singing to them, right now. Whispering a new story to the Gods. Weaving the tale of this chaotic and unlucky couple in the making.

    “Can I play some music?” Neil asked after a moment. He whispered a soft yes.

    Neil got down from the roof of the car. Todd heard the door open and ruffle and then some music playing.

    Todd was sure now that the stars sang for them.

    “I know it's all withered and dying now, but here,” he said and handed a bouquet to Todd. It was lilacs. Todd loved lilacs. In the middle of the flowers, there was a small card. He took it and read it.

    “Passing stranger! You do not know how longingly I look upon you // you must be he I was seeking, or she I was seeking, (it comes to me as of a dream) // I have somewhere surely lived a life of joy with you // All is recall’d as we flit by each other, fluid, affectionate, chaste, matured.

    Yours Truly, Neil Perry :)”

    Todd bit his lip. “Well, this is very sweet-” he didn't know what to say. “And, Walt Whitman too?”

    “You got a man of taste,” he smirked.

    Todd chuckled. “True, true.”

    They both laid on top of the car in silence again. Todd loved how peaceful they are now— felt like they belonged nowhere in the universe; nowhere in time and it's just the two of them. He felt a strange comfort in him. It's nice. It wasn't totally a disaster, after all.

    “Know what I was thinking?”


    “I bet it would be more chaotic like this when we get a second date.”

    Todd smiled. They have a second date.

    “Me too.”


    Neil woke up with peace that morning. Not tired, motivated, even! Which doesn't happen a lot.

    “Good morning, Meeks,” Neil greeted his friend, Meeks.

    “Morning, Neil! Oh, by the way, there was a delivery for you,” Meeks said.

    “What? I didn't order anything, though?”

    “I dunno, it was a box. PITTSIE, can you please get it?”

    “Hold on-”

    Pitts entered the kitchen with a box in his hand.

    “I think it's from Todd Anderson,” says Pitts, reading the mail sticker. Neil felt like something kicked him. He was fully awake.

    He snatched the box from Pitts’ hand and opened it. It was a green coat with one pink carnation on top of it. It comes with a handwritten letter too.

    It reads:

    “I am not to speak to you, I am to think of you when I sit alone or wake at night alone // I am to wait, I do not doubt I am to meet you again, I am to see to it that I do not lose you.”

    And, on the back, it says:

    “For our second date. x Todd Anderson.”

    Neil felt like it's going to be the best and happiest day in his entire existence.

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