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  • sammybii
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Do you think part of the reason Nanami can’t respect Gojo is because Gojo acted like the strongest yet he was completely powerless when trying to save Geto. And if Nanami was given that chance to save Haibara, he knew damn well he would’ve done everything he could to do so. How could you respect someone who is viewed like a god when they couldn’t do what you longed to do most.

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  • terracyte
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    photoshoot in front of the kfc

    #you ever see a cool coloring/effect a better artist did and go 'youre coming home w me' cause i did #not sure how well it worked out jdhkas #i finally tried out csp's timelapse feature and the last five seconds are me being indecisive about the bg hHHHH #but hey there fellow jjk enjoyers i have a crumb i love you all mwah #jjk#terra art#geto suguru#gojo satoru#satosugu
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  • tojis-worm
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    gojo: i'm just your average guy *runs his fingers through his hair breedingly*

    #gn y'all 🚶🏻‍♀️ #satosugu#gojo#gojo satoru#geto#geto suguru#jjk#jujutsu kaisen #incorrect jujutsu kaisen
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  • sleepyfortress
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Something for ya’ll Jujutsu folks.

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#geto suguru #i don’t watch or read but my friend requested I draw him #anime#fanart#myart
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  • saeraas
    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Anybody got me for a game?

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#suguru geto #ilu geto and he looks better #but forehead im sorry forehead im sorry
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  • hawks-lightbulb
    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    So was anyone gonna tell me that shoko is not only the first one to meet up with geto after he goes off the rails but she also acts home boy is just getting back from a gas station run, or was I just supposed to read that myself

    #AND SHE CALLS GOJOU OVER FOR HIS BREAK UP #shoko I love u sm #gods#jujutsu kaisen#shoko ieiri#geto suguru#chapter 78#og #THEY RLY SHARE JUST CHILL WHILE SHE SMOKES #oh it just hit me. maybe she was expecting gojou and her and geto to go off together or something #like she knows they’ll never stop being friends #oooooh haha I made myself sad #shoko: gojou get over here your boy needs someone to ground him back to reality #and the fact that geto knew her smoke hang out #aaaaaaa my heart:( #I wish we knew more about shoko
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  • moonlitdabi
    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    aches and pains of the heart

    Pairing: Geto Suguru x Reader

    Tags: Hurt/comfort fic. For anyone going through it™ right now I hope these feelings pass soon <3

    Geto comes home to darkness.

    The sun has long bid its farewell yet there isn’t a single light on when he steps foot into the apartment. He can hear his creek of the wood under his heavy foot steps as walks through the hall, making his way to your shared bedroom. The room is shrouded with a heaviness that sinks right into his chest. The curtains are drawn, the only source of light being the pale glow of yellow light from outside. Geto’s eyes fall onto the bed, sheets bunched up into a messy ball. Your sniffles and whimpers reach his ears despite the barrier of the thick cocoon you’ve hidden yourself in.

    He slowly sits at the foot of the bed, allowing his weight into sink into the mattress, a subtle way of altering of his presence. He waits a moment before reaching out, hand gently patting at the small little bump he could make out hidden beneath layers of feathers and fluff. This causes the whimpers to stop.

    “Sugu…?” Geto’s heart clenches at crack in your voice, at how small you sound.

    Faint sniffles surface once as the covers rustle. A hand darts out from under the duvet in search of something. Landing on his thigh, your fingers curl around the material of his pants, into a clenched fist, desperately clutching onto him before tugging repeatedly. Geto’s eyes soften at the action, lips twitching with the faints of smiles as he dips down, lifting the covers just enough for his large frame to slip in and join you in your little sanctuary.

    Instinctively your dive into his arms, burying your head into his chest, curling into his warmth which envelopes you completely as you let loose. Your cries are ear-splitting, so broken, Geto could almost feel the rumble of pain buried in your chest as you shake in his hold. His grip on you tightens. His fingers lightly massage your scalp as he cradles your head against his chest. Despite the heaviness of his hands his motions are feather light, smoothing the built-up tension. Geto presses a kiss to your forehead with such gentleness that has you believing you’ve been kisses by a fallen angel. His soft lips linger against your skin as he whispers away the poisonous parasitic thoughts latched onto your mind, replacing them with faithful reassurances with a voice so tender that it has you crying harder.

    You cry and cry and cry until the dull ache in your heart is pacified.

    Until there are no tears left to shed.

    And there’s Geto, who’s ready with a glass a of water to sooth your scratchy throat, who brings a warm face towel to delicately dab away the dried-up tears that stained your cheeks, who gets the shower ready, scalding hot, just the way you like it and begins to scrub away the grime of the day away. Geto who helps you into your pjs before slipping into bed right beside you.

    There’s no need to exchange words, not always. No.

    These are the nights where all you need is Geto; to be enveloped in his embrace, hidden away from the world. At least for a few hours you allow yourself to escape and find solace within the arms of your little heaven on earth.

    #geto suguru #geto x reader #geto fluff#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen x reader #geto suguru x reader #angst#fluff #aams.writes #we going through it besties LOL #reblogs/feedback appreciated #I am not sure about the last line 😐
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  • redgetou
    23.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    white flag – dido

    #this is shitty asf but i have been relistening to this song the other day and stsg feels hit me so yeah #satosugu#jjk spoilers#getou suguru#gojo satoru#geto suguru#gojou satoru#jujutsu kaisen#jjkedit#jjk
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  • shipforshippers
    23.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Evening Festival: JJK : Silence before Strom!

    Am I writing this little too late? Yes! Am I writing this because I find Muta hot? Yes! Am I writing this because I need to scream into the void? Yes! Am I writing this because I simp for Miwa? Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes! So without further ado...

    Gege Akutami does this thing where he will put a short few chapters' arcs in between mammoth arcs as a breather, which I appreciate! We will need this silence before the storm that is Shibuya Incident. Not to misunderstand, this silence comes with its own squall! Between Hidden Inventory and Shibuya Incident, there is this arc, the Evening Festival Arc!

    We get to see Mechamaru shine bright in this arc. Kokichi Muta, that is the name of Ultimate Mechamaru's human(form?). And Muta actually gets to harm Mahito substantially. But he is a mole at the end of the day. However, he is more like a double agent (that will come to play a role in Shibuya Incident).

    To his credit, Muta does try to contact Gojo, so Muta was not totally a villain. He was playing double agents, just like Snape. What is it with double agents, they always die for their love interest without confessing? Why? And they leave us with an unresolved storyline. Then, we fans have to go to create an alternate timeline for them, why? Why authors, you do that? Sorry for that small rant but I have to say that.

    Evening Festival arc is small only of 3 chapters (Chapter 80 - 82). Because there are so few chapters in this arc there is not much for me to point out. However, there are important things that I want to point out.

    And with Chapter 80 we kick into action, the reading of this chapter is quite fluent. I don't know how to put it into words. but to put it frankly, it was easy for me to read action scenes in this chapter. With Gege Akutami's art, it gets hard for me to read his action scenes but this beginning was early perfect!

    And I find 'Tuna' Mahito funny! I don't know why don't ask me why I just find it funny! That's it!

    So there is my favorite writer (Javed Akthar), he was talking about Mr. India (a great movie, you should check out), and he said that a writer has to be a cruel human. He basically said to serve the story a writer has to take harsh steps aka killing characters so it would move the storyline forward! And my dear god, does Gege do that so fucking well!!!!!

    Gege killing Mechamaru in this arc has a direct impact on the "Shibuya Incident" arc and but also in the future "The Culling game" arc. And not just simple moving pawn in grand scheme things but they have a major impact on our main characters.

    Giving a glimpse of hope and immediately taking that away, it is now has become the specialty of Gege Akutami! Miwa talking about the possibility of meeting Muta in human form (the way Muta wanted) and we cut to Muta dead and bloodied. Why? that was as heart-wrenching as Rika's death. That scene right there the remainder of 'writer has to be a cruel human.' things. Gege Akutami is absolutely a cruel writer. He does deliver something as sweet as Miwa, with her pure wish to meet her friend and in the next panel, we get to see that exact same Muta bloodied and dead. Tell me that is not a definition of cruelty.

    If you have come this far then thank you!

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  • unhonestlymirror
    23.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Geto wakes up.

    Geto wakes up and feels vibration. Or something like that. The forehead feels the bandage, the head feels strangely empty. Nearby as if a motor is buzzing. Geto carefully opens his eyes.

    Nanami leans over him. "Hey you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?"

    Or someone like Nanami, because Nanami would never smile that sly and would never wear a frog hat, and would never lost an eye, and would never quote Skyrim while pressing a frighteningly large rifle to the temple of a national - no, international criminal.

    I'm finally in hell, decides Geto. I deserved it.

    Ijichi laughs somewhere very close.

    Only then something in Geto's brain clicks hard enough to realize that he is in the back seat of a car. And he can't move and feel his cursed energy at all because of some kind of technique - no, a barrier? Probably. No thoughts, head empty.

    "The last thing you remember?"

    Oh, he remembers too many things to forget. Or to be forgotten by everyone around.

    "Leave him alone, Nanami. Although I can't boast of such an experience but, in my opinion, it is rather difficult to remember something without a quarter of the brain."

    That was quite rude, to be honest.

    "Although all managers are taught the art of interrogation and subtle psychological manipulation, Shoko still has a better chance."

    Something moves in Geto's stomach. Fear maybe. Regrets. He doesn't want to see Shoko. Nanami was enough.

    Something hurts inside because of the mention of Shoko, though. Does she still smoke her cheap cigarettes and use Satoru's glasses as an ashtray?


    The car stops. Oh, he must have croaked it out loud. What a shame.

    Ijichi finally shows up from behind the front seat. Even if he doesn't have cardinal changes in appearance, somehow he frightens even more than Nanami.

    "You want to talk about it?"

    No. No, he doesn't. Not now. Dear god, help.

    "Stop, you're scaring him!" The fearsome rifle finally disappears but not the cold smirk .

    "Well, in vain. Shoko is unlikely to be so polite."

    Whatever. Shoko's really a better option.

    "You know." Nanami's gaze warms slightly for no reason. "I think Gojo will be fine. Thanks to this rejected by society genius..."

    A nod towards the driver's seat.

    "...and his amazing technique of exchanging information using blinking and Morse code..."

    "Kiss my ass."

    "...we learned the password for the Prison Realm and that Gojo spent about several days there. However, we can not free him without your cursed energy, thanks to that asshole Monk Genshin."


    "Right. Now, you see, Ijichi and I can't guarantee that you won't try to escape. Also, we are not so good medics to try to take a sample of cursed energy from a user who has it blocked. Thus, now we are going to Shoko Ieri, like damn captain Wrongel and his team in pursuit of the main prize of the regatta."

    "He means trying not to die and go too crazy in the process."

    "And being positive. I don’t usually give advice to my former senpais but today, perhaps, I’ll make an exception. Try to look at things positively too. Because your future life - yes, life - is unlikely to be full of joy and pleasure."

    "Well, who's between us is intimidating now, huh?"

    "Oh, shut up. I'm just trying to mentally prepare him for a class reunion. Not considering his son, though."

    His what.

    "Ijichi-kun, play something heart-warming."

    "Hold on. Crowded House maybe?"

    "Perfect, thanks."

    "You're welcome."

    It would be better if it was hell.

    #katekyo hitman toji au #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#nanami kento#suguru geto#ijichi kiyotaka #wrote this while having free time hope you like it #gege said gojo can blink through prison realm that's why my brain went brrrrr #Ijichi is still not used to being praised #also sorry for the sudden references to incomprehensible things #please do not ask me how gojo can convey information through blinking if time passes much slower for him #it's all cursed energy #hence the moral - learn morse code #nanami is actually angry with the fact that Yuji is technically Geto's son #paternal instinct #geto remembers some kenjaku's memories but in chunks and very inaccurate #if anyone is interested ijichi played Don't Dream It's Over lmao
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  • sukunasun
    23.10.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #can’t believe ppl think he isn’t the main character #that and the fact that we have the same birthday #what screams 'aquarius' more than committing mass murder and having a superiority complex #but also being socially anxious and adopting twins because BIG HEART energy #sunpiece#saturated#ask#anon#jjk hcs#jujutsu kaisen#geto suguru #geto x reader #geto suguru hcs
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  • littleholmes
    23.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I’m starting to wonder, since s2 will be the Geto-Gojo backstory, how much of the second half will cover Shibuya. I just have this image of the season ending with prison realm​, like the last frames of the last episode will be the realm’s eyes blinking after Gojo gets sucked in and s3 will be the remainder

    #jjk #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #jjk manga spoilers #jujitsu kaisen#jjk spoilers #s3 opens with Gojo saying I trust the kids and those comments about time not passing #s3 would end with maki annihilating the clan #or maybe the start of the games and ending with the fight club #I low key kinda want shibuya to be it’s own season #jjk manga #it’s shibuya feels hours #gojou satoru#satoru gojo#geto suguru#getou suguru #jujutsu kaisen manga spoilers #the shibuya incident #shibuya arc #the shibuya arc #jjk shibuya arc #gojo satoru
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