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  • thepokesonaverse
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Let’s Talk Types;Ghost

    Info on ghost and partial ghost types in the Sonaverse

    Ghost types! Associated with trickery and mind melting paranoia,they are the masters of people’s phobias.

    The type was named for its similarities to actual ghosts,although,you won’t see Ghost types actually walking through walls or going invisible,not unless they have the ability infiltrator at least.

    They are most known for their ability to manipulate people’s senses,causing themselves to *appear* to do crazy ghost things. This also allows them to cause people to hallucinate their greatest fears,with enough practice of course.

    Mainly active at dusk and dawn,Ghost types are well adapted to low light environments,although they don’t do well in total darkness,they can still see well in dimmer settings. This allows them to have a slight leg up over their dark type cousins,who get flashbanged by the sun just by going outside for two seconds.

    Notorious in battle for their trickiness and cruel mind games,some people make the mistake of comparing them the dark types. Dark types target a general fear that exists within everyone,a real,rational,physical fear,well ghost types target specific,much more irrational fears,phobias,and trauma,like someone’s fear of drowning,clowns or needles.

    Ghost types,much like dark types tend to be a bit paler then their non-ghost relatives,although they tend to look a bit more actually dead and less ‘I haven’t seen the sun in 6 months’. They vary greatly in colours,but purples are common.

    They do not glow in the dark like dark types,aside from their eyes,which will glow,though,some parts of their body,such as hair and scales,may capture and reflect light in a way that create the illusion of a faint glow.

    They seem to by tied to shadows,based on the names of a lot of their moves,but in actuality they cannot manipulate shadows at all,ghost energy just happens to look like stereotypical ‘shadow magic’. Add the fact that a lot of people are scared of things lurking in the darkness,and shadowy figures looming over them,the Ghost types association with shadows becomes much clearer.

    They make use of psychological warfare in fights,aiming to distract and cripple opponents through hallucinations and irrational fears,and their ability to sense fear allows them to better pin point what they should be showing a person for maximum fear.

    Most ghost type species are more predatorily inclined,requiring plenty of protein to thrive,although not all require this diet to survive.

    Ghost types have a unique reputation for being driven and focused when it comes to combat,even when they’re ‘playing with their food’,and most ghost types will struggle to not crumble under the weight of their own fears,or when facing down a particularly angry dark type.

    They are known for efficiency and stealth,their ability to warp peoples senses makes passing by enemies a breeze for any ghost type with enough training to keep their cool. A notorious ghost type was Deadhand,a British sniper during WW2,with her dual Ground/Ghost typing and infiltrator ability,she made quick work of her foes,able to move around the battlefield unseen.

    Ghost types are strong against other Ghost types,due to their ability to target fears,as well as psychic types,who’s psychic powers makes getting specific fears just right even easier for ghost types,crippling the psychic types,who primarily rely on mental strength in most combat situations.

    Ghost type energy can’t touch Normal types,but thankfully,Ghosts can’t be hit with normal,or fighting type energy,it will simply miss,or phase straight through them,unless an ability like scrappy is at play

    Ghost types resist Poison and Bug. Bugs are a common phobia,and ghost types being supposed masters of phobias,would obviously come out on top. Poison it a trickier one to pin down,although it’s possible that ghost types developed a resistance to poison to appear more ‘dead’ to scare off potential threats,a trait that seems to have stuck around to modern day

    Ghost types are weak to dark,and ghost. Dark types trump based on their control over darkness itself,and their mastery of true,raw,physical fear,and ghost,for reasons discussed before hand,two ghost types can target each other’s raw fears,revealing things most ghost types would rather not face.

    Ghost type Pokémon that exist in the Sonaverse(Not counting people with alt type syndrome or Dual type Eeveelutions);




    Misdreavus;Pure Ghost


    Mismagius;Pure Ghost

    Phanteon;Pure Ghost









    Pumpkaboo; Ghost/Grass








    Spectrier;Pure Ghost

    Ghost Type moves that exist in the Sonaverse;

    Astonish-A physical attack in which the user startles the target. May cause flinching. Ghost energy weapons may be used

    Asteral Barrage-The user unleashes a barrage of visions of the target’s worst fears,combined with ghost type energy

    Confuse Ray-The user releases a serious of confusing sounds and visuals,to confuse the target

    Curse-A move exclusive to Ghost types. The user damages themselves to play a ghostly curse on their enemy that does damage over time

    Destiny Bond-The user links themselves to their target. If the user is unable to battle,the target will be too.

    Grudge-The user curses the target,if the user is unable to battle with this curse in play,one of the target’s moves will become unusable

    Hex-A special attack made of ghostly energy. Deals more damage if the target is currently afflicted with a status condition(paralysis,burn,ex)

    Night Shade-A special attack in which the user deals damage by forcing the target to view a frightening mirage,and then attacking. Damage increases the older the user is

    Nightmare-The user afflicts the sleeping target with nightmares that deal damage over time

    Ominous Wind-A special attack in which the user attacks the opponent with an unsettling wind of ghostly energy. Has a random chance to buff one of the user’s stats

    Phantom force-A physical attack in which the user bends the targets perception to sneak up on them without being seen,and then attacks. Can break through protective moves(such as detect and protect). Ghost energy weapons may be used

    Poltergeist-The user warps the target’s perception so sneak up on the opponent and use the target’s item against them,all well remaining unseen.

    Shadow Ball-A special attack in which the user creates a ball of ghost energy and throws it at the foe. May lower special defence

    Shadow Bone-A special attack in which the user beats the target with a bone. The bone can be made of ghost energy,or just a regular bone imbued with ghost energy. May lower physical defence

    Shadow Claw-A physical attack in which the user slashes at the target with either ghost energy imbued claws,or a bladed weapon made of ghost energy. High critical hit ratio

    Shadow Punch-The user punches the opponent with a fist imbued with ghost energy. Ignores all stat changes

    Shadow Force-The User hides for a bit,waiting for the target to lose track of them,and then sneaks up on them,bursting out of the shadows to attack. Ghost energy weapons may be used,will always hit,even if the target used a protective move

    Shadow Sneak-The user creates an illusion that they are approaching from one spot,and attacks well the target’s back is turned. Ghost energy weapons may be used

    Spectral Thief-The user warps the target’s senses to be undetectable,then steals something from them and attacks in the same turn. Ghost energy weapons may be used

    Spirit Shackle-The user curses the target so that they cannot escape,then attacks. Ghost energy weapons may be used

    Spite-The user prevents the target from using one of their recently used moves.

    All ghost types can learn all ghost type moves,although moves not in their natural movepool may pose a challenge

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  • dark-dragon74
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago


    requested by inkythebluederg on twitter

    check out my patreon!

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  • satan-devour-us-all
    26.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    You’re welcome for the puns! c:<

    #ghost#ghost bc #the band ghost #papa nihil #papa emeritus I #papa emeritus II #papa emeritus III #papa emeritus IV #shitghosting #when your editing program lags when you're tying #and it types cucking instead of clucking... #sorry papa III
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  • ghostorbconnoisseur
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Oh the dynamic of Clay having had a past thing with Jack that meant more to him than it did the big guy also stands true in horror AU, so as you can imagine when he finds out he's gonna be the medic on an expedition and research team that contains not only Jack but the new love of his life Damien he has some. Complex feelings. And he thinks those feelings are going to be 'i have to watch my ex who's still my best friend be happy with another man, i hate this' but instead it ends up being 'FELL IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIENDS BOYFRIEND AFTER I STOPPED HATING HIS GUTS OOPS!!!'

    And i don't think this gets resolved 'till after Clay becomes a meatmonster? Like i think he keeps all this repressed deep inside until he's a slopbeast, and then eventually it comes out and the three end up in one big thing together; So it's a win for him, really. The best thing to come out of the most horrific experience in his life- sure, he died and came back as a horrific abomination, buuuut he gets two boyfriends so!! Everything's coming up Clay!

    #ghost's oc ramble #i've mentioned b4 the thing w clay and jack and damien and how ouch emotionally it is #but it DOES get resolved in all au's into a poly type deal! #specifically in every au the 3 of them always end up in a closed polyamorous relationship #because its nice and i like it..... #(And by closed poly relationship i just mean they dont date or see ppl outside the relationship its just the 3 of them)
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  • rebecca-lotto-mage-of-breath
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    here’s my  starting team for pokemon legends arceus :

    Cyndaquill-  if the Cyndaquill is a dude im nicknaming them josuke , if they’re a dudette  im gonna call them haru

    Pikachu -  ryuji 

    Hisuian Growlithe X2 - musashi & kojiro.

    im starting off with these 4 ,  b/c idk where or when i’ll be able to find hisuian zorua.

    and you should always catch hisuian Growlithes in pairs

    #yes i saw the leaks & i love hisuian typhlosian #us ghost type fans are gonna have a great time
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  • yourfavepokemontype
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • drgnbld
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    someone show lance what dragapult looks like just 2 see this tiny man's body vibrate with excitement

    #hi its 2am and im Tired #but lance's journey through galar seein all the new drgn types has me crying #sb: theyre dragon n ghost type :) #lance: .......... i need one. immediately. #SB SHOW DRAGAPULT YEETING DREEPY'S AND WATCH LANCE'S REACTION #ooc.  »  electric type enthusiast.
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  • faintamnesia
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #munday #I hold al ghost and dark type pokemon like rice I just think theyre neat
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  • dragapultmaster
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Headcanon #57

    In the wild, Misdreavus are known for scaring people to feed on their fears. In captivity, Misdreavus make great partners for those with anxiety. Instead of intentionally scaring an anxious person, Misdreavus will feed off their handler's anxiety. This is beneficial for both the Pokémon and its handler because this can help with calming anxiety.

    #pokemon headcanons#misdreavus headcanons#headcanon 57 #although they are tricksters and intentionally scare people #misdreavus are one of the nicer ghost types
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  • askanrattata
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Commission for @ask-mega-mew It was a long journey [thankfully mega was super nice and patient with me] where I designed a Aegislash for them/ref sheet. It was a lot of fun and I thank them for commissioning me.

    #Aegislash#pokemon#espeon#ref sheet#ask-mega-mew#commission#birds art #out of bird #the shield has the symbols for ghost dragon and steel types
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  • horrorlesbians
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    i love that all my mutuals are different brands of ghosts- i think im a prairie farmgirl ghost

    #🦌 #mutuals what ghost type are you i think it's fun #or a stifled victorian daughter ghost #if you thinkim something else tell me i love being perceived
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