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  • Okay, so I’ve been reading paranormal stuff (because I enjoy that, for whatever reason) and I decided to share probably the most creepy experience I’ve ever had. (I’ve had a few, but this is the biggest and most bizarre.) 

    To set the scene, I live next to one house and then there’s this hill that’s overgrown with weeds and other grasses. We live on a business road, but it’s not super busy. No sidewalks, just road and then dirt and the hill. 

    Well, one night, I took my dog out in the backyard and heard what sounded like a puppy in pain or scared. I could tell it was coming from the hill next to my neighbor’s and shined my flashlight in that general direction, but couldn’t see anything at the distance. I mentioned it to my dad when I went back in but he said to leave it (not uncompassionately, but it just wasn’t realistic to think that we could do anything). 

    The sound went on for quite awhile until I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled on my boots and grabbed a flashlight and headed out. I walked out to the base of the hill and shined my flashlight up to where I thought the sound was coming from. I tried to go up the hill, but there was too much undergrowth to get up there. So I stood down by the road, at the base of the hill, and just shined my flashlight up the hill and called to the dog. (Just calling things like, “come here; come on, puppy” and patting my leg and whistling a little.) Suddenly, the whining of the dog stops and I hear plants rustling like something is running down the hill. I can literally track the sound as it goes down the hill, but I can’t see anything, even though I’m shining my flashlight there. The thing breaks from all the weeds, right at my feet. I shine my light on my feet, around my feet, up and down the street – nothing. There is NOTHING there. No more sounds, either; dead silent.

    I noped right out of there and went home. 

    I’ve never had an experience like it since.

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  • I’m sitting here suffering through algebra homework and the ghosts in my house are just playing cards.

    Also Jeffery is winning (or so he claims)

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  • I’ve seen horror movies, I know damn well not to turn around, nice try cryptids-

    #monsters#demons#cryptids#creatures#horror#haunted house #not actually a shitpost #idk wtf is happening #idk wtf made that noise but ok then #ghosts
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  • Story time:

    So I don’t often walk the woods alone like I did when I was a child. It’s a different time and place, but I did last year, and I want to share my experience.

    I was walking some trails that are fairly safe, and I was alone (but we are never truly alone). I was standing, admiring a tree, taking pictures for Instagram, and a small hand grabbed my free hand and pulled me so that I walked a few feet. Me, fully trusting whoever it was, followed, only to look down and to see no one (not surprising btw, as this “hand” made absolutely no sound as normal living folk do). As I turned to look back where I had stood a 3 ft long, thick ass “log” of a branch, fell onto the path from above.

    Y'all when I say the spirits have my back, they have my back. And I trust them.

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  • hello my name is edric (well i go by other names as well)i am 16 turning 17 in may and i want to make ghost hunting friends whether it be irl or online here is a post on how you may contact me about this my instagram is multitrackkid and my discord is nabbythesnail#1941 would prefer if you lived in california though!

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  • #ghost#ghosts #william r maples #dead men do tell tales
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  • A moment with Bigfoot


    This past weekend I went looking for Bigfoot, like I said I would. I’m not sure if I saw Bigfoot- but I saw something. Plus, I ran into Old Linda, though that part was a little…odd. In any case, the customer with the hoodie I mentioned last time definitely seems to have good insight into the local cryptid activity. I suppose most of the unusual sightings have all been around the same area. It makes sense because of the woods out past Old Linda’s place.

    So, because the hoodie guy tipped me off last week, I went out to scout around Old Linda’s place again. I had been staying away since Old Linda had been acting strange (and told me to stop “haunting” her when I tried to call ). But, the draw of Bigfoot is too great! So off I went.

    I mostly wandered the surrounding neighborhoods at first. It was a kind of gray day, so I didn’t see much of anything or anyone around. I finally looped over to Old Linda’s. I went up to the street that goes along the back of her house. I was remembering that the last time I came this way I had seen Henry turn into…something. I slowed my pace and shivered at the memory. Then, of course, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye- in the direction of Old Linda’s yard. I crept closer and peered over the hedge, but it was just Old Linda. It looked like she was picking up some branches that had fallen.

    I tried to leave before she noticed me- but I wasn’t fast enough. She turned and must have seen me peeking over the bushes (which I guess isn’t a great look). Her skin seemed to drain of blood, and her eyes grew wide. Suddenly, she was brandishing a rake, as if in self defense. I was already backing away, hands held up in an attempt to show my desire to disengage. She was shaking the rake and yelling something about spirits. I shouted a quick, “Sorry!!” and bolted. I kept running for a couple of blocks before stopping to look back.

    I was closer to the woods now, and of course Old Linda didn’t follow me. She’s stubborn and resilient- but I don’t think she’s about to chase people down the street. Although, I also didn’t think she would shake a rake at me. It was getting late, and the adventure had been more than unsuccessful. I was ready to head home.

    That’s when I saw the Figure, or I thought it was the Figure. The one Tim and I saw and deemed it to be Bigfoot. It was a couple of houses away, just beyond the light from a streetlamp. I couldn’t see it well, but the light somehow caught it’s eyes. I could tell it was looking my way; I froze and glanced around to see if there was anyone else nearby. There, fortunately or unfortunately, was not. All the surrounding houses were dark. I stared, and it stared back.

    Eventually, it turned and walked away, into the forest. I stood there in a daze. So close, but so far. I froze and missed the opportunity to get a picture. I didn’t even wave or try to talk to it. Somehow, I feel like we shared a moment. I hadn’t felt in danger or anything. Maybe they’re just as lonely as the rest of us.

    Stay Haunted!

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  • Starting off on the wrong foot…


    The story goes that the old house up on the hill is haunted by the vengeful spirit of the first owner’s wife. She got into a fight one rainy evening with her husband and, when he threatened to cast her out and take everything away from her- the money, the house, the children- she killed them all and tried to burn the place down too. The husband’s business partner stepped in at last second and sacrificed himself to try and save them, but it was too late. Mr. DeRochfort, broken-hearted at the loss of his beautiful family and now his closest friend, took his life as well, and perished in the partial house fire.

    She had her revenge.

    But not fully. Now, she haunts the DeRochfort estate, and anybody brave enough–or dumb enough, depending on the crowd– to dare try and enter her home, you’ll be met with The Lady in Green and her festering anger.

    At least, that’s how the story goes…

    #red draws #by book or by shovel #the lady in green #Mrs. DeRochfort #story idea#comic#original idea#original characters#ghosts#ghost story#supernatural#paranormal#haunted house #it be spoopy #scotty what did you do... #artists of Tumblr
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  • Bbc ghosts oc who died with a harmonica in his mouth and can communicate only via harmonica

    #bbc ghosts#ghosts #that came from somewhere primal #everyone calls him monny because he can’t say what his name is #every convo is like toot toot toot toot
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  • fanny gets whaled on so much I just want someone to give her a compliment or be sweet to her or have a crush on her

    #@ the idiots please we want to see her happy and loved #ghosts#bbc ghosts #lady fanny button
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  • So excited I’m only 37 subscribers away from the big 1k on #YouTube!!! If you like true #GhostStories, #GhostHunting, #Folklore, and #paranormal #videos, you should definitely check it out!! 👻


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  • “What is a ghost? A tragedy condemned to repeat itself time and again? A moment of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber.”

    - Guillermo del Toro

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  • red lava lamp, heart, red light reflecting in water, forks ,statue head, house at night, door with person behind it, alley at night, text: don\'t worry it\'s just ghosts - i know but mine is among them
    #writeblr#moodboard#urban fantasy#ghosts#curses #silver heart wip? #spoopy ghost wip? #one day? #I shall see #this was me procrastinating :') #i think it was a good procrastinatiom tho #10pm procrastination
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  • Here’s a story about my grandmother ghost encounter

    Some time After WW2 her mom told her to bring lunch to her dad she was riding her donkey there cause he worked far away as she was walking she saw a small red horse the donkey saw and was scared so they both fell down. She saw the horse so she walked up to it to lure it it was staring at her and it turned around and vanished.

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  • Kitty’s dress from BBC’s Ghosts (2019)

    requested by anonymous

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  • Pop star @iiswhoiis has a true crime/supernatural podcast called #keshaandthecreepies on @apple_podcasts @iheartradio #podcasts #ghosts #truecrime #podcasting #music #horror

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  • What Would You Want In Your Magic Academy?

    Dark and dingy hallways that seem to grow longer as your walk down them?

    Rooms that seem half wild with spindly tree roots and greenery, birds on branches and hopping along the desks, a stream of water between the students and their teacher?

    Owls perched on streetlights, turning their heads to watch you on your journey home?

    Spirits in the gym that play tricks on you and your classmates during class?

    A prophetic nurse who uses potions and fortune telling to cure, curse, or aid students in their academic and personal development?

    A love triangle between you, your strong and enigmatic classmate, and a whimsical dropout?

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