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  • fereality-indy
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Dipper: Shut up, Gideon! When you agree with me, it makes me question whether I actually agree with me.

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  • binaryracc
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    This is the longest animation in my life (my maximum was 15 seconds) and I am still working on it (half of the void in the video is what I have to do). The animation is based on the role-playing with my girlfriend and, by the way, she plans to clean up and line up this animation. I know it is twitchy, but I do it at 12fps, otherwise my phone will end.

    It's a demo version (1/2min done)

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  • incorrectinfinity
    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    One time me and my brother counted every illegal thing Gideon for Gravity Falls did but didn't get arrested for

    So here are some of the things we counted

    Stealing livestock

    Having and using illegal explosives

    Kidnapping a minor

    Animal abuse

    Defacing property

    Helping an evil demon take over and entire town

    And many more!

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  • dirtygfconfessions
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • gravityfallscustomplush
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fat, Old, Lame, Braces!"

    Here she is, Miss Pacifica Elise Northwest! I think she turned out really cute, and I LOVE her little UGGs! I'm getting pretty close to finishing the Zodiac, just need Robbie and Older Fiddleford. Next up is a younger version of Ford. My daughter wasn't real happy with the creepy possessed Ford I made so I promised her a normal one!

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  • daphne-6855
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    This bastard is turning 18 this month so I drew him ‼️

    #gravity falls #gravity falls fanart #gideon gleeful
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  • agftheorist
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Season 1 Episode 2 - the Legend of the Gobblewonker

    Gideon's first appearance before his first appearance.

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  • gravityfallscustomplush
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    "Just keep vacuuming!"

    Everyone vacuums their lawn I'm I right.....I'm I right?

    Here she is, Mrs Gleeful! I don't believe Mrs Gleeful's first name is known, so we named her Gladys!

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  • cookieentertainment
    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Springfield Shorts! Season 2: Episode 2: Lil Gideon In: Makeup your consequence’s.

    Ah, just a wonderful Monday morning for Gideon lets see what he is up to today..)

    Gideon: Ah, what a good day just looking like myself... just me. Myself and I!

    Gideon’s Dad: Son! Time for school, by that In-person school!

    Gideon: (scoff’s) I’m a star, dad I don’t wanna go to school am I a bit widdle bit young to go to this ‘school’ Dad?

    Gideon’s Mom: Look, I’m going with the Northwest’s for Vacation, and you have to go to school for a day… some say it’s a Bad world right now, People are dying, Covid-19, and all of that fuzz and kids are going to school, and now it’s the time for you to go.

    Gideon: But, But… (faints.)


    Gideon: Ugh... What... Where am i?

    Stan: Kid, Yello? You awake? (pokes Gideon in the nose.)

    Gideon: GAAAH! Where am i? THE MYSTERY SHACK!? NOOOOo!! (cry’s and wails in disbelief.)

    Stan: Your Parent’s tricked ya to going to school since you fainted now you get to work here!

    Gideon: Fine, make me your pet Stanford… Do what you gotta do.

    Stanford: Uhh, You Called me?

    Gideon: But, Wait... I... WHO’S WHO!? (faints…)


    Gideon: Ok... Where am I now…

    Dipper: In our room, Lil Gideon... Since your working here for... I don’t know how long but you might be here for a while but anyways Our Grunkle wanted you to become Admin with me, but since you passed out, I guess that’s a yes on that.

    Gideon: (gasps.) An ADMIN!? Here?! In this Mystery Shack, still you guys updated for a Food Court, and a Video Game Plaza... But An ADMIN!? Sure, I will take it!

    (After the Big Talk with Grunkle Stan.)

    Stan: So.. do you want the ‘Admin’ Rank or not Gideon... Since your begging me all the time.


    Mabel: Uhh Stan?

    Stan: Yea, Sweety?

    Mabel: Somebody Threw up at the Slushie Pop should I clean up, Cuz Funtime Foxy was Glitching out…

    Stan: Oh Dear, you should Clean it up, god we need more Staff members soon…

    Gideon: So, are you gonna give me the admin… Or no?

    Stan: Yeah, your hired for Admin and don’t mess it up Buddy... Or else... YOUR BANNED/FIRED!

    Gideon: Oh Boy I can’t wait for this!

    (So, we don’t have much time, Gideon took everything fair due to the Northwest’s hanging out with Gideon’s family anyways that’s the end of our episode of Springfield Shorts!!)

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  • that1quirkykid
    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #gravity falls#grunkle stan#gideon gleeful #50+year old man is archrivals with a 10 year old #gremlin child #burn the child
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  • hkthatgffan
    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Despite getting the most BS from the fandom over it, Mabel Pines is the ONLY person to have encountered Bill Cipher but NEVER ACTUALLY made a deal with him. Remember, what's one thing every person who made a deal with Bill had in common, that she DIDN'T do...

    Not to mention that Mabel DIDN’T KNOW it was Bill who possessed Blendin!  

    So, dear Mabel haters who still crap on her for this...

    #gravity falls#mabel pines#dipper pines#bill cipher#stanford pines#gideon gleeful#Stanley Pines#stan pines#ford pines #mabel pines did nothing WRONG #for mabel#weirdmageddon #dipper and mabel #dipper and mabel vs the future #sock opera#dreamscaperers #if they didn't shake hands #then it's not a deal
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  • orangeoctopi7
    11.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    All of Your So-Called Problems

    [AO3 link]

    Stan was trying to find room for the leftover Mac and Cheese in the fridge when he heard the doorbell. He grumbled a few obscenities under his breath as he trudged towards the door. He was NOT in the mood for visitors tonight, even if they might be paying customers. The fact that a demon was trying to break into the house to steal some world-ending piece of junk from Ford didn’t help.

    "We're closed!" He shouted before he even peeked out the window. He pulled back the blinds just enough to glare at whoever thought it was a good idea to drop by this late, and his eyebrows raised nearly to his receding hairline when he saw who it was.

    "Wendy!? Since when do you knock?" Stan couldn't think of a single time she hadn't just come in and made herself at home since she'd started working at the Shack.

    "Since Dipper told me you answered the door with a loaded gun earlier today." The teen answered as Stan opened the door.

    "Gonna have to have a talk with that runt about blabbing." Stan rolled his eyes. "What, you having a movie night with the kids?"

    "Not exactly." The teen jerked a thumb over her shoulder, and Stan finally noticed the rest of the Corduroy family standing just behind her, right off the porch. They were all carrying sleeping bags and pillows.

    "...Wha?" Stan could only utter a surprised grunt as his brain tried to piece together why it looked like the entire Corduroy family was here for a sleepover. 

    "Dipper called me and said we could stay here until your brother puts up a barrier around our house." Wendy explained, noticing her boss's confusion. "...Aaand he never even told you anything about it, did he?"

    "He sure didn't." Stan deadpanned.

    As if on cue, Dipper and Ford both stepped into the entryway.

    "Oh, Wendy, you're here already!" Dipper said, voice dripping with faked surprise. "I forgot to ask Grunkle Stan if it was ok for you guys to stay the night. But gosh, since you're already here, I guess we can't turn you away!"

    "You can drop the act, bucko, I wrote the book on It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission." Stan folded his arms disapprovingly. "The answer's still no. We're already putting up one freeloader."

    "I'm the one who said they could stay." Ford said firmly.

    Stan turned his glare to his brother. "This isn't a safehouse, genius!"

    "It's my house, Stanley!"

    "Where are they even gonna sleep!?"

    "Well, perhaps we'd have some place to put up guests if you hadn't turned the two largest rooms into a tourist trap!"

    "Oh, like you kept the place ready for company when you lived here!" Stan countered. "These rooms were both filled to the brim with your weird experiments when I got here!"

    “Hey, we can sleep outside like men, if it’s too much trouble to put us up!” Manly Dan interrupted the brothers’ argument.

    “Unfortunately, that’s not an option.” Ford shook his head. “The barrier barely extends past the front porch.” 

    Ford quickly took a mental survey of where there might be extra room. The basement lab was out. He’d finished dismantling the portal, but he was storing the rift down there for now. His secret study was supposed to be a secret, and he still needed to clear out all that old Bill memorabilia. The attic was already taken by Dipper and Mabel. Stanley still had the main bedroom, and Fiddleford was currently sleeping on the couch in the upstairs study. That left the den, which might be large enough for one or two people, but certainly not a family of five. If only Stan hadn’t filled his old experiment and specimen rooms with useless junk! Sure, the rooms hadn’t exactly been empty before, but Ford at least would have known what things could be moved where to make room for their guests. Even his old thinking parlor was… wait…

    “What about the parlor?” The old researcher asked.

    Stan shrugged. “I kinda use it as a space for rotating exhibits, or whatever else I need at the time. Pretty sure it’s still full of leftover campaigning junk.”

    “So, nothing we can’t throw out then.”

    “Not so fast, genius, I still haven’t agreed to letting anyone stay here.”

    “This is an emergency, Stanley!” Ford fumed. “And besides, it’s not your decision to make!”

    Stan regarded the Corduroy family still standing awkwardly on his porch, and tried to imagine Manly Dan with those disturbing yellow eyes he’d seen on that time traveler earlier. He tried to picture the hulking lumberjack acting like that erratic demon. It was not a pleasant thought.

    “Alright, fine.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “But only because I don’t want any of these ax-weidling giants possessed by a triangular serial-killer. And don’t expect me to provide any bedding or food!”

    “Yeah, we can probably snare ourselves a few squirrels or something.” Wendy’s oldest brother assured Stan.

    Stan grimaced. “On second thought, help yourselves to some canned meat. Only the stuff that’s expired though!”

    “Thanks Stan.” Wendy said. “For giving us a place to stay until this blows over, not for the expired meat.”

    “What? They pad that date out by at least a year. As long as it smells fine, it’s good to eat.” Stan defended himself.

    The teen rolled her eyes but stepped into the Shack, followed by her family.

    Ford observed them all carefully as they entered. No hesitation or sign of even noticing it as they crossed over the barrier. So they definitely weren’t possessed now. He would have to keep a close eye on them while they stayed. He knew that Dipper trusted Wendy, and that was good enough for him, for now, but the others? Ford vaguely remembered Dan from when he’d been a young man, building this very cabin for him. He’d been friendly, loud, and boisterous. It appeared his sons were cut from the same cloth. But it was hard to say whether or not Bill could convince any of them to try and smash the rift.

    “So Wendy, did you manage to get more unicorn hair?” Dipper asked as he helped her lay out a sleeping bag in the parlor.

    “Oh yeah. I just snuck into that glade again with a pair of shears and a tranq dart. Works just as well as fairy dust.” She handed a grocery bag full of rainbow hair to Ford.

    Ford made a mental note to add that tidbit to the Journal 1 entry on unicorns later. “I’ll get started on it first thing tomorrow.”

    Mabel came downstairs to help just a minute later. After a lot of rearranging of campaign signs and novelty phones, everyone had a sleeping space set out. Dan took Stan’s recliner in the den, and his youngest son set out a sleeping bag at his feet. The oldest three children laid out their sleeping bags between the piles of junk in the parlor. 

    “Ohmigosh, Dipper, we should pull our mattresses down here and have a mega-sleepover!” Mabel gasped as she pushed the last of the campaign signs into a corner.

    “What was the point of clearing out all this junk if we aren’t even gonna sleep in our own beds?” Dipper asked tiredly.

    “Hmm, good point. Maybe Barry and Stuart can sleep in our beds, and we can sleep down here with Wendy!”

    Dipper and Wendy’s middle brother both blushed beet red.

    “Uh… I mean… I, uh, I don’t think Wendy would want to sleep with me--US! With us!” Dipper stammered.

    “M-me? Sleep in a g-girl’s room? Like a room that a girl sleeps in?” The middle brother gulped.

    “Yyyeah, I think we’re good where we are.” Wendy said cooly, trying to diffuse the awkward tension in the room.

    “Aw man!” Mabel pouted, but she didn’t put up any other protest than that. Dipper suspected she was still pretty worn out from the rescue mission this morning.

    Eventually, everyone got settled down and the children all fell asleep. The elder Pines twins moved back to the living room to check on Dan one more time.

    "Hey, now that the kids are asleep, I've been meaning to ask you something." The lumberjack said in a low rumble that was probably his version of a whisper. "How long have there been two of you?"

    "Hooboy…" Stan pinched the bridge of his nose. He really didn't want to retread this again.

    "I'm Stanford. I'm the one you first met when you built this place for me. My brother Stanley has been living here under my name for the last 30 years." Ford summarized tiredly. Apparently he wasn't in the mood to make a big deal out of it right now either.

    Stan could practically see the gears turning in Manly Dan's head. Eventually the grizzled lumberjack nodded. "Yeah, that adds up."

    With that, he turned over and went to sleep. Stan was a little surprised that the guy accepted their explanation just like that. But then again, Dan had lived in Gravity Falls his whole life.

    Ford grabbed a folding chair from the card table and carried it out into the giftshop.

    "Are you seriously gonna stay up and keep watch over that snowglobe thing all night?" Stan asked incredulously.

    "My usual sleeping place is already occupied, I may as well." 

    "Y’know, operating on so little sleep just makes you more likely to screw up.”

    “Don’t worry. I’m well accustomed to it.”

    “Not reassuring.” Stan said flatly, turning and climbing the stairs up to his room. If he was being perfectly honest with himself, he probably wouldn’t sleep a wink tonight either. But at least he was going to try. Ford was going to run himself ragged if he kept up this pace.

    - - -

    Nights in prison were the worst part of the whole ordeal, in Gideon's opinion. At least during the day, he was able to sway the other inmates to do what he wanted. There was a sort of mob mentality that he could take control of. But at night, it was just Gideon and his cell-mate, and there was nothing the boy could do to stop the hulking man from taking his pillow and doing whatever he wanted with it. 

    Last week, the convicted felon had staged a wedding in their cell. He’d made a veil out of toilet paper and hummed “Here Comes the Bride” and everything. Tonight, he seemed to be discussing the possibility of children with his new “wife”.

    “But Tessa, your mother and your aunt both died in childbirth! I’m just worried about you, honey!” He paused for whatever imagined reply the pillow gave. “Adoption, you say? I’ll admit, I had not considered it.”

    Gideon groaned. He couldn’t even put a pillow over his ears to try and block out the nonsense! He’d tried to persuade the warden to let him switch cell mates so he could room with Ghost Eyes, but apparently they were “both instigators” and putting them both in the same cell would be “asking for a prison riot”.

    The boy’s eyes flicked with annoyance to the cat poster still hiding his last attempt to summon Bill Cipher. The triangle had appeared and promised he was working on something, but so far Bill had failed to deliver.

    “Stupid useless demon!” Gideon muttered under his breath. He rolled over, expecting another sleepless night.

    Well, it did turn out to be sleepless, but not for the reason he’d anticipated.

    It was a little past 10 PM when Gideon heard the familiar sound of an old van’s engine revving. He’d heard it many times on his father’s used car lot, but what on earth would one of those junkers be doing here?

    That’s when he heard the unmistakable sound of a van crashing through a wall. Followed by the even more unmistakable sound of a machine gun.

    “Heavens to Betsy, what was that!?” Gideon ran to his barred window just in time to see a pudgy man with a machine gun walk away from the wreckage of where a large van had burst through the prison wall. His maniacal laughter sounded familiar.

    “Well whaddya know? Bill came through!” Gideon said in a hushed whisper. 

    He dove away from the window with a yelp a second later when the machine gun started firing in his direction. A few seconds later there was a much quieter bang as a tall ladder hit the wall just outside the window. 




    “Are you trying to kill me, you maniac!?” 

    “YEESH, YOU FLESH-SACKS ARE SO SENSITIVE! YOU’RE FINE. BESIDES, I NEEDED TO LOOSEN THESE BARS!” He ripped out the bars on the window with ease. They’d already been loosened by the machine gun fire. “YOU COMING OR NOT? I NEED YOUR HELP STAGING A LITTLE PRISON BREAK OF MY OWN.”

    Gideon pouted and followed the demon down the ladder, grumbling the whole way.

    “... You know what, Tessa? I don’t think I want kids after all.” Gideon’s cowering cell mate said after they left. 

    Bill kept the guards off them with plenty of machine gun fire, but he had little regard for who he was shooting at, guard or prisoner. He even narrowly missed Gideon on a few occasions.

    “Oooh, I hope Killbone’s foot will be ok.” The boy hissed sympathetically as he saw one of his inmate friends go down.


    They finally made it to the van, and Gideon climbed into the passenger-side door. Bill followed after him.

    “A-aren’t you gonna drive?” The boy asked.

    “TCH, FUNNY! I JUST RAMMED THIS THING THROUGH THREE WALLS OF CONCRETE; YOU THINK THE MEASLY COMBUSTION ENGINE STILL WORKS?” He flicked a lighter on and dropped it down between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel. Gideon could smell the gasoline. This thing was going to blow any second. He scampered over the benches and out the back door. Bill followed casually behind him.

    “Then how are we supposed to get away!?” Gideon demanded as he sprinted to put distance between himself and the burning van.

    “RELAX, SHORT-STACK, I’VE GOT A SECOND GET-AWAY CAR RIGHT HERE!” Bill pointed out a small black Audi parked behind a tall tree.

    “Then why did you set the van on fire?” Gideon asked in confusion.

    “BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT’D BE FUN.” Bill grinned as the van blew up behind them. Gideon screamed and ducked to avoid fiery flying debris. “AND I WAS RIGHT!”

    Gideon got into Bill’s car. There was no child’s car seat. “You better drive careful.” He warned the demon.

    “AHAHAHAHA, OH GIDEON, YOU’RE ALWAYS A RIOT!” Bill struggled to shift the car into drive, and Gideon had just enough time to realize with horror that the demon didn’t really know how to operate a human vehicle before it sped off through the trees.

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  • overheard-at-the-mystery-shack
    11.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Gideon: Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?

    Mabel: Oh no, sir, today is my first day out of doors and Mama forbade mirrors in the house lest we fall victim to vanity.

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    10.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Stanchurian Candidate taught me that children are much better politicians than adults. Stan was carried by Dipper and Mabel after he had 30 years of experience scamming people, and Bud was carried by Gideon.

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  • maximillionofships
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