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  • Warchild Ch.1 pt.2

    Bardock took a deep breath before he entered his house. On the flight home he had contacted Gine by his scouter and knew she would soon give birth. He had offered to send for the Welfare, but his mate had rejected this idea entirely on the ground that Raditz took care of her and she could send him for a midwife when her time had come. That stubborn woman! Bardock let out a scornful snort and prepared himself for whatever waited inside. It had been seven months since he had last seen his family.

    He grabbed the handle and slid the door open. “I´m back!” he threw the bag with his belongings into a corner and moved up to the fireplace, where his mate tried hard to get up and welcome him. He could see that she had let herself go for a while. She looked unkempt and exhausted. It was obvious that the last days of the pregnancy had been hard. “Save the trouble, woman! You look miserable. Why didn´t you get any help? Would you risk our children´s lives because of your false pride?” his tail unwound from his waist and swang gently behind him - the only sign of joy he allowed himself to show.

    Gine smiled bravely. “Oh thank you, dear, I missed you, too!” she had finally managed to get up. She made a few steps towards him and patted his cheeks before she embraced him. Their tails wrapped around each other, a gesture which was only appropriate for a committed relationship like theirs. Bardock was visibly uncomfortable but tolerated the gentle approach. After a few seconds he relaxed and wrapped his arms around her.

    “Welcome back, Bardock.” she whispered happily. “How are you?”

    “Hungry.” he snarled, letting her go. He took off his dirty, smelly armor and threw it in the same corner as the bag. Then he stood there, wearing only his boots and tight pants. Gine´s eyes inspected his buff upper body. There was a new scar that wound from the collarbone to the shoulder blade. It looked like he had been severely injured, and probably he had had no access to a healing pod. These medical machines, which resembled the nursing capsules, could heal almost any damage, the cell building healing liquid could even regrow smaller body parts like a finger or an auricle. But the pods where only available in the infirmaries on the Freeza planets or on some elite spaceships. The common people could only hope to make it to one or the other in time. It was not his death in battle that she feared most. At least she would draw a small pension in this case. But if he was damaged so badly that he couln´t recover and fight again, that would be a horror scenario. Not only would they lose their main income, but she would have to provide for a depressed and frustrated veteran who wouldn´t know what to do with his built-up energy. This really caused her anxiety. Bardock was a passionate warrior, one who had worked his way up and lived for battle. He only came home to get some rest after combat, and normally he left after a few days. She enjoyed his company while it lasted, but she also felt relieved whenever he went back to work. When he had to sit at home for too long, he was restless, bored out and insufferable. Most Saiyans were introverts who loved to be alone and couldn´t stand being around people for very long.

    “Yeah, there´s a pot of soup on the table.” she answered his request. “Raditz made it according to my instructions.”

    Bardock´s face darkened. “Raditz cooks.” he hissed. “Raditz cleans the house, Raditz takes care of you. What is he, a housewife?!”

    “I thought he would benefit from taking responsibility.” Gine tried to defend herself. “What´s wrong about teaching him to fulfil his duty? This will be a huge part of his life one day! By the way, he does an excellent job. He´s a great help. The women from the Welfare do nothing but patronize me and scold me for being so weak. I don´t see how this would help me or the babies.”

    “Well, if they did, then maybe you wouldn´t be hanging around the fireplace and teach your son to be a better woman than you. You are a grown up Saiyan woman, Gine, you should be able to handle both the house and the pregnancy.”

    Bardock hadn´t risen his voice, but the words hurt Gine more than her tortured back. She lowered her head and let out and annoyed mumble. “So make sure the next child will be a girl.” she said softly.

    He ignored her last sentence. “Where´s the boy, by the way?”

    “I think he´s in the forest. When he´s done with his work he loves to roam the woods, observe the wild animals and daydream a bit.” Gine ducked instinctively, knowing her mate wouldn´t appreciate her answer. Well, she was right.

    “So besides the housekeeping he´s out there hugging trees? You can´t be serious! What the heck have you been doing  in the last four years? How can you allow him to become such a wimp? He should undergo combat training by now, most kids his age have completed their first missions already. He should prepare for life out there instead of hiding behind his mother´s skirt! You know exactly that he is doomed to be a warrior, so what are you waiting for?”

    “Oh Bardock, he´s anything but a warrior! He´s too sensitive! He detests violence and death scares him greatly. Some weeks ago, he found a little dead creature in the forest and couln´t stop crying for days. It will break him if he´s forced to hurt anybody! There must be another way for him. He can be useful beyond the battlefield. He´s smart, he´s skillful, he´s strong, and… yes, he loves to care for others. He could do anything if it only didn´t involve killing people!” Gine tried to grab her mate´s hands, but he turned away and evaded her touch. He pulled his tail back around his waist.

    “No, woman.” he said in a firm voice. “He is a Saiyan. He has been classified as a middle class fighter. If he was a weakling with a power level under 100, we could think of an alternative. But he is too valuable for the Empire. A Saiyan who doesn´t want to fight is mere trash for Freeza and is unlikely to survive for very long. I need strong sons who are able to defend themselves and you in case something happened to me. He will die if he doesn´t learn how to kill. You wouldn´t like that, would you?”

    Gine gulped. “Of course not.”

    “So it´s settled. It´s time I make a man out of him. I will put him to the test tomorrow. And now enough of that, I´m starving!” he turned towards the stockpot and sniffed curiously. “Let´s see if he´s at least a decent cook.”

    Gine sat next to him and watched him inhale the stew within seconds. He couldn´t lower himself and praise his son´s cooking abilities, but his face looked quite satisfied. Now that he was no longer hungry, he would be much more accessible than before. It´s a dangerous place between a Saiyan and his meal, as the saying goes. Bardock rose from his chair and slowly went up to his mate with the trace of a smile on his face. He stopped behind her, let his hands slide along her neck down to her swollen breasts where he let them rest. His tail wrapped around her hips and hers reacted in the same way. Gine heaved a sigh when she realized how much she had craved his touch. Oh, she wanted him so bad, but her sore back and the giant belly would make it difficult, if not impossible. Bardock obviously noticed, too. “I would love to hump you here and now.” he whispered in her ear in a rough voice. “But I feel my sons would fight back if I tried. I guess I came home at the wrong time.”

    She chuckled nervously, hoping he wouldn´t notice her relief. “Well, my dear, I do have some other useful skills to satisfy your needs. Do you want me to show you?” her hand groped for the bulge in his pants and started to stroke it carefully. He grunted agreeing and clinged even closer to her, breathing heavily. “Show me!”

    At he very moment when Gine started to pull his pants down, the door slid open and Raditz stood before them in all his childish innocence. “What are you doing? Are you going to mate again, like the Karraks on the farm? But the babies aren´t even out yet, how is there room for a new one?”

    His mother jumped up and blushed.

    Bardock pulled up his pants and yelled at his first born: “Damnit you brat! Didn´t your mother teach you to knock first?”

    Raditz ducked his head and stuck his tail between his legs, rolling the end firmly around his chubby thigh. “Sorry, father…” he mumbled.

    “Hmph.” his father snarled. “Don´t ever do this again, got it? And to make sure you don´t forget it, you´ll go outside again and wait till I call you back in. But don´t move too far away, we need to talk later.”

    The four-year-old didn´t need to be told twice. He hurried out of the house and closed the door thoroughly.

    “That snotty brat!” Bardock grumbled more amused than annoyed. “Like the Karraks, where does that even come from?” he snickered. “Well, where had we got to?”

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    Gine. 💗

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  • Warchild 1st Chapter, Pt. 1

    Here’s the next bit 😁

    An unwanted gift

    Planet Vegeta, age 731.

    Wrapped up in every fur she possessed, Gine lay in front of the fireplace that formed the center of the humble clay hut. The accommodation didn’t even have proper windows, only holes filled with giant green crystals that they had been provided with at low cost from some Freeza planet. They let just enough light into the room so one could recognize the opposite wall. The door was a mere wooden board with a handle to slide it open. The family of a low class soldier was far from leading a dissolute life, but at least they had a roof over their heads and it was more comfortable than a cave.

    The young Saiyan still felt cold. Walking around and doing her chores would have helped, but for the last few days it had been hard enough to get to the privy every thirty minutes since her impressive pregnant belly put a lot of pressure on her bladder. One month before the expected date of delivery she had been released from her work in the kitchen. The Empire attached great importance on the well-being of their unborn soldiers. The bureaucratic monster called the Women’s Welfare didn’t give a damn about the women. They would do anything to get strong and healthy children, even at the cost of the mother’s life. Just yesterday she had heard of two women in the neighborhood who had disappeared without a trace for refusing to put their kids inside a nursing pod. The children had been taken to the nursery in the city and nobody of the officials would answer any questions on the matter. She didn’t dare to complain about the pod - one of those artificial wombs sat in her house, too, taking most of the space since it was a bigger model for a pair of twins. The egg-shaped glass container scared her a lot. Not the fact that the babies would grow in there without her care, she would have to work again a few days after birth anyway. But not being allowed to hold her children, to nurse them, talk to them, build a bond, that just broke her heart. And then there was this affirmation thing. Inside the capsule, the infants were exposed to subliminal messages for several hours each day, telling them what their role in the Empire would be. They were brainwashed from the first day of their existence. The messages varied depending on the power level measured directly after they were born. Gine was horrified at the thought her twins could be classified as low level just like their father was, so they would only be useful as cannon fodder. Or even worse - with a power level below 50, they would be immediately sent away as infiltration babies in order to prove worthy to stay alive. They would have to purge a “simple” planet on their own. Most of those space babies didn’t make it back, and if so, they received a rudimentary combat training and were sent on more challenging missions. She hoped with all of her heart that they would turn out as middle class like their older brother. The classification was simply a cruel joke, random and meaningless. The boys’ father, her mate Bardock, had been born low class too, but through many hard fights and a lot of training he had increased his power to an astonishing 4000, which corresponded to that of the former leader of the Saiyan military, General Nappa, and he kept getting stronger. Bardock was a much respected warrior and even some of the elites sought his advice, but there was no option to move up to a higher level. A Saiyan’s fate was sealed with the power level measured at birth, simple as that. The men gave their lives to Lord Freeza and the women gave their sons. And those who hadn’t anything to offer to the Empire, were treated as worthless scum, like the old, the sick or the disabled. And, the most useless of all, infertile women. The strong ones were allowed to go to battle with the men, like Bardock’s teammate Fasha, the weak… well, if they were lucky, they got some manial job. The less fortunate ones were just raped and beaten to death, since there was no law to protect their useless lives. There were even some rich elites who would pay a good price for such a particular pleasure.

    Gine rubbed her painful back and let out a sigh. Immediately, her first born stood in front of her, bending down to her and tucking her into the furs thoughtfully. “Are you in pain again, Mom?” the four-year-old asked ingenuously.

    Gine smiled and felt the room temperature increase by several degrees. Her sweet little boy! How long would she be allowed to keep him at home? “I’m OK, Raditz. The usual back pain. Shortly before birth it’s always a bit strenuous.” she tousled his knee-long hair. The spiky black mane was her heritage. Originally her hair had been that long, too, but she had decided to cut it off since it was inconvenient at work. Nobody liked hair in their food. Unfortunately, the boy had also inherited her gentle nature. All in all he was a smaller male version of herself, only his eyes resembled those of his father. How could this soft-hearted kid become a merciless killer? Life would certainly not be easy for him.

    “Shall I massage your back?” the little guy offered. “I’m almost done with the cleaning, I could…”

    “No, no, my dear. I’m fine, don’t worry. Once you’re done, you can lay down here with me for a bit, OK?”

    “Yaaay!” Raditz fiddled around in the house for a few more minutes, cleaning up an item here, wiping a surface there, entirely wrapped up in his work. Then he came back with a steaming cup of tea. “I put some of that soothing herb inside so you will be better in no time.”

    Gine felt overwhelmed with affection. She swallowed hard to fight back the tears. The pregnancy had made her even more emotional than she was anyway. There he stood, her first born, on his sturdy little legs, snotty nose and dirty hands, not even being able to fly properly and yet being the man in the house, acting like they had traded roles since she was so immobile due to her pregnancy.

    “Thanks my big boy.” she smiled. “Now go and wash your hands and face, then we can snuggle up and I will tell you a story.”

    Raditz grinned from one ear to the other and jumped outside to the well. When he came back he stopped in front of the nursing pod and put his hands on the glass walls. “Mom, I wonder… can we take the babies out from time to time, so we can snuggle up with them, too?”

    His innocent question felt like a stab in his mother’s heart. He knows, she thought. He understands what this thing is about. “No, dear, they’ll stay inside until they are able to walk on their own. Mom needs to go to work soon after they are born, and inside the capsule they get everything they need.” Except love.

    Raditz had been born before the takeover, during the war against the Tsufurians. She used to carry him around, nursed him, talked and sang to him. In those days, a behavior like that was considered to be normal and was not prohibited at all. Now the nursing pods were obligatory. The bond between mother and child was unwanted in order to make the future warriors even more unscrupulous.

    “Come here, Raditz!” she lifted the furs and the little man slipped underneath. She enjoyed the heat of his small but robust body. His tail wrapped around hers and she inhaled his sweet scent.

    “Can you tell me how the babies got in there?” he poked her belly carefully.

    “Well, your father and I mated. You saw that before, remember? The Karraks on the meat farm? When the male jumped the female? I explained it to you. It’s pretty much the same with men and women.”

    “Ew.” the kid made a disgusted face. “That was gross! I’ll never do something like that!”

    Gine laughed loudly and carefree like she hadn’t done for a long time. “Well, I bet you’ll change your mind once you’re an adult. In fact it’s a lot of fun when you have the right partner.” Her thoughts went back to the first night with Bardock. She highly appreciated that he hadn’t just taken her by force like it was common, but he gave her time to get accustomed to his body and his wishes. Also, he had claimed her as his mate. Most Saiyans didn’t live monogamously, but he had only wanted her. He had explained he didn’t have time for affairs and no desire to catch some funny disease. As far as she knew, he had never been unfaithful, and he wouldn’t even regard someone like Fasha as a woman. She was grateful for what she had with him and was looking forward to his rare visits. He always found her willing to fulfill his demands. Did she love him? Well… kind of. It was not easy loving someone so taciturn, harsh and reserved, a typical Saiyan who refused to talk about his feelings and hardly ever smiled. She believed that he cared in some way, at least he tried not to hurt her more than necessary, not only in bed.

    Raditz caressed his mother’s belly processing the information he just got. Then he asked the next question. “Mom - when will the babies come?”

    Gine shrug her shoulders. “Maybe tonight, maybe next week… you never know. I wonder who will arrive first: the twins or your Dad.”

    “Oh. Father is coming, too.” the little one said less than enthusiastic.

    “Hmm, you don’t sound very happy?”

    The four-year-old lowered his head. “Well, I am happy…”


    “Mom, of course I am.”

    “Raditz, look at me!” Gine grabbed his chin and gently forced his head up. “What’s the matter?”

    “It’s nothing. It’s… he’s always so grumpy, never wants to spend time with me, and when he’s here, he’s scolding me all the time.”

    “Oh my big boy!” she patted his head trying to comfort him. “He’s not that bad. He’s just so strict because he wants you to become a strong and brave man just like him, who can fight and protect his family. War has made him harsh, but it is his way of showing his affection.”

    “I think I’m like an unwanted gift for him. You know, when somebody gives you something and you’re all excited and happy until you unwrap it, and then it is not the gift you were expecting. Then you’re sad and angry because you got something you don’t want and you can’t get rid of it because that would hurt the person who gave it to you. ”

    Gine pulled her son in a giant hug. “You are the greatest gift I ever got. You are my son, my first born, and you will always be special to me. You are exactly right as you are. Life can be tough sometimes, but if you succeed to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead of you, you will go from strength to strength. Don’t be mad at your father, he means well all in all.”

    “Hmm.” slightly consoled, Raditz buried his face in the gap between his mother’s breasts and belly.

    If only I could keep him forever, Gine thought wistfully. “Which story do you want to hear?”

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    11.22 Good couple day! ❤️

    Bardock and Gine are the best and the most beautiful couple. 🥰❤️❤️

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    BadaGine piece for the @DBPinupZine 💖

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    I’m so in love with this plush. I need it now. 😍💙💙

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    ♡︎♡︎♡︎ バダギネ ♡︎♡︎♡︎

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    Gine bonita. ( ˘ ³˘)♡︎

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    I’m happy to finally share my BadaGine piece for the DBFashionZine✨

    Bardock has given his beloved Gine her favorite flower. 🌼♥️

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    Halloween 2020. 🎃✨

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    “There is a beautiful and peaceful place where Hades always meets his beloved Persephone…” ♡︎

    Bardock and Gine as Hades and Persephone. 💖 My BadaGine piece for the DB Mythology Zine on Twitter.

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