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  • shewholovestoread
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The L Word Generation Q - Is Dani into Gigi - Part 2 of 2

    Part 1 is here

    We next see them when Gigi accompanies Dani to the prison to see her father. We know that Dani can be prickly where her father is concerned, she loves him and at the same time, she knows that he’s flawed, he’s overbearing and likely more than a little toxic.

    When she returns to the car, you can imagine how distraught she must feel, disturbed by everything she just learned. Season 1 Dani would have shut down and I think this Dani wanted to as well. It’s a pity we didn’t see more of this car ride but I think it must have been a quiet one with Gigi giving Dani the space and time to process everything that just happened. It would have been a huge contrast to the scene with Dani and Sophie in the car after the prenup scene. Sophie failed to understand that even though Dani stood up for them, she was still hurting by what her father had tried to do. Dani seems more comfortable in the above scene with Gigi. And she feels safe enough to ask for what she wants, she wants the safety and familiarity of her own space.

    Once home, we get another instance of just how comfortable they are with each other. With Gigi, I think Dani feels like she can start letting some of her walls down and we start to see it in this exchange.

    I love Dani’s flustered expression when Gigi tells that she will love like that again, soon. She looks away and fidgets. The tension (for Dani at least) again relaxes when Gigi tells her that not everyone would agree with Dani’s assessment of Gigi.

    By the time’s it’s evening, you can tell that there’s already a certain level of casual intimacy between them, the way Gigi is so at home in Dani’s apartment.

    Another aspect that i really enjoy is that Gigi tells Dani to speak to Micah if she misses him as much as she does. Also, Gigi is completely focused on what Dani is saying, she’s giving her all of her attention. She advises her to reach out without sounding preachy or condescending. This is one of the hallmarks of a good friendship if nothing else. Gigi doesn’t belittle Micah, she listens and actually wants Dani to reconnect with her friend. I think some of it also comes from what Alice told her in season 1, that Nat misses her and their friends and I think on some level, Gigi doesn’t want Dani to make the same mistake.

    This leads us to the whole “are you hitting on me?” exchange and this is a goldmine. I think Gigi being older, is more obvious about her interests and desires, she doesn’t try to hide them and doesn’t bother being subtle. I think Gigi’s feelings had already started to change, she probably didn’t want to scare Dani after the day that she had. Dani, on the other hand, is a little more guarded, she’s not used to someone being so frank and honest and you can see her trying to wrap her head around it. Here is a woman who’s honest and upfront, there are no mind-games involved, no damn wordplay, and no mixed signals. And by the end of the scene, Dani is the one who’s looking intently at Gigi. She asks Gigi if everything is alright when Bette texts and then keeps gazing at her, followed by that small happy smile when Gigi decided to stay:

    The night at Dana’s, things really come to a head for both Dani and Gigi. Gigi gets a cold brush-off from Bette (entirely uncalled for) and Dani gets to be spectator to Sophie and Finley’s get-together. When Dani storms out, I think she fully expected to be on her own, she doesn’t expect Micah to follow her out and her surprise is palpable when she realizes that it’s Gigi. And she doesn’t stop because she thinks that Gigi will try to persuade her to go back and she finally opens up, confirming what Gigi suspected all along, that she’s not fine.

    Another thing that struck me about the Dana’s sequence is when Dani asks Sophie if everyone cheats, but what’s telling is that she asks that after looking in Gigi’s direction. They all run in the same circle and I’m sure that Dani knows why Nat and Gigi broke up and Gigi was the one who cheated. I think on some small level, she’s scared that Gigi might cheat on her (though she’d never say it).

    The night ends with Gigi telling Dani that her feelings have changed. Now, I think we can safely assume, that a few days have passed (honestly, the passage of time on this show makes no sense).

    When Dani tells Gigi that she think it was shitty, that was Dani being honest, not filtering what she thought with her usual filter. And while initially annoyed, Gigi stays and tries to understand what Dani’s concerns are (communication is key kids)

    Gigi stays but gives Dani the physical space she needs to sort through her thoughts and again she listens. Dani can express her concerns and Gigi doesn’t belittle or play those concerns down. An indication that Dani does like Gigi and thinks she’s pretty awesome is when Gigi says that she doesn’t think that Bette had very strong feelings for her and Dani replies with “I find that hard to believe.” That’s like saying how can someone not have strong feelings for you, I sure do. I think Dani is genuinely scared of just how much she likes Gigi.

    At the party, I liked that for once, Nat spoke nicely of Gigi and let Dani know that this wasn’t some casual fling for her which is what I think what Dani was scared of. She goes to Gigi, almost looking for a fight and again finds Gigi not taking the bait, instead asking Dani what she wants, effectively getting Dani to vocalise what she wants and what she’s afraid of. Vulnerability is not easy for Dani and it’s a big step forward for her to actually be open about her fears and Gigi immediately assures her.

    Also, shout out to Gigi for respecting Dani’s boundaries when Gigi invites her inside but Dani says not yet. Gigi lets it go, instead reassuring Dani again, it’s real, what Gigi feels for her is real.

    Things inevitably come to a head, first with Bette biting Dani’s head of instead of talking to Dani and explaining why her actions while well-intentioned might be problematic and secondly the crises with the CAC. She snaps at Gigi, shutting her out and going back to her old self, trying to protect herself and rushes out.

    Dani’s relationship with Sophie was not the healthiest, they spoke to everyone else except each other about their grievances. When Dani returns home that night and finds Gigi missing, she goes looking for her, she actively seeks her out.

    Even Gigi can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes. And again, Dani apologies and tries to explain why she reacted the way that she did and Gigi listens. Another thing to note, when Dani says that she wishes that her father was separate from the rest of her life, Gigi immediately says that that would never work out. She gets the complicated relationship Dani shares with her dad, because I’m guessing that’s how Gigi feels about her father.

    While Gigi is a little closed off initially, she shuts her laptop and gives her full attention to Dani. It’s not easy for Dani to talk about her dad and kudos to both Arienne and Sepideh for acting the hell out of this scene. Dani’s fidgeting to deal with her discomfort and Gigi can see t. And again, Gigi gives her the space to figure out her thoughts and only comes to her when she asks if she did something to make Dani feel embarrassed.

    When the CAC chooses to support Bette and Pippa, that’s another blow to Dani on two fronts, one that something she worked so hard on, is literally falling apart and two that it’s Bette who’s orchestrating it. I don’t think Dani deals well with hurt, she instead tries to mask it with anger. I suspect that it’s something that she picked up from her father who likely did not have a strong emotional bond with her. Anger was safer, anger let you keep your walls up and anger kept you from feeling hurt. But under that anger the hurt keeps festering. Here as well, she turns to anger when it probably would have been more honest to say that she is hurt by Bette’s actions, someone she trusted and looked up to.

    Gigi and Dani hit a snag again when Dani skips out on Eli’s recital after having a hard day. Gigi is incredibly devoted to her kids, add to that she probably wanted Dani to meet them, so when she finds out that Dani lied about why she couldn’t make it, she is understandably upset. I honestly don’t think Dani thought to continue the lie when they meet, I think she chooses to tell Gigi why she couldn’t make it but didn’t think it was a big deal. This also comes from her dad, who probably couldn’t be bothered to attend her school performances. So Dani can’t understand why Gigi is so upset.

    And this is her reaction when it sinks in, how her actions hurt the woman in front of her and again, instead of hiding or resorting to anger, she apologises. And Gigi (good god this woman is perfect) comes forward to hold her, to give her the comfort Dani so sorely needs.

    And just look at the peace on both their faces, they look so comfortable with each other with Dani fully leaning on Gigi. Gigi just holds her, no questions, no other expectation except to offer comfort. With Gigi, Dani feels like she can be honest about her feelings without fear of reprisals or that Gigi would use them against her. 

    The court scene is very important. I don’t think Dani is used to having people she can lean on, people she can depend on. She doesn’t reach out for help even when she needs it, she’s used to looking after herself. And so to see her reach out to Gigi get her out of there is a huge milestone. And Gigi immediately gets her out, no questions asked, her sole focus is Dani and her well-being.

    At this point, Dani’s entire world is crumbling, her father had been lying to her, her company is responsible for ruining the lives of many people. I love the scene with her father, Dani’s come so far that she tells her dad that she needs him and that she can’t take the stand and lie for him. His anger doesn’t faze her because it’s normal for them, with her father yelling at her for not being able to clean up his mess. I think Dani stood up to him in part because of Gigi, because she finally has someone who has her back 100% and that love and support doesn’t come with terms and conditions.

    I love Dani has come so far that she now doesn’t hesitate before reaching out to Gigi when she starts feeling overwhelmed like when Dani stops Gigi just before they meet her family, letting Gigi know that she’s overwhelmed. I loved that scene, i loved how warmly the family greeted her, especially Gigi’s mother, she was immediately made to feel at home.

    Their love language is definitely food and I loved that even though they are surrounded by a whole bunch of people, they still connect with each other, the way Gigi looks at her, they might as well have been the only two people there.

    I love this couple because they bring out the best in each other. They are literally the best, most healthy ship on the show and I desperately hope that Dani and Gigi are endgame, they deserve each other. Dani has come so far and I hope to her happy and carefree with Gigi in the next season.

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  • shewholovestoread
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The L Word Generation Q - Is Dani into Gigi - Part 1 of 2

    Well turns out I’m still not over these two. Dani and Gigi are the best part of the show and the 2nd season specifically. We know that Gigi is into Dani, that’s impossible to miss but I wondered if Dani is into Gigi and if so, when did her feelings begin to shift... and here we are.

    If you want to read my post about Gigi, go here

    Their first interaction is when Bette introduces Gigi to Dani and her father as the realtor:

    Dani is till closed off, she doesn’t really want to be here and I think she expected Bette to stick around and was a little disappointed when she didn’t. They go up and Dani is still not certain... till she and Gigi have that little exchange in Farsi.

    She laughs and I think that little bit of ease made her want to go ahead with deciding to buy the place.

    The next time, they meet is at Gigi’s office, when Dani goes to collect her keys and I actually love this little exchange. Dani looks miserable, like someone barely holding herself together and Gigi picks up on it. I don’t think Dani is used to being taken care of so when Gigi offers to show her around her neighbourhood, this is her reaction:

    She’s shocked and taken aback, you can tell she did not expect this offer, but what I find more surprising is that she agrees. We know how stubborn Dani is and if she doesn’t want to do something, you can convince her otherwise, and I loved how she just agreed.

    I love their entire dinner sequence, it’s so loaded with nuances and this is where the tension arises. We start off with banter between them and I’m still stuck with how at ease they seem. Contrast this with Gigi meeting Bette for their blind date and most of Dani’s interactions with Sophie, and neither is this effortless. And I think even Dani realises just how much she needed this and just how much fun she’s having.

    Dani shifts the conversation, asking Gigi about her father. I know we talk a lot of Gigi’s eye contact but I want to draw attention to Dani here. She’s completely immersed in what Gigi is saying, looking at her intently. And then we come to my favourite part:

    I present Dani checking Gigi out. I love this! Dani check out Gigi and then immediately realises what she was doing and checks herself. They are then interrupted by that ass which Gigi handled beautifully by the way. I liked that GIgi assured Dani that it wasn’t a date but then followed it up with this smouldering look:

    She’s flustered enough that she brings Bette into the conversation, telling Gigi that she’s happy that Bette has someone like her (projecting maybe) and again, for once, this is Dani being observant of Gigi’s reaction.

    She stops and asks Gigi if she said something wrong but Gigi telling her that she doesn’t think it’ll work out with Bette and then putting Dani at ease by telling her it was okay. Gigi ends this by telling her that she wants to know more about Dani and we have this reaction from Dani:

    She’s comfortable and still at ease.

    We cut next to the car scene with them, again, if you didn’t know better, you’d think that they’ve known each other much longer than just a few hours. It’s still fun and they’re getting to know each other, culturally they have things in common, things that even Sophie probably didn’t get.

    Okay, this post was getting monstrously long, so I’ve split it into 2, to be posted soon..

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    21.10.2021 - 21 hours ago
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    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    asli ini hidup gua bercanda banget fak

    #mau marah mau nangis mau kesel jiga gua udah ga ada tenaga #udah numb kali ya gua #tai nape hidup w bisa gini hadeh
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    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • tumbmcb
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ¿Por qué Bette fue tan mala con GiGi?

    Muchos nos preguntamos el por qué Bette trató tan mal a Gigi la noche del Karaoke y por qué habla mal de ella siempre. Si hubo una actitud que me molestó más de Bette en esta temporada (y eso que tuvo otras actitudes reprochables), fue decirle a GiGi que ella no era suficiente. ¿Qué le hizo GiGi, Si siempre fue muy atenta con ella?

    Creo que GiGi ha aprendido a como manejar a las personas y no tener altas expectativas sin conocerlas bien. Es por eso por lo que después de discutir con Bette cuando le dice a Angie que GiGi no era nadie, se va enojada de su casa. Pienso que eso fue un punto de quiebre para GiGi, ella tampoco tenía fuertes sentimiento hacia Bette, pero no se iba a dejar pisotear así que perdió su interés en Bette.

    De ahí en adelante vemos a GiGi ignorar los mensajes de Bette tipo: “Ven a tener Sexo conmigo, porque no tuve un buen día” y a desarrollar interés en Dani. Vimos que ignoró a Bette 2 veces por disfrutar la compañía de Dani.

    De ese punto pasamos a la noche de Karaoke, donde Bette mira con “Celos” a GiGi y Dani, eso pienso yo que fue la gota que rebosó el vaso para Bette y tenemos la respuesta a nuestra pregunta. Trató mal a GiGi por que hirió su enorme Ego. Es decir, una mujer que no me importa me ignora y se ve tan cómoda con otra…

    Bette está acostumbrada a que todas las mujeres mueran por ella y así ella no tuviese sentimientos por GiGi, le hirió su ego y no encontró otra manera para vengarse que diciéndole que no era suficiente para ella y luego estar menospreciándola constantemente.

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    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • johnoverfifty
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    The Gini Index

    From Investopedia:  “ The Gini index, or Gini coefficient, is a measure of the distribution of income across a population developed by the Italian statistician Corrado Gini in 1912 . It is often used as a gauge of economic inequality, measuring income distribution or, less commonly, wealth distribution among a population.  The coefficient ranges from 0 (or 0%) to 1 (or 100%), with 0 representing perfect equality and 1 representing perfect inequality. Values over 1 are theoretically possible due to negative income or wealth.”

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    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I love you. I want us both to eat well.

    #suddenly im hungry #gini #gigi x dani #they uh como se dice...ate #lemon wedge = gigi's pseudo tongue coz you know homa's right there gotta be discreet lol #the l word gen q s2 #dani núñez#gigi ghorbani#mcgifs#food#love language#wlw#lesbian#arienne mandi#sepideh moafi #in contrast to sinley's sushi lol which btw did they actually ever get to eat any of it? #what a waste of sushi honestly
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    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • not-so-incorrect-hsmtmts
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Carlos: I thought you two were a couple??

    Gina: No!, how could you even think that?

    Carlos, to everyone in the room: Raise your hand if you thought Gina and Nini were a couple.

    Everyone: [raises their hand]

    Gina: Nini, why are YOU raising your hand?!?!?!

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  • ghorbaninunez
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago
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    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Why didn’t I do a proper ref of GINI earlier???

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  • orlpride
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    um when we get tlwgq s3 i would just like to say that i would not be opposed to gigi and dani speaking farsi like all the time

    #its so hot and for what #there like two minutes of it across two seasons #tlwgq#gini
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  • rejsesende
    17.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Now that I have some real free time, today I’ll actually fill in the rest of the damn character bios and maybe get some verses up in there--

    #✦ooc✦ #I've been so busy the past few days #I also need to fc hunt for Gini #because I'm honestly not too keen on Imari anymore
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  • shewholovestoread
    16.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Gigi Ghorbani on The L Word Generation Q

    Full disclosure, I haven’t seen the original series, The L Word. I started watching Generation Q simply because I needed something light to watch, something I wouldn’t get invested in.. Lo and behold, I clowned myself. I got very invested very quickly, all thanks to one specific character, Gigi Ghorbani.

    There was something about her the minute she appeared on screen and while it doesn’t present her in a good light, there’s still something compelling about her. She is messy, but she’s a good mother and when you see her with the kids, you can’t miss that she absolutely adores them. The first scene that struck me was when she and Alice actually speak and Alice makes a quip about the first night she saw Gigi, and that she thought Gigi had lost her mind and she replies with a quiet, “I thought i was losing my family.” Her pain is visible, plain as day. That scene is so beautifully acted, it’s so restrained. But all through that first season, it was so annoying to see her being shit on. The throuple with Alice and Nat was clearly more about Alice and Nat, Gigi was the object. It was always gonna be messy regardless of who the third person was (as was evident in season 2) but I really do think she got the short end of the stick.

    Now into Season 2, things don’t improve much for her. Alice sets her up with Bette. Bette who clearly isn’t over Tina and isn’t a big believer in communication. When Bette realises that Gigi is her blind date, you’d have to be blind not to see her disappointment.

    She doesn’t get interested till Tina and Carrie show up and Gigi takes control. Bette is clearly using Gigi as a stop-gap arrangement until someone better comes along. She blows hot and cold, going from calling Gigi her girlfriend to then being no one. (Now, i know that situation was not ideal but she took out her frustration on someone who was only trying to help in the most unobtrusive way possible) Also, her expression when Bette refers to her as the girlfriend:

    Look at her face, her expression, she never expected Bette to say that. There’s that hope, fragile but there. She thinks that there’s a possibility for them. Of course, that hope comes crashing down. Bette shuts her out at the first sign of a conflict. Also, Bette was extremely harsh with Gigi and it was so uncalled for. Bette was also clearly using Gigi, she called her after she had a bad day, but was obviously not really interested in knowing what Gigi needed.

    I think at her core, Gigi is not someone who likes being alone. She likes taking care of people, she likes being needed. She likes being open and communicative. One of the things I hated this season, was Alice and Bette mocking her for wanting to communicate.

    Enter Dani. Now these two, the chemistry is off the charts as soon as they meet. I loved how attuned Gigi was to Dani’s moods. She’s gentle and soft with her. She tells Dani to take her time at the flat when her dad starts to bully Dani:

    And this same care follows them into pretty much every interaction thereafter.

    Dani has clearly had to take care of herself ever since her mother died. When she was with Sophie, they were always on different planes and after the break-up, she felt even more alone. Having to go back to her father, whom she loves but also knows that he won’t support her emotionally, which is what she needs.

    They feel so natural together because they each offer what the other needs. I think that they both feel safe enough to be themselves around each other. I loved to see Dani’s walls come down slowly. Also, if someone looked at me the way Gigi looks at Dani, I’d probably have a heart attack:

    *brain.exe has stopped responding*

    The eye contact always gets me. She gives Dani her undivided attention, looks at her straight-on and you can tell Dani’s not quite sure how to deal with it, she starts fidgeting and looks away, almost as if to collect her thoughts. Gigi’s intense and I think with Dani, she doesn’t feel like she needs to temper it.

    This is the moment when Gigi’s feelings started to change (i don’t know about you, but this is not how I look at my friends)

    Side note, Gigi never belittles Nat or Alice when she’s with Dani, she never speaks badly of them and that’s so telling. Even with Bette, when she and Dani are talking about the CAC and the newspaper headline, Gigi tries to defend Bette saying that maybe it isn’t personal. It would have been so easy to throw Bette under the bus especially when Dani was already so upset, but she doesn’t do that because she knows that Dani’s hurt because this was Bette’s doing. I love that Gigi is so confident within herself.

    Dani is someone who needs space and time to process what she’s going through and Gigi’s secure enough and in tune with her enough to recognise and anticipate her needs. So the hurt hits harder when Dani starts to shut her out, much like Bette (the scenes almost mirror each other). Except with Dani, Gigi actually tries to reach her

    She’s not afraid to call Dani out on her bad behaviour but also doesn’t punish her, there’s no silent treatment, she’s not passive aggressive. She tells Dani clearly that she was hurt and then they move past it.

    I love those small moments of vulnerability from Gigi who’s usually so self-assured, moments that we only got with her and Dani. Like when she tells Dani that her feelings have changed. You can see the hesitation on her face, that small intake of breath, her look at Dani to gauge her mood..

    Another aspect of their relationship that I love is how easily Gigi can calm Dani down. She’s physically so affectionate, that it almost serves to ground Dani every time she starts to spiral. And it’s a very strong step forward when Dani reaches for Gigi at the court room and asks her for help and Gigi immediately pulls her out. (ugh i love these two so much)

    The acting by Sepideh Moafi and Arienne Mandi is also just superb, I love the small nuances they add to their scenes. The micro-expressions when they’re listening intently to each other. All of these make their scenes an absolute treat to watch..

    Anyway, long story short, I really want a season 3 just so that I can see Dani finally rid herself of her father and cement her relationship with Gigi (these two better be endgame) I want to see more of Gigi, i want to see her life and her perspective and i hope season 3 gives us that. These two deserve each other and I sincerely hope the writers don’t fuck with them.

    Shout out to Sepideh Moafi and Arienne Mandi for playing these characters with so much depth and love.

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    16.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    she makes me so crazy. look at her pawtitas

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    Presiden Jokowi Ingin BUMN Bersaing di Internasional, Dunia Sudah Kayak Gini : Okezone Economy

    Presiden Jokowi Ingin BUMN Bersaing di Internasional, Dunia Sudah Kayak Gini : Okezone Economy

    JAKARTA — Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi) menginginkan Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) dapat bersaing di kancah internasional. Oleh karena itu, perlu adanya kemampuan merespons dan mengadaptasi secepat-cepatnya terhadap era revolusi industri 4.0, disrupsi teknologi, dan pandemi Covid-19. Demikian disampaikan Jokowi saat memberikan arahan kepada para Direktur Utama BUMN di Hotel Meruorah Komodo,…

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    16.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    its been to long already without them

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