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  • traparcyclone
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Since Stone Ocean is out now, it’s time to update my short description of Jojo leads!

    Johnathan: “My super power is respecting women, good sir!”

    Joseph: “When in doubt runaway, oh and women are hot.”

    Jotaro: “*crickets chirping* yare yare”

    Josuke: “Money is cool and I love having adventures with the boys!”

    Giorno: “I’m so fabulous that I’m not a gangster, I’m a gangSTAR, oh and I have depression.”

    Jolyne: I’m a romantic, but also horny.

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  • bi-vamp
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ok now that we’ve seen dio in the new artstyle, I wanna see giorno in the part 3 artstyle

    #they look so similar #ig cause dios his dad and that’s just how genetics work #but it looks really good #dio#jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #dio brando#giorno giovanna
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  • idiot-caricigarette
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #jjba#vento aureo#digital art #jojo no kimyou na bouken #fanart #jojo's bizarre adventure #giorno giovanna #jjba part 5 #jojo trish#trish una#genderbend
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  • clown-college-on-wheels
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    After a long wait, Two Steps chapter 5 is now up! It's a long one, so make sure to bring a snack and drink :)

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  • princesskittten
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #*proud mom noises* #glad he looks like Dio and not like me ☺️😌 #jjba#Giorno Giovanna#Dio Brando #stone ocean spoilers #jjba spoilers #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba part 6 #stone ocean#DIO#kitten ramblings
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  • concord-and-cliches
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    this is dumb

    #i wanted to post something for stone ocean day but this was the only jojo thing i had drafted lol #jjba#contra art#fanart#comic #JoJo's Bizzare Adventure #jonathan joestar#joseph joestar#jotaro kujo#Josuke Higashikata#Giorno Giovanna#Jolyne Kujo#jolyne cujoh#johnny joestar#gappy higashikata#jojo#stone ocean#stardust crusaders#jojolion#battle tendency#phantom blood#vento aureo #diamond is unbreakable #steel ball run #Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken #q
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  • oikawathetooruble
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    My part 4 spread is getting so much love 🥺 im so touched!! Especially since it didn’t do that well on instagram haha thank you so much for all your kind words and support!

    This is my giorno spread! 🐞 i made it this past Sunday. the writing has nothing to do with jojo. I was just talking about random stuff 😎

    Im more active on insta, so follow me there if you’re interested in seeing more of my content :) im @for.infinitea

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  • randoimago
    01.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Bucci Gang As Cats

    FANDOM: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

    Character(s): Bruno Bucciarati, Leone Abbacchio, Fugo, Narancia Ghirga, Guido Mista, Giorno Giovanna, Trish Una

    Type of Request: Headcanons, Self Indulgent

    Word Count: 958

    Note(s): Hi you guys might remember me doing this for the main boys of Part 4. Well I finished Golden Wind and I’m in a self indulgent mood so I’m doing this for Bruno’s Gang.

    And I know some of the cat names are a bit of a stretch, but it’s fine. Don’t worry about it, I’m just dumb.


    Oh he hates this. He's stuck in this tiny, stinky body unable to do a thing. What can a cat even do? They're useless!

    Even more annoyed because he can't drink go numb anything. He's a cat, who in their right mind would give a cat wine. Especially the good wine too.

    Abbacc-nya-io definitely hisses at everyone that tries to get close (except Bruno, of course). If Mista or Narancia try saying shit then their faces will get some new scars.

    Is so pissed off and embarrassed if his S/O starts calling him cute and petting him. He hisses at them as a warning but his dumb cat body is purring like a motorboat due to the affection.


    Very confused as to why he's suddenly small and everything is big. Thinks that the enemy stand did this but then he realizes that he doesn't have hands or an actual voice.

    Definitely a bit annoyed with the situation but nothing can be done right now so he'll go along with it. He still tries to bark, er, meow out orders to the others but it's just this cat yelling.

    Thankfully there's some people with braincells in the group so Bruno isn't too worried. Does try to do things on his own like scouting around the area or keeping a lookout. Might end up getting in a catfight with some strays in his searching.

    Becomes embarrassed if his S/O holds him close or baby talks him like a cat. Trust me, he loves the affection but in this situation he has very mixed feelings about it all.


    Y'all thought Abbacchio was angry, Furgo is growling and screaming at everyone like a damn feral. Acts more like a bobcat than a tiny kitty with how aggressive he will be.

    His claws will be used and abused with the amount of scars he's giving people. Do not pet him, don't try to talk to him, he will kill someone as a cat.

    Someone probably tries calling animal control on Fugo due to his behavior and he's either on the run or Bruno or someone is helping talk their way out of Fugo being thrown into the pound.

    Okay but he's still mean if his S/O tries petting him or something. He won't use his claws, but he'll still growl a bit. Might bite (not hard though) as a warning. He does get super flustered and tries to hide if he hears his S/O state how cute he is as a cat.


    Is very confused at the situation, but like Bruno, goes along with it. There's not much else he can really do at the moment.

    Thankfully he still has his stand so he'll be able to be somewhat useful. Also has his intelligence so he'll be scouting around and such as well.

    Would absolutely play the part of a cute cat and get affection from others as a way to distract so the rest of Bucciarati's team can do stuff.

    Rolls his eyes a bit when his S/O start talking about how cute he is, but he will let them pet him and he'll purr a bit so they'll be happy. This experience isn't one that'll happen again, so might as let their S/O enjoy themself a bit.


    Meowsta doesn't realize he's a cat when he becomes one. He's still standing on two legs and trying to point at people to question them but ends up looking like Satan possessed this kitty.

    When he does realize then he is very annoyed until he realizes that cute people like cats. But it's also a bit demeaning in a way.

    Will try stretching his legs over his head and all the weird poses cats make because no way in hell can he do this in his own body.

    He will want to be turned back though. He can't hold a gun like this. Also he can't actually cuddle and kiss his S/O the way he wants to.


    He is screaming when he realizes he's become a cat. Someone thinks a cat is being abused with how hysterical he is.

    Also hates being a cat because what can he even do besides be cute (which he already was before the incident).

    Okay but it's so cute when he activates his stand to scout around. Just this little cat having a window over their eye and meowing out what Lil Bomber is finding.

    Nyarancia probably realizes being a cat isn't so bad when his S/O picks him up and holds him to their chest. Like this is nice. I mean he already lays on top of them as a person but doing so as a cat is a lot more relaxing. Boy is purring his ass off.


    Okay being a cat isn’t too bad. Doesn’t smell as bad as Mista. I mean Trillsh probably still complains quite a bit about the cat body but no one is able to understand what she’s saying.

    Trish herself already acts like a cat (wanting to be pampered, for example) so she doesn’t really act much different. Still turns her nose up if anyone tries to feed her anything that’s not the freshest or most expensive seafood.

    Does hiss quite a bit if people she doesn’t know gets too close, but she won’t put up too much of a fight unless they’re going to try something. Might pretend that she’s going to scratch Mista just to mess with him.

    Loves having her S/O pick her up as a cat. Of course, when she becomes her human self again then she’s still going to ask her S/O to try to pick her up and carry her places. They started this so it’s on them.

    #guido mista x reader #guido mista #mista x reader #giorno giovanna #giorno giovanna x reader #giorno x reader #bruno bucciarati #bruno bucciarati x reader #trish una #trish una x reader #narancia ghirga #narancia ghirga x reader #narancia x reader #pannacotta fugo #pannacotta fugo x reader #fugo x reader #leone abbachio x reader #leone abbacchio #abbacchio x reader #jojos bizarre adventure #jojos bizzare adventure x reader #jjba x reader #jjba
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  • apollothe-wizard
    01.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    This was a big project I just finished, it’s all the jojo’s from each part I’m really glad how this came out Johnny and Gappy are a little wonky cause I usually drawn them from the anime but overall these came out great

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  • mrsgiovanna
    01.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Beautiful Don Giovanna 🤲🥺😍

    Art credit: Starry_dae on Instagram and Twitter

    #omg i love him so much #giorno giovanna#giorno#don giovanna#don giorno#giogio#jjba#vento aureo #jojo's bizarre adventure #golden wind #jojo no kimyou na bouken
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  • milktian
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Digiorno for a friend <3

    Diavolo is the worst room(body)mate

    #jjba part 5 #jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #giorno giovanna #giorno giovanna fanart #jjba fanart #vento aureo fanart #milk's art#vento aureo
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  • snipsnak
    01.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    happy christmas giogio month

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  • wujuhour
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    it’s so funny to me how giorno “i have a dream” giovanna got the part with the horny ending song meanwhile jolyne “i got caught masturbating'' kujo is the one who has the ending song about being a dreamer.

    #I WAS LYING DOWN READY TO FALL ASLEEP BUT THEN THIS OCCURED TO ME AND I CRACKED MYSELF UP #AND I HAD TO LOG ON TO TUMBLR TO MAKE A POST ABOUT IT #WAS THIS INTENTIONAL OR WHAT ASKDJFALSKJDFAS #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo#jjba #jojo no kimyou na bouken #stone ocean #jojo's bizarre adventure: stone ocean #golden wind #jojo's bizarre adventure: golden wind #vento aureo #jojo's bizarre adventure: vento aureo #giorno#giorno giovanna#jolyne kujo#jolyne cujoh #EDIT: it took a lot of strength but i left out that ''i'm jealous'' line jolyne had just to keep things on the downlow #but if you know you know
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  • tenaciouskidpsychicdonut
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I like to draw, but I'm a beginner My main topics animals, nature, jjba, lol

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