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  • supersecrets
    30.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Maebh, darling, my lovely girlfriend, light of my life….

    Did you steal Jason’s phone number the last time you were here so you could annoy him with memes??

    #who’s living in who’s head rent free? #you realize you’re going to have to get along eventually right? #Jason#maebh #come on you went out and it went well #you don’t have to like each other or date #but you need to get along #poly posting#girlfriend posting#boyfriend posting#rainbow
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  • said789
    30.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Fnf Evil Au (like Underfell) :

    Boyfriend is a Street Rapper

    Girlfriend and her Parents are Crime Lords

    Pico is a Psychotic Killing Machine

    Skid and Pump are Feral Corrupted beasts who are always with Lila (the two kill Monster after he corrupted them, Pump kill his Family since they were abusive to him and that Skid and Lila treated Pump better than them)

    Lila is the new Everything and she got the power of the Stars before killing The Eyes and the Cult (and she still love her Corrupted Son)

    Senpai/Spirit is a Sentient Computer Virus who work for the Dearest

    John Captain and Steve were killed by Pico after Stress, Bf and Gf became friends with Bad Captain, Tim and Skittles afterwards

    #spooky month #spooky month lila #spooky month au #spooky month skid #fnf au #spooky month pump #fnf boyfriend#fnf girlfriend #fnf daddy dearest #fnf mommy mearest #fnf pico#fnf tankman#fnf senpai
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  • thebasementgirl
    30.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago



    #my quote#book stan#book date#book store #books over flowers #boyfriend and girlfriend #I want something just like this #give me books
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  • poeticbeliz
    30.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Winds whisper about your beauty . . Like ❤️ Share 📤 Comment 📃 . . Follow @poeticbeliz for more . . #reels #reelsinstagram #songs #music #love#trending #couplegoals #poeticbeliz #taylorswift #arianagrande #arianagrandeedit #iloveyou #boyfriend #girlfriend #loveandwildhearts #couplesquotes #couplesphotography #vídeo #musicvideo #relationshipgoals😍 #relationships #togetherforever #pickuplines #writersnetwork #lovepoems #relationshipquotes #lovequotes #brokenheart #brokenheartquotes☺️☺️💔💔 (at 7:30 PM) https://www.instagram.com/p/CR9CWaXlib-/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • icharchivist
    30.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    the absolute POWER of Mari knowing the exact place that could help us fix this situation because she spent her time in Auguste planning her future date with Meg???? Like holy shit. Powerful.

    #Mari is a 'powerless' npc and yet here she is being this useful because she wanted a date with her girlfriend #like HELLO#ichablogging gbf#ichablogging summerevent
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  • retiredworkinggirladdict
    30.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    I love when I’m with a girl/woman and getting to know, and talking through and learning about each other!

    if I can save or fix the relationship I am in now I will marry her and buy her a Benz

    She knowwhat I want

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  • lovesyllabus123
    30.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago

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    #best love quotes for love Syllabus #Drinking games for couples #romantic bedtime stories for boyfriend #passionate love messages for him #short bedtime stories for girlfriend
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  • shm0diabl0
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I really hope those three weed smoking girlfriends are doing well...

    #weed smoking girlfriends
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  • yllwcrtns
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    cleo, girl, you’re so sexy hahaha

    #outer banks #be my girlfriend pls <333
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  • lizksy
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    One day this might become a trephacard blog

    #I like Greta too but for some reason I like the trio just a little more #I want Greta to have a hot girlfriend #maybe one day I’ll help with that through oc but probably not
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  • lizzy-dotharl
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Being able to kiss two of my partners good morning was very awesome, but I think I deserve to kiss more

    #my wife is at work #:c #Im gonna give my girlfriend so many kisses though
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  • arcadequeerz
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Goofy is me.

    #Cade.Txts #ME BEING UNABLE TO DECIDE ON A SINGLE THING. ME 2 GOOFY. #ok im sobbing 'SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND' THTS TOO CUTE. THTS SO CUTE. #Mickey love his girlfriend so much. he wpould die for her #THE PORTRAITS. FEAR
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  • practicalmagicintuitions
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    HC and NV relationship - 3 months forecast.

    DISCLAIMER: If you will send me an Anon, I will answer in the same tone as your ask, opinion is written.

    All information and statements made in this reading or any other post of mine are all alleged until proven to be fact and for entertainment purposes & usage only. All information stated is based on my intuition and my tarot cards. Opinion only. The readings have no intention to cause any harm to the individuals, people featured in it.


    7 of Pentacles, The Hanged Man

    These 2 cards are very interesting to me to see next to each other because both have a similar feeling. Based on those cards I would say seemingly their August will be still or boring, but under the surface the changes are there. Both cards mean reflecting, having a different point of view. 

    7ofP originally could mean that you made the work in the past and now you are waiting for the harvest, the fruits of your work. The card analogy and imagery is basically gardening. You put the seed in the ground and now you have to wait. I told you about this card before, how interesting it is, how 50/50 of its “reputation”. Someone thinks it's a positive card, someone is on the “not that bad but dull” side. For me it’s not the worst, not the best card, it is definitely interesting, you have to work with it. In a relationship however, I feel it means waiting. Waiting for some change but I personally feel there is not much hope in this. Like the situation maybe, potentially hopeful, but the figure on the card doesn’t have high hopes. Or he doesn’t appreciate what they achieved by hard work. 

    The other thing is, because Pentacles are material goods too, and it’s a relationship reading it could mean they are saving money for something bigger. Normally I would say it’s about saving for a house together or a wedding so for a life together, but the whole reading doesn’t support this. So even if in August something bigger is on the table financially, I don’t see this in their September-October. So the rest of the reading doesn't support this forward, but we will see. Maybe this is one aspect of the relationship The Hanged Man is referring to. This card is again, a new perspective, reflection, make some sacrifice too. So it could be that one of them or both of them are thinking about the financial basis of their relationship like, make it stronger by buying something together? Or shouldn’t do that because it’s not the right move, etc.  The Hanged Man could mean one of them (or both) are not satisfied with the pace or the level of the commitment of the relationship. 

    It also could mean a relationship is on pause. So based on that I am not sure NV will go to the UK in August. He is there, probably for shooting, for work… real one, not FL one, and probably NV has his own job to do, so it could mean she cannot join. 

    In a more negative sense, it’s a fragile moment in a relationship, being neglected or both parties neglect the relationship.

    And 7ofP is basically doing nothing just waiting. It could mean the start of a relationship was good, you two clicked and you thought that’s it. But that is not it. Not the end. You have to work on a relationship no matter how amazing it was the start. 


    Usually, I pull only 2 cards for each month. I don’t want to complicate it and in the past, it worked quite well in the HC-NV readings. I already pulled my first when 3 cards popped up. I was hesitant a little, especially because those were face down so I could put them back easily, but my own rule is I keep 1-2-3 flying cards and I am only putting back if it is more than 3. So we have 4 cards reading here.

    My first card was the Page of Pentacles. I have an unpublished reading on NV where I got this card and I felt it’s a meal ticket for her, like something she wants to secure herself. I don’t have this impression now, you should know by now cards mean many things and I don’t really see this in the surrounding cards. 

    Pages are messengers, they are the bottom of the Court food chain. And the Pentacles is the slowest amongst them. Which basically supports all I got for August. The slowness, the thinking, planning. It has very strong thinking about the future, goals are being set meaning. It’s also not an emotional card that deals with more security than emotions.

    I think this is the continuity of August's realisations. I found it interesting that we have 2 pentacles cards in a relationship reading and both have the thinking, planning aspect which is more like the Swords suit. So I think even though it’s a relationship reading it deals with the material side of it too or the time aspect. How much time they are willing to sacrifice for each other and for this relationship. 

    Judgment, 2 of Cups rx, 3 of Swords.

    Those cards fell off from the deck during shuffling. 

    Judgment is transformations, rebirths, karmic relationships. It also listens to an inner voice, inner call and I think this is important that the PoP is a messenger. It’s a wake-up call you cannot ignore. It’s a heavy card, but I am sure you already know this. It also means you are getting from a relationship what you are put into it. If you put little in it or jealousy, you will get back those. A major decision when you are considering the past (again, correlates with the 7ofP) when you make a decision in terms of the future. Moving on, starting fresh, turning pages. Those are all the Judgment. 

    I think with all of the revelations and wake up calls he will realize that the emotions, in the beginning, are not evolved into something else, something deeper. I got Page of cups 2 times as to how he felt towards her in the beginning and I said it was the puppy love, the teenage emotions. Now it seems he will understand it’s not any deeper than that. I know I am talking about him and how he feels even though it’s a combined reading but I feel this is about him.

    2 of Cups rx could highlight various problems in a relationship, this emotion is “reversed” blocked because they are incompatible emotionally or there is disharmony, etc. The point is, it’s not a good card in a relationship. 

    And top of that the 3 of Swords…. I think this card could be both of them feeling some sort of heartbreak because the relationship is not what they thought in the beginning, but the Judgment is absolutely HC. I see from the very beginning that he has to make a decision, he has to call off the relationship because NV won’t go away. Probably this is the time for him to understand that after a period of reflection. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be affected by it and she will have some sort of heartbreak too. 

    Well, this is the interesting part, because  3ofSw is a classical heartbreak card ,because of its bland representation ( a heart with 3 swords in it) and this is still is, but because Swords are dealing with the mind, the intellect, this heartbreak could someone which comes from the mind. 

    What do I mean? 

    I mean overthinking, obsessing over thoughts, that we can have something together, or my ex will come back to me or when one built a whole life together with someone in their mind after a few months of dating, and in the end this house of cards just collapses. 

    It could represent both of them or just one of them to have those illusions, thoughts, but then the wakeup call of the Judgment hit them hard. 

    Since I am working with tarot on this blog I feel more and more that 3ofSw is a heartbreak but not necessarily a betrayal, cheating etc. It’s a heartbreak we mainly cause to ourselves. This doesn’t mean the others are blameless, but we have cards for that. I think 3ofSw is when you build your house on sand or your life on dreams and it collapses. Or someone hurts us with words.  Words are the sharpest weapon, this card shows it perfectly ( swords - air - thoughts in tarot).


    Magician, The Hierophant rx.

    Very interesting pair, had to focus on them a little. Both major arcanas,with one powerful male figure in the focus.

    People usually love the Magician card and I do in other decks but not here. The classic RWS’s Magician is more like a trickster to me. A powerful one who is selling tricks and offering illusions. In a relationship it’s someone who is playing games. It could even be a disappearing act like on stage. Now I am here, you can see me, and then, you cannot. 

    Magician is also about communication. Once I read it could be about internet based communication and I find this interesting here. So I can see 2 options. 

    One of them is that they are continuing this relationship but struggling. Making an effort to keep the relationship without attachments. It could mean having a breakup but somehow maintaining the relationship on a non conventional level. Hierophant reversed is anything which is not a conventional relationship (conventional in terms of tarot of course, those were not conventional or didn’t exist when tarot was formed). So it could be a relationship without marrige, same sex marrige, open relationship etc. So even though I see breakup that doesn’t mean an instant separation or cutting ties completely, not if he is continuing to “keep back to exes because it’s easier” And in the October cards I don’t really see that NV has any influence or power what will happen. I think it’s very much of the outcome of the Judgment’s revelation and wake up call which is about him.

    The other thing I see is that they have a breakup and  one of them or both (separately obviously) are going back to the internet to date people, the internet as a non usual dating method. Or in the most drastic scenario I see a ghosting and this is about the Magician’s disappearing act in a cloud of smoke.  

    We have 3 more cards, this is the only thing I did differently in this reading. I pulled one card for HC and NV represents them during the whole reading and we have a bottom of the deck card. Let’s see the personal ones first. (very briefly)

    NV - Knight of Pentacles rx

    When this card is upright it is dull but loyal, hard working. No sparks, surprises, but stability, you know what you get with them. When it’s reversed, they are overly materialistic but lazy at the same time. The loyalty is not there anymore. Keep it mind you can be disloyal in many ways this does not necessarily mean physical cheating. As the PofP the KnofP is looking into the pentacle too, planning the future. So rx it could mean this knight is not really making plans or more likely doesn’t really understand the plan he makes won’t be long term. And this is again, 3ofSw… building dreams on something which is false. This knight is also impractical. Let’s see this, she was flying back and forth to him and probably she should continue this to keep the relationship alive. But this seems one sided and she has her own job, so I don’t see this as a practical solution Especially not in the middle of covid. 

    It also means that she thinks the relationship is boring, lacking any romance but she still takes this relationship for granted. Since pentacles are about resources and owning something I see a strong possessive attitude in this (unhealthy one). I think she really thinks this relationship is hers. She is on the high horse in terms of this. 

    HC 4 of wands reversed

    He is insecure. As I remember I got this card once and I said there is some problem on the home front, that maybe it's still there. The feeling of not belonging. Because this is a relationship reading I think those feelings are for NV. This fits with the Hierophant rx and with the whole reading basically. He feels there is no solid foundation. Unsettling feeling, disharmony, happiness is gone. It also means he doesn't want to make a serious commitment.

    And our last card from the bottom of the deck is the 8 of Cups.

    This is also a classic breakup card as it means letting go, losing interest and walking away. It also has a realization that you are missing something and you need to change, leaving something behind. This is a soul searching, self discovery card however, I don’t feel this is a strong theme here. I just don’t think this whole NV fiasco will touch HC on a deep, soul level, not even we have the Judgment. I hope I am not right here. As this card indicates travel physical or inner one, so it could mean taking some therapy, leaving an emotional baggage behind. Means you have strength to leave an emotionally unfulfilling and unhappy relationship behind. It also means you are withdraw from a turbulent, dramatic situations like this whole relationship with NV.

    I could go on for pages but all in all we have a strong theme of realization, not wanting to make commitments and breaking up, walking away. I don’t have any really hopeful cards, but this is not surprising, I’ve never got any happy cards tbh. 

    This is what I get, we will see. So many things will go under the surface, so probably we won’t know many things because it won’t be spectacular in any sense. 

    My wee community announcement is that I will take a break from the HC reading for I don’t know how long. I will just watch this facade and do reading on others. But I will  keep continuing to discuss HC and this relationship here. If anyone is interested or has something to say, go on. I am here for it. 

    I hope you enjoyed this reading. Have a nice, blessed August.

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  • ask-the-trashy-trio
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #ask the trashy Trio #fnf girlfriend#fnf boyfriend #wait what does secret mean? #fnf pico #friday night funkin #fnf #fnf ask blog
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    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #learning slowly that my coworkers are falling for me is SO fun #considering they're all men and two of them have girlfriends and one used to be my boss #i said something today that made three grown men blush. it was like an aoe spell of thottery
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  • miraculousalexa
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Me when I listen to autotuned mainstream pop artists who don't write meaningful songs and their autotune literally hurts my ears (other than Taylor Swift ofc):

    Me when I listen to raw rock and alt artists who write meaningful songs and have these amazing guitar solos:

    Maybe Marinette and Adrien might have the similar music taste as mine I guess 🤔

    #not to hate pop music but idk how people listen to it #but i dont mind if you guys listen pop and feel good #but please know that most of the mainstream pop is meaningless #imagine simging about your wealth and boyfriend girlfriend everytime #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng
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    30.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Megami Magazine September 2021 Issue (#256) - Kanojo mo Kanojo

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