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  • Honesty is one of the best ways to Give in this world.

    Toni Baldwin

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  • night seven on the hunt for bees, im 8000 blocks in each direction, away from my base… ive found a flower forest,,, there are no bees, it is 3am

    #personal#text #i wanna die #please #give me bees #GIVE#ME#BEES#mc#mineblr #i will not sleep until i find bees #im dying #there is an enderman in my 2x2 hole i dug into a wall. please.
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  • Friday Loopty Loop of Joy going out to y’all for a positive, loving, gracious end of Week.🌝What’s the energy you want to take into your Free time this Holiday Season? What’s your intention, what do you intend to bring to your interactions and experiences?🙃🍯🌊🎶

    Thanks @brocnotcauli for lending me this loop Pedal, nothing is impossible with amazing people around you who share your vision and energy for creativity!🥰💯🔆

    #Loop #Looper #Beat #Beats #Create #Fun #Daily #Love #Joy #Happy #Excited #Explore #Give #Receive #Consciousness #Mind #Studio #Play #Ready #2020 #See #Manifest (at Bronx, New York)

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  • image

    Originally posted by haidaspicciare

    Me, watching all these amazing builds pop up in my feed, while I refuse to update my game.

    I’m praying for strength.

    #i#cant#give#in #ea youre the reason we cant have nice things #delete later
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  • sam w/ grabby hands: hand over the ability to trust

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  • During the Christmas season, there are lots of food drives and toy drives happening. That’s a beautiful thing, but it is important to remember that goodwill is needed throughout the year. I’ll say more about charity this afternoon. I love you!

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  • Y’all I just want my future husband like right now. I just wanna kiss him and hold him and let him know that I love him unconditionally and that I support him in literally everything he fuckin does. I just love my future husband so much it is UNREAL holy SHIT I love him so much. I wanna own a cabin in the woods w him and discover things with him and just let him feel so safe and comfortable with me just !!!!!!!! Give me my future husband now so I can love him!!!!!!!

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  • Tony prepares dinner with Tali and receives an important phone call.

    (One of the scenes I needed to see but somehow know they won’t show)



    “Okay, little ninja, now we put the toppings,” said Tony grabbing Tali’s little waist from behind, so she didn’t fall from the stool. She was standing on it, putting lots and lots of cheese on their pizza. It was a Saturday night and since she came into his life six months ago, this was their very first family tradition. 

    The kid was smart and learned English very quickly, now speaking to Senior hours and hours without end. She had clarity and determination in her that made him think of Ziva every day. The way she opened her big chocolate eyes when she was listening to him and the way she laughed at all his jokes were at the same time heartbreaking and heartwarming. Everything felt bittersweet.

    But he had to keep moving on, he had to take care of her, and so he did. He looked at her once again, hands covered in flour and tomato sauce, laughing widely, with her light brown curls framing her face. She was an angel.

    The phone started to ring. 

    Yes, he thought. Finally.

    “Hey, sweet cheeks, stay there and try not to eat all the toppings, okay?” he said to Tali, raising her from the stool to put her sitting on the countertop, “I’ll be right back.”

    He raced to the living room and answered the phone.

    “So, could you trace it?” he asked eagerly, he couldn’t stop thinking about it since yesterday.

    “Tony, is this about Ziva?” the voice on the other side of the line sighed heavily, “I told you it’s best for you if you just let it be,” said McGee.

    “Could. You. Trace. It. Probie.” 

    “I tried. Dead end, the connection ends abruptly somewhere between Syria and Iran, there were no other calls from this number since a couple of weeks ago. I’m sorry, Tony.”

    The world crumbled once again in his hands. He turned to look at Tali, tasting the chocolate sauce from her little index finger. She laughed soundly to him when she caught him staring at her.

    “It’s okay, Probie, thank you anyway,” answered him, suddenly crestfallen.

    “Tony, I know you want her to be alive and well, but I think you shouldn’t let your hopes so high. It’ll only hurt you,” said McGee softly.

    Tim was right. He should stop thinking about it, searching for her in every corner and in the face of every woman he passes on the street. Searching for her in their daughter’s eyes and in his memories over and over again.

    He couldn’t, though. He just couldn’t live without her. 

    “You’re probably right, Probie. But she’s out there, I’m certain of it. You know her way of playing tricks, don’t you?” Tony answered with a restrained laugh, which they both knew was only to cover up his sadness.

    “I know, Tony, it’s just…”

    “McGee, save your advice, okay? I don’t need it tonight.”

    Tony ended the call without saying goodbye. McGee didn’t deserve it, he knew, but his friend would understand. He just didn’t feel like talking anymore.

    He had to figure it out another way of finding her soon. Very soon. As soon as possible.

    “Okay, Tali, why are there only M&M’s in this pizza? I told you we could only eat half of it sweet, bella,” he said walking towards the kitchen. His daughter managed to jump from the countertop and was now trying to reach the fishbowl. He couldn’t turn around one second, she’d use her little ninja skills to be up to no good. 

    “Kate is hungry too, Abba,”

    “Here,” he handed her the fish food. The phone started to ring once again. “I didn’t forget about the pizza, Tali, we’ll talk about it later,” he said walking towards the living room once again to get it.

    “What, McGee, you think I’m gonna jump off the building just because it was another dead end? I can take care of myself. And Tali.”

    “I am sure you can.”

    The world stopped. He fell to his knees on the cold tiles of the living room floor. 

    His head felt dizzy and he could feel hot tears spilling instantly down his cheeks. 

    Was he dreaming?

    “Say that again.”

    Her laugh filled the call, a sound he longed so much to hear for months. 

    “I am sure you can take care of her. I am so so sorry, Tony. We have a lot to talk about.”



    “My god, Ziva, come home. Come to us, please,” his heart was beating so fast and then stopping at every word she said.

    “Soon, Tony. As soon as I can. Take care of her, and know that I can take care of myself too.”

    “But I want to take care of both of you. I need it, Ziva, I need you here.”

    “Count to a million. I am on my way.”

    She ended the call. 

    He stood kneeling on the cold floor, phone on his hand and mind racing. 

    She’s alive. She’s alive. She’s alive.

    “Hey, kiddo,” he said to Tali, oblivious to the whole situation, still feeding the goldfish, perhaps a bit too much. “Let’s eat this pizza, put as many M&M’s as you want.“

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  • I was reading a book yesterday and a character said “Men are never generous without reason.” Clearly, all people have reason and this was meant that the reason behind male generosity is most likely from bad intentions.

    What do you think? Do men give without reason? Should we try to no longer judge a man by past experience of the many? Do women really give generously for no reason? Or perhaps you have a question to pose?

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  • someone mail me nicotine and or weed or a dab pen I am dying alcholo is acceptable also please help me donate to the depressedegirl foundation to help feed my depression and addictions (yes its sad how serious I am right now)

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  • If you want my #respect, hun…
    you need to #learn #howto #give a lil’ r-e-s-p-e-c-t #xoxo😍🤗🥰🙌💯
    💪😘… bit.ly/i-m-x-o
    #thatgirlmuse 😍🤩

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