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    20.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Uuuuh I rubbed my eye gently like once and I have just lost too many eyelashes.

    #wuuut #also when will my glasses be available aaaaahhh #tw
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    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    tbh i realize the coding would probably be more complex but like, i wish interactive fiction would allow you to be disabled like i have a character with canonically Beyond Shitty Eyesight, (if it matters, she has albinism and this is v much woven into how she interacts with the world) and it can be difficult to play through on her bc like

    she can't fight because she can't fucking see. her hearing is beyond excellent tho bc of some elven blood (her mom was half elven but never actually told her or her father)

    idk i just wish disabilities were taken into account more bc it def fucking matters

    #her name is celeste and she is Goth as All Hell mostly bc dark colors are easier for her bc eyestrain #w strong enough glasses she can kinda see but she'll never see well and thats ok
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  • mikyou
    20.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    You can make fun of spn blogs all you want but you wouldn’t have half the tumblr terminology you use without us

    #I wanna eat glass #blank coded blank girl #and more are all thanks to the spn fandom #supernatural #know your tumblrina herstory ✋🙄 #/j
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  • realfakebrit
    20.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    This is always gonna be my favourite cover, it portrays so much about the upcoming chapter and J&H’s dynamic (at that point), plus it’s just so well drawn

    • Jekyll’s neutral yet tired expression, he’s used to Hyde’s shenanigans but he’s never fucked up this bad before, and of course now Jekyll has to clean up his mess for him like every other time

    • Hyde’s cartoonish evil grin, he’s smiling and laughing at Jekyll because once again he has to clean up Hyde’s fuck up

    • Hyde’s shadow looking like smoke, reminding us of the damage and implicitly reminding the viewer that the fire was Hyde’s fault, and only another example of how he takes advantage of Jekyll’s need for a perfect reputation

    • Jekyll in Hyde’s outfit with all the smoke and damage that Hyde ensued, reminding the viewer that whatever happens to Hyde will leave Jekyll with the same effects

    • Jekyll holding onto Creature’s arm, showing that (against his will) they are now in his life and it needs to be taken care of. Because she’s in the society, Jekyll needs to look after him too.

    • The paintings in the background look like eyes, reflecting how Jekyll’s status and role as leader of the Society leads to him always been observed

    • The wine, already poured out an half empty, showing Jekyll’s reflex of turning to vices when faced with hardships, rather than talking about them with others (It’s established in chapter three that Jekyll will often drink alone, and even there it’s considered sad)

    #the glass scientists #edward hyde tgs #henry jekyll tgs
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    20.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago


    .. in about 2-3 weeks

    #I AM SO IMPATIENT I JUDT WANT MY GLASSES TO COME NOWWWWWWWWW #however i look like an absolute NERD but thats ok bcuz i am a nerd #please please pLEASE CAN 2-3 WEEKS BE OVER ALREADY I JUST WANNA SEE AGAINNNNNNNN #neptune rambles #we ordered them on friday idk how im gonna last #im so impatient when it comes to sruff like this #i just want my box to be here already #tw caps
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    20.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Sunday a day for baggy clothes , watching old movies and playing pocket camp

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  • rhysismydaddy
    20.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Prisoner's Game Pt. 2 (Rowaelin)

    Part 1


    Rowan didn't think he'd ever been so pissed off in his life.

    The only time that even came close was when he lost his first and only court case, but over the years he'd come to live with that.

    This though?

    This immature, childish, irritatingly clever woman... he had a feeling he'd carry the rage he felt against her until the day he finally died of it.

    Although, if he was honest, his returning move had been a little childish, too.

    He'd ordered one of the guards to strip her cell of everything except the chess set. Her mattress, the makeshift knife he shuddered to think she'd had in the same room as him, her pillow.

    If she wanted to steal his shit, he'd steal hers, too.

    He'd also had the guard move one of his pawns forward on the board.

    Not the most creative, but he didn't have many options.

    What did you take from a woman who had nothing? How did you punish someone who was already serving the longest punishment available?

    The bank had seized her assets when she'd been locked up, and the lease on her apartment had long since run out. She didn't have any personal items with her, didn't seem to even care about anything besides making his life hell.

    Case in point, when he got home that night, exhausted from dealing with Aelin and spending a long day at the office, he'd discovered her retaliation.

    She'd stolen his bed.

    The whole goddamn thing, frame and all.

    How she'd managed to get it out of a penthouse condo with security not realizing a thing, he had no idea. He knew from experience it wouldn't even fit through the door.

    It'd seemed if she was going to be uncomfortable, so was he.

    Steaming with anger, he'd showered and flopped on the couch like an idiot, not even able to sleep thanks to the rage she'd worked him into.

    She was completely kicking his ass. From the inside of a jail cell.

    He hadn't gotten more than a few hours of sleep before giving up on even trying. At six, he'd dressed and driven to Whitehorn and Salvaterre, the law firm he was a partner at.

    If he couldn't sleep, he'd at least figure out how the hell she was pulling this shit off.

    Looking through her folder, he went through her daily schedule, seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

    Eight am wake-up, breakfast, shower, lunch, yard time, dinner, lights out at nine. Between activities, she worked out in her cell or read a book from the run-down prison library.

    In the eight years she'd been in prison, she hadn't had a single visitor. Her cousin Aedion--a playboy Rowan couldn't be paid to associate with--delivered a care package on the first of every month.

    Strange, considering nothing of the sort had been in her cell.

    She'd been in solitary confinement ever since randomly attacking her cellmate a little over a month ago. She was still allowed yard time and meals with the other prisoners, but she was chained at all times.

    Also strange, considering Aelin wasn't the type to do anything randomly.

    Rowan watched the security tapes he'd strong armed the guards into giving him, going through the past few days to see how she'd gotten out of her cell to rob him.

    He watched as she was escorted to the yard, watched as she ate breakfast and lunch and dinner alone, watched as she put herself through vigorous training in her cell.

    Days of footage, and he didn't find anything.

    Feeling like a bit of a creep, he watched the nighttime footage of her sleeping, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

    She didn't move too much or too little--both of which would indicate it wasn't really her under that thin blanket. There were no attempts to pick the locks in between her wrists and ankles, no digging into the wall behind her toilet.


    Which meant someone was helping her.

    He could go through the official channels and ask the police for her known connections, but he hadn't reported either of the robberies yet.

    Partly because he wanted to deal with her himself, partly because he felt a bit stupid getting robbed from a woman in the most secure prison in the city.

    Which means he'd have to go about it a different way.

    Grabbing his keys from his desk, he debated how else he could make her miserable, unfortunately finding nothing else he could do to her, no revenge he could get from robbing her tiny little cell.

    No, he'd have to try something new.

    Maybe he could bribe her into confessing. She didn't have anything right now, but maybe he could give her something to lose.

    He'd bring her lunch, force himself to apologize for yelling at her, and just politely ask who her accomplice was.

    He thought on it as he rode down the elevator to the garage. It probably wouldn't work, but he didn't know what else to do.

    And besides, he knew from experience Aelin didn't respond well to his anger.

    Checking his email to make sure he wasn't missing any important meetings, he pressed the button on his car fob, expecting to hear the resounding beep from his designated parking spot.

    Except the beep never came.

    Slowly looking up, Rowan had to amend his earlier statement.

    Now he didn't think he'd ever been so pissed off in his life.

    He stormed over to the security booth, hardly refraining from grabbing the man inside and throwing him to the ground.

    "Where's my car, Rolland?"

    "In your spot, boss," the stout little man replied instantly and surely, snapping his gum and looking at him in confusion. "Haven't seen you drive out yet."

    "Yes, exactly. Which is why it's a mystery why it's no longer in it's spot."

    Rolland caught up slowly. "You mean... it was stolen? From here? From you?"

    Jaw so tight his molars were practically fused together, Rowan growled, "Just let me see the security tapes from this morning."

    The guard nodded quickly, eyes nervous as he typed something into the desktop in front of him.

    "That's weird," he muttered a moment later, typing faster and sending Rowan a nervous glance.

    "What?" he asked, trying to calm himself down with a few of the breathing techniques he'd learned over the years.

    "The tapes are gone, but there's... this."

    Rolland turned the screen so Rowan could see it, and all the breathing in the world couldn't keep him from slamming a fist into the side of the security shack.

    The footage was gone, and on the blank black screen read: Bishop to J7.

    He was going to fucking kill her.


    "Enjoy your taxi ride here?" she asked sweetly, leaning back in her chair and crossing her legs.

    Rowan scowled at her as he crossed the small room inmates could use to talk to their lawyers. He yanked the chair across from her out, then threw himself into it. "You are such a pain in my ass."

    She just shrugged.

    He sat across from her, angry and broody, and for a long time, he just stared at her.

    Finally he asked, "Why are you doing this, Aelin?"

    "I told you. You locked me up for something I didn't do. I want you to be as miserable as I am. It's simple, petty revenge."

    Nothing about it was simple, but that was besides the point.

    He was quiet for another moment. "Why now?"

    She sighed, but she wasn't upset. Truthfully, she'd been waiting for him to ask that question.

    "I want to tell you a story."

    He stood up suddenly, face exasperated. "I'm not fucking joking around. And I'm not going to let you waste any more of my time."

    He made his way to the door, and his dismissal of her pissed her off enough to say, "Sit down, or your car's going off Whigsby Bridge."

    He smiled like he'd won their little game. "So you admit you have it."

    "Sure," she said casually, honestly not giving a shit about the car.

    His brow furrowed. "You're giving up? Just like that?"

    "You're a fucking idiot if you think this is about your car, Rowan. But sure, I admit I know exactly where it, and your bed, and your little dagger are being hidden."

    He narrowed his eyes. "This conversation is being recorded, and you just admitted to being an accessory to robbery, so-"

    "You aren't going to press charges," she cut him off, pulling a cigarette out of her pocket and lighting it.

    Nasty little prison habit she'd developed, smoking.

    Or maybe she just did it because she knew he hated the smell.

    "Oh, really?" he asked incredulously, eyeing the cigarette with disdain.

    She grinned. "Once you sit and hear my story and realize I'm telling the truth, you're going to feel so guilty you won't even care about the car. Now sit down. I'd hate to see a classic get totaled because you're being stubborn again."

    He glared at her, but came back to the table and sat down again.

    Then reached over and snatched the cigarette from her lips, putting it out against the steel table top.

    She just pulled out another, lighting it with one of her last matches. The irritation on his face made it worth the loss.

    He waved a hand as if to say Get on with it.

    She'd debated how to tell him this story for a long time. It was long, and messy and not particularly pleasant for her. But she wanted him to know the full thing, so she'd decided to start at the very beginning.

    "My parents died when I was four," she began, ignoring his dramatic sigh. "I went into foster care, and as you can imagine, I was a particularly unruly child."

    She smiled at the few memories she had. "I stole from the nuns, snuck out of my room at night and ran through the house, set all the clocks back an hour so we could sleep in. Small stuff. But it irritated them, because they couldn't prove it was me."

    "Sounds familiar," he grouched, making her grin.

    "I was adopted by Arobynn Hamel a year later."

    As she'd predicted, his mouth fell open at that.

    Arobynn was the known king of the underworld in Rifthold. He had a hand in every aspect of crime, yet no one could do anything about it because he never committed the crime himself.

    His name was revered, so much so no one ever dared to cross him.

    "But your record says-"

    "That I stayed in foster care until I turned eighteen, I know."

    Arobynn hated public records and had a deal with someone in the system that he'd take some of the kids off their hands if they kept quiet about it. Illegal as hell, but he wasn't someone you refused without suffering serious consequences.

    It was the perfect crime. No one would miss unwanted kids, and it gave the system one less mouth to feed.

    "I didn't know it, but he'd been watching me for a while. He... I don't know, saw something in me. Natural, innocent talent he could work with and turn into something different. He adopted me on my fifth birthday. And then he started training me."

    "To do what?" Rowan asked, shoulders tensing.

    "Everything," she answered with a shaky laugh, taking a long drag from her cigarette. "Stuff I wanted to learn, like how to pick a lock or walk without making sound. But as I got older, he taught me other stuff. Stuff I didn't want to know."

    "How to kill," he finished, picking up on her tone.

    She nodded, finishing her cigarette and flicking the butt on the floor.

    "I was good," she told him quietly, looking down at the table. "By the time I was fifteen, he said I was the best he'd ever had. None of his other... children could beat me in a fight, not even the older ones who had a hundred pounds on me. And I could steal anything and not leave a trace."

    His eyes didn't show an ounce of doubt, and she didn't know how to feel about it. But she kept going anyway.

    "I was his favorite. I was his best asset, and I didn't care about anything that would compromise me. I lost my parents, and despite how much he wanted me to, I never loved him. I had no weaknesses. Except Sam."

    "Another of his students?" Rowan asked, and it wasn't lost on her he said students instead of children.

    She nodded. "We were adopted around the same time, grew up together. He was a year older, and whenever I had a problem, he was the one I'd turn to. He was good to me, and by the time I was seventeen, not a small part of me loved him."

    Aelin broke off and took a deep breath, wishing she had another cigarette and trying to figure out how to put into words how much he'd meant to her.

    "Was?" Rowan asked, so softly and quietly and understandingly that she was reminded of the man he'd once been, the one she'd loved.

    Shaking her head to clear it, she said, "He made a mistake. He went on a job; he was supposed to break into one of the underground casino's owned by Arobynn's competitor and memorize the ledger, but he got caught. It was messy and horrible and stupid, and the owner wanted blood. Arobynn promised he'd kill Sam as retribution."

    Rowan's eyes widened, almost like he hadn't realized how brutally she'd been raised until that moment.

    "I begged him not to. Sam had saved me and helped me so many times that I couldn't not do the same for him. I told him I'd do anything."

    She studied her hands, regret and guilt thick on her skin. "Arobynn said if I took ten of the jobs Sam was supposed to do, he wouldn't kill him. I thought they'd be similar to the one he'd messed up on, small break-ins or robberies. So I accepted."

    A tear rolled down her cheek, and she batted it away as she continued, "The second I shook his hand, Tern--another of Arobynn's--shot Sam in the head."

    Rowan's face blanched so quickly, she thought he might pass out.

    He started to say something, but she spoke faster. "I... snapped. I killed Tern, tried to kill Arobynn. You called me a murderer, and that's true. I am, and I don't regret it; Tern was a sadistic bastard, and I'm glad he's dead."

    Rowan shook his head, confusion and shock and something similar to pity in his eyes. "Why didn't you leave, run away?"

    She leveled a look at him. "I didn't exactly have a choice, Rowan. My punishment for Tern lasted for over a year."

    There was a long pause.

    "Punishment?" he asked in a breathless voice that made something in her chest hurt.

    She looked at the table again, skin pebbling at the memory of that year. "He locked me in a cell in the basement, in the dark. Once a month he'd come in to ask if I knew someone named Sam. It took me ten months to get confused, another three to say no."

    Still not meeting his eyes, she looked at his hands, noticing they were clenched so tightly the knuckles were white. And a part of her, buried under all the rage and resentment and sadness, warmed at the thought that he was... he was angry for her.

    "It took me a long time after to figure out what was real and what wasn't. But Arobynn never let me forget our deal. And right before I met you, he told me the first job."

    "What were the jobs?"

    Aelin looked back up at that, the air thick between them as she said, "You already know."

    "The murders."

    She nodded, somehow managing to keep her spine straight despite the feeling of a hundred pound weight being lifted from her shoulders.

    He at least knows why now, she thought to herself.

    It was one of the things that had bothered her over the years. That he didn't know why she'd done what he thought she'd done. That he thought she'd.. wanted to do it.

    He was silent for a long time, just watching her with a carefully emotionless face. "Thank you for telling me that," he said eventually. "I never could understand why."

    Then he stood and walked to the door again, and it was only when his hand was on the handle she spoke again. "You asked why I'm doing this, and why I'm doing it now."

    He opened the door but paused. Waited.

    "It's because I tried to tell you this all those years ago, and you didn't care. You just assumed I was guilty because the evidence looked like it."

    She spoke around the lump in her throat. "I told you I didn't kill those people, Rowan, and you didn't even care."

    He spun around, slamming the door so hard it rattled, and in a split second, he was in front of her. A hand on the table, the other on her chair, he leaned down and got in her face.

    He was so angry, so unbelievably enraged she couldn't believe it. He was angry?

    "I didn't care? I didn't fucking care, that's what you think? Watching you get dragged away in cuffs was the worst moment of my life, and you think I didn't fucking care?"

    Shock hit her like a bucket of ice water.

    That moment was crystal clear in her mind, and she couldn't put what he was saying with what she knew.

    He'd watched her with that same expressionless face, with cold eyes that had haunted her ever since.

    She opened her mouth to say something, but he wasn't done.

    "I fucked loved you! I thought you were the love of my life, Aelin. I begged you to tell me something that would help, tell me anything. But you didn't! You just kept saying you were innocent; you didn't give me anything to actually work with."


    "I found that stupid fucking list five days before I reported it, did you know that?"

    She shook her head, because she hadn't.

    "Exactly. You don't know what the hell you're talking about," he growled, eyes flashing. "I spent five days investigating it myself, trying to make sense of why you'd know those names. After your arrest, I spent two weeks trying to find anything, a single piece of evidence, that said it wasn't you. And after the trial, I spent another two months trying to poke holes in my own goddamn case."

    He slammed a hand into the table. "I did everything I fucking could! I was desperate for it not to be you. I argued my case so your lawyer could plead circumstantial evidence. I put you on the stand so you could say anything you wanted. I went for life sentences instead of the death penalty to give you time to actually tell me what the hell was going on!"

    She was breathing heavily, heart breaking and reforming over and over again at what he was saying, what he was implying.

    "I didn't assume shit," he said in a low voice, so close they shared air. "You didn't tell me anything."

    Aelin's voice trembled as she croaked, "I tried."

    He shook his head, letting out a breath of amusement. "No, you didn't. If this past week has proven anything, it's that you don't try to do anything, you do it. You didn't tell me anything, Aelin. You're still not telling me anything."

    "I'm telling you to look again! I'm telling you you didn't look hard enough, because I left breadcrumbs only you could find, breadcrumbs that explain everything."

    "Stop playing games with me!" he shouted, eyes flashing with a fresh wave of anger. "It's been eight years! Stop holding onto whatever secret you're holding onto and just tell me!"

    Gods, she wanted to.

    He was the one person she couldn't trust with this secret, this stupid, most important secret, and yet he was the also the one person she wanted to tell it to.

    She opened her mouth to tell him, but what came out was, "I didn't kill them, Rowan. I promise I didn't kill them. I can't... I can't tell you anything else."

    "Jesus, Aelin," he spat, pushing off the table and turning to leave.

    "Just look into it," she called after him, fingers digging into the table to resist the urge to try and follow him. "I promise you can figure everything out, and you'll understand everything. Please."

    She knew why, after all this time, it was so important for him to know the truth when that hadn't been her original plan.

    It was because she'd spent eight years believing he hadn't tried, believing she hadn't been a good enough person for him to even look into the possibility it wasn't her.

    And maybe it was because he was once again leaving her, or maybe it was because she felt like she was in that courtroom again, begging him to believe her, or maybe it was because of something she didn't even understand yet.

    Regardless of the reason, she found herself saying, "I loved you, too, you know."

    He looked at her with sad eyes that she was sure mirrored her own and shook his head. "Not enough, apparently."

    "You don't believe that," she argued, shaking her head and trying to keep the building emotions down.

    "If you'd loved me, you would've told me. You would've given me the proof, whatever breadcrumbs you're talking about. You wouldn't have let me watch them take you away."


    "You wouldn't have thought, for a second, that I didn't try to fight for you. And you sure as hell wouldn't have waited eight years to do whatever it is you're trying to do."

    "I had to," she whispered, even as she knew it wouldn't be enough.

    She shook with the effort to not tell him everything, but even after all he'd told her and how everything had changed, she just couldn't. Not yet.

    He stood at the door, watching her with those eyes she'd once thought looked like the most beautiful emeralds. "Sometimes I think about it, you know. What life would be like if I hadn't tried to fix your sink in the middle of the night."

    She smiled sadly. "Me too."

    Rowan shook his head, gaze taking in her face like he thought he'd never see her again.

    He thought it was over now, she realized. He thought that now she knew he hadn't given up on her immediately, now that she'd told him the story she'd wanted to tell him, that it was over and she'd give up.

    "Look again," she whispered. "You know I didn't do it. It's why you're here, why you kept looking after the trial ended. You know I wouldn't."

    "Goodbye, Aelin," he said instead, not telling her any of the things she really wanted to hear.

    It wasn't until the door shut behind him she finally let herself cry.

    She'd told herself that it didn't matter; that in a month the truth would come out and everything would be normal again.

    She'd told herself she was only messing with Rowan for revenge, not because she wanted to see him again or test that he'd find the clues she'd left for him.

    She'd told herself this was just a game.

    She'd told herself all sorts of things that turned out to be lies.


    I don't like it, and I don't care! Wrote this stupid thing like 5 times lol

    Part 3 out Friday

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    what can I say I was bored 👀

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    and of course NOW because i can’t stop myself, i am setting myself up for the idea of pitting my main muse against my other main muse.

    ghost!francis as erik/the phantom
    dean as raoul

    (i know it seems like it’d be the other way, but listen, love never dies was a thing and if you don’t know what i’m talking about you should. it’ll all make sense then.)

    #☾*✲⋆.  lost in a field of paper flowers.  {ooc.} #☾ ;  you’re writing lines about me...romantic poetry.  {c. francis valois.} #☾ ;  crowned by an overture bold & beyond.  {c. dean winchester.} #☾*✲⋆. and all will turn to silver glass... {wishlist.}
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    #tw abuse#abuse tw#tw psychosis#psychosis tw#psychosis mention #{|❂|} THE START OF A NEW ERA | ic. #{|❂|} TO BE WITH YOU ALWAYS | timeless dance of the eclipse verse. #{|❂|} SHE OF DESERT GLASS | luitumi.
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    oh, don’t mind me. just thinking about francis in his ghost verse for a phantom of the opera au (as erik/the phantom) and stumbling across this gem of a figure skater that vaguely looks like my beloved francis.

    blame @thatfirehairedshifter. *eyes emoji eyes emoji eyes emoji*

    #☾ ;  you’re writing lines about me...romantic poetry.  {c. francis valois.} #☾*✲⋆. and all will turn to silver glass... {wishlist.}
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    Ok so Rem ( @heartless-harlequin ) said they would let me talk about this/asked so me being happy to talk about this small stupid idea is thanks to zem.

    So, as mentioned, Dock started the virus. It was an accident, he didn't mean for this to happen, but it did. Whoops.

    The AU is Heartless and Dock centred. Heartless is trying to discover what happened to him and who he used to be, and Dock is trying to make the cure and find his husband (Creed).

    Heartless is a Zombie that Dock had partially cured, so while being in his right human mind, Heartless looks like a Zombie, smells like a Zombie, and can only eat meet.

    Dock, after realizing to just capture random Zombies to test on was dangerous to him (and kind of inhumane but that last part didn't worry him as much) infected the lower part of his right arm and tests on himself most of the time. He did this to motivate himself to keep going to, although that thought came later because he didn't realize it would be slowly spreading up his arm.

    Dock is trying to fix his mistake. Not because he cares about other people much, but this looks really bad on his record, and also he would like to know where his husband is please.

    Onto the other characters: Eira was in the military, Flint was a boxer who was quite well known, Alchemy was a magician for children's parties, Doppel and Glass (who are actually twins) were running a con, and River was a student nurse. Alastor was a lawyer, Lorelei was a pop singer, Bandy was a clown for children's parties, Diana ran her own ranch, and Lance was in prison for punching some poor guy in the face multiple times. Brook (I think that's her name) was a security guard, Arthyr was a politics student, Krome I'm not sure about, and Moira ran MOJO (and don't worry, Murphy is alive).

    And I haven't really thought past that.

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  • andromachequynh
    20.06.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    forgot that one of the few leverage (implied) s*x scenes was in the season 1 horse episode and had to sit through that with my mom :////

    #tbh I don’t think they really knew what they were doing with Eliot at this point in the show... the dorky glasses......... truly amazing #leverage
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  • markovalucie
    20.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Moser | catalog, product sheets - envelopes and inside pages

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  • horrorfictives
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    'Hi there mods! If it counts, could I request icons of hajime shino from the 'looking glass' ensemble stars fangame? with a color theme of blue/violet ^-^'

    #did#osdd#fictive#enstars fictive #looking glass fictive #if you need those tags changing lmk! #hajime shino #hajime shino fictive #dont tag as kin #looking glass enstars #icons
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  • shepard-ram
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ask#glass anon#c: xisuma #c: evil xisuma #tw. death mention #poison fruit?? yeah i guess that counts
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