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  • Hey there

    I’m looking for some new blogs to follow since I don’t see enough of this stuff on my dash so like/reblog if you post/reblog stuff about

    • Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts
    • Glitch Techs
    • Duck tales
    • Owl House
    • Amphibia
    • The Hollow Netflix
    • Ok Ko (I know it’s over but like asugsjaldbsl)
    • Miraculous Ladybug
    • Cartoons in general
    • The Witcher
    • The Good Place
    • Also anime

    Ill check out your blog and if I really like it I’ll prolly follow!

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  • Hi I’m Glimmer and this is my girlfriend Adora and this is our girlfriend Catra and this is her girlfriend Scorpia

    #I ship glimmadora in modern aus waaay more than in canon #they just have more potential #THAT FIC WHERE ADORA AND CATRA ARE VAMPIRES THO its 100% this #she ra#Spop#Catra#Adora#Glimmer#Scorpia#Glimmadora#Catradora#Glitra#scorptra#Glitradora
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  • We Win!!!

    A She Ra and Glimmer post-combat dynamic duo for a ko-fi request. I miss them being happy so friggin much!!!!!!

    #glimmer#adora#glimmadora#she ra#spop #she ra netflix #she ra and the princesses of power
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  • just realised the only thing shera and the princesses of power needs (aside from some acknowledgement that the main characters are canonically gay) is a mUSICAL episode! like seriously, it would work so well!!

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  • image

    dunno why this is edited so well but youre all welcome credit to

    #me @ people who hate glimmadora #glimmer#glimmadora#she ra#spop #she ra pop #she ra spop #she ra and the princesses of power #she ra princesses of power
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    Took way too bloody long to finish this thing, Uni is sucking me dry, I am legit suffering :’V

    Anyways, enjoy Adora lifting her girlfriend up :J

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  • Adora tugged at the blanket lying on top of her. 

    Her girlfriend, Glimmer, snuggled up near her chest and for once Adora had finally felt calm. She felt calm for the first time in a while.

    “Adora?” Glimmer hazily questioned as the cold, etherian, winter breeze, cast a cool across the room.

    “Adora, can you pleeeease close the bedroom window?” Glimmer asked, lazy as ever.

    “Why can’t you?” Adora replied, realizing the time she then exclaimed,

    “Oh shit.”

    “What’s wrong?” The magical shortie said.

    “I was supposed to start training some of the cadets around…” Adora glanced towards the clock in the corner of the room. “2 and a half hours ago.”

    “Damn. Sounds like you should stay under the warm blanket, snuggled up with your girlfriend.” Glimmer paused.

    “You know… we could make out.” As Glimmer said this, she could easily see a pink blush climb upon Adora’s face. Somehow, Adora managed to calmly, as flustered as she was, say  "As soft as your lips are and as much as I wish I could stay, my dear, I have a duty to serve and protect this kingdom and that includes training dumb teenagers to be soldiers.“

    "Awwwww.” Glimmer whined with a dramatically pouty face, a pouty face that could convince anyone of anything, a pouty face that could absolutely make Adora stay in bed with Glimmer.

    “Fine… But only for a bit.” Adora warned, Glimmer finally victorious as usual.

    “Uh Huh, sure.” Glimmer gleefully responded.

    “I hate you…” Adora sighed playfully.

    “Aw, I love you too.”  Glimmer replied in a lovestruck gaze.

    Glimmer and Adora laid in bed together, Adora’s head resting on Glimmer’s chest as the cold, etherian, winter breeze caressed the room. The princess and her knight curled up on a winter’s day.

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  • Another piece for my upcoming fic, ADORA: Vagabond of the Etherian Cosmos! Across one of the many alternate dimensions, Adora remains in the Horde and becomes Force Captain!

    Follow me for updates or track the tag #SPOP!AVEC

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  • I love how i got this one again since I’ve did it in the past. But this time both work at a coffee shop


    Glimmer groans as she makes her way to work. The sun is barely up as she walks towards the coffee shop. She got the unfortunate luck of opening today. Heck, she has had that luck all week. Hopefully that will stop soon so she can start sleeping in some more. At least today she will be working with Adora. That makes it all the better. When she reaches the front door of the coffee shop she sticks the keys inside, yawning, and starts to set everything up. There is still some time before customers start to fill in and order their food and drinks, and of course, yelling at staff when something goes wrong. 

    Glimmer is just finishing up when the bell above the door dings. She looks up, praying that it is not some customer and thankfully it is not. It is Adora, wide awake without any signs of sleep. Glimmer is jealous that she can get up so easily. It takes her at least three cups of coffee to get anywhere close to how Adora is the second she opens her eyes. Speaking of which, she finishes off the black coffee she brought with her. 

    Adora puts her bag away and heads behind the counter. She gives Glimmer a good morning kiss and throws on her apron. “You ready for today, hon?”

    “No. Never. You know that answer,” Glimmer replies. She throws on her own apron and turns on the open sign. Now they wait. “I can’t wait to just get this work day over with. You leave like an hour after me, right? Do you want me to wait for you around the mall?” 

    “Only if you really want to. I can always just meet you later somewhere else. I mean, we already left at different times from the apartment so it doesn’t really matter to me.”

    “That is only because you went for a quick jog at the crack of dawn right before I got up. I heard you leaving.”

    “Hey, it is refreshing and a great way to wake up in the morning. You should try it some time.”

    “I’m going to take a pass on that. Anyway, I think I see someone. Let the fun begin!”

    Adora and Glimmer get to work, getting people’s order, dealing with the “lovely” bunch that always comes in to try and get under their skin, and chat a little with the regulars. The day doesn’t go too bad. No one is that bad customer wise really and when Glimmer gets off the clock, she decides to hang around the strip mall until Adora is done so that they can walk home together. They next day is slightly different. While the morning is the same, Adora getting up to go jogging and Glimmer going off to open again, today being her last time doing so for now, Adora has off. 

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    #she ra#spop#adora#glimmer#glimmadora#glimadora#glimora #she ra princess of power #she-ra #she-ra princess of power #shera #shera princess of power #writing#fluffuary#au #she ra au #spop au #coffee shop au
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  • Thank you for 5,000 followers!


    I am Scorpia. Y’all are Catra. 😂

    Thank you guys so much for following this blog! I’ve made great friends through fandom since I joined Tumblr, and I’m really grateful. As a thank you, I’d like to write some fanfic for y’all. Leave a comment or hop in my inbox with what ship you’d like me to write for, and I’ll do my best. 💪 Sending y’all lots of love!

    And as always, I love talking to you guys, so feel free to come chat with me!

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  • image

    At the end it all there’s going to be one last celebration🎉💒

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  • Multishipping can be so hard sometimes like,,, your otp is having a moment and you go: juST MARRY EACH OTHER PLEASE

    and then another ship you ship involving the other party of your otp has a moment and you’re just like: nO WAIT MARRY THEM INSTEAD!!

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  • Adora gets a cold (because she’s never seen snow before)

    #egg draws#spop#glimmer#glimmadora#adora#she ra #i found these doodles in an old sketchbook
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  • them. cuddle

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  • Words: ~2,000

    Just some dumb fluff with my other two fankids for Glimmadora since I have been doing stuff with Harper for a bit now. Not much cause it’s just whatever, only sort of edited but I’ll be getting back to my more serious stuff soon. I just need a break to just write dumb/non-serious stuff


    Glimmer whistles a tune as she cooks breakfast. She doesn’t have any peculiar song in her head, she is just making one up as she goes along. Everything is coming along smoothly as she fries some bacon on the pan. The toast she had made as well sits on plates, waiting for its companion to finish cooking. They’ll be done soon. Just a few more minutes. Hopefully by the time she is done, the rest of her family will have joined her. Well most of them. 

    Her eldest daughter will be in Salineas. Spending some days with one of her best friends, Newt. Now with only her twin children around, her and her wife decided to take them out and do something together. Has been some time since they had one on one with the twins. Only thing is, one of them is quite the night owl, much like her mama. The only reason Glimmer is up early now is to help prep for the day and from her own excitement. 

    There are footsteps just as Glimmer turns off the stove. She looks up to find her youngest strolling into the room, a skip to his step, and his light blue eyes bright. Micah grins when he sees his mother and walks right up to her, looking at what she is doing. “Is it done?” he asks. 

    “Yeah, Mic,” Glimmer says. 

    “Can I help put stuff down?”

    “If you want, Sport.” She ruffles up the top of his dark purple hair. “Where is your sister and mommy?”

    “They were right behind me.” Micah turns his head to the door. A few moments later, the missing pair shows up. Adora enters the room with Mira piggybacking on her. The young girl clearly is not awake. Most of her face is hidden either from being buried in the crook of her mother’s neck or behind her jet black hair. Adora walks up to her wife and gives her a kiss on the cheek. 

    “Morning, Glim. How are you doing?” she asks. 

    “Well I got up, didn’t I. Unlike this one.” Glimmer gently lifts up Mira’s head. “Time to get up, sleepyhead.”

    Mira groans. Slowly, her ice blue eyes open up. “I wanna go back to sleep.” 

    “And miss out on the day? C’mon. This is the sleepiest I’ve seen you. What happened?”

    “She was up all night playing one of her games on her gamepad,” Micah suddenly states. Mira shoots him a glare. 


    “Alright you two. Mira it is time to get up. Time to eat,” Adora says. She bends down to let her daughter crawl off of her. Slowly, the girl gets off and makes her way to the table. Adora joins her while Glimmer and Micah gather up the plates.

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