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    16.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    a stimboard for @skyedragondraws’s bunny! 🐰

    with paint & glitter~

    sources: 🖤

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  • insideoutofficial
    16.04.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Others- If they come back it is meant to be.
    Me- If they are insecure about the thought of losing me. Then it is fuckin meant to be.
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    16.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Wearing this one again bc it is a fav.

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  • homie-w-phonie
    16.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Love how these turned out!

    #acotar #a court of dreams #a court of thorns and roses #rysand #high lady feyre #feyre archeron#fanart#glitter#starfall#velaris#books
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    16.04.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • bebepac
    16.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Country Glitter

    I am participating in @wackydrabbles​ prompt # 90  “Need some lotion?”  which will appear in bold.  

    I am also participating in @choicesaprilchallenge2021​​ Prompt # 16 glitter.   I hope you like my interpretation of glitter.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  

    This is also chapter 14 of Mia’s 🌎 World:  To catch up on what you’ve been missing please click:  Mia's World Masterlist

    Or if you would like to see how this story began with Mia and her pals  please check out:  Pop's Place Masterlist

    The Book:  TRR x The Freshman

    Pairing:  TRR MC x M!OC (Mia x Jaiden) / Chris x Emily

    Word Count: 1989

    Warnings:  A few curse words and fluff.  Mention of fear of miscarriage (Past recount of character) 

    A/N:  All my series intersect with each other in some way. In this series Ren and Jason Brooks did not adopt Riley.  “Riley Brooks” technically does not exist in this series though Mia is the MC.  If you’ve read my The Life of Riley Series, this is the same Jaiden from there. However in this AU he survived and so did his parents.  I love seeing them this way. They are so happy in this world.  

    Original Post Date: 04/15/21 at 11:20PM EST

    It was Spring Break.  Jaiden was excited. Life couldn’t be more perfect. He was back together with Mia, and everything felt so right.  He had planned to take Mia to Wrightsville Beach for a few days and meet up with Emily, Chris,  Leo, Hana, and the gang.  

    Jaiden wanted everything perfect before they left. One of the things Jaiden took pride in was taking care of his vehicle.  He knew how to do minor work on it, and weekly hand washed Rubi.   Jaiden had just completed putting his first layer of wax on his candy apple red jeep, and it was glistening in the sun.

    Their family was a Jeep family.  His dad had a white wrangler.  His mom after the Green Meanie finally died, purchased a black Jeep Grand Cherokee X.  Jaiden had a red soft top rubicon that was his pride and joy.  It was a high school graduation gift after everything had happened to him, and still managed to graduate third in his class of 1000 students.

    Jason whistled when he walked out of the house seeing Jaiden’s vehicle sparkling in the sunlight looking like it was fresh off the store room floor.  

    “Why’d you wash Rubi?”

    “I have a date with Mia, and tomorrow we’re going to Wrightsville.  Rubi has to look hot for the trip.  I might even take the top off before we leave.”

    “I don’t think you want to do that.”  

    “Why not?”  

    As if foreshadowing the events to come, Jaiden sneezed.  

    “Geez where did that come from?”

    “You’ll see,”  Jason chuckled.  “Have fun, and be safe.  

    He had taken the soft top off and drove over to Mia’s house.  

    "Hey Pops!"

    "Hey Jaiden! How are you doing, Son?"

    "Pretty good, about to starve, is Mia ready yet?"

    Pops laughed.  "Want me to fix you something to tide you over? She was still in the shower a few minutes ago. We still have some leftovers from Easter. I can make you a sandwich."

    "Thanks Pops."

    "Or better yet, you do it, you're not a guest here, you're family. At least I think you want to be someday. I see how you look at MJ, and she looks at you.”

    Jaiden's face turned pink, and he smiled.

    "I love her."

    Pops placed his hand on Jaiden's shoulder.

    "I know you do. You saved her life."

    "And she almost died because of me Pops, because I hurt her."

    "You can't blame yourself for that Jaiden. None of us knew deep down what Mia was struggling with. She wasn't ready to tell any of us. I'm glad she finally did."

    "Me too Sir."

    Jaiden looked through the fridge finding the ham and potato salad.

    "How did I not know you would go for those two things?"

    Jaiden smiled.

    "I'll leave you to it."

    Jaiden was half way through his "snack" when Mia came downstairs, with her hair still wrapped in a towel.

    "Jai! You're eating right now?!? Like right now?!?!?!??! We're supposed to be going to dinner in a little bit!"

    "Babe, I was hungry, and you still weren't ready yet, I had to eat something."

    She glanced down at what he was eating.  Her lips quirked into a smile, him eating what she cooked for Easter dinner. She kissed his cheek. "Well don't get too full."

    "I won't. Take your time, I'm good."

    A little bit later they walked out to Jaiden's Jeep.

    "Oh hell no Jai. Put the top back on."

    "What? Why? It's a nice day?"

    "Don't you see it?"

    "See what?"

    He sneezed again.

    "You see there it is."

    "Mia what the hell?"

    "The country glitter?"

    "Do what?"

    "Pollen. It's already in the air. It's already starting to accumulate on your jeep. Put the top on now."

    "How bad can it get?"

    "Did you not have pollen in New York? What the actual hell Jaiden?"

    "Babe it's not called the asphalt jungle for nothing. We lived in a brownstone in New York, we didn't even have grass. The first time I cut  grass was down here!"

    "So you hadn't seen an open field until you moved here? Did you know what cows looked like in real life? Have you been to a petting zoo?"

    Jaiden playfully hit Mia. "Your voice you're using right now, I didn't live in a cave in New York you know."

    "Are you sure? Because you didn't know what the hell pollen is."

    "Can we go?"

    He put her suitcase in the back next to his.

    Jaiden sneezed again.

    "Do you have seasonal allergies?"


    "I kinda don't believe you Jaiden Brooks."

    Jaiden sneezed mostly through dinner.

    Mia asked him multiple times if he was alright.

    In true male fashion, he insisted he was fine, even though he was starting to sound really congested.

    "Stop by the pharmacy so we can get you some allergy medicine."

    "I'm fine." Jaiden insisted.

    When they were finally back upstairs in his room  and he was in his pajamas he grumbled. "I feel like crap babe."

    Mia sighed.

    "That's why I asked if you wanted to stop by one of the TWELVE MILLION pharmacies we passed by coming home. Come on let's run back out. Put your shoes back on."

    "Can you just go for me?"

    Jaiden collapsed on the bed like he was dying.

    Mia laughed. Oh my God. She thought.

    "I would, but I don't have my car Jai."

    "My keys are on the dresser, just take Rubi."

    "I've never driven your jeep before."

    "I trust you."

    "Okay… I'd kiss you if you weren't so snotty right now. I won't be gone long."

    Jaiden groaned.

    "Oh my God you big baby!!!"

    It was something they had talked about a while back. Mia didn't care who drove her car. It was old, and not everyone could drive a manual anyway, so that limited people asking her about her vehicle. Jaiden on the other hand, had told her the only person who had ever driven his vehicle was his dad.

    She grabbed her purse and went out to Rubi. She had to adjust the seat since Jai was 6'3".

    Mia was smiling as she drove his jeep down the street, in her boyfriend's ride. He trusted her.

    Maybe he shouldn’t have....  Mia screamed in delight.

    She got an assortment of things to make him feel better, including the soft tissue with the lotion  since Jaiden was looking like Rudolph, with his red nose.  She wasn't gone long but she loved driving his jeep. She forgot to adjust his seat back carrying the stuff back in. Jaiden was grumbling in bed.

    "Jai, sit up and take this."

    She handed him a tablet and a glass of water.

    "Thank you baby."

    "You're welcome, and I got you the good tissues."

    He smiled at her.

    "Now go do this nasal rinse it will clear you up right away so you can sleep."


    "What do you mean nope?"

    "I mean I don't like to use nose stuff."

    Mia laughed.

    "You are such a big baby. Then you use this instead. Go take a shower, and drop one of these tablets into the water stream."

    "Wait, how did you know?"

    "My mom told me to get those just in case. She gets them for Pops. I like them too."

    Jaiden went to take a shower, Mia went back downstairs.

    "You look like you're gonna be up for a while Mrs. Brooks?"

    "Jason works until 2. I just like to see him home. It's something I've always done. I worry about him out on patrol. I'm so glad Jaiden never had a desire to go into law enforcement. But he's still the protective type."

    Mia smiled. "He really is."

    "Did you get him all squared away?"

    "Yeah I got him some allergy tablets, and menthol tablets for the shower. He refused to do the nasal rinse. Do you want to see what I got him?"

    "No, I think you can handle it.  You two take good care of each other. If he starts snoring come back down stairs and hang with me if you want."

    "Jai doesn't usually snore."

    "When he's not feeling good, he's a buzz saw like his father."

    "Okay. Then you might be seeing me again."

    "I'd enjoy the company. Good night Mia."

    "Good night Mrs. Brooks."

    Jaiden was sitting on the bed in his boxer briefs when she walked back in the room.

    "How are you feeling Jai?"

    "Better than I was, thank you for taking care of me." He still sounded a little congested.

    "I really can't believe your mom is okay with me sleeping over."

    "I mean… they know what we're doing and they know we're being safe. Ready for bed? I am."

    Jaiden flicked off the light, and Mia snuggled into the covers with him. He pulled her closer to him, spooning against her.

    "I love you."

    "I love you."

    Mia fell asleep first.

    She woke up startled to Jaiden loudly snoring.

    "God why Jai????"

    Mia got out of bed. Jaiden did not even feel her get up.

    She went downstairs to see Ren watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn.

    "Would you like some company Mrs. Brooks?"

    "Yeaaaa! Would you like some popcorn, and I can get you a drink?"

    "Yes please."

    She jumped up, running into the kitchen.

    "Do you want ice for your drink? I just got a bag of ice from Sonic. They have the best ice."


    Ren chuckled, "A girl after my own heart."

    She handed Mia the drink but took her hand in return.

    "I'm so glad you and Jai found your way back to each other."

    "Me too."

    "He's changed so much since he met you. He was our miracle baby.  We tried for him for years. Then, a few weeks after we found out he was a boy, I fell down the stairs at work. I was sure we lost him, because I couldn't feel him moving, and I was so afraid, we were so afraid.  And when they checked, his little heart was still going.  So we held him so close to us."

    "Mom? You never told me that."

    "I know. It just never came up. Not that I ever wanted it to."

    "What are you doing up Mia?"

    "Keeping your mom company."

    Ren burst out laughing.

    She's too sweet to tell you your loud ass snoring kept her awake."

    Mia laughed loudly, so did Jaiden.

    They heard the door unlock and Mr. Brooks walked in.

    "Sounds like a party in here, what's everyone doing up?

    "My mom's brutally honest, I promise I can take it. I'm sorry Mia."  

    "Your son's snoring woke up his girlfriend."

    Jason kissed Ren on the cheek.

    "Home safe like I promised."

    "What are you watching?"

    "Low budget  movies."

    "My favorite."

    Mia yawned.

    "Good night."

    Jaiden stayed with his parents for a little bit.  Mia was about to drift to sleep when she felt Jaiden climb in bed with her.

    He sighed.

    "Are you alright?"

    "Just thinking about the story my mom told you.  They've always been helicopter parents, and now I get why. Before I even got here, they almost lost me. My dad had hinted at something, and I thought it was about my football accident, but it really wasn't.”

    "That had to be scary for them. And I don't know what my life would have been like without you, and I don't want to imagine it."

    Jaiden held her tighter in his arms. “Neither do I."

    The next morning Mia was getting ready. She was looking in her bag for something that she couldn't find. Jai had slept over enough to know Mia's beauty routine.

    He held out a bottle for her to take.

    "Need some lotion?"

    "Yes! Thank You Jai."

    Once they were dressed, they had a quick breakfast and they headed out to Jaiden's jeep with their luggage.  It was covered in a layer of pollen.

    "My Jeep!!!  Rubi isn't Ruby anymore!"

    "That's Country Glitter.  It gets on everything!"

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    PromLuNoct stimboard for @val-kyrii

    x x x - x x - x x x
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    Opi: Midnight in Moscow

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