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  • captainlisacooper
    18.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Find Perfect Call Center Headsets Options

    If you’re thinking about maximizing the productivity in your call centre, agents must be equipped with top-quality Jabra headsets and others to work efficiently. Agents are able to understand what is said each phone call without the interruption of background noises.  

     While choosing a headset for call centres, give preference to noise-cancelling headsets. Devices equipped with such specification tune out background noises. It cuts out the sound from the other calls being simultaneously conducted in the call centre and prevents your conversation with customers.

    #corded headsets#corded#headsets #gn netcom headsets #managed it services #Managed IT Brisbane #data cabling
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  • velvetfireworks
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    this settles it guys, my luck is GONE. i pulled twice and i got 2 beidous and 2 xingqius 😭🤚🏼

    #i think not eula bye #💄
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  • tragiciandean
    18.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    i’m genuinely actually literally truly fond of misha collins :(

    #misha collins #what do i do girls (gn)
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  • angel-biter
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    not to exclusively complain on here but my ex who tried to manipulate me to get in my pants when I was 15 bc he fetishized trans ppl just friended me on snapchat on a new acc after I blocked his old one 😀 cool! I don’t know what to do here!

    #it was already hard for me to block his old acc #bc I thought I was being harsh by full on blocking #I rarely block people esp ppl I know in real life #but also there’s is literally zero chance of seeing him any time soon? #idk what to tag this as far as warnings go I’m sorry #ask to tag #? #he hasn’t said anything to me yet and all my stories are private so...? #harmless maybe? #mat talking #anyway fuck this gn
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  • deathsapproach
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i hope daisuke jigen knows i’m in love with him ( this post was made by goemon )

    #sayu.txt #( in other words: gn LOL ) #( my brain empty except for my romantic cc's ) #( me n jigen are in a relationship you can't stop us <33 )
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  • unknown-hilichurl
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "care to dance?" || genshin impact fic

    ・pairings: eula x gn!reader

    ・genre: fluff

    ・trigger warning: none

    ・wc: 225 words

    a/n :: hope you enjoy this thing which i wrapped up in a few hours or so!!

    the stars were dim, covered with black clouds accompanying drops of rain in the midst. eula considered to go outside with you, nobody there at the bridges of mondstadt, little to no people across the city and one or two guards at the gates. so she let out a safe sigh and smiled at you for a second.

    "it's raining, eula. we'll get all wet, you know." you assured her, the moment you finished your sentence, she tightened her grip of your hand and went through the door, her sunset-amethyst eyes facing directly forward.

    "don't worry, {y/n}. why don't we," she paused for a second or two, and continued, chuckling, "have fun? nobody's here after all." your eyes widened to her response, so you decided to go with what eula was thinking. again, smiling, she stepped at the border of the mondstadt bridge.

    the rain poured heavily at that moment, multiple drops coming from the clouds made you rather focus on eula, as she was enjoying it and gazed at the sky above her, then again, looking back at you with another smile.

    while you looked at her in confusion, you were covered with water, so eula chuckled a bit and decided to reach her hand out to you, with a smile appearing on her face.

    "care to dance? it takes two to tango."

    #eula x y/n #eula x reader #gn!reader #genshin x y/n #y/n x eula #eula x gn!reader #genshin impact eula #eula cryo#cryo claymore
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  • thecatboyfriend
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hi its two am and im once again thinking about how bojack horseman showed a character becoming fat as a sign of healing and recovery, and never made her lose weight or make it seem like a bad thing

    #the only time it was mentioned as being a bad thing (from what i remember) is when the character diane was worried abt gaining weight #she went on antidepressants and knew theyd make her gain weight but she still did it and she got better #and it wasnt even like ‘yes skinny character but now a teeny bit of tummy’ #they made her fat! and it was a good thing!!!! #im just :D i will always love that i think #ok gn#remi rambles#bojack horseman#diane nguyen#medication mention #weight gain mention #weight mention
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  • nerdybidean
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    haven’t made a single edit so far that doesn’t involve or centre cas call that angel derangement babey

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  • trans-thelman
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ok gn besties ily

    #pls lemme have kinnie dreams🥺🥺🥺 #shut up tony #gn post
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  • deezballer
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    missing taemin’s vlive too … life is misery

    #oky gn fr
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  • deezballer
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i feel sick

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  • blinksinbewilderment
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    heyo y’all, it’s august, and i lost track of time

    Good happy things!

    -love waking up in my own bed for the first time in *checks notes* one day -honestly didnt have that much to do today, mostly just chilled -the hw i Did have to do was either easy or came with a cheat sheet -doin a lot of writing recently, makes me feel productive at my hobby and all -when i wasnt writing i was mostly absorbing hazbin fan content (fic, art, songs, etc) and having a new interest to trawl through for goods is nice -am biased to alastor and also radiodust -figured out why i was having trouble with a puzzle and solved that bitch -the sherlock holmes tv show with jeremy brent is very accurate, i appreciate that -funny convos -rewatched history of the entire world i guess, still think it’s hilarious with take 2 -blink snipe: i love when she drops into our dms to gush and/or rant and/or rave about her new interests it’s great she’s great

    #i hope this gn post has good vibes im so. lackluster rn kdnjds #i dont actually wanna be sleepin but also i just wanna be sleepin ya feel me? #gn! #august
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  • designatedbreadbox
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Demon Monarch! MC

    no one could've forseen the day diavolo entrusted the Devildom to you after he passes

    he was already centuries older than you when you showed up to the Devildom again

    he knew time would be ironically short and that he had to make the most of it while he can

    barbatos didnt mean any offense by this, but he tried talking diavolo out of it knowing his fruitless efforts. this has to be the one things barbatos didnt know about

    ^ diavolo never lies, after all....

    time marches on, and when diavolo is laid to rest, you felt the surge of pure power he once owned. in times of pure desperation and need, you could hear faint whispers of advice from him; leftover fragments of his mind that helps guide you

    barbatos held a coronation ceremony for you, dressed to the nines with the most fabulous outfit suited for Monarchs, such as yourself.

    the 7 brothers were astounded by how well it all looked with the complimenting colors.

    now that you were a Monarch, your demon form had to change accordingly. (this assumes you were a demon to begin with or a fallen angel)

    tattoos ran up both arms to connect over the front of your chest and shoulders, amplifying the strength in your arms and fists. though your horns were designed to solely protect you, every other aspect of your new demon form either gave you great defense or great attack capabilities.

    they all wanted to see your demon form; natural curiosity is normal. but unless needed or required, barbatos had to direct them away from that subject

    where comes benefits come drawbacks

    due to your new status, your schedule became more occupied and hectic at times. though you also assigned lucifer work the way diavolo did, you gave to help ease the usual load he gets. diavolo's kindess goes to waste when he blames the work he gave to lucifer as a reason why lucifer is so busy. as if the damn bastard didnt assign it himself.....

    they all complain (lucifer never admits it, duh) that you're too busy and should hangout more with them.

    they all send tons of texts and images about their day that takes you a solid 2 hrs to filter through. how can belphie send 8 pictures of his day when all he does is sleep?!??!?!

    lucifer gets to see you most of the time, but hardly in a non-workplace setting. he wishes he can spend more time with you as yourself rather than the Monarch, but he knows the responsibilities you bear.

    ^ he doesnt push it.

    mammon, asmo, and levi constantly try to get you to leave the castle and is always pushed out by barbatos.

    satan tries to plan little dates with you that mostly gets casted aside due to your schedule.

    beel and belphie get the same treatment as satan

    they all simultaneously hate and love your new position.

    they want their MC, not Monarch MC.

    oh well, right? they just have to live it.

    #obey me one master to rule them all #obey me#series #obey me luficer #om lucifer #gn!mc #om! lucifer #mammon obey me #om! mammon #obey me asmodeus #mc is gender neutral #mc headcanon#demon mc #demon! mc #obey me demons #om diavolo#om asmodeus#om leviathan #om! belphegor #om! leviathan #om satan #om! beelzebub
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  • bubblegumr0ses
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    La Squadra with an gn artist s/o


    risotto likes your art whether it’s painting, make art of ing, sculpting, anything! but will appreciate it quietly

    Will give you some art supplies he notices you ran out of as a gift since he’s much more into small acts of affection

    If you ever drew him, he would have a small smile for a moment before going back to a neutral face

    That being said, he’d totally treasure it

    Wouldn’t model for you tho, he’s too busy with work stuff

    Might let you make art of  him working if you ask nicely tho! 😅


    he’s very supportive of your art! He always tells you how talented you are and is very impressed

    Pls draw/paint/sculpt/etc him a fish

    He will love it forever

    He would blush so hard if you ever drew him 🥺

    And give you a really tight hug and say how you made him look so cool

    Would be embarrassed if you wanted him to model for you, also insecure

    Are you sure you want him to model for you?

    But he’s totally down for it with a bit of convincing


    Prosciutto is definitely one to appreciate fine art

    Especially if you have a more classical style

    Will push you to try lots of art forms and methods

    Not afraid to give genuine criticism, but won’t be mean about it, just truthful

    Would gift you v nice art supplies

    He’ll think it’s really sweet of you if you make art of  him

    Type to put your art on the fridge if he can

    Would model for you if you ask, and will take it seriously, but be efficient about it bc he has things to do


    “paint me like one of your french girls”

    Would ask to do nude modeling for you

    He’s genuinely really supportive and thinks all your art is beautiful!

    Might try his hand as digital art to share in your interests

    Aside from asking to nude model, he’ll ask to regular model as well

    Wants to participate in your passion however he can

    Surprisingly a very good model

    If/when you do make art of him he’s going to absolutely love it

    Definitely keeps any and all art you give him, probably takes pictures of your other art as well

    The type to show off your art to other people just bc he genuinely wants others to appreciate your talent like he does


    Like prosciutto, not afraid to give criticism tho he’s a bit less tactful with it

    He’s really trying to help tho

    Will make a little ice sculpture for you at some point, you’ll love it

    He’ll make sure you love it bc he remade several times in order to get something he’s satisfied with

    If you were to ever  him he’d totally blush but try to play it cool, lowkey tsundere

    He’ll say no if you ask him to model for you, but it’s mostly bc he doesn’t want to stay still that long

    Also doesn’t like being stared at that much

    If you manage to catch when he’s relaxing and in a good mood however, he may let you


    oh this is definitely another one to ask you to model for you

    He thinks your art is beautiful! And he’s beautiful too! It only makes sense.

    Will tease you about your art but just LET him catch someone else mocking it and they’ll be sent to the mirror realm faster that you can put down what your working on

    When you do make something of him, and I mean when, he’s definitely keeping it


    He’s going to be super smug about it but secretly it makes him really happy


    he thinks it’s super cool you’re an artist

    Another one to show off your art

    He likes people to know how great his s/o is

    Would also steal get you art supplies whenever he sees some and thinks of you

    Is open to modeling for you, tho he might not be a very good one bc he gets bored pretty quickly

    If you ever made art of him, he’d think it very romantic and tease you lightly about it but in like, a flirty way

    Still keeps the art tho :3

    #la squadra x reader #la squadra #la squadra di esecuzione #risotto x reader #melone x reader #ghiaccio x reader #illuso x reader #pesci x reader #prosciutto x reader #formaggio x reader #jojos bizarre adventure #x reader #jojos x reader #gn reader
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  • ibiitsu
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Monoma Neito [bnha] x gn reader hc’s [dates]

    Dates and other scenarios [05/02/2021] [05/17/2021]

    More Monoma because <3

    A/n: double update?!? It was in fact, not an double update. Your dear author was too lazy and decided that he should spend the rest of the night on the genshin grind and then proceed to forget about writing. This was supposed to be written with the Shinsou one, 2 weeks ago.

    Kinda meant to be a part 2 for the other Monoma head cannons

    Outside of 1A’s view (and school in general), Monoma is pretty nice, although maybe it’s just to you

    Since he has horrible fashion, you spend most of your dates shopping for clothes with him. Where the money comes from? Monoma’s wallet obviously, you definitely don’t have enough money as a high schooler to buy clothes every week

    Monoma loves classical plays and medieval fantasies so of course, dark academia was his favorite style (which he decided immediately the moment he saw you wearing an example of it)

    Right after he decided what he wanted to try, Kendo (who just happened to be there) grabbed you two and suddenly announced that it’s time to shop for clothes... with Monoma’s money.

    Pro tip: take advantage of your rich friends ;) /j

    Along with getting Monoma some fashion taste, you and Kendo took the chance to buy clothes with an excuse to “match with him”. (Which wasn’t really convincing since Kendo bought things for cosplaying)

    Monoma actually let you both spend his money, although he made you buy some matching clothes because ya know, matching couples <3 (kendo was just a third wheel and to fill in some background space)

    It was almost going to be a peaceful shopping trip (well, as peaceful as it could be) until some 1A students entered the store. Fortunately, there wasn’t a certain angry porcupine at the scene, so we thankfully avoided a murder.

    Monoma proceeded to try and bully Deku to get out of the store

    Since you’re in 1A, Monoma must maintain his appearance so while he insults your classmates, you hide in the clothes racks

    Calms down with cake and desserts (his own money again)

    Speaking of cake, watching movies with him must always include cake which is usually made by him beforehand ever since you and Kendo almost destroyed the dorm kitchen when trying to bake something for his birthday

    Even though his birthday was ruined when you and Kendo tried to make him cake, for some unknown reason, it became a tradition for you and Kendo to make the cake. Each year, you gradually got worse at making cakes but it’s too late now, it’s already a tradition :)

    Since you and Kendo are banned from the dorm kitchens, you would bake a cake at Monoma’s house, although the decorating isn’t really a surprise since Monoma needs to make sure you don’t burn down his house. The moment Monoma leaves you two alone, disasters strikes.

    He prefers to watch movies with you alone so he can receive affection without anyone else seeing him flustered. Also because more cake and sweets for him

    When watching movies or just lazing around, he loves to be the little spoon since it’s warm, no matter how much we taller or shorter than him you are

    It’s a different story if you’re staying over at his house, he needs his bed space like the pretty princess he is and if you dare take up bed space, you’ll end up on the ground in the morning (he’d apologize later although he doesn’t rly mean it)

    The day after you bought clothes, you, Monoma and Kendo went to have a photo shoot with matching outfits (which he made into his home Screen)

    More Monoma here

    We need more Monoma appreciation

    #bnha x gn reader #head cannons#x reader #x male reader #male reader#gn reader #x gn reader #bnha#bnha monoma #Monoma x reader #monoma x male reader #monoma x gn reader #bnha x reader #bnha x male reader #my hero headcanons #my hero academia #my hero academia Monoma #bnha headcanons
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  • yeri-in-red
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    goodnight maybe

    #time stamp for sleepy time #gn#1:24 am
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  • horaetio
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i am once again saying christopher eccelston just gets it

    #christopher eccleston #his autobiography is a fantastic read #and on that note gn fr
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  • philodoxe
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    head empty, only supernatural

    #spn#supernatural#philodoxe_ #brainrot terminal y'all #it happened so fast too asdfghjkl #anyway #thinking about Azazel #underrated tbh #what an icon #I am Thinking 👀 #ffs I need to go to sleep gn #more on this ? maybe #sideblog ? oh no maybe
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  • absul
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “ugh why would anyone ever WANT to use it/its pronouns“

    because i’m better than u. next question

    #screech #'i could NEVER bring myself to call someone an IT' what's wrong is baby gonna call me a slur instead? gonna shit ur pants maybe? #get a fucking grip guy. neopronouns have existed long before u were born and they will continue to exist long after ur gone #aaaanyways. @ my sensible & beautiful followers gn <3
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  • violent-you-th
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #another throwback song gn #SoundCloud#songs
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