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  • plungerswritting
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nicknames I feel the Obey Me Brother would give you

    Dear, because he likes the more classic nicknames

    Star, because he was once the morning star but now he sees you have someone worthy of being as important of an angle as he was

    Human, for obvious reasons

    Crow, because his familiar is a crow

    Bird brain, beach you go along with his stupid ideas

    Cash App, because he found out about the Cash App in the human world (but really it's because he always ask for your grimmie)

    Birdie, because his familiar is a type of bird

    Baby bird, yes, baby bird, because you're his baby and his birdie

    Henry, because he's a nErD

    Angles, because he views as someone that could rival the beauty of the Heveans

    Dove, because doves symbols peace in the human world and tou bring him that

    Kitten, because he likes cats, that it

    that's it, thats the only nick name he for you






    All because he likes classic little nicknames



    Sugar Cookie


    All for obvious reasons

    He calls you cow jokingly

    that's about it

    Just calls you by your name or a shorter version of it if he can

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  • babblingfish
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Preening Hawks

    a/n: This is kind of a part two to this. But you don't have to read it in order to understand this one.

    “C’mon, I have a surprise for you!”

    Smiling brightly, they took his hand and lead him to their bathroom.


    Stunned was the only way to describe Keigo’s expression. The bathtub was filled to the brim with bubbles and the smell of honey and vanilla spread throughout the room. The flickering light of the candles illuminated his face, enhancing his handsome features.

    “Close your mouth, baby, you’ll attract flies.”

    He closed his mouth and turned around.

    “This is all for me?”

    Keigo couldn’t process it. They went out of their way to prepare all this while he was away? He didn’t even tell them that he had a bad day. They just knew.

    “Yes! Do you like it?”

    His partner jumped excitedly and flapped their hands.


    “That’s a good ‘wow’, I hope!”

    Noticing the slight insecurity in their voice, he snapped out of his daze.

    “It is! It’s amazing, I'm just at a loss for words!”

    Keigo wrapped his arms around them and kissed their neck.

    “Thank you so so much, baby!”

    His partner wrapped their arms around him just as tightly, their smile brighter than ever before.

    “Of course! Now let’s get you into the bathtub!”

    Slowly, they pulled away from him and fumbled with the hem of his shirt.

    “Wanna undress yourself or do you want me to help?”

    He smirked at them.

    “Finish what you started, darling.”

    They covered their mouth with their hands.

    “Noo, don’t do this to me, Keigo! It’s my turn to fluster you!”

    “Okay okay! Let’s start then.”

    Taking that as their cue, they took off his jacket and started lifting his shirt. It was hard not to stare at his stomach when it was basically screaming to be kissed all over.

    “I thought this was a simple bath, nothing more?”

    “It is! I just can’t help it when you look that good!”

    Keigo chuckled as they removed his shirt. Then, they moved on to his pants, opening the belt. They quickly removed them, afraid he’d try to fluster them again.

    “I can do my underwear by myself. Now it’s your turn!”

    “Uh uh, no! Tonight is about you!”

    “What? I thought we’re gonna bathe together!”

    “I wanted to surprise you with it later…But I thought I could help you preen your wings tonight? If you’re comfortable with it of course!”

    Ever since Keigo started preening his partner on occasion, they’ve been dying to return the favor. They were not pushy in any way. Simply excited. So now that they were standing in front of him, gazing at him full of love, he couldn’t deny their wish.

    “Yes, I’m absolutely comfortable with it.”

    His partner flapped their hands again for a second.

    “Yes!! Then go get in the bathtub now!

    Keigo removed his underwear and stepped into the hot water. He immediately felt his sore muscles relax and his worries from the day melt away.

    “How’s the temperature?”

    “It’s perfect.”

    While Keigo was sinking deeper into the tub, his partner grabbed some towels and laid them down in front of it. Next, they took the stool standing in the corner and placed it in front of the tub as well.

    “Okay honey, let’s get started.”

    Keigo sat up and turned around so his partner could have better access to his wings. Slowly, he spread his wings, careful not to splash too much water around or knock something over. Once again, his partner was amazed by their color and shape. They were beautiful, the shade of red mesmerizing. They ran their fingers through his feathers and enjoyed their softness for a moment.

    “Do you use any products on them?”

    Keigo sighed deeply, feeling completely relaxed.

    “I use a very mild shampoo. But I showered at the gym at the office today. So they should still be pretty clean. Water should be enough.”

    “Okay, baby. Anything else I should know about?”

    “The base of my wings is a bit sensitive. Especially where they grow out of my back.”

    “I’ll be extra careful then. Can you run me through how you usually do it?”

    Man, did Keigo adore his partner! The fact that they were so concerned about taking care of him correctly made his heart melt.

    “I usually start on the outside and work my way in from there. It doesn’t really matter though. Don’t worry.”

    They smiled to themselves.

    “Got it.”

    They moved the stool a bit to the right to reach the outer part of his wing better. As soon as they started working through his feathers, Keigo closed his eyes. Starting at the top, they were looking for any dirt or dust that may have been caught on his way home. Some feathers were overlapping in weird ways so they straightened them out.

    “Aah, that feels great. Thank you so much, baby.”

    “No need to thank me! You always do this for me. It was about time I returned the favor.”

    They continued their way down his wing, straightening out his feathers. Suddenly, Keigo whined.

    “What is it, pretty boy?”

    “There’s something stuck between my feathers. Right where your fingers are.”

    They carefully spread his feathers apart and were looking for something that didn’t belong there.

    “Found it!”

    They pulled out a very small pebble.

    “Look how tiny it is! That must’ve been so annoying.”

    They held up the pebble and Keigo turned around to look at it.

    “I didn’t really notice it until now. I think it’s the stress from today. Makes my mind foggy sometimes.”


    The couple returned to the comfortable silence they shared before. Keigo rarely felt this relaxed and carefree. Only his partner could make him feel this way. It was hard for him to even put into words how much he loved them. He never thought he’d trust someone this much. He didn’t think he was capable of it. And now he’s sitting here, sharing the most intimate act for him. It brought tears to his eyes. However, he feared that if they saw his tears, they’d stop or take a break and that’s the last thing he wanted. He wished he could stay in this moment for ever.

    ‘Damn, I’m a selfish bastard.’, he thought. But at the same time, he didn’t care. His partner’s fingers between his feathers were a feeling he never wanted to miss ever again.

    Finally, they were done with the first wing. They moved the stool to the left and started working their way through the next wing. It was the same as the right one. Pretty clean except for some feathers that needed to be straightened out.

    ‘Hm, what’s that?’

    They spotted two feathers with a slightly hardened tip.

    ‘Oh, I know what these are!’

    They took the tip of the feather between their thumb and pointer finger and rubbed it off. Then, they did the same to the other one.

    “Ooh, that felt nice!” Keigo exclaimed.

    “What did you do?”

    “I helped you with those two pin feathers! They must’ve been itching, huh?”

    “Yeah, it was really annoying. How do you know about pin feathers?”

    “I may have looked at Youtube videos of birds preening each other…”

    Their voice turned quieter towards the end of their sentence. For some reason, they felt super embarrassed. Did he think it was weird they wanted to know more about birds and how to take of care them? After all, they wanted to take care of their own big bird in the best way possible.



    “Because of me? So you can help me with this?”

    “Um…I guess?”

    Suddenly, Keigo turned around in the tub. He held their face in his hands and slowly shook his head.


    “I just love you so much.”

    He pressed a big kiss to their lips.

    “I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I’m the luckiest man on the planet.”

    His partner didn’t know what to say. His words brought tears to their eyes. They felt the exact same way. How did they get so lucky? What did they do to deserve him?

    “Of course I’d do this for you! I love you so much. I want you to feel good about yourself and loved!”

    The couple looked at each other for a second longer, admiring the other.

    “Let’s finish this, yeah?”


    Keigo turned around again and let them get back to it. When they reached the base of his wings, they were extra careful and moved very slowly. Keigo squirmed around a bit. Not because it hurt but because he wasn’t used to this sensation. It felt nice but tickled slightly. As his partner was finishing up, Keigo felt his emotions well back up again. They ran his hands over his wings in big motions.

    “Look at you! Your wings are incredible!”, they whispered in awe.

    “You’re such a pretty bird!”

    Keigo turned his head a bit.

    “I am?”

    They noticed his wings puffing up and his eyes sparkling with excitement.

    “Yes! You’re the prettiest bird!”

    Their tone was very happy and excited which caused Keigo to chirp in response.

    “Oh, sorry. You got me all excited.”

    “Don’t apologize! I think it’s super cute when you do that!”

    Keigo smiled to himself as they moved on to massage his shoulders. They planted kisses all over his back, neck and shoulders.

    “You’re my big, pretty bird man.”, they murmured against his skin.

    Tears filled Keigo’s eyes but now he let them flow down his face. His partner didn’t notice until they heard him sob.

    “Babe? Are you alright?”

    He sobbed again.

    “Yeah, it’s just…thank you for this. Really. Preening is very intimate for me.”

    “You mentioned that before.”

    “Yes, but it was still much more than I ever expected.”



    “Let’s get you out of the bathtub.”

    They took his hands in theirs and helped him get out. Then, they grabbed a big towel and dried him off. The entire time, Keigo was admiring them and their dedication to taking care of him.

    “Wait here.”

    He waited as they rushed to the bedroom and came back with sweatpants and the most comfortable hoodie he owned.

    “Put those on.”

    He did as he was told. He wasn’t sure if they noticed that he was still crying a bit. He couldn’t help it. He was hopelessly in love.

    “Okay, now come here.”

    They put his hood up and took his face in their hands.

    “I love you more than anything.”

    They kissed up the trails his tears left on his face.

    “You deserve every bit of kindness that comes your way.”

    They hugged him as tightly as possible. They needed him to know that they’re there for him. No matter what.

    “I’ll always be here to take care of you. And I know you’ll do the same for me.”

    “You’re damn right about that.”

    They stayed like this for a moment before Keigo pulled away.

    “I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go to sleep.”

    “Me too.”

    They gave him a tired smile as he led them to their shared bedroom. There, they changed into their pyjamas and joined Keigo in bed.

    “Come here, baby.”, he said as he held the blanket open. He laid them down on his chest and wrapped his arms and wings around them.

    With one last kiss on the lips, the couple finally went to sleep.

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    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #u don’t wanna know how hard it is to style my hair #genshin #genshin x gn!reader #genshin x you #genshin fluff#genshin impact#xiao #xiao x reader #scaramouche #scaramouche x reader #chongyun #chongyun x reader
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  • x-multifandom
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    When You steal their clothes

    Fandom: Hp, marauders era
    Characters: Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin
    Pairings: x gn!reader
    Summary: How they would react when u steal their clothes
    Warnings: none

    Sirius Black:

    Would totally lose it

    Seeing his significant other in his clothes

    Heaven for him

    But he wouldn't show it

    Be all like: "Darling, I need my clothes!"

    But might he remark that they look extremely good on you?

    Would then give the stolen cloth to you and stare at you all day

    And you notice it

    And steal MORE clothes

    James Potter:

    Poor baby wouldn't notice at first

    Remus probably pointed it out one day at breakfast

    "Isn't that your sweatshirt, Prongs?"

    And he would have such a cute blush on his face with a goody smile

    James would live to cuddle with you even more in his clothes

    They always smell like him, and then when you cuddle with him his scent fills your nose even more

    I think James is defenitly the type who would not so subtly let his sweatshirts or hoodies in your dorm so he can see you in them

    But you wouldn't mind at all, and neither would he

    "I would do everything for my, honeypie."

    Remus Lupin:

    Dis boy is very observant

    Especially when it comes to you

    So when you first stole his jumper

    Remus.exe stopped working

    You looked so cute in it, he didn't have the heart to tell you he wanted it back

    "You comfortable in my jumper, love?"

    Remmy would tease you about it

    A l o t

    But would have heart eyes whenever you studied with his jumper on you

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    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #tokyo revengers x gn reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #manjiro sano x reader #manjiro sano #manjiro sano x gn reader #mikey x gn reader #mikey x reader #mikey #kazushi yamagishi x reader #kazushi yamagishi#x reader #x gn reader
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    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🎵 i want to write about bruno (no no no no) 🎵

    hello please send in even like- little ideas about him and i will RUN with them and give you hcs and shit

    anyway please i love my rat man <3

    #fanfiction#bruno encanto #we don't talk about bruno #bruno madrigal#bruno #bruno madrigal x reader #bruno madrigal x male reader #bruno madrigal x gn reader #encanto#disney's encanto
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    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    santa baby . . . ; gojo satoru

    synopsis : “… from flowers, to accidental meetings, and hidden worlds — will lies and fear of the unknown turn into a christmas dream, or an aching heartbreak?”

    previous | next . . . series masterlist

    chapter seven : hokkaido catastrophe

    authors notes : welcome to the cliff hanger, whores <33 next chapter is a hybrid chapter. smau and writing portion! will be updated no later than sunday

    taglist : @larkspyrr @ahtsuwu @oikawaandkuroostan @mirakeul @theoriginaleclipse @sidehub @dannie-kang @suhweetdreams @friendlytacosyumyum @shadowarchon @ashy-lyn @erinoikawa @lagrimasdeglitter @hellokittykuroo @wobblewobble822 @starrysuna @holychocopie

    © All rights reserved by SHOKAMI. Do not modify, repost on any platforms, plagiarize, or claim as your own.

    #gojo satoru#jujutsu kaisen#jjk #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru smau #jjk smau #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk x reader #gojo satoru au #gojo au#cat gojo#anime smau#christmas anime #gojo satoru x gender neutral reader #gojo satoru x gn reader #gojo satoru x y/n #gojo satoru x you #gojo x reader #gojo x y/n #gojo x you #jjk x gender neutral reader #jjk x y/n #jjk x you #gojo satoru drabble #gojo satoru imagine #gojo satoru scenario #gojo imagine#gojo drabbles#gojo scenario#jjk scenarios
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    >:). heheh. zombie time

    #warsfics#blue lock#bllk#itoshi rin#itoshi sae #itoshi rin x reader #itoshi sae x reader #rin itoshi#sae itoshi #rin itoshi x reader #sae itoshi x reader #zombie apocalypse!au #gn!reader #Youtube
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    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the jinx x reader tag: exists


    #jinx x reader #jinx x fem reader #jinx x fem!reader #jinx x gn!reader #arcane x reader #arcane #it's free real estate #i'm just memeing #mmkay? #don't come at me #I'm fucking obsessed lmao
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  • ryoccoon
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    happily ever after | suna rintarou

    pairing; suna x gn!reader

    warnings; periods, suggestive (and poor) pick up lines

    genre; slice of life, domestic, fluff

    "Thanks again, sweetie. I hope we didn't ruin your plans for the evening."

    You smile fondly as Mrs. Suna bows her head apologetically, her styled, raven hair bouncing elegantly as her meticulously painted lips curl upward into a sheepish smile. She looks stunning like this; with her sleek, indigo dress and sharp eyeliner, emphasizing her already fox-like eyes.

    Her husband is no different, his hair coiffed to perfection and dressed to the nines, the obsidian shine to his suit bringing out the viridescence of his narrow eyes.

    Together, they're sure to turn a few heads— they look undeniably gorgeous.

    (Must run in the family, you think— images of a certain raven-haired, bedroom-eyed middle blocker popping into your head.)

    "It's just that we haven't been out in so long just the two of us, and I'd hate to leave Hina home by herself... It wouldn't be so bad if Rin were here, but with Nationals coming up he's been coming home later than usual. I'm not even sure what time he'll be back this evening..."

    Waving a hand in dismissal, you assure Suna's mother that it's no skin off your back. It's not as if this is your first time looking after her daughter. Plus, it's not like she's any trouble. Granted, she's got thrice as much energy at her older brother— it's nothing you can't handle.

    "Don't worry about it," you say, adopting a playful expression as you jerk your head towards the front door. "You go and have fun on your date. I'll take care of the rest."

    Mrs. Suna visibly relaxes as you say this, her posture straightening as though a weight had just been taken off her shoulders.

    "You're so reliable, (y/n)," she says, sighing almost wistfully before adding: "I wish Rin would take a leaf out of your book."

    You huff out a laugh at that.

    And so, after she and her husband had gathered the last of their belongings, you bid them farewell, waving them off from the doorstep until their car disappears down the lane and away from view.

    After closing the door behind you, you then turn towards Suna's little sister, who waits for you in the hallway, her face already lighting up at what you're 100% sure she's about to propose next.

    "Movie marathon?"

    Your face mirrors hers, and both of you rush into the living room.


    You're halfway into Toy Story (your third movie of the evening) when you feel a sudden pain in your lower abdomen. It shoots through you like a mild electric shock, the achy feeling that follows all too familiar and making you curse internally.

    "Be right back," you say, apologising when Suna's little sister frets over you missing the movie. You tell her not to pause it and that you just need the bathroom, which you promptly make a beeline for the second you get up.

    Then, you groan.

    'Gotta love being a woman.

    Good thing you'd actually seen the signs this time and had worn a panty-liner before coming over. Nonetheless, you decide to swap it out for a larger pad for good measure, only for your ears to perk up when you hear the front door open, then close, followed by Suna's lazy:

    "I'm home."

    After neatly putting away any wrappers, you saunter into the hallway where Suna's in the middle of taking off his shoes. You decide to watch him for a while, leaning against the banister and laughing softly behind your hand as your boyfriend struggles to remove his laces, huffing under his breath. Your voice seems to carry over to where he's standing 'cause his eyes shoot up and widen slightly in surprise.

    "Well, hello there," he drawls as he shrugs off his burgundy jacket. "Enjoying the view?"

    You wave with a smile, skipping down the last few steps as you make your way over to him. "I was, actually," you chuckle, surprised when he pulls you in by the waist. "How was practice?"

    "Tiring," he says, sighing blissfully when you cup both of his cheeks. He does look tired, you notice, thumbs running gingerly over the dark circles that underline his drowsy eyes.

    "Coach made us play practice rounds nonstop. Think my arms might fall off from lifting them up so much." You huff out a laugh at the exaggeration, eyes creasing adoringly when Suna leans into your touch. He must have really been yearning to get home if he's acting this affectionate, eyes already closing as he lets himself melt under your care.

    Indulging him a little further can't hurt, you think, standing on your tip toes before pressing your lips against his. The kiss was meant to be chaste, though Suna seems to have other plans as he pulls you flush against his chest. The action catches you off guard, but you soon respond by throwing your arms over his shoulders, enjoying the sound of him humming against your lips when your hand finds purchase in his soft hair. The sensuality of his movements make your mind fog, and had Suna not held you as close as he was now, you're sure your legs would've given in to his ministrations.

    You do however, force yourself to push him away (albeit with much reluctancy) when you remember you're still in the middle of the hallway. Not to mention with Hina in the next room over.

    Suna actually pouts as you pull away from him, his eyebrows pinched in a way that you can't help but coo at. "Don't give me that look. Your sister's in there watching Toy Story." Nodding your head in direction of the living room, Suna gives you his signature blazé stare, obviously unfazed by the details.


    You squint suspiciously. "You'd just let her stand there and watch?"

    "No. I'd tell her to go to her room so her big brother can take his beloved (s/o) to infinity and beyond: Rintarou style.."

    Scoffing loudly, you playfully shove Suna for his inappropriate (and frankly, quite poor) Disney pick-up line. He catches your wrists before you can get away however, keeping you close as a wolfish smirk etches his features. "Come on, (y/n). You know I can make you buzz for light years, if you let me."

    "Alright, that's enough." You're laughing shamelessly now at Suna's incessant flirting, shaking your head in disapproval as he cracks a grin of his own.

    He then goes back to wrapping his arms around you, pulling you in and resting his chin atop your head to cage you. "What brings you here, anyway?" He asks quietly. "Miss me?"

    You begin slowly swaying together as you nuzzle into your boyfriend's chest, catching a whiff of his body wash which suggests he'd already showered back at the gym. You sigh contentedly at the smell, eyes fluttering shut as you bask in his presence.

    "Baby-sitting," you answer, your voice partially muffled as you press into his shirt. You feel his chest reverberate as he hums softly, hands smoothing over your back in a way that almost makes you want to purr. "Did your parents not tell you?"

    Suna seems to mull this over briefly, a blanket of silence falling upon you before he answers, his voice carrying not a ounce of concern. "Must've slipped my mind."

    You tut. Now you understand what his mum meant by wishing he'd take a leaf out of your book.

    You're about to reprimand him for it when a shrill voice calls out from the living room.

    "(Y/n)! Where are you? You're missing the best part!"

    The small bubble of intimacy you and Suna had created shatters all too soon when his sister suddenly appears in the hallway, making a noise of disgust when she catches a glimpse of you and her brother. "Yuck! Get a room, you two!"

    Laughing under your breath, it's with a heavy heart that you finally pull away from Suna, though you don't fully break contact as the latter decides to keep a loose hold on your hand, the other making a dismissive gesture towards his younger sibling.

    "Shoo," he says. "(Y/n)'s spending time with me, now." You laugh as his little sister pulls a look of betrayal, her mouth gaping like a fish.

    "What? No fair! (Y/n) is my babysitter for the night!"

    Suna offhandedly scoffs at that, his eyes rolling all the while. "And they're my (s/o) for forever. What's your point?"

    "Now, now. Be nice." You pat your boyfriend's arm when his sister puffs her cheeks out in that stubbornly fashion of hers, deciding to intervene before things can escalate. It's true that Suna's not one for starting conflict, but when it comes to winding up his little sister, this man truly knows no bounds. You've seen it happen before, and although he doesn't give a care in the world about the offhanded jabs he tosses, his little sister on the other hand can get a little... Rowdy.

    "Why don't you join us?" You ask as you give Suna's hand a gentle tug. "You love Disney."

    You don't miss the way he immediately reacts at your statement, shifting his bored eyes over to you with the word 'no' written all over his face (in lowercase). Regardless, you refuse to give up there, giving him your best puppy dog eyes that are bound to win him over one way or another.

    "Fine," he sighs, proving your theory true.

    You and Hina flash each other a knowing grin before the latter disappears into the living room, chirping about how she already knows which movie to pick next.

    "Oh, here we go," he mumbles in disdain. You flash him a cheeky grin which he pretends not to see, allowing you to drag him down the hallway, a merry skip to your step.


    When you walk through the lounge, Hina has already got the movie up, an anticipating look on her face as she watches you and Suna get comfortable on the couch. As always, Suna sits against the armrest and beckons you over so you can sit between his legs. When you do, he proceeds to loosely wraps his arms around your waist and uses your head as a chin rest.

    "Ready when you are, Hina," you call, and you needn't tell the young girl twice. She hits play, and on comes the familiar title screen.

    From then on out, everything's peaceful. From the familiar story you and Hina both love unfolding on the big TV screen, to the occasional, feather-light kisses Suna plants on your head.

    Speaking of the latter— as much he stubbornly likes to turn his nose up at romance-fueled Disney movies such as this one, you're not totally oblivious to the way his fingers tap against your forearm when a particular musical number rouses his interests. At one point he even pretended to orchestrate a song when you and Hina began to dreamily sing along, lazily swaying his finger like he had been the conductor of the piece. You think his distaste towards Disneys stems from the desire to upkeep his suave image, but deep down you know he enjoys the quality time.

    There's a reason he brings you to the theatres everytime a new one comes out.

    You're brought back from your musings when a cramp suddenly twists in your lower abdomen, making you curl in on yourself uncomfortably. The action doesn't go unnoticed by your boyfriend, his hold on your loosening as he murmurs beside your ear:

    "You good?"

    "Period," you rasp, rubbing your hand across your stomach in a weak attempt to soothe the pain. Suna's own hand soon copies your movements, but when the pain persists— accentuated by a hiss you couldn't quite contain— Suna extends his leg so he can poke his little sister with the end of his foot. The latter turns around, confusion painting her features as Suna jerks his head towards the staircase.

    "It's getting pretty late," he says. Then, "bedtime."

    Hina's face drops. She shakes her head repeatedly, a look of disappointment apparent on her rounded face. You'd feel kind of bad for her but admittedly, the pain in your abdomen easily bypasses your guilt.

    "You can finish it tomorrow. (Y/n)'s staying here tonight, anyway."

    You quirk an eyebrow as Suna says this, the information new as far as you're concerned. "Am I?"

    "You're not taking the bus alone at this hour," Suna replies simply. You suppose he's right. Weirdos tend to lurk on the bus at this time of night, and you're not sure you'd have the energy to fend them off at this point— not with the cramps twisting up your insides.

    Meanwhile, Suna's little sister seems to still be debating whether or not she should obey her brother's orders, her rear still rooted to the floor. "But I'm not tired yet," she says, shuffling awkwardly under Suna's gaze.

    "Tough," is all he says, shifting under you so you'd stand up. "(Y/n)'s not feeling well and it's past your bedtime."

    You smile apologetically as you hold your hands out to Hina, ones that she half heartedly grabs as you pull her to her feet. "Sorry, Hina. I promise we'll watch the rest tomorrow. We can even bake a cake afterwards if you'd like." The mention of cake seems to please both siblings; the youngest grinning at the suggestion, while the eldest makes a quiet noise of content.

    "Can we make cookies too? If you say yes then I'll go to bed." You puff out a laugh at Hina's bribery proposal, shaking your head at the cheeky smile on her face.

    "She drives a hard bargain," sniggers Suna, arms crossed in a proud brotherly fashion. He lightly jerks his head at you, an expecting look on his face. "What's it gonna be, (y/n)?"

    You roll your eyes at both siblings. They may carry themselves different; one's personality bright as day and the other cool as night, but one thing's for sure— their wit and sly persona is definitely something indicative of their Suna bloodline.

    "Alright, you win. Tomorrow we'll make cake and cookies. And Suna-" you shoot your boyfriend a pointed stare. "No eating the cookie dough!"

    The latter lackadaisically raises his hands in mock surrender, making Hina giggle cutely at your side. "I wouldn't dare."


    Getting ready for bed is a chill affair; you brush your teeth, slip on some comfy clothes and head into Hina's bedroom, all while dealing with the achiness of your cursed period. Speaking of the young girl, you'd like to think your earlier agreement had gone smoothly, and yet when it came to putting the ravenette to bed, she still refused to do as she was told, standing at the foot of her bed, green eyes still bright with energy.

    "Before bed, can me and (y/n) do the dance that's at the end of the movie?" She asks, rocking on the balls of her feet. "We didn't get to that part yet and we usually always dance to it..."

    Upon her request, Suna flashes his sister a look of warning, one that you quickly fend off by brushing your hand against his. He must be fretting about your stomachache, but thankfully the first day is the most manageable. 

    "Sure," you smile. Then, all while ignoring the annoying ache in your stomach, you conjure your best curtsey, holding a hand out to her in a way that never fails to make her giggle. "Milady."

    She squeaks when you then sweep her off her feet, twirling her around before setting her on top of both your feet. It allows for better movement for when you guide her across your makeshift dancefloor (aka her bedroom, which luckily was one of the most spacious rooms in the house), and in that moment, neither of you care about the lack of music accompanying your performance, too engrossed in your own little world. Nor do you both realise when Suna pulls out his phone to immortalise the moment in his camera roll.

    "Cute." He smirks to himself after hitting the "stop" button, pocketing his phone as you and Hina's waltz eventually comes to a halt.

    You let go of her petite form after lowering her into dip, enjoying her giggles as you finish the dance off by playfully tickling her neck. The action seems to distract her momentarily from the fact that she's about to be put to bed, but the second she clocks you and her big brother about to leave to room, she's quick to tug on your shirt, preventing you from leaving.

    "I don't wanna go to bed yet. M' not tired.." Her bottom lip juts out as she says this, her eyes downcast while her hands tug restlessly at her own sleeves. Truth be told, you expected this to happen— Hina never liked to be left out when it came to you and Suna. She would always insist on how she was scared of missing out on something fun, and that she liked just hanging out with you two, even if you didn't do anything. To be fair, it was very cute of her. But when it came to her big brother, he saw it more as more of a hindrance.

    Typical big brother things, you suppose.

    "You've spent enough time with (y/n) now. Go to bed." His tone leaves no room for mercy as he shooed away his little sister, making her look all the more hurt. You could already see the tears beginning to form in her eyes, something that made Suna groan at, and you coo at.

    "Don't be upset, Hina.. I'll be here tomorrow morning, remember?" You squat down to meet her at eye level, booping her nose before any tears are shed. You hope that what you said would be enough to keep her satisfied, however when her pout persists, you decide it's time to come to yet another compromise.

    "Alright. How about me and Suna read you a bedtime story?" You can practically feel Suna glare at the back of your head, his voice as firm as rock as he said;

    "Absolutely not."

    "Oh, come on," you prompt, remaining at eye level with Hina but spinning around so you could tug at his sleeve. "Please?"

    Suna's narrow eyes zero-in on you as you spare him that unfair, doe-eyed regard. Yours paired with his little sister's almost makes him grimace in disdain. Instead, he simply sighs as he feels his stony exterior slowly begin to crumble, what's left of his resolution dwindling into nothing.


    Like magic, Hina's face immediately lights up, her eyes no longer glistening with the urge to cry, but with the excitement of both of her older siblings reading her a bedtime story. She quickly squabbles to get into her bed, leaving her covers open for you and Suna to climb under.

    As you stand up, you all but smile when Suna shoots you a deadpan stare, linking your arm with his. "Come on, grumpy," you mock, laughing as Suna begrudgingly climbs into bed, next to his sister. Next is your turn, scooting in beside him and consequently caging him between both of you. He seems uncomfortable at first, sighing as Hina plops a book in his hands (another fairytale one— his favourite), but a kiss on the cheek from you surely has his shoulders relaxing.

    "You have the nicest voice between the two of us, Rinrin. You start."

    Hina doesn't seem against this, neither does Suna for that matter. He opens the book, holding it up so both of you can see. And as you cosy up to his side, resting your head against his shoulder, he reads out the first line:

    "Once upon a time..."


    You had not been lying when you said Suna had a nice voice. In fact, nice was in your eyes— or in this case, ears— a severe understatement. It was silvery smooth and his low lilt, paired with his skillful reading slowly but surely had you under a trance. You were drawn in as Suna recounted the story of a Prince travelling far and wide in order to rescue the imprisoned Princess. He had you at the introduction, cracking a sleepy smile whenever his little sister would gasp at some of the more riveting scenes. However, it was somewhere towards the middle of the story that your eyes had unwillingly fluttered shut, perceving nothing but the quiet drone that was Suna's voice, the sound fading into nothing but a pleasant background noise.

    Naturally, this doesn't go unnoticed by said storyteller, who stops his reading in order to peer over at the two of you, unsurprised when he catches you both sleeping soundly on either side of him, heads pressed against his shoulders. Closing the storybook, his opts to leave it on his lap rather than risking waking you up.

    Meanwhile, as he pulls the bedsheets over his sister, making sure she's comfily tucked in, he gently rests his hand on top of yours and props his head up against yours.

    "Night, squirt," he murmurs to Hina, who instinctively snuggles up to him at the familiar term of endearment. Then, he directs his words to you, his voice barely audible and the hold on your hand as sweet as it was delicate.

    "Night, Princess."

    And the three of you slept happily ever after.

    #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu scenarios #haikyu x reader #haikyuu fluff#suna imagines#suna imagine#suna fluff#haikyuu suna #suna x you #suna scenarios #suna rintaro x y/n #suna oneshot #suna rintaro oneshot #suna rintaro x reader #suna rintaro fic #suna x y/n #suna x reader #suna x gender neutral reader #suna x gn!reader #suna rintaro fluff #haikyuu suna rintarou #suna rintaro x you #hq suga x reader #hq suna #hq x y/n #hq x reader #hq suna rintarou #suna rintarou
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    fae reader terrified of diasomnia

    synopsis He is infatuated from the moment he saw you, but there's a minuscule problem... You are from a way more delicate species, and every fairy knows to stay away from the terrifying Valley of Thorns habitants.
    characters Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrouge, Silver & Sebek Zigvolt

    He can't even stand in the same room, because as soon as you glimpse him, you run away.

    He managed to speak to you once, if you can call it that. He introduced himself, but you stayed paralyzed.

    Understands your reasons, and at first he decided to not pressure you.

    But he really wants to talk to you...

    Malleus often sees you helping other students. You even offered to help clean the gardens at Ramshackle. You are so good with plants, after all.

    And you aren't mean per se. Yeah, you shiver whenever he speaks to you, run away from him, and the only time you tried to say something, you were so terrified that you didn't form any coherent words. But other than that, you are really polite!

    The way flowers come back to life after you walk past them, the way you laugh with your friends, how small are you compared to him... You are so cute! Please, please, please, he just wants to hold your hand once!

    Really wants to impress you with everything he does.

    Firsts tries to make students from his dorm speak to you. That way, you'll have a common friend.

    However, you act very shy in front of every Diasomnia member. Their leader is the next king of the Valley of Thorns!

    Alright, what about getting close to your friends instead?

    Everyone realizes his intentions. And no matter how hard they try to help, the few times they could make you two stay in the same place, everyone stayed quiet for hours.

    He then "bumps" into you. "Oh, what a coincidence..." he would say and proceeded to talk about whatever you were doing. Reading a book? Oh, he has read it, it's amazing! Eating something? Ah yes, he very much enjoys consuming food. Are you going somewhere? Haha, yeah he has to go too...! Yes, he has pendant affairs in the, uhm, restroom.

    Every day he tells Lilia how much progress he is making. In your case, you keep telling your friends "I think he is planning to murder me."

    Everyone things is funny how obvious Malleus is. Except you, I guess.

    They find amusement in his weird shenanigans, but no one is brave enough to tell him he is being... overwhelming.

    Keep fighting, Malleus!

    The most straightforward of the guys.

    You are scared now. All you need is some exposure therapy!

    Appears in front of you out of nowhere.

    You may be unresponsive for now, but that's okay! He can do the talking. And oh boy, he talks a lot...

    Treats you as a long-time friend. "This is my friend [Name]. They are a fairy too. Hey, why don't you tell them about that one time we... "

    It's a whole spectacle. Everyone realizes your nervous gaze, but Lilia seems really used to it so it's fine, isn't? ... Wait, did you just mouthed "help me"?!

    People often find you running down the hallways, Lilia laughing behind you. "Oh, we are running now?"

    You try everything to escape from him. Hide in your room with the excuse that you are sick and he'll immediately go to check on you. He even brings food and your suspicions get confirmed. This man is trying to kill you!

    With time you still avoid him, but you don't realize how at some point the line between scary fae and annoying friend got blurred.

    Seeing his advances were successful, he then tries to introduce you to Malleus and the others.

    You've become a legend around your friends. The one who talked to the Valley of Thorns fairies and lived to tell the story.

    That's when you realize how ridiculous are some rumours.

    Now fairies get close to you just to ask you to introduce them to Lilia, because they've been curious this whole time, but no one dares to try.

    It takes a lot for you to get comfortable enough to actually talk to Lilia.

    "You know, it's funny now, but back then I used to think you guys ate other fairies..."

    "Well, of course! You are so cute we could eat you! ... Too much? Sorry it's a joke."

    You still have a bad time trying to separate myths from reality, and Lilia's mischievousness doesn't help a lot. But you learned they aren't harmful.

    "Haha! People from my land get terrified when they hear your name. Can you believe they say you fought in the war? ... Hey, what's with that face?"

    Keeps bumping into you, and this time is an actual accident!

    Genuinely doesn't realize he scares you. :c

    He believes you are just a very shy person. It takes someone else to point out to him you don't hang with Valley of Thorns fairies.

    But even then, there's no reason for you to fear him! He'll show you, let him bring you to Diasomnia and—!

    You apologize and flee every time he tries to speak with you.

    He seems to be everywhere. You find him in the classrooms, on the patio, even when you walk away only to separate yourself from him, you end up in the same place! He is also silent. You could be talking with a group of friends and when you realize he is there!

    That's why you believe he is following you. And what other reason is there to follow someone other than to hurt them?!

    Everyone constantly tells you how a good guy he is. Not because he asked them to, but they actually like Silver and feel bad for him.

    Without external help, you end up warming up to him.

    After constantly finding him talking to animals and helping others. You start to think that maybe he isn't evil...

    He even sleeps so peacefully, you always thought people from the Valley of Thorns didn't sleep because their malicious powers got stronger in the darkness...

    Maybe that's why he is so tired in the day? Because during night he steals children and curses towns?

    You find him sleeping in a classroom once and the curiosity gets the best of you. You just want to take a closer look...

    Little by little you go near, waiting for him to wake up and attack you. You even touch his shoulder while closing your eyes and... nothing happens. Oh.

    How weird. When you inspect his face, he doesn't seem that bad.

    He realizes the subtle shift in your behaviour after that. Although you keep your distance, you won't escape from him anymore.

    Sometimes when he wakes up after accidentally falling asleep, he notices you sitting near, watching him.

    It's a very slow process, but he is more than fine with waiting.

    Wait, wait, wait! Why is he suddenly talking about introducing you to his father?!


    The worst of the Diasomnia boys.

    If you were scared before, you are now horrified.

    Sebek takes your indifference as a direct offense. He won't try to gain your trust, he just barges into your life.

    Debates you about your strange beliefs about the Valley of Thorns, even if you both are standing in the middle of a corridor.

    You could hear his screams all the way to RSA while he follows his fae "friend" through the entire school. "Hey! Where are you going!?"

    Is like watching preschool children.

    He often complains to Lilia. He honestly doesn't understand your reasons. Yes, he gets you are a different kind of fairy and that the relationship between species isn't particularly warm. But why should that matter?

    Lilia is the one who forces Sebek to apologize and start being less intense.

    He notices how you jump every time he raises his voice, so he is now more conscious about it and stops mid-sentence to lower his tone.

    "[Name], accompany me to the cafeteria! ... if you want to."

    His manners aren't the best, but he truly tries.

    He also is very protective of you. The moment he watches you carrying something heavy, he goes to help you. It doesn't matter how strong you are. Opens doors for you and fights everyone who thinks is being slightly unfair to you.

    Another showoff. He makes elaborate magic tricks in front of you all the time. But that makes you even more nervous...

    It's all the effort he puts into being with you that makes you softer towards him.

    He is still very tall and scary... But you try to pay for his kindness, doing the same for him and trying to leave aside all your fears.

    He also talks so passionately about his hometown. It's kinda cute.

    Oh but don't even mention something about Malleus because then we get back to step one.

    #twisted wonderland#twst#headcanon#diasomnia#malleus draconia #twisted wonderland lilia #lilia vanrouge#silver#twst sebek#sebek zigvolt#twst lilia#twst silver#twst malleus #gn!reader #gender neutral reader #malleus x reader #lilia x reader #silver x reader #sebek x reader
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  • salt-is-a-terrible-currency
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    A Din Djarin x gn!reader drabble

    Requested by my love @brightlycoloredteacups

    Prompt: “How come you always end up under my blanket?”

    Prompt found here

    Rating: Teen and up

    Warnings: just fluffy

    Tagging: @captainpoopweinersoldier @omgreally @spacedadmando @startrekkingaroundasgard @anjodedesgostoeerros @xleiaorgana @placeinthemiddleofnowhere @dankest-farrik @spacegoldilocks @evyiione

    You recognize the heavy footfalls coming down the ladder and roll onto your back, giving the bounty hunter a lazy smile as he appears at the foot of the cramped sleeping space.

    “How come you always end up under my blanket?” He asks, helmet cocked to the side as he peers down at you.

    You bring the aforementioned blanket all the way up to your nose and inhale deeply.

    “It smells nice.” You reply. A doubtful tsk leaves Din, accompanied by a shrug of his shoulders.

    “It smells of smoke and sweat.” He says dismissively. Your sleepy grin grows even wider, pulling at your cheeks and prompting Din to lean in closer. You kick a little, freeing one foot from underneath the blanket to prod at his thigh as you speak.

    “Like you.” Din’s head tilts even further to the side. He wraps large, gloved fingers around your ankle and holds it in place against his thigh.

    “Are you calling me stinky?” There’s that lilting quality to his voice, the one that tells you he’s amused and not at all annoyed. You stick your tongue out at him and he chuckles.

    “You work hard. You’re outdoorsy,” you punctuate each word with another poke at his thigh “It’s a compliment, Din. Now come lie down with me.” He does so, stripping away most of his armor so that he can rest beside you more comfortably. The cloak remains though, so that you can have the most of the blanket.

    #din djarin drabble #din djarin x gn!reader #the mandalorian drabble
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  • plungerswritting
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    BNHA/MHA Pro Heros x Gn!Reader


    Warnings: Pro!Hero!Reader


    Absolute soft boy

    Is so smitten for you its crazy

    Absolutely spoils you

    He know you can buy your own thing since you make a lot as a Hero

    But he like getting you custom made things

    He also is super touchy

    Has to have his hands on you

    Weather that by on the small of your back, your shoulder, your aー

    No im kidding he's not very sexual

    Now will you to gave passionate make out sessions?


    Will it lead to sex?

    Not typically

    Doesn't mean it won't happen, just, not all the time


    I feel like he would love to be shown off


    He adores it when you post stuff about him on social media

    He just loves being yours in general

    such a bITCH BABY

    won't tell you he has feelings, you'll have to hear it from Mike of Midnight

    then he's all shy and like "...m-..yeah(?)"

    he states it like a question when he's confirming he has feeling for you

    now this is a little sad

    because he's worried he'll lose you to your work he's constantly with you

    Even on the field, he manages to work put things so he patrols when you do

    He won't announce you two are dating out of fear you'll be taken from him

    He knows you could probably handle yourself if you were kidnapped and that you're not a kid

    But he can't help but compare it to the fear/panic he felt when Bakugou was taken

    He just wants you safe

    As much as I love this dilf he doesn't knownwhat he's doing

    He loves you


    But he's also scared you'll only see him as an abuser

    But you reassure him that if you did you wouldn't be dating him

    Because of the stuff he's done in the past he's really gental with you

    He likes knowing you're comfortable

    That's why he was so hesitant to let you meet his kids

    He knew Fuyumi would love you, seeing as you make her dad happy

    But he wasn't sure about his boys

    So when he finally does introduce you to his kids

    He's a little surprised when they react fairly decently

    Of course Shoto makes a backhanded comment while eating his noodles but that just him

    Natsuo literally said he doesn't want any more younger siblings to you guys


    He literally said "Don't adopt/get a surrogete/get pregnant... I'm serious"

    you had to hold back a chuckle because of the look on Enjis face

    Sleeping in the same bed as him is a nightmare

    You love him, you really do, but he likes sleeping on his back and doesn't want you laying on his wings

    So his wings are just all in your face/space

    But its something you're willing to put up with

    Because let's be honest mans spoils you

    Buys you absolutely everything even though you could buy it for yourself

    Likes trying to make you food

    Fails miserably

    But tries

    ABSOLUTELY buys your merch

    Has a shrine probably

    also has a body pillow of you from before you started dating

    on his days off his favorite shirt to wear is something of yours or something with you on it

    Biggest fan for sure

    #endeavor x reader #mha imagines#bnha imagines #bnha aizawa x reader #mha x gn!reader #bnha x reader #mha x reader #mha endeavor#mha aizawa#mha toshinori#yagi toshinori #toshinori x reader #aizawa x reader #enji todoroki
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  • r1nf4iry
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    dilf!asahi x gn!reader
    wc: 761
    no content warnings!
    a/n: currently dying but i hope everyone enjoys this<3

    dilf!asahi who has always been shy, even after high school. he never stepped out of line, shaving at one point to see if it made him look younger, and less intimidating. he always did things for others without expecting anything in return. such a kind and honest man he was.

    dilf!asahi who grew his hair out, till it reached his chest. the grey peeping through at the roots, beautifully blending into his dark brown locks. he sported his grey hair like it was his pride and joy. it never fazed him that he might be pegged as 'old' because he was. he wasn't in his prime anymore, but oh did he age well.

    dilf!asahi who walks his 3 year old son to school every morning. holding his little hand in his as the boy skips along. his son was his whole world. always making him laugh at the darndest of things. his son looked just like him, brown hair sitting at his ears as well as big brown doe eyes. eyes that could make his father melt and give him anything he wanted.

    dilf!asahi who looked away for just a second, and his son had vanished from his sight. in a fit of panic he did everything he could to run around the store to find him. you had come across this boy, scared out of his mind. you offered your hand to him, telling him that he was okay and that you'd help him find his parents.

    dilf!asahi who was still frantically running around when you finally found him. his heart almost dropped out of his ass as he pulled his son into the tightest hug, almost ignoring your existence. you had almost left before he grabbed your arm. he wanted to give you a proper thank you before you disappeared.

    dilf!asahi who stood there speechless. when he saw your face for the first time, he could barely believe what he was seeing. you were the most beautiful person he had ever met. he was enamoured with everything about you. the way you spoke, the way your eyes lit up every time his son spoke to you. he had never seen his son get along with anyone that quicky, but clearly you were special.

    dilf!asahi who invites you for coffee sometime as a thank you. he tries his best not to seem as nervous as he actually was, hands shaking as he gave you his phone. getting your contact details had his knees weak. was he ready to date again? he had been single for the longest time and his son had been the centre of his life, but after hearing him gush about how you saved his life, asahi couldn't help but feel warmth filling his heart.

    dilf!asahi who almost knocked you over when he saw you again. you had been waiting outside the coffee shop when asahi came hurtling towards you, scared that he was late. without looking in front of him, the sheer force of his body impacting yours had you toppling over. stilling having his quick reflexes, he caught you by your waist, pulling you close to his chest. you could feel that he was well built, body still in shape. his whole body engulfed yours. you never thought you were small but next to this man, you were tiny.

    dilf!asahi who feels absolutely livid about almost knocking you down. the whole time you were together he tried his utmost to make the day the best he could. you found it cute how much he tried. he was like a lost puppy trying to find his way and you absolutely adored it.

    dilf!asahi who offered to walk you home as your day was coming to a close. he was polite and perfect. never stepping over any boundaries, always doing the most to make you feel comfortable. you found him refreshing. his sweet smile and his brown eyes that were full of wonder. your heart had never beat this fast for anyone before and it was all his fault. once reaching your apartment asahi had reached his hand out to shake yours. your heart melted at how kind he was. you stepped forward, kissing his cheek before saying good night. asahi was dumbfounded. he just watched as you walked into your building, his cheeks and ears red from embarrassment. you'd be the death of him, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

    all works belong to @r1nf4iry ! Do not claim as own or reupload without permission!!

    #[💌] fluff.hours #haikyuu!! #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu asahi#azumane asahi #asahi x you #asahi x reader #asahi x gender neutral reader #asahi x gn!reader #asahi fluff#dilf asahi#tw dilf#asahi fanfic#haikyuu azumane#hq#hq asahi #🖇️ dilf december
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    Scream for Me

    TW: noncon forced BJ murder
    GN reader Danny Johnson x reader Jed Olsen x reader Ghostface x reader

    Posted on Archive and it was a favorite, I hardly get any volume here but I’ll repost due to the lack of content.

    The night was drawn out long, only two generators were close to finishing. Your fingers were covered in cuts, knees bruised, and the only thing keeping you and your friends attentive was the adrenaline of flight. You had seen a man ‘made of shadows’ sneaking around the park following the pack. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice of another, none of you would have guessed the shadowy figure was some crazed psychopath attempting to slaughter any remaining survivors. Jake thought he might have been another, like you or him--but in the end, his kindness brought no justice as he was slashed and gutted across the dreary field by that same figure.

    The stranger was cloaked in all black, velvet like ribbons swung from his shoulders as the ghostly pale mask he bore reflected in the moonlight of the far distance. In this ominous lighting it was difficult to see, everyone’s vision was blurred tenfold as the only source of light came from rusty generators with industrial lamps flickering overhead. Each placed around fifty yards out of reach from the other; it was a nightmare trying to adjust one with him chasing them around. He was swift, quiet, and overzealous about when it was time to strike. It was nearly impossible to find sanctuary with him constantly at their ankles.

    “Just a few more wires..” Meg whispered, there were only three of you now that were too afraid to separate from the circle. After seeing what was done of Jake--the party chose to work together on the remaining three machines so as to not waste time. This of course, was a horrible idea. The hairs on the back of your neck began to stand, forearms bristled goosebumps, fingers shaking as the cold swept over. Glancing to Meg, then over to David; neither seemed as phased as you were, which was concerning. That overbearing feeling of dread filling the pit of your stomach, like a hearse just rolled by an empty street or a knock beneath the floorboards of a home when you were all alone. It was an unsettling feeling, though too scared to do anything about it.

    Fingers frozen in place, your mind dissociating out of fear before a counterpart lightly pressed against your shoulder to see if you were okay. Jumping in place at the sudden touch, the two wires in hand were incorrectly sealed, causing the machine to smoke and send an electric jolt through your being--releasing an alarmed whine. David and Meg took one look at you, then what was behind you--and bolted without a word. Before you had time to recognize what had happened, your face was being held into the dirt by a large, blood-soaked black timberland boot. That was what you were feeling before, his presence hidden behind watching as you worked hoping that one of you would fail to perform so he could make his move.

    Of course it had to be you, the scaredy cat of the bunch. No spine to stand with, no guts to fight with. You were chilled to the bone with fear and the tremors of your body amused the stranger so much that he began to chuckle.

    “My, my.. What do we have here?” He sniffed the air, “Smells like chicken! Bak, baaaaak~” He teased before giving your open side a kick in the ribs. “Hmm.. I do prefer chickens when I’m all out of pork.” Leaning down, he pressed his knee firmly in between your shoulder blades. Grabbing your jaw between his gloved forefinger and turning your eyes to the door of the shack where in the distance--Jake’s body swayed in the wind, hooked and gutted.. It was such a horrendous sight; you closed your eyes and whimpered.

    “Aw… Lil chickee misses Mr. Piggy, huh?” Smacking the back of your head so your nose would hit the ground accordingly. He rose then, allowing you to curl into the fetal position, hugging your knees and squinting your eyes closed in hopes he would make your death quick and just. “Hm.” He leaned back into the open window, looking around for the other two that had abandoned the shack, abandoned you.

    “You know.. I’ve got a thing for making pigs squeal.” Unsheathing a Damascus hunting knife from his cloak, tossing it in the air as the tip of his boot shoved your hip down in attempts to guide you back on your stomach which you reluctantly obliged. “But there’s nothing I love more,” Staring at his reflection in the blade’s pattern before chucking his boot between your glutes and dragging the steel-toe deep into your genital region. “Than getting off to them squealing..”

    The uncomfortability of fabric and pressure pressing against your sensitive areas gave you just enough confidence to crawl away, though with another kick on the opposite rib left you breathless and incapable of shifting any further.

    “Oh no.. Daddy doesn’t like that. Tsk, tsk.” Without pause he kicked again for good measure, you were now in the shape of a russian twist--holding your midsection and bellowing from the pain as your attacker pulled out a Nikon camcorder and set it on the smoking generator. After the little red light appeared, he sought after your throat with his hand. Clutching it tightly in his grasp to pull you onto your knees though it was a struggle as the stretching pains of your wounded torso caused you to fold. You didn’t want to hesitate to his commands as you could endure no more--but the strenuous ache did no favors.

    “Get. The. Fuck. Up.” Hoisting you to your knees as best he could before dragging the curve of his blade down your cheek, a light stream of crimson oozing from the surface as you fixed your posture to the best of your abilities to his demands. “Good. See, your legs aren’t broken. Heh.” He shoved his gloved thumb into your mouth, prying it open. Before you had time to react he had reached to the back of your throat with his index and middle finger to see just how far he could go without you gagging. When you coughed, he slipped them out. Quietly looking down at you, watching you shiver and pout. Although you couldn’t see it, he was biting his lower lip. His train of thought littered with all the awful things he wanted to do with you; but with such limited time, he had to make a choice soon. One that you were unaware was better or worse than the others.

    “God, I love that look in your eye..” You blinked a bit confused, the reintroduction of cold steel against your open wound causing you to wince. “That hurt?” Grimacing, you nodded slowly, tears swelling in your eyes. “Mm..” Dragging the pointy end past your jawline to the crook of your neck, pressing into it just hard enough for a couple dribbles of blood to reach the surface, nothing major--but enough to keep you intimidated. “You.. You want me to stop?” Uncertain if that was a trap question, you nodded. His rasp laugh spawned flinches of terror.

    He breathed slowly as he began to saw the blade gingerly into your neck, his free hand cupping his groin. You tried not to take notice of either, but focused on his freehand so the pain wouldn’t bother you as much as the overall trepidation was overwhelming at this point.

    “Oh.. You like this?” Clutching his crotch, you turned away into the direction of the blade haphazardly causing it to dig in further. “Hey.” Removing the blade to press just under your chin, his feverish gaze hidden graciously from the black fabric of his mask as you glanced to meet him timidly. “You wanna get out of here.. Right?” You nodded, tears streaming down your face.

    There was a brief pause before he spoke again, his knife bringing your face closer to his crotch as a gesture to what he wanted. You cringed in response, his was to deepen the cut of your chin--gasping, you found your hands placed firmly on his pelvis. You knew what you had to do, or at least that’s what you thought--fiddling with the loops of his trousers and tugging the waistband down revealing a thatch of dark hair. Gulping, you forced your hands to push them lower.. Unsettling lump in the back of your throat as a half-erect pierced penis bounced from its cover. Swallowing your pride, you leaned forward with open lips, though to your surprise the effort was stopped short.

    “Nuh-uh.” Petting your forehead with his freehand, “Stroke it for me first..” Shocked, you thought the opportunity of a waiting game might be beneficial in the long run--perhaps this would give your friends time to get the other two generators up and working and they’d come back for you while he was distracted. If this was the case; you’d go with it if it meant getting out of here alive.

    Reaching a shaky hand out, your clammy palm rubbing against the barrel of his phallus caused him to coo. “Mmm.. Cold hands, I like that..” You felt the tension of the blade subside as you soothed into a grip. Stroking from the center shaft down to the base. The soft glow of fright in your eyes reflecting off a prince albert as you continued to satiate his needs. It was slow at first, your hand just barely grazed the warm flesh turning into heated movements of haste and friction. He growled under your touches, his cock stiffened in curve.

    Astonishingly enough, the plan thus far seemed to work. You could overhear a generator ignition along with a beam of light pouring through the window, outlining the stranger’s appearance more clearly. He had a mixture of blood and mud caked on the cuffs of his pants and thighs. The robes he wore were splattered with red hues, some old and some fairly new. There was a smidge of light in the eyeholes of his mask, you could barely see but--the wicked gaze hidden behind the fabric sent chills down your spine. When your hand’s pace hesitated you felt a smack against the back of your head with the handle of his knife.

    “Hey, I didn’t tell you to stop chickadee.. Now open wide,” You made the mistake of refusing him entry, his head tilted. “I’m a bit annoyed that you’re such a slow learner..” Holding your cheek from his back handed strike as it began to sting, both from the cut and impact. “I’m not gonna tell you again; You want to survive this shit-hell of a night, right?” Nodding sheepishly, glancing at the camera. “Then gargle my load--or your own blood.” He shrugged, tossing the knife into his other hand and pointing it at the hollow of your throat. “Your choice.”

    Reaching shyly for his cock, he grabbed a fistful of your hair and groaned. “Hurry the fuck up, we gotta stay on schedule.”

    He didn’t need to ask twice, licking your cracked lips before enveloping him inside your mouth. Tongue swirled over the attached metal--it wasn’t as cold as you thought it would be; but it was strange to work around. In fact you believed you performed better for it as it was like an obstacle for your tongue to toy with and move around. His huffing in pleasure was a reward, but it was not enough as your esophagus was suddenly stretched by the pressure of his fingers digging into your scalp. The feeling of metal scratching the very back of your throat as you were being asphyxiated. You attempted to pull away temporarily as to show you were committed to the act--though he seemed to enjoy watching you suffocate more.

    “Fuck yeah.. Choke on it--Mm..” Finally he released his hold on you, allowing only a moment of breath before slamming himself back inside your flustered cheeks. Sounds of gurgling and flesh slapping together echoed within the shack. “Oh that’s good--that’s good..” He groaned. At this point you had little control over this, he was going to use your throat as a cock sleeve until he was done. There wasn’t a moment you weren’t stuffed--slobber oozing from your occupied lips and dripping from your nostrils.

    This continued for a matter of minutes, the lack of oxygen making you weak. Everything felt static around you--everything but the reminisce of what seemed to be an engine revving caught your attention in between thrusts. “Fuck.. I can’t have all the fun--Now can I?” Pulling himself away, your hands dropping to the ground in a fit of coughing. “If only I had more time.. I’d fuck that pretty ass of yours. With the way you hyperventilate around my cock; I’d love to hear how you scream..” Swiping your arms out from under you with his leg, you glanced upward pitifully.

    “Finish me off lil chick.” He purred with a single stroke of his salivated covered shaft. Rubbing your face into the bend of your arm to get rid of the spit, “No. Spit adds flavor, but that’s fine.. I’ve got something saltier for those taste buds of yours, Chica.”

    The thought alone made you shudder. But you were convinced you’d survive this awful experience, so with all your might, you climbed back to your position, slurping at the tip while your free hand stroked his pulsing length. If you were going to finish him, you ought to do it quickly. Flicking your tongue just under his piercing and trailing it all the way down to his scrotum. Glancing up to meet his expressionless gaze before softly suckling his testicles.

    “Oh…” Gritting his teeth, “You’re so good baby..” His breath hot as your grip intensified. The pace you were going was rather remarkable for someone who’s ribs were bruised and dehydrated. Pumping fast with one hand while swiveling his manhood with the proud muscle of your mouth. Pinching the sensitive skin in your teeth, circling figure eight’s. Just before climax you plunged his cock deep into your throat, bobbing up and down with your lips tucked in. Hand palming his balls as they began to shrink, anticipating thick fluid to spurt and fill your gullet. Once it had, you felt yourself a bit relieved, swallowing bit by bit through the soreness you experienced prior. The two of you are huffing from exhilaration.

    Watching you submit to his whim was the highlight of his night. But nothing could beat the humiliated look on your face when the final generator placed in the confines of your own personal Hell turned on unexpectedly. “Bout time you guys got that thing on.. Watchin’ you struggle was a real ball-buster.” He laughed as your face reddened with disappointment. Meg and David barely batted a lash as you were being violated, instead; they ran in hopes to find a way out, and the worst part? They fixed that machine through the entire act without so much as attempting to help--even with the masked figure’s pants around his ankles.

    “Awww, tsk, tsk chickadee.. Those friends of yours? They don’t care about you.. They sat and watched you blow the guy who gutted your friend and hung him like a banner. You really thought they’d come back for you? Ouch. Life’s funny like that ya’ know..” Grabbing his camcorder and shoving it in your face to capture the expression of pure defeat. “But moments like these..” Vile chuckling. “This was such a treat.. Shame I’m gonna have to go catch those buffoons before they reach the exit. It would be a real shame if I broke our lil’ promise, huh? So..” Pulling his pants back up, rolling his neck and squatting a couple times before slashing at the air. “You better hope I catch them. Cause if I don’t, and you’re still here when I get back..” Lowering his head, “Heh, I don’t think you’d wanna know.. Would you? Let’s just keep it a surprise.”

    As the shadowy figure ascended into the dark, you felt yourself slipping into hysterics. Glancing around as to figure out where you could go, if you should go at all. He’s so fast he’d catch up in a heartbeat, that is unless the two split and gave him a run for his money. You found the courage to stand, albeit your torso disagreed. Ignoring the agony you found yourself running deep into the field. A shout from the distance alerting the crows around a nearby playground just ahead--It seemed he had caught Meg, your heart feeling heavy at the thought of what he’d do to her--then remembering that they left you behind. Tenacity for survival is your only bet now, you continued forth despite the distant screams of a teammate clawing in the back of your consciousness.

    As you approached the playground, you noticed David wounded by a rock a few feet away. His hand reaches out for your assistance. You couldn’t see much, but you swore his shin or ankle must be broken with the way he knelt, difficulty standing on his own was a good indication of that. His eyes filled with the same amount of terror that yours were before; but when his bandaged hand pointed to a hatch not far from the playground and the sound of running heels started catching up to you--you took the opportunity to throw a rock in his direction to alert the killer of his direction. David’s terrified expression only grew as you bolted your way to freedom.

    David’s screams filled your ears with dread just before you approached the wooden door. Turning to look over your shoulder to see him face down in the dirt, throat slit and quiet. Wiping runny nose into the collar of your shirt, you turned back to kneel before the hatch. Just as you reached your foot in the hole--it was sealed shut by none other than the attacker you’d been fleeing from all night. Your heart sank, every feeble attempt at escape proved futile. “Why..” You asked.

    “Why what?”

    “Why not let me leave.. Y-you said if I--” Shivering in place, “I gave you what you wanted.. All my friends are dead.” Looking at him in total distress. “Please, you said I could leave..”

    “Oh yeah, I did say that didn’t I?” He chuckled, standing over the hatch so you couldn’t struggle to pry at the lock while he spoke “But I don’t recall saying when you could leave, now did I? Plus, I never got to hear you scream.”

    #slasher#dbd ghostface #ghostface x reader #ghostface x you #ghostface x y/n #slasher x you #slasher x gn reader #slasher x y/n #slasher x reader #dead by daylight #dbd x reader #dbd smut#meg thomas#jake park#david king #jed olsen x reader #jed olsen #danny johnson x reader #danny johnson
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    Day 2 of my December prompt list. The whole list can be found here.

    So! I really wanted to do something for every day, but I ended up so anxious about writing for every day in October that I don’t want to commit to a full fic for each day. Instead, on the days where I can’t think of something good for a full fic or just don’t have the energy, I’ll be doing these head-canon type things. That way I get something out, but it doesn’t take a lot of time to make. (I also got kinda carried away on this one, I did start with the intention of having him build a snowman, but the snowball fight was just too fun)

    Prompt: Christmas Carols | Fireplace | Snowman

    Character: Marcus Pike

    Marcus loves building snowmen. He never really got a lot of snow growing up in warmer places - most of the time it was just a dusting or a couple inches - so when he moves to DC and suddenly he has a white Christmas he goes nuts.

    He drags you outside as soon as he wakes up, shouting about the snow and how beautiful it looks and why aren’t you more excited baby?? Even when you explain that you grew up with snow, it’s normal and honestly kinda annoying when you get a lot of it, he doesn’t understand why you aren’t more excited. It’s beautiful and cold and “Oh my god we can build a snowman!!”

    So he drags you outside, after you drag him back inside and insist on more layers than just his pajamas and a light jacket. You’d already had to convince him he needed to buy an actual winter jacket just a month earlier, the man doesn’t understand what ‘below freezing’ or ‘wind-chill’ are. Once he’s all bundled up in coat and scarf and mittens and real pants you finally let him go outside.

    He can’t decide what he wants to do first. There’s snowmen to build, and snow angels to make, and a snowball fight to have, and you just kinda watch him with a slightly bemused, slightly why exactly do I love this goofball so much kind of look on your face. 

    Eventually you’re able to sneak back inside to get a warm drink and some food started when he convinces the kids in your neighborhood to build some snow forts to have a snowball fight - a snowball war really - with him. You come back out less than an hour later to some quite honestly impressive feats of structural engineering that you don’t have the heart to tell him will probably melt in a few days (Marcus is delighted when it turns out to be an oddly cold winter and the forts that don’t get ruined by spiteful siblings actually stick around until the spring thaw. There are many more battles in The Great Snow War of 2021.)

    You end up in a huddle with the mothers of the kids Marcus roped into his game - he’s giving them all military titles now with a whole chain of command where did he even learn that - all of you sipping warm drinks and commiserating about how much energy they have and how none of you can keep up.

    About noon the moms call their kids inside for lunch, and you drag Marcus in out of the cold. If he stays outside much longer he is definitely going to get sick and you are not nursing a sick Marcus so soon after the last time he got sick. You love the man, and he’s the sweetest boyfriend you’ve ever had, but he’s an absolute menace when he gets sick. It’s like the puppy dog eyes get turned up to 11.

    The only way he’ll sit down and eat is if you promise him he can go back out later if the kids are allowed back out, and you sort of silently hope their moms keep them inside so you can spend the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch in a warm blanket with him.


    @knivesareout @writeforfandoms @gorgeousgrogu @leto-duke @xoxabs88xox @marvelousmermaid​

    Join my taglist here!

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    look. look at the beauty. the bloody, gruesome, gut-wrenching beauty to be. l o o k

    seriously, though, this is going to take a while to finish up. I want this to be immaculate and stunning, especially with underlashes junior and senior in the picture.

    with that being said...this particular story's gonna need some traction. though it's never required, reblogs are greatly appreciated from this post to the (possible series) finale. wish these two products of a horrendous brotherly feud–and you, reader–luck in the new, broken world!

    #warsfics#blue lock#bllk #blue lock x reader #bllk x reader #rin itoshi#sae itoshi #rin itoshi x reader #sae itoshi x reader #dystopia here we come bitches #zombie apocalypse!au #gn!reader
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    #inside job #inside job x reader #reagan ridely hc #reagan x reader #x reader #x gn reader
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    Dxvilmanlev’s 12 Days of Chrstmas

    Hihi, Happy Holidays everyone! This is going to be my Christmas event that will start on December 13th

    I wanted to try something alittle different so no prompts with this one!

    There will be 12 slots open, send me a character you would like to see in this event! (please add for the christmas event after the characters name so i know its for this<3), I will write something christmas or winter themed for each character!


    1. Zoro

    2. Corazon

    3. Mihawk

    4. Marco

    5. Galdino (Mr. 3)

    6. Killer

    7. Eustass Kid

    8. Sanji

    9. Izou

    10. Ace

    11. Thatch

    12. Law

    I hope you guys like this event! <3

    #Lev’s Christmas Event #one piece #one piece x reader #one piece x gn reader #roronoa zoro #monkey d. luffy #nico robin#eustass kid#donquixote doflamingo#trafalgar law#lev’s events
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    Taglist Form for this Challenge || Main Taglist Form || Challenge Masterlist || Main Masterlist

    Day One: Cinnamon

    Frankie Morales (Triple Frontier) x GN!Reader

    Length: 727 words

    Warnings: This fic is all centred around baking so there is a lot of mention of food, ingredients, cooking, the smell of food cooking, spices and seasonings, and being in a kitchen. It is implied that Reader has good relationships with their friends, family and coworkers and has fond memories of their family as a young child. Reference to recipes as a means of remembrance. Nothing sexually explicit but allusions to sexual activity and arousal, lots of hugging, Frankie burns his tongue on baked goods that have not cooled down. Reader is not physically described in any way, thought it is implied that they are shorter than Frankie and smaller in stature. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

    A/N: Day One is here! Thank you to @toomanystoriessolittletime for organising this challenge. I haven't written for Frankie before but as soon as I read this prompt I could imagine him really wanting to eat something baked at home and not wanting to wait until it had cooled. I was taught to bake by family when I was young and I love baking at Christmas.

    And if you would like a cinnamon roll recipe rec, I use this one by Binging With Babish

    Dividers by @firefly-graphics

    You let out a relieved sigh as you sat on one of the kitchen stools. So far today you had been working relentlessly in the kitchen, weighing and mixing, proving and rolling, decorating and photographing. Baking treats for your friends, family and coworkers was one of your favourite holiday traditions you’d built for yourself. You’d been a baker ever since you were young, helping other family members in the kitchen, and as you had grown and formed your own relationships with people, the things you baked had been added to, changed slightly, and taken on their own meanings for you. You’d added to your list of things you baked every year as friendships became closer, coworkers became friends, and some recipes stayed as a loving remembrance.

    This year, you had a new addition to the ‘always make’ list. Earlier this year, you’d made cinnamon rolls; no special reason, it had just been a while and you wanted some. Then you had to stop Frankie from eating them all once they were ready. He had watched you make them, intently following everything you were doing and sitting in the kitchen with you while they were in the oven, as he thought the smell was fantastic. When you pulled them out of the oven, he kept trying to take them before they were cool enough. He may or may not have burnt his tongue sneaking one while your head was deep in the fridge, pulling out the ingredients for the next thing to make. It had all been worth it though, once they were properly frosted. You’d presented Frankie with one about an hour later, along with a cup of coffee. His excitement was so much, he smiled that big, beautiful smile of his which showed his dimple and his cute little eye crinkles and warmth to his eyes. He bit into it so quickly that he got frosting on the end of his nose, but the sound he made… that was a groan of pure pleasure that had you flushing hot through your body as something longing pooled in your belly.

    You’d made some snarky comment about if you ever had to go away without him you’d bake a batch so he was looked after while you were gone. His big brown eyes softened, and before you knew where you were he had wrapped you in his arms, his warmth surrounding you, the smell of cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg swirling around you both and giving Frankie’s embrace another level of warmth, another level of the familiar. Of home. Frankie’s stubbly beard tickled your ear as he whispered he’d follow you wherever you went. As you closed your eyes and rested your head on his shoulder, you could smell how his plaid shirt had taken on the smell of cinnamon as he’d sat with you all day in the kitchen. That was how you came to associate cinnamon with Frankie forever in your mind, and that was how you knew that this Christmas, you needed to add a recipe especially for him.

    The slamming of the front door jolted you from your musings as you heard Frankie’s keys jangling and his voice calling out.

    ‘Mi amor? What smells so good?’

    ‘In the kitchen, Frankie,’ you replied. ‘Christmas baking is what smells good!’

    Frankie walked into the kitchen, his hair fluffy and tousled from wearing a woolly hat out in the cold. Despite the snow on the ground, he somehow radiated warmth as he stood behind you and enveloped you in a hug.

    ‘Wait, I know what this is, in the oven, I think,’ Frankie mumbled, his chin resting on your shoulder.

    ‘Oh yeah? What is it?’ you teased, grinning as you gathered up the utensils.

    Frankie inhaled deeply, closing his eyes and furrowing his brow in thought. He was rooted to the spot, and after pause, his eyes snapped open. ‘Mi amor,’ he breathed. ‘Did you add cinnamon rolls to your Christmas baking for me?’

    You wriggled around, turning to face him. ‘I may have done,’ you smirked.

    Frankie let out a contented sigh. ‘You’re the best,’ he murmured softly.

    ‘Just don’t burn your tongue again,’ you laughed, sliding your arms around him and leaning your head on his shoulder.

    ‘No promises,’ he chuckled, resting his forearms on your shoulders. ‘I love you.’

    ‘I love you too, Frankie.’

    #EllieWritesAtXmas#CW Christmas#stephsxmaswritingchallenge2021 #frankie morales x gn!reader #frankie morales fanfiction #frankie morales fluff
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