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  • Another time lapse driving, but this time it’s out the back window. I took out the complete stops to make it smoother. This is from about 2 years ago.

    Shopping After Work, out the back window, rear view, go pro, Tonawanda, Amherst

    #shopping after work #out the back window #rear view#go pro#tonawanda#amherst#ny#buffalo#time lapse
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  • I did it 🤘🤘

    My first video when I’m drawing.

    Yeahhhh I’m so happy it works😊😊

    @viper-official looooooook 😂😂

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  • image

    Just wanna appreciate the handwritten labels for these lens filters i bought second hand? Theyre adorable

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     Until just a few years back, if you wanted an action camera, you purchased a GoPro. Due to great technology and improved promotion, the company completely owned the marketplace.

    Until just a few years ago, in the event that you wanted an action camera, you bought a GoPro. Thanks to great technology and better marketing, the company completely owned the market.

    Recently, however, dozens of other companies have started making cameras which compete heavily on price and features. For many actions camera buyers in 2020, especially those on a budget, picking among these GoPro alternatives is a better choice than buying the brand name version.

    Picking the proper model isn’t straightforward, however, and that is why we’ve put together this buying guide. There’s often a big difference between cameras priced about the same, with a lot of garbage at the low end, and higher price not always a guarantee of quality.

    Whether you’re just after a cheap but great GoPro knockoff, a high quality version for shooting 4k movie, a specialized activity camera for diving, or simply want the best-value action camera on the market in 2020, we’ve got you covered.

    #1 Garmin VIRB Ultra 30: Best Total GoPro Alternative

    As a result of its exceptional construction, excellent video quality, and also the inclusion of numerous innovative features like voice recognition and educational overlays, the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is our pick for the best overall GoPro alternative!

    Build-wise there’s little wrong with the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30. Without any extra accessories, the VIRB 30 is quite small and includes a tough casing and both resistant touchscreen.

    There’s more.

    Although not waterproof by itself, the Garmin VIRB becomes so with the inclusion of an outside casing, which is rated at a maximum water depth of 131 ft. Surprisingly, the touch screen and voice recognition controls still work together with the home installed.

    The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is our pick for best total GoPro Substitute

    In terms of video quality and recording, the Garmin VIRB Ultra delivers yet again. For the first time at the Garmin line, 4k recording possible and at 30 fps. There are numerous other recording choices, like 1080p at 120fps, 720p in 240fps, etc.. Video/image quality is excellent with rich colors and excellent sharpness, possibly even sharper than the latest GoPro models.

    The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 comes equipped with a voice control attribute which, though not perfect, performs nicely. WiFi connectivity is contained and can be used to sync up with your phone and even stream live movies on YouTube. Using Garmin’s own G-Metrix system present as well, you can overlay several metrics along with your videos including pulse and distance traveled.

    Pretty awesome, right?

    The Garmin VIRB Ultra does have some flaws however. Battery life is limited, particularly when the camera’s more demanding tech is utilized – consumers have reported that 4k shooting can last less than an hour. Batteries are removable can be changed on the fly though. The built-in image stabilization, though admirable, is just digital and not very effective at times.

    Experts of Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

    1. Excellent connectivity Because of strong voice recognition and also the G-Metrix system.
    2. Compatible w/ GoPro mounts and accessories.
    3. Excellent video and image quality.

    Disadvantages of Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

    1. Shorter battery life.
    2. Picture stabilization isn’t terrific.
    3. Demands extra case to be watertight though touch screen and voice recognition still functions.

    Polaroid Cube action camera – $20

    Polaroid may be best-known for its timeless instant-print photo cameras, however, the firm has managed to keep up with the times by providing its lineup of cheap GoPro alternatives that tolerate the iconic rainbow-striped Polaroid design. The Polaroid Cube 1080p action cam is as appealing as it’s affordable, with a 124-degree wide-angle lens plus a demanding, splash-resistant rubberized housing.

    The Polaroid Cube works with a wide array of mounts, but it also includes built-in magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces. Formerly $100 to $120, the black Polaroid Cube action camera comes at a super cheap $20 from Amazon.

    Yuntab 1080p action camera $23

    If you are looking for a really affordable GoPro option, Yuntab is a great entry option option. Although you’re unlikely to discover a 4K unit in this price, the Yuntab nevertheless boasts impressive camera features such as, 1080p video recording capacity, a wide-angle lens, along with a lively 2-inch LCD screen. The Yuntab action camera also uses a 5-megapixel sensor for shooting still and time-lapse pictures. Included with the unit is a durable waterproof situation, making the Yuntab perfect for all of your underwater adventures at depths of up to 100 feet.

    Akaso V50 Pro

    As you are able to get a perfectly passable camera such as the above Campark model for well under $100, spending a little more gets you something considerably better.

    Our top value select is your Akaso V50 Guru, which shoots video at up to 4K/30 fps, takes stills in 20MP, and includes a variety of hardware and software features that lift it above the remainder of the budget camera pack.

    There’re a diving , that compensates for the reduction of red light submerged, and the inbuilt image stabilization does a good job of reducing judder from vibrations and shaky hands. Battery life is standard for this kind of camera, at about 90 minutes.

    It is possible to quickly switch between four viewing angles, from narrow to super-wide. This is something we want to see more often in low-cost cameras. Selecting a narrower field of view helps prevent the barrel distortion that is a hallmark of several action camera movies. There’s also a Distortion Calibration setting to help compensate for this particular issue.

    Video quality is generally good, although colours can seem a little artificial or washed out in case you are not shooting in bright conditions. If you’re searching for 4K/60fps, though, you will need to go for the"SE" model discussed below.

    Unusually, the V50 supports an external clip-on mic that plugs into the USB port on the side of the camera. It’s a welcome addition, especially since the inbuilt mic isn’t particularly great. If your plan is to capture usable audio to go for your own video, especially voices, plan to invest a few added bucks on the microphone also.

    To sweeten the deal even further, Akaso throws in a range of accessories. There’s an excess battery and committed charger, a wrist-mounted remote control, many different mounts, plus a waterproof case that’s rated down to 30m/98ft.

    There is also the usual Android and iOS app support, connecting to your phone over Wi-Fi for controlling transferring and settings files.


    • Great value for money
    • Wide range of bundled accessories
    • Great waterproofing with included example
    • Extra features versus similarly-priced competitions


    • Colour precision not the best, particularly in lower light
    • Sound recording not good with internal mic
    • Among the best cheap activity cameras for capturing high Excellent footage
    • Best for: Quality footage
    • Video quality: 4K30
    • Battery life: 2 hours
    • Waterproof: 40m with case


    If you enjoy the appearance and texture of the most recent GoPro activity cams but your budget does not quite stretch to one, there are a few well-matched lookalikes surfacing…

    You do not get much in the box with the YI 4K Action CaCameraut there is not much else that may rain on your parade with this sleek, affordable device. YI’s action cam shoots in 4K in 30fps and, because of an superb LCE 7 coating all-glass lens and Sony Exmor-R IMX377 sensor, the quality is topnotch, even in lower light situations. Stills are cocommendablet 12MP.

    Electronic image stabilisation, courtesy of a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, keeps footage easy at resolutions lower than 4K. A 720p/240fps style produces impressive slow-mo footage.

    The YI’s design is also neat and simplistic, and back you’ll find a vibrant 2.19-inch Gorilla Glass LCD touchscreen for ease of playback and control.

    The only downside to this YI 4K is that its 155-degree angle of opinion is not as wide as many of the other economical action cams here. Plus, you should shell out to get a watertight case if you want to bring it from the water.

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  • Example Backa Topola City Generplus 4K cam

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  • #Epithet Erased#Ramsey Replies#Anonymous#headcanons#pro headcanons#proheadcanons #(Also as the mun of this blog lemme say that headcanons are literally the life of fandoms) #(Like yeah go ahead and take out all the creative junk people make in their brain FOR this show) #(And now all you have is basic art and rehashed canon concepts) #(frankly that's boring as shit and I will NEVER abide by that) #(he can't make me)
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  • I’ve rewatched the first HP movie today and now, I have a folder of screenshots which are all called ‘FluffySnapeHair[Number]’ and they’re all from the same scene.

    #his hair in the movies just looks way too fluffy #I regret nothing #I love fluffy hair #btw filch at quidditch is such a mood #was looking for snape&mcgonagall teacher friendship moments #going to continue watching the movies tomorrow #snape#severus snape#pro snape#snapedom#professor snape#snape's hair #fluffy movie snape hair #akikos shitpost #the sacred folder
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  • Guess who’s got two thumbs and is home early from work with excessive bleeding

    #its me #pro tip to all functioninf uterus havers out there dont ever go on blood thinners
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  • image

    Because Tumblr was dumb and magically volunteered my blog to be one of their special beta blogs that I couldn’t opt out of, I deleted my dual muse out of frustration. That being said I remade it the next day, so please like or REBLOG if you are interested in rping with either Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7 or a Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy 15. Crossover and Original Character friendly. Thanks and hope to see you all soon.

    #[ nice work you did; you are gonna go far kid. S. PRO ]
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  • so far I’ve fasted for 16 hours, well I’ve had a black coffee. Vaping really helps. Time for a workout..

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  • Trevor May has been preparing for this.

    Pros, preps and weekend warriors go virtual amid pandemic

    #Pros #preps and weekend warriors go virtual amid pandemic
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  • GoPro Karma 4K Drone footage: Estes Park, CO

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  • Divin’ Divin’: One With The Fishes

    #lmao my ass really did try to say something #go pro underwater adventures #social isle-solating
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  • Divin’ Divin’: The First Dive

    #why cant tumblr allow us to post more than 1 video??? #go pro underwater adventures #social isle-solating
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  • .

    #An irl *friend* of mine is trying soo hard to convince me to be pro isr*El #Like#Whyyyyyyy #It's 1 am #Just give up and go sleep
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