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  • My latest graphic novel, “The Legend Of Brightblade,” is complete! The artwork is done, the pages lettered, and the whole book sent off to my publisher. And now I’m taking THE NAP TO END ALL NAPS!

    “The Legend Of Brightblade” is coming to a bookshop or library near you early next year!

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  • I’m born to fly, yet never alone. I can be dark as night or pale as bone. What am I?

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  • Illustration made for the contest :www.deviantart.com/nalak-bel/j… of the Artist Nalak-Bel.

    It was an incredibly nice contest ! I took pleasure to make this, I usually don’t go this far with the background, but I’m really glad of the result of this one.
    I had to draw their character, named Nemanoub, who travel through various places and meet other people and creature.

    So, I choose the 2nd A. Subject, where Nema encounter a character I Made. Here, Niki the Goblin. ( Because she’s also a traveler, she kind of fitted with this kind of scenario, her presence would be simply explained by the fact she travel too. ). I made her with some tribal tattoo she doesn’t have usually ! Simply because I wanted her to match a little more with Nema’s tribal apparence. ( She probably asked her if she could she could have similar tattoo or something. )

    And the setting take place at a Fairy Healing Pound, one of the possible place for this illustration.

    Nemanoub © Nalak-Bel
    Niki and Artwork © Me

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  • horrible goblin notes

    #school#goblin#memeeeeeeeee#mememememmememem#NE#ME #I MEANT ME #having an anurysfmgdg;kvmlfdglkgnad #random#poo post#ee
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  • me: *sees anything lying in forest dirt*

    me: does i eats or does i hoard…?

    #shiny goblin things #goblin hoard #i’m a lil goblin heeheehee #unintelligible goblin noises #goblin vibes#goblin community #just some goblin things #goblin things#goblin#goblincore#goblin culture#dirtcore#forestcore#forest
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  • stabby stabby!

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  • I have a genuine question for all Kdrama lovers out there. This concerns the tumblr beloved “goblin”. Would anyone mind explaining to me what precisely makes the protagonizing couple so stannable, apparently? I started the show and i feel really uncomfortable bcs 1) she’s a freaking minor and he’s an adult - a very old adult, 2) they give me father-daughter vibes instead of romantic ones, and 3) i could pretend to oversee both these things if they at least looked around the same age but he looks like a middle aged man and she looks like a teenager - which, well, is also true, so like… I really can’t get behind this ship, it makes me soooo uncomfortable in all ways possible. Like the show isn’t even trying to sell me that she’s “emotionally mature” and on one level with him, this ship creeps me out…. I don’t understand how people can get behind this ship. So anyone mind sharing their thoughts?

    #goblin#anti goblin #not really but I'm curious #dokkaebi#goblin kdrama
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  • image

    wow look at these two completely unrelated pictures!

    #art art art #world of warcraft #goblin#casrien#vulpera
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  • Okay so fun thing I found today!!

    My executive dysfunction has been seriously terrible this past few months, I’m far, far behind in school work specifically along side other out of school things.

    I was trying to get my work done but I just, couldn’t, per usual. As i stared angrily at my page n my school, work, I had an idea!

    I took a break and wrote out a cypher type deal/language, practiced a few simple phrases, and began writing my notes and school process in this. It was weird because I could actually focus?? It felt like procrastinating because it’s fun to write in weird little ways but I was actually doing shit and memorizing it (sure, my teacher was a little confused upon seeing my planing page but shshhhh, those stay in the binder)

    So, writing in a made up cypher does the thing! Wack!

    #executive dysfunction#adhd#school#cypher#why #why did i do this #brain machine broke #wtf am i doing #at least it works?? #goblin
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  • image

    Queen Vivian, late wife of King Dagda.

    She was a mischievous little monster who could have taught the Imp all he knows from behind the face of an angel.

    Dagda: Viv…

    Vivian: *smirk*

    Dagda: Viv, no.

    Vivian: *smirk intensifies*

    Dagda: NO.

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  • An old character of mine! Still unamed though.

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  • image

    Had a lovely moment dancing with my Host earlier today. Did you know that lo-fi compilations on Youtube make for great slow dance music?

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  • Scroll down far enough on r/cringetopia and you’ll find my birth certificate

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  • image

    summary: “Don’t go into the woods,” Everyone has always told her. “There are beasts. Monsters. Who are unafraid to take you away and devour you for dinner!”

    pairing: ot7 x Reader (eventual) 

    word count: 446

    rating: pg-13

    genre/warnings: fantasy, coming of age, supernatural, paranormal, fluff, romance, angst, supernatural!bts, goblin!Seokjin, dragon!Yoongi, griffin!Hoseok, wizard!Namjoon, vampire!Jimin, fae!Taehyung, werewolf!Jeongguk, 


    “Don’t go into the woods,” Everyone has always told her. “There are beasts. Monsters. Who are unafraid to take you away and devour you for dinner!”

    But alas, she was always pulled to the woods. Whenever she was near the treeline, she swore she could hear whispers beckoning her to enter the dark depths. “Y/n….” They whispered. “Come inside, Y/N.”

    When she was six-years-old, the whispers began. She was outside playing in the backyard while her mother was tending to the flowers.

    Y/N” A voice whispered. A small gust of wind blew the child’s hair.

    “Hello?” She called out in her tiny voice. She fearfully gazed at the tree line. “Is somebody there?” For a few moments nothing happened, but suddenly she caught a glimpse of light moving amongst the trees. She stepped in the direction the light came from.

    She was at the tree line, staring into the dark woods. She saw the light again, and it moved forwards. Y/N did not move away. For some reason she was drawn to it. The ball of light was in front of her now.

    “Y/N…” A faint voice admitted from it. She had to squint but she was shocked to see the ball of light to be admitting from a small flying creature. A fae… She recalled from her storybooks her mother would read to her before bed.

    “They are waiting for you,” The fae said to her.

    “Who are they? And why are they waiting for me?” The child asked.

    “Because, you….you are special.” The fae moved forwards so it was right in front of her nose. It rose it’s small hands above its head and chanted strange words. Yellow dust admitted from it and rained down on top of Y/N. She sneezed as some dust landed on her nose. The fae and her stared at each other for a few seconds when she was suddenly snatched from her trance at the sound of her mothers calls and frantic footsteps.

    “Y/N! Get away from there! Get back here!” Her mother yelled. Once she reached her daughter she snatched her up into her arms and carried her towards the house.

    “But, Mommy-”

    “No buts, Y/N.” Her mother scolded her. “You know you are not allowed near the woods. They are dangerous.” Y/N looked over her mother’s shoulder towards the fae, but it was gone. Her mother put her daughter down at the steps as she opened the backdoor. “Come on, let’s go inside.” She said as she beckoned her daughter inside.

    Before the door shut behind her, Y/N heard a soft voice call out,

    “My Queen.”

    #bts #bts x reader #ot7 bts x reader #bts fanfiction#kim namjoon#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jeongguk#werewolf #werewolf jeon jeongguk #goblin#vampire#supernatural#magic#fae#griffin#dragon#fantasy#fanfiction#fanfic #kim namjoon x reader #kim seokjin x reader #min yoongi x reader #jung hoseok x reader #park jimin x reader #kim taehyung x reader #jeon jungjook x reader
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  • me: :(

    fluffy cows: exist 

    me: :)

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  • Chapter 6

    Richard was seated in his office with Troy sitting in front of him, he was at bit of a stand still, his plan for Amelia to come alone, was ruined when she brought her two other friends. Richards office was huge. It had huge braziers attached to one side of each of the sixteen onyx columns light up most of his business study and blanket everything in a warm glow. The illustrations of gods on the layered ceiling dance in the flickering light while carved images look down upon the maple floor of this office.

    A violet rug splits the entire room in half from the doors to the study while pennant banners with embellished quilting drape from the walls. Between each banner hangs a torch, almost all of them have been lit and in turn illuminate the murals of heroes and leaders below them.
    Extensive, stained glass windows depicting ancient legends are bordered by drapes colored the same violet as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with embellished borders and fancy tassels.

    His imposing office chair of oak sits in front of a giant painting of the kingdom and is adjoined by three smaller and less elaborate seats for those who seek to speak with Richard.

    The office chair carved with oak is covered in symmetric designs and fixed on each of the stubby legs is a crystal divine symbol. The soft pillows are a dark violet and these too have been adorned with burnished sigils.

    “Father? how are we going to do this now?” Troy asked, they needed Amelia out the way. “Even mother is getting in the way now.”

    Richard sighed harshly as he ponded in thought of what to do next, he really hoped Teresa would stay out of this too, but he knew there was a risk with bringing Amelia back home

    Richard scratched his head, “Maybe we can use three of them now, I think I may have a better idea.”

    Troy smirked in glee as he leant forward placing his elbow on his father’s desk, wanting to know more of his father’s plan. “So what is this plan of yours?”

    Meanwhile Amelia, Hunter and Hanna were sitting in the tavern in town, they knew everyone would have to get used to them, they will be here until they are no longer needed. Amelia was waiting for Richard to ask her when she could meet up with him. She rose the glass of mead in her hand towards her mouth.

    As always the mead was served warm; when she took a sip, she could smell a sweet aroma and the taste of honey and spices danced along her tongue. She sighed closing her eyes gently, wishing the taste would linger more.

    “I wonder what the others are up too,” Hanna wondered out loud, she had to admit it was a little weird being someone without the others.

    She was used to travelling with all of them not just a certain few, it was a change she knew she had to get used too.

    Amelia let out a little laugh, “Phillip is probably rejoicing because I’m not there.”

    “Why does he hate you?” Hanna asked as she finished her mead.

    “Mostly everyone hates mages, it doesn’t matter if they are good. Phillip also has a rough history with mages. Just like everyone has” Amelia replied with a dull tone, she cleared her throat as she heard the tavern door open.

    Hunter sat up and was about to head towards the bar so he could order another round of mead for the three of them, when he bumped into someone.

    “Oh my sir, I am so sorry about that. Are you alright?” The man asked Hunter as he dusted him off, placing something inside his jacket.

    “Oh no worries, my fault,” Hunter said as the two of them parted ways. The man going one way and Hunter going the other.


    It was a cold afternoon is Rishnag, mostly everyone was getting ready for a storm that was closing in from the shore. A man had popped off the boat, giving the sailor an extra 30 kirla pieces. The man known as Zachariah headed towards the palace in urgent news for the king.

    Villagers watched as the man walked through the town, although they were custom for newcomers to come. They always wanted to know who and remember them just in case. Sam was on his way to the castle where Zachariah had bumped into him.

    “Hey man! Watch it! I have urgent news for the king!” Zachariah shouted alerting almost every nearby who heard it.

    Urgent news for the king? Was the king in danger or something? Sam picked up his pace quickly following behind Zachariah. He needed to alert Stephen and Phillip just in case but was their time? He had to think fast without Hunter here to give them direction, he knew he was next to give orders.

    Instead he headed towards his fathers base near the castle to tell him what he had heard from the new traveller that had arrived. Should he also alert Hunter? He shook his head on that thought knowing he will be helping Amelia.

    Lord Ragnar’s castle had Nine slim, square towers that are both a defensive and also decorational. This elegant castle is also commuted by lower, wide walls made of dark brown stone

    Small windows are scattered here and there around the walls in fairly symmetrical patterns, along with holes of various sizes for archers and artillery.

    A great gate with wide wooden doors, a draw bridge and a moat gives a safe place to rest in this forest stronghold, but it’s not the only way in, which fortunately only very few know.

    Huge statues of heroes and kings decorate the bridge outside, memories of glories of the past. This castle shows signs of expansion as some parts are clearly build more recently than others, the inhabitants are already working on another part and hope to keep expanding.

    Zachariah made it inside the castle, where he took a few deep breaths to catch his breath. He took a moment to look at the throne room he was standing in, being aware of his surroundings.

    Humble braziers at the bottoms of each of the eight granite columns light up the entire throne hall and cover the hall in dancing shadows and a warm radiance. The angelic paintings on the slanted ceiling dance in the flickering light while statuettes look down upon the mosaic floor of this opulent hall.

    An alabaster rug runs in a circle around the room, with two paths at the throne and the main entrance while rounded banners with ornate tassels hang from the walls. Between each banner hangs a torch, all but a few have been lit and in turn illuminate the paintings of other leaders of the world below them.
    Massive windows are shrouded by curtains colored the same alabaster as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with embellished borders and decorated tips.

    A dignified throne of granite sits atop an elevated platform and is adjoined by five equally impressive seats for esteemed guests.
    The throne is covered in complicated designs and fixed on each of the wide armrests is a crystal moon. The broad pillows are a light alabaster and these too have been adorned with quilting.

    Those wishing to witness their royal highness can do so on the few extravagant and comfortable marble benches, all of which are facing the throne. Those of higher standing can instead take seat in the extremely lavish balconies facing the throne.

    “Your highness, I come for you with urgent news,” Zachariah spoke.

    “What is it?” A guard asked.

    “I come from the town of Gandor,” gasps filled the throne room as a few extra guards circle the king in protection.

    “A mage? Here?” Another guard asked.

    King Ragnar stepped aside from the guards, “What urgent news do you have for me?” He asked.

    “There has been an attempt on your life, while I was in the tavern I overheard a few dragon riders speaking about how they plan to assignat you,” Zachariah said, his voice laced with fake fear.

    “What do you mean? Where is your proof of this?” King Ragnar knew that his most trusted allies would never turn on him, especially Amelia after everything he had done for her.

    “I have proof, here my lord.” Zachariah pulled out a scroll from his jacket pocket and handed it to his lord.

    Lord Ragnar opened it and read it, seeing the seal of the dragon riders with Amelia’s handwriting. Lord Ragnar was now filled with rage and scrunched the scroll in his hand as he turned to his guards. “Get Amelia, Hunter and Hanna here as soon as possible and lock them up in a dungeon where they will be questioned about their treachery.”

    “But my lord…” William was about to speak when he was silenced by Lord Ragnar.

    “Do as I say!” He shouted before turning to Zachariah. “Thank you for bringing this to me. Now leave.” He pointed to the door.

    Zachariah nodded to his lord before heading out of the castle and towards the boats, he knew his master would be pleased of his efforts and what he had done.


    Back at the tavern, Amelia, Hunter and Hanna had gotten word from a source that the men that was after the money was about to come through the doors only for it to burst open and what they weren’t expecting where the king guards. Without question Amelia, Hunter and Hanna were grabbed harshly.

    “What is the meaning of this?” Hunter asked as he was shocked by their rough force.

    “You are being arrested by the king himself over treachery,” a guard explained as the three of them were escorted out.

    Ethrinria let out a roar as she was being dragged by a few other guards with a metal chain, Amelia gasped. “No, no. Ethrinria let her go. She hasn’t done anything nor have we.”

    The three of them were dragged away without any more questions by any of them, but they all began to wonder they this was happening. What has they done to the king that could be considered treachery? Doing missions requests weren’t normal but they did receive them and not once did the king think that was treachery.

    The guards walked Amelia, Hanna and Hunter to the dungeons of the northern side of Gandor below the mountain.

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  • Chapter 5


    Amelia was tending to Ethrinria when someone grabbed her forearm pulling her backwards, Amelia screamed and tried to fight back only for 3 grown men to hold her arms. “Let me go… father wouldn’t approve of this,” she growled.

    One of the men chuckled, “Oh sweetheart your father asked us to do this.”

    Amelia cried watching as Ethrinria was forced down with iron ropes, a screeching roar left Ethrinria’s mouth. Amelia watched as the sight if Ethrinria kept getting smaller and smaller until she was dragged through the town with people spitting on her and shouting.


    She wasn’t a traitor, how could she be? She was just different than the rest. “Where are you taking me?” She asked, fear set into her body as she watched her friends turn their backs on her.

    The four men who were pulling her through her to the ground as they got to a stand that was standing out front of the church with a priest standing there with a book, two pastors standing beside him. Amelia tried to fight when she stood up, only for one of the men to grab her hair making her scream out and clenched her teeth together.

    “Don’t make this any harder, then it has to be,” he whispered in her ear.

    She struggled as two of them brought her closer to the priest and pastors; chaining her hands to the cuffs that connected to the floor. One of the men lifted her chin witnessing the tears building in Amelia’s eyes.

    “We are going to enjoy this,” he smirked and stepped back allowing Richard, Teresa and Toby to step forward.

    Amelia looked at her family who weren’t paying attention to her, Richard nodded towards the priest making her look up to see him growing nails. “No… no!” Amelia cried.

    “Amelia Rebecca Jayne you have been charged with treason against your family and your people. Not only have you ignored our rules you’ve also befriended a dragon. After this, you will be nothing but a shell condemned to the life of slavery,” The priest spoke.

    “Please mother don’t let them do this,” Amelia pleaded her mother who looked away from her facing another direction.

    “Ég kalla til þín, ég kalla saman púkana í undirheimunum til að taka á móti þessum stelpum anda, hamingju og sál það sem eftir er ævinnar. Ég kalla til þín. Ég kalla til þín,” the priest spoke as he walked up behind Amelia.

    Amelia looked around as everyone stared at her with hatred in her eyes. This had to be the end for her, she was going to lose herself in front of everyone here. Tears were streaming down her face as she took her last glance at the sunset, the priest placed his hand onto her back; Amelia whimpered as she felt the priest land his hand on the small of her back.

    The priest slowly wrote djöfull into the small of her back, Amelia screamed out as pain seared through her body. She was unable to move and when she tried to move the pain would increase; Amelia tilted her head screaming out. It felt like her insides were being ripped out of her skin.

    The mages watched on as Amelia was being tortured in the harshest way possible, some were disgusted due to the fact this had killed Adriana. Amelia gasped for air as it was being sucked out of her lungs, she could feel herself growing weaker by the second. Her eyes began to droop and her body sunk to the floor, she heard the sound of Ethrinria’s screeches making her look up to see her flying in the air and charging towards the priest.


    Amelia screamed as she sat up, her breathing was laboured and her body felt numb, did she just have a flashback? Her body was filled with so much emotion she didn’t know if she should cry or punch something. Amelia flinched as the bedroom lamp turned on; she looked over to see Hunter was sitting up and rubbing his left eye.

    “Are you alright? Amelia?” Hunter asked, he felt the blankets move earlier that night and peered over to see Amelia sleeping next to him.

    He never minded her warmth, there were a few times they’ve slept in the same bed and now he doesn’t care. Amelia didn’t respond as she began to cry, her hands covered her face as she wept, Hunter didn’t say anything, he just gently wrapped his arm around her right shoulder and pulled her closer kissing the top of her hair.

    He didn’t realise her coming back here would make her either have a flashback or nightmare, considering what she confessed this morning; Hunter thought it would be a flashback.

    “Just slow and deep breaths, follow my breathing,” he instructed.

    Amelia nodded and proceeded to try and smooth herself down, that was one memory she didn’t want to relive. Hunter laid back on the bed with Amelia following, gently placing her head on his chest. Hunter grasped her hip tightly before he gently kissed the top of her head once again. The sound of his heartbeat helped Amelia relax. Her eyes closed at the rhythm of his beating heart.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” Hunter asked as he gently playing with her hair with his free hand, he didn’t want to push the issue but he also needed to know so he could help.

    Amelia took a deep breath before exhaling once more, “Just a flashback to the day my father wanted to take my life again. He wanted me to be a shell,” her voice was barely a whisper but Hunter heard it all.

    Hunter still didn’t understand why her father would even consider trying to do something like that. It was known in the world for that to happen but that was always too bad people, those who’ve murdered and killed. Not to a person who wanted to be different, his hatred for her family grew stronger every minute and all Hunter wanted to do was just walk away and let them fight this themselves.

    “My parents aren’t like elf parents, they are very strict on what we have to follow and what we can’t do and since I always disboybed my father. He had enough and thought he could turn me into a living shell but Ethrinria saved me again,” Amelia told, she needed everyone to know that her parents weren’t like everybody else.

    Hunter yawned as he reached over and turned off the lamp and the two of them were met with darkness, Amelia slowly began to close her eyes yawning as she did.

    “Goodnight Amelia,” Hunter whispered before his eyes closed once again, the both of them falling inside a deep sleep.

    The next morning Amelia was up at the crack of dawn, she decided to make everyone breakfast which was just bacon, eggs, fruit and pancakes. She cracked the egg on the surface of the bench so the shells wouldn’t go into the egg before placing them in the pan.

    Amelia collected the plates from the cabinet above her setting them out on the dining table while she grabbed a hold of a large tray where she could place the food onto. The long silver tray was soon filled with bacon, eggs, fruit and pancakes. She walked over towards the dining table and placed the tray in the middle only to look up and see Hanna and Hunter walking in.

    “Smells great Amelia,” Hanna commented as she took her seat at the table.

    “Thank you, please help yourselves. I will finish setting up,” replied Amelia as she turned back around grabbing the bottle of orange juice from the fridge placing it on the table with four glasses.

    “So Abigail stayed over? Why?” Hanna asked as she placed the bacon and eggs onto her plate.

    Amelia didn’t want to disclose so much as it wasn’t her place, “She just didn’t want to go home. Before you ask why it’s not my place to stay.”

    Hanna didn’t reply but looked up at Amelia questionably, it really should have been Hunter’s decision on who can stay in the house.

    “If you allow Abigail? Why aren’t you allowing others? You seem to trust Abigail” Hanna spoke as she finished her pancake. Hanna didn’t like the way Amelia was getting too close to Abigail, she doesn’t know them yet.

    Amelia stared at Hanna for a few moments trying to think of what to say but no words she could think of would justify what she wanted to say, Amelia sighed softly before shaking her head, Hunter gave Amelia a small smile, “Amelia has her reasons Hanna, respect it please,” Hunter said.

    Hanna was about to reply when Abigail walked in, her hair was a mess and her clothes were a bit lopsided on her body.

    “Please feel free to eat as much as you want,” Amelia spoke before she sat down and served herself something to eat. It wasn’t much as she didn’t feel like eating after her flashback last night, her body was still numb from it all. Amelia slowly munched on her fruit and bacon taking small bites.

    The tension between the table was thick as they ate in silence, Amelia slowly stood up when she finished placing her dish on the side, “I’m going to tend to the dragons, meet me at the east side of Gandor in 30 minutes.”

    She didn’t say anything else before heading outside seeing Ethrinria open her eyes, Amelia didn’t say anything she just cuddled into Ethrinria’s neck; gently stroking her scaled face. In the dining room Hanna was looking at Hunter for answers.

    “Why is Amelia acting off? I know she said that her father tried to kill her but surely that can’t be the only reason right?” She asked.

    Hunter cleaned his mouth with a serviette, “It’s not my place to say Hanna. But you for one know that Amelia doesn’t trust anyone unless she can tell they have good intentions.”

    Abigail listened to the two of them talk before butting in, “Hanna… what happened to Amelia was an awful thing and no one would want to relive or live what she went through. She stared at those she thought cared while they spat on her and cheering them on for  trying to kill her, if it wasn’t for her dragon Ethrinria, Amelia wouldn’t be who she is, in fact she would be a living shell with no emotions left.”

    “How do you know this?” Hanna asked.

    “I was 10 when I witnessed Amelia getting tortured to death, the ritual they used was called djöfull, it was believed that those with good hearts worked for djöfull or where them. Amelia inspired so many of us, even though we wanted to help, we could not as we all would have been killed,” Abigail explained as she licked the bacon from her teeth.

    Hunter grabbed his plate and stood up from the chair placing it on the sink before he went to check on Amelia, he witnessed all the dragons laying beside her while she rubbed their scales gently. He walked towards her, keeping his distance and admiring her from afar, she has been through so much, yet she doesn’t let that break her. It makes her stronger.

    “Amelia are you alright?” Hunter thought he would make himself known.

    Amelia looked up to the sound and smiled gently seeing as it was Hunter, “Yeah I’m fine, just want to get this over and done with so I can leave.”

    Hunter was about to reply when he saw Teresa walking over to them, she had something in her hands like a letter, “What do you have there Teresa?” Hunter asked.

    Teresa handed Hunter the note, “It’s our last warning. They’ve said to be on the east shoreline of Gandor, they are getting ready to attack tonight.”

    “I don’t get why you aren’t fighting back? It’s all Richard and Toby care about. Letting people know not to mess with them, what’s changed?” Amelia asked.

    “We’ve seen what they can do, they burnt down villagers” Teresa pleaded.

    “So have you? You’ve killed thousands of innocent people and dragons and for what?” Amelia was angry, how could Teresa just change now? Surely there was something else going on.

    This didn’t feel right to Amelia, something was telling her that the worst is yet to come. Teresa stared up at Amelia once again, “Please Amelia, come see your father. He will tell you what he has seen, he promised not to harm you, your friends or your dragons.”

    Amelia let out a huff as she glared at Teresa, “Richard isn’t my father, he gave away that title he tried to kill me twice for that matter. I still carry that mark” she stood up and took off her shirt showing her mother the word djöfull that was still thick into her skin. “This is the love he, you and Toby gave me the day you watched them try and kill me.”

    Hunter couldn’t believe his eyes, he felt his eyes water as he had seen that mark on her back, he felt sick to his stomach, Amelia slowly put her shirt back on turning back around to face Teresa once again, she felt Hunter’s hand grasp gently with hers as he stood beside her.

    “Teresa… Amelia will help you but no requests of seeing her will be made, she is still traumatized from that day. You are lucky she hasn’t left yet, if Richard wants to see her then he’s got to come here where we can sit beside Amelia and keep her calm” Hunter explained, after finding Amelia in her bed explained why he heard murmuring from her some nights and the pain screams she did.

    Teresa looked around and gulped, “Richard has changed a lot since he was forced to exile you Amelia… He’s filled with pain and hatred in himself and Gandor itself. Richard hasn’t got much time left to live Amelia… Please.”

    Amelia scoffed once again and wiped away a fallen tear, “He was forced. No he wasn’t, he tried having me killed when I saved Ethrinria. I was 5 when he put the first attempt on my life but when he realised that Ethrinria had become close to me he backed off and waited until he gained her trust as well as mine back. He ripped me away placing shackles on my arms and let me watch my so called friends and family members laugh at me and throw things at me.”

    Amelia took a deep breath to calm herself down as her eyes began to shine a light pink colour, she turned away from Teresa. She couldn’t handle this, she came here to save them not rekindle with her family. Hunter rubbed Amelia’s back gently.

    “Just deep breaths Amelia… I know it’s hard,” Hunter whispered as he placed a kiss on her hairline as he pulled her into a hug. “Be strong, be who you are not who they want you to be.”

    Amelia wrapped her arms around Hunter’s waist gently taking a few deep breaths, she felt Hunter lift her chin up with his free hand smiling gently. “There we are… Perfect,” he whispered as he witnessed the pinkness in her eye slowly fade. He remembers Amelia telling him to always help calm her down if she gets too wired up.

    Amelia looked at Teresa once again and cleared her throat, “I will meet up with Richard but only if you agree that Abigail gets to come with us when we leave. But if I find out you have been lying to us about why we are here, you are going to wish that you never had me?” She warned.

    Ég kalla til þín, ég kalla saman púkana í undirheimunum til að taka á móti þessum stelpum anda, hamingju og sál það sem eftir er ævinnar. Ég kalla til þín. Ég kalla til þín- I summon thy, I summon the demons of the underworld to take hold of this girls spirit, happiness and soul for the rest of her life. I summon thy. I summon thy

    djöfull- demon

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