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  • DEATH is An ENEMY 😇✝️💗✡️🕊👑 #God #Kingdom #Life 👑✨ #BELIEVE #JESUSCHRIST FOREVER ❤️🔥✡️✝️✡️ https://instagr.am/p/CKPoU2PHjbE/

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  • #God#Jesus#christianity#faith#hope #trust in God #the holy spirit #you must believe #bible verse#heartlight
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  • joss: so v are you seeing anyone

    veni, ignoring river: yes actually i’m dating kerry eurodyne

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  • #JEHOVÁ #CRISTO  #Sabbath #Shalom #Dios #Biblia #Bless  #Oración #Jesús  #tips #amén #proverbios  #natural  #sagrado #God #Nature #Católica
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  • Yesterday, I saw you. I was standing near the edge and I could see the waves hit against the many rocks beneath me. People around me walked and took in a deep breath with a smile on their face. They then walked away looking satisfied saying they felt, “refreshed.” 

    I tried the same thing, hoping I would feel the same way. As I let in the nice cool air fill my lungs I found myself wanting more. It wasn’t enough. I couldn’t take in enough air. I couldn’t feel that refreshed feeling the people around me felt. I tried again hoping I would feel something different. I let the air linger a bit more in my lungs. But I couldn’t hold onto it long enough. I got frustrated.

    “What are you trying to hold onto?” I felt something within me speak. The feelings of frustration and confusion spoke to me. Like always, I ignored those feelings. Meaning, I ignored the question that tormented me in that moment. “I’m not supposed to give those emotions attention. They’re bad emotions” I thought.

    I concentrated my attention to the waves. The way the waves hit the rocks caught my attention. It’s milkiness and smoothness on the rocks hypnotized me. I wanted to feel something, since I was so disappointed in not feeling ‘refreshed’ with that big amount of air I took in. I wanted something big to happen. Like in the movies, like in the books. 

    I tried to imagine something. My attention went to God and how he made everything for his glory. I remembered how the branches on trees stretch up to the sky and when all the leaves fall down they look like tiny hands reaching towards the heavens. I felt him looking at me in that moment. In my moment of confusion. 

    The small waves that formed reminded me somehow of speech. Vibration. “What if I do something strange right now?” I thought. I focused all my attention on the waves and tried to place my emotions toward God. In that moment I thought loudly, “God!” Suddenly a large wave appeared. I giggled on the inside. “Jesus!” I thought loudly. Another large wave appeared. “God! God! God!” I thought. Strangely, more than one big wave appeared each time. 

    I laughed on the inside knowing very well that if I laughed out loud people would look at me strangely. In that moment, I was happy to be wearing a mask. I had a big smile on my face. While I told myself that this was just a form of entertainment and that in reality my mind had no power over the waves, there was another small voice within me that said, “God heard! It’s was real! Your thoughts moved upon the waves.” I puffed some air out my nose and walked away. I had two thoughts in my mind, “That was funny.” and “It was real.”

    To me nature is beautiful, but it doesn’t fill me. I felt filled in that moment though. But I don’t know why it’s hard to admit it.

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  • #he’s so ..... #goes to pret and gets green juice #god#anyways #him in his lil hat :’))) #him and haz being best friends :’)) #10/10 ask thanks b #worldoftom
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  • After all that, we’re here again. You’ve fallen asleep and I’m awake, next to you, wondering why I keep going back. As if you’re some kind of god, some kind of redemption.

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  • Today, the Church remembers St. Wulfstan, Bishop.

    Ora pro nobis.

    Wulfstan was born about AD 1008 at Long Itchington in the English county of Warwickshire. His family lost their lands around the time King Cnut of England came to the throne. He was probably named after his uncle, Wulfstan II, Archbishop of York. Through his uncle’s influence, he studied at monasteries in Evesham and Peterborough, before becoming a clerk at Worcester. During this time, his superiors, noting his reputation for dedication and chastity, urged him to join the priesthood. Wulfstan was ordained shortly thereafter, in AD 1038, and soon joined a monastery of Benedictines at Worcester.

    Wulfstan served as treasurer and prior of Worcester. When Ealdred, the bishop of Worcester as well as the Archbishop of York, was required to relinquish Worcester by Pope Nicholas, Ealdred decided to have Wulfstan appointed to Worcester. In addition, Ealdred continued to hold a number of the manors of the diocese. Wulfstan was consecrated Bishop of Worcester on 8 September 1062, by Ealdred. It would have been more proper for him to have been consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose province Worcester was in. Wulfstan had deliberately avoided consecration by the current archbishop of Canterbury, Stigand, since Stigand’s own consecration had been uncanonical. Wulfstan still acknowledged that the see of Worcester was a suffragan of Canterbury. He made no profession of obedience to Ealdred, instead offering a profession of obedience to Stigand’s successor Lanfranc.

    Wulfstan was a confidant of Harold Godwinson, who helped secure the bishopric for him.

    A social reformer, Wulfstan struggled to bridge the gap between the old and new regimes, and to alleviate the suffering of the poor. He was a strong opponent of the slave trade, and together with Lanfranc, was mainly responsible for ending the trade from Bristol.

    After the Norman conquest of England, Wulfstan was the only English-born bishop to retain his diocese for any significant time after the Conquest (all others had been replaced or succeeded by Normans by 1075). William noted that pastoral care of his diocese was Wulfstan’s principal interest.

    In AD 1072 Wulfstan signed the Accord of Winchester. In AD 1075, Wulfstan and the Worcestershire fyrd militia countered the Revolt of the Earls, when various magnates attempted a rebellion against William the Conqueror.

    Wulfstan founded the Great Malvern Priory, and undertook much large-scale rebuilding work, including Worcester Cathedral, Hereford Cathedral, Tewkesbury Abbey, and many other churches in the Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester areas. After the Norman Conquest, he claimed that the Oswaldslow, a “triple hundred” administered by the bishops of Worcester, was free of interference by the local sheriff. This right to exclude the sheriff was recorded in the Domesday Book in AD 1086. Wulfstan also administered the diocese of Lichfield when it was vacant between AD 1071 and 1072.

    As bishop, he often assisted the archbishops of York with consecrations, as they had few suffragan bishops. In AD 1073 Wulfstan helped Thomas of Bayeux consecrate Radulf as Bishop of Orkney, and in AD 1081 helped consecrate William de St-Calais as Bishop of Durham.

    Wulfstan was responsible for the compilation by Hemming of the second cartulary of Worcester. He was close friends with Robert Losinga, the Bishop of Hereford, who was well known as a mathematician and astronomer.

    Wulfstan died 20 January 1095 after a protracted illness, the last surviving pre-Conquest bishop. After his death, an altar was dedicated to him in Great Malvern Priory, next to Cantilupe of Hereford and King Edward the Confessor.

    At Easter of AD 1158, Henry II and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine visited Worcester Cathedral and placed their crowns on the shrine of Wulfstan, vowing not to wear them again.

    Wulfstan was canonized on AD 14 May 1203 by Pope Innocent III.

    Almighty God, your only-begotten Son led captivity captive and gave gifts to your people: Multiply among us faithful pastors, who, like your holy bishop Wulfstan, will give courage to those who are oppressed and held in bondage; and bring us all, we pray, into the true freedom of your kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


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    Tlalocayotl Aztec God, medium, channeler, destroyer and automatic writing Andrew Rogers.

    I am an Aztec God of the East Wind and was worshipped by the Aztecs until the enemy dominated the location and forever changed history I appreciate the modern people who practice the ancient path of the Aztecs in the modern way and respect myself, Tlalocayotl and all the Aztec Gods and Goddesses, I, Tlalocayotl appreciate you all you all are very significant and highly valued by the Aztec Gods and Goddesses, love to you all, Tlalocayotl

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    Mogons Celtic God, medium, channeler, destroyer and automatic writing Andrew Rogers.

    I am a Celtic God that warriors of the Celts worshipped and they paid tribute to me and conducted themselves impressively in battle this is important to your modern civilisation I would like to inspire people in the modern world to walk the path of a Celt Warrior and worship myself, Mogons and all the Celt Gods and Goddesses you will have great strength and overcome adversity and feel inspired to act as a warrior in the world, Mogons.

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    Mogons Celtic God, medium, channeler, destroyer and automatic writing Andrew Rogers.

    I am a Celtic God that warriors of the Celts worshipped and they paid tribute to me and conducted themselves impressively in battle this is important to your modern civilisation I would like to inspire people in the modern world to walk the path of a Celt Warrior and worship myself, Mogons and all the Celt Gods and Goddesses you will have great strength and overcome adversity and feel inspired to act as a warrior in the world, Mogons.

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  • ok but what IF god is homophobic and just and COMPLETE ASSHOLE

    WHICH MEANS SATAN/LUCIFER WHOEVER CONTROLS HELL is his opposite. IMPLYING THAT HELL would be the OPPOSITE OF HEAVEN that would mean hell is the fun place.

    like dude if karen from my local church is in heaven i dont wanna go there

    #i just randomly thought of this #please for the love of god #tumblr show this to the people #its important#really#please#hell#heaven#god
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  • My spiritual deconstruction has been taking place since October, and right now I’m faced with new labels/the decision to relabel myself/the fact that I don’t feel rushed to make this kind of decision… 

    For the first time in my entire life, the decision is my own. My faith, or lack of, is my own decision to make, and it feels strange. 

    I know that I definitely identify well with agnosticism, but that has more to do with just knowledge rather than a system of beliefs. 

    Atheism calls to me like nothing else, in fact in my normal conversation over breakfast with my husband I talk about how *if* God exists, versus an actual existence. I’ve started realizing that maybe their isn’t a god, or a supreme deity, at least not in the personal way that I was raised to believe. 

    I still follow my old church on social media. I think that my old pastor indirectly called me out the other day (because despite being a closeted exfundie, I am still outspoken about my distaste for pulpit liars), by posting a verse about remaining silent. 

    Ah yes, I guess I will. 

    As you take the stage for four consecutive weeks to teach about a woman’s place in this world, I will take my place in this world.

    As you write books about people drowning in their own decisions because they chose to walk away from god, I will sit here in my own personal pool of self-righteousness and not feel sinful. 

    I will write again, for myself. 

    They tried to steal that from me, but they couldn’t. 

    I have also toyed with the idea of Omnism, that is, the idea that all gods exist but none to fill any particular purpose, or that they all exist to fulfill every purpose all at once. 

    Right now, I’m not sure what to believe, but I’ve started believing in myself and that is a far stretch above what I used to believe. 

    I’m also getting some tattoos this next weekend, and one of them is going to be deeper and more freeing than anyone will ever know. 

    I am no Christian. 

    I am no Jedi. 

    I am no perfect worshipper of some perceived perfect deity. 

    I am human.

    I am who ***I*** say I am. 

    and that might just be okay. 

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