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  • renegades-redemption
    19.04.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Chapter 2, Page 80 (2.80.92)

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    Cut to Elian re-entering the city.

    He is still covered in mud and a bit of blood, but he’s cleaned up some of the mess. Regardless, he still looks completely drained and burnt out, shuffling forwards like a zombie and groaning “Uuuuuuuugh--”

    Slow to react, all he can do when he notices movement is look out and go “Huh?”

    But even this is interrupted as Nania crashes into him with a hug, shouting “Ellie! You’re back!”

    He appears distressed at the sudden physical contact.

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  • chymer
    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    False gods & Titans

    Ching Yeh

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  • deerslug
    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • the--stars--that--listen
    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #huginn and muninn #thought and memory #gods
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  • flexingtyger99
    19.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Atomic Lizard

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  • k-star-holic
    19.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Highlight, May 3 full comeback... Gods 'The Blowing' Trailer unveils

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  • nemesisadraste
    19.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I made this meme because seriously?! What was Nasa's logic?

    #Nasa#moon#Apollo#Artemis#Gods#Greek Gods #Seriously why naming a moon missions program after a sun god when his twin sister is perfect for the job!
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  • blakeshoed
    18.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Do gods exist because humans believe in them, or do humans exist because gods believe in them?

    #philosophy#gods#smt #shin megami tensei
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  • agodslayer
    18.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    A God Slayer Ch. 4 - The Terrifying Depths

    Chapter 4

    As the sun rose, Rylat awoke. He woke up Leyet who was snoring in the tent. Leyet helped with the rest of the packing. Rylat began to walk and Leyet followed quickly behind. Rylat had a small smile. That smile dispersed upon arriving at the spot. He looked around the great lake. He couldn’t see the other end.

    It was about midday when Rylat found the flame. It glowed a bright burning blue, shining into Rylat’s eyes. Rylat let go of his emotions and looked down at Leyet, “Hey, take a few steps back, I don’t want you to get hurt, you’re not ready yet.” Then, he gripped the flame.

    Rylat found himself at the bottom of the lake. Rylat quickly swam toward the middle, breathing steadily despite the pressure of the water.  Rylat reached the middle and planted his feet upon the sea dirt. Then, Rylat felt a small tug on his sleeve. Rylat quickly turned, ready to attack, when he Leyet. Leyet looked at Rylat with fearful eyes and pointed at his mouth. “Wait, you are not supposed to be here.” Reyet mumbled, his eyes starting to show panic. Leyet started to panic, causing him to breath, when he found himself breathing fine. “Where are we,” Leyet yelled, panic flying through his voice. Rylat focused himself, “Bottom of a lake, eventually, a god will show up. Just, try to avoid it, I’ll end it quickly!”

    Finishing his sentence, Rylat felt his arm beginning to bleed. He had a large cut across his forearm leaking out blood. Rylat began to scan the area, he was starting to really feel the pressure. Then, he noticed movement. He forced some magic into his limbs, feeling the power, and caught it.

    A slimy tail began to wriggle in Rylat’s hand. He grabbed it as hard as possible and began to pull. The fish started to struggle hard before slipping from Rylat’s grasp. The blood around Rylat started to obscure his vision. Rylat’s fear started to rise. Rylat grabbed Leyet and began to swim up. The water started to vibrate around him. Then, he heard the noise. It was loud, louder than anything Rylat had heard. His body started to feel as though it was being vibrated as his organs began to melt. Rylat swam harder.

    Then, Leyet began to glow. The light was a blinding white. The Serpent's face then became clear. It had large whiskers, and a body longer than the largest tree. It’s teeth were as big as three people. The teeth were sharp as steel and its eyes a dull black. The fin went down its spine, being sharp and serrated. 

    Leyet raised his arm and forced the water to vibrate in return. The beast screeched and started to dive toward them. It opened it’s large maw as it approached. Rylat raised his hands up and began to focus as the monster swallowed them whole.

    The mouth was as dark as the new moon and warm and slimy. Lylat prepared for a painful death. Rylat closed his eyes and began to breathe quietly pushing down his fears. He raised both hands.

    A light blasted through the monster’s skull. The monster let out a loud groan as Rylat and Leyet swam out. Leyet began to laugh, “We did it, it’s dead! What did you do, blow it up!” Rlyat continued to swim, still holding Leyet. Leyet looked up at Rylat as his panic set in, “Why do you still look scared, is something wrong?”

    The monster let out a loud roar. Leyets face, in response, turned in disgust at the mother’s gaping head. The monster began to swim at a greater speed. Rylat’s body felt crushed under the dark water. The Serpent lunged at Rylat. Rylat threw Leyet as far as he could and grabbed the Serpent's teeth, struggling for control over its head. Rylat focused as much magic as he could, causing his muscles to grow. His tattoos shined a blinding white.

    With his newfound strength, Rylat ripped the serpent into two, separating it’s bottom from it’s top. Then, the water began to grow cloudy and thick. Rylat could no longer find breath as Leyet began to thrash in the water. Eventually, they both passed out.

    They awoke at the edge of a fairly small lake. Rylat woke up panicked and gasping for air. Leyet, who awoke earlier, was breathing heavily, but was staring straight at Rylat. Rylat, finally refocusing, began to look for the flame. He spotted it, on the shore of the beach. He raced over and ripped it from the sandy shore. His tattoo began to spread onto his shoulders. Then, Rylat passed out again. 

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  • deinocheirus
    18.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Liber believes that he (and Minerva) are the children of and incarnations of Phanes, split in two via Meiosis to escape Jupiter.

    Minerva doesn't even believe Phanes exists, but a construct of Liber after becoming increasingly untrusting of the other gods’ say on the matter of their origins (since their tendencies to lie..). Phanes is just a combination of primordial Eros, her mother Metis, and other beings into a singular God.

    They were both Gods born initially born as “serpents” from Jupiter himself, but Minerva thinks that this is entirely coincidental and worms happen to be a good shape for a parasite. 

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  • slavicafire
    18.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    also, I’ve been reading a lot of very old polish books lately and I just want to say... sometimes you pick something with a strange title expecting a bit of a laugh or just a curiosity and a look into what people used to think... and you find the most evil and vile content ever that you wish you could forget about immediately

    #żmija gada #in medical and psychological and historical academic publications #views so horrifying you have to sit down #I am aware yes this is how people used to think #but holy shit. holy shit you cannot be prepared for some of that #and the worst most horrid antisemitism you can imagine passed off as. you know. science! #I should not be surprised I know but oh my gods #and when you think about how deeply rooted it is #and that it is still alive and well today. #just slightly less....blatant maybe #gods
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  • groundcontrol-to-majortom
    18.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Greek gods and goddesses that remind me of cottage core

    Requested by @reesie8261 I hope this was good! I’m a bit rusty but I did my best ☺️ enjoy!

    Hestia. She’s the smell of earth after it rains, the feeling of your toes in fresh dirt, she is the feeling of home

    Hermès. He’s the sound of your feet hitting the ground in a game of chase or when your mom tells you to go tell your family that dinner is ready. He is in the notes you write and stick in the river. Maybe someone will find them or they’ll be adrift until it decays. Either way he’s the feeling of simplicity

    Dione. She’s the bandaid your friend or older sister puts over your scrape with a kiss to make it feel better. She’s in the extra sweater and water that your friend brings to make sure everyone is warm or hydrated. She’s the feeling of comforting motherly love

    Ichnaea. She’s the foot prints in the mud you trace all they way through a field and trees. She’s the trail of flowers you follow to the woods. She’s the feeling of finding your way through the back roads without a map or directions. She is the feeling of finding your way back home after a hike

    Auxo. She is in the broom you chase away the wild animals from your garden with. She’s picking off the wild bugs and relocating them. She is the feeling of happiness that spreads through your chest when you find out none of you plants were hurt in the previous nights storm

    Thallo. She is the one in the buds on the trees you pass when picking fresh berries. She’s the blooming flowers you leave because they’re not ready just yet. She is the feeling of the first day of spring after a fresh rain

    Carpo. She in the pies you give in the fall. The pumpkins you buy, the fresh pumpkin bread you make with it. She is the crunch of leaves under your sandals, she is the feeling you get when you see the leaves finally changing into their red and golden colors

    Eirene. She’s in the early morning fog when all is quiet. She is the afternoon naps when the sun is warm through your window and your bed is soft. She is the feeling you get after you clear your day. She is the feeling of complete satisfaction and calmness

    Eiar. She is the flower crown settled upon your head, she is the feeling of a baby goat nuzzling up against your hand. She is the wet earth under your feet. She’s the feeling of simplicity in spring

    Hephaestus. He is in the smell of oak from the fire pit you were roasting marshmallows over. He is in the items you use to craft a wind chime and other decorations. He is the feeling of satisfaction in your craftwork

    Gaia. She is singing of the trees in the summer. She’s the feeling of being surrounded by trees and earth. She is the feeling of standing on a big rock barefoot. She’s the happiness you feel when you’re walking in nature

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  • wisdomkhan
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    #Daily_Learning_lessons @wisdomkhan.co.in #gods #empirestateofmind #court #deathtoamerica #unit #nation #restoration #kt #enjoylyfe #striveforperfection #profound #godchosenpeople #rfid #lawyers #issachar #zebulon #breakthestigma #family #gad #friends #lawstudents #judgementalpeople #babylonthegreat #rfidchips #naphtali #truth #las #attorney #people (at Australia Brisbane) https://www.instagram.com/p/CNzbMwTFLqx/?igshid=80h2y9vupm1q

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  • comikbookz
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • the-truest-hero
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lesbian porn bots how dare you not follow me!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THE AUDACITY!!!


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  • incorrectgreekgods
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hermes, spinning around in a chair: I've been expecting you-

    Hermes, chair still spinning: Oh, gods-


    Hermes, trying to stop spinning: Wait-

    Hermes, grabbing at surfaces: Help-

    Athena: Should I wait?

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  • deadboidraws
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    These are some characters from a little universe I've come up with, each one is the God/Goddess of 2 elements

    Seren: love and air

    Postia: water and heart(determination)

    Genva: nature and light

    Tyber: fire and war

    Derante: darkness and voice

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  • worldcycle
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Winter storm


    When the first gods started to crack, it was not some inevitability of nature. The Creators were not destined to fall to pieces, to be consumed and to spawn those new and strange things that took to the world. Well… that’s the question of destiny, surely. Is anything destined? Is everything?

    The first crack put into the creators was by a young person in Eldfaal, though calling it that would be a little anachronistic. The north polar land mass had many names, and still does. At the time of this story, no one had decided to call the whole continent Eldfaal.

    Etik was born to ice fishers, or hunters. The story goes that they were born on the ice at night during a storm, though that seems wildly unlikely. Perhaps Etik was born during a storm, or on the ice, those are possible if a little unlikely, but it is vanishingly unlikely that they were born at night on the ice.

    To be clear, this is the winter night that we’re talking about, when most of Eldfaal is in darkness for nearly three months. The ice hunters had their shit together, they didn’t stay on the ice at night. Mythicists might say that the storm trapped them, but again, they had their shit together and they would not have stayed on the ice if a storm was coming as night was approaching.

    Anyway, now that I’ve rained on the party a bit, on with the story. Etik was born, perhaps on the ice, perhaps during a storm, very likely at night. And they were hardy, as most babies of the ice hunters were.

    They were precocious, so goes the story. They learned to read very young, they learned to walk and speak very young. Perhaps they went out onto the ice very young, but perhaps not. They learned to farm and garden very young, though most ice hunters do.

    And this is a bit of a misconception, I think. Most of the food the ice hunters ate was not from hunting, and still isn’t. The use of the summer hunting was particularly for hides and fat, and the meat was a welcome addition to the diet of course. Most of the food, and most of the nutrition, came from the farming or gathering camps off the ice.

    The stories go that when Etik was a young teenager, a few years into going to the ice at least, a storm hit suddenly, pushing the band further north than they typically went. I may have poo pooed a storm earlier, but this is possible. It may be especially possible if some weather seer underestimated the storm and decided to go north to avoid it.

    Perhaps equipment was lost, perhaps the band was pushed extremely too far north, but most of the band died. Either by weather or by animals or by giants, most of the band was lost, leaving just little Etik, grieving and alone. Stranded and lost.

    Really, a very bad situation to be in.

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  • blogastralwavethings
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Faunus Roman God

    Faunus Roman God, medium, channeler, destroyer, high class sensitive, creative and automatic writing Andrew Rogers.

    The Roman people worshipped me for Centuries this fact is very significant in your known history this occurred until the Romans were Christianised and worship was banned and people were dealt with harshly if they continued worshipping the ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses but we still had our disciples and people that continued to worship the Roman Gods and Goddesses this practice by people continued to the modern era, I would like to see more modern people learn and worship the Roman Gods and Goddesses and experience the worship in positive ways and not be held accountable by other people who seek to use religion to control the mind and actions of people, people are free to worship any God or Goddesses and should not be dealt with in negative ways by the controlling entities who continue to ban such worship and not respect the people who worship for example myself, Faunus and other Roman Gods and Goddesses, in the modern world you a free to worship any God or Goddesses you feel attracted and interested in, Faunus.

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