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    #✉️ — tags. #tw.knife play #tw.impact play #tw.branding #gojo satoru. #sub jujutsu kaisen #🌧. . . anon. #stepmama lewdings.
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    jujutsu kaisen x cinnamoroll collab!!!

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    #yandere gojo #yandere gojo satoru #yandere gojo saturo #yandere toji fushiguro #yandere megumi fushiguro #yandere zenin clan #yandere zenin family #yandere naoya zenin #yandere sukuna ryomen #yandere ryomen sukuna #yander sukuna#yandere sukuna #sukuna ryoumen x reader #sakuna x reader #yandere sakuna ryomen #sakuna ryomen#yandere sakuna #gojou satoru x reader #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru x you #toji fushiguro x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #megumi x reader #naoya x reader #yandere yuji itadori #itadori yuji x reader
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    Satoru: you've been a bad boy

    Suguru: shut the hell up

    #jjk talks#jujutsu kaisen#jjk #jujutsu kaisen incorrect quotes #jjk incorrect quotes #incorrect jjk quotes #satosugu#satoru#suguru #satoru x suguru #suguru x satoru #gojo x geto #geto x gojo #satoru gojo#satoru gōjo#gojo satoru#gōjo satoru#gojo#gōjo#suguru geto#geto suguru#geto #jujutsu kaisen geto #geto jujutsu kaisen #geto jjk#jjk geto#jjk gojo#gojo jjk#suguru jjk#jjk suguru
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    #[🎥] 𝐌𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐄 𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓 #Gojo Satoru est pas ouf :/
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    Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru X Reader [Shiba Y/N]

    (Chains Series)

    [Drabbles, fluff, short talk]

    [Note: This one is SHORT. I missed you guys, it's been a while since I last wrote because I needed to rest my eyes, they're aching. I just can't resist not posting/writing. Keep safe everyone and take care of your health.]


    "Satoru, do you know what makes a scar beautiful?"

    You smiled seeing Gojo Satoru ponder but later shake his head.

    "The pain does." Softly you uttered.

    "Pain isn't beautiful Sugarplum." Satoru replied, a slight frown etched on his artic brows while looking at you beside him waiting for Suguru and Shoko from a short errand.

    This small talks with you always gets him thinking about lots of things he never thought of before... And it's scary yet addicting.

    "Maybe for now the pain is ugly but one day when you look back and see how you got to where you are. Pain will be scars that will tell the story how you survived." Inhaling the fresh air above one of Jujutsu Tech's pagoda you turned to Satoru whose eyes underneath the black glasses are glued to you.

    Smiling you whispered as the breeze delivered your words to his ears.

    "I think you'll be breathtaking when that time comes Satoru."



    Check out the Masterlist for more.

    All rights and credits of the Jujutsu Kaisen character(s) mentioned, image(s) and song(s) used belong to their respective owner(s).

    #gojo satoru x reader #jujutsu kaisen imagines #gojo satoru fanfic #gojo satoru imagines #gojo satoru#greycaelum#jjk fluff#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen satoru #gojo x you #shiba y/n #jujutsu kaisen gojo #chains series
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    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    yuji really said, "he's just built different ✨"

    #this made me burst out laughing #jjk#gojo satoru#jujutsu kaisen
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  • thewordfae
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ➥ . . . chapter four

    组. ˗ˋˏ pairing: geto suguru x afab reader x gojo satoru ˎˊ˗

    warnings/includes: drinking
    notes: all of the characters are aged up so no one is drinking underaged. also, don't mind the time stamps lol
    masterlist ¦ prev - next




    You and your friends are in a huddle, taking pre-shots for the night to loosen the weekday nerves and stress from university. The club is packed, probably because of the night's performer but you can't find it in you to mind. It's not everyday that you enjoy yourself and indulge your friends anyway.

    Aoi, Yuuji's close friend and also the bartender, hands you guys another shot of fresh lime margaritas. "I can't believe none of you have ever heard of The Culling. They're pretty much the shit nowadays." The buff man shakes his head with an amused laugh.

    "Well, I've heard of them but their music is not really my type." Yuuji shrugs, downing the liquor in his shot glass.

    "Besides, most of them are music students who study classical shit and all that stuff," Nobara replies as she looks around, "If you ask them about freaking Beethoven, they'll know everything about him."

    Aoi laughs at the girl's response. It's true, all four of you are studying music in college aside from Nobara who pursues a degree in fashion while Megumi wants to be a lawyer. "Well, I'm sure the show will start in a few. Be the judge whether they're overrated or nah."



    Once Shoko finally did her business, she spots the two of her friends still seated on the table where she left them, looking like they're in a hot discussion but she's sure that it's just Gojo annoying Nanami per usual.

    "Took you long enough." The white haired male greets her, scooting a little to give her space to sit on.

    "We're far from the stage, maybe we should move?" Nanami offers, looking at the area where the stage is on, "I'll go look if there's a free table."

    With that, the blonde man stands from his seat and trudges to where he thinks is an unoccupied table. When he spots one, he gestures for his friends to follow him which the two does without complaints.

    "You're such a child. Stop jumping around. You're going to hit someone with your lanky ass." Shoko chastises their manchild of a friend.

    "I'm being very care–" Before Gojo can even finish his sentence, his waggling hand accidentally smacks someone.

    "Motherfu–" A woman's voice exclaims from behind the trio and they immediately turn to see a group of six people. They were probably settling down on the table next to them.

    "Nobara, you okay?" Your concerned voice rips through the tense silence between both groups, your hands turning Nobara's face side to side to check.

    "Yeah, I'm okay." The younger girl huffs before you set your eyes towards the culprit only for your breath to hitch. Those familiar blue eyes and silver hair– how can you ever forget about him?

    "Okay, time for you to settle down, ladies and gentlemen! The show's about to start!" The MC announces.

    Toge has to pat your arm before you snap out of your daze. You have no choice but to sit down and ignore the man you've been longing for, for years.

    Gojo, on the other hand, plays it cool but deep inside, he's freaking out and don't know what to do. Does he approach you later? Should he apologize? His mind is blank and going into overdrive.

    One thing is for certain, both of your hearts are pounding as if they want to break out of your chests.


    花 ‧₊˚ taglist (still open): @missroro @okkotsuoasis @torilovesyuuji @belphish @suhweetdreams @bloombb @fiona782

    #livre: amaryllis#livre: daisy#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jujutsu kaisen fanfic #jujutsu kaisen smau #jujutsu kaisen text posts #jjk smau#geto suguru #geto x reader #jjk geto #gojo x reader #gojo saturo#jjk gojo #satoru x reader #suguru x reader
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    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    An early birthday gift to myself! He's so cute.

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    gojo teasing you while having family dinner... omg, man just can't help himself you know? his sex drive is crazyyy. gojo will caress your thighs while eating and talkin to your family... and you be like, “no. saturo, i'm with my family right now” and he'll be like “i don't care. i'll make them see how you clench and scream around me” aw fuck. ofc he turns you on and you'll ran inside the bathroom locking the door and he'll be fucking you so rough bc this needs to be a quickie. after the dinner, he'll slam you on the wall until you'll get fucking dumb.

    #gojo x reader #gojo saturo x reader #jjk #jujutsu kaisen imagines #gojo satoru #gojo saturo imagines #gojo saturo smut #gojo smut #gojo x reader smut #gojo x reader fluff #saturo x reader smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #vie.thirsts #vie.posts #DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?? #idk if anyone made this... #just toughts 😀☝️
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    18.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    one thing i REALLY love about jujutsu kaisen is how gege akutami naturally incorporates real world issues into the story. he doesn’t stick to fantasy-world-only problems. he’s explored the issues caused by capitalism, displayed the pervasiveness of misogyny, examined the effects of societies run by old elitists, and so much more

    #sorry i can go on for a while but i will stop there for now #jujutsu kaisen#jjk#gojo satoru#yuji itadori#megumi fushiguro#nobara kugisaki
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    18.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Satoru thinks you are the most eccentric and original person he has ever met. 

    He finds something new to love about you every day. He loves the face you make when he teases you or when he compliments you after using one of his cheesy pickup lines. He can’t deny the way he overflows with endearment whenever you laugh or when you remember something he thought was kind of trivial. You always seem to know when he’s not at his best. Of course, with an ego as large as his, he would never tell you. But it’s telling when Satoru hugs you as soon as you get home, causing you to drop the bag of his favorite mochi you picked up after work. He thinks that he loves every version and every season of you. There is not a day that goes by where the two of you don’t say I love you. You tell him you love him when you wait up for him on a restless night just to watch a show he had been talking about. The entire show is rewatched the next day because Satoru can’t keep his eyes off of you. 

    You look away from the screen, “Well, you look like you have something to say.”

    “Can I not look at how beautiful you are?”

    “No, actually. We’re finishing this entire season tonight and then going to bed.” You bite back a giggle, waving your hand in front of his face. “And besides, I’m off limits. See? I'm married.”

    Satoru jumps from his seat on the couch, pausing the show and grabs your hand. “Who is he?” He looks down at the ring on your finger and back to your smiling face and back at your ring with furrowed brows. You can’t help but laugh at the exchange between the two of you despite how exhausted you both have been lately. You tug his hand slowly and guide him towards you, still giggling at the expression on his face. He sinks into your arms with a sigh and you unpause the screen. “He’s someone I love a lot. Like, a whoooole lot.”

    He knows you don’t even know this, but sometimes you talk in your sleep and between all the gibberish, he hears his name squeezed in there. Referred to as Gojo his entire life, he thinks that whenever you call him Satoru, you’ve created world peace. When he wakes up at the crack of dawn for a mission, you’re quick to pull on the back of his shirt, asking for five minutes more. He gives you a generous sixty instead, not caring if Yaga will get on him for being late later. None of that matters when he slides back beneath the covers beside you and you’re too sleepy to protest his limitless peppering kisses. You let out a sigh against him and he finds himself in the crook of your neck. “Hey you thief, I can tell you’ve been using my soap. You smell just like it.” Groaning into his chest, you hug him a little tighter. “Can’t you tell that I miss you? Stop leaving me all the time.”

    Satoru thinks you once tried to tell him what your favorite kisses were, but he no longer remembers. For him, he loves the kind that makes him chase after you. The ones from your balcony, where even when he traps you between his long arms as you laugh when against his lips trying to deflect them. When he kisses you, you never let him linger. The kind of kisses through a car window are the ones he loves the most. It makes him miss you immediately, but he honestly just enjoys the look on Ijichi’s face when you can’t seem to let go yet and the kiss ends up being longer than expected. He likes the ones when you lean over his desk and tease him, trying to get him to chase after your lips. And sometimes, Satoru secretly likes the ones where everyone is looking. He especially likes the kind when you whisper for him to kiss you beneath the soft moonlight, only to return it with a stronger one. Despite him being the strongest and all. 

    He knows he could go on forever and ever about everything he loves about you because lately, he feels like someone in love.

    note: omg that was so embarrassing but that was quite literally the first thing in my drafts and i’m abt to clear all of these bad boys out wooooo

    #gojo x reader #gojo satoru x reader #jujutsu kaisen#jjk imagines #i'm shy like wtfff this is so embarrassing no one look at me rn #anyways HIIIII#jjk
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    I can't unsee this


    #jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru #this has been stuck in my head for weeks #freakazoid#furby
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    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    gods & monsters: prologue

    pairing: satoru gojo x fem!reader

    summary: you accept a “difficult” client as a favor to your friend. before this, a glimpse into your life in your profession for the past ten months. 

    tags: escort!reader, sex work, infidelity (from a client), alcohol consumption, creepy men? 

    notes: this was supposed to be part of the first chapter but it got too long so, now a prologue/chapter 0! this is my first time writing a multi-chaptered x reader fic so I'm kind of nervous even though this is 99% self indulgent. 

    song rec: rules / doja cat  

    You’ve been escorting for ten months now. At times you aren’t sure whether the passing of time has been a whirlwind or dragging on. Even in your short time, you’ve learned and experienced more than you thought possible. Enough for you to hone your skills in seduction, particularly seducing entitled wealthy men. Things haven’t always been the best for you, and you’ve had your fair share of shortcomings in life. This was no exception. It honestly wasn’t too bad though, considering everything. 

    Simply put, you were good at your job. Your “recruitment” was unexpected and informal, but your boss had an eye for these things and you fit whatever she was looking for. No matter what you have heard about your boss, you were grateful to Mei Mei. 

    It was difficult to complain when you were currently sitting on a lush and soft white rug while drinking expensive wine amongst friends. Yuki Tsukumo and Utahime Iori were your coworkers and “mentors” when you first began escorting. While you were grief-stricken and burdened by a large debt, they patiently guided you through your nerves and inexperience at the profession. 

    Mei Mei may have saved you from succumbing to financial stress and debt to dangerous criminals, but Yuki and Utahime saved you from your anguish swallowing you whole. Most of the girls at the agency looked out for each other. Which was why you were considering the “huge” favor Utahime was asking you. 

    “I can’t stand him,” Utahime seethed, pouring herself her third glass of wine. Clearly angry drinking. “The money’s just not worth it. He’s such an asshole! No one has ever pissed me off as much as him.”

    Utahime getting angry was a rare occurrence. Hearing her curse even more so. Her attempt to convince you was failing. You felt deterred if anything. Good thing she’s not a salesperson.

    Yuki was staring intently at the wine being poured in a careless rage. Either Utahime didn’t care if she spilled on the rug or her nice clothes, or she was that irritated. “That’s not the way to convince Y/N, you know. Hey! Watch it with the wine, this is an imported Italian rug.”

    The three of you were sitting around Yuki’s coffee table in her luxurious high rise Tokyo penthouse. The blonde has been in the profession for several years, so the grandeur of her residence (as well as everything she owned) wasn’t surprising to you. Most of her furniture was custom made, she had actual art pieces decorating her walls (not the prints you had), her clothing was all designer, and her motorcycle always left people in awe.

    Utahime was more frugal with her money. Like you, she had a decent sized apartment. While she did spend on luxuries from time to time, she saved most of her money with a goal in mind. Her goal was to own a large traditional style home in the outskirts of Kyoto. Owning a home like that was no easy feat, so her favor was quite surprising to you considering this client was apparently one of the agencies wealthiest. Utahime is a kind and patient woman, so she must have been pushed far to get to this point.

    Tapping your manicured nails on the marble coffee table, you gave Utahime a skeptical look. “You said you snap at him all the time and he still calls for you. Isn’t that a good thing if he hasn’t complained to Mei?”

    The agency depends on high paying clients such as this one. He’s not someone that Utahime can simply drop and risk the agency losing his business. Not only were his own calls important, but most clients came through recommendation.

    “He keeps calling for me because he likes pissing me off,” Utahime grumbled. She finished her wine in one long swig, making your eyebrows raise. It was impressive considering the fact the three of you were on an empty stomach while waiting for dinner to be delivered. “Also, I may have already recommended you to him.”

    “Uh, what?”

    “I already um-- I recommended you to him and he agreed.” Utahime said sheepishly, her pretty face flushed from guilt or the alcohol. Perhaps both.

    This time, it was you who hastily poured another glass of wine and took a long swig before answering. “Alright,” you sighed in resignation. No point in fighting this now. You’d do this for your friend. “Can I at least know something about him?”

    Utahime grimaced as she twirled the wine glass in her delicate hands. “I think it’d physically hurt me to say anything good about him,” she admitted. Looking across to the blonde clearly enjoying herself, Utahime tipped the glass in her direction. “Yuki?”

    “Tall, handsome, and rich. He pays ninety thousand instead of our fifty-five. Should I say anything else?” She deadpanned, raising an eyebrow at you.

    She knew you too well. Money definitely talks. 90,000 yen an hour?

    “Nope. Just send me the info for our date,” you grinned at Utahime. She didn’t have a chance to look grateful before you rubbed your thumb and index finger together. “I’m also expecting a tip from you for the favor though.”

    “Fine, what do you want?” Utahime groaned, her words beginning to slur. She tried to pour herself another glass only to find the bottle empty.

    Versace heels. Mugler perfume. Valentino sunnies.

    “A randoseru. A good one.”

    A week before you’re supposed to meet Utahime’s difficult client, you spend your first weekend with an older client. One you’ve had almost since the beginning. It’s considered a big deal in your line of work, as it implies good rapport. It could pave the way to eventually having an exclusive arrangement with a client. Basically becoming a sugar baby. The allowances that come along with that are often enough reason for an escort to only meet with their benefactor (sugar daddy), or at least significantly reduce the amount of single dates they take on. Making the same amount, or more money, from a single exclusive client that you trust. Not many of the girls have this.

    As you lather on your Chloé body wash, you think about the fact that you’ve showered more in hotels than in your own apartment. It wasn’t necessarily a complaint, considering that it's often in a five star hotel such as the one you were currently in. You never even thought you’d become used to luxurious establishments like this.

    It just happened to be one of the things that made your job what it was. Another was having to shave every single day, minus your days off. It was a waste of time and you didn’t want to shave at the moment, but it had to be done. As you finished up your shower, you began your tedious process of keeping up your “flawless” appearance. As much as you could in travel sized containers at least.

    The several step process of applying oils, serums, and moisturizers was mechanical to you. It was something you hum absently to and could even do in your sleep. That didn’t make it any more enjoyable at the moment. Once that was done, you had to style your hair and apply your makeup. All this just to appear “fresh” and “natural”. By now, the expansive white marble bathroom was steamy and infused with your fresh and floral scent.

    This was now technically your day off, and you wanted nothing more than to leave your hair alone to air dry and leave the hotel bare-faced. But your client, the boring attorney Takeo, paid for an additional breakfast date to end your weekend together. A free meal was a free meal on top of extra money, but was it worth all this effort? It wasn’t, but declining or even attempting to was also not an option. Your client was a bit greedy, and being denied would potentially risk him no longer calling for you.

    Going to your breakfast date without makeup shouldn’t be a big deal. Yet, maintaining this perfect illusion to your clients, who probably couldn’t handle women being themselves and comfortable, was your job. It was eight in the morning, you were probably just irritated to be up early. Understandably so, since your job didn’t have the typical schedule of a salaryman. You weren’t an early bird.

    To be honest, Takeo wasn’t that bad. He was definitely boring, but you could’ve spent your weekend with someone much worse. Naoya Zenin for example, you thought with a shudder. The thought of that disgusting man was enough to make you feel more thankful. You’ve only met with him once, but he has a reputation at the agency. Shaking your head, you rid yourself of thoughts concerning him.

    Finally finished, you gathered all your things and neatly put them into your LV duffle bag and stepped out of the bathroom. Across the suite, you saw Takeo sitting on one of the leather couches in the living area. He was speaking on his phone while watching the news on the flatscreen. Ah, talking on his white phone.

    “Of course I didn’t forget, honey,” he said, eyes following you as you walked over to the white marble vanity. You kept your steps nimble, adding a soft sway to your hips. Graceful and confident, like you were taught. “The firm wants to take the interns to breakfast and wants us all to go. You know how it is. I’ll call you before I board, okay?”

    You’ve seen Takeo enough times to know what it meant when he spoke on his white phone. It was his “personal” phone, which was mainly for his wife. This man had three phones. “Personal”, work, and his real personal phone. He wasn’t a highly successful lawyer for nothing. He covered his tracks extremely well, but you still hoped he would fuck up one day and get caught. Even if it meant losing him as a client or his wife coming for the agency in misdirected rage.

    It was easy for you to tune him out while he spoke to his wife, but the same couldn’t be said about him. As you removed your thin silk robe, you felt his greedy and hungry gaze over your bare skin. You walked over to the loveseat beside the couch where your clothes were laid out for you, picked specifically by Takeo. Underwear, pasties, and a tight baby pink dress that looked uncomfortable for a breakfast date. Even the bodywash and perfume you had just used were gifts from him. It was more controlling than generous, but you didn’t care. You were on the clock and kept what he bought for you.

    You’ve seen what that man's wife looks like. She’d never wear something like this, yet here he was picking out a tiny dress for you. He likes when you change in front of him, so you do it slowly. All while speaking to his wife as she tries to plan some sort of family trip with him. When you’re finished changing, you turn to him to present yourself with a pleasant smile, all for fucking breakfast.

    “I think Belize sounds great,” Takeo says into the phone, hand reaching out for you. Still smiling, you take his hand as he directs you to sit on your lap. You wrap your arms around his neck. “Yeah, it’s warm and beautiful.” he muttered, gliding his free hand over your waist down to your thigh.

    At times like these, you had to remind yourself why Takeo even contacted the agency in the first place. Him and his wife have both wronged the other several times throughout their marriage. They could never communicate, instead choosing to act out like a young naive couple. He drunkenly told you this on your first call together. Honestly, they were both childish and their marriage problems were just not your business.

    50,000 yen just for a breakfast date wasn’t too bad now. That’s on top of the money you made for the weekend. You spent the rest of the date thinking how you’d treat yourself with his money.

    Bills, payment to Mei Mei, Shiu’s fees, monthly donations, and Megumi. Then maybe some Jimmy Choos for your date on Saturday with your new client.

    You’ve heard nothing from your client, which isn’t too unusual. You’ll just wait until then.

    #'what happened to the original plot of the movie' #this is very self indulgent #I've been having this au in my mind for MONTHS and wouldn't go away until I wrote it it seems #gojo satoru #gojo x reader #gojo x y/n #gojo x you #gojo headcanons#satoru gojo#jjk imagines#jujutsu kaisen#jjk
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    𝔤𝔬𝔡𝔰 & 𝔪𝔬𝔫𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 | series masterlist

    pairing: gojo satoru x fem!reader

    summary: you’ve been a high-end escort for ten months and are already one of the best. you follow the strict rules of your agency and have had fun ruining a few men within those limits. Gojo Satoru is your newest and highest paying client, but he’s fickle and unpredictable. all you want is to do your job, survive, indulge in luxuries, and maybe plan some revenge.

    prologue | one | two

    tags: escort!reader, sex work, sex work shaming, implied classism, misogyny, vague yakuza mentions, vague descriptions of panic attacks, alcohol consumption, drug usage, smut, age differences (past relationship), manipulation (this is all I can think of so far but more will be added maybe removed as I go on?

    notes: reader is manipulative and uses charm/sexuality to get what she wants (or to have men do it for her). she takes advantage of how sex workers are belittled


    edit: forgot to add the dedication to @saturnsonnet <3

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru #gojo x reader #gojo x y/n #gojo x you
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    @divincs​ said: “  we’ll never be those kids again.  ” // umi for gojo Lost meme // ????

             “...I know.”

    He leaned back a little and relaxed, glancing over at her and giving a smile he had a feeling she couldn’t see. But still- felt nice to give her one while they were watching his students.

                “but honestly? I think we can just... let the younger ones be them in our stead, yeah~? You can’t tell me it’s funny watchin them act like hooligans the way we used to~?” He grinned and put his arm around her. “C’mon Cousin, you and I both know it’s better than just doing nothing~!”

    #Divincs #* {Gojo Satoru} #* {IC}#* {Answered} #good god I hope I remembered tHEIR RELATIONSHIP RIGHT LJKFDGNJFSKDGJ
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    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Nanago hc that Nanami is the cuddly affectionate one in the relationship, especially in private with Gojo.

    Like I imagine Gojo just making a phone call and chopping up the vegetables and Nanami, freshly out of the shower, backhugging him, with his arms wrapped around Gojo's waist and his face buried in Gojo's back

    And I imagine Nanami resting his head on Gojo's shoulder as they watch a movie in their pajamas, Nanami's eyes trained on the screen as he eats popcorn, while Gojo babbles away, spoiling the plot of the movie ( " I watched this with Yuuji-kun ~~ the main lead vanished in the end and left his lover alone in the end ... so sad, right, Nanamin ? " )

    And I imagine Nanami falling asleep before the movie ends, and Gojo cleans up and carries Nanami to their room and tucks him into bed and then gets into bed too, and even in his sleep, Nanami hugs Gojo <33 ( then, later on, starts sleep-talking and sleep-kicking Gojo. But not like Gojo minds )

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    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    @themiskarmic​ said: “ so, we gonna talk like grown ups? ” ahmya to any of your canons babies ! Black Widow Starters // Accepting!

           “Oh but of course~!” He cleared his throat and leaned forward with a grin before speaking again.

         “I’m weady to tawk wike an aduwt missus, does dis make yuwu wanna continue dis convewsation~?” The Special grade sorcerer grinned before cracking up and howling, “I- I pwomise I’ll be a good widdwe Sorcerer and keep my mouth shut- Oh I can only keep that up for so long!” Gojo leaned back and wiped a fake tear from his eyes and exhaled.

              “But going to be serious- I do know we both need to discuss this- so you first. Go on~”

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