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  • bentoicons
    18.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    This is one of the funniest moment in Jujutsu Kaisen
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  • bbqsauceonmytiddiez
    18.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    he who is loved by god


    he who played god

    #some very lazy light studies #im listening to the song of achilles in the bg not feeling very good lmao #ruby doodles#gojo satoru#geto suguru#satosugu#jjk
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  • physicalturian
    18.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Requests OPEN -  Suggestions

    I write for those characters:

    Haikyu - Bokuto Koutarou - Kuroo Tetsurou - Miya Atsumu - Sawamura Daichi

    Jujutsu Kaisen - Kento Nanami - Gojo Satoru

    One Piece - Roronoa Zoro - Trafalgar D. Water Law - Donquixote “Corazon” Rosinante

    Demon Slayer - Rengoku Kyoujurou

    Grishaverse - Nikolai Lantsov

    You can send me prompts you found, or rambling ideas, things you’d think would be cute!

    Do check out my AO3

    #bokuto kotarou#bokuto kotaro#kotaro bokuto#Kuroo Tetsurou#kuroo testuro#Kuroo Tetsurō#Miya Atsumu#sawamura daichi#daichi sawamura#kento nanami#nanami kento#gojo satoru#roronoa zoro #one piece roronoa zoro #trafalgar one piece #trafalgardwaterlaw#trafalgar law #trafalgar law x reader #one piece trafalgar law #corazon #one piece corazon #corazon one piece #rosinante corazon donquixote #rengoku kyoujurou#nikolai lantsov #nikolai lantsov x reader #nikolai x reader #bokuto x reader #kuroo x reader #atsumu x reader
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  • midnightpirates
    18.04.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    still sad we never got to see Gojo as a hanger rack

    #juuzou my man your dream was Immaculate someone will fulfill it one day #*sad yanna noises* I want a gojo hanger rack #gojo satoru#gojo sensei#Jjk#Jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen gojo #jjk gojo#gojo fluff #someone make a gojo hanger rack fanart #thank you#fairyanna🎐
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  • toffi-fi
    18.04.2021 - 56 minutes ago
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  • incorrectqus
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (Yeah I haven’t been putting my water marks on these but whatever 🤷‍♀️)

    Enjoy my fellow Gojo hoes also ⚠️ FLICKER WARNING⚠️

    #sry not dc post #gojo satoru#jjk#jujutsu kaisen #Gojo satori edit #jjk edit
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  • ymir-me
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i heard there's a gojohime/gouda discord and went on a quest to find it but the only link i've found is not working, is there a kind soul out there that can link it to me again pls

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  • lostinthe-jojos
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #mer!satoru #jjk#gojo satoru
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  • nerdreamer
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • gvmrvns
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • xmiyuv
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • lucienism
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    little light > gojou satoru

    → synopsis | a man who can see far too much is in love with a woman who can see nothing at all. (blind!reader)

    → genre | angst + fluff

    → word count | 1.5k

    → warnings | descriptions of blood, ptsd

    → note | I binged this show in two days and the only things I retained are that curses are bad and gojou is hot. this is my first time writing for him so I hope he’s in character enough !

    “look at me."

    his voice is gentle, patient with the distress that paints your features. blood runs over your skin like sweat, leaving a gruesome sheen as you grasp unsteadily for him. gojou gives you his hands without a second thought. the sight of you so frightened leaves him breathless.

    “look at me. please.” he repeats, urging you on as your lip quivers. your entire body shakes as you say,

    “i can’t."

    your sudden sob startles him, hands gripping yours tightly. the words confuse him. he means to ask you, but the moment you raise your head, any question he might have had dies in his throat. for the first time, gojou satoru is left completely speechless.

    dark blood pools unforgivingly into bright irises, physical evidence of your bad run-in with the special grade curse he’d just dealt with on your behalf. but as he stares at the way the red covers the expanse of your eyes, he feels hopeless. something in him breaks as your fingers tighten around his.

    you cry softly as your nails leave angry half moons in his skin. he doesn’t mind the pain.

    “...i can’t see you."

    almost a year after the battle that had cost you your sight, your eyes had settled into a cooler gray tone, the vessel that had originally bursted settling low — useless for all but a story.

    you tell your tale as one of advice, a lesson to someone who could perhaps benefit from your mistakes. a preliminary caution to anyone that might ask why you wear two eye patches. but gojou doesn’t miss the way your shoulders square, nor the way you take a few seconds too long to catch your breath every time you inevitably share it.

    as someone who had stayed close to you during your recovery, gojou believed he could tell it just as well on his own by now. though the story still never ceased to make him sick; to bring up the image of your shaking form and blood-soaked face; to remind him of how it felt to lose someone, a feeling he’d tried so hard to forget.

    but there were things neither of you could truly forget, impacting your lives in ways that were simply unavoidable: not only as a human, but also as a jujutsu sorcerer. while handy with your usual method of choice, there was an undeniable disadvantage you had when faced with the threat of a curse.

    instead of throwing yourself into the fray as you once had preferred, you were now forced to succumb to a disability that impacted the very things that grounded your soul.

    but it’s with gojou’s guidance that you’re still able to hold a weapon at all.

    it’s his voice that finds you when you begin to panic, to let the frustration of blind get to you.

    “you fight with that thing on willingly when I don’t have a choice?"

    “that’s not fair, ____. you know the blindfold is just a cosmetic choice, don’t you?"

    you can hear the way his lips purse in the playful tone of his voice. his footsteps pad lightly on top of the dirt of the training ground as he takes a step back, giving you a chance to loosen the grip on the weapon in your hand.

    you resist a groan. of course you know it isn’t, but you choose not to say anything.

    “I’m waiting for the day someone comes and knocks you off your pedestal, satoru. unless you enjoy the feeling of fighting blind?"

    he hums. “thrilling, isn’t it?"

    you let out a laugh of disbelief. “masochist."

    it’s his rough fingers that intertwine with yours that keep you grounded in moments you feel like letting everything go.

    too many nights do you find yourself sitting awake in a cold sweat, the residual shapes and colours from your dream fading as a vast nothingness takes its place. the frustration is heartbreakingly fresh as you silently beg for another moment of clarity, only to receive no response.

    a sob bubbles up in your chest as you try hard to suppress it. the world feels as if it’s suddenly crumbing around you before you feel a limp hand reach over to catch yours.

    gojou doesn’t say anything, but you know he’s awoken and looking at you.

    carefully, you let your opposite hand find his shoulder as you twist to lay into him. he takes you without qualms, holding you close with one hand on your back while the other doesn’t leave yours.

    after a few minutes of quiet cries, a finger trails up and down your back in a soothing nature.

    “nightmare?” he asks.

    you shake your head, letting out a strained breath.

    “..I dreamt that I could see again."

    gojou is silent at this. his hand squeezes yours tightly.

    “I don’t—“ you cut yourself off, pursing your lips as to fend off another onslaught of tears. “I-I keep forgetting what your eyes look like—"

    a sob tears from your throat as you curl around him. in that moment, gojou is almost glad that you can’t see the forlorn expression he wears.

    but above all, it’s his unwavering support and will to stay by your side. had he not been there in that moment, there’s a part of you that doubts you would have found the will to make it out at all.

    “i think i want to wear a blindfold.” you speak quickly, as if embarrassed, but the words pique your boyfriend’s interest immediately. gojou covers his cerulean eyes for his own reasons, but the idea of extending his odd custom to you is exciting.

    hearing him sit up straighter next to you, you shift away, face heating just imagining the expression on his face. it’s exactly as you think — the grin stretching his lips is so wide that he's disappointed you can’t see it.

    “ah,” gojou hums, the child-like laugh that escapes him as he rises infectious. gojou carefully lends you his hand. the simultaneous absence and ever-flowing presence of infinity from beneath them mind numbing.

    “you’re a good student, you know;” he gushes as he normally does, but the small hint of sweetness that lines his voice is like a quirk reserved for only you. “to follow in your teacher’s footsteps."

    “think what you want, but do you know how hard it is to put on two eyepatches while blind?"

    you say this, but can’t resist a laugh as he pulls you forward into him. gojou lands a chaste kiss on your forehead as he sets a comfortable pace you rely on him to keep. you trust him more than anyone to do so, just as you always have.

    “well then,” he lets go of your hand when you reach your destination, recognisable as his office by the warm smell of wood and spring breeze through a cracked window. “allow me to be the one to make it easier."

    gojou takes your wrist and puts what you assume is a blindfold in your hand. you poke around at it clumsily for a moment, trying to find the opening in the pool of fabric. when you can’t, he doesn’t become impatient. instead, he teases you and takes your hand in his, guiding you to the right places.

    from there, you’re able to discard the eyepatches you wear, baring your eyes to the daylight. your innate senses don’t seem to pick up the way gojou stares at you, gaze swimming between glancing from your smile to your eyes. he’s prideful in the notion you’re able to smile in such a way again.

    as you slip the fabric over your eyes, it bunches around your ears and fits awkwardly at the neck. but your smile is dazzling nonetheless, as if you couldn’t be happier.

    “this will help, I think.” you say, still busy adjusting the fabric as you think aloud. “with my sight completely restricted like this, my other senses should be able to grow even stronger."

    perhaps you’d never noticed, but goujou is already well aware of the way you’d adapted in the recent months. whether in the way you immediately resort to touch to identify things, or how you’re able to hear virtually anything — it sets a small buzz of hope aflame in his chest to have been able to witness such changes.

    “stronger senses, huh?” gojou’s tone is suggestive as he pulls you in by your waist, head tilting down into yours. “does that mean what I think it does?"

    when you laugh and string your arms around his shoulders, he smiles along.


    anyone only listening to the conversation might assume you’re losing patience with the man in front of you, but the grin on your face is unmistakable. what your eyes can longer show seeps through in the gentle way you pull him down for a hug, and is returned in the arms that hold you tight.

    #you know what yeah fuck it I am implying that gojou keeps a drawer full of disposable blindfolds in his office what are you gonna do about i #jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru #gojou satoru x reader #jjk#jjk gojo #gojou x y/n #gojou x you #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk imagines #gojo x gender neutral reader #kind of unedited
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  • incorrectjujutsukaisen
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Gojo, 4am in bed: hey babe

    Geto: what?

    Gojo: if you had a baja blast soda right now would you share it with me?


    Geto: fuck no

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  • handlewcaare
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    about me! ✨

    Here’s the blank format:

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  • trans-megumi
    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    if geto was really born to balance the world after gojo's birth that means it's too much of a risk for one of them to exist without the other bc they create the perfect balance together. but if toji was born to destroy said balance (for whatever reason) that leads us to the next question: who was born to balance toji out? since the universe always tries to keep its balance, a counterpart of his must logically exist (a geto-gojo situation but we're missing the other half of the pair). the thing is, till now, such a person doesn't seem to have ever existed and toji looks like a complete anomaly (which isn't impossible), then who did the universe give birth to later to fix all this? gege akutami has already talked about destiny and we have to assume everyone has a role to play in the grand scheme of things so it really makes me think.

    #this is the best I can word this rn sorry and also if anyone knows which comic the first post refers to hmu #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#analysis#gojo satoru#geto suguru#fushiguro toji #maybe megumi was born to fix his father's mistakes?? or itadori?? who was born of kamo and in a twist of fate might be his downfall?? #too many thoughts #I can't wait to see where this goes #jjk spoilers #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #angelic.txt
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  • sakurahane
    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Wip of Dazai 💛 I wanna kiss the paper 👁👄👁

    Dazai: Oh!! Oh my god what we have here!!

    Me: *blushing* ehm...u weren't supposed to see this already..

    Dazai: *pick the paper up to look closer*

    Me: uhm....

    Dazai: ...

    Me: ...so? What do u think? *still blushing*

    Dazai: *smiling* this is SUPERLATIVE Sakura-chan!! It looks even better than how I really am AHAHAH, and also LOOK!! You have done my suicide-gaze just perfect!! U have also done the bandages!! Ahhhhhhh...I feel so blessed!! *drama pose*

    Me: Omg I'm so happy you like it!!! I'll uhm...I'll keep doing my best to finish it!! *smile*

    Dazai: *give the paper back* *smile* Sure you will !!

    *Dazai walks away meanwhile I keep coloring*

    Dazai: *whisper to himself* You always do *smile*

    Ok I'll post maybe some fanfic or headcanons bout bsd since I'm in Otaku mode rn 👁👄👁 hope to finish the draw soon owo. I'm nosebleeding too much about Dazai rn djsbdjsbdh. Btw stay safe and luv u all like Dazai love suicide LOLOLOLOLOL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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  • lesbofeels
    18.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    No Need To Be Jealous | [NSFW, 18+]

    I accidentally published this after posting and it didn't pop up in the tags LOL. This is for @shingekiyofeels! She shared something to me and cackled so I wrote this uwu.

    Word Count: 1,685

    Warnings: Fem! Reader. Overstimulation. Spanking. Praise. Jealousy. Bondage. Characters are 18+. If you aren't comfortable with NSFW content please block lezzy actions. Unedited, I apologize for mistakes! NSFW underneath the cut!

    “Why is it always her?” You question, pushing Gojo back against the chair he was sitting in. That confident smirk was plastered on his lips and it made your blood boil. Your ball his shirt in your fist and pull against it. He fights the force and stays leaning back, amused at your attempt to move him. Your anger was very attractive.

    “Which ‘her’?” Gojo asks, amusement very obvious in his tone. You scoff and let go of his shirt, but he stops you from moving. He knew who you were referring to, but you tended to let jealousy get the best of you. “Do you mean Utahime? You should know by now that she isn’t like that to me.” He teases lightly, pulling you closer to him. You stood in between his open legs, forced to look down at him. His eyes were covered by the blindfold, even if you two were together.

    “I know that, but I can’t help but question it. You two are always close together.” You mumble, earning a tsk noise from Gojo. He uses his free hand to scold you with a finger. He uses both hands to grab a hold of your hips, making you move to the side of his leg. 

    “Jealousy is a nasty bug to get. Why don’t I show you how little girl’s like you get punished.” Gojo whispers, his voice hitting a low octave that makes you go mad. He quickly makes you bend over his legs as his hand roams over your clothed ass. You barely had enough time to make a noise before he pulled down the cloth covering his desired skin.

    “What do you -” You don’t get to finish your sentence before Gojo’s hand squeezes the tender flesh of your ass. You bite your lip to suppress the moan that wants to escape. Why was he being so caring? Did he not want to punish you? Your thoughts stop when the first smack breaks the silence in the room. You yelp as he chuckles darkly, rubbing over the stinging flesh. He didn’t give a warning when another slap occurred, making hot tears prick the corner of your eyes.

    “You.” Smack. “Don’t.” Smack. “Have.” Smack.  “To be.” Smack.  “So Jealous.” Gojo stops his onslaught and rubs the over tender flesh, that was tinted red from the spankings. He makes you stand up, enjoying the small wince you had. He points to the table and urges you to move. You slowly walk toward the table and feel his presence behind you.

    Gojo quickly lifts you up and places you back first on the table, taking off his blindfold. “I won’t be needing this.” He reaches forward, making you lift your head up and placing it over your eyes. You had no awareness of what he was going to do, putting butterflies into your stomach. He wouldn’t ever harm you but he is willing to try new activities. You could hear something be removed and then your hands are raised above your head. You feel something secure them in place and fight against the fabric. It was leather and there was no getting free from it. Why did he have to use his belt? 

    Gojo crouches down and runs a single finger down your thigh. He was slowly heading toward your sex, making you squirm the entire way. Each little movement he did, made your skin tingle and left you breathless. He notices the faint movement and smirks to himself, you are so eager for him. He can hardly contain his own excitement, his cock was twitching in his own pants. He uses the free hand and palms his erection, groaning quietly at the connection. 

    Gojo’s index and middle finger barely grazes over your dripping lips. You squirm and buck your hips down. That’s not what you wanted, you wanted to see him and have the ability to grab his hair. He’s not playing fair and it irked you to the core. He wastes no time slipping his finger into your folds, finding your clit and rubbing small circles into it. You moan out, arching your back as you try to keep your legs open. 

    “You are already so wet, baby girl. I didn’t know you were so eager. You only needed to ask and I would have provided.” Gojo teases, praising you at the same time for your arousal. You wanted nothing more to clamp your thighs around his head, but he wouldn’t allow that. He lets his finger slip down, dipping into your entrance slowly before pushing it in a knuckle deep.

    “Ooh..” Gojo gasps at your wetness, pulling out the digit and looking at it with amazement. You couldn’t help the whine that left your lips from the sudden disappearance. He licks the finger and palms his erection harder before pulling down his pants. It was just enough to free his throbbing cock. He pumps it a few times before standing up follow, aligning it to slide along your sex.

    Gojo keeps the groan to himself, placing his hands on your hips as he slowly moves his hard cock against your sex. The feeling has him closing his eyes as you start to pant, moving your hips along with him. He massages your hips before stopping his movement, leaning down to be beside your ear.

    “Only good girls deserve to have my cock, are you one?” Gojo breathes into your ear, earning a long whine. His breath was hot and it made you squirm again. It didn’t help that his cock was against you, slowly moving as if he was teasingly being that way on purpose. 

    “Yes..I’m a good girl.” You whisper. Gojo smirks and slowly starts to move, stopping once his tip brushes against your clit.

    “Say it again, I didn’t hear you.” Gojo made sure to milk what you said. You feel the heat invade your cheeks as you take a deep breath. Why did he have to be this way now? It couldn’t wait until later that night?

    “I deserve your cock, I’ve been a good girl.” You whimper. Gojo bites the tip of your ear before moving away and kissing your chin. He hums in approval and starts to move against you again. You made him happy that you called yourself a good girl. That was false because you were being jealous the entire evening.

    Gojo moves back and glances over your body. You were more than ready for him, you were practically begging to be fucked. He lines up his tip to your entrance and rubs your thighs. He didn’t want to hurt you, but was the spanking enough to prove his point of no jealousy needed? He slowly pushed inside of you, groaning at the warmth your walls provided. That was pulsing around him, wanting to suck him in further. 

    Gojo waits for a brief moment, allowing you to adjust to his girth. He reaches down, rubbing small circles on your clit. He nearly purrs at how you take him so well and so deep. You bite your bottom lip as you relish at the sensation of him being so deep. He slowly begins to rock his hips into yours. 

    "What happened baby girl, you were so innocent." Gojo spats, moving his hand quickly away from your clit. "Then you worried about every other woman, lacking that faith in me." He acts wounded. He spreads your legs wide open, slamming deeper inside of you. It takes your breath away from the sudden pace change. The small burn in your hips was welcoming, keeping you from screaming out in pleasure.

    You start to pant, forgetting every sense of language you knew. You could only moan or whimper, neglecting the coherent sentence you could form. Gojo doesn't move, his heavy breathing was a key indicator that he was enjoying the moment. His cock hit every right spot, sending you into your first orgasm quickly. There was no saving you as your back arched from the table beneath you. 

    Gojo uses his hand to push down your arch, keeping you against the table.  He allows for your legs to wrap around his waist as he grips your hips to move you. He pulls you closer and uses a hand behind your back to arch your hips. He uses his one free hand to assault your throbbing clit, over stimulating your entire body. You were lost in the ecstasy, not too lost to miss his deep moans.

    "Come on baby, you earned more. You're trembling.." Gojo coos, not giving up on his thrusting. He wanted you to be a puddle beneath his touch. Sentences were beyond comprehension already, he can do more. You fight against the belt and move your hips, trying to squirm away. He smirks wildly and presses deep inside of you, never letting up on circling. 

    "One more." Gojo demands. It was like you were in sync with him. You hit another orgasm, more quickly than before and it blurred your vision even under the blindfold. Your toes curling as your entire body tenses, no sound leaves your body. He thrusts once more into you, groaning as his seed spills deep inside of you.

    "There's the real punishment.." Gojo remarks confidently, rubbing your thighs to help you calm down. He wasn't moving no more, watching you twitch and attempt to catch your breath. He presses down against you, removing the belt and blindfold. He flashes you a warm smile before lifting you up and keeping you to his body. Was he going to carry you? The question was answered as he made his way toward the bedroom.

    "I'm going to stay deep inside of you, baby girl. I wanna fall asleep to your warmth." Gojo purrs into your ear. "Unless we plan on doing more." He questions, more to himself than you. You were limp against him but he knew the answer to the question. It wasn't even that late at night.

    Gojo gently places you onto the bed and never breaks your bodies apart. "Let's make tonight wild." He growls into your neck.

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jujutsu kaisen gojo #jujutsu kaisen gojo x reader #jjk #jjk x reader #jjk imagines#jjk gojo #jjk gojo x reader #gojo satoru #gojo saturo x reader #*ashy does fics #tw: overstimulation#lezzy actions
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