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    pairing: Gojo Satoru × fem!reader
    warnings: smut,unprotected sex,blowjob

    After all his antics, you easily pushed him into your office, remembering all the events of the final day.

    He's been trying to piss you off since this morning.First Satoru hid your clothes and because of this you had to run back and forth in your underwear, but in order not to feed his inner demon, you put on his shirt that looked more like a dress on you (this affected him more because he loves when you are in his clothes).

    When you found your clothes, you I started getting dressed faster because you were late for a meeting that principal Yaga wanted to hold together.

    You and Satoru ran out of the house tucking your shirt into your trousers and seeing Ijichi walked even faster and got into his car, catching your breath.

    But Satoru didn't calm down.He noticed that you were sleepy so he moved closer to you and began to press his nose against your neck stroking your thigh.

    "The strap of a lace bra hung so beautifully from your shoulder in the morning."

    //An awkward pause//

    You noticed how troubled Ijichi was:his face was painted in the brightest shade of red and beads of sweat stood out on his forehead, he was trying to catch his breath to recover.

    "Ha-ha, poor guy."

    You didn't understand what to do:to worry about Ijichi because this clown Satoru without a red wig made fun of him or to laugh at him because you knew that the rest of the day he would sit at Shoko's and drink all kinds of sedatives.

    You knew perfectly well he was trying to get you out of yourself, so in order to vent all the anger, you grabbed his bandage and pulled it off so that it whipped the sorcerer's face.

    "Are you satisfied?"

    He rubbed his face and replied:"Very much."

    in the office

    Forcing him to walk backwards, you looked into his eyes despite the fact that there was a blindfold on them that hid them.

    "All right, all right,dove."

    "I'm as calm as a dead volcano that you dared to disturb.I'll burn you like Vesuvius burned Pompeii in Rome."

    "Oh, you're hot, it turns out.Speaking of hot.I spilled tea on myself because of you and choked."

    "You started it all."

    He was sitting across from you at the table drinking his tea while principal Yaga was talking about new curses that had a huge mind.From this boredom, you were attacked by a dream and Satoru, noticing this, kicked you with his foot, which caused her to jerk her knee and flutter her eyelashes without understanding what had happened.He was laughing and everyone was watching you, but you told them to keep talking.

    in the office

    You looked at his still-wet spot and grinned.

    He leaned on the mahogany table and tried to hold you to him, but you dodged and stepped back, remembering how you made him spill tea on him.

    Without losing your composure, you decided to answer him in the same way, but with more exciting and vivid movements.

    Carefully removing the shoes from your foot, you began to slowly stroke his leg.Then, moving to the inside of the thigh,you looked at his face — it was pleased.

    Moving your feet smoothly and silently back and forth along his thigh, you felt an impressive bump begin to bulge in his trousers.

    You decided to wait for the moment when he starts drinking tea.

    While you continued stroking his thigh, Satoru took his drink and as soon as he started to bring the mug to his mouth, you smiled and suddenly pressed on his excited place.

    From this surprise he choked spilling hot tea on himself.

    His clothes were decorated with wet stains from the drink and everyone else in the room was distracted from the case and stared at the gray-haired sorcerer.

    And you looked at him with a smirk as if nothing had happened.He saw perfectly well how devils danced in your eyes.

    "It's all her fault!"

    He was pointing his finger at you like a child who was accused of something he was not guilty of.

    Principal Yaga, unable to stand all this, put you out the door as two students who disrupted the lesson.You didn't care because the meeting was coming to an end, but Satoru had other plans in his head.

    His hand was going to slide around your waist, but intercepting it, you pushed him into your office, which you almost passed by.

    in the office

    He sighed as he took off his blindfold and was about to approach you to look into your eyes, but you deliberately turned away, not allowing him to do it.

    "Come on,honey.Are you still angry?"

    You grabbed him by the shoulders and said:

    "Could you just simmer down?"

    You abruptly clung to his lips.You both merged in a greedy kiss filled with the desire not to let go of each other.Your hot breaths have turned into intermittent sighs seeking to appease the sparks of passion and desire for each other.

    Having knocked him down on the sofa, you sat down on his lap, pressing your hips firmly into his groin and began stroking his gray hair pulling it off, forcing the sorcerer to make a moan of pleasure into your lips.

    He also did not lag behind: having outlined a contour along your spine with his long and strong arm, you arched from the pleasure you received, the intensity of which increased with each movement of the man.

    You felt his hard shaft hit you causing a sweeten sensation at the bottom.Chuckling to yourself, you began to rub your hips against his groin strongly and quickly with a great desire, prompting his cock to become more tense.

    The sorcerer's heart skipped a beat and then began to beat in a frenzied rhythm, dispersing with the blood the love that was mixed with passion.Satoru tightly squeezing your ass in his strong hands bit your lower lip slightly pulling it away looking into your eyes filled with enthusiasm for his touches.

    His hand went under your shirt studying the smoothness and softness of your skin but you helped to take off his shirt, which prevented him from feeling completely all the fire of passion between you two.His smooth marble skin seemed to glow with an inner radiance that mesmerized with its unknown beauty.

    "Let me—"

    But you didn't listen to him and abruptly knelt down.Your head was between his legs and your hands began to unbutton his belt.You continued to maintain a gaze with him and his sky-blue eyes began to shine in the light of the golden rays of the setting sun.

    As soon as you pulled off his trousers, you noticed how a small spot formed on his boxers.

    You smiled.

    Running your finger over his excited erection, you said: "Did I really do this to you?"

    "Of course you are.Who else can do this,sweetie?"

    Pulling off his boxers, you noticed how the head of his cock touched his stomach.

    Satoru exhaled from the bottom of his soul the satisfaction that covered his entire body helping his muscles to feel light.

    Looking at this sight, you licked your lips in anticipation.You started driving up and down his cock.You felt how hard he had become and understood with what a great thirst Satoru wanted you.

    You teasingly licked his length with the tip of your tongue causing a shiver of excitement.

    The sorcerer was starting to breathe heavily because of your actions.

    You wrapped your mouth around the head of his cock and began to suck it slowly and gently.

    The man threw back his head and moaned your name from the delight that you gave him.

    He began to feel pleasantly dizzy from the way you perfectly wrapped your soft and beautiful lips around his length.

    You were tucking your stray strands of hair behind your ear, but he reached out his hand and helped you keep them gathered in a ponytail.

    The gray-haired sorcerer began to feel that he was close and from this his body was covered with sparks pleasantly tingling him.

    You started swallowing his cock even faster and stroking with your own hands.

    You moved your head away and began to quickly and diligently stroke his hard, excited trunk.

    Satoru's thighs were tense and his breathing was getting heavier.

    His cock twitched and the trickle of cum that got into your mouth went a little beyond the contour of your shiny lips.You, looking into his blue eyes glowing with pleasure, ran your finger over your lip and slowly licked it off.

    Watching you, his face melted into a smile and immediately felt a rush of warmth in his chest.

    "What a sweet girl you are."

    He abruptly stood up and turned you around with your back to him.His hands deftly began to take off your trousers and then they ended up under your shirt.A moment later, you were sitting on his lap in nothing but underwear that perfectly decorated your figure.

    His hands frantically ran over the remaining clothes to get them off you faster.

    Then, in one motion, he took off your bra, exposing your breasts.You turned your head and noticed how he was twirling it on his finger with a satisfied grin.

    Putting aside the bra, his long fingers stroked your waist causing pleasant sensations.

    With one hand he lifted you up a little and with the other he abruptly tore off your underpants making you completely naked.

    "It's much better."

    Looking down, you clearly saw how his cock needed you, so you teasingly lightly touched his tip, arousing the sorcerer even more.

    "Do you need me that much?"

    Then he grabbed you by the waist and helped you gently sit on his cock.

    From how well you took it, you opened your mouth and a moan escaped from your lips.

    You felt his cock sinking deeper into you.Every inch of it made the heat spread throughout your body.

    You moved your hips smoothly and seductively enveloping his cock with your wet walls.He made you touch sensitive points inside you that made you go crazy.

    His hand touched your breasts, slowly stroking at first, but then he pinched your nipple and from this your back arched and his cock was even deeper in you, forcing Satoru to hiss softly with excitement.

    His lips touched your shoulder, making a trail of kisses right to your neck.Then rising higher he began to nibble your earlobe.

    His hips started to help you pick up the pace.He crashed into you with fiery movements that brought you both pleasure.

    "I-i'm gonna—"

    You didn't have time to finish the sentence as his fingers began to draw circles on your clit, forcing you to grab his snow-white hair and pull Satoru's face closer to yours to merge in a kiss.

    Breathing with difficulty and moaning into each other's lips, you felt his cock begin to throb in you, causing tingling in your stomach.

    Breaking away from his lips, you leaned back on his shoulders feeling how you were going to cum and Satoru feeling that you were at the peak crashed into you roughly painting your walls.

    Your consciousness melted into a sweet languor that covered the whole body and made it disintegrate into thousands of particles.

    You closed your eyes calming your breathing and felt Satoru come out of you gently putting you on his lap.

    He stroked your waist and hips pressing his nose to the top of your head and whispering a variety of words and you heard an unintelligible "you're wonderful."

    Any attempt to move responded with muscle pain, which at the same time was pleasant.

    Having recovered your strength, you began to get ready because it was already night and you wanted to be in a warm bed as soon as possible.

    Satoru got dressed a long time ago and he stared at the marks he left on your skin while you were putting on your shirt.

    You were leaving the office and he held you by the shoulders in case you fall asleep on the way (even if you fall asleep, he doesn't mind carrying you sleepy home).

    Satoru was silent and you asked:

    "You're quiet, like you've got water in your mouth."

    He grinned.

    "What are you smiling about?"

    Taking out your lace panties from his pocket, he turned them around near you.

    You nudged him lightly with your shoulder blushing a little.

    "Well, what a shameless girl you are."

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    ♧One shots♧

    Wonder how many lips has those lips of his kissed, wonder how many between the legs has those lips of his been, wonder how many promises had those lips uttered

    Gojo broke your bed

    A random hookup with a white haired man

    Call while sex

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    Happy birthday, 'Toru

    ༄ Satoru Gojo x reader

    It's your boyfriend's birthday. Unfortunately, you miss it.

    ㅤ— Content Warnings. AFAB reader, smut, fluff, angst (the holy trinity), size kink, oral (m. Receiving), daddy kink, hand job, very slight praise, switch! Reader, overstimulation, Satoru's abandonment issues, subby! Gojo to mean dom! Gojo, choking, dacryphilia, cervix fucking, full Nelson, soft sex turns rough bc you were a tease lmao, creampie.

    ㅤ— minors don't interact.

    ㅤ— WC. 2.2k

    ㅤ— Note. Wanted to write something for my favorite 2D man but turned it a bit too self indulgent bc I totally didn't forget his bday.

    Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!

    Your phone screen blinked a glaring 4:00 AM. A sigh tumbles through your lips as you open the door to your shared apartment. The damn mission took longer than you anticipated. Taking up a job the day before your boyfriend's birthday wasn't on your to-do list but when Yaga said that the curse was roaming a school, your guilty conscience didn't allow you to turn it down. The last time a school was haunted, a kid ate the finger of the king of curses. You wouldn't want a repeat of that.

    But you had missed the curse last night in a tedious chase. So you had to stay back tonight to exorcise it. And now you missed your snowy haired lover's birthday. Not that he was home the day before. None of the sorcerers were available. That's why you were offered the mission.

    Stumbling through the dining room, you found his huge form draped over the couch, occupying it fully. His neck craned from the awkward position on the arm rest. A smile forms on your lips, he's asleep. Maybe you can make it up to him later. Shrugging off your uniform blouse, you walk towards the kitchen to get something to eat. As you pass the table, you notice a parcel of kikufuku placed on it.

    "Thought you'd appreciate that." The sleepy drawl of Gojo's voice made you jump. Whipping around, you're met with droopy azure eyes,"'Toru," You walk closer to him as he stands up. Eyes falling on your feet, you mutter an apology. Long fingers curl under your chin to gently tilt your face up,"Hey," The soft furrow of his albino eyebrows soothes your guilt,"No biggie.” Hand wrapping around the back of your head, he pulls you into a hug,"You're late." He whispers into your hair, kissing your head,"I was getting worried about you."

    Pouting, you bury your face in his chest as your arms cone around him,"But I had so many plans." Pulling away a bit, you look up at him, chin poking his chest,"And i missed your birthday."

    He chuckles lightly because of how cute you look with your lips jutting out just a bit,"It's fine, really." His arm slings around your shoulders and he leans down to press a chaste kiss on your nose,"I'm just glad you're alright." His lips steal a peck from yours,"And home," Soft white locks tickle your skin as he presses his forehead to yours,"With me."

    He's being cheesy but you welcome it with a giddy smile as you push him down on the couch. His brows shoot up at the sudden change in mood. You tilt your chin suggestively, as if you didn't just read his mind, "Lemme make it up to ya'." You catch his smirking lips into a heated kiss. He tastes sweet, like he was eating desserts before. Fingers fumble with the hem of his black tee as you leave open mouthed kisses down his neck. Lifting the shirt over his head, you toss it away on the floor,"Someone's needy." Gojo rests his back on the couch, spreading his long legs to make space for you to kneel in between.

    Mouthing at his chest, you take his nipple in between your teeth,"Like you wouldn't have asked for this anyway." You watch as his head leans back with a grunt at the bite,"I know you, 'toru." Wet tongue soothes the pink skin,"Resident horndog." Your palms dragged down his toned abs, moaning lowly when you feel them tighten up under your touch,"This how ya' gonna make it up to me?" His hand weighs on the back of your head again but heavy this time,"By teasin' me?" Your face is pushed into his crotch. Cheeks mushed against the tent in his pants,"See what you do to me?"

    His free hand hastily pushes down his pants and boxers, kicking them off once they polled around his feet,"And you called me needy." Your snicker was met with his cock head smacking lightly against your cheek,"Why don't ya' put that mouth to use, bunny?" His hand fists his cock, an angry red and throbbing in impatience. Licking the leaky tip, you hum,"Always in such a rush, daddy." Your lips wrap around the flushed crown,"Always such a tease, baby." He strains, hand fisting on your hair. Taking his cock in your mouth, you press your tongue flat on the sensitive underside. Your thighs press together when you feel his vein pulse against your tongue. You're not even halfway through and he's bucking up into your mouth, a needy whine befalls his lips,"C'mon," Peering up at him through your lashes, you notice his adam's apple bob up and down as he gulps,"Take all of it." He says knowing full well that you struggle every damn time.

    The sight of your head bobbing up and down on his cock even though you're unable to fit his whole length in your mouth, the way your tiny hands grasp at the base of his cock. He can't help but thrust up into your face impulsively. With furrowed brows, you swirl your tongue around his cock. A garbled yelp rumbles in your throat when he slips too deep with another thrust,"Oh fuck," His hand is holding you down,"The back of your throat feels s'good, ah-" Tears prick at the corner of your eyes as you choke on his cock. He's breathing hard, shallow puffs with perspiration dewing on his forehead before he lifts the hold on your hair, to let you breathe.

    Pulling off with a breathless gasp, you slide your hand on his length, slick with your saliva now,"Oh, are you gonna cum, 'toru?" You don't need his answer, you can tell from the way he was twitching under your touch. As you slide your thumb over the tip, he's cursing under his breath,"Gonna fuckin' cum." Face pulled into an erotic expression, he replies,"Cum on my tongue," Your lips are back on him, wrapped just around the tip just as he's shooting white warmth with a hiss.

    Gojo's bare chest rises with deep breaths as you swallow. Carding his hand through your hair gently, he smiles down at you lazily,"Such a good girl for daddy, eh?"

    The next moment he's regretting it because you're crawling up on his lap after shedding your clothes teasingly,"Good girls get to ride their daddy's cock," You're dragging your bare pussy along his spent cock, slick dripping onto his length,"Right?" Tracing a finger along his clenched jaw, you muse. Seeing the strongest sorcerer so dishevelled under you made pride bloom in your chest. Grabbing his wrists, you lead his huge palms to your breasts and he reciprocates, cupping and kneading them. When his thumb brushes over your perky nipples, you let out a sultry moan which had his cock jerking back to life,"Oh fuck, y/n." Hands gripping your thighs, he chased your lips. Leaning away, you teased him before finally meeting his eager soft lips,"You're s'big, daddy." And yet you're so wet that he glides right in. Sinking down on him slowly, your moans mingle with his.

    Gojo's hand moves to the back of your neck to pull you deeper in the kiss, tongue meeting yours. He groans when he tastes himself on your tongue. Placing your hands on his shoulders, you lift your hips up before slamming them down harshly. He's breaking the kiss to tuck his face in the crook of your neck,"Y/n, bunny, so tight." He's muttering in your skin as your eyes roll back. Even through the jolts of overstimulation, he bucks his hips up to meet your thrusts,"I just don't want you to forget about me," The sudden confession made your pace falter,"Satoru?" His hands wrapped tightly around your back and you could feel a trembling hot breath on your chest,"I know it's selfish because you have your own life but it did hurt even though you had a reason. I don't know."

    Taking his face in your hands, you draw soft circles on his cheeks with your thumb,“You know that i love you, right?" Your fingers swipe away the strands of silver hair sticking to his forehead,“You have me. You'll always have me." The assurance had his cock twitching inside you, a melancholic smile tugging on his lips. You capture his mouth in a passionate kiss, pouring all your emotions in it,"I love you." Nails dig on his shoulders as you start fucking yourself on his length again,"I love you, 'toru." You reply. Touching your forehead to his, you grab his wrist again, this time pressing his palm flat on your tummy,"Feel that?" He never gets used to this, no matter how many times he fucks you, seeing the bulge of his cock under your skin always amazes him.

    Pressing his hand down harder with a sigh, you gauge the way his face scrunches up, groan bubbling up in the back of his throat,"That's you," Your cunt wraps so snug around his cock with each thrust that he can't help it anymore. His sensitive cock ached for a release,"Please," You smirk at his plea,"Not gonna last long," Hands desperately grasping at your body, he lets you bounce on his throbbing cock but you stop just as you feel him pulse against your walls,"Baby," He whines, already sensitive from the previous high and now pretty tears of frustration trickled down his rosy cheeks,"Oh, daddy, did you wanna cum?" You love him but you can't resist the urge to tease him. Maybe he rubbed off on you or maybe you just wanted to see him whimper under your fingertips.

    Teeth grinding at your faux sympathy, a snarl escapes his lips. Azure eyes snap up to yours, a dangerous dark shade. A hand wraps around your neck like a collar,"Think yer' slick, toyin' with me like that, hm?" The next second's a blur because one moment you're straddling him and the next your back's against the couch with your boyfriend hovering above you. Grabbing your knees, he presses them to your chest. With you folded in half, Satoru starts slamming inside you relentlessly. His cock going impossibly deep on this angle. Your pussy throbbed from the intensity of his thrusts, moans and whimpers rattling your bones,"Act like a brat, get fucked like one."

    Wailing when he knocks at your cervix, you try to push at his chest,"Slow down, ah!" A taunting gaze falls on your face,"Please, 'toru," Tossing one leg over his shoulder, Gojo presses his hand on your lower abdomen again, moaning under his breath when he felt his cock move inside you, plunging deeper and deeper,"Oh, 'toru," You're blinking tears from his harsh treatment,"Please," Yet he doesn't slow down, only going harder and pressing his large hand harshly on your belly,"Really?" His sneer brushes hot on your cheek,"Yer' begging me, now?" Another hard thrust and fresh gush of tears blur your vision,"After what you pulled?"

    You're close to your own orgasm, tightening up around him unceremoniously,"Oh, what's this? Gonna cream on my cock?" His hand is back on your throat, fingers tight around your air columns,"Maybe I shouldn't let you cum." A hint of a kiss on your lips and he smirks deviously when you whine. But with how tight your pussy flutters around him, he crumbles,"Fuck- you like when I'm pissed off, don't ya'?" His voice breaks as he nears his high,"'Cause yer' squeezing me so tight," Grip tightening around your neck, he shudders when you gush around him, cunt dripping like a fountain,"Ah, fuck fuck- baby," He tries to pull away but you clench your walls around him, legs kicking out to wrap around his waist,"Inside me, 'Toru." Your palm is hot on the back of your neck as you pull him in for a kiss,"'m on the pill." He's giving in, bursting deep inside you while broken moans muffle at your mouth,“You belong to me, with me, under me." Gojo breathes, resting his forehead on yours, eyes closed as he rides out his orgasm with languid thrusts.

    "Done already, old man?" A breathy laugh illuminates the room,"I call you bunny but you're more of a vixen, hm?" You smile at his words,"Maybe I should call you vixen now." Cupping his jaw, you steal a peck at his lips,"Maybe you should, daddy." His groan is buried under the rumble of your stomach.

    "Midnight snack?" He rasps, collapsing on top of you. His large body weighs you down as you embrace him with an "oof".

    "Breakfast." You remind him of the early hours,"And we'll need ta' shower first." A comfortable silence falls between you before you speak up again,"Happy birthday, 'Toru."

    You scoff at your words,"Belated." Snuggling into your neck, he reassures,"I'm not mad that you missed my birthday, ya' know." He grins before adding,

    "But I am mad that you didn't bring me a cake."

    2021 © all content belongs to ambrodias. Do not repost my work anywhere.

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    Beat that pussy up like u do with curses 😩😩domain expand all my holes pls gojo

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  • the-lady-writes-what
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    A Birthday Card for Satoru

    You give Satoru Gojo a birthday card since it’s his birthday. A platonic gesture because you felt bad for the asshole not having anyone to celebrate or remember his birthday with him. It didn’t mean anything more than that. At least it shouldn’t have. Which is going to be hard to use in order to explain how and why he’s rearranging your guts in a random office.

    Satoru Gojo x Fem! Reader (cis; pronouns she/her)

    Content: oral (giving), titty fuck, “good girl,” face fucking, blindfold, rough sex, mild degradation (slut)

    You hand him the plain envelope with a simple, “Here.” 

    “What’s this? A love letter? Y/N, you can just say it a loud. Nobody’s around to hear how you’ve been pining for me,” said Satoru. 

    “It’s a birthday card, ass. I felt bad for you because nobody told you ‘happy birthday’ or wants to spend time with you today. Don’t make it weird!” 

    “Ah, but you still like me enough to get me a card for my birthday!” 

    “That’s it! I’m taking it back!” 

    You reach for the envelope, but Satoru manages to pull you into a bear hug from which there’s no escape. His arms snake around you and rest at the small of your back. You’re squeezed tight against him. Abashed, you realize that he can probably feel everything, especially with how your breasts are pushed firmly against his torso. 

    “Just give me the damn birthday card, you pervert!” 

    “How can you give me a birthday card, but no present? Seems awfully rude, don’t you think, Y/N?”

    “You’re so full of yourself,” you sighed. 

    “Come on, it’s my birthday. Don’t tell me you didn’t get me anything?” 

    “I got you a card and I promised myself that I wouldn’t kill you today. Isn’t that a present enough?” 

    Satoru lowered his face next to your ear. “There’s one thing that you can give me that won’t cost you a thing.”

    “Oh, and what would that be?” 

    “I’ve always wondered what my cock would look like wrapped around your pretty lips,” he chuckled. 

    Powered by your anger and embarrassment at such a request, you pushed him off. Satoru held onto the birthday card. You turned your back to him deciding that your dignity wasn’t worth giving him what he wanted, even if he was joking. 

    “Don’t tell me you’re not the least bit curious. Haven’t you wondered what it looks like?”

    You couldn’t tell whether he was joking or not. Satoru Gojo had been picking on you since your days as a student at Tokyo Jujutsu Tech. It’d been innocent yet pestering at first. Once you were adults, Satoru was convinced you wanted to sleep with him. The man had a literal and figurative body count, and you weren’t keen on getting added to either list. But still, you wondered why women, and some men, flocked to Satoru like he was the incarnation of Eros or Kama* himself. You’d caught yourself from time to time wondering what about Satoru’s skills in bed to keep a list of partners crawling back for more. You teased the thought of finding out for yourself, but chickened out every time. Here he was, offering himself on a silver platter to satisfy your curiosity. The fact that Satoru would get to one-up you again was the cherry on top. 

    “Awfully confident. A lot of men talk about their game like they’ve been gifted Cupid’s dick or something. I guess that it’s all bravado,” you replied. 

    Satoru staggered back, clutching his chest, and feigning an injury. “Ouch. You know how to get to me.” He smirked. “But let’s say we prove it once and for all. You do as I say as my birthday present, and if I'm not good as I say I am, I'll leave you alone. For good. But if I win...”

    “If you win,” you emphasized. 

    “When I win, you have to say that my cock is the best you’ve ever had and you can’t live without it. What’d you say?” Satoru held out his hand, hoping you would shake it. 

    The stakes weren’t too bad. At least, nobody you knew would overhear you say that in case you did lose. No matter, like you’d pass the chance to not only wipe that smug look off Satoru’s face, you could get him to stop teasing you. You stuck your hand out and shook his vigorously. 

    Satoru wrapped his hand around your wrist and pulled you behind a desk. He plopped himself down while you stood there, waiting for his commands. All you had to do was listen to him for a little while and when he lost, you never would have to speak to this man again. How hard could it be? Satoru thumbed the blindfold and peeled it off. You’d seen his eyes before, but you never saw them up close and personal. They were like perfect crystals with ever-changing colors shifting around. The lights were dim in this office, but Satoru’s eyes somehow still glowed and refracted light like a prism. And he still wore that stupid smug look on his face. 

    “Take off your top.”

    You shrugged off your blazer and button-up. Without being asked, you unclipped your bra and let it fall off your shoulders. You felt Satoru’s eyes following the rise and fall of your chest as you breathed. 

    “Eager?” Satoru chuckled. 

    “N-No. I figured you were going to do something nasty, so I took it off to keep it from getting dirty.” 

    “Whatever you say, sweetheart,” said Satoru. He leaned back into the chair, stroking the outline of the tent in his dark trousers. “Now, crawl over to me and unzip my pants.”

    “You don’t want me to get naked?” 

    “Do you?”


    “There’s plenty of time for that later, but for now, I want you to fulfill a little fantasy of mine. So, hop to it. On your hands and knees and crawl over to me, princess.”

    You oblige him. You sank to your knees and started crawling towards him. You hated how your breasts swayed with your movement for Satoru’s viewing pleasure. Once you reached him, Satoru crooked his finger for you move even closer. You glared into his eyes as he cupped your chin while his other hand undid his pants. Satoru dragged down the zipper slowly, almost hypnotizing you with the sound. He rose slightly in the chair and shifted to pull down his pants and boxers to allow his cock to spring free. Your eyes stopped glaring for a second to gape at how hard and ready he already was, and neither of you touched each other. 

    Satoru stroked himself and tapped your bottom lip with the pinkish head of his cock. You stuck your tongue out to lick the tip and swallowed more of him down your throat. Satoru’s hand came down the back of your neck to help push his cock deeper down your throat. 

    “Look at you go,” Satoru snickered as he watched you take him and suck him off. “You’re a regular pro. Shit, you’re good!” 

    You worked his cock faster, stroking with your hand what you couldn’t take down your throat. You slobbered over his cock and made sure to lick the sensitive vein that made him flinch and buck his hips into your face. You swallowed his pre-cum. Satoru reached down and cupped your breasts. His longer slender fingers pinched, pulled, and teased your nipples until they were painfully stiff. You raised yourself on your knees and pressed Satoru’s cock between your breasts. You rubbed him down, palming yourself and tweaking your nipples in place of his. You peered up defiantly to find Satoru almost unfazed by your antics. Glaring, you stroked him faster with your breasts and sucked in your cheeks, taking him all the way down your throat. 

    “Good girl, good girl, good girl.” Satoru canted as he patted the top of your head, pushing it down ever so slightly. 

    Satoru bucked his hips against your face. He grabbed both sides of your head and held it still for him to fuck your mouth. Drool dribbled out of the corner of your mouth with how fast and hard he drove himself into your mouth. Satoru hissed and swore regardless of who might be able to hear. You pushed on his thighs, but Satoru was relentless. No matter your short-lived rebellion, you kept your mouth wide open for him to fuck. Your drool dribbled down the front of your neck and smeared on your boobs. Satoru pulled out roughly at the last minute just for you to catch some of his cum on your tongue. He used the rest to paint your chest white. The obscene, sticky substance splattered and Satoru left your jaws sore and used. Satoru swiped some up with two of his fingers and inserted them into your mouth. You licked and sucked his fingers clean. He repeated this gesture until most of the cum was cleaned off your chest. Then, Satoru took his blindfold and tied it over your eyes. 

    “Up you go!” He helped you to your feet. 

    Without your eyes, you were under his control. You felt slick between your thighs, even through the thick denim of your jeans. These were the next to go as Satoru unbuttoned your pants and yanked everything down to your ankles. You held unto his arms as you kicked off your shoes and stepped out of your clothes. You wailed as Satoru reached between your legs and shoved his fingers inside of you. 

    “You’re fucking soaked, Y/N-chan. Did you like when I fucked your tight little mouth?” 

    You whimpered under his touch. Satoru drove his fingers deeper, using his thumb to rub infinite circles on your clit. More and more of your cream spilled out. It lubed his fingers to reach deep inside and find that spongy part of your body that no toy could reach quite well as he did. Satoru curled his fingers and thrust in and out at a harsh pace. You spilled all over his hands and on the floor. Your back arched and your nails dug into his arms that supported you. You couldn’t stop the scream that erupted from your throat as Satoru pitched you headlong into orgasmic bliss. 

    “Good girl. Coming all over my fingers like a good little slut. What’s this? Did you just get tighter when I called you a slut?” 

    You shook your head, but you both knew the truth. Satoru had been teasing you for years. You could justify and say that it was your body’s natural reaction; you had no control over it. But deep down inside, you liked--no. You loved the sound of Satoru saying those foul things. That’s why you clenched around his fingers even as he pulled out. 

    In a flash, your back was pinned to the desk. A shuffle of clothing later, you felt Satoru’s hot skin graze against yours as he slipped between your legs. He wrapped your ankles behind his neck and drove his cock into your well-lubricated cunt. 

    “What the fuck? How you hard again?” You shouted. Human language was then quickly forgotten when Satoru started thrusting. 

    “I have better stamina than any man before me. And certainly after.” He gloated. 

    Blindfolded, your senses and nerve endings went haywire. Without seeing him drive his cock the furthest it could go inside your cunt, you felt him. Every inch of his cock turning your insides into mush. The thick veins rubbed your inner walls. It was like scratching a bad itch having him bury himself all the way in, pull out to the tip, and ram back in. Over and over and over...

    Your nails dug into the wood of the desk which shuddered and rattled in time with Satoru’s cock rearranging your guts. You scraped at the desk for a chance of purchasing sanity and grounding, but found none. Satoru grabbed your hips to forcibly bring you along his cock. His hands bruised your hips while you tossed your head back and forth. 

    “You...should see...your...self now, Y/N. You looking so-so-so f-fucking good on my cock right now. H-Happy birthday to me, indeed!” 

    “S-Shut up!” You snarled before your eyes rolled into the back of your head. 

    *desire, wish, or longing. Found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jain literature, kama is the concept of sexual and sensual desire and longing. In Hinduism, kama is associated with Kamadeva, the god of human desire. 

    #Jujutsu Kaisen#jjk#Jujutsu Sorcerer#jjk fanfiction#jjk smut#reader fic#reader smut#female reader #female (cis) reader #Satoru Gojo#x reader #Satoru Gojo x Reader #satoru gojo x female reader #satoru dojo x fem! reader #18+ only #no minors allowed #Minors DNI #Happy Birthday Satoru Gojo
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  • mid-night-blossoms
    08.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Gojo x Fem Reader

    A/n: This is my piece for my event. I wasn't going to post anything today, but I've been meaning to finish this piece so I decide to post to it today to celebrate the birthday boy.

    Warnings: 18+. Arranged Marriage. Virginity Loss. Oral Fem Receiving. Corruption kink. Mentions of hell, heaven, and God(s). Vaginal Penetration.

    Wc: 1.5K

    ‘I think I know the Name of Purity,

    It is Your Name--It holds clear water well!’

    Excerpt from ‘‘Sonnet 28 ‘I think I know the Name of Purity’’. Andrew Fairchild.

    Swinging your legs over the edge of the bed you look up to find yourself staring into the clear blue eyes of the man you had married but a few hours ago. You heart pounding in your chest as you think back to a time where he didn’t make your heart flutter in your chest, didn’t make it long for the tender gaze of his alluring blue eyes. You can’t seem to come up with an answer.

    You would think your love and affection for him as one-sided, only you and you alone were willing to give and do anything for him. Only you were willing to look past the arrogance and vexatious personality, to see the truly broken man he was underneath. You were willing to go as far as marrying the man.

    And maybe that was where your first mistake lied. Because much like the flowers that decorated the venue of your wedding; you were a symbol of innocence to those who knew you, and you loved with every inch of your being. What you felt for Satoru could only be described as pure love by those who saw the way your eyes shined every time you looked at him.

    Except he couldn’t fully accept your love, couldn’t fully accept that you were willing to let your life get ruined by becoming involved with him. Even now as he stood in the room, decorated with white carnations, he couldn’t bring himself to accept that you had chosen to let yourself become ruined by the likes of him.

    “Y/n,” he says your name right above a whisper, and the sound of it weighs heavy on his tongue. He shouldn’t even be allowed to say your name. He was unworthy of making such a beautiful sound as the one your name made. You hum looking up at him, the white silk strap of your nightgown sliding down your shoulders. Smiling up at him you look like what he thinks angels would look like, a soft white glow surrounding your body and a warm bright light hovering over your head, product of the lamp behind you, but all Satoru can see is how truly undeserving he is of your love. “Are you sure about this?” He knows the question is unnecessary, that he should have asked before everything was actually finalized, but seeing how innocent and lovely you look beneath him, he can’t stand the thought of ruining you any further.

    And yet he wants to be the only one to ruin you.

    You pick his hand, bring his knuckles to your lips, pressing a kiss to the golden band around his finger. “Yes. I’m sure.”

    Reaching to the bedside he picks up one of the white carnations by the stem, brings it to your cheek where he slides the pelts along your cheek. His breath catches in his throat as he watches your eyes flutter close, enjoying the softness of the petals as they brush against your skin. Tentatively he runs the flower against the plushness of your bottom lip, admiring how the white petals contrast against the red of them. Without giving much of a second thought he removes the carnation from your lips replacing it with his warm mouth.

    It’s heaven. To have you like this is a taste of heaven. But else would he expect you to taste like when you are an angel sent from the heavens above. The embodiment of purity and innocence. A blessing sent to those who had the grace of meeting you.

    For a moment the guilt sets back in when his fingers slide beneath the hem of the white nightgown you're wearing. He shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong of him to have something so celestial when he’s the worst of sinners. Yet he can bring himself to stop from exploring every dip and crevice of your angelic form. Can’t bring himself to stop from reveling in the empyreal sounds that leave your mouth as he finds comfort between your legs.

    He ignores the bubbling feeling that is rising to his throat as his tongue prods and slides between your folds. Satoru does his best to push it down as he swallows the sweet juices that spill from your cunt. He pulls back for a second blue eyes looking up at your disheveled body, your hands clenching the white sheets between your fingers. He wants to tease you about how sensitive you are, but that would be impious to the higher being that bestowed him this one blessing, “You're such a good girl for me,” he murmurs instead, pushing one finger inside of you.

    Your wail when he curls it inside of you, hips rising off the bed, “ Satoru…I need more.” You don’t know what you're asking for exactly, but all you know is that you want to feel the body of your beloved closer to you. Want to feel as if you're one with him.

    Adding a second finger, Satour peers up at you through his white lashes, “Just a little more sweetheart, I promise.” He takes your clit back into his mouth, sucking at it as gently as he does even when the way you're clenching and gushing around his fingers tells him he doesn’t have to treat you as if you were made of glass. But again if he did as he pleased it would be another transgression to God which would likely send him ever further into the depths of hell where he belonged.

    And maybe he would still find a way there, to the burning pits of hell, because he is certain that the price of being able to taste the sublime taste of your release. Not that he would complain. He was willing to pay that hefty price if it meant being able to have you like this for the rest of his pitiful life.

    With your body still quivering underneath he travels up your body, mouth nipping and kissing every inch of skin he can, until his lips meet yours once again. He’s so lost in the diving taste that the soft feeling of something against traveling up his abs causes him to jolt. Satour separates from a second to see what you're up to, and finds himself looking down as white petals of the flower he had discarded earlier traveling up to the dip of his collarbones, there’s now a small red stain among them from your lipstick. He’s own eyes flutter close when you reach his navel, the soft tickling feeling making him thrust forward into your hips.

    He can’t hold back much longer, taking the flower from your fingers he tosses it to the end of the bed, and pulls the waistband of his night pants down to his thighs. He looks up at your angelic face once more, saliva filling the inside of his mouth. “Are you sure?” he asks one last time.

    You nod your head, hands finding the dip of his hips, pulling him closer to your heat, “Yes,” you whine as the tip of his length bumps against your swollen clit, “stop asking and fuck me Satoru. Make me yours for now and the rest of our lives.”

    Satoru’s mouth finds you once more, tongue softly sliding against yours, as he slowly sinks into the divine warmth of your entrance. You whimper as he stretches you for the first time, tears sting the corner of your eyes, making the tender kiss taste of salt. If Satoru had felt as if he offended God earlier now he felt as if he had committed tyranny.

    He keeps his lips pressed to yours as he slowly starts to roll his hips into you. His fingers gently massaging your thigh trying to sooth some of the discomfort he might be causing you. The sound of skin slapping against skin bounce the walls, and sweat from both your bodies quickly soak the bed sheets beneath you. He eats whatever moans and whimpers you let out when he pulls back to let you breathe, forehead pressed to yours and lips hovering over yours.

    “I feel weird ‘Toru. Like something is going to snap.” you huff, out of breath.

    Satoru grunts moving his hips a bit more harshly into you, now chasing the release that was forming right above his groin, “Your about to cum - fuck you feel so good - just let go. I promise it’ll feel good, angel.”

    You nod frantically, nails digging into his biceps as the feeling inside of you grows. Satoru’s fingers travel between your bodies, fingers finding your bud and pinching in between his fingers so that he can push you over the edge before he falls off of it himself.

    The sensation of you creaming around him pushes him off the edge. His hips still against yours, sweaty chest pressed to yours as he paints the inside of you white. Another thing he would have to add to his list of wrongdoings that he won’t regret.

    The two of you stay like that for a few moments. Satoru’s deft fingers rub small circles into your jaw. Lost in the pure feeling of being able to call you his completely. He might not deserve this one good thing, but he would make sure that he would day be worthy of it. Be worthy of the love you had for him.

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  • saintmanjiro
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago


    word count: 2.2k

    tags: fem! reader, 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, unprotected sex, friends with benefits to lovers

    a/n: happy birthday to my favorite insufferable king. he’s probably ooc so don’t start with me, but anyway, ty sunny for beta-ing

    gojo satoru doesn’t get ghosted. he does the ghosting.

    he’s used to heartbroken girls that expect a call back, he’s used to bitter whispers about him after a one-night stand stays at just a one-night stand, and he’s used to getting up and leaving.

    but he’s not used to this. he’s not used to being the one left, and he can’t fathom that someone wouldn’t want to text him back—let alone collect their things and leave him in the morning without a word. and truth be told, he’s a little wounded. he tells himself it’s strictly because his pride and ego and dignity are all tainted by your inability to comprehend just what you had scored and not anything else. because that’s exactly what it is, no doubt about it.

    he’s embarrassed, not hurt. and it’s most certainly not because he finds you attractive—more so than he’s found anyone else in a really long time, and there is no chance that it’s because he enjoys seeing you interact with his students—he refuses to acknowledge that the warmth that spreads through his chest is actually warmth, and it’s a cold day in hell before he admits if it’s because he has feelings for you.

    gojo satoru doesn’t do feelings. he simply doesn’t. that’s why he doesn’t care that you’re right here, in front of him—because there are definitely no feelings involved.

    “funny running into you here,” you tilt your head, setting your bag down on the table. the cafe is quiet at this hour, and you’re on your lunch break. he knows you are, he knows a lot of things about you, and he wants to learn more. he can’t really understand why he cares.

    “i don’t remember saying you could sit at my table,” he grins lazily at you. “i don’t remember you asking to join me either, but i wouldn’t wanna break your heart. you can stay,” he says smugly, and a small part of his chest blooms at the amusement that twinkles in your eyes. they’re a lot brighter in this lighting, and even if he gets to see them up close when he’s hovering over you in bed, he never gets to stare at them in this manner.

    “you’re sitting at my table, actually,” you squint at him. “i always come here during my lunch break.” he thinks it’s funny that you lift your chin in defiance, it’s a quirk he’s caught onto quickly, and it’s endearing.

    “i thought i’d make your break a bit more interesting today,” he winks, and even if you can’t see it through the blindfold, he has a feeling you know. and maybe that’s not really a good thing—he shouldn’t let you know him that well, but it’s too late to draw back now and he couldn’t even if he tried.

    “i see enough of you in a day,” you groan playfully. “i deserve a break. from work and you.”

    “you see me around often?” he raises a brow. “are you following me?” he smirks at you, making you scoff with a roll of your eyes. there’s a soft chuckle that bubbles all the way from your chest, and gojo almost gulps at the sound. your laugh is a sweet melody, and he could listen to it for an eternity before he gets tired, he could listen to it every night before he sleeps. and even if he denies it to himself, he sleeps way better when your warmth encompasses him instead of just the sheets.

    it’s too bad you never stay the whole time.

    “if i am, then maybe you’re not as good as they say,” you tease. “i’ve gotten past your radar all this time then.” he grins at the soft little snort that leaves you as you speak, and he also finds that endearing too.

    he can’t remember the last time something outside of a sultry voice and skimpy clothes made him want someone this badly, but even just the sound of your laugh has him drawn to you like a moth to a flame. and what draws him to you even more is that he knows that if he gets too close, you won’t burn him. you’re not blazing heat, you’re a subtle warmth, and it’s what he needs deep down.

    “i let my fans keep up with me,” he shrugs with a smirk. “i’d hate to let them all down.”

    “ah,” you nod, looking down at your lap. instantly, there’s something that shifts, and he’s not sure what it is, but it doesn’t seem good. “don’t you have a mission today,” you raise a brow, and a small part of his chest aches at the way you almost seem to be dismissing him. and even though this is technically his table—he did get here first, after all—suddenly, he feels like an intruder as you stare at him.

    “it’s tomorrow,” he corrects casually. “excited you get some more time with me?” he asks, but the cocky demeanor is never enough to phase you, and he can’t understand why.

    he’s so unused to this imbalance, so confused why it is that his smug grin doesn’t get you flustered, but it never seems to.

    “that’s a shame. i don’t think time is in my favor then,” you sigh dramatically. “i was counting on getting some alone time.” he wants to laugh at the subtle pout on your lips as you speak, and he wants to reach over and poke it with his finger, maybe even run his thumb over the bottom lip, but he quickly stops his thoughts from wandering elsewhere. suddenly, he remembers why he’s here in the first place.

    “you do seem to never have enough time,” he hums. “is that why you have such busy mornings?” there’s a small hint of alarm in your expression, and in a moment, you’re scrambling to get up as you bite your lip.

    “i…just realized i never ordered my dri—”

    “i ordered it for you,” he interrupts. “it should be here in a bit.”

    “i have a really specific order,” you avoid looking at his face. “i should go double check you got it right.”

    “i know your order,” he says simply. and despite his tendency to never seem to pay attention, you don’t doubt that he did in fact get your order on the mark. sighing, you sit back down slowly, wringing your fingers as you refuse to meet his gaze, even if you can’t exactly meet it through a blindfold anyway.

    “i uh…have a lot to do in the mornings,” you mumble.

    “too busy for me, huh?” he chuckles dryly, and this time, as you look up, it really does feel like you’ve met his gaze through the cloth, and neither of you can seem to look away.

    “satoru,” you whine, and the way your nails used to dig into his skin when he first used to bottom out contrasts greatly to how you cling to him now, arms wrapped around his figure as he inches into your cunt slowly. he starts to breathe more heavily, head finding your neck instantly as you seem to squeeze even tighter around him than the last time he’s fucked you.

    “didn’t even do much yet,” he lets out a breathy chuckle, and he can feel your pulse as his nose presses against the skin of your neck. he wonders if you’re aware of his, aware of how your heartbeat is so in sync with his. “already that fucked out?” and if you weren’t too busy moaning at the way he pulls out only to slam back into you, hips angling to thrust right into the spot he knows by heart will get you going, you’d have bit back with something of your own. and gojo thinks it’s one of his favorite things about you, the way you never seem to go down without a fight, even if it’s him you’re up against.

    “why are you hiding then?” you huff, and he digs his face deeper into the crook of your neck at your words, almost like he’s scared you’ll rip him out. he lets out a soft groan, breathy and drawn out as his thrusts continue, your walls squeezing around him with each snap of his hips. and even with the way you challenged him just moments ago, your fingers comb through his hair soothingly.

    you whimper when he hits a certain spot once more, and he gasps at the way you spasm around him, sucking him in tighter, almost like you don’t want to let him go. the throb of his cock is too much. too good and too painful all at once, the climb to his orgasm muddling his mind as he fucks into you slowly, sensually, each angling of his pelvis perfectly precise.

    “the view will make you finish too quick,” he rasps, and even as he chokes on a soft whine, he doesn’t miss a beat to be insufferable. you scoff, but still, your hips raise to meet his, and your upper body closes the gap as your skin touches his. your chests meet, and a wanton moan escapes both of you as your nipples graze the heated skin of the other’s. you can feel the drag of every ridge and every vein of his stiff cock, can almost feel the pulse as it throbs in your wet heat.

    “or maybe it’s the—fuck, right there, toru,” you cut yourself off, and he’s breathing much more erratic now, panting harshly into your neck as he tries to stave off his high so he can meet his with yours. “m-maybe it’s the other way around,” you finish your earlier statement with a shaky voice.

    he’s close, he’s so close, and it feels so good it almost hurts. you feel so good it almost hurts. it hurts deep in his chest, in corners and crevices he didn’t even know were there as he cradles you closer to his body, and he almost wants to hope the way you’re holding him is you cradling him too. and now, as you choke on cries of his name, as he finally pulls away from your neck to see the way you glow so ethereally with tears pricking your waterline, he thinks maybe he does do feelings—because all he ever wants to do is feel you. he wants to feel you deep within his skin, in his bones, and in his muscles as he becomes one with you.

    and he never wants to wake up alone. not without you there.

    “fuck, ‘m so close,” he breathes, groaning when you tug him by his hair and pull him into a kiss. he kisses you hungrily, like he’s been starved, a mess of lips and teeth and hot breaths. and he has been starved, he thinks, he’s been starved of you for so long, he doesn’t know how long he can hold out. “f-fuck, cum with me,” he pleads, and how can you not give him what he wants when he asks so nicely?

    your walls spasm around him as you let go with a high-pitched whine, back arching off the sheets as your legs wrap around his torso. with a loud grunt, he follows, choking on moans as he cums. thick ropes of cum paint your walls, and he slams his hips desperately into your heat as he fucks you both through your orgasms.

    he slumps on top of you when you both finish, catching his breath into the crook of your neck once more. and if he has to cage you with his body to keep you in place, he thinks he will this time around.

    “you should be getting ready for your mission,” you whisper after some time, and he nuzzles into you further, and almost as though you understand, you rub his back slowly.

    “can’t help but worry about me even after i’ve fucked your brains out,” he teases, and the soft slap to his shoulder makes him let out a quiet, giddy little laugh.

    “gonna walk out again,” you warn. “won’t even wait for you to sleep this time.” but gently, you pull the covers over your bodies, pressing a soft kiss to his sweaty forehead, pushing back the damp strands that stick to the skin.

    “i’ll be walking out this time,” he smiles into your skin. “mission’s in the morning. don’t miss me too much.”

    “won’t miss you,” you roll your eyes. it’s silent for a moment before you hesitantly speak up. “you fuck all your little fans like this?” you mumble softly, and his heart aches a little, throbbing in his chest.

    “no,” gojo hums. “just you. trying to make everyone jealous.” there’s a small shift in the air again, a good one this time, when you let out a soft breath. and he catches your hand when you go to smack him playfully again, and ever so softly, he presses a tiny kiss to your inner wrist before he falls asleep, body curving against yours perfectly.

    #reign writes #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #gojo x reader #gojo satoru x reader #gojo x you #gojo satoru x you #jjk x you #jujutsu kaisen x you #gojo smut #gojo satoru smut #gojo satoru #jujutsu kaisen smut #jjk smut#gojo headcanons #gojo satoru headcanons #jjk headcanons #jujutsu kaisen headcanons #gojo scenarios#gojo imagines
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  • yourtamaki
    08.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    sweetest devotion

    sub!gojo x dom!reader x switch!nanami

    word count: 1.8k

    warnings: all porn no plot, afab reader, cucking, voyeurism, praise, degradation, humiliation, oral (m and f receiving), cum eating, subspace

    dedicated to: the birthday boy but mostly @angeltani

    “eyes open, toru.”

    if his tongue wasn’t sitting numb in his mouth, if he had even a weak spark of pride left inside him, he would’ve told you that he could see perfectly fine even with his eyes screwed shut, thank you very much. but you’d snuffed out the bonfire that was his ego ages ago and gojo had no will left in him to defy your order.

    you’re smiling when his eyes blink open and for a moment, he forgets the little game you two are playing. fuck, you’re beautiful. even after two years together, gojo feels his heart thud just a little harder, a little faster whenever you throw that smile his way. he relaxes into the chair he’s sat on at the sight of you and nearly smiles himself at the playful gleam that dances behind your eyes.

    at least, he would’ve smiled if nanami didn’t choose that same moment to reach around from behind you and start playing with your clit.

    your grin fades in an instant, lips parting in a silent moan as you settle back against the blonde’s chest, your thighs trembling where they rest on top of nanami’s as he rubs neat circles against your sensitive bud. gojo can’t tell what he hates more. how good you look sitting on another man’s cock or how hard the sight makes him.

    scalding hot jealousy sweeps over him when he catches sight of the thick ring of cream that coats nanami’s base. your cum should be decorating his cock, you should be bouncing on his lap. so why does it feel so fucking good to watch nanami tip his head back and groan, looking more shattered then gojo has ever seen him before?

    maybe it’s because he knows the pleasures of your cunt so intimately he can tell exactly when you clamp down around him just by watching nanami clench his sharp jaw. he knows how close you are from the frantic bucking of your hips, the small furrow in your brow as nanami’s large hands go to your waist and guide you up and down the length of his cock. 

    or maybe it’s because even as you cry out for kento to make you cum again, he knows the only name carved into the roof of your mouth, the name that echoes behind every moan is satoru.

    you may be stuffed full of someone else’s cock but gojo is the only one on your mind and the thought alone is enough to make a fat spurt of precum leak from his angry red tip.

    your eyes lock on gojo’s lust blown ones as you shudder in nanami’s arms, toes curling as your overtaken by your pleasure. nanami groans low in your ear, biting the tender skin where your neck meets your shoulder in a feeble attempt to postpone his own high but it only serves to make you rock back even harder against him. 

    “kento.” his name is a sigh on your lips as you ride out the last of your orgasm. you reach a hand into his pale hair, fingers grazing along the back of his neck and even gojo can see how easily it breaks whatever composure nanami still has. “don’t you wanna cum for me, baby? don’t you wanna cum in me?” 

    “yes.” he says, voice strained from the tidal wave of sin he held back. 

    “yeah? tell toru how bad you want it.” 

    “fuck i want to fuck her so full she leaks, want you to fuck her and use my cum as lube and fuck it into her.” gojo’s hips buck at the spew of filth leaving nanami, feverish with how eager he is to turn dream into reality. the movement doesn’t escape your notice and you shoot him a sharp grin.

    “i’ve got such dirty boys, haven’t i? go ahead baby, cum nice and hard for us.” 

    nanami is a sight to behold as he spills inside you, all flushed cheeks and unfocused eyes, mindlessly grinding his cum deeper and deeper within you and letting out sounds gojo didn’t know the man capable of. it’s not long though before gravity wins and a smear of white starts to creep out of you even with nanami’s cock keeping you plugged. 

    “come here, toru.” you call out as nanami catches his breath and gojo is all too quick to rise to his feet before you shake your head. “on your knees.” 

    he drops so quickly he’s sure he’ll be counting the bruises on kneecaps tomorrow morning. with nanami still recovering, head buried in the crook of your shoulder, you're the only witness to his humiliating crawl. he feels every inch of the small distance from where he’d been sitting to the edge of the bed, his skin prickling with equal parts shame and excitement by the time he reaches you and is only soothed by your whisper. 

    “good boy. you wanna do what kento said, pretty baby?”

    he nods and adds a quick please before you could remind him to use his words.

    “so polite, sweet thing. but you should say thank you to kento first, don’t you think? he was so nice giving me all his cum.” he’s about to give out a rushed thanks but the words get stuck in his throat as you raise yourself up and nanami’s cock slips out, your entrance clenching where it once was. “lick him clean, toru.” 

    his eyes cross trying to stare down the monster between nanami’s legs, thick and pretty even as it softens. he could almost pretend it was just another strapon you’ve got on if it wasn’t for the intense pressure of nanami’s eyes boring into the top of his head. he gives a tentative lick, tracing a vein that runs along the underside of his shaft and moans when your familiar taste hits his tongue. it’s muddled, coated in something salty and just shy of bitter but it’s still you and that’s enough for gojo to start lapping up every drop of the creamy ring he was eyeing earlier. he works his way up slowly, leaving no inch of skin left untouched and losing himself in the task knowing two sets of eyes watch his every move. 

    there’s something intoxicating about the stuttering gasps he’s managing to pull from nanami that spurs him on even when no taste of you remains. soft embers of pride burn bright in his gut knowing he’s the one getting these reactions out of the stoic man. 

    “his tongue feels good, doesn’t it?” gojo can’t help but preen under your praise. 

    “ ‘s so good.” nanami slurs. the embers grow into a roiling flame when his cock twitches against gojo’s cheek as he dips lower and sucks delicately at the soft balls, revelling in how they fit in his mouth like they were made to be there. 

    “good enough to let him fuck me?” 

    “oh i’m not so sure about that. i think i need a little more convincing.” the soft gaze nanami had for you turns hard when he peers down at where gojo kneels trembling before you two. a rough hand threads into his hair and he has no time to see whether it’s you or nanami before his mouth is stuffed full, nose brushing along a neat tuft of blonde. his eyes water and sting at the intrusion but he holds still, letting his jaw go slack and allowing nanami to slip even further down his throat. 

    “look, he loves it.” your amusement rings clear as a bell and he moans in agreement, earning him an echoing groan from nanami. “he can take some more, i trained my baby well. you won’t let us down right toru?”

    gojo bobs his head before the hand can force him, eager to prove himself. it’s not long before the cock swells in his mouth, only half hard and yet stretching his jaw farther than most of the straps you've shoved down his throat. 

    he’s so lost in the rhythm it takes several moments longer then it should to realize you’re both talking to him. it’s even harder to turn the sounds into words when his brain is full of syrupy lust that only drags him down deeper the harder he struggles to stay lucid. 

    he can hear you cooing down at him, hear a rough grumble from the other man that sounds like praise dripping in sickly sweet degradation and the blend is too fucking much for gojo to handle. 

    he doesn’t realize why you’re laughing until he feels liquid warmth cooling on his thigh. the hand on his head slackens enough for him to pull off nanami’s cock and look down to where his own is still twitching and leaking cum that dribbles down off his leg and to the floor. 

    “see kento? my little slut is so perfect he can cum just from sucking on some cock.” you reach for him, gripping his face and squeezing his cheeks until his mouth pops open and he’s staring up at two hungry faces that have his ruination spelt out in the identical smiles they grace him with. 

    “but i don’t remember him asking for permission, sweetheart. is that the type of behaviour you want to reward?” 

    you tilt gojo’s head back and forth. he’s panting now, the embarrassment of being on display like this, being talked about like he wasn’t even there while sitting in his own mess is almost too much to bear but it feels undeniable right.

    “i guess not. but since he’s been patient so far i’ll give him one last chance.” you release him in favour of stroking nanami’s cock, now fully hard and drooping down, unable to stand upright under its own weight. “you listening, toru?”

    he wasn’t, too distracted by how big nanami looks in your hand, “mhmm.” 

    “you have until nanami cums to get hard again or you don’t get to fuck me tonight.” 

    “‘s not fair! please i was so good!” he stares longingly at your pussy, still puffy and wet with your own slick mixing with the last of nanami’s load. 

    “i was just telling kento how good and patient you were for us. don’t make me a liar, satoru. you’re gonna take your punishment like a good boy, aren’t you?” whatever momentary disobedience that possessed him leaves him all at once and he deflates under your stern tone. 

    “yeah i’ll be good.” 

    “that’s what i thought.” you take a deep breath as you line up nanami’s blunt head and sink back down his cock, a chorus of sighs coming from above gojo’s head when you’re fully sat down. “now make yourself useful, toru.” 

    gojo leans forward, licking broad stripes from where you two are connected and up towards your clit, sucking lightly as nanami starts to bounce you in his lap once more, his mind devoid of all thoughts but the utter bliss he’s sure to feel when he gets to fuck your cum filled cunt. 

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  • hanmaslvt
    08.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The night shift

    it’s the end of a long nights shift, you tiredly rub your forehead as you check the time. 1:06 am. you sigh and think to yourself just what the hell am i doing with this shitty job. though you knew exactly what you were doing. wearing that short skirt that just ever so slightly showed your ass as you bent down to help a coworker, that button you refused to do up to show a little extra cleavage. you wanted his attention and he knew it. though out of spite he simply ignored you. you may wonder, who is this man? toji fushigiro. your boss. though tonight might have been long and tiring, you put in the extra effort to touch up your makeup and outfit. pulling the skirt up just a little more and tugging your blazer to sit right and make your boobs perk up perfectly, you admired your work in the mirror before making your was to his office, a file tucked between your slender fingers. you knocked 3 times exactly on the door and waited for his Ominous “come in.”

    toji glanced at the door as it opened, watching as you walked inside. he took notice of the whorish look, scoffing a bit as he clasped his hands together, resting his chin on his hands. “took you long enough.” he took the file, reading through it before tossing it in the pile as he always did. though it was different this time, you watched as he slowly stood up, towering over you. “you know y/n..you didn’t need to dress like such a slut to get my attention. if anything it pissed me off, seeing how everyone else looked at you.” he mentioned, grabbing your jaw. you looked around nervously, your heart fluttering like a butterfly was trapped inside your body. your lace red panties becoming wetter and wetter with every word escaping his perfect lips. toji ran a hand up your neck and through your hair, pulling it so your would look at him “tell me who you belong to, go on.” he was inches apart from you now, your mouths begging to touch but he wouldn’t let that happen just yet.

    “f-fucking no one..” you say quietly, looking at him lustfully as you let out a tiny whimper from him pulling your hair. it hurt so good. toji then let go, sitting back down “come on..stupid slut. you’ll say differently when i’m done with you.” he pat his lap. you quickly moved to sit on his lap, straddling him. he snaked his hands around your waist and groped your ass, spanking it “start counting bitch.” he snapped, you immediately started counting. 1..2..3..4…it went on until you reached 10. “that’s how many guys looked at you today, slut. god if you want to be looked at so badly maybe i should call them all in here and fuck you stupid..really show them who’s mine” toji nibbled on your ear as he talked, you were melting in his touch “i-i! no! i’m n-not a slut i only did it for you!!” you accidentally pleaded out, covering your mouth“and now you’re talking back, fucking whore.” he grabbed your jaw, reaching under to slip his fingers into your panties “and so wet too..you would be the type to enjoy people watching huh?” he pressed the numbers swiftly on his phone and hummed “yes i need you’s here, as quickly as you can. i need to show this little whore who she belongs too.” toji said sternly, hanging up after a few.

    you looked at him nervously, clenching around nothing as he talked. “b-but toj—“ you were cut off by his lips slamming into yours in a heated kiss, he slid your skirt off, sliding your panties to the side. you whined slightly, kissing him needily, making the man chuckle. he slid two fingers into your pussy, sliding them in and out to stretch you. while you were his little cumslut, he didn’t want to actually break you. he would never admit how much he cared for you. you pulled away from the kiss, unable to hold back your moans and calls to him “i-i..! toj-toji sir ah!”

    you whined directly in his ear, making his pants tighten more than they had been. you let out a loud cry as he curled right up against your sweet spot, looking at him with a red face and teary eyes “o-oh fuck i’m close! f-faster please!” you begged, he complied and only moved faster until you came all over his slender fingers, tightening around them. he laughed, licking them clean once he pulled them out “you really are a whore. the boys will love you.” toji grinned “bend over the table, ass up.” he commanded to which you complied, arching your back so your pussy was in perfect view. toji grabbed a few things from his drawer, a bullet vibrator and lube.

    you looked at the door as it opened, 3 men coming through. satoru gojo, kento nanami, and suguru getou. gojo had that familiar smirk on his face, he looked at you as getou grinned “oh? toji is this the girl you’ve been raving about? i must say she looks like she’s enjoying herself, considering the puddle of wetness on your desk.” he pointed out, gojo laughing loudly at the comment “she really is a whore, huh?” getou bit back a laugh as toji laughed “she is a whore, too bad shes all mine isn’t that right.” he bit down on your neck, making you moan needily

    “i-i’m not anyone’s! i don’t belong t-to anyone.” you really country grasp why you said that, maybe you really wanted to be punished. of course you did. toji spanked your ass, unbuckling his belt “i think you’ll say otherwise when i’m done with you.” he pushed inside after pouring lube over your hole. you weren’t exactly ready for how big he was, it hurt but god it was so good. you gripped on the table, the wood threatening to snap with how hard you were gripping it.

    toji thrusted hard into you, the ‘crowd’ enjoying the view of all your orgasms. you’d came 2..3..4 times? you couldn’t keep count it felt so good. you cried out in pleasure, though getou stood up, glancing at toji as if asking for permission. it was a yes, they could do anything with your mouth, he wouldn’t dare let them fuck you though. getou grinned as you looked up at him, a little stunned by all these pretty men wanting you. “go on, slut. you know what i want.” he moved his crotch closer to you. you nodded and slowly ran a hand up his buldge, undoing his belt and pulling his pants down. toji chuckled deeply “look at her, so desperate for your cock even while shes being stuffed with my cum.”

    “by the way, don’t wear panties to work anymore. i need you ready anytime and i can’t have those in the way.” he whispered in your ear. by now the boys had left. you nodded, pressing little kisses to toji’s cheek “o-okay yes” you were still shaking from the vibrator, panting a little. toji let you sleep on his penthouse, holding you close the whole night.

    Thank you chi chi ❤️🥰

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  • misss-chrisss
    08.12.2021 - 19 hours ago


    synopsis: on the night of your boyfriend’s birthday, he comes to you with one simple request: the chance to let his fantasy run wild

    a/n: am I a gojo lover? no. did I write like I love him in this piece? probably.

    pairings: gojo satoru x fem! reader

    cw: dom! x sub!reader, teasing, dacryphilia, roleplay, oral(m & f recieving) fingering, edging, squirting, use of toys (butt plug), unprotected sex, biting, creampie, consensual filming

    tags: @dejwrites @gabzlovesu @nanaminshousewife @angwritez @rinhoes @tyga-lily @earlesskitten @indiecursor

    “I’m only doing this shit once, got it?” you griped, pinching at the plush of your bottom lip in frustration. It was beyond embarrassing for you, but simply pleasing for your boyfriend, Gojo Satoru. For his birthday, he had one request of you, one that bore more hardship than joy for you.

    For that one night, he wished to do whatever he wanted to you, leaving not a lick of context to his desires.

    That request is what landed you in this position, standing before your formally suited boyfriend dressed in a maid outfit, every inch of fabric lewder than the last. The corset of white and black hues hugged your torso, even adding an obvious boost to your breast for his amusement. The fishnet stockings decorated your skin lusciously with its interknit crossings of lace.

    Not to mention the manner is which the sheer black skirt ended centimeters below the plump mounds of your ass, just enough for wandering hands to explore. Degrading was the last word to describe your emotions in the moment. You had no clue to the twisted fantasies that lay within Gojo’s mind, yet it all was to be revealed throughout the night.

    With your linked arms pressed into your spine, the heat of the room took its toll on you, melding in with the increasing uncertainty boiling upon your body. You kept your sights away from him, pinning your eyes to the ground as you spoke shyly.

    “W-What do you want…Gojo?”

    He titted his tongue against the roof of his mouth in disapproval, a snap ringing from his fingers. Gojo brought his hand to his head, brushing away the frosted locks of his hair, revealing his narrowed glare onto you. “That’s not how you speak to your master, pretty maid. Do it the proper way,” he taunted, pointing to the pillow sitting between the space of his parted legs.

    A muffled whimper of aggravation vibrated from your throat, settling onto the soft of your knees lazily. Your dainty hands rested along his clothed thigh, grazing along the navy hues of his slacks. A deep inhale pulls confidence from every fiber within your body, the mere bit of strength allowing for your next set of words to fly from your gaping mouth.

    “How may I help you…Master?”

    Gojo’s face beamed with delight, a smug grin spreading across his strong features. He was quick to close the distance, his hand resting beneath your chin, his digits pressing into your cheeks. Your lips were pushed into a tight pucker, Gojo teasingly pushing out faux kisses from his own lips.

    “Such a good girl, you’re learning. Now, your master isn’t feeling too well, I’m actually in pain. Help me out, won’t you?” Gojo surmised, his fingers lacing around your wrist, dragging your frail digits over the firm bulge building beneath the crotch of his pants.

    You nodded in understanding, shifting your gaze towards the next task at hand. Gently, you pulled the cold metal down the tracks of the zipper, reaching to unto the button next. Gojo lifted his hips from the cushioning of the couch, granting for you to pull the obstructing clothing from his body.

    With a soft drop around his ankles, you sank into Gojo’s presence, your head filling the space. Your legs came to a firm seize, admiring the sight before you. Laying along the ribbed cuts of his abdomen was eight inches of pure salacity, the thick blushing head ridden with precum.

    Just the thought of his girth had your mouth watering, aware of how well he can stretch both your throat and cunt to take him. The tanned shade of his shaft was just alluring to the eye, the hues of blue veins peeking from beneath the skin.

    The flat of your tongue laid along his underside, the hardened patch contorting into the muscle. You dragged the slicked muscle along his length, painting his shaft in the glimmering sheen of spit before finding a steady grip around his cock.

    The second the sensitive tip was introduced to the warmth your mouth had to offer, Gojo released a sigh of relief from within his chest, his hand finding way to the back of your head.

    He was eager to get the results he adored a bit too much, having hailed witness of you completely fucked out and those fat tears that streamed down your bloated cheeks he loved so much. Gojo gave you no time to prepare, his hips bucking into your mouth. A sudden breath found itself being lodged within your throat, gagging in response to his abrupt reaction.

    You managed to gain some control over the situation, the tip of your nose finally grazing the supple skin of Gojo’s pelvis. Your mouth drew back from its post, your hollowed cheeks conforming to his size. You reached to take hold of his shaft once again, only for Gojo to hiss in dissent.

    “Nuh-uh, just use that mouth of yours, Pretty girl,” Gojo advised, sweeping back wayward strands from your face. You nodded slowly, a muffled agreement vibrating against the dribbling head of his cock.

    Your lips cupped around the throbbing shaft, the thumping veins pulsating through your skin. Maintaining a steady pace was hard, your head sinking into his pelvis once again. Even after years with Gojo, you could never truly handle having him like this, but it was the effort that proved true in the end.

    Usually, a teary-eyed glance up to Gojo was the sign that you’d had your fill, your jaw sore from the bombardment of jerks and jolts. Yet tonight spoke a different story, a strong sense of will drove you past your limits, your eyes rolled back into your skull with every rebound of your head. It even took Gojo by storm, his head settling back into the velvety cushion.

    His vision was coming to light, the hefty rivulets of spit dripping down your chin, the tears streaming down your cheeks. He was bound to give in, the pit within his stomach reaching the limit.

    “Oh fuck,” he cursed, keeping your head still. “You deserve a nice gift down your throat. That’s what good little maids get for such a good job,” Gojo huffed, the muscles in his legs tensing. His hips bucked in response, carelessly driving himself into your mouth.

    You could feel the impending high soon taking over Gojo, the curve of your nails digging into his bare thigh. When he pushed your head down onto the stiffened mounds of his slender thighs, the thick spurts of white glazed your throat, Gojo pulling out roughly. He wiped your chin clean, pushing back the discarded saliva back into your mouth with his thumb.

    He hadn’t to say much more, your tongue instinctively curving towards his sights, the caverns of your mouth cleaned of any evidence. Gojo chuckled at you, biting down onto his lip in thought.

    “Get on the couch with your legs apart, I wanna try something new,” he concluded, pulling you down onto his lap. His hands were quick to strip you of your panties, tossing them off and away.

    Setting you down onto the cushion, Gojo took on your former position, pulling up his briefs back around his waist. You followed his instructions without delay, keeping your legs apart. You held back the skirt from between your thighs, giving Gojo a full presentation of the mess boiling between your legs.

    Gojo snaked his torso beside your body, his hand resting along your inner thigh. His other hand was stuck beneath the embroidered pillow leaning against the arm of the couch, searching for an object of some sort.

    “You gonna let Master play with his pretty pussy, right?” He whispered, brushing his lips softly against yours. You nodded frantically, igniting a fiery kiss between you both. Gojo’s tongue laced around your own, his overwhelming dominance draining out your strength.

    Amid the moment, the tips of Gojo’s fingers slipped through the puffy lips of your cunt, inducing your back to arch in his stead. He continued his ministrations, gently using the pad of his digits to tease at your clit. A muted whimper rang from your lips at his taunting ways, Gojo grinning against your lips.

    “Please…please touch me,” you mewled, pulling away from the kiss with pleading eyes. He hummed in agreement, moving his kisses to behind your ear. Gojo swirled languid circles into the tender bud, coaxing for the slick of your cunt to coat his fingers.

    “Do you mind?” Gojo whispered along the curve of your ear, the glare of light bouncing off the screen of his phone. You shook your head frantically, gritting the molars of your teeth to keep your mind stable. He peeled away from your side, holding his camera above the scene unfolding.

    “God, I can’t wait to fuck you, Baby. But first, we need to prepare you for something almost as pretty as you,” Gojo hummed, sliding his hand from the crevice at last. In his hand revealed a soft pink glass butt plug with a shiny ruby adorned the end. It glimmered beneath the flash of the camera, Gojo slinking the cold object between your exposed folds.

    You could only mewl in reply, rocking against the plug for some sort of friction, only for him to remove the toy from your presence entirely.

    Gojo brought the toy to his lips, coating the wide bulb in his saliva. Your eyes marveled at the sight, the way his tongue laced around the toy with such elegance was something to behold.

    “You got it, Baby. Just calm down and it’ll slip in real easy,” Gojo cooed, nudging the sparkling tip of the glass plug against your puckering hole. “If you can hold your legs apart, I’ll reward you,” he wagered, bringing a trail of kisses along the plush of your inner thigh. Your nails practically dug into your limbs, the fleeting jolts of pains being replaced with blissful anticipation.

    With your pornographic display of urgency before him, Gojo couldn’t deny you now. He kept the camera raised, capturing every second of such unruly discretion. His lips were quick to catch the throbbing bud of your clit, sealing the bundle of nerves inside his mouth.

    The tip of Gojo’s tongue swiped at you while he pulsed the toy at your hole patiently. With each roll of his tongue, the toy sank into you like clockwork, bit by bit. The burning prickling of tears teased your waterline, the melding wafts of pleasure and pain blurring themselves.

    Having Gojo tease you like this was less than helpful, but nonetheless, did it feel absolutely invigorating. There were rare seconds where Gojo increased his pace, edging you to points of having nearly achieved the sought-after high of an orgasm.

    Once he was satisfied with the toy finally sitting within you comfortably, Gojo stood from his spot, resting both of his legs on either side of you. He was swift to undo a few hindering buttons of his white dress shirt from his frame. You kept your legs apart, your body trembling from the intensive edging he induced onto your body.

    “Sheesh, it looks so pretty inside you, Gorgeous,” Gojo purred, inching the camera towards the newly placed plug. Your body felt to be full, yet the longing burn you had to be complete with Gojo’s cock surpassed all desires at the moment. You parted your lips to speak, a coarse and airy voice flowing from your throat.

    “Master, please…will you fuck me?” you cried, granting for a faint buzz of blush to dust over Gojo’s features. He tossed the phone to the side, angling his body directly atop of yours.

    His body radiated such a warmth onto you that waves of solace and security swept over you. The heat of his breath “Okay, ‘m gonna put the tip in first,” he huffed, his hips greedily leading him forward.

    The initial stretch was more than overwhelming, your arms immediately clinging around Gojo’s neck. He spewed a string of curses to himself, going on about how much tighter you had become.

    You couldn’t lie, this time around, Gojo’s girth seemed to bully itself into stretching you out, your gummy walls giving him little to no room to thrive. Soon enough, the new sensation had become too much for Gojo, his lips found yours once again, dancing along each other to pass the time.

    Inch by inch, he filled your cunt with his length until the glistened bud of your clit was met from his pelvis, signaling that he had bottomed out inside you. He drew himself back from you, bringing about a prolonged wince from your chest.

    Yet, the second he slammed back into you with such carelessness, you knew Gojo had it out for you. It was apparent in all he did, taking to adorn the velvety tract of your neck in kisses and bites, leaving behind the minor bruises to deal with in the morning.

    He even took to sinking his teeth into your shoulder whenever the pleasurable stimulation grew too much for him to handle. Even with present conditions, Gojo managed to have his fill of you, ramming his shaft bak into your fluttering hole.

    “Such a good little maid, taking my cock like this. You might even get to cum all over it if you're lucky,” Gojo hissed, burying his head within the crease of your neck. The temperatures amongst both bodies ran high, the explicit slaps of skin flooding the room.

    "T-Thank you Master! It feels so good!" you squealed, your body telling from the unrelenting rutting of his hips. Gojo truly seemed to be more passionate than usual, every single one of his thrusts never missing a beat. You didn't even have a second to properly comprehend what was going on, only that the knot within your belly was reaching its final limits. You noticed that Gojo wasn’t too far long, his own moans increasing in pitch.

    On the final thrust, the head of Gojo’s cock pressed a kiss so heavy against your sweet spot, a pooling wave of ecstasy washed over you. Your body quivered and thrashed about in Gojo’s hold, the impending heights of an orgasm consuming nearly all of your energy.

    That’s when it happened, the patches of white, a sudden gush of slick drenching Gojo’s pelvis. He was too focused on his own release, painting your walls in his hues of white.

    He collapsed onto your chest, both of you desperately searching for the air to fill your lungs. Your fingers found purchase to Gojo’s hair, wiping away the bundling beads of sweat adorning his hairline.

    As the adrenaline of the moment began to wind down, you wearily brought your lips to his ear, whispering a final word for the night, forcing a sheepish grin from Gojo.

    “Happy Birthday…Satoru.”

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  • butterbabyflapjack
    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    :: Reverse Psychology ::

    ( Professor Gojo x fem!reader )

    Rating::: Explicit sexual content

    You're the newest pretty face in Professor Gojo’s psych class, and you soon learn he’s far more trouble than any man's worth - and you absolutely hate him for it.
    Too bad for you, he likes a challenge.
    Too bad for him, you’d sooner slap his stupid face off than allow him to seduce you.
    Oh, and he thought this was going to be *easy*.
    You’re Gojo Satoru’s worst nightmare.

    All aboard - smutty, snarky shenanigans ahead!

    ° • . Chapter 1 . • °

    It was a most cliché morning.

    The sun was shining, blissful in its warmth. And the sky was as blue as a gemstone blanket pulled snug overhead, blue as a shiny baby dolphin’s smile, jumping right out of the golden waves of early morning. It was beautiful - really - I’m not being sarcastic. It was a beautiful day, in the most cliché of ways.

    Maybe that should have been your first red flag that something about today was horribly off, but it wasn’t.

    It might have even been a good day, too. Lovely weather, first day of college, a raring-to-go pep in your step. Fresh air and fresh dreams wafting through your presently ignorant head.

    Dare I say… it was the perfect day?

    No, we won’t go that far.

    Especially not since anything ‘good’ about today was about to be royally fucked up by your new psych professor, one Professor Gojo (god, what a stupid name).

    But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

    There’s a smile on your face as you saunter in from the dawn, down the University hallways and in through the door to your General Psychology class; the first class of the day (and it is general psychology course, not anything specialized, so anyone teaching it can un-inflate their oversized ego's already).

    Seating is by choice, obviously, though you’re still not that used to the idea so soon after the stringency of high school. So you plop down wherever you like - right in the front row, because you’re ready and eager to learn! Like an elated little puppy dog, yip-yup-yapping at the meaty bone of knowledge.

    It’s kinda cute. I mean, it’s your first day of college, after all - you’re bound to be a little excited. Your first day of officially living in your dorm, though you haven’t met all of your roommates yet. Your first college class, ever . Your first day of feeling like an actual, fully realized adult.

    Your first day of being subjected to the preening horrors of him.

    It’s probably not a good sign that the narration in your head keeps coming back to that snow-haired bastard. You know, the one who looks like how stubbing your toe feels. But let's implement a little of that aforementioned ‘general psychology’ and just not think about it for right now, shall we?

    Other students start piling into the lecture hall (you were first to arrive - and hot damn are you impressed by yourself about it. You've always been a straight A student with perfect attendance, despite what your good looks might otherwise indicate, and that wasn't about to change now). You pull out your laptop, open a brand new word doc for all those notes you’re about to take…

    Oh yeah, baby - you’re ready. All pistons are fired up and ready to fucking go! Perfect grade, here we come! You love psychology, too; so this particular class is a particular treat.

    And then the metaphorical train of your hypothetical, academic success meets its untimely demise. And the crash and curl of its metal hinges being torn off the tracks and smashed into oblivion sounds oddly like a man’s melodious voice, smooth as satin, oozing in through the doorway - the last person to arrive to his own damn class, go figure.

    “Good morning, everyone!”

    How a man manages to make a simple greeting sound so smarmy, you’ll never know. Albeit, at the time, you and everyone else finds it oddly charming (yeesh, gross).

    You’ll never truly know a lot about how that man operates. Sometimes you doubt he's even human. It’s like he willed himself into existence from some fire-and-brimstone version of a male model catalogue snatched up from the very clutches of hell.

    Now, you might be wondering, “ Male model? Why a male model catalogue, and not a catalogue for - oh, I dunno - insufferable assholes? I thought you said this guy looks like how sticking red-hot coals up your rectum feels?’ Or stubbing your toe, or something like that-”

    Weellllllll that was a lie, okay?! The guy’s hot as fuck. Like, really - he’s disgustingly attractive. He looks like angel-fucking-foodcake with washboard abs, and you want to throw up every time you look at him!


    The cliché beauty of this morning was not the red flag it should have been.

    The first red flag comes when you look up from your blank page of notes - you know, the eager one just begging to be filled with knowledge - and see that your newest professor is wearing sunglasses, rested smoothly upon the bridge of his arrow-straight nose. Expensive ones, by the look of it. Perfectly round, perfectly black (like his soul, probably). And even with them somewhat vieling his features, it’s still clear as day to you, and to everyone, that this man is far too handsome for his own good.

    This is a red flag. The sunglasses, I mean. Because who the hell wears sunglasses inside.

    I’ll tell you who. Blind people. And assholes. And here’s a little hint - Professor Gojo is not blind. Lord, he is very much not blind. In fact, he is well aware of every beautiful female in his classroom, of which there are many, yourself included.

    You don’t know how un-blind he is now, of course.

    But you will.


    No, like many of the other students in the class - particularly the cute female ones with oversized hearts - you come out of the gate thinking this motherfucker is actually blind. He's got the glasses, and he's got something like a cane held in his fist at one side. And you, like those other girls, have your squishy little heart torn open at the sight.

    And I’ll give you a little hint into what most of them are thinking.

    Oh, this poor, handsome man… he must have overcome so much hardship to become a professor, all while being blind! I can only imagine what it’s like… And on top of every struggle that comes tethered to such adversity, he doesn’t even know how disturbingly attractive he is?! That's just… a travesty! Truly, this world isn’t fair!

    Don’t feel too bad for the bleeding hearts yet, though. Because we all know what many of them are also thinking. And if you don’t, well congratulations on not being an asshole - and, also, don’t worry; because I’ll tell you that, too.

    If this motherfucker is single, I actually stand a chance in hooking up with him - I could literally show up to dates in sweatpants and he’d never know. And he’d probably love how understanding, how patient, I am with his disability - with his struggles, his adversities. He probably doesn’t have girls like me giving him the time of day, not with a handicap like that. Most girls just aren’t that compassionate. And he’d probably worship a girl who could make his life even a little bit easier. Who could read things aloud to him, or help him pick out the right color tie in the morning.

    Oh, those sweet, sight-having saviors - how benevolent of them. Bless their cold, hungry hearts.

    You aren’t one of the girls thinking this, if that makes you feel any better. You genuinely feel for the guy, despite not even knowing his name yet (if only that were still the state of things). The sufferings of others have always struck you. You’re not the type of person to look the other way from it, to say ‘oh, that sucks, anyway’ and turn heel on your happy-go-lucky way. No, truly, you feel for him. And you’re impressed as hell that your new professor seems to have accomplished so much in his life, despite this apparent hardship (or, really, lack thereof). He’s obviously a fantastic professor, as mentioned in the reviews you read posted online by former students (hah - you’re never trusting an online review again). And he obviously has money, if his chic clothes and glasses are anything to go by. He’s obviously well put together, debonair even, and you can already taste the charisma radiating off his handsome havin’ ass, not an ounce of self pity or negativity to him - despite it all, despite everything.

    You’re impressed. The man is impressive.

    Or, you thought he was.

    (Spoiler alert - he’s not).

    I might post the rest of the story on ao3 instead of tumblr, haven't decided, but just in case here's the link my pretties!

    #fanfiction#fanfic#my fanfic#smut #gojo x reader #jjk gojo#satoru gojo #satoru gojo x you #jujustu kaisen#jjk#female reader#reader insert #Gojo x you #gojou satoru x you #teacher x student #enemies to lovers #power dynamics #gojo is a menace #reader is a snarky little shit #bad teacher#naughty student #i love to hate Gojo
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  • willowfolksong
    07.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    mated for eternity

    - Incubus!Gojo Satoru x Reader

    - NSFW (minors dni)

    a/n: Happy Birthday you beautiful Gojo Satoru!!! You've bewitched us all, so here's a little Incubus AU for you.

    Requests are open! ❄

    You havent slept for days now, and you're starting to notice the effects.

    Every night for the past week, you've been having the most weird dreams and vivid nightmares ever, waking up in the morning with a racing heart and the growing sense of unease because someone... Someone seems to be watching you.

    And him.

    He's always there. Every night. Every time you close your eyes. Sometimes he watches you from a distance, a charming smirk on his face, completely silent. Other times he's closer, touching you the same way he had that night, his fingers making you moan and whrite and leaving you hot and bothered and always unsatisfied.

    When you also start seeing him around while awake, you realize something more is happening to you.

    He can't be real.

    It all had started with your friend begging you to go with her to a bar, the day of her birthday. She had recently got out of a very bad breakup, and she wanted to let off some steam.

    "Please!" she'd pleaded at you, puppy eyes and wicked smile "It's my birthday! Are you really going to say no to me on my birthday?"

    The guilt trap always worked for you before, and this time hadn't been an exception. So off you went with her, to the best bar in town.

    You were three glasses of wine and half a mojito down when you saw him, across the room, with a drink of his own.

    He was simply breathtaking.

    Elegantly dressed, a sculpted face the gods would’ve been envious of, exotic white hair and a delicious smirk. But it was his eyes that caught you. Even in the dim lighting of the room you were struck by just how blue they were.

    Not like the sky.

    Or the sea.

    Or anything you've seen before.

    Was that shade of blue even real?

    As soon as his eyes slided towards you, you had felt hot and bothered, electricity dancing in your veins. And the more you two looked at each other, the more it seemed like there wasn't anyone else in the room.

    There was something that had tugged at you, something that sung deep within you. Almost as if you recognized him from somewhere. You'd shivered as he’d smirked, raising his drink your way.

    “Okay, that's a fine man if I've ever seen one before,” your friend had said, drinking her glass in one go.

    “Ahm... what man?” you'd replied, shaking yourself out of your stupor.

    Your friend had laughed, nudging you with a playful smirk and waggling her eyebrows “Don't play coy with me, you minx. You two have been eye fucking each other since about at least twenty minutes now”

    "I don't fuck eye" you'd replied, scoffing "I respectfully look"

    "Respectfully my ass" you flushed pink, whacking your friend's arm in indignation. "Go over there and say something to him, don't be a fool"

    “What? And say what?"

    "Hey! You're hot, I am too. Wanna get out of here and do what we've both been thinking about for a while now?"

    Wide eyed, you'd whacked her again "I am not just going to fuck some random guy!” unable to help yourself, your eyes had flashed over to where the man stood, your heart skipping a beat when you realised that he was still watching you, his lips on the glass rim “No matter how hot he looks and how much I actually want to!”

    Your friend had followed your gaze, running her eyes up and down the mystery man with a grin of her own. She’d leaned in close, whispering in your ear, “Why not? You’re single, he’s clearly interested. When was the last time you had any fun, huh? No strings attached, steamy fun?”

    “I honestly thought the idea was to spend your birthday with you...”

    She’d cut you off with a snort and a push of her shoulder against yours “Do it as my birthday present. Come on”

    "You want me to fuck a random guy from the bar as a birthday present for you?"

    "That's exactly what I want, yes"

    You remembered the way that he’d watched you walk up to him, his bewitching smirk playing across his lips from behind his whiskey glass, like he was just waiting for you to make the first move. And then you did it.

    And maybe it was the liquid courage, but you had felt sudenly very confident. Even as your heart had fluttered inside your chest, every step towards him had felt right. Like all you've done in your life, had lead you to this moment with him.

    “So are you going to spend all night staring, or are you going to come dance with me?” you'd asked with a smirk of your own.

    He’d cocked a single eyebrow, setting his drink down on the bar table. “Lead the way, darling" he’d purred, those bright clear blue eyes flickering across your face.

    He’d danced with you— his breath tickling your bare skin as you'd swayed in time with the music. Something had awoken under his touch, and when his lips found yours in the dark, you'd let him devour you.

    He’d taken you by the hand and led you out of the club. You hadn’t glanced back to see if your friend was okay. Your mind was a blur, and there was only one thing on it.



    Only him.

    At some point between the breathless kisses, he’d asked you if you'd wanted this, if you'd wanted him. You'd gasped "Yes", as if it was the only word you knew. He’d moaned at the sound of it, his long fingers tearing off your clothes as his lips found yours once more.

    “Tonight, my dear, tonight you’re mine… and I intend to swallow you whole.”

    Lost in the hazy bliss, and the euphoria of his skin against yours, you had been helpless. As he’d filled you so perfectly, as if he was made for you and you alone, whispering praises in you ear, you had clutched at him, sinking your teeth into his shoulder to muffle your screams as you reached your climax. You'd wanted to draw blood, and hadn't even had time to be surprised at your carnal and bloody desire.

    It wasn’t your first orgasm of the night and it wouldn’t be the last.

    The following morning he was blissfully still sleeping, one of his arms draped over his beautiful eyes, as you'd slipped away from the bed, your hair a mess and your body hurting in the best possible way.

    Only when you were back home you'd noticed the two bite marks that stood out angrily against your skin: one on your left breast, the other one on your neck. They hurt, and stinged.

    Almost as if they had a live of their own.

    That should have been the end of it; one night of no strings attached. You had returned home, without saying goodbye and with only the memory of the best sex of you life, because what were you supposed to say to a stranger the day after a one night stand?

    But then the dreams had started.

    You can't sleep, you can't sleep and you're starting to lose your mind.

    Exhausted, only wanting to close your eyes, you looked like a living ghost and everyone else was starting to notice. Another week like that, and then his voice starts whispering in your ear. You can swear that you feel him touching you— his fingers dancing over your shoulder, only to turn around and not find anything behind you.

    "Why won't you come back to me, darling?" he says, in your dreams and now during the day too "You know it's what you want"

    "Why won't you leave me alone?" one night you finally snap, and you know you're dreaming because he's kneeling over you in bed, unless now you not only hear him but see him too while awake "I just want to rest"

    At your eyes filling with tears, he coos at you, gently whipping the wetness away "Darling, you only need to come back to me, and everything will be fine"


    "Shhhh" he places a finger over your trembling lips, rubbing the side of his face against your own, as some sort of oniric giant cat "You've done well, but you can't keep this up for long. Come to where you belong"

    The next day, you wake up without having any rest still, but with your mind set. A pair of jeans, a simple blouse and three cups of coffee later, you get in a taxi and tell the driver an address that you know by heart, even tho you can't remember why, or how.

    He's waiting for you, leaning against the door of the appartment you left behind two weeks ago, only to never find peace again.

    He's real.

    You've been dreaming about this stranger for days and...

    Your heart thuds against your ribs as he takes your hand in his and brings it to his lips, laying a soft, lingering kiss on the back of your palm. Heat blooms under his touch, and a jolt of static electricity shots through you, making you gasp. 

    He grins at the sound.

    “What’s happening to me?” you ask, your voice barely more than a whisper in the cool night breeze. “What are you?”

    Something shifts in his eyes, his grin turns predatory. He takes a step closer, and you one back, towards the stairs, but then his hands are there to stop you, gently pushing you towards him.

    “I think the better question, darling, is what are you?” he says, cocking his head slightly. You frown, and he chuckles quietly, “I was at the bar to hunt that night. Someone to feed me, wouldn't matter who. I didn't want a challenge... so I was willing to settle for whoever I came across with. I was hungry, you see” he leans in, his breath ghosting over your lips. "And then you walked in. Humans smell good. But you, darling...” he breaks off with a laugh, leaning closer still, dropping his head into the crook of your neck where the bite mark is, breathing deep and sighing in pleasure. “Oh, you were something special. Can you feel it?” his fingers trail lightly along your exposed collarbone, and you can't help the soft moan that escapes you. The sound makes him immediately rub against you. “There’s something in your blood, something that calls me, becomes me towards you. You’re not even aware of it, are you?” his eyes flicker across your face, a hint of something dark and desperate. “It’s been buried all these years, but I can feel it. I just wanted to taste it.”

    Before you can even say anything, his lips are on you, kissing you softly.


    He ignores you, shifting closer still, “I promised you peace if you came, didn’t I?”

    You nod, transfixed.

    “You came to me of your own free will. I didn’t make you dance with me, I didn’t compel you to leave with me. I could have, believe me, but I didn’t. You wanted me. You were there for me, that night, I know this now” he grins.

    You gulp, your whole body shaking "You're not human... " the answer is in his twinkling eyes, and you add, horrified "Are you going to kill me?"

    He shakes his head, his eyebrows drawing together in a horrified frown. “No, of course not! Don't you know, darling? I could never kill my mate”

    The world stops, and you grow pale under his eyes "Mate?"

    He smile is borderline maniac "You would never have known what I am if you... hadn't bitten me.”

    You remember then.

    Your legs wrapped around his hips, his fingers working on your clit as he’d rocked into you, breathless pleas and moans falling from your lips, your teeth sinking into his shoulder.

    Your eyes go wide, a blush tinting your face.

    “Don’t be shy. I certainly didn’t mind.” he pauses, tilting his head thoughtfully, “For my kind, a bite marks an unbreakable bond, or half of one anyway. It’s meaningless by itself, until it’s matched. We don’t bond with humans, but you and I both know that you aren't one. And now you're my mate... bonded with me for eternity. Only for me.”

    The marks on your breast and neck that still hadn’t healed...

    The blood drains from your face, fear clawing its way up your throat. “And you..."

    “I bit you right back, darling. Twice, just to make sure. You felt it when we were together, didn’t you? How could I let you slip away from me after that? And so you’re mine and mine alone, and I belong wholly to you now too"

    You gasp, scared and confused and something more... "Then... what's happening to me..."

    “You’re going mad without me. The dreams, they’re just the beginning. Things will get worse, I’ve seen it happen.” his palm caresses your cheek as he peppers your face with loving kisses. “Don’t worry, I have no intention of allowing that to happen to my beautiful darling"

    "And if I..." you choke on your own words, sweat sliding down your temples "If I don't stay with you? If I refuse to be with you?"

    For one split of a second, vulnerable hurt flashes across his face, but it's gone before you can blink. He brushes your hair out of your face “Our bond is a double edged sword. Without me, you’ll lose your mind. Without you, I’ll die" he states, darkly, “And believe me, I won't let that happen. You're too good not to have you, darling"

    The door of the appartment closes behind the two of you a couple of minutes later.

    #gojo satoru x you #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru x y/n #gojo x you #gojo x reader #gojo satoru #gojo satoru x female reader #jjk gojo#gojo sensei#gojo smut#gojo fluff#gojo au#incubus au #jujutsu kaisen fanfic #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk x reader #jjk smut #jjk self insert #jjk fluff#jjk au
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  • princesatoru
    07.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2k

    𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬: daddy kink (only the nickname!) caretaker/ service dom goj, fem afab reader, oral f! rec, cowgirl, established relationship, lovesick gojo, soff subby reader, goj stays dressed the whole time, overstim, creampie, praise (”good girl, princess” + lots of other pet names lol) tiddy suckin’

    𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: dom/ sub, slight public sex (jus the elevator up), goj doesn’t prep u as much as he should but it’s ok, reader drools a little (poor baby) unprotected sex, one very weak very wimpy thigh slap bc goj is pouty, reader wears strawberry lipgloss an perfume, subspace mention

    𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: happy birthday to my favorite, best boy 🥺 daddy goj had by far the most requests so i hope y’all like this!! 💗

    He’s dreamed about you all day, all week, really, a four day business trip eating away at his precious time with his favorite girl on his birthday, no less.

    You’re his soft place to land, always dressed in some sweet little outfit he bought for you, a vision of beauty in creamy pastels and foamy chiffon. He loves you of course, always has, but he thinks he might love taking care of you even more. 

    He’ll never forget the first time the word had slipped through your glossy lips, a breathy moan that rippled over his skin and pierced him right in the heart. 


    You were ashamed, went to cover your mouth with your cute little hands but he pulled them away, tugging you toward him by your chin. Your eyes went wide, lashes batting against your cheeks as you blinked up at him.

    “Don’t be embarrassed.” 

    His grin rivaled that of a wolf, a snarl edging into his voice. 

    “Say it again, sweet girl.” 

    It was a dream come true, the thought still makes him hard and suddenly he’s reminded how lucky he is no one decided to sit next to him on the train. He only has about fifteen minutes before he gets to see you (not that anyone’s counting, or anything) and he knows you’re probably pretty in pink at the station, all dressed up and waiting for him. 

    He has to loosen his tie. 

    What should be a quick trip passes by syrupy slow, skyscrapers and power lines dragging across his vision. He tries not to squirm around too much, shooting out of his seat the instant he feels breaks against the tracks. 

    You’re there when the doors open, leaning on a bit of railing across from him with a frilly little umbrella hovering over you. He almost runs, but he manages to restrict his stride to a trot when he realizes just how many eyes are on him. 

    “Princess.” He breathes, clapping a hand behind your neck and pulling you in toward him. Butterflies erupt in his stomach when you yelp in surprise, his hands falling to their natural resting place on your waist. 

    “Don’t be shy, cutie. C’mere.” And then, in a slightly quieter voice, “Daddy missed you.” 

    Now you have to kiss him to shut him up, swallowing the little chuckle he lets out at your flustered state. His lips are smooth, sticky with chapstick and sweet like candy and his tongue hooks with yours after a bit of prodding on his end. Certainly a scene for the middle of the train station, and you’re embarrassed the entire way home. (Exactly how he wants you.)

    You know you’re in for a spell once you get back to your place, he spends the whole car ride with his hand firmly gripped around the meat of your thigh and barely acknowledges your driver save for the wad of cash he palms into the guy’s hand once he parks. 

    He slings an arm over your shoulder and drags you to the elevator without so much as a word, jumping your bones as soon as the doors close, sliding his tongue between your lips and palming at your ass before you get a chance to even breathe. 


    “Shh, sweet baby, what’s my name?” 

    You were going to ask him to stop, really, the ride up to the penthouse doesn’t take more than a minute or two and anyone could hop on between here and there but… 

    “Daddy.” You breathe, swayed by his absence and his tongue and his desperation to touch you. 

    “Good girl.” 

    He thumbs over your lips, dragging the finger across the bottom of your face to smear your sparkly, strawberry flavored gloss across it and kissing the spot. 

    “What a mess.” He whispers, hands tucking beneath the cut of your dress and under your bra to yank your tits forward- wrapping his lips around your right nipple and sucking. 

    You work the buttons of his shirt to free his torso, dragging your hands down his toned, rippling stomach and settling them near his belly button.

    He moans, breathing in the scent of your perfume, your skin. Kisses work their way across your collarbone, lips pressing against every inch of your flesh he can reach before the ding of your ride reaching the appropriate floor cuts him off. 

    He’s lucky no one else tried to get on, lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist, carrying you to the bedroom with his lips fixed to yours. How he manages to get his luggage inside is a mystery to you, because you're draped over the bed in what feels like an instant. 

    You’re caged in with his body, thighs on either side of your stomach. He hovers there for a moment, drinking in the sight of you all flustered and shy and wrapped up like a pretty little present for him. All his to unwrap and play with as he pleases.  

    He wants to spread you apart, to crack you open like the spine of a favorite, well loved book- dragging your hand down to the bulge swelling up in his pants and beaming at you. 

    “Feel what you fuckin’ do to me?” He tugs your wrist up to his mouth, kisses your knuckles and fingernails. Your free hand fists the fabric of his shirt into a ball, scrambling for purchase somewhere before you fall over the edge. 

    He leans back on his haunches, hooking a finger in your underwear from underneath your skirt and tugging it off of your legs, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants in the same motion. 

    He’s hard already, pushing the fabric of his silk underwear through the hole in his zipper and you swallow a little, eyes fluttering closed at the sight of him above you. He can already tell that you’re a goner- his presence alone is enough to send you straight to subspace. 

    He’ll just have to help you out. 

    “Lift up baby, atta girl… fuck you look so good under here…” 

    He ducks beneath the froth of your skirt, hands resting on your hip bone and stomach respectively to hold you in place for his advances. 

    “Pretty baby…” He coos, nipping your thighs with his incisors, spreading them apart and slotting his face between them. “Soooo wet already, you feelin’ greedy?” 

    He flits the tip of a finger over your clit, now sticky and clinging to the cotton of your panties- he can make it out perfectly through the veil and he basks in the little whimper you let out at the gesture. 

    “Fuck. I missed you so goddamn much.” 

    He knows he’s babbling a little, running his mouth in circles but he’s overwhelmed by you, swimming in tulle and the smell of your strawberry perfume, your body wash, your cunt. 

    He breathes it all in, drunk after just a little taste of you. He bites down on your thigh, so so close to your dripping pussy and it makes you throb. 


    “Shhhhh baby…” He murmurs, lips tickling over the bruise starting to form, “Good girl.” 

    He delves into you, tongue prodding and exploratory, nudging against every nerve ending you have while you cry out for him.

    “Taste like strawberries.” He sighs, and you kick at him a little for pulling you out of the moment. 

    “Liar. It tastes like pussy.” 

    He laughs, scooping you up closer to his mouth by your thighs. His breath tickles your bare flesh, glitter running through your veins at the sensation. 

    “You’re right.” He says and you kick again, giggling.  “You’re right! Just tryna be poetic for ya.” 

    A wet stripe across your cunt, your legs shake and lock around his neck, muffling his words. 

    “You just won’t let a guy get away with anything, huh?” 

    Another, this one dragging it’s way down through the absolute mess he’d made of you already and back up the length of it again, his lips wrapping around your twitching, swollen clit to finally give you the relief you’d been whining for all along. He laps at you until you see stars, burying his face in your pussy, his nose pressed against your mound. 

    It doesn’t take long for you to tug him out from under your skirt by his hair, hearts replacing your pupils. Your chest heaves and he runs his forearm over his chin before slipping one of his fingers in your mouth, swirling the digit across your tongue, dragging it along the roof of your mouth and your eyes flutter closed before you can help it. Tasting yourself always makes butterflies erupt in your stomach. 

    “Y’see? Strawberries.” 


    He laughs again, this one breathless and agonized. 

    “I’m gonna take this off, okay?” 

    You rise up to help him and he lays you back down with a shush, sliding his palm under you and lifting you up by the small of your back to unzip it with the other. He slides the straps down your shoulders, applying gentle kisses to the skin revealed underneath. 

    He shuffles the bodice off too, dragging a finger down your spine as you kick the skirt off. He gives a little slap to your thigh when you do, a pout on his lips that you can spy from underneath your lashes. 

    “Let me spoil you.” He grumbles nosing at your tummy, “Missed you.” 

    “O-okay, daddy.” 


    He nips at you some more, wrapping his hands around your sides and lifting you up and into his lap like a doll. He drapes your arms over his shoulders, mouthing against your neck, your shoulders and your collarbones. 

    You can feel his cock grinding up underneath you, so big as it spreads the lips of your pussy even through layers of fabric. 

    “Want me to fuck you baby?” He purrs, slipping two fingers inside of you with a squelch. “Yer so fucking wet, bet I could fit without even stretching you out…” 

    “Please.” You hiss, writhing with need as you grind against him, hands flat on his chest to brace yourself.  

    “Shhh, Baby. Okay, g-gonna… fuck. Fuck, fuck.” 

    He slides in with one fluid motion and all rational thought leaves your mind.

    The drag of his cock inside of you makes your whole body tremble, a symphony of pleasure swelling in your chest, your stomach, stretching out through your capillaries and your veins and overwriting all of your senses. 

    You’re drooling, spit and tears pooling underneath your chin and spilling down his chest, the fabric of his shirt soaks it up but you’ll both be a sloppy mess once he’s done with you. 

    He always seems to manage this, injecting himself like a serum that courses through you until the only thought you’re able to muster is him, him, him. 


    He doesn’t correct you, just tugs you forward by your chin to soothe a kiss over your swollen little pout. 

    “I told you it’s okay, sweetheart. Just b-breathe like me… Shhh you got it.” 

    You take his advice, sucking in your breaths and holding them for a few moments, matching his cadence. It makes everything even more vivid somehow, a cord inside you somewhere tight enough now to snap- 


    “I know, baby, I know- go ahead, it’s okay-” 

    You clamp down around him, pulsing and squeezing him so hard he has to clench his teeth to keep himself from cumming on the spot. You’re always left wondering how he manages to outdo himself every time- the longer you’ve been with him the better he seems to understand your body, reading you like a map to some beautiful treasure. 

    “Sorry baby but I’ve gotta- fuck.” 

    He rolls his hips against you in a warning, planting his hands on either side of your torso, working you up and down his cock without letting you move so much as a muscle. 

    It’s too much, the aftershocks of your orgasm still rippling through you but you can’t imagine denying him now, not after going so long without seeing him and not on his birthday- 


    “Shhh baby, I know you can take it, just-” 

    “N-no! The… I had a cake because-” 

    “It can wait.” He growls, nipping at your ear. He picks up his pace, squishing, wet noises lilting throughout the room and filling your brain with white noise. 

    “This is the best present.” 

    He grins at you but it’s fearsome, his eyes far too serious for the intensity of his gaze. He’s desperate. 

    “T-thank you, Daddy… f-feels so good!” 

    “Fuck.” He murmurs, the praise rushing through him and moving straight to his dick. You don’t miss the way he blushes at your words. 

    “Thank you, thank you, t-thank you!!!” 

    He pulls you as close to him as he can get you, soft tits pressed up against his chiseled chest as he sighs into your hair. 

    “So sweet to me, yeah? Daddy’s g-getting closeeeee, baby.” 

    “It’s okay...c’mon… w-we can eat cake…” 

    He huffs a laugh, kissing along your neck, his grip on your torso loosening as his stomach ripples underneath your sticky, wet thighs. You’re mesmerized by the sight, jaw slack and hanging open in awe. His brows are furrowed, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he finally lets himself cum inside of you. 

    It’s thick, spurting into your cunt and filling you up oh-so-good. His dick twitches and throbs until he’s bled dry and he hisses when you’re still pulsing around him, he’s over sensitive but unwilling to be separated from you yet. 

    “Fuck I missed you, angel.” 

    “Missed you too Daddy.” You sigh, slumping down onto his chest. “Happy birthday.” 

    He nuzzles his nose against yours, pressing a kiss onto your cheekbone, right below your eye. 

    “I love you.” 

    He accentuates it with a little smack to your ass, lifting you off of him to pull out and admiring the little trickle of cum that leaks down your legs when he does. 

    “Guess it is a happy birthday.” He laughs, sitting you back down in his lap. “Almost thought you forgot.” 

    “Never!” You laugh, swatting at him, “You just barely gave me a chance to say anything!” 

    Fair enough. 

    “Wanna make it up to me?” He pouts, tilting his head to the side. “Maybe when your legs stop feeling like jelly you can grab me a slice of that cake you almost ditched me for.” 

    He pinches your thigh and you yelp, annoyed. 

    “Sure, baby. Whatever you want.” 

    It’s said with an eye roll, but that’s good enough for him. 

    ₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎ happy birthday goj 🎂 ily 🥺

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