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    Remus x reader

    Request? Yes ~ @pottahwriter ~ I was hoping you could make a Remus Lupin x Reader fanfic where the reader and Remus are both professors at Hogwarts and are very close. The students at Hogwarts (including the Golden Trio) try to set them up! If you do this, thank chu

    Any and all feedback welcome <3 fifty-eighth fic :)

    a/n: sorry, kinda dialogue heavy :/

    word count: 1784


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    The great hall is always filled with masses of students and teachers talking about their day to one another, laced with the overbearing noise of chatter. Students who are talking to anyone and everyone they can, and teachers who are catching up with each other at their own table. But the only person who ever catches your attention is Remus Lupin. He was the only one who could get you to talk, the only one you wanted to talk to. No one knew you quite like Remus.

    You’d been friends during your school years, often studying together and going to parties that the rest of the marauders threw. During your last year, things began to change. There were feelings there that had grown from just being platonic. You were sure they always were, but you’d never realised until then. At first, you thought it was one sided, as most teenagers do - too scared to get their heart broken and too scared to have it made whole. But it wasn’t. The night of your graduation, you’d shared a wonderful first kiss and Remus promised to keep in touch with you, to keep seeing you.

    And he did…for a while, a few dates here and there, though you were both busy focussing on your new lives. You, starting out as a professor, and him, putting all his focus to the order. You were a member too, but you had your own ambitions at the time. However, when it came to fighting in the war, your ambitions were inevitably set aside. It was during the battle that your last kiss was shared. It was rushed, and far from wonderful, but it held every ounce of love you’d had for one another, though it was never said out loud. You and Remus had only been on eight dates, but you fell hard even though nothing ever really happened with him. But there were years of knowing him and harbouring feelings that you never knew you had. It had grown into love, but it didn’t matter. After the war, Sirius was sent to Azkaban, James, Lily and Peter were dead, and Remus was devastated. So, you went back to teaching, trying to forget everything and everyone, and one might say you were doing well, until he came back to Hogwarts.

    “And how are we today Miss y/l/n?” Remus smiles, picking up some food with his fork.

    “Just fine, and you?” You ask.

    “I’m well, thank you. Lots of marking to get done,”

    “The woes of being a professor. How would you like some company? I have plenty of marking to do myself,” you say, keeping your blush at bay. Remus looks up, slightly taken aback but grins widely.

    “I’d like that,”

    Yes, all the feelings you’d done so well to forget we’re pressing to the surface for all to be seen and all to be known. It had hardly been a month of him back at Hogwarts, but the love you felt had resurfaced so quickly, you’d hardly noticed until now. Until watching him smile at you and laugh with you.

    “I think that’s a first,” you laugh.

    “What is?”

    “Liking marking with another professor. Usually it just takes some of the stress away or it’s accepted as a matter of politeness,” you say.

    “Well I’d like anything if it was with you,” he says, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to say. You keep your mouth closed, for fear of it dropping open without words coming out.

    “Is it just me, or do they look like they know each other?” Harry says, looking towards the table where the professors ate.

    “Who?” Ron asks, mouth full of food as Hermione winces at the sight.

    “Professor Lupin and Professor y/l/n,” he replies.

    “They must have gone to school together. They’re around the same age,” Hermione chimes in.

    “They look…,”

    “Happy,” Ron says.

    “Merlin, do you think they like each other?” Hermione asks with a large innocent grin on her face.

    “‘Course not, they’re just friends. Honestly, what is it with girls and liking people?” Hermione doesn’t reply, only rolls her eyes at the ignorance of boys.

    “Girls have the sight, and those two like each other,”

    “You know, I think you’re right,” Harry adds.

    “Well we have to do something about it,”

    “Us?” Harry asks, turning to Hermione.

    “Yeah, grown ups never do things for themselves when it comes to love,” Hermione says. And what Hermione says, must be true.

    “So what are we gonna do?” Ron asks.

    For nearly two weeks you’d noticed Harry, Ron and Hermione acting very odd in your classes. You’d never told Harry you knew his father, but right now you could see so much of James in Harry. That little twinkle in his eye, as if he was up to something. He had to have been. Whispering, staring, giggling and plotting. Just like James, just like the marauders.

    “Alright everyone, class is over,” you say loud enough so everyone can hear you. They all get up and start collecting their things to leave. Three students linger behind the rest, and when everyone is gone, they walk right up to your desk. Hermione, Harry and Ron. Three little trouble makers, barely just gone teenagers. You smile, watching them walk closer.

    “Can I help you three?” You ask, hoping to find the explanation to their odd behaviour.

    “Well, Professor, we’ve noticed you seem awfully close to Professor Lupin and we were just wondering if you could tell us about him,” Hermione says. It’s completely ridiculous that they’re asking you about another professor, and you know there’s more to it than that.

    “Well Hermione, I’m afraid I can’t talk about another professor’s life without their permission or attendance. Why do you want to know?” You ask.

    “He was one of my father’s friends,” Harry says. Your breath hitches slightly at the revelation. Harry knew? Did he know about you too? Did Remus talk about you?

    “I- well I, yes he was,” you admit.

    “Well, were you and Professor Lupin friends?” Ron asks.

    “We were,”

    “Are you friends now?” Hermione asks.

    “I suppose,”

    “Are you in love?” Harry asks, earning a slap from Hermione. You nearly choke on the very air you breathe and this time, you’re unable to keep this blush at bay.

    “Where did you get that idea?” You ask, voice raising a few decibels.

    “Hermione said so,” Ron adds, pointing an accusing finger at her. The brightest witch of her age indeed. Were you that obvious? Even the students were noticing something. You wished Remus would notice. Years of suppressed feelings were bubbling over, but this time, there was nothing standing in your way. For either of you. No war, no deaths, nothing.

    “Well I-“

    “Are you?” Harry asks again.

    “I really don’t think that’s any of your business,” you say, trying to shoo them away.

    “But professor, if you do, you have to tell him. What’s the point in loving someone when you can’t actually love them?” Hermione asks, resisting your pushes. You’re caught very off guard with that question and your eyes widen slightly at the girl. The sound of someone clearing their throat causes all of you to snap your heads towards the door, and allows you to feel relief. Hermione, Harry and Ron try to hold in their giggles as they rush from the classroom and you try to suppress your utter humiliation, the feeling of relief immediately fading at the sight of Remus Lupin.

    “How um…how much of that did you hear?” You ask, barely making eye contact.

    “Well,” He begins, a smile on his face, “I was told by those three that you had asked to see me and to go right away after class. So, naturally, I heard it all,” he laughs.

    “You were eavesdropping?!” You cry, utterly embarrassed.

    “I was doing nothing of the sort! I simply overheard a conversation while standing next to your door where you couldn’t see me,” he grins. You let out a scoff and walk up the stairs to your office.

    “Now, don’t be upset,” he says, following you. You make it to your door and turn around, ready to close it on him, but he stops you. You stand in the doorway watching, the hint of a smile playing on your features.

    “Tell me, what’s the point in loving someone if you can’t actually love them?” He grins. He’s clearly very proud of himself.

    “Shove off, Rem,” you smile.

    “Rem? It’s been a while since you called me that,” he says.

    “I guess I just…I don’t know, it just came out,” you smile.

    “You haven’t answered the question though,” he says, moving further into the room, causing you to take a few steps back.

    “What’s the use in telling someone you love them if they don’t love you back?” You ask, as he continues to walk towards you, with you still walking backwards.

    “How do you know they don’t?” He asks, finally stopping when you back into your desk. You look at him, he’s not giving anything away. Your heart pounds, giving you away if everything else hadn’t already.

    “Rem I-“ you begin, but you’re silenced by his hands wrapping around your waist.

    “Yes?” He whispers in your ear, breathing lightly as he moves from your ear to your cheek. Your words are caught in your throat, unable to move, just as you are. His left hand glides up from your waist to your shoulders and then caresses your neck. Your eyes are already closed, you can’t bear to watch. You hear a deep laugh before his lips connect with yours in a slow, cautious kiss. With your answer, it becomes more desperate. More desperate to convey the emotions unshaken and words unheard. All those years of lying in wait, hoping that you’d feel each other’s arms around you once more was coming to a reality. He slips his tongue through your lips, deepening your wanting and his own. But almost as quickly as it had begun, he releases you.

    “I have a class,” he breathes out, his forehead against yours.

    “Pity,” you smile.

    “I assure you, it is. I’ll see you soon though, we’ve got marking to do,” he smirks. There are so many ways you took that in your head, and so many ways you’re sure he meant it. He leaves the room, closing the door behind him. You sit on the desk, letting out an airy laugh of disbelief. Had it really happened?

    “Oh, and y/n?” Remus asks, startling you.


    “I love you too,” he smiles, before leaving you again, gawking at where he once stood.

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  • PAIRING: George Weasley x Reader

    You pulled the coat tighter around your body, shivering from the cold. Walking through the diagon alley, you felt a wave of nostalgia hit you. You looked around the shops, remembering shopping and having fun at various places and it all felt so far far away. You saw the enormous colourful sign board of the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and you took in a deep breath. It had been so long since you’d seen George.


    You held George in your arms as he shook violently. You were crying too, tears streamed down your face constantly but you didn’t have time for yourself. George needed you. He didn’t stop for hours. No matter what someone did or said there was nothing anyone could do to reach out to him. You just held him, because just like him you felt numb too. Everything was blurry. Way too loud as something seemed to ring in your ears. George looked at you.

    “Why?” he croaked. You looked at him in confusion. Your head was pounding and you weren’t sure what was going around you.

    “Why did you save me? Why did you push me out of the rumble? I was hoping you’d save us both” he said as your mouth quivered.

    “George, I didn’t. I didn’t choose anyone. I-“

    “You could have let me die, it would have been better than this.”

    “Don’t say that, I d-“

    “NO,” George took your hands in his. “Why would you do this to me? You could have let both-“

    “George, stop! I’m sorry I just-“you were shouting.

    “NO NO NO (Y/n)!” George screamed. “You, could have saved him, he would have been alive. He would have been here celebrating with us. He-”

    You were frozen to the ground; you didn’t even hear what he rambled on. Your vision was smeared with tears and yet he failed to notice it.

    “… Leave, just leave. I don’t ever want to see you again.” You heard somewhere in between and your heart beat stopped. He wanted to leave too? It was too much too handle. You turned slowly, and apparated to your apartment. You fell on the ground and cried for what felt like days. You didn’t quite well remember what happened after. You just remembered packing your bags and swishing to the forest you went camping to as a kid.


    A man bumped into you breaking your reverie. You blinked. You contemplated whether you should go inside. Shaking your head, you stalked towards the red yellow shop. The doorbell ringed as you opened the door and you saw Ron. His eyes widened a bit and he gave you a wide smile.

    “(Y/n)! How are you?” he said joyfully and you found yourself smiling.

    “Never better.”

    “Oi George! (Y/n)’s here.” Ron called out and you felt your heart beating faster. George came down stairs mumbling.

    “What Ron? I’ve t-“he froze and he saw you. You looked more beautiful than ever.

    You gave him a small smile and waved a little. He looked older, better. He blinked as if coming back to his senses. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth to say something but Ron interrupted in.

    “Why don’t you two go to the back area, you’ll be able to talk.” Ron said smiling and gesturing towards the customers.

    George led you to a small room and offered a small seat.

    “How have you been?” you asked breaking the tense silence.

    “Good. Ron decided to help with the shop saying he wanted simpler things. Who would have thought? Ron actually comes up with amazing prank ideas.” He said leaning back as you let out a small laugh.

    “What about you? Where have you been? It was as if you disappeared from the face of the earth.” George asked in a light tone but you could feel the hurt there. You did disappear without any trace.

    “I’ve been travelling. After,” you cleared your throat. “After the war, it all felt too much. It hurt too much. So I ran away.”

    You didn’t know what else to say. There were more than a thousand things you wanted to say right then, but couldn’t. You couldn’t get it out. You had missed him, so so much. His freckles, smiles, jokes.

    “I read your book.” George sighed and your face quipped up.

    “You did?”

    “Yeah.” George breathed. “the character Emma, you were Emma, right?”

    Your eyes widened slightly. Of course he knew that, he was your best friend.

    “Yes.” You said as he nodded at you. “I never thought you’d read it.”

    “It was your book, I had to.”

    It felt noisy, the silence that eloped you. You had the urge to say something, George did too.

    “How’s everyone?” you asked. “How’s Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley?”

    “Ginny got into the Holyhead Harpies,” George said as your eyes went wide and you smiled.

    “Holy shit! That is so so nice!”

    “It is.”

    “Mum and dad are happy than ever, Charlie is still working with dragons. Percy’s got a nice job as a manager and Bill and Fleur had a baby.” He continued as you tried to suck in everything that you lost.

    “That’s amazing. I missed so much.” You said and sucked in a breath, “I missed you.”

    George looked at you softly.

    “I did too.”

    Taking in a deep breath you got up.

    “I should go…” you said turning towards the door. A selfish part of you wanted to stay there desperately. After all those years…

    “(Y/n)!!!” George called out and you turned quickly. Too qickly.

    “Would you” George swallowed, “like to go out, you know, and catch up sometime?”

    You nodded and let a small smile play at your lips.

    “Madam Rosemeta’s at 7?”

    “I’ll be there.”


    You looked at your appearance yet again, checking for some imaginary wrinkles. You sucked in a breath.

    “This is stupid, he’s George!” you chided yourself. It was true, you’d been best friends with him and Fred since childhood. Except for well, one night. You squeezed your eyes shut. What was about him that eased and set you on the edge at the same time?

    You took a deep breath, apparating to the pub you went as a teen. You sighed looking around. It hadn’t changed, not one bit. The same quaint Hogsmead. You felt a gush of warm air as you entered the pub. George waved over to you as you made a beeline towards him.

    He had already ordered a butterbeer since it was served as soon as you sat down. The two of you talked for hours. George had matured, a lot. He was always the calmer one, of the two of them. While Fred was always quick to retort, George always tried to take in the situation before anything. He still had the aura of mischief around him, his eyes sparkled as he made a joke. He pointed out to the teens sneaking out recalling all the stories of your years at Hogwarts.

    “(Y/n)! George!” Madam Rosemeta’s chirpy voice came. You looked up to her. She was a little rounder and had more white hair. You smiled at her.


    “Don’t you two look just lovely today! I haven’t seen you in years, are you finally together?” your eyes widened and George let out a laugh.

    “Oh no no, it’s nothing like that.” He said a tad bit bitterly as she smiled leaving.

    You both were quiet for a while.

    “Do you remember? Do you remember how many kids used to come to ask us whether we dated?” you asked and biting your lip, giggling. George snorted.

    “Are you dating (Y/n)?” he said in a squeaky voice and you laughed.

    “WishIwere.” George mumbled and you furrowed your eyebrows.

    “What did you say?”

    “Nothing. Wanna go through the woodlands?” he asked and you nodded getting up.


    You both walked through the woods as you’d a thousand times before. But this time felt different. It wasn’t because Fred wasn’t there. There had been countless times it had been just you and George. Walking through the forest, sitting in front of the fire in the common room, chilling by the lake, him disturbing you in the library, dancing at the Yule ball after ditching your dates, sneaking off to George’s bedroom during Bill’s wedding…

    This time was different. It was as if something weighted on your shoulders. You kicked small peddles on your way.  George cleared his throat.

    “I went to your apartment after…” he whispered.

    You looked at him. You knew what he was talking about.

    “And it was empty, you’d gone. You never said goodbye.” He sniffed. Your eyes watered too.

    “George I-“ you said but he interrupted you.

    “Wasn’t it me though? I was the one who acted like a complete prat. I should have supported you-“

    You cut him off by hugging him tightly. He wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck. You relaxed immediately drinking in the similar scent of pine wood and incomparable warmth. You missed him.

    As you pulled back there were tears in both your eyes. You both giggled a little at that. George looked at you and removed a twig from your hair. You didn’t know how it happened, who leaned in but it happened and you kissed. And you couldn’t even blame the moment. His hand slid along your waist and the other one cupped your cheek. You let your hands wander in his locks pulling at the a little. It was like fireworks throughout your body. As you pulled back, George held you by your waist. He placed his forehead over yours.

    “Never leave me again.” He whispered.

    “I don’t plan too.”

    A/N: Written for Ria’s ( @im-a-writer-right ) 2K writing challenge! Tell me what you think of my first George Weasley Fic!

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  • Dogs never bite me, just humans.

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    • Gwen: If you're going to give an apple to the baby, make sure you cut them in small pieces first.
    • Arthur: (visibly confused)
    • Gwen: The apple, Arthur. Not our child.
    • Arthur: Oh thank God.
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    • Ann Sears as Nurse
    • The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
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    • John Garfield as Harold Goff
    • Out of the Fog (1941)
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    • Gene Kelly as Pinky Benson
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