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  • jadeofblades
    27.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Day 27: Cosplay/Costume,,, ish

    Listen you can't tell me Ibuki WOULDN'T drag Gonta into doing something like this

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  • prettymuchproship
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    ship headcanons - 1

    ougoku headcanons

    kokichi is a genderfluid pansexual solarian; any pronouns/🎲

    gonta is an agender pansexual; they/he/🐛/🦋

    gonta definitely goes out to catch and observe butterflies and kokichi takes pictures for him

    idk why but i totally think they would paint together as like a date

    gonta takes care of kokichi when he gets sick (i wrote a fanfic about this)

    they like to cuddle a lot

    kokichi has an entire folder on his phone filled to the brim with memes and he sends them to gonta continuously but gonta doesn't understand any of them so 🐛 just sends smiles back (basically just goes "that's nice dear")

    gonta is like 99% of kokichi's impulse control

    they do a "spa day" which is basically just putting on face masks while kokichi talks shit about other people

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  • milaza
    27.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    i gave up drawing that comic series so here’s the only one i liked

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  • shsl-box-split
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    These large display badges are available to order! Send an ask if interested!

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  • shsl-box-split
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Large stands are still available to order! Send an ask if interested!

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  • shsl-box-split
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Only 5 more stands need to be claimed to fill this split! Send an ask if interested!

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  • k4zz0-s0l0
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Moss??? Posting??? What the fuck???

    #danganronpa#kazzo art#danganronpa fanart#ndrv3#drv3#danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #danganronpa killing harmony #gonta gokuhara#ryoma hoshi#goshi #ryoma x gonta
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  • jadeofblades
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Day 26: Despair

    Aside from being postgame, there's not much story behind this,, Soooo go wild with ideas

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  • emperortaro
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Gonta and Gundam!

    Request from a friend ❤️

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  • honeysucklebuttons
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    Days 24 and 25 of Gontanuary2022: Sketchbook/Notebook and Hope!

    “Dear Gentleman Journal,

    TODAY!!!! Today is best day Gonta had in long time! Gonta has very own research lab with so many friends inside!! Was so worried there not going to be a single bug friend at Hope’s Peak, as Gonta said before in other pages. But now, Gonta feel he can do anything! He positive that he can help everyone with ... bugs..... an ....  d. ............... [his writing trails off into a scribbly line as he falls asleep]”

    I don’t care what the game says, I give him silk pajamas. RIP to his neck and back muscles, though... no amount of comfy pajamas can help the crick he’s going to get.

    #so excited he tuckered himself out #also canonically a sleepier dude than I realized #so sometimes his brain gets overwhelmed and he just #zzzzzzzzzzz#amazing#gontanuary2022#gonta gokuhara#gokuhara gonta#danganronpa#danganronpa v3#elliottart #feels good to use a pencil again lol #also that was me in school #so many of my notes were illegible #because I fell asleep so much
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  • miikshark
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i missed my babies birthday :((

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  • carlitagt
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Gontanuary 2022 Day 25: Hope

    'And when he saw that he could hold that little spark on a stick, that little fire that illuminates the sky without losing his grip because his hand is trembling... He started to tear up, smiling. It's like something healed inside him. And the reality is, that maybe... just maybe... he did.'

    Context: Again out of a fic I wanted to do for a while, he gains hope after seeing that he may be heading out of his trauma postgame.

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  • geminiamethyst
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Kingdoms. Chapter 9: Early Morning

    Chapter 1: click HERE

    Chapter 8: click HERE

    Chapter 10:

    Kaito didn't know how he slept in the first place. Though his mind was plagued by the execution last night, his heavy, sleep deprived body forced him to sleep. Day one of doing nothing but walking really took more of a toll on him than he figured. All that he knew was that as his eyes were closed, he could still see the horrifying execution of Sayaka. How could anyone be so twisted as to lead her into a sense of false hope, making her fall into a bottomless pit of despair? No one should ever die like that. It just increased the danger even more to him. Kaito was still trapped in that repeating nightmare when he felt a foot nudge him in the back. It actually felt more like a soft kick.

    "Wake up. Time to go."

    Kaito's eyes blearily opened upon hearing Maki's voice. Looking out at the corner of his eye, he saw her form standing over him. She was wide awake, obviously used to waking up so early with her rucksack strapped tightly on her back. It was quite dim inside the tent, showing that it the sun may not have quite risen yet. Kaito nodded, making a hand gesture that he'll be up and out in a minute. He was worried that she was going to ignore the fact that he was waking up, forcefully drag him outside the tent. However, Maki silently stared at him before exiting the tent, letting him wake up on his own. Kaito was glad that she decided to do that. He got up, despite his body protesting it. It felt like he was made of metal that had rusted over, making it difficult for him to move. He was certain that he heard his back click a little as he stretched. He's not sure if he'll go camping again anytime soon.

    Ignoring his body's protests, Kaito crawled out of the tent, satchel securely held on his shoulder. He had made sure that nothing was missing because as far as he knew, any of the bandits, Kokichi especially, could've snuck in and took something. Everything was still there, much to his relief. Kaito was right when he thought that the sun hadn't risen yet. In the east, the sky was slowly fading from dark blue to orangey yellow. There were still the last few stars in the sky. It was a little cold, but Kaito had a feeling that it will start to get warmer as he and Maki moved. No one else was awake yet as far as they could tell, so they can move out of the camp silently enough. Maki stood a little ways from the tent, patiently waiting for him. As soon as he got out, she started walking and Kaito quickly followed her. They were just on the edge of the camp when-

    "You two weren't going to leave without saying goodbye, were you?"

    Kaito and Maki turned around to see Kokichi and Gonta step out from behind a tree, with the smaller riding on the giant's shoulder again. Gonta had his hands clasped around something as Kokichi was carrying a sword sheathed in a scabbard in his hands.

    "Sorry, but we can't stay much longer." Maki said, wishing to leave right at this moment. They can't be delayed any longer. If the guards had decided to search the woods, the camp could be attacked.

    "Because you're running from the Queen?" Kokichi smirked as he hopped off of Gonta's shoulder. Kaito and Maki tensed up as he said that. "Oh come on! It's wasn't that hard to figure out." Kaito noticed Maki slowly reaching for her knife. He had a bad feeling about what Maki might do, which could potentially put them in more trouble. He quickly grabbed her wrist, stopping her actions.

    "You're not going to rat us out, are you?" He asked, a warning tone in his voice.

    "I was going to, but then I thought, nah! It's not worth my time. Besides, I'd probably be executed too." Kokichi grinned. Kaito and Maki were still unsure to trust what he had just said. However, he did have a point. He helped them out, which could be a death sentence. He wouldn't gain anything from snitching on them. "At least let Gonta say goodbye to Maki. He'd be very upset if he wasn't given the chance." Kaito shared a look with Maki. A couple of minutes surely wouldn't hurt too much. Maki looked over at Gonta before sighing a little. She was clearly outnumbered at the moment. Gonta smiled sadly as he approached her and Kaito stepped aside.

    "Gonta hate to see Maki leave. Do you have to go?" Gonta asked, a saddened look on his face.

    "Sorry, Gonta, but I don't have much of a choice." Maki sighed, trying to be as sympathetic as she could.

    "Then let Gonta show you Gonta's favourite insect. Before you go." Gonta smiled, understanding what Maki was saying, as he slowly opening his cupped hands. In the palm of his hand was a light blue butterfly that had white along the edges of the wings. As it moved its wings, they seemed to shimmer a little in the sunlight. Despite being held in a being larger than itself, the butterfly sat calmly upon Gonta's hand. "It very rare. Not many left. Gonta has found mate so maybe Gonta can help species grow again." Carefully, Gonta pulled out a small jar that had some wild flowers and a small twig inside it. Sitting calmly on the twig was an identical butterfly. There were holes in the lid of the jar to allow fresh air to get to the insect.

    "That's very noble of you, Gonta." Said Maki as Gonta gently placed the butterfly he was holding in the jar. She watched keenly as both insects flew around a little as if they had missed each other like nothing else existed to them.

    "Also, Gonta think you and Kaito may need these." Gonta added as he handed over some extra food and water.

    "Thank you, Gonta. It helps us a lot." Maki said as she gratefully took the supplies and slipped them into her rucksack. When she slung it back on her back, Gonta gently took her hands, once again holding her as if she was the most fragile thing in the world.

    "And thank you for being patient with Gonta, Maki. Not many people are." He smiled, happy that he found a new friend. Kaito thought that seeing the two like that was quite sweet. Gonta was like a young child and Maki handled him like she was a care taker for children or even an older sister. It made him wonder if she has had experience with children before.

    "And for you...here! You'll need it to fight Monokumas." Kokichi suddenly announced. Kaito turned to see that the smaller boy was holding out the sword to him. Kaito hesitated before taking it. He had no idea how to handle a sword, he never had to use one. Maybe Maki could show him how to fight with it? As Kaito secured the sword on his belt, Kokichi pulled out a small bag that resembled a small money purse. "Oh! And one other thing!" Kaito was about to take the bag from Kokichi but the boy suddenly pulled him down closer to him. Maki watched suspiciously as Kokichi whispered in Kaito's ear. She tried to listen, but the kid was being too quiet for her to hear. Kaito's face was turned away from her as well, so she couldn't see what he was thinking through facial expressions. After about 30 seconds, Kokichi let Kaito go. Kaito seemed to have a conflicted look on his face, making Maki a little more suspicious.

    "Just so you know." Kokichi whispered loud enough for Maki to hear. He then spun on his heels and started striding back to the camp, just as a couple of the men started making themselves known. Gonta stayed where he was. Kaito wasn't sure if he wanted to prolong this goodbye by wanting to say a last minute thing, but this worked in his favour a bit.

    "Hey Gonta, could you do a favour for me? As a gentleman." He asked, digging into his satchel. Gonta nodded, looking quite eager suddenly. Kaito pulled out the letter he had written, starting to explain as carefully as he can as to where it needs to go. "There's a village, I think it's in the north. Could you take this letter to a young man called Shuichi Saihara? He's a friend of mine."

    "Gonta will try. Gentlemen should always help friends out, right?" Gonta smiled, gently taking the letter from Kaito. He placed it in his pocket carefully.

    "Thanks Gonta. Take care of yourself." Kaito smiled, giving the giant a pat on the shoulder as he and Maki started to walk away.

    "Good luck. Gonta hope you both make it safe to border." Gonta smiled widely as he waved at them. Kaito quickly spared a minute to wave back before he ran to catch up to Maki. He felt a little relieved that Kokichi said that he wouldn't tell the guards what had happened and that Gonta agreed to help deliver his letter. He hoped that the giant wouldn't get into trouble because of what he had asked and that he'll find the village alright.

    "What did he say to you?" Maki asked suddenly. Kaito gave her a clueless looking, causing her to roll her eyes. "Kokichi. Just now when he whispered in your ear."

    "Oh! He just gave us some extra money. Emergencies only in case we start running out quick." Kaito answered too quickly. Maki wasn't buying it. There's no way they were given extra emergency money. Kaito noticed that Maki wasn't convinced and quickly changed the subject. "Hey, could you teach me how to use this sword? I've never had to learn before but-"

    "Sure." Maki sighed. It was clear that he wasn't going to say anything else on that subject. Kaito passed Maki the last of the bread he had to keep their strength up for now. It was tough to bite into, but at least it was edible. As Maki took bites into the food, she glanced around. Kaito wasn't sure if she was expecting an attack (which probably was the main reason), but it made him go on edge a bit. When they both finished the food, Maki suddenly bent down, shuffling leaves around. Kaito wondered if she had dropped anything, but she grabbed two sticks instead. They were at least similar in size and length.

    "Listen, I want to show you something." Maki said, passing the stick to Kaito. He took it, not sure what he was to do. Maki the one she was holding onto. "Pretend these are daggers. When someone comes at you with one, you raise this arm up." Maki immediately grabbed Kaito's free arm and raised it. She presses against it as if she was trying to stab him with her "dagger". This caused Kaito to tense up out of pure instinct. "Use it to block and use your opponent's strength against them. Wait until they're close enough, and drive the dagger through their heart to the hilt." Maki grabbed Kaito's wrist where he held his "dagger" and pulled it until it was touching the centre of her chest. Kaito felt uncomfortable at this. "You can't hesitate, not even for a second. And do not pull out the dagger until you're sure that your opponent is defeated." The two stared at each other tensely as they stood perfectly still like that. It was like they had been frozen in time as they made eye contact. Kaito's eyes were clouded with confusion and inner conflict. It was clear that he didn't want to think about taking a life, even if it were to be in self defence. It wasn't how he was raised after all. Maki's eyes told Kaito that she was serious for him to remember every single detail of this demonstration as it could mean life or death for him. She didn't know Kaito well enough to think of him as a friend, (not that she wanted to be his friend, that's what she believed) but she didn't want his death to ride on her shoulder because she didn't teach him self defence like this.

    "I don't think that I could do that." Kaito finally said, his voice quiet and unsure, as he stepped away from Maki. Maki gave him a look of pity. She knows what he means. She was in that position herself a long time ago. But she can't watch Kaito's back forever. He needs to at least know how to protect himself. Maki reached down to her boot and pulled out a dagger, safely tucked inside a sheath, that she had concealed on her.

    "Sometimes you have no choice." She said, passing the dagger to Kaito. His hand shook a little, but he took it. Maki gave him a small nod before she started to walk. Kaito looked down at the dagger again. He truly hoped that he wouldn't have to use it on anyone. He tucked the weapon safely inside a pocket on the inside of his jacket. It fit securely inside it with no chance of it slipping out easily.

    Kaito suddenly heard something. It was quiet at first but then it got louder. Was that a horse? No, not one. Several. And shouting. Hesitantly, Kaito turned around. It wasn't coming from the camp. He saw something that he dreaded seeing all too soon.

    "MAKI!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, dashing towards Maki. She turned to see him charging at her like a runaway carriage. "RUN!" Maki looked to see them. Royals guards and Monokumas. They were charging towards the two at impressive speed. Kaito grabbed Maki's wrist, dragging her with him. Maki rapidly matched his speed as they stumbled and leaped over tree roots. Leaves kicked up under them with every step they took. Since they had just consumed food, so they started to feel a stitch coming almost immediately. Despite that though, they pushed as hard as they could to stay ahead of their pursuers. It was a little more difficult for Kaito as he wasn't used to carrying a sword at the same time. They were doing fine until Maki Yankee the back of Kaito's jacket back harshly, almost causing him to fall backwards. And for good reason. At least 70ft below them was a raging river. They would've fallen in if Maki hadn't noticed so rapidly. Dead end.

    "Don't make this harder for yourselves!"

    Kaito and Maki turned to see the guards surrounding them. The Monokumas growled at them, slowly coming towards them. There was no where for them to go other than down. Maki glared at them, grabbing her knife instantly. She gripped the handle so tight that she was sure that the handle would splinter if it were made of wood. Kaito hesitated in grabbing his sword. He wasn't sure if he could fight with it, but he's not willing to go down without a fight.

    "Up here!"

    Maki didn't seem to take notice of the shout, but Kaito did. It sounded like it came from above. Noticing a shadow looming over them, Kaito looked up. He almost died of shock as he saw....a ship? A ship in the sky? How was that possible? Kaito got no answer as a rope ladder was thrown close enough for Kaito and Maki to jump up and grab.

    "Jump!" Kaito shouted. Reacting out fight or flight response, he grabbed Maki's wrist. Without warning, he leaped at the rope ladder, taking Maki with him. He grabbed it easily, keeping his grip on Maki tight. Maki slipped her knife back into its sheath and grabbed the rope ladder. Kaito suddenly felt something pull at his leg. He looked down and almost screamed aloud. Just as the ship pulled away, a Monokuma had managed to grab his leg. It started jerking, threatening to yank him down off of the rope ladder with it. Kaito kicked at it as hard as he could. It took five hard kicks, but the black and white bear finally let go, plummeting to the river below. As it disappeared under the rapids, Kaito took a heavy sigh of relief. Seeing the he was okay, Maki gently urged him to start climbing up the ladder. The last thing they want to do right now, was to meet the same fate.

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  • thecryptidwizard
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    what’s better than a sleepover with the people who’d literally give Hoshi the entire world?? nothing?? exactly.

    (Click for better quality!)

    featuring crypta, who's a tad bit overwhelmed by all this cuteness!! damn!!

    Commission for @readasaur​ !!

    Please do not repost unless you are the commissioner!

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  • tooblindtizzy
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    2 and a half men (disown me if you want)

    #gonta gokuhara#korekiyo shinguji#korekiyo shinguuji#ryoma hoshi#drv3 #im gonna start calling them that from now on its funny #I sorta see it more as a platonic kinda thing but you can see it as whatever the fuck you want im cool #brotp
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  • jadeofblades
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Day 25: Hope

    Based off of this song, an all time favorite of mine

    #danganronpa#danganronpa v3#ndrv3#drv3#postgame drv3#postgame gonta#gonta gokuhara#gontanuary#gontanuary2022 #the flowers do have a meaning to btw #Theyre daisies. the white ones mean new beginnings and the orangy ones mean joy
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