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  • whyarewecalledtheshipname
    23.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Re:CoM spoilers:

    PFF completely forgot to ramble about how much i love that one scene in Re:CoM on rikus side, where they tell repliku they’re gonna remake his heart.

    OH MY GOSH when he gets betrayed by vexen NOOOO

    and fricken larxene just rubbing the whole thing in and making it a hundred times more painful. She sends him flying and MAKES him realize how futile it really is to fight, how HELPLESS he is right then, GOD and to know that you’re going to be completely changed, and doesn’t repliku freak out about how he won’t be himself anymore?? that he doesn’t want to BE RIKU

    repliku getting the shit beat out of him to subdue him and then the angle changes

    and fucking NAMINÉ is there covering her face with her hand, looking fucking horrified and PAINED beyond belief—these poor tortured sOULS

    and it closes with repliku fucking screaming for his life i fucking CANT this scene is SO MUCH FUCK

    #re:com spoilers#com spoilers#kh spoilers#MAN #i really love that scene #it’s so fucked up #so fucked up #and it’s so gooood #and it makes me think of repliku #like repliku come back!!! #let me say sorry for fucking the twisted shit they put you through #and the amazing thing is that somehow repliku STILL went on to become LIGHT #LIGHT that reminds me of 0.2 FRICK #repliku dammit i’m sorry #NAMINE i’m so sorry #com ramblings #my ramblings put to paper #COM IS SO GOOD YALL #i’m not the biggest fan of the ‘watch CoM bc the gameplay sucks’ take #like BRO let people form their own opinion PLS #text#my post #me and my com obsession #namine#naminé#repliku#larxene #larxene being god tier #com thoughts
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  • kaprosuchus
    23.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    my first appointment of 2020 summer was july 7, and my first appointment of 2021, altogether, will also be. july 7. christ am I even going to remember how to do this

    #let's get some Fs in the chat #also narrowly avoided starting an argument with my coworker over some 'luxury space communism' shit lol #good to be back
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  • leonstamatis
    23.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    speaking of greater boston, actually. i’m still working my way through a relisten and it is finally time for me to have complicated feelings about dimitri stamatis.

    there’s just something so interesting about like. for anyone else, being stranded somewhere and knowing the only way to leave was to tell people the answer to an age-old mystery, like. sure. end the story. solve the riddle. if you put any other character in his position as he was being interrogated, they would fess up fairly quickly, I think, but he doesn’t. because ruining that mystery is the WORST thing he could do, given his own interests and preferences.

    and then you look over in boston and it’s just. okay dimitri i get that this is hard for you but people are dead, seriously injured, experiencing great trauma, and committing acts of violence upon train cars full of people.

    #greater Boston #greater boston spoilers // #like I am not dismissing his struggles in any way this is a roadblock SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to be hard for him and it is SO INTERESTING #but like. dimitri your sister needs you. Dimitri go the fuck home. DIMITRI— #it’s the dramatic irony of it all #comparatively dimitri’s problems have a simple and straightforward solution and are not on the same scale #but he doesn’t KNOW about what’s happening in boston #so of COURSE they feel gigantic to him! #anyway that’s all I just love how much of dimitri’s arc is defined by him not knowing jack shit #he learns a lot on his adventures but none of it is what he NEEDS to know #it’s very good
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  • bihercs
    23.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    now accepting suggestions for new things to be interested in.

    #so many bad awful comics today #literally reptil was good and everything else was badly thought out at best a hate crime at worst. #i am. not having a good time #the only reed content i'm getting is tired ableist ''abusive husband & father'' shit apparently #vision hasnt appeared in anything mainsteam in like. 2 years. #wanda's only personality trait is ''feel's sad'' and maybe ''mutants dont like her'' #and ''needs her former abusers validation'' or some shit #i'm eating on the doctor doom front at least. he's getting to do things maybe. #good things remain to be seen but. #i just. ugh. #its hard to stay invested in something that clearly doesnt care abt the characters u are invested in. #brieuc.txt #negative
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  • mmmangogoddesss
    23.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    I wish I could pay someone just to suck on my boobs

    #shit feels so good
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  • sideblogformindtrash
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #good 👀👀👀 #blue needs a tag #warren is a creep #orfeu crying cause oj no not this shit again
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  • robuttsinyourthighs
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just had a virtual doctors visit

    Went a little like this

    Me: I need my medications started up again for weight related issues 🙃

    Nurse practitioner: 🩺 sure!

    Me: also i wanted to touch on my possible mood issues? I think I may have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD, not sure what the correct terminology is now? I have a family history of it but never realized I was exhibiting these symptoms

    Nurse practitioner: interesting.. What are your symptoms? (Looks at the notes from the nurse before the appointment)

    Me: (gives symptoms)

    Nurse practitioner: so... I can't really diagnose this over a [video] call, but it sounds very close to Manic Depression

    Me: 😬

    Nurse practitioner: 😬

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  • ossaviva
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    For a long time (and sometimes still), I felt shame, inadequate, less-than, due to the formation of their relationship behind my back. The purposeful exclusion of me. I wondered what was wrong with me, what was better about her. I can still be heavily triggered by things that remind me of her, of the things that I am not, things that I also find attractive but would not genuinely embody myself. With careful dissection, I know that my shame should be converted to justified rage. It is not a lack on my part that caused it, but their utter disregard and ignorance of me, my position & invested feelings in the situation. I am furious and hurt that neither of them considered me or treated me as a person, when one of them supposedly loved me.

    When I feel triggered by the beauty of others that makes me feel inadequate, I must not only remind myself that the true fault in the situation was their behavior, not anything about myself-- more importantly that I have no reason to feel shame for anything. I am a loving, whole, and genuine person. I did not deserve how they treated me, but they deserve my wrath, and the consequences of their actions. I deserve peace and self-acceptance.

    #journal#personal#June 2021 #i don't post personal shit but why not #i only really know like 2 ppl on here lol #2021#monogamy#cheating #this also branches into my realization that i have a capacity to love in a poly rlationshp #but that in order to be comfortable i need all included parties to respect me and my position as an equal #which was definitely not going to happen with either of these 2 ppl unfortunately #good riddance tho
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  • wulvur
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    im so? my neighbor, who has historically been a massive asshole to me and my dad, apologized to me for his behavior and basically set up the grounds to be friends.

    #OUT. #this man in the past has ignored / aggressively turned down any attempt at coexistence i've offered him #has kicked our door and screamed #does obnoxious shit like sanding with power tools in the HALLWAY at night #has tried to change the lock on the laundry room door so we couldnt get in to do our laundry #and has acted just like a general dickhead to both of us for no good reason. #this happened bc he found out im trans; which apparently changed the way he thought of me. #as i think he mentioned his sibling is trans. #i'm completely fucking confused but yknow what. i will take it. #TBD.
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  • hwiyoungies
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #need to stop feeling sorry about myself i'm being a fucking idiot #thinking shit that is so unlikely and even if it did happen is completely out of my control #on one hand i wanna post my whole thought process #on the other hand whenever i share thoughts i feel like shit after because i'm like ah what if people dislike me after this #which 1 i don't exist to please others and 2 if they do there's nothing i can do about that #also it's not like i'm nice enough to be say well liked by a fandom lol (this is not me fishing for compliments if anyone is reading this #it's literally a fact and not something that i wanna change because i don't think being nice all the time is a good thing) #just ignore all of this #td
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  • yeshin-laevis
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #yeah i had a good day thanks #but *i* #am feeling quite shit and i dont think anyone can fix that
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  • aevios
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    trauma therapy is truly exhausting sometimes. its like the emotional equivalent of when you haven’t cleaned or organized your stuff in ages and you basically have to tear up the whole place to get everything out before you can actually begin sorting and cleaning and you just gotta hope that you don’t get so overwhelmed by the chaos produced in the initial stages that u cant finish.

    #op #i am Tired #like its good and important #i feel like im getting at some stuff that i couldnt before in regular therapy #but boy can it be tiring sometimes #also note: this is an oversimplification its not just digging up all ur trauma and sorting it that would be truly overwhelming #its like... more controlled and paced than that u dont actually tackle it all at once #its just you do kind of have to dig up stuff and make a bit of a mess of ur brain sometimes to sort shit out #is more the point #like with cleaning your stuff!!! tackle things in parts!! break it down!! take breaks when u need to! have comforts or rewards for urself! #okay to reblog #just please dont like graphically describe ur trauma in the notes or tags or anything
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  • hinugundam
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    9 times outta 10 when somebody is like "video games let me down and suck lately" it's because they play the same shit they know will make them upset or play games they don't like because they're stuck in the habit. there's more out there than what you subject yourself to

    #kinda annoying like i know i have my own moments but there are not 5 games in the entire universe #we get good shit all the time you just have to play it and find out
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  • firebenderlesbian
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    just…. just watch Mythic Quest, please

    #ah fucking shit #new comfort show just dropped #god #was not expecting to cry a lot over a sitcom about a video game compant but here we are! #has anyone else watched this? it’s amazing #also suuuuuch a good lesbian side romance i love them sm #mythic quest#myken talks
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  • clumsycapitolunicorn
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    thinking about how maxwell and c.c., two producers who come from rich families, married fran and niles, aka ‘the help’ and i just think that’s beautiful...

    #the nanny #maxwell x fran #niles x cc #like they really saw these two disasters who come from working backgrounds and thought yES THESE TWO #not but these two (well mainly cc) ready to fight anyone who dares give fran and niles shit for not being rich #and like by the end of the show cc thinks she's not good enough for niles and not the other way round #while with maxwell it was just commitment issues
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  • eccentriccryptid
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #it’s 2021 do people still talk in the tags?? #anyway don’t wanna make a real post but want to get out some nervous energy real quick #gonna finally talk to my therapist about gender shit in a half hour and the potential of maybe getting top surgery #because I’ve finally come to terms with stuff and also I have a grown up #job now and have to figure out insurance 🙃🙃🙃 #anyway I’m so nervous I’ve been trying to do this for months send good vibes please
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  • bored-bitch-stuff
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thought this needed to be here.

    If DN happened in LATAM Light would get his pretty watch wallet cellphone shoes and beloved notebook robbed in the firsts chapters LOL.

    He's a señorito after all, perfect victim

    #death note#light yagami#rem#ryuk#tw: robbery#dn meme #what u gonna do about ir Kira #delate them with daddy #prob yes since he's a cop #but latam cops dont give a shit bout ur robbed goods #omg what happens with the ownership of a robbed death note #serious question#latinoamérica moment #it happens to the best of us
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  • goblin-phannie
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    it’s been a while since i posted a photo of me on here but i just wanted to share that i finished my degree!!!! and also this is what i look like now!!!! and also i forgot to hire a graduation robe lmao i love my adhd brain

    #this is just shameless self content bc i think i look cute in this photo but i don’t care 😌 #this is what y’all signed up for when you followed me 😌 #that and gifs of dan and phil that i no longer make sorry about that ;( #ANYWAY #i graduated today and that was awesome and weird and my dissertation was on alzheimer’s disease #if anyone wants to hear me monologue about the brain just drop me an ask or a message lmao i love that shit #anyways anyways #much love good luck everyone who is still to graduate uni and all the responsible adults who already have <3 what a weird liminal time #to graduate too lmao i basically missed 2 years of my course due to covid :/ #still. made awesome pals and had a fab time in a bunch of shows. loved it tbh #uni life#self#rambles #oki i’m done xo
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  • tectonicduck
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Okay I’ve only been at home for 3 days now but it’s SO evident how society is set up for only one half of a couple to be working, even though wages have obviously not adjusted accordingly.

    Like in this time I was able to clean our entire house for a surprise open house, last-minute drive my wife a 4-hour round trip to a specialist, cook us both every meal, and this afternoon I’m taking our dog to to vet. I’m also helping my wife with minor tasks at work just because she missed time yesterday and has something due tonight. Normally any one of these things would’ve thrown off our whole week but now it’s just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    #I’m literally the academic wife typing up shit 😅 #I know it’s not good praxis for me to be helping with work but it’s an emergency situation #I’m also just MAD about it #like what do you mean our lives don’t have to be constant struggle with no free time #so we’re forced to outsource things like meal prep and spend more money to do so #every time I talk about this stuff I feel 100 years old lol #👠👵🏻
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  • thehealingplum
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    i do still talk about them a lot

    and maybe i shouldn’t

    i dont really know

    i’m not gonna bother trying to get involved in their lives again unless they want me to

    i felt really betrayed and frustrated back when they just. really emotionally attacked me when i was having a meltdown.

    i hadn’t realized that all of us, as victims of abuse, we learned from our abusers. so we essentially employ some of their tactics in order to get what we want. because it’s familiar. it’s easy. it works for us.

    i can’t tell you how much emotional blackmail was going on behind closed doors. i can’t tell you how much manipulation and enabling was happening.

    all i know is that those boys need a lot of help. and i really hope they can get some much needed therapy. because they are hurting. and they are similarly stuck in their comfort zones the same way i was. am.

    their hatred towards me for lashing out is understandable. because i essentially lashed out to them like i would to my abuser.

    i dont hate them. i cant hate them. i tried to make myself hate them. but they’re abuse victims going through a hard time. all of them. and they havent gotten help to get out of their situations.

    i just hope that they can get a real escape instead of the constant fictional escape... they’re all amazing and strong and hard working. it baffles me how little value their abusers put on them. they are so capable of so much, but their abusers refuse to see it.

    hang in there guys.

    #personal #idk if this makes me sound like a jerk or something #im not asking for pity or compassion im just kinda #screaming into the void and hoping that it'll help #just a bit of my own magical thinking i guess #if i send good vibes maybe it'll help #it eases my mind at least instead of constantly worrying 'are they still doing the same shit theyve been doing the past year' #i... dont really know all the bad things they saw in me to make them have such a visceral hatred for me #but i hope they can get to a point where hate and fear are not all consuming for them
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