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  • readyfreddy
    20.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    I absolutely hate it when people (especially older, white gay men) call me cutie. It feels so incredibly infantilizing and gross.

    #hes 28 im 20 but i look maybe 16 on a good day #he seems nice vut a whiole hell of a lot older than me #i hate saying no to others whixh has already led to a lot of shitty things
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  • mushroomtale
    20.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago
    #join / support ur local communist party #this is the sort of thing u'd get arrested in amerikkka 4 rite... remember when overseas chinese ppl used 2 giv away free masks 2 passersby #but westerners r averse 2 wearing medical masks so ppl r like *shrug* n then push asians in2 oncoming trains. does it make ur ppl feel good? #socialism#china#afghanistan#youtube#video#western imperialism
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  • theparadoxmachine
    20.01.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    I have to go in for jury duty tomorrow. 

    While I appreciate that this is both my right and my responsibility as a citizen, as a neurodivergent, nocturnal, navigationally challenged, socially anxious gremlin, this is several of my very specific worst case scenarios rolled into one, and I am not looking forward to it. 

    So like, hugs and stuff? Good thoughts? Memes? Cute animal pics? Prayer circle they don’t keep me long? Something? Anything? Please? 

    #though the neurodivergent thing might work in my favor #the fact that I am mildly unhinged probably should but I hide it a little too well for my own good
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  • winchester101
    20.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    When I first started one piece I asked my friend who was caught up if I would ever have to sit through dumbass “best friends fight for no discernible/valid reason” plot and the absolute sigh of pure relief when he said no like I ascend

    #technically they fought at whiskey peak for a hot min #but good thing that only lasted for half an ep before nami smashed their heads together and called them stupid #otherwise I would have had to list it as war crimes #one piece#Luffy#zoro#j rambles
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  • artistefish
    20.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    I think y’all really be expecting too much of Rumiko Takahashi sometimes like,,,

    Woman once wrote a story where a bunch of fossils come to life with alien tech and then one where a boy/girl’s hair grows to like miles long cuz they ate some stew and once she named a major character Shampoo and another Mousse and like!!

    I am a card-carrying Rumic World fangirl, but you gotta understand…… you gotta understand.

    #rumic world #Rumiko is not and has never been an author trying to blow your mind #woman writes what she wants #and makes it up as she goes along #and I dig it man I dig it #she’s a pro at what she does #which is deliver weekly manga stories #and sometimes it gets away from her and that’s okay #cuz she’s still so good at what she does #and has been doing for over 40 years #woman is queen #but also don’t expect things she never intended to deliver #anyways…#rant over
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  • alaricseer
    20.01.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    ajkshfakdfj I was not expecting to struggle so hard w these tweets, you gotta be clever

    #or like know what a modern version of your muse would say #its a good thing ala doesnt use social media #tbd #anyways if you sent one rest assured I saw it and am working on it
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  • originlist
    20.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    “i’m surprised penthesilea doesn’t want to spice up her business s.o.p. with a little violence and pizzazz.” he’s disappointed. he craves violence.

    #mun plays fgo #im at the cg delivery and just #this guy knows how to run a business and he knows how to actually train people. and he knows you know he knows #we ALL know and he knows we know he could make a perfectly normal legal profitable and wholesome training business #however. the fatal flaw. is he just loves violence. and things exploding blackbeard is the funniest thing possible. good for him #ic : chen gong
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  • achraya
    20.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    Whelp. I passed out while eating dinner so. Maybe I’ll leave Mira and Bruno dancing for another day.

    I’m off on Saturday so the odds seem good for that. Plus more Beauty and the Beast AU, for real. Annnnd idk, something smutty. You know. For balance.

    Maybe some contextless 🦋⏳⏳(⏳) action that only my tumblr and Twitter followers will understand?

    #me: I could write smut? but what can #gremlin brain: Mira gets railed five ways to Sunday by 3 brunos #me: well. i mean I thought that was gonna be a thing with plot and development and feelings- #GB: …nah #me: k good talk #mirabruno#brumira#⏳⏳⏳🦋
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  • jesseevelann
    20.01.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    Dadbito dadbito dadbito dadbito dadbito

    #obito uchiha#tobi#akatsuki#single dadbito #i've done a good thing today
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  • kcrabb88
    20.01.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Dispatches from doing proofreading for advance review e-copies. I love this bit so much. 

    “Well, you’re getting up now. I have better things to do than coax a thirteen-year-old boy out of bed.”
    “Well, then go away,” René protests, pulling the bedclothes over his head, which muffles his voice. “I’m on holiday for two weeks since Mr. Edwards and Mr. Daniels are both away,” he continues, referencing the two tutors he shares with Frantz. “Let me sleep and go do those better things you just mentioned.”
    “No. Your father and I are sailing out in two days. We’re having this lesson.”
    Jerome tugs on the bedcovers from the bottom. René is forced to sit up, trying and failing to yank them back.
    “You’re ridiculous,” Jerome grumbles.
    You’re ridiculous,” René echoes.
    #I will have to proof AGAIN after B reads over for me and before I upload to get things going for public release #And then I actually have to proof the e and print copies for formatting errors so it's a good thing I like this book #KCrabb rambles #Sailing by Orion's Star #The Constellation Trilogy
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  • emerqldv
    20.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    sobbing at this girl’s in my lit mag class annotations on my poem. she wrote “i love this line!!! made me smile & i had to take a breather because it’s so good!!!” and expected me to be okay what

    #like she FULLY delved into it annotated just about every stanza i’m crying #i’m so unnecessarily excited about this but she’s so nice!!! and it was a little workshop thing so i was with some other girls too and they #were!!! so!!! kind!!!!! #and then my teacher (english and lit mag teacher are the same) was just agdkshshs one of the girls was just saying how good it was and then #my teacher was like “i know! i hate her! i hate her but i love her’ screamingbsjss i was blushing so hard why are writers so nice what did #i do to deserve this dkshshs he #oh!! and then (backstory: poem is basically inspired/about my sister who’s away at uni rn so it’s a bit… sad…. angsty) and at the very end #she goes ‘nothing to annotate here… but definitely think you should text your sister <3’ like???? this is my first time talking to you i’m #sorry i dumped all that on you but for you to give me advice???? i’ll cry stop it. and THEN she gave me her number at the end bc she wanted #to know if she was right in her analysis. like yes! you were! more than right frankly! basically just stepped into my brain and walked #around a bit of exactly what i was thinking of when i wrote??? like i’m not even exaggerating she got EVERYTHING #anyways enough of me. i love when girls are nice <3 reminds me how good the world is <3 how good humans can be <3 #someone shut her (liv) up! #if u read this whole thing i’m smooching u thru the phone rn
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  • as-old-roads
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Practicing backing up on a rainy day! No clips cuz I’m forgetful. But I particularly liked these two videos and got good mileage out of both of them:

    I had a feeling — and was right — that just walking into her space would be kind of confusing and not get her to move straight back. She actually started trying to spin away from me lmao? But she caught on to being lured into the “tunnel” and that I liked her taking a step backwards very quickly — she liked it even more when I went into the little “tunnel” with her and we backed up together.

    She’s good at moving out of my way in general, and she will back up at doorways and tight spaces, but she doesn’t actually know a cue to walk backwards. I thought it’d be fun to practice, and maybe it’ll help her with body awareness as well.

    We ended by playing around with a platform and reinforcing her for interacting with it, then keeping a paw on it. I put it in the tunnel so she’d be more inclined to stomp all over it.

    Afterwards I put a treat in her favorite puzzle toy and let her go to town. She’s all tired now 😭 CUTE.

    #EXCITINGE… #at training the other day the trainer tried teaching her to high five #and I thought about how her not rapid fire offering tons of things (like slapping you) does make some of these things tougher! #she’s kind of cautious and slow and thoughtful and doesn’t offer a ton of big behaviors #it is good tho! It gives me practice watching her for behaviors #training thots#Youtube
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  • calicostorms
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Gavin: [rolls over in bed and knees freelancer in the ribs]

    Freelancer: Ow! You kneed me.

    Gavin: [sleepily] Yeah, I do need you

    Freelancer: [voice cracking] Okay.

    #redacted asmr#redacted gavin #i am in love w him . he deserves good things sm
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  • pacifirim
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #asks #also dont worry i think you articulated things well!! #im sorry if i havent though lol im dissociating atm #thank u for the ask! i love Talking about things #have a good day!!
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  • ccherrybloom
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    alrighty — the foreign hottie chronicles have officially come to a close.

    #foreign hottie chronicles #we are broken up #it is a good thing y’all dw #m rambles
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  • narratorquestionmark
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    me, seeing a Sonic & Maria tag on a fic: 👀

    me, seeing it also tagged as role reversal:

    #this is an exaggeration but shadow & sonic role swaps are so. boring no offense #because every time people do it they always switch their personalities too #or make sonic too much like shadow #they never properly explore the differences in their characters #how would shadow be if Maria never died? if he was raised in a completely different setting? how would his idea of heroing change? #or stay the same? #how does sonic react in the face of obvious loss? #AUGH. role swaps can be cool but they are just. never done well #it’s about the ability to remove experience from personality #when you remove shadows time on the ark from him… what is he like? #when you remove Sonic’s years of battling Eggman… who is he? #and i never see these things explored quite right i feel #but i don’t care enough about this sort of role swap to write it myself #when there’s already billions of versions about this smh #I GET IT though the parallels between sonic and shadow are SO GOOD #they’re REFLECTIONS of each other. they intéresse the but they are not the same. #but they’re not the same person. by choice or circumstance. #and that’s what needs to be explored… #ANYWAY……. #the reason i get excited for the sonic & Maria tag is because i want to see people write about sonic being the original project shadow #BECAUSE THERES A FUCK TON OF EVIDENCE FOR THAT WHY DOES NO ONE WRITE ABOUT IT #I THINK ABOUT HER SO MUCH (her being the theory) #how absolutely fucked yo would that be especially for shadow. like your defining trauma moment didn’t even happen to you #it happened to someone else. you were never made to be a cure. you were ALWAYS a weapon. designed by a man horribly wronged #who now wants to do horribly wrong things. who wants YOU to do horribly wrong things #every childhood memory you had were implanted. you were designed to end the world. #all of you identity issues that you’ve struggled with for the past few years? they mean nothing compared to this #i don’t think it’s particularly tragic on Sonic’s end tho lmao he doesn’t remember his time on the ark #but if he did or if he got his memories back. then it would be a little fucked up #anyway i think the whole role swap thing is over done and never executed well can we move on to a different concept
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  • themechcnic
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #「 is big boy  ─ puppy speaks 」 #you know what i'd find both funny and probably true #that my tony has probably gone to not sharing his baked goods #and just so casually makes these things #and then has them all to himself #without making a point that anything is there
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  • celestiel
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    liv: it's hard for me to form attachments to people and care about them /: i don't do well with romantic relationships and platonic relationships are hard too

    sb: -is nice to liv-

    liv: ......................... well shit i think im in love with you /:

    #✩.      about      »     liv. #THE THING IS she gets very attached and has like #soft feelings for people who are kind to her #and she doesn't always know the difference between romantic and platonic she doesn't know which is which #she doesn't know what healthy romantic relationships look like #and she's constantly learning how to be a better friend and a good friend #all this to say ....... there's probably a 82% chance if you have positive interactions with liv #she's afraid she's in love with you #but it's like ...... no bestie ...... not necessarily...... i think u just like this person #not necessarily in a romantic sense #just like ): you love them #and that's good it's not scary it's healthy #u can have close platonic bonds it's okay <3
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  • windstrider2017
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Oof I feel like shit. Slept like crap and feel like I’m getting sick and I really can’t tell what it is rn. Tired, not having eaten well for the last week-and-change, actually getting sick, or a combination. -shrug- idfk

    So, tonight I’m trying to finish all 3 long-ass biology lectures in one sitting so I can actually feel somewhat okay to take this quiz tomorrow. Which is due tomorrow before 5 pm, so it’s kind of an urgent thing. And then there’s a test and labs and shit all due Friday too, so...I may try to cram in whatever I can tomorrow after the most immediate problem is out of the way.

    Apparently, the school for whatever reason said that the team can start spring practice on the 24th if they choose, so now there’s a poll going. I’m the only one so far who has voted to not start practice on the 24th. I’m swamped just going into this semester, don’t want to get sick, and, not being out to most of these people have had mixed feelings for a while now...this might be where I tap out of college lacrosse, either for this semester or for the foreseeable future.

    I love the sport but, idk if I’d even be able to practice let alone compete this semester with how busy and stressed and unhealthy I am rn, that would be way too soon, and with covid going on...no. I’m not doing that. So, that is what it is.

    I feel absolutely terrible so hopefully I can make it thru all the lectures before I go to bed. And hopefully I can get proper sleep, feel at least less awful tomorrow, and get the dumb exams over with. My head hurts, I can barely keep my eyes open, and I feel like roadkill. I just want to lay down.

    Also, the whole food-rationing thing may have helped get me to all my classes so far without being sick (the school’s covid policies are...iffy and I’m already stressed), but this obviously can’t go on, so I’m gonna have to get proper food starting in a day or two. I’m just gonna try to avoid people as best I can, keep my mask on whenever I can, and get as much food in each trip/sitting as I can to make it worth the risk.

    #i'm at least feeling good about my chem lab class #math and physics are trainwrecks #i like the biology lectures and the prof seems cool but i have no clue what the exams will be like #and i'm actually feeling good about my major and my path which is good #and actually good. not just trying to convince myself not to worry #but bleh i feel terrible rn #i was stumbling over my own feet this morning and tbh making it to and from chem without passing out was an achievement #ugh even if covid wasn't going on 5 days isn't enough time for me to recover let alone get in shape #but then again covid going on is what's causing a lot of these problems #i wouldn't be stressed af about getting sick and missing classes. or getting sick and lord only knows what it'd do to me #i wouldn't be so out of sorts and disorganized and playing catch-up with classes #or rationing food and eating like shit for over a week #like i told mom...the biggest thing w lacrosse for me (besides the game/practice for its own sake bc i love it) #was seeing if i could actually make it on the team. and i was allowed to join and i showed some of what i could do at practices #and got to experience a team sport and have what was probably the most normal semester of my life #so even if that ends up being all i get out of college lacrosse...i'll take it #and i'll still practice for fun and exercise. like when i'm not in school i mean #but yeah i believe this may end with me tapping out with the main reasons being busyness and covid. #which is honestly kind of weird #considering i'm not feeling much besides general dogshit rn i'm not sure if my lack of emotion/reaction rn is acceptance #or just lack of reaction bc i feel half-dead and am so preoccupied and stressed and stuff
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  • salakoooot
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    stuff i do that seems overly nice is because i... didn't have that, or at least, ive never heard a lot of it directed at me. like...ive never been greeted on my bdays much,ive never been complemented a lot, on my outfit or my art, or in anything much. but when i do, i get so happy. when i do i really, sincerely want to pay it back tenfold.

    #and that isnt to say im not genuine when complimenting someone or greeting someone. #i am. and im happy for them. #i really want them to have a good day. or lift their mood with a single message #because i KNOW i know that its hard not having much. and i know one thing like a small message can change it. #own.txt #yeah i really just got to thinking about this again
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