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  • thestalkerbunny
    25.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Goretober Day 24: Bite

    It’s been a while since I drew the fantastic mob boss, Kennedy Bowers. I do wanna do a comic about how he becomes a vampire, which results in him absolutely going FERAL one someone’s throat and killing them in front of his mob after suddenly reappearing after being gone for nearly 3 weeks to god knows where.

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  • gorkloum
    25.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    please think more and again and again before being born of a human and elder god 🙏

    (The commissions for AHausmanis 😊)

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  • thesinlesssinner
    25.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    “Empty another bottle, and let me tear you to pieces. This is me wishing you into the worst situations. I'm the kind of kid that can't let anything go. But you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat.” Mischa and Will, representing how Hannibal influenced them loving each other like they do.

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  • sonicaspeed123
    25.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    or, as my 13 year old self would say,

    “Ready for round two?”

    #tw blood#blood#tw gore #tw minor gore #minor gore#gore#scopophobia#tw scopophobia #sonic.exe #my art#sonic #sonic the hedgehog #tw knife#knife#creepypasta #claire.exe #sonica.exe #claire #claire the hedgehog #sonica #sonica the hedgehog #halloween is almost here so i had to give myself permission to make cringy horror content
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  • soncjbird
    25.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago


    A digital drawing of Orimar Vale from Campaign Skyjacks. He is a black man with black locs and an ornamentally styled beard with gold beads and hair rings. He is wearing a long red and gold coat, a white ruffled shirt, dark trousers, and brown, heeled boots. He is holding a sword in one hand and the other hand has been transformed into a bone sword, covered in gore. He is lit in yellow light by a lantern to his right and in blue light by an escaping soul out of view to his left.

    End ID]

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  • creepy-crowleys
    25.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    .But anyway.

    Tyler Freeborn was Joseph’s, the elder of the local Wabanaki peoples, grandson. He was one of conspiracy theorist types that was loud enough and right often enough to make certain groups nervous, but wrong often enough and unconvincing enough that he wasn’t worth silencing outright.

    At least until the fog came in and the situation started getting out of hand.

    He recorded some of what he saw.

    And then he went into the fog.

    Suffice to say he was right about a lot of it. There’s a reason why it’s ‘safe’ for me to be living here. No one can leave the island officially. Almost the entirety of Kingsmouth is infected with an apparently slow-acting strain of Filth. The town is managing and so far the symptoms are still mild. But. They’re all time bombs waiting to go off.

    I remember following Freeborn into the fog, to see what he saw and if there was any chance of finding him alive and

    It was a nightmare. I can’t... hold on to the  details correctly; they keep shifting. It was  It’s voice was like drowning cold dark water and no surface It didn’t understand whatt wasswas wwhat was wwWw wwWW\w

    I woke up on the beach near Tyler’s body.

    #.TRANSMIT #.horror #.gore #.nudity #In the links.
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  • h3rzwurm
    25.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    dtiys based on a piece by babezord on instagram

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  • kazeofthemagun
    25.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Painful transformation

    [You don't need a flesh body, when all you feel is hatred. Let skin become cold bone and sharp metal, you don't need softness when all you bleed is tarlike fury. The only warmth you deserve is searing fire. Nine eyed gun beast, forced to always watch the carnage its trigger hand wreaks.]

    [Because fav: *exists* Me: I will turn you into a monster, as a treat]

    #goretober#goretober2021#blood tw#gore tw #body horror tw #my art #I also tried to add the wings but the piece became wayy too cluttered #final fantasy unlimited #ffu#ff:u#kuroki kaze#kaze kuroki#gun dragon#magun dragon
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  • lightningstar1389
    25.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    They're in a spooky boy band

    #tw#blood#gore#dismemberment #little bit i guess? #werehog#sonic #sonic the hedgehog #shadow the hedgehog #silver the hedgehog #sth#sonic art#Halloween #i bet they all have rabies #sonic definitely has rabies look at him #probably got it from vampire Shadow
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  • h3rzwurm
    25.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    maneater mares

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  • cappey
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    blood/gore warn

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  • cattuhi
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Huggy is hungry

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  • hanahaki-ghost
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    goretober day 25:oozing


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  • cutesycadaver
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #pinky and the brain #Elmyra Duff #pinky elmyra and the brain #PatB#horror#creepypasta #blood and gore #happy halloween
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  • catching-bananas
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bfishtober day 25: Gore

    This was the only day I was able to do 😭

    #tw gore#tw blood#shorter wong#banana fish #banana fish fan art #banana fish fanart #bfishtober
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  • glitchrey
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lol fucking dies

    #charger low#buggs art#blood tw #gore??? i guess #gore tw #IDFK if it counts as gore its literally just computer bits and blood
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  • dumplingslutt
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    For anyone who likes blood, my mouth was full this morning.

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  • emeraldbabygirl
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Might Bite

    Genre: horror, smut (hahaha I love sinning)

    Warnings/ kinks: fingering, eating out, (ion know how to spell the word haha), death, car sex, vampires, mentions of blood and biting, violence, sexual harassment/assault, female reader (thinkin I should prolly start stating that but I’ll think about it)

    Length: hopefully short??? (Lies! It’s not short hahahahah)

    A/N: Some parts will be written from Parkha’s perspective so hopefully it won’t be confusing to read when it switches


    You had gone to the club to drink your shitty day away. It was a really shitty looking club with all kinds of crazy people but you were looking to get wasted so you took a seat at the bar. After getting served your drink you felt someone staring at you. A man with dark hair and an incredible jawline sat next to you swirling his drink around in the glass. He turned to you with his entire body and smirked. “What’s a pretty thing like you doin in a place like this?” He said winking at you. You rolled your eyes and turned your back on him.

    You jumped as another man who definitely was not there before sat on the other side of you. He also had dark hair and defined cheekbones. But he didn’t say anything, just looked at you. These guys were starting to creep you out. “Listen I’m here to get drunk. I’m not looking for a quickie. G-get lost.” The stutter in your voice did something to both men. You saw it in their eyes, something intense and frightening about them. You went to stand up but the first guy put his hand on your bare thigh sliding up to the hem of your dress. Keeping you in your place.

    “Back off Gunmin!” A voice made him stop and you turned around to see the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your life approach you. He was wearing all black, from his leather jacket to his silk button up to his very tight black jeans. Even his boots were black. His hair was tied back in a ponytail and he wore red earrings and a red beaded choker. The way he walked and the way his voice made those men stand up so quickly was so hot.

    “Gunmin, Hyeonsu, don’t you have somewhere to be?” He smirked his pearly whites almost blinding you. They glared at him for a few seconds before disappearing into the crowded club. Your gazed shifted back to him when he spoke up. “Sorry about that they’re constantly horny.” He chuckled taking a seat next to you. He motioned for the bar tender and ordered something for himself and asked you if you wanted another. It was on him and you were downing as much alcohol as you could tonight. You nodded turning to him.

    “Uh, thanks for that by the way. Um..I’m y/n.” Fuck it you might as well introduce yourself. “Parkha.” He said shaking your hand. God his eyes were just truly something and the way he looked at you made you shiver.

    And that’s how you got pinned to the wall towards the back of the club with his fingers knuckle deep inside you and his lips all over your skin. All he asked was if you wanted to have fun and it was like you had been hypnotized. Man had your tight little dress hiked up and your panties to the side faster than you could even comprehend.

    He held the back of your thigh up with one hand holding it against his waist as he pushed his amazingly long and slender digits in a out of your cunt causing you to tighten around him so tight. His lips were sucking hard on your neck and collarbone. “You’re so fucking tight darling.” He whispered into your ear causing you to moan out his name. “Yeah baby? What is it? You wanna cum now, huh?” You moaned again arching your back off the wall. Your hands ran up his chest and found their way to his hair. You pulled it making him curse under his breath.

    “You naughty thing you.” He pulled his fingers out of you and spun you around so your back was to him. He pushed himself up against you his erection grinding against your ass. He held both your wrists up against the wall with one hand, his other sneaking around to reinsert his fingers back into your wet cunt. “Fuck-k Parkha I’m gonna- I” You moaned shaking around his fingers. Parkha pulled out and spun you back around fixing your panties and pulling your dress back down. You felt your cum seeping out of your panties and running down your thighs. “Let’s continue in my car?” Parka asked. You nodded and followed him out the back of the bar.

    His car was parked a few blocks from the bar in what looked like an abandoned lot. You got a chill that made you shiver. “You wouldn’t be so cold if you wore something more appropriate.” Parkha said opening the car door for you. You rolled your eyes getting in. “I look cute shut up. Beside, you can keep me warm again by fucking my brains out.” You wasted no time in taking your panties off. Parkha watched as you slipped them down and off around your heels. He grabbed them out of your hand and brought them to his nose inhaling. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. “Fuck, you smell so damn delicious.” You bit your lip watching as he slowly hiked up your dress again and spread your legs placing his thigh between them. You whimpered feeling his thigh rest against your still wet cunt.

    His lips crashed into yours and you allowed him to explore your mouth with his tongue. His hands caressed your thigh and ran up your dress until he got to your straps. He pulled away from your lips to slide the straps all the way down exposing your top half as your breasts spilled out. Your nipples quickly hardening as the cold air wrapped around them. “Oh god you’re so fucking hot.” You blurted out blushing after. You looked up at him and he smiled. “So are you. Can’t wait to fuck that tight pussy of yours, fill you up with my cum. Would you like that?” He asked before attaching his lips to your nipple.

    “Yes please Parkha” you grabbed his hair and held his head up against your breast. You felt his teeth graze against your nipple and you shrieked. You could’ve sworn his teeth felt sharper than normal. “Sorry, got a little carried away.” He sunk down his head between your legs and licked up your folds with his tongue. You grabbed the seat feeling his tongue around your folds and flicking at your clit. Then he entered into your cunt eating you out like it was his last meal. “Oh god oh fuck fuck Parkha f-fuck!” You whined tears forming on your waterline. He was so damn good you don’t know where he came from but thank god you met him. Your head fell against the car window, your hands untying his ponytail so you could tangle your fingers into his hair. You felt your orgasm coming at lightening speed.

    “Fuck I want your cock so bad please fuck fuck fuck!” You screamed your thighs clenching around his head as you came all over his face. You felt his tongue still eating you out again. When you slowly rose back up the first thing you noticed was your essence dripping down his bottom lip. What you noticed next made you freeze. The moonlight shone in through the window and you swore you saw Parkha’s eyes turn blood red. You swore but when you blinked they were back to the beautiful brown color.

    He smiled, “You did so good for me maybe I’ll give you my cock.” You jumped when you heard something near the car. “There’s someone out there Parkha..” You whimpered this time in fear. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you hear a loud noise that sounded like the trunk slamming shut. “P-Parkha..” you were getting scared. You held him tighter squeezing your eyes shut. When you opened them you saw two figures outside the car window. You screamed causing Parkha to jump a bit. He turned around looking out the window.

    “Uh, sorry just my friends, wait here don’t move.” He went to get out and you made the mistake of peeking and seeing the same men from the bar but this time they were glaring at you with glowing red eyes. Panic bubbles inside you. As they were talking outside you scrambled to get dressed.

    Parkha p.o.v

    “What the hell?! I was in the middle of something.” You said glaring at Gunmin and Hyeonsu.

    “We finished our jobs. Why isn’t your girl dead? You were supposed to kill her not fuck her brains out.” Gunmin said crossing his arms.

    “Yeah and we would’ve had her easy if you hadn’t bothered us. We came here to do our jobs not play with our food.” Hyeonsu said. “You always do this and me and Gunmin always take the blame. ‘Why didn’t Parkha feed? Oh he didn’t feel like it. Why does Parkha have a lower body count than you two? Oh cause he’s saving his energy.”Hyeonsu stated the past lies he’s had to tell the council because of Parkha. “If the council finds out you are keeping your food alive he will have our heads.

    “I told you guys I wanted to have some fun tonight, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good time.” You tried to explain.

    “You just wanted to get your dick wet before you got your stomach full.” Hyeonsu barked.

    “Did not!” You yelled back starting to get angry.”

    You heard them yelling about something, their voices were slightly muffled. All of a sudden a body that you assumed was Parkha’s got shoved against the car door.

    Parkha p.o.v

    “We came here to feed! To kill! That’s what we do. We don’t just fuck the humans cause we feel horny. We kill them we’re vampires dammit Parkha did you forget?!” Gunmin growled eyes glowing red again. You clenched your fists anger bubbling inside you.

    You heard that loud and clear. Your eyes widening. Is that what they put in your trunk? Dead bodies? Who were they and how many did they kill? Were they going to kill you too? You scanned the dark car for some sort of weapon.

    Parkha p.o.v

    “I don’t want to kill her!” You pushed Gunmin off of you your strength sending him flying across the lot. He sped towards you and you dodged as he rammed into the car. You heard the girl inside scream. “I’m gonna turn her. I want her. I want her as my own.”

    “Dammit Parkha when I tell the council about this,” Hyeonsu spoke up. “You tell anyone and I will fucking kill you.” You spat. “I’m turning her and you can’t stop me.

    “I’ll kill her before she can even scream!” Gunmin hissed. Opening the car door.

    The car door swung open and you screamed backing to the other side of the car. You were frantic trying to open the other door fighting with the lock. “Get away from me! Stay away! Leave me alone!” You cried out. You watched in fear as Gunmin inched his way into the car. You kicked your legs out but he grabbed them and pulled your body out of the car. You slapped him in the face and went back in. There was no way you could outrun three vampires much less one. Hands grabbed your ankles again while you laid on your stomach, you dress riding up. “Oh I bet she was juicy wasn’t she Parkha, you just had to keep the slut to yourself?” He growled and you turned around and grabbed anything you could hold onto in the car. You kicked and screamed for sure giving Gunmin a view of your panties still damp from earlier. Gunmin licked his lips gripping your thighs and pulling them apart. You screamed out and watched Gunmin get thrown across the parking lot.

    “Don’t touch her!” Parkha yelled. He turned to you somehow his face softening but you were beyond terrified. “Let me go leave me alone!” You screamed as loud as you could. You took your heels off and threw them at him. His eyes glowed red again and you froze. “Gunmin, Hyeonsu get in the fucking car. I’m turning her and you’ll both deal with it. Now let’s get out of here. You kept screaming and begging as Parkha got in the car slamming the door behind him. Gunmin started the engine as soon as Hyeonsu closed his door and you raced down the road.

    Your attention was on Parkha as he pulled your thighs apart slamming his leg in between your thighs again this time very rough. “Please let me go please I don’t wanna die!” You cried holding your hands above you trying to push him off of you. He grabbed your hands pinning them above you and he went down to your neck, you felt his fangs graze your skin and with all the strength you could muster you slapped him as hard as you could in the face. Your breathing was heavy, you heartbeat so fast you could hear it. Parkha could too, He could feel the blood running through your veins and it made him snap. He slapped your face harder than you slapped his making you cry out and shake. “Shut up dammit!” He yelled. He took the top of your dress and tore it open your breasts bouncing slightly. His smirk made your stomach churn. “P-please,” You whimpered. Your hands went to cover yourself.

    “I swear to hell if you just fuck her again I will come back there and rip her heart out myself!” You heard Gunmin growl. For a split second you saw Hyeonsu look at you his eyes back to the normal brown. You tried to get him to understand your emotions, the fear that bled through your eyes but he just turned his head back to the road. “Make it quick Parkha, we’ve got a report to make.”

    Parkha swatted your hands away and grabbed your breasts aggressively digging his fingers into them. The roughness was making you wet but you were sweating like crazy. You had no idea how you got in this mess but you prayed to every god out there that you would make it out alive. “Stop please, you’re hurting me Parkha!” You continued to cry and struggle as he gropped your breasts and started to finger your cunt again. “S-stop it. Please don’t kill me oh god please.”

    “I won’t kill you. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” Parkha’s last words before he raised you up to his fangs sinking them into your neck. The way he cradled you was gentle but you were in so much pain. You couldn’t even describe it but it hurt so bad. You tried to push him off of you, tried to hit him, tried to do anything to get him off of you. You felt yourself feeling weak. Your heartbeat slowed. You were dying, he was draining you and you couldn’t do a thing about it. The final tears left your eyes as you stared up at the ceiling of the car your entire body going limp.

    Parkha p.o.v

    When you pulled away blood continued to seep out of her. “Fuck.” You cursed under your breath. Her eyes were cold and lifeless, frozen in fear and her body temperature was going down.

    “You fucking idiot. You should’ve just killed it. Trying to save her for your own you selfish bastard.” Gunmin scoffed racing towards nowhere. “Shut up shut up shut up!” Parkha yelled. “Just get home and I can get her to bed.” Parkha said forcing your jaw open. He slashed his arm with his fangs and watched his own blood drip into your mouth. “I’m gonna save you. You will be mine darling.”

    Haha someone take me out thanks

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  • mage-ellie
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just Leave Me

    AN: Hello. It’s been a billion years since I checked tumblr. Have an angst brainrot I wrote in about 2 hours <3 

    Summary: It's always been the two of you, so you're unable to leave the building you had entered together... alone.

    Word count: 1700

    Content: angst, persona 5 but it’s the last of us, no spoilers, character death, slight gore, au, bittersweet ending

    He was quickly falling behind you in your trek through the ruined building. His slow, sluggish movements. The paling of his skin. The way the blackening of his veins seemed to crawl up his neck, reaching for his face. He had been bitten.

    You were trying to convince yourself otherwise. There was no way he could've been bitten. Your last encounter with an infected went fine. You had a bit of a scare when Goro pushed you out of the way as that monster leapt at you, but he couldn't have been bitten. 

    By the time you had picked yourself up off the ground, and turned around to help him, he had already shot it with the last of your bullets. It was slumped over his body, oozing that putrid gunk from its mouth where Goro's gun sat, finger still on the trigger.

    The former detective told you that he was alright. A bit shaky, but just fine. He hadn't lied to you before, so why would he start now?

    You could hear how heavily he was breathing. It echoed in the dark and dusty hallway you were passing through. The sound was ragged, forced. Each breath he took was a struggle that made your throat tighten. 

    You stopped at the end of the hall and waited for him, earning yourself a glare. His once brilliant maroon irises were now dull. The whites of his eyes had become bloodshot, and the veins in his cheeks were darkening.

    "What are you waiting for? Do you want to get jumped again? Keep your eyes forward." Goro growled, wheezing afterwards to catch his breath. You flinched hard from his words, eyes watering and lips trembling, but you listened to him, and turned back around. You had to get out of here.

    The damn building was a maze of corridors and obstacles that never seemed to end. Doors to trashed offices lined the walls, and the occasional window let in a bit of light from the outside world. Most of the rooms were inaccessible, either due to something blocking the door, or from the infected that were trapped inside. You could see the faint outlines of their bodies in the darkness through the thin rectangular window on the doors. Thankfully, they would never fit through it. 

    You climbed over a desk that had somehow been dragged out of one of the offices. It had been flipped onto its side to block the hallway, meaning the only way past it was by going over it.

    Goro's footsteps stopped, but his breathing was just as loud. 

    You turned around and watched as he slowly pulled himself over it with a grunt. He barely managed to land on his feet. His knees shook beneath him and he had to lean against the desk for a moment to catch himself. 

    It hurt so bad seeing your best friend in this state. Goro had been with you when this whole thing started five years ago. You had been at his apartment, working on homework with him when the sudden sound of a siren began to blare throughout Tokyo. You listened together as the newscasters explained that some virus had been rapidly spreading in the America's, and had made its way to Japan. You both stared in horror as people began screaming behind the camera, and something lunged at the woman giving the news, taking a chunk out of her neck before the camera fell and the live feed ended. 

    Knowing that Goro had entered this place with you, but you'd be leaving alone, nearly broke you.

    "Don't stop." He hissed, shuffling towards you once he had steadied himself. It was almost impossible to look away from him. He looked so tired.

    It took all of your strength to continue walking. A sharp pain pierced through your chest, making you clench the fabric above your heart and squeeze your eyes shut, but you stayed quiet.

    The dragging sound of his feet against the trash covered ground was getting slower, and his wheezing was getting louder. You couldn't stop yourself from glancing behind you. You found him leaning his weight against the wall, and nearly collapsing with each step. The way he was hunched over, eyes locked on the floor in front of him to make sure he didn't trip over something ripped your heart in two.

    Goro lifted his head when he heard you stop walking. He didn't glare at you. He didn't tell you to keep walking. He just sighed before letting his gaze fall back towards the ground.

    He stayed quiet as you walked up to him, and forced him to put his right arm around your shoulders as you slid your left arm around his waist. The former detective leaned his weight against you, nearly making you fall over. He didn't have the strength to carry himself anymore.

    "We're almost out. I can feel it. Just hang in there a little longer." Your voice cracked, and your throat hurt from the lump that was forming. 

    You carefully guided the young man around fallen chunks of the roof and random office furniture that had been scattered throughout the area during the initial panic. 

    The lobby was slowly coming into view. The front desk and decaying bodies were being illuminated by the light of the sun that streamed in through whatever was left of the doors.

    "G-Goro! Look! That has to be a way out." You said, breathing heavily as you pulled him along with all your might. During your short walk, his head had fallen against yours, and he barely lifted his feet. His breaths had become slow and shallow. 

    You didn't even make it into the lobby before his legs completely gave out, causing him to collapse. Your knees buckled beneath you and you fell with him. Goro didn't have the strength to catch himself. He just laid on the floor, eyes glazed over and staring at nothing in the distance.

    "No please! Goro, come on. We're almost there..." You sobbed, pulling him into a sitting position. Hot tears trickled down your cheeks and blurred your vision. The lump in your throat was digging its claws into your neck, making it hard to breathe.

     A rough, callused hand shakily wiped the tears from your cheek. You grabbed his arm and pressed your face into his hand, nuzzling into his cold palm. His arm soon went limp, leaving you to hold it up for him.

    "Just... leave... me..." He whispered, voice hollow and low.

    "I can't do that! Please don't leave me. I don't want to be alone." You whimpered, shuffling closer so that you were sitting in between his legs. You pulled his arms around your body and leaned your head against his neck. He was so cold.

    "Y/N... please... go... I can't..." He trailed off, unable to keep going. 

    "I don't want to go on without you. You can't leave me. Please Goro." You breathed, gripping handfuls of his shirt with trembling fingers. His head fell against yours, chin bumping the top of your head. His breathing had all but stopped. 

    You leaned back a bit to find him looking at you with solemn eyes. The last of the light in his eyes was fading quickly.

    You lifted your arm, and pulled back your sleeve. The former detective's eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly as you opened his mouth, and placed your forearm inside. The hint of realization on his face made you flinch, but he didn't have the strength to stop you.

    You push up against his jaw as hard as you could, forcing his teeth deep into your skin. It hurt like hell, but you couldn't let him go alone, and you didn't want to be in this world without him. He was all you had left.

    There was a sizable mark when you pulled away from him. The veins around the area were already starting to turn black.

    You curled up against him and closed your eyes, once again pressing your face into the exposed skin of his neck. The pulse that ran through his neck had stopped, and his chest no longer rose or fell. He had gone completely still.

    You laid with him for what seemed to be days. Every time you closed your eyes, you thought it would be your last, but you kept waking up. Or maybe, you were only blinking, and it just felt like you were falling asleep each time.

    The sudden sound of whispering and footsteps echoed through the hall you had collapsed at. A bright light obscured your vision when whoever it was spotted you both on the ground near the door to the lobby.

    Goro shifted beneath you, a low growl coming from his throat. He raised his head and lifted his arm towards the people approaching you. You could see the outline of the nasty mark on his fingers where the infected had bitten him when he tried to protect you.

    You slowly reached for his hand, and pulled it back down. Goro didn't react to your presence. He kept his head turned in their direction.

    The people were right in front of you now, talking about something you couldn't understand. Their voices were muted from the ringing in your ears and the sound of Goro grumbling. You pressed your foot against the meager bag of supplies you had dropped when you fell with the boy, and nudged it towards them. They would make better use out of it than you would.

    One of them approached, and Goro growled again. His voice sounded foreign, like there was a completely different person behind you. It scared you.

    You kept a hold on his arms as you watched the person press something to his head. A loud bang echoed around you, then his head fell back against yours. A cold liquid ran down the back of your neck, but you didn't flinch. He was at peace now.

    The warm metal of a freshly fired gun pressed against your head, and you closed your eyes, happy that this kind individual decided to put you out of your misery. 

    You couldn't wait to see Goro again.


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  • chainsawdyke666
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    gore coffin variations

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