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  • peevishpants
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hey there little godling <3

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  • bruhzilla
    27.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    "bruh zilla" presents: THE BEST GAMES THIS YEAR

    on the occasion of the 138 day anniversary of the 2020 game awards, brought to you by geoff keighley, the bros here at zilla corp decided it was time to make public our own prestigious awards, known affectionately as "the real GOTYs". this list has sat, largely untouched, for the one hundred sixteen days of 2021 because i still haven't played the last chapter of kentucky route zero. well, i still haven't. so here it is!

    the top fifteen of twenty-twenty:

    moon: Remix RPG Adventure

    The House on Blue Lick Road

    Kentucky Route Zero

    Sludge Life


    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Disc Room

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2


    Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

    Hotshot Racing

    Resident Evil 3

    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Golf on Mars


    moon: Remix RPG Adventure came out in 1997. it is the best game of 2020. i would recommend every game in this list, none more than moon. if you love the mother series, the mario RPG series, undertale, or link’s awakening, you should play moon! additionally:

    please click "Keep reading" for thematic pairings, where to start, and THE TECHNICAL AWARDS

    where 2 start:

    if you would like a great story, play these:

    moon: Remix RPG Adventure

    umurangi generation

    kentucky route zero

    if you would like to think about game design, play these:

    moon: Remix RPG Adventure

    clubhouse games: 51 worldwide classics


    if you would like to walk through cool levels, play these:


    resident evil 3

    doom eternal, and, kind of, TLOU2

    thematic pairings:


    mario’s mystery meat

    sludge life



    moon: Remix RPG Adventure

    paper mario: the origami king

    (probably yakuza 7, i have not played it lol)

    the technical awards:


    the house on blue lick road

    sludge life (free on the epic gamer store until 28 MAY 2021)

    snap the sentinel

    mario’s mystery meat


    please.hackmii.com & wii.guide


    the house on blue lick road

    umurangi generation

    sludge life


    the house on blue lick road


    animal crossing: new horizons

    clubhouse games: 51 worldwide classics



    spike lee’s david byrne’s american utopia

    kentucky route zero

    umurangi generation




    resident evil 3

    (get owned TLOU2!!!!!!!!!)


    moon: Remix RPG Adventure


    umurangi generation

    disc room (& sludge life)

    KK Slider’s discography as featured in animal crossing: new horizons


    yakuza 7

    little hope

    crusader kings 3

    half life alyx

    hardspace shipbreaker

    puyo puyo tetris 2

    paradise killer

    a monster’s expedition


    and finally:


    clubhouse games: 51 worldwide classics

    moon: Remix RPG Adventure

    please look forward the bruhzilla awards, honoring the best movies and more of 2020, premiering this sunday to commemorate the one week anniversary of the 2021 oscars! thank you for reading!
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  • drakulus
    08.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Game Of The Year Awards

    Game Of The Year Awards

    It’s that time of the year again. For the last 5 years, I’ve made it a habit to release my game of the year choices for over 20 different categories. And I’m not talking about bullshit like best esports player or coach. I mean actual game categories that I’ve put a lot of thought and time into. Here are my game of the year awards.Continue reading

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    #2020 GOTY Awards #Best Games of 2020 #Game of the Year Awards #GOTY Awards #The Very Best Games of 2020
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  • crazed-dolls
    27.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    To be honest, I don't think that the stock images for Joss's initial December 31st release look like Joss. The images for the summer release look like her though. Maybe they were a prototype, and the final doll was tweaked before release?

    Left: Joss Doll & Book

    Right: Joss's Ultimate Collection

    Left: Joss's Surf and Swim Set

    Right: Joss's Beach Jumper

    #american girl #american girl dolls #girl of the year #girl of the year 2020 #goty 2020#joss kendrick
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  • galaxyofgeek
    15.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    In 2020, I beat more Games Then I ever Have Before (Best & Worst of 2020 list)

    In 2020, I beat more Games Then I ever Have Before (Best & Worst of 2020 list)

      In 2020 my New Year’s Resolution was to beat at least 30 games, crushing my total of 25 from last year, and I did it! I actually beat over 30 games this year, which shouldn’t have been hard, given how much more time we had to spend inside, but doesn’t mean it helped me focus. I spent most of my year sucked into Overwatch and Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Both are endless, but at least…

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  • breadknight-likes-things
    01.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Bread’s Game Of The Year 2020 #1: Wide Ocean Big Jacket

    Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a game that I had no idea I desperately needed.  It doesn’t really fit into the mold of games I usually love, it’s not a shooter, or a set piece laden action game.  It doesn’t have some kind of deep lore to it’s universe, and it isn’t a sprawling adventure.  It’s just a game about a weekend camping trip to a non-descript campground next to an unidentified ocean, and words can barely express how much it wound up meaning to me in 2020.

    Like I made fairly clear, there isn’t a whole lot to Wide Ocean Big Jacket, it’s just an hour long semi-interactive story about Mord, Ben, and Mord’s Uncle Brad and Aunt Cloanne.  But boiling it down to just that does it a huge disservice to the way it affected me specifically, because this is one of those pieces of art that’s all about what it means to the individual, and I saw a lot of my life, and happy times at that, in this camping trip.

    Me, my family, and a group of other families with kids around my same age used to take camping trips just like this every summer.  We went to a lake instead of the ocean (I live by the ocean, so a vacation to the ocean is.....a bit redundant to me), but it remains the same.  In a year where I was isolated from so many people, friends, family, you name it, it meant so much to me to have a brief window back to such a specific happy time’s I had as a kid.  Sure I was never a teenage girl, but so many of the little things in this game strike so true.

    The awkwardness of using campground public bathrooms, asshole older kids just waiting for someone to harass, conversations turning uncomfortable around the camp fire.  All of these things happened every year, hell, the only very specific thing missing from my memories to be reflected in this game is a general store with a half broken World Heroes 2 machine in an alley.  These are memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything, even if they weren’t always great, they always come out happy in my head.  I’m glad that a game like Wide Ocean Big Jacket was able to release this year, when I really needed some way to get in touch with happy memories. Seriously though, watch the hell out for those Mean Teens.

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  • breadknight-likes-things
    28.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Bread’s Game Of The Year 2020 #2: Gears Tactics.

    I don’t even like Tactics games.  Hell, I don’t even like turn based games in general, but you know what I do love?  Gears of War.  And you know what, as it turns out, goes together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate?  Gears of War and Tactics.  Gears Tactics was announced years ago, during a flurry of Gears of War related announcements that also revealed Gears V and uh.....Gears Pop!  Which, yeah you know what let’s all move on from Gears Pop!

    So how do I come to love a game so mired in gameplay choices and ultimately a genre that I don’t even usually enjoy playing?  Well, one half of it is my extremely enduring love for Gears of War as a franchise.  I simply cannot get enough of this universe, so I’m willing to at least try anything set within it.  But my extreme brand loyalty isn’t the only factor, because it only took a couple missions with Gears Tactics to understand that this isn’t much like a lot of the other big Tactics games.

    Sure, a lot of the basics are the same, hit percentages, movement points, etc.  But the game does such an expert job at blending together how it feels to play Gears of War with the type of games Tactical RPG’s actually are.  Everything may be turn based, and by that token slower and methodical, but the way the combat looks and the pace at which you are expected to be making moves lends it all a sense of speed that other games in this genre simply do not have.  Not to mention, this is still very much Gears of War, and all the over the top elements you’d expect are very much in play, but cleverly, as tactical options.

    The lancer chainsaw is still a one hit kill, but now it’s a risky maneuver as it’s very nature leaves your character exposed to shots when it’s over.  All the iconic weapons carry over traits unique to them from the mainline Gears games.  The Retro Lancer has hard hitting power, but genuinely awful range.  The longshot Sniper Rifle has huge stopping power, but needs to be reloaded frequently in a way that could easily cost you a turn, just as it cost you time in the previous games.  Most satisfyingly however, are grenades, which yes are powerful in the original games, but here are so overwhelmingly strong that you know you need to save them for the exact right time or risk possibly messing up an entire mission.

    I knew I’d like Gears Tactics, I really did, Gears of War means a lot to me, but I don’t think even I expected it to rank this high on an end of year list.  If you haven’t played it yet, and have access to it via Xbox Game Pass, I implore you to give it a try.  Even if you’re like me and don’t think you like these games, you can really never tell!

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  • legionofpotatoes
    23.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Look at all these chickens hades artworks I made ✨

    #you will not hear me shut up about my goty 2020 #hades#legionofpotatoes#my art
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  • shelternmberone
    20.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    There is no escape

    #zagreus hades#hades#hades game#hades fanart #so in the other news its the only game this year i care about #should be 2020 goty honestly
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  • cameronistall
    07.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    My favorite games of 2020: 1. Hades 2. Doom Eternal 3. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 4. Resident Evil 3 Remake 5. Carrion

    Honorable mentions for games not released this year: What the Golf?, Remnant: From the Ashes, Control

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  • gamefanatics
    07.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Ben's Top 5 Games of 2020

    The 2020 game of the year train rolls on with: Ben's Top 5 Games of 2020

    Wow, 2020, am I right, guys? Oof. Although, I think it is important to not lose sight of the overall quality of games in 2020. Whether it was 2020 part 1 which saw Resident Evil 3, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Doom Eternal, or 2020 part 3: The Againening when Ghost of Tsushima, Miles Morales, and 3-5 units of those brand-new consoles found their way to market, there was plenty to love in…

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    #Final Fantasy 7 Remake #game of the year #GOTY 2020#Half-life Alyx #immortals fenyx rising #The Las of Us Part II
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  • gamefanatics
    06.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Carlos' Top 5 Games of 2020

    Game of the year continues with: Carlos' Top 5 Games of 2020

    It’s hard to recall a more trying year for all of us. 2020 was relentless and unbearably cruel and there was little solace to be found. In all honesty, the year just flat out sucked. Plain and simple. Despite all of that, we were still treated to one of the best gaming years ever which further solidifies how impactful gaming can be in times of need and distraction. Why not pretend you’re a…

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    #13 sentinels#demon&039;s souls#Disco Elysium #Final Fantasy 7 Remake #Ghost of Tsushima #GOTY 2020#Hades#nioh 2 #Ori and the Will of the Wisps #Persona 5 Royal #The Last of Us Part II
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  • gamefanatics
    05.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Trevor’s Top 5 Games of 2020

    Our yearly Game of the Year lists kick off with: Trevor’s Top 5 Games of 2020. Do you agree?

    2020 was a rough year for all of us but it was a pretty great year for games. I played some of my favorite games in recent memory and so coming up with a top 5 was obviously quite difficult this time around. Anyway, here are my top 5 this year with some honorable mentions.  5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Insomniac’s Spider-Man was a game I absolutely adored on the PlayStation 4 and once Miles…

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    #animal crossing new horizons #Final Fantasy VII Remake #Ghost of Tsushima #GOTY 2020#Persona 5 #Spiderman Miles Morales #The Last of Us Part II
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  • lacquerware
    02.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    2020 Recap - My Year in Gaming

    2020. What a year for video games. I had big plans for last year, but in the end I did very little besides play video games, and I don’t think I’m alone there since we were all stuck at home looking for a way out of reality. I wanted to do a year-end recap as I’ve done sporadically in past years, but this one will be different than the typical “Games of the Year” format because despite all the games I played in 2020, almost none of them came out in 2020, and some of the things that defined my year in gaming weren't even games. 

    Resident Evil 3 Remake (PS4)

    RE3 was one of the only games I played in 2020 that didn’t coincide with the deadly pandemic's spread across the US. RE3 is, of course, a game about the spread of a deadly virus in Anytown, USA. It was an appetizer, I guess. 

    When the Resident Evil 2 remake dropped in 2019, there were some things I loved about it, and a few things that felt like steps back from the original. I feel much the same about RE3. I had also theorized that a Resident Evil 3 remake would be better off as RE2 DLC than as a separate full-length game, and considering how short RE3 turned out, with some of the best sections of hte original cut entirely (namely, the clock tower), I stand by my theory. 

    Oh well, at least Jill gets this rad gun, which for the time being is the closest thing to a new Lost Planet we can hope for anytime soon.

    Sekiro (PS4)

    Sekiro is the first video game I ever Platinumed. This is partly because conquering the base game was such a spartan exercise that going the extra mile to get the Platinum didn’t seem so bad, but it’s also surely a result of the pandemic. I needed a project and a big win. Who didn't? 

    I wrote at length about why I like Sekiro more than every other modern FromSoft game, and also about the game’s cherry-on-top moment that reminded me of blowing up Hitler’s face in Bionic Commando. Please read them!

    Death Stranding (PS4)

    Release date notwithstanding, this was obviously the Game of 2020. I wrote about it here, here, and here. This game bears the distinction of being the second one I ever Platinumed. It took 150 hours. Only then did I learn I had a hoverboard.

    Streets of Rage 4 (PS4)

    This is the only 2020 game I played for more than a few hours. In fact, I cleared the entire game at least five times. I still don’t think it captures the gritty aesthetic of the prior Streets of Rages (nor even tries to), but this is probably the best-feeling bup I've played. Huge bonus points for finally bringing back Adam, but in the end I found it hard not to pick Blaze every time.

    Blaster Master Zero 2 (Switch)

    What impressed me about this sequel from Inti Creates was that it wasn’t just more of the same, even though that would've been fine. BMZ2 builds on its already excellent predecessor with a catchy new format where players can freely cruise the cosmos and stages take the varied form of planets—some big and sprawling, others short and sweet. Hopping at will from planet to planet without ever knowing what experiences and treasure each one held felt like system jumping in No Man’s Sky and island hopping in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, both of which felt like opening presents.

    Dragon Force (Saturn)

    Charming, satisfying, and addictive as a bag of chips. Unlike a bag of chips, when it’s over, you can do it all again. And again. And it’ll be different each time! This might be the first strategy game I've truly loved. Better late than never.

    The PC Engine Mini

    The PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 Mini seems a particularly justifiable mini-console for people outside Japan because so many missed these consoles entirely, the games are hard to obtain, and the lineup includes titles spanning the entire convoluted Turbo/PC Engine ecosystem—the TurboGrafx-CD/CD-ROM², Super CD-ROM², Arcade CD-ROM² and SuperGrafx, in addition to plain, old standard HuCard games. I myself didn’t know the first thing about these systems before. It’s like reliving the nineties again for the first time. 

    Most of the titles included are simple action games that don't require a command of Japanese, but make no mistake: being able to understand Snatcher and TokiMemo does make me feel like an elite special person worth more than many of you. 

    (Side note: From a gender representation perspective, the difference between Snatcher and Death Stranding is stark. Virtually every interaction with every woman or girl in Snatcher is decorated with ways to sexually harass her. Guess someone finally had a conversation with our favorite auteur.)

    A Gaming PC

    I’d threatened to transition to PC gaming for years after beholding the framerate difference between the console and PC versions of DmC in 2012, and last July I finally took the leap, buying an ASUS “Republic of Gamers” (ugh) laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU. It seems like consoles are getting more PC-like all the time, especially with all these half-step iterations that splinter performance and sometimes even the feature set (à la the New 3DS and Switch Lite), so with the impending new generation seemed like a fine time to change course.

    In the half-year since, I’ve barely played a single PC game more recent than 2013, but just replaying PS3-era games at high settings has been like rediscovering them for the first time. 

    I also finally experienced keyboard-and-mouse shooting and understand now why PC gamers think they're better than everyone else. Max Payne is a completely different game with a mouse. Are all shooters like this??

    The USPS

    Early in the year, I rediscovered my childhood game shop, Starland, which is now  an online hub known as eStarland.com with a brick-and-mortar showroom. To my delight, it has become one of the best and most modestly priced sources for import Saturn games in the country, and I scored Shining Force III’s second and third episodes, long missing from my collection, for a mere ten bucks each!  

    In June, I treated myself to a trio of Saturn imports from eStarland: the tactics-meets-dating-sim mashup Sakura Taisen 2, the nicely presented RTS space opera Quo Vadis 2, and beloved gothic dungeon crawler Baroque. Miraculously, this haul amounted to just around thirty dollars total. Less miraculously, they never arrived. This was the second time I’d had something lost in the mail in my entire life, and also the second time that month. Something was wrong with the USPS, and it wasn’t just COVID pains. We would soon learn Trump had been actively working to sabotage one of the nation’s oldest and most reliable institutions in a plot to compromise the upcoming presidential election.

    Frankly it’s a miracle there’s still such a thing as “delivery” at all, and a few missing video games is the last of my worries considering what caused it, but nevertheless this was an experience in my gaming life that could not have happened any other year. I won’t forget it.

    *By the way, USPS reimbursed me for the insured value of the missing order, which was fifty bucks. So I actually profited a little off the experience.

    Mega Everdrive Pro

    I love collecting for the Genesis and Mega Drive, but I will not pay hundreds of dollars for a video game that retailed for about sixty.  The publishers never asked for that, and the developers won’t see a (ragna)cent of the money. I'm also far less inclined to start collecting for Sega CD, since the hardware is notoriously breakable, the cases are huge and also breakable, and the library just isn't that good. 

    Still, I'd been increasingly curious about the add-on as an interesting piece of Sega history, so when I learned Ukranian mad scientist KRIKzz had released a new Mega Everdrive that doubled as a Sega CD FPGA, I finally took the plunge into the world of flash carts. This has proven a great way to play some of the Mega Drive’s big-ticket rarities I will never buy—namely shmups like Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer and Eliminate Down—as well as try out prospective additions to the collection. I never would have discovered the phenomenal marvel of engineering and synth composition that is Star Cruiser without this thing, but now that I have, it’s high on the shopping list.

    The Mega Everdrive Pro is functionally nearly identical to TerraOnion’s “Mega SD” cartridge, but slightly less expensive, comes in a “normal” cartridge shell instead of the larger Virtua Racing-style one, and supports a single hardworking dude in Ukraine rather than a company with reportedly iffy customer service.


    Getting a PC also resolved issues that had long prevented me from achieving a real streaming setup, and much of my gaming life in 2020 was about ramping up my streaming efforts. I even made Affiliate in about a month. Streaming has been a great creative outlet and distraction, as well as a way to connect with other people during the COVID depression and structure my gaming time. Find me every Monday through Thursday 8-11pm Eastern at twitch.tv/lacquerware.  

    Metroid: Other M (Dolphin)

    PC ownership also gave me access to the versatile Dolphin emulator, liberating a handful of great Wii exclusives from their disposable battery-powered prison. 

    One of the Wii games I fired up on Dolphin was Metroid: Other M, a game I’d always wanted to try but had been dissuaded by years of bad publicity and the fact that I never had any goddamn batteries. I know I should temper what I’m about to say by acknowledging that I was playing at 1080p/60fps on a PS4 controller so my experience was automatically a vast improvement over that of all Wii players, but I’m increasingly confident Metroid: Other M was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a Metroid game. I haven’t decided yet if I’m willing to die on this hill, but I will just say that if you like the Metroidvania genre in general and aren’t particularly attached to the Metroid series’ story or its habit of making you wander aimlessly for hours, there’s a very high chance you will enjoy Other M—especially if you play it on Dolphin.

    Don't Starve Together (PC)

    Don't Starve is the only game my friend Jason plays, so last year I tried to get into it with him. I respect this game's singular devotion to the concept of survival, but make no mistake: every session of Don't Starve ends with you starving to death. Or freezing. Or getting stomped by a giant deity of the forest. The entire game is staving off death until it inevitably comes. Even when death comes, you can revive infinitely (in whatever mode we were playing), which means even death is not an end goal. There is no end goal. You don't even have the leeway to "play" and create your own meaning as you do in similarly zen  games like Dead Rising. 

    Don't Starve is a game for people for whom hard work is the ultimate reward in and of itself. Don't Starve told me something about Jason. 

    G-Darius (PS1)

    In the early fall, Sony announced they were dropping PS3, PSP, and Vita support from the browser and mobile versions of their PSN Store, and since the PS3 version of the store app runs like a solar-powered parking meter in Seattle, I decided this was my last chance to stock up on Japanese PSN gems. 

    Among my final haul, the PS1 port of G-Darius proved an instant favorite. Take down the usual cast of mechanized fish in a vibrant, chunky, low-poly style that perfectly inhabits the constraints of the original PlayStation hardware. I believe this is the first Darius game that lets you get into giant beam duels with the bosses, which is quite definitely one of the coolest things a video game has ever let you do. The PS1 port is also surprisingly feature-rich, including some easier difficulty levels that present an actually surmountable challenge for non-savants.

    This one’s coming to the upcoming Darius Cozmic Revelation collection on Switch alongside DARIUSBURST, a good-ass romp in its own right.

    Red Entertainment

    In my effort to shine a tiny spotlight on some of the unsung Interesting Games of gaming, I found myself drawn again and again to the work of Red Entertainment. First there were cavechild headbutt simulator Bonk’s Adventure and twin shmups Gates of Thunder and Lords of Thunder on the PC Engine Mini. Then I streamed full playthroughs of the PS2’s best samurai-era, off-brand 3D Castlevania, Blood Will Tell and the Trigun-adjacent stand-‘n-gun, Gungrave: Overdose. Then I was dazzled by Bonk’s Adventure’s futuristic spin-off cute-‘em-up, Air Zonk, which was also sneakily tucked away on my PC Engine Mini in the “TurboGrafx-16” section. It turned out all these games were made by the same miracle developer responsible for Bujingai, the stylish PS2 wushu game starring Gackt and a household name here at the Lacquerware estate. How prolific can one team be???

    Month of Cyberpunk

    In November, I started toying with the idea of themed months on my Twitch channel with “Cyberpunk month.” It was supposed to be a build-up to Cyberpunk 2077’s highly anticipated November release, but holy shit that didn’t happen, did it? Still, I always find myself gravitating toward this genre in November, I guess because I associate November with gloom (even though this year it was sunny almost every day). A month is a long time to adhere to a single theme, but cyberpunk is such a well-served niche in gaming that I could easily start an all-cyberpunk Twitch channel. The fact that we’re so spoiled with choice makes Cyberpunk 2077’s terrible launch all the more embarrassing. Here are just some of the games I played (and streamed!) in November:

    Ghostrunner Shadowrun (Genesis) RUINER Remember Me Transistor Rise of the Dragon (Sega CD) Shadowrun (Mega CD) Cyber Doll (Saturn) Binary Domain Shadowrun Returns Blade Runner (PC) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Observer

    Shadowrun on the Genesis gets my top pick, but the two most recent Deus Ex games are great alternatives for those looking for something in the vein of 2077 that isn’t infested with termites.

    Lost Planet 2

    Every year. I played through it twice in 2020.

    Dead Rising 4

    I slept on this one too long. While it's a far cry from the original game, it's easily the most fun I've had with a Christmas game since Christmas NiGHTS. This is the game a lot of people thought they were getting when they bought the original Dead Rising with their new Xbox 360--goofy, indulgent, and pressure-free.

    Devil May Cry 5: Vergil (PS4)

    Vergil dropped for last-gen consoles in December and breathed a whole lot of life into a game that was already at the head of its class.

    Nioh 2

    I’ve only played a few hours of Nioh 2 because I promised my friend I’d co-op it with him and wouldn’t play ahead. But he’s a grad student with two small children. Nevertheless, Nioh 2 is my Game of 2020.

    And that's it! Guess I'll spend 2021 playing games that came out last year, and maybe eventually getting vaccinated? Please? 

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  • srepgames
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    [Top 10] Mis juegos favoritos que salieron en el año 2020 para PC.

    10- Synergia

    Editora: Top Hat Studios Desarrolladora: Radi Art Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de julio de 2020 Plataformas: PC

    Synergia es una novela visual de suspenso y yuri que tiene lugar en un futuro cyberpunk, envuelto en una estética única de neón vibrante. En el fin del mundo, a veces el amor es el peor crimen.

    09- Othercide

    Editora: Focus Home Interactive Desarrolladora: Lightbulb Crew Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de julio de 2020 Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

    Othercide es un juego de terror táctico por turnos que trata sobre los sacrificios necesarios para evitar la destrucción de la realidad. Aprende a predecir los movimientos del enemigo y ejecuta planes tácticos magistrales. ¿Tienes fuerza suficiente para enfrentarte a lo que se oculta al otro lado?

    08- Haven

    Editora: The Game Bakers Desarrolladora: The Game Bakers Fecha de lanzamiento: 03 de diciembre de 2020 Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

    Dos amantes lo dejan todo y escapan a un remoto planeta para estar juntos. Deslízate por misteriosos paisajes, explora un mundo hecho pedazos y enfréntate a quienes buscan separarlos en este RPG de aventuras sobre el amor, la rebelión y la libertad.

    07- Mortal Shell

    Editora: Playstack Desarrolladora: Cold Symmetry Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 de agosto de 2020 Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

    Mortal Shell es un juego de rol y acción despiadado y complejo que pone a prueba tu cordura y resiliencia en un mundo destrozado. Mientras los restos de la humanidad se marchitan y se pudren, enemigos fervientes crecen entre las ruinas. No tienen piedad. Para sobrevivir, es necesario estar más alerta, ser más preciso y usar los instintos. Sigue el rastro de los santuarios ocultos de los seguidores devotos y descubre tu verdadero propósito.

    06- Streets of Rage 4

    Editora: Dotemu Desarrolladora: Lizardcube Fecha de lanzamiento: 30 de abril de 2020 Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

    De entre las mejores series beat'em up jamás creadas, el ritmo de los 90 y las peleas callejeras más importantes, la icónica serie Streets of Rage regresa con un tributo magistral y una revitalización de la acción clásica que adoran los fanáticos.

    05- The Pathless

    Editora: Annapurna Interactive Desarrolladora: Giant Squid Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 de noviembre de 2020 Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Apple Arcade

    Conviértete en la Cazadora, una arquera consumada cuyo objetivo es terminar con la maldición que se ha apoderado de su mundo. Crea un vínculo con un águila que te acompañará mientras exploras una isla vasta y boscosa, llena de secretos. Resuelve rompecabezas en ruinas antiguas y pon a prueba tu habilidad en batallas épicas. Caza espíritus malvados, pero ten cuidado y no te conviertas en la presa. El vínculo con tu águila y el destino del mundo penden de un hilo.

    04- Black Mesa

    Editora: Crowbar Collective Desarrolladora: Crowbar Collective Fecha de lanzamiento: 06 de marzo de 2020 Plataformas: PC

    Black Mesa es un remake completo de Half-Life. Juega como Gordon Freeman, un físico en el Centro de Investigación Black Mesa. Cuando un experimento sale terriblemente mal, debes abrirte paso por una invasión alienígena interdimensional y un sanguinario equipo de limpieza militar para salvar al equipo científico… ¡y al mundo!

    03- Hades

    Editora: Supergiant Games Desarrolladora: Supergiant Games Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de septiembre de 2020 Plataformas: PC, Nintendo Switch

    Hades es un god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler que combina los mejores aspectos de los títulos aclamados por la crítica de Supergiant, incluida la acción trepidante de Bastion, la atmósfera rica y profunda de Transistor, y la narración de personajes de Pyre.

    02- Spiritfarer

    Editora: Thunder Lotus Games Desarrolladora: Thunder Lotus Games Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 de agosto de 2020 Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

    Spiritfarer es un juego de gestión sobre la muerte. Como capitana de un ferri que transporta a los difuntos, deberás construir una embarcación para explorar el mundo, cuidar de tus amigos espíritus y guiarlos por mares místicos hacia el más allá.

    01- Umurangi Generation

    Editora: Playism Desarrolladora: Origame Digital Fecha de lanzamiento: 19 de mayo de 2020 Plataformas: PC

    Umurangi Generation es un juego de fotografía en primera persona en un futuro de mierda. Ubicado en Tauranga, Aotearoa en medio de una crisis inminente, eres un fotógrafo enviado por Tauranga Express. A lo largo del juego, desbloquearás nuevos lentes, filtros y equipo.

    Menciones Honoríficas:

    • KUNAI • Disaster Report 4 • Cloudpunk • Lithium City • Necrobarista • Röki • Hellpoint • Genshin Impact • ScourgeBringer • Ghostrunner

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  • kaorei-endgame
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Game of the Year #3: Outer Wilds

    Game of the Year #3: Outer Wilds

    In the 22 Minute Spaceman Majora’s Mask game, often the final moments of each loop are filled by a little quiescence. The cave exit filling with sand seconds before your escape waiting out your slow suffocation, missing the sun station space jump by a hair and peaceably accepting the sun’s gravity as it pulls you in and burns you into a crisp. The most annoying part of video games is the part…

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  • freeindiega-me
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Last Game Of The Year 2020 (Last GOTY 2020) by Kate Barrett

    #Last Game Of The Year 2020 (Last GOTY 2020) #Last Game Of The Year 2020 #Last GOTY 2020 #Kate Barrett#thewaether
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  • kaorei-endgame
    30.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Game of the Year #4: Pathologic 2

    You went in with 10 years knowledge on the subject, read those Rock Paper Shotgun Articles, consummate played-by-proxy nerd. And if you come in feeling like that, you've got a clean head start in the first few days of Pathologic 2: The Pandemic Simulation RPG (And Meta Commentary On Gaming (And The Nature of Fiction (And Perhaps Humanity Itself?)) and proto survival sim elements). Like it's turbulent and your health meters drain quick, but you get the jist. Water is short so you learn where the water drums are. Break borrow and steal. Deus Ex house-scavenging on a time limit. That is a genre of game you can wrap your mind around. On day two the plague begins, infected district is cordoned off on the map (which you know--because you have read Rock Paper Shotgun--is shaped, and named, like a cow's various parts, pre-butchering. metaphor!!) and your little virtual desire paths shift to compensate. A timed meeting with a medical colleague on the other side of the city now includes a 5 minute detour. Your nightly visit to harvest herbal curatives from an abandoned village in the steppe slides back into a midnight run, and then an early morning visit as the tasks consume you. Treat these people or we'll withhold your (paltry) salary. But also, heal your friend or his whole district succumbs. But also, buy a cloak to cover your face or you'll succumb. But also, you can't afford a cloak, which is why you're stomping through this abandoned village in the dark trying to remember where the fucking weeds to pick up are because you can't even afford a fucking cloak, much less real medicine!! Which is why you spend like a full quarter of every day making the trip here and back which is why there are now a half-dozen infected districts, all your friends are dead or dying, and the military has brought out the flamethrowers! The game has to be almost over, right? This fucking bull I scrounged up to buy on Day 1, when the world was simple and kind, is supposed to talk to me on the worst day of my life and you're telling me that's not right now, on Day 5 of the 13 total days in this game??

    So it's kind of like that. Pathologic 2 arrests my functions through mechanical overwhelm. You're always on the knife's edge of poverty, and the next trashcan is always going to be the one that has a sewing needle in it that you can combine with the cloth you also don't have yet to make a pocket and expand an inventory you couldn't possibly own enough to fill with anything but more trash.

    In 2020, this sounds close enough any survival sim but Pathologic's loop is so attenuated by long travel times and finely diced resources that you will never become comfortable. Here's a Terraria where you mine every copper vein you see while everyone around you slowly dies, but not so slow that you can't convince yourself you can save them, or if not them.... maybe the next one? Holy shit, this game is hard, yeah, but wow! Am I a doctor? Am I doing triage?

    You build a base, and it's never stocked because you're living out of your coat pockets. Oh, haha, you think you're a doctor? Well you can't afford medicine, as stated, and your guess-work home remedies require infected organs harvested on the sly when you pray no one's looking, because they will run you out of the neighborhood for it. Haha, remember? You spent the literally whole first day, the only infection-free day, skulking in alley ways because the whole town was ready to kick the shit out of you Rambo-style for being a wandering vagrant?

    And you still got the temerity to call yourself a doctor? Bitch, you're a fucking haruspex, and that much is clear in how a certain percentage of the population views you as moooore or less one step removed from the anthropomorphic nomad people who roam the plains (and who are, not coincidentally, being targeted by hate crimes as the plague sets in). Half of the tinctures you brew in your lab go into your belly to delay the onset of hunger or sleep for a few more hours. You crash on any couch you can find before the meter bottoms out. You spent less time diagnosing patients yesterday than you did scrounging through the garbage for enough refuse to trade for a fish from a midnight merchant called the Dead Item Seller who for some reason wants bloody bandages, and the fish didn't even fill up your whole belly. Barely even 40%. And the day starts anew, another two cornerstones of the town are sick and dying but what else is new. Have to go watch the giant plague doctors put on a secret play in the town's enormous baroque(????who cares???) theater we've converted into an emergency ward so don't wake the patients, please, you quasi-metaphorical thespians! Oh, my uncle or some shit says there's a hole in the center of the earth where all the blood goes down and THATS the problem?? 😰Well haha I don't think anyone's got enough Orange+ Tincture for a hole that big, Grandad!!🤣 Maybe better find another shaman trained in the ancient ways?? This one's barely making rent.😬 Oh the RAT KING wants to talk to me now? Is he gonna HELP? is he gonna GIVE ME DRUGS OR A FUCKING COAT?🤬

    Please, it's 2020, 50% of the people reading this use horror movies as a safety valve to experience trauma and inure themselves to it. In that way, I feel I am among friends. Pathologic 2 is a mechanical expression of that release valve, maybe? A way to touch all those anxieties--Gotta Work, Gotta Rest, Gotta Eat, Gotta Talk To People, Gotta Do My Mindfullness Meditation, Gotta Be Responsible For Building My Own Boundaries In Personal Relationships And Also A 401K or an IRA If I Have The Time, You Know, On The Weekend, By The Way I Belong To A Class Of People The World Unilaterally Hates :)--so I think a good way to manage that.... for people like me.... who have brains who don't manage things well without external motivation.... which, for them, has been historically linked to trauma.... is to play a video game where everyone looks at you like you're sick while THEY'RE all dying of the fucking plague. Is that it? I don't know. It's 2020. So maybe that's just it.

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  • kaorei-endgame
    30.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    There's this Daryl Surat Greater Action Movie postulate (which i only half remember so blame me not him) that goes "female led action movies falter because studios won't let directors do the Hard R." Which I bring up in the context of this video game because I remember this weird controversy about the secret ending as it pertains to not only mental health but like.... girl on girl violence? Like it went around the bigger bloggosphere and if I'm playing devil's advocate shoot me but how much literal violence we will swallow (like just.... absolutely.... 6-8 hours of teens beating the shit out of each other) as long as nobody directly verbalizes it? Like haha what's with that moralist shit dude go scream at a cop and let video games be even 1% gross sometimes. It takes me 30 seconds to refocus my eyes after this boss intro:

    Usually when they say a WayForward game don't end good, they're talking about that part in the Bloodrayne platformer where you had to make 6 pixel perfect kick jumps off set of floating blood mosquitos while fire's chasing you, am I right??🤣

    Well, think about it this way. If most beat 'em ups feel kinda slight and most Way Forward games way too long, River City Girls is exquisitely paced for a Way Forward beat-em-up, especially as a direct-ish sequel to the original, where you could beat the last boss to the end of the game.

    I don't know if is this is just all in my head, but as someone who appreciates pink things, bubblegum poppin, oversized jackets, short skirts, and band-aids everywhere, emotionally I gotta approach a Bubblegum Pop video game aesthetic like I'm about to be served the next Lollipop Chainsaw...... specifically with what it's gonna do with my emotions it's rarely some "lived in" shit, if you know what I mean? And the line between "do I feel like I'm playing art about high schoolers, or art about playing chicken with the line of how fuckable you can make a child before someone will call you on it?" is like.... oddly thin? In video games specifically it's like the Macualy Culkin The Good Son of thin ice (but I'll save that for 2021's 2020 Game of the Year Write Ups: Aegis Rim (which will not contradict what I said up there about gross video games so chill🥰much love in 2021).

    The risky aesthetic dive is bolstered by a genius soundtrack. Is it synthpop? vaporwave? I am 100% sure a synth or a wave is involved but possibly not both. Album of the Year, and not only because I have found continuous respite this year via "smoking a lot of weed and listening to Smackdown on repeat until I feel like I'm falling into an infinite tunnel in the carpet." While you got an overall great smorgasbord of tracks to beat ass to, sometimes she'll hit you with this insane Stevie Nix-style croon like The Hunt, which is playing off diegetic speakers in the area and fades as you transition out.... I have no idea how to explain what kind of fuckin' vibe that puts you in for a beat 'em up.

    Kyouko and Misaki fill in the rest. Part sukeban, part valley, part scene girl, a mismash style of high ponys, varsity jackets, stocks with cute kicks, painted nails on scuffed hands, and pink backpacks (weaponized). They lean femme, yet they slip the beat em up noose of the sexy-cool girl (eg. Blaze) because they're neither sexy nor cool? They're thuggish brutes with a bit of a mean streak. That's the whole point. It don't matter if you're a buff terminator man or a glitzy gyarus, in River City, you gotta be willing to chuck a trashcan.

    You know what I'm saying. Kyouko and Misaki are a pair of mutually enabling, oversensitive knuckleheads on a moronic quest that the (maligned?) secret ending reveals was premised on nothing. This may also be described as..... puberty. I don't wanna like... make that argument, but this would not be the same game if it wasn't a pair of brutish morons making trouble for a whole city of equally brutish morons.

    They don't make fun beat em ups anymore (not since 2013) but they also don't make games where a soft butch and a hard femme pick on each other for six or seven hours straight. There's that fundamental comedy beat where the smartest person in the dumb-dumb group corrects everyone else, only for their correction to also be wrong? I think this is a game for anyone who has ever sat across from their friend and been like "I am so much smarter than this bitch." One time I thought that sitting across from a person I lived with who also smoked, so we--on my initiative--stole a 5 gal paint drum filled with sand from campus for our personal indoor ashtray and threw our butts into it for a year. I 100% knew I was smarter than that guy.

    And yet!! They were still.... my bitch. The girls take selfies together, compliment each other's technicks, go gaga over food, scream about schoolyard drama, and kvech on the various creeps. Part of what makes beat em ups so fun to play is they're something to occupy your basic motor functions while you chill with your besties. This is the fundamental truth of all multiplayer games--vectors for dorks to dish about their day--here it's on the screen. Kyouko and Misaki know they are both the smartest, raddest, coolest, hottest, strongest girl on the block. Occasionally moments of cutscene outre reveal how the cool clique just fucking reviles these girls. But they don't even seem to know they're not part of the cool kids. Or they don't care. They have each other.

    #fast karate #game of the year #game of the year 2020 #goaty#goty#goty 2020 #jae says you can literally dab on cops killing them instantly #river city girls #YFI
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  • thomashbrand
    29.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Game of the Year 2020: 'Spiritfarer' (Thunder Lotus Games)

    Game of the Year 2020: ‘Spiritfarer’ (Thunder Lotus Games)

    I don’t do one of these every year. I’m not a big gamer. I enjoy games, and usually have at least one game on the go. But I don’t play enough to get through that many each year, and I don’t like to force a “Game of the Year” if nothing really jumped out at me.  Some years, however, I discover games like Thunder Lotus Games’ Spiritfarer.  Spiritfarer is a indie sandbox management sim game. More…

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