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  • ’ “The government is buying water back from Coca-Cola to bring here, which is where it came from in the first place.”

    Trucks sent by the Queensland government carrying emergency water supplies to Mount Tamborine school have been passing trucks heading in the opposite direction taking local water to bottling plants ’ ……

    The reason the water is permitted to be taken the first place was irresponsible reckless greedy Australian government behaviour.

    #government#australia#lnp #liberal national party #reckless#dangerous#irresponsible #crimes against humanity
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  • I am disappointed.

    Although not surprised.

    Poland is such a beautiful country,with (mostly) great people,but our government consists of blind idiots.

    European Union leaders meeting in Brussels have agreed to make the currently 28-member bloc carbon neutral by 2050.

    As THE ONLY country in European Union Poland didn’t.

    Like wtf,people?

    Most of the citizens said they do agree with the fact that we need to change our ways in order to stop the climate change yet our politicians don’t care about it.

    Also, women in Poland cooperating with organizations fro other countries created a project “Abortion without borders”. They set up a hotline for women in need of an abortion or asking how to do it at home with special medicine they purchased. They also have a patronite and will pay for the abortion and trip to the clinic in another country,provide information where to buy abortion pills and where to find a clinic, they’ll provide help with pregnancy, counsel.

    And the overly Catholic fuckers who somehow are an important organization despite the idiocy they’re showing are suing them because they it is a crime????

    I do not want to be here.

    Maybe I’ll come back in 20 years when the situation settles ✌🏻

    I’ll graduate University and try to do some good here hoping that my children won’t have to fight for basic rights.

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  • I’m so angry about the outcome of the general election. But what I’m more angry about is people actually voting to destroy their future- Especially young people. It breaks my heart to see my friends upset about their disabled mothers losing benefits, which without they will not be able to afford to live. But what is even more annyoing is hearing upper class kids trying to say what a great party the conservatives are, and how brexit is needed, not knowing anything about the potential consequences of their planned changes to the uk. Just because your parents are well off financially and healthy, doesn’t mean life is that easy for everyone else. And telling teachers you are being “bullied” by being told what a conservative government will cause is just another luxury you have.

    Yes people can vote for who they want- we do live in a democracy. I’m not saying that the party id vote for is prefect. But please when you are voting, do reasearch, and don’t let the hatred towards others make the decsions for you.

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  • ‘PML-N has become accustomed to lying’


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    Britain has well and truly been fucked. Goodbye NHS, goodbye social services, goodbye welfare. Hello private healthcare, hello increased tuition fees, hello poverty. If you voted Tory, I have only one question for you - why?

    To the British people, I say this - now is the time to scrutinise your government - question all their actions - help each other when you can in any way you can - don’t take it lying down! Get fucking angry! Get ready for a tough next 4/5 years, cause that’s what it’s going to be. You can’t afford to sit by and do nothing. Protest for what you believe in, meet hate and intolerance with love and understanding. But don’t be afraid to protect yourself and others who can’t. Destroy those who would destroy you.

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  • Yo, I know im totally inactive I just need some life help.

    I been working at a holiday inn for 3 years in Oklahoma at only 10 an hour. I have been constantly pushed aside for raises and premonitions and cant take it anymore. Should I email the owner of the hotel with my issues since im being ignored by management or should i just start a new career somewhere else doing something else. I cant apply at other hotels here because those start at 8 or 9 an hour.

    Help me? Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Im struggling more than i ever have and with almost zero help, all for a 700$ pay check every 2 weeks.

    Like wtf this is Oklahoma! literally the cheapest state to live in but we arnt even getting paid enough for that.

    My rent is 590$, phone bill 60$, water 40$, rent insurance is 14$, electric 80$, gas 30$,car payment is 300$ car insurance 200$ Im not adding food, car gas, or hygiene necessitys, regular car serviceing. There are almost no jobs in Oklahoma that pay more than 10an hour for people like me. Its either work at a restaurant,retail, or call center at 10an hour. Or be a waitress at 2 an hour whos only hope are tippers. I really dont wanna be in debt or god forbid homeless….ive tried finding roommates, ive tried finding a boyfriend who’d wanna room with me…hell i have even tried finding a fucking sugar daddy. I have applied for about 20 jobs that are like 13an hour or higher… obviously with these jobs i dont have the experience or the 4year college degree to get. Im only 21. How the fuck am i supposed to live. How the fuck would this experienced college grad be able to live on this 13 an hour job i applied for while also paying their own rent and bills , no dought sitting on a pile of debt themselves too. Like…


    Originally posted by zachjparise

    I have lost 90 pounds. For some people that could be an amazing and fantastic thing but for me its because I am to broke to eat anymore. I eat the continental breakfast when I get of work at the hotel every morning and sometimes thats the only source of substance i get for an entire pay period waiting on this 700$.

    If an accident happens, car accident, I break something I need, get a minor parking or speeding ticket… I Am ruined. It fucks my nonexistent credit, puts me in debt, and tanks my already fucked finances. I already can barely afford to eat whats next i have to live without power for 3 weeks? If I didnt have a job that provided employee meals…I dont even wanna think about it.

    These are just some of the times I want to hug the shit out of all the people that have ever paid for my meal. And I dont fuck with hugging other individuals.

    I cant even think about the people that have these same bills plus other experiences for things out of their own control, like people that arnt born with 20/20 vision. You know how fucked up it is that they gotta pay for regular eye check ups and new glasses their whole life. Like wtf.

    Also People with like “minor” disorders or sicknesses. I put minor in quotes cuz they arnt enough to cut you a disability/convenience check or just let that shit be free. A 20 20 see'r doesn’t have to pay that. Someone born without diabetes or eczema (the list varies and goes on) dont have to pay this extra shit to live….. you know what im saying? If I, someone who sees 20/20 and was born with different problems that are just free for me…if I can recognize that that is not actually fair at all, Where even are we ?what do we do? how the fuck did we get here?

    I dont know what to do.

    I know im not the only one going through this right now. I know that others do have it way fucking worse than I do but these are my individual problems right now and I really dont know what to do or how to handle it on my own. So im asking for help wherever I can. I have no problem working for the things that i need but im working for the bare minimum. This is so unfair and unjust. Im so upset with how things are running i wanna take it up and out on management and the owners of the hotel, as if they are the real reason why they dont pay us enough. i know the gov somehow is holding shit over their head someway and almost making it to where they have to do this to their employees i just…. I dont know how to play this game. So…

    To who all actually read all of this, whats your fucked living situation right now? How much are you getting controlled to work for?

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  • Super callous Fragile Racists You Tories are Atrocious! Get the Fuck Out of here because this blog didn’t vote Ya!


    Originally posted by elgatohortensia

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  • This technology we have today is nowhere as advanced as what is being done behind closed doors

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  • Friday the 13th and we have the results of the vote here in the UK. Yep bad time to do.

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    I hope this thread helps those who don’t understand why I criticize the Democratic Party and the “vote blue no matter who” mentality.

    US society will never significantly improve unless we stop conceding to the Democratic Party’s status quo candidates with corporatist platforms that embed and exacerbate the same shitty systems that Republicans created.

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  • general ideas

    it might be the ADHD, but I wanna start creating policies/laws and appealing ineffective ones…:

    …like, maybe, not punishing students with large debt…and preventing them from ether going to another semester or transferring colleges because u wanna collect their owed amount first like…worse that credit card companies…

    …adjusting the income brackets?? Idk I’d have to do more research. a general idea. coming back go this one

    - making sure we have no homeless people as long as we have ‘unsold’ homes (b/c wtf?? empty ass houses, bigger than necessary and yet…they sit empty??) pay in yard work and basic ass volunteer shit?? repairing pot holes in the districts and also providing jobs that are necessary??

    - making sure the tax is based on income?? CAPPING RENT ??? and utilities and stuff?? like, if nobody wants to raise the minimum wage….like….why we raising rent ??

    - anyone making billions should just?? be taxed more!?? need to put the money back into the system or else?? they literally drain the economy

    - any position of power (I.e. the president) should take an oath of poverty ?? So they can’t be corrupted??? by money and bribes?? if you really wanna make a change in your country for the better of all people….make sure you become the average peoples you want to represent?? like…you still get to keep a house and stuff, but its paid for by the government and stuff (obvs not a goddamn mansion, there is gonna be limits tf)) and you (and maybe your family) make sure you really are focused to making it better for EVERYONE

    idk I’m coming back to this, I just…everything is making me upset right now with how the USA is in tatters

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