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    i always just picture all my moots as being my age. then one of y’all is like “my kid just did this” or “i’m about to graduate high school” and i’m like. HUH

    #sorry but i do not have enough space in my brain to conceptualize an existence other than mine #random thoughts with grace
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    ITS DONE!!!!  Finally, the RE8 meets RE7 fic is finished and posted!  so for everyone wondering and if you didn't figure it out already. The image I posted earlier is the seating arrangement of the gang as they play the game.  As always its posted on AO3 and under the cut.  I hope you enjoy @ibest14 I never actually played RE7 but I watched a walkthrough to write this.

    It was a normal Saturday afternoon when the Winters family got a very strange package.  It was addressed to the whole family and had no return address.

    “What the heck is this?” Rose wondered aloud carrying the small package inside, “Hey mom! Did you order something online?”

    “Not that I remember, why?” Mia asked curious why her daughter was asking about the mail, “Who is it addressed to? Maybe your dad ordered something.” She went and stood next to Rose to look at the package.

    “Hmm, I think we should wait for dad to get home to open it, I mean it is addressed to all of us.” Mia agreed with her daughter and went to continue making dinner.

    Ethan got home a few hours later and was greeted by his daughter with a warm hug, “Haha, hey there kid how was your day?” He asked returning the hug and picking Rose up.

    “It was good! We got a weird package in the mail, mom and I decided to wait for you before opening it.” Rose said leading him into the kitchen after he put her down.

    “Welcome home, Hon! How was work?” Mia asked kissing Ethan on the cheek.

    “Ugh, Williams was an absolute pain again.  He somehow unplugged all of his equipment and disconnected his computer from the ethernet cable again.” Ethan complained sitting down at the dinner table next to Rose. “Chris somehow changed his computer to Arabic and Sal’s computer was changed to have wingdings as the default language and it bricked the whole thing, he said it was an accident, but I think it was one of the dicks that keep harassing him.  I told Chris and he’s looking into it.” Ethan picked up the package and looked at the outside.

    “Ugh why can’t these douchebags see that Sal is way better than them.  Probably just jealous of him.” Rose said frustrated at the harassment her uncle was receiving.

    “We should invite him over for dinner sometime, lift his spirits some!” Mia suggested placing a glass of juice down for Ethan.  He agreed and thanked her for the juice.

    Ethan handed the package back to Rose who tore into the packaging.  Inside was a video game box, “Resident Evil? Isn’t that a game from the nineties?” Rose asked confused.

    Ethan leaned over to get a better look, “Yeah it is, I played almost all of them, but I’ve never seen that one.  It looks like its supposed to be the seventh one, but they only made six that I know of.” Ethan became confused taking the box from Rose studying it, it strangely didn’t have a back cover.

    “Weird, maybe they are rebooting the series, but why wouldn’t there be a lot of news about it?” Rose asked.  Ethan’s face lit up at the possibility of a reboot of his favorite childhood series.

    “Man, I hope so, I always loved Craig Bluemarsh and Leo C. Harrison.  They were the best!  The whole M.O.O.N.S squad from Badger City.  Special Ops turned paranormal investigators was the twist of the decade! And the whole thing with Egbert Walberk and how he possessed himself with countless demons to become basically a god.” Ethan sighs as he reminisces.

    “You clearly have bad taste honey because Julie Easter was the best character in the series.  The ace of the M.O.O.N.S squad, the one that Walberk kidnapped to force demons into her with a mind control amulet.  Oh, and don’t forget Chloe Bluemarsh, college kid turned aid worker for those affected by the demons.” Mia added as she chopped vegetables for dinner.

    “Ahh yes, how could I forget! Anyway, this looks like a cheap bootleg or fake.  Probably just a prank from Dani or Angie.”  Ethan said tossing the case further on the table looking upset.

    “Aw man…. That’s lame dad.” Rose says dramatically throwing herself over the back of the chair.  “I’m keeping it anyway; the box looks cool.”


    A month after the whole package incident, Rose bursts into the house beaming.  “Dad, Uncle Chris just told me that we are having a meeting with the whole gang! We should totally bring that janky game we got and show it off!”

    “Whoa, slow down Rose! You’re gonna hurt yourself running around like that.” Ethan says watching his daughter bounce in place.  “Why do you think we should bring that thing anyway? I doubt there will be anytime to just sit around and play a game, if it’s even real.”  Rose rolls her eyes at him.

    “Dad, I’m sure Uncle Chris can pull some strings so we can have a little get together.  We never get to see each other all at once!” Rose states, putting on her best puppy dog eyes, “Don’t you want to see the gang, Dad. It would be so much fun.  You know how much I miss them all.” She begs.

    Ethan can physically feel his resolve crumbling at his begging daughter, always caving into her once she pulls out the puppy eyes, “Fine, I’ll talk with Chris and we can bring the game with us, but you are responsible for the PlayStation and if it gets damaged or broken you have to buy the new one.” He says in his dad voice, trying to be stern.  Rose squeals and jumps into his arms hugging him.

    “You’re the best dad ever!” She says running off to prepare for their long weekend at Blue Umbrella.


    “Ok, is everyone comfy, I’m about to start the game!” Rose said excitedly setting up the PS4 in the Blue Umbrella lounge room.  Everyone was present, Rose even convinced Miranda and Elena to join them after Milena was put to bed.

    “I am unsure of what we are even doing sweet thing.” Alcina said settling into her chair near Mia and Donna.

    “Well, I’m gonna play this weird game I got, maybe Dani can take over if I get tired.  We are just gonna check it out, if its good, Great! If not, we can make fun of how bad it is!” Rose explained sitting down on the couch wedged between Daniela, Angie, and Heisenberg with Bela and Cassandra on the floor in front of them.  Alcina wasn’t convinced that it would be fun, but she couldn’t deny Rose’s request considering how excited she looked.  She sighed and pulled out her reading glasses seeing the small text on the screen.

    “Psh, what are you a grandma?” Heisenberg teased. Alcina growled at him.

    “Oh, please grow up you child.” She replied trying to de-escalate the situation knowing Rose and her daughters hated when they argued.

    “I see making your head bigger didn’t help your eyesight.” He continued to tease sensing her anger.

    “I grew proportionally you ignoramus, becoming larger would not fix my farsightedness.” She growled out becoming angrier.

    “Guys….” Rose said sadly at the two arguing.  Heisenberg immediately stopped his next sentence and turned to give Rose a side hug.

    “Sorry kiddo, I forgot you hate it when we fight.  I’ll stop, I promise.”  He says sincerely as Alcina nods looking guilty, Rose smiles accepting their apologies.

    “No more sappiness get to the action I’m getting bored!” Angie cried out from Daniela’s lap.  Rose rolls her eyes at the doll’s bratty attitude and begins the game.


    The game begins with a very familiar video to Ethan and Mia and the sight of Mia recording her warning message on the ship.

    “What the…. How is this happening?  It showed the recording from my eyes, but I never recorded that…” Mia says stunned.

    The next scene starts with the sound of a phone ringing and the overhead video of a car driving down a highway.  Ethan begins to speak to and unknown man in the voice over explaining how he was contacted by Mia and that she wants him to come and get her.

    “This has to be a sick prank!  How did these people get that phone call!” Ethan shouts getting more and more upset as the clip plays. Mia places a hand on his arm to comfort him.

    “Maybe there will be an explanation later.  There has to be….” Mia says trying to calm Ethan.

    Rose pauses the game as it shifts to Ethan’s perspective in the car, “We don’t have to keep playing if this is making you guys uncomfortable.” She says to her parents.

    Ethan takes a deep breath, “No, no… it’s fine, you were really excited for this.  I was just shocked.  I’m okay to keep going, as long as you are okay too Mia.”  She nods in agreement with her husband clearly rattled but pushing through.  Rose nods continuing the game as she walks Ethan through the thick Louisiana swamp towards the Baker house.

    The first obstacle they encounter is a locked gate.  She moves him down a path leading to a trashed car with camera equipment scattered around it.  Looking in they find a scrip proposal for Sewer Gators Ep. 17.

    They then come across a broken gate with a sign that says, “Accept Her Gift”, “Oh yeah definitely just walk through that incredibly ominous gate into the disgusting swamp.” Heisenberg says gesturing towards the screen, “I’d just say, ‘sorry lady I’m not that desperate for a wife’ and dip.”

    “He has a point dad, I mean really its been three years.  Just move on.” Rose says to her father.

    Ethan blushes, “Hey you can’t judge a man in love.  I had to know what happened.”

    “Nah man, just accept the death bro.  Totally not worth it.” Daniela says interjecting.

    “I’m right her you know.” Mia says scolding them.  Rose giggles and continues on.  They come across the remains of a fire with Mia’s purse laying there.  They then enter the Guest house finding it to be disgusting and in disrepair.

    “God, I forgot how gross this place was.” Ethan says wrinkling his nose.

    Rose looks around the living room area, finding a hidden chain that opens a hidden room they go through. Exploring further leads them into a flooded basement they are forced to crawl through.

    “Oh, please Ethan, I know you are insanely stubborn but the corpse in the flooded basement should have been an indicator to leave immediately.” Alcina says as the dead body floats up in front of them.

    “Ok, Ok I get it I’m a crazy person for going on, but can we please stop commenting on it.  I’m aware of the insanity.” Ethan replies as Rose comes up into a basement room with a jail cell containing Mia as well as other information on people who were listed as turned or dead.  They pick up the bolt cutters and break open Mia’s cell.  While they are being reunited Mia acts strangely warning him of the dangers and of Daddy.

    “Pft, seriously? Daddy?” Dani snickers at Mia.

    “Don’t start.  I was possessed by a child obsessed with family.” Mia says glaring at Dani.

    Rose follows Mia through the basement where she and Ethan stop to talk about the last three years.

    “Come on! This is a life or death situation, get a move on!” Cassandra yells out at the screen.

    Rose continues to creep through the basement following Mia as Ethan learning more about her capture as they walk.  They come across a living room type area where Mia starts to act strangely, talking about family and when Ethan leaves, they hear her crash through the wall revealing a staircase to the house.  They move through the house looking for Mia.  They hear crashing coming from the stairs they came from and return to find Mia on all fours crawling up the stairs.  She attacks Ethan looking monstrous as she throws him back up with superhuman strength. She then attacks him with a knife stabbing him through the hand.  After a struggle she regains control rambling about a strange her as she slams her head against the wall.

    “Jesus man, that is hard core…” Heisenberg says in awe. Mia grimaces at the memory.  Rose continues on wandering before they are attacked by Mia once again.  They fight her off with an axe.  “Ethan, my friend, you always have to double check that your enemy is dead.  She is definitely gonna get up again, classic horror trope.” Heisenberg says wisely.

    “Karl, this actually happened.  I wasn’t thinking about ‘horror tropes’.  I was focusing on surviving.” Ethan says to him.

    “Also, of course I’m going to get up, I’m sitting right here.  I’m clearly not dead.” Mia says exasperated.

    Rose moves on with the game ignoring them and answers the phone that had begun to ring.  “Dad why did you answer the phone? Just leave.” She says as Zoe gives her warning to Ethan.  “Oh yeah let’s listen to the random phone lady and not just break a window.” She says rolling her eyes.

    They move on solving the puzzle for the stairs catching a glimpse of the not at all dead Mia.  Replacing the fuse, they are jumped by Mia again who attacks him with a screwdriver pinning him to the wall before chopping his had off with a chainsaw.

    “My god man! How did you keep going!” Sal exclaims looking at Ethan who just shrugs.

    They find a pistol in one of the rooms and use it to take care of the attacking Mia as she rants crazily. Finally taking her down, they are ambushed by Jack Baker who punches him in the face.

    “See I told you that you should have moved faster, now ‘Daddy’ caught you.” Cass says as Ethan falls over and is stomped on by Jack.  They see him being dragged and Mia being carried by Jack, the scene changes to Ethan strapped to a chair with Zoe staples his hand back on.  He finally fully awakes to a disgusting family dinner with the whole Baker family.

    “Ugh, I miss Momma’s cooking so much.” Mia says reminiscing happily.  Everyone stares at her as they see the disgusting meal on the table in game.  She blushes, “Before she went fully crazy, she was an amazing cook.  Her gumbo was to die for, oh and Daddy’s fried chicken, mmm.”  She explains to them.  No one seems convinced as the scene continues with Lucas throwing food at him and Marguerite tries to get Ethan to eat, and Jack cuts off Lucas’ hand. Jack comes over and forces the rancid food into Ethan’s face as Marguerite rants and leaves angrily, Jack then cuts Ethan’s face before being interrupted by the doorbell.  They escape and flee through the house trying to find an exit. They find a key and are chased by Jack before escaping to the crawlspace.


    They explore the house before a police officer tries to ask Ethan questions.

    “Man, that officer is kind of a dick…” Heisenberg says realizing how rude and unprofessional the officer is.

    “He was a massive dick.” Ethan says frustrated at the memory of their interactions.  They make the way to the garage to meet the rude officer who refuses to take the situation seriously which leads to his death and Ethan’s continued entrapment.  “See, massive dick, we could have escaped, but noooo.” He says.

    Rose nods in agreement as she avoids Jack in the garage and tries to defeat him with the car.  The car crashes and catches fire revealing an on fire Jack who is knocked down by the resulting explosion.  They collect the items in the room before climbing up the revealed ladder. Jack stops Ethan and shoots himself in the head with Ethan’s gun.

    “I’ll say it again, he ain’t dead.  He’s coming back sooner or later.” Heisenberg says again.

    “Yeah, no shit Sherlock. This game’s been full of tropes so far.” Cassandra responds to him rolling her eyes.

    Rose continues on solving puzzles and making their way through the labyrinthine house avoiding the obviously not dead Jack and the molded that are scattered around the house. They see Jack mumbling to himself about being “her” and talking about how he is going to kill Ethan.

    “God he’s so cool.” Dani says as he leaves the room getting looks from the others, “What? He’s a cool villain.”


    The fight with Jack was a bit of a struggle for Rose, but she made it through with Heisenberg, Dani, and Cass cheering her on.

    When he finally exploded, both Heisenberg and Dani called out in joy, “Now that’s how you kill a villain!” Heisenberg shouted out with a laugh and high fived Dani over Rose’s head. As they make their way through the house again completing puzzles and finding Grandma in random places.

    “She is the one who caused all this.” Alcina says pointing at Grandma.  Ethan and Mia looks shocked.

    “How did you know that?” Mia asks. Alcina scoffs as if it is obvious.

    “She hasn’t had the focus at all, yet she appears at random seemingly following Ethan, who we know is the next victim in mind.  She is clearly Eveline.”  She says smugly to everyone’s shocked faces.

    Rose moved on ignoring the gloating.  She came across a trailer in the yard, exploring it revealed that it was Zoe’s home containing some useful items that she ignored moving to leave as the phone rang. Zoe explained about the mold and how to progress.

    “Why are you so trusting of this woman, you don’t know her, and she has admitted that she is a part of the family trying to kill you?” Bela asked turning to face Ethan.  He opened his mouth to answer but nothing came out, he paused thinking and shrugged.  Bela rolled her eyes at him, “Typical man thing.” She mumbled out returning to her original position.

    They move on to the old house and Marguerite just as Zoe instructed. Coming across baby dolls strung up from the rafters of the bridge.  “Whoever made those should be killed.” Donna said quietly.  Everyone looked at her confused.  “The look like such poor quality dolls, anyone who cares would never let them fall apart so easily.  Cheap plastic is the worst fate a doll can experience.” She explains confident.

    “You aren’t upset at the fact that they are strung up, just that they suck?” Rose asks her.

    “Of course, you can do what you like with them, but the craft must be respected.  These cheap factory made ones are a disgrace.”  Donna explains upset at the virtual dolls.  Rose mumbles an ok before moving on into the bug infested old house.  They make their way through the house avoiding mutant bugs and solving puzzles.

    “Gotta say girls, these things really remind me of you three.” Heisenberg says as Rose burns her way through the nests of bugs.

    “How dare you compare my girls to these disgusting things!  They are clearly superior in every way.” Alcina says angrily defending her girls.

    “Thank you, mother, but he has a bit of a point.” Bela says to her mother with Cassandra nodding in agreement.

    “Momma has a point though too! We are better than those things!” Dani says beaming at her mother. Cass mumbles suck up under her breath and is smacked by Dani.

    Soon after they find Mia in game again, she explains her amnesia and is taken away by Lucas.  Not being able to help they continue on through the house again.  Eventually they are found by Marguerite who begins to stalk them through the house attacking them with her swarm of insects, insane rants, and vulgar obscenities.

    “This lady is something else…” Heisenberg says cringing at Marguerite.

    “For once we agree on something Karl.” Alcina agrees cringing as well.  The others nod in agreement with them.

    They make their way through a secret passageway revealed by the spider shadow puzzle.  The wall space was infested which had everyone cringing at the writhing masses of centipedes.  They collect the crank and the crow key and try to enter Marguerite’s room before she throws him down the stairs and through the floor.  After a short encounter, she falls into the hole and melts into black goo. They collect information on the D series pieces and Zoe calls again, and she mentions they only need the arm piece as she has the D series head.  They return to the hole to see the goo gone and a long spindly arm take the lantern needed to progress.  They follow the monstrosity to well in front of the old house returning to Zoe’s trailer. They return to a new section of the old house where they are attacked by a mutated spider like Marguerite.

    They run around the house, avoiding her swarms and attacks while burning her with the flamethrower and peppering her with shotgun shots to the disgusting nest on her lower half.

    “I take it back; you girls are way more similar to the bug lady.” Heisenberg says once she finally dies. Alcina slaps the back of his head and growls at him.

    “Momma can we mutate like that too!” Dani says excitedly as Bela and Cass cringe.

    “Absolutely not.  Do not even think about trying.” Alcina scolds while Heisenberg and Rose chuckle at them.

    “Why would anyone want to have a gross bug vagina?”  Cassandra turns around asking her sister.

    Dani shrugs, “I don’t know, I just think it would be neat.” Rose shoves the controller into Dani’s hands and takes Angie from her.

    “No more bug talk, you play, I’m getting tired.” Rose says stretching.


    They find their way into Eveline’s secret room and collect the arm.  They go to meet Zoe in her trailer only to find that no one is there.  They answer a call from Lucas where he tells Ethan that he has both Zoe and Mia, and that Ethan needs to play his game to save them and get the head.  They make their way back to the main house’s dissection room where they pull the snake key out of the dead deputy’s neck hole.  Lucas’ voice come out through a speaker explaining they need to find two keycards so they can meet.

    “Ohhh, I love this guy! I’m getting so many ideas for new games, hehehe!” Angie says excitedly bouncing in Rose’s lap.  Donna glares at the doll chastising her through their mental link.  Angie pouts at the scolding.

    They make their way through the increasingly molded main house solving Lucas’ puzzles and dodging the molded shambling around.  They find the blue keycard and make their way down into a secret room containing the red keycard.  Lucas calls again at the phone in the main hall, leading Ethan to a party in the barn.

    They enter the barn to thumping music and glowing paint under a black light.  They come across a room with a television showing Lucas ranting and waving the D series head around, ranting about how he doesn’t want to give up his gift and that they can only get the serum from him before the television explodes.  They make their way through the barn avoiding trip mines and coming up to a locked gate with a passcode.  Lucas makes an appearance taunting Ethan and giving him incorrect passwords before a trap springs and a secret door opens up.

    They wind through the barn avoiding the traps and taking out the molded arriving at Lucas’ arena where they fight off a giant molded.  After the fight they find the correct passcode to enter the birthday room.  They solve his puzzles and escape through the hole created by the dynamite.  They see a television with Zoe and Mia, Zoe explains where they are before Lucas cuts the camera to himself ranting about nothing.  They collect the D series head and leave the barn making their way to Zoe and Mia.  They release Zoe and Mia before collecting the completed serum.  Just after they are ambushed by a fully mutated Jack.

    “Wait he isn’t dead?! I can’t believe I didn’t call it!” Heisenberg calls out as Dani fights Jack.

    After a long grueling fight, taking out Jacks many swollen eyes and using one of the two serums to calcify him at Zoe’s request.  Walking down the pier they are faced with a choice to cure either Zoe or Mia.

    “Well clearly we are supposed to cure mom. Its what dad did in real life.” Rose says.

    “True, I did.  I did feel bad though, Chris ended up saving Zoe and her uncle, so it all ended up good.” Ethan says.

    “Yeah, sure choosing Mia is what really happened but what if we chose Zoe?” Dani asks hovering over Zoe in game.

    “No! We can do it later right now we are choosing mom.” Rose says sternly.

    “Fiiiiinnnnnee.” Dani whines out giving Mia the serum.  They take the raft down the river listening to Ethan and Mia talk about the situation before they come across the wrecked boat Mia and Eveline arrived on.  They are attacked by the mold, and they switch to Mia’s perspective as they hear Eveline speak to her through their mental connection.

    “Well, this is going to be interesting, I’ve never seen this before.” Ethan says as they move into the ship. They find an unconscious Ethan who is taken by the mold deeper into the ship.  They move through the mold infested ship as Mia, getting flashbacks as they move on.  They follow the phantom Eveline to a room containing a television where they watch a video tape that blends into them playing through the situation leading to the crash of the ship and the infection of the Baker family.

    They see Mia’s partner Alan who explains he is the reason Eveline escaped he explains that she needs to fix his mess and they begin to track Eveline through the ship.  They finally come across Eveline in the engine room before she runs off again.  They find Alan again in the room next to the one where they started the video tape. As he explains that Eveline is deteriorating, he insults her, and she overtakes him with the mold.  The mold then spreads to Mia infecting her.  They then see Mia recording the warning video from the beginning of the game.  The section ends with Mia being blown off the ship and floating unconscious in the water, before returning to the present with Mia and the Phantom Eveline talking. Making their way to the bridge they use the surveillance cameras to find Ethan trapped in mold in the engine room. On the way there they are impeded by the phantom Eveline and the remaining molded.

    As Mia finds Ethan, the perspective swaps back to Ethan’s mind as he speaks to a sane Jack.  He explains that Eveline is the cause of all the murders and kidnappings.  He says that they were infected when He rescued her from the crashed tanker.  Jack also explains that stopping Eveline will stop the mold.  Before Ethan awakens to Eveline and Mia arguing.  Mia rips him free from the mold prison and gives him the tissue sample before locking him out of the engine room urging him to kill Eveline.  They continue through the bayou to a salt mine near the Baker house.  They hear a military broadcast explaining a team was sent in to take down Eveline. They traverse the salt mines finding an underground lab with information on Eveline and the E series mold.  They use Eveline’s tissue samples to make the E- Necrotoxin that is used to kill her permanently. As they exit the mine, Ethan sees flashes of Eveline as she sends the molded to kill him. They exit the mine into the original room Ethan found Mia in where he has a vision of Mia panicking.  He continues to see visions of Mia’s attack on him and Eveline controlling her.  They stab Eveline with the serum, and she reveals her true form as Grandma before melting away and mutating into a large monstrosity.

    As Dani fights the massive face of Eveline, Miranda mumbles to herself, “Absolutely fascinating.  How she responds to different stimuli and the delayed injection of the Necrotoxin.” Rose and Dani scream forgetting that Miranda was sitting behind them.

    “Jesus Christ! What is wrong with you! You scared the living hell out of us!” Rose yells at her turning to face Miranda who has a notebook open in her lap.  “What are you even doing?”

    Miranda blushes at being caught, “I was taking notes on how E-001 reacted and how the family responded to the infection.  It is incredibly fascinating that the whole Baker family mutated without becoming one of the shambling molded.”

    “Trust me she was about to run off and work more before I stopped her.” Elena interjects into Miranda’s rambling.  “Don’t worry, I won’t let her work on the Eveline project outside of simply watching videos.” Miranda’s blush deepens and she looks embarrassed at being called out by her lab assistant.

    “Good, no more mind control children allowed.” Dani says rudely turning back to the screen continuing the final fight.

    Ethan is thrown from the house and sees helicopters arriving at the house as he is attacked by Eveline. He uses an unknown gun to shoot Eveline calcifying and crumbling her finally.  After the battle, Ethan and Mia are rescued by Chris.  The final shots of the game are Ethan speaking over clips of marshlands and the reveal of the Blue Umbrella helicopter.

    “Well that certainly was something….” Ethan says as the credits roll.  Mia wide eyed and shocked nods in agreement.

    “So, all that actually happened?” Rose asks her parents, they both nod. “Ok well that doesn’t explain how the heck this got made or why we were sent it or by who!” Rose rants.

    “Who cares, it was awesome!” Dani exclaims high fiving Angie who cheers with her.

    “Can we leave now? My back is beginning to hurt.” Bela complains standing up and stretching.

    Rose boos her, “Fine be boring.  What did everyone else think?” She asks everyone left in the room.

    “Amazing! Fantastic! Ten out of ten!” Dani exclaims clinging onto Rose.

    “It was interesting, very cinematic.  A bit tropey at times but it works in its favor.  Especially since this technically happened.  The villains were enjoyable and empathetic at the same time.” Heisenberg critiques.

    “Yeah, whatever it was fine.” Cass says getting up and leaving the room.

    “I had quite a nice time, I’m glad you suggested this, Rose.” Alcina says picking up the sleeping Donna. “I’m sure Donna will apologize for falling asleep tomorrow morning.  Have a good night.”  She kisses the top of Rose and Dani’s heads and leave the room.

    “It was quite informative, thank you for inviting me, Rose.  I truly appreciate it.  Now I must go and review my notes.” Miranda says looking at her notebook as she slowly leaves the room.

    “We are actually going to bed, but thanks for inviting us, Rose.  We’ll have to do it again soon!” Elena says grabbing Miranda’s arm and taking her notebook.

    “I think your mom and I have some talking to do, but you guys have a good night sweetie.” Ethan says getting up before kissing Rose on the head.

    “Yeah, outside of the horrifying content of this ‘game’ it was fun.  Have a good night honey.” Mia says following her husband to their room.

    “Alright seems like the party is dying down and someone has to get Sal to his room.  Seems like he and Donna can’t stay up late like us cool kids.” Heisenberg laughs out shaking Sal awake.  Sal stands up groggily and leans ion Heisenberg as they leave to their respective rooms.

    “Lame everyone left. You want to stay up or are you hitting the sack too?” Dani asks Rose.

    “I think I’m going to bed too.  I have a lot to think about.” Rose says hugging Dani, “See you in the morning Dan.”  Dani decides to follow Rose and they head to bed.

    In his assigned quarters, the Duke watches the group scatter to their rooms for bed, “I’m glad they enjoyed my little gift.  Hopefully, it answers some questions for them.” The Duke says to himself chuckling.

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    A Terminator: Dark Fate Playlist

    You changed our future, but you didn’t change our fate.

    Dani and Grace and Sarah Connor - listen on Spotify! I made this playlist starting in Nov 2019 and I’m finally sharing it out. Best enjoyed while driving down the highway running away from a Terminator, or towards one to destroy it.

    Still grabbed and further tweaked from a gifset by royalarmyofoz

    #Terminator: Dark Fate #Terminator Dark Fate #Dani Ramos#Grace Harper#Sarah Connor#Dani/Grace #I have designs on sharing out a Dani/Grace-specific playlist at some point in the future maybe #fanmix#playlist
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  • s8ncake
    20.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    #long post#omnsfw#minors dni#DiaSatan#fav #anon my beloved #(if you want to claim an emoji (or title) let me know!) #thank you for gracing my inbox once more #ngl it took me awhile to come up with a response because I was so happy and flustered #I really love all of the little details!! #Barbatos leaving ASAP because he knew what was going to happen #Satan being soft for Diavolo’s smile #how the fluffy tone shifts as Satan teases him more and more #Diavolo eventually cracking because he’s needy and Satan is right there in his lap #it’s all so good
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  • queen-asteria04
    20.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #🍓 anon!!!! #baby i've missed you #im 😭😭😭😭😭 #my heart 😭😭😭😭 #grace answers
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  • coxinhadoce47-art
    20.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    The deal


    O acordo

    #i won't say what the deal they made is without dumping quite some cws/tws first #so not here #not on this post #my art#cd47desenhos#oc #in your graces #raphael#grace
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  • willandgraceintimeandspace
    20.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago
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  • ksmkaythingstolove
    20.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Grace Kelly wearing a flower-adorned evening gown with Prince Rainier (January 1956)

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  • officialyourdailyinspiration
    20.06.2021 - 52 minutes ago
    #Congregational singing#Christian hymn #Grace Community Church #Pastor John MacArthur #God Almighty Strong Secure #Youtube#video
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  • rclltcseduce
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @shapeshxftingmercenary said: [ shower ] with Astaro, perhaps?~


    There's a quiet squeak that escapes as the Tiefling turned around to see someone she didn't quite know had joined her, having expected to be alone.

    "O-oh dear, uh-" she'd quickly try to cover her eyes up, flushing brightly in embarrassment.

    "S-sorry for staring, I didn't expect someone to be joining me-"

    #😈❤️🗡️ {astaro grace} #shapeshxftingmercenary
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  • unpossiblemuses
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Happy Father's Day to my girls' RP papas! ♥

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  • tigerlily225
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #infinity train #infinity train book 3 #infinity train grace #infinity train simon #grace monroe#simon laurent #infinity train memes #finish infinity train #renew infinity train
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  • wyhlds
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ooc. #I’m now taking applications for new brothers #for marjan / grace / esme / harper #bc Keith doesn’t love me anymore
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  • ganymedy
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is probably the best headcanon I've ever done:

    Sometimes I made stories about what is going to happen with the seven (and Nico too) after they die. I imagine a final battle (with Uranus for example) and the phophecy that says they will go together and punch Uranus in his heart with their swords at the same . Because Uranus is very strong ,they will die while stabbing him. Close to death, they will be holding hands and Percy and Jason will say: I'm not scared to die if you are with me. We will die as a family, and be together forever as a family. We will go together in Elysium.

    Then,they die and their shadows appear.

    Thanatos appears too,ready to take them to Underworld.

    After that,the gods will appear, when Uranus is finally gone, and take their children to Olymp. There ,they will decide to make them immortal.

    They will spend the summer at CHB teaching other demigods with Chiron and when the summer is over they will be like 'The guardians of good' (I couldn't think of a better name lol) and they will travel around the world together and make good things ,like helping people,saving the world, etc (and also they will spend time with their immortal parent sometimes,when they aren't in an adventure)

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  • flamboyantanime
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "You didn't hate me because you wanted revenge. You just needed someone to hate."

    — Jue Viole Grace

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  • arcgeminga
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Athena the Owl #(HAHAHAHA ASPROS SEES ATHENA AS A SAVING GRACE) #(poor Athena owiefhwef) #(Asprossssssss)
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  • evermxre
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    i’m working on these smut memes rn, and i am simply asking for : more of them.
    #— * ❛ she’s beauty she’s grace she’ll punch you in the face. ╱ ooc. #tbd. #// this is the most I’ve written in days #i write a smut meme ... and then i write a reply to a draft. #it’s a good method and it’s encouraging me to write my replies #jsjdjwkekw
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  • lilithhedwig
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    (yeah it's that time of the year, sorry)

    Ok I need to warn you, this post will contain 1) a hint of conspiracy 2) TONS of wishful thinking.

    Summary: basically I believe there's a tiny shot of having our queer zombies back on TV

    So, disclaimer made, let's get to the ✨ facts✨

    First, some background

    For those of you who don't know, In the Flesh was an amazing iconic breathtaking never been done before ect TV show, that aired in 2013/14 on BBC three (keep this in mind for later)

    Seriously if you didn't watch it go do it esp now that it's Pride Month, you won't regret it I promise

    It's also a show that has been cancelled after its second season, quite sadly

    Basically, we've been robbed

    Anyway, for all of these years Dominic Mitchell (creator of the show) and the cast have been expressing that they would very much love to give the show the closure it (and we) deserves

    Especially Mitchell has been tweeting almost constantly in these years, giving away bits about what would be included in the script ect

    The was even a talk about having an independent movie to tie it all together in 2018, with the main cast responding enthusiastically and Mitchell saying he would be writing the script, but nothing came of it as far as I know

    Flash forward to now

    Last month (writing in June 2021), a number of Fence featured a shot from the show as its cover and had an interview with Mitchell, Newberry (playing the main character on the show) and Bevan (playing as a co-star on the show) inside [see screenshot attached]

    Last month the BBC tweeted that BBC three would be returning as a broadcast channel in Jan 2022 [see screenshot attached]

    Mitchell re-tweeted it and invited fans to petition and email BBC three to bring back home In the Flesh [see screenshot attached]

    Dominic Mitchell's Twitter account has since been completely deleted off the internet

    What does all this mean? I don't know exactly, BUT when I found out that Mitchell's Twitter account had gone missing I looked a bit around for info and found this Reddit user theorising that maybe Mitchell got charged with writing some kind of closure for the show but since he posted so much about it maybe he didn't want to spoil stuff and had to delete his Twitter. This 100% qualifies as wishful thinking in my eyes, but I'm a wishful thinker bitch so I really really hope there's some underlying truth there.

    What can we do?

    Not much I fear, BUT I would definitely urge you all to tweet/post/whatever things with the hashtag #SaveInTheFlesh all over again and idk maybe this is the one time we can actually have our queer little zombies back????

    Please, if you've ever loved this show or any show that has been wrongfully cancelled, try to spread this around (idc if you retweet or write your own post or whatever I just want my zombies back lol)

    Will update if I find anything else that I feel is relevant

    #in the flesh #saveintheflesh #save in the flesh #please save it #bbc three#bbc#twitter#dominic mitchell#luke newberry #emily grace Bevan #cancelled shows#cancelled#masterpost #give in the flesh a home #kieren x rick #kieren x simon #kieren walker#jem walker #amy x philip #amy dyer#simon monroe#tv#tv show#bafta#pride month#queer representation #mental illness representation #lgbt representation
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