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    Gold Derby lists “Lose You To Love Me” as one of the leading contenders for “Record of the Year” at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

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  • Sometimes in the middle of the night, my soul goes like “RED deserved a Grammy”

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  • the sheer pOWER of this performance still has me shook today

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  • It’s been 1,989 days since the release of the record-breaking pop album 1989. The success this album had was incredible considering it was Taylor’s first pop album. This is maybe my favorite acceptance speech! Don’t let anyone take credit for your accomplishments. 💕


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    that’s a man right there 🔥

    #shawn mendes #shawn peter raul mendes #music#grammys #credit to josiah van dien #perfect#handsome#love him #shawn mendes imagine #elegant
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    1989 days of 1989. Grammy-Album of the Year, Grammy-Best Pop Vocal Album, Top Billboard 200 Album, AMA-Favorite Album Pop/Rock, iHeartRadio, Album of the Year. This is one of my favorite albums to listen to. Each and every song is pure gold. Each and every song hits a part of me that puts my soul at ease. There’s times when these songs got me (and still do) through really tough times. Thank you @taylorswift for this masterpiece! @taylornation

    #1989 days of 1989 #t.s. 1989 #taylor swift#taylor nation#grammys#iheartradio #american music awards #billboard music awards
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  • I’ve been feeling really down lately, wondering if I lose my job bc of the current the situation.

    I know that only tumblr-swifties will not make fun of me posting such a video, me jamming to the 2016 grammy performance, in my PJs. In the middle of the night.

    I wanted to say thank you to @taylorswift for your music, I identify so much with your songwriting. Your music has accompanied me through the past 10 years of my life.

    As you might be able to tell, I loved the out of the woods performance🙃

    #taylor swift #out of the woods #grammys#grammy performance#grammys 2016 #drunk on somthing stronger than the drinks in the bar #swifties #are we out of the woods yet? #taylurking
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    Baja East - Fall 2020 ready to wear:

    Fresh off breaking the internet with the fringed mechanical hat he designed with Milliner Sarah Sokol for Billy Porter’s Grammys appearance, Baja East designer Scott Studenberg was back putting the final touches on his desert disco–meets–drag ball–themed fall 2020 offering.

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  • WARNINGS: <800 words. SMUTTY. It only gets dirtier from here. Brace yourself. 

    After the awards are over, Niall can’t take it anymore. You have some fun in a bathroom… The night is just beginning


    Part 3 

    Welcome to the 60th Grammy Awards. I’m your host, James Corden and we are going to have some fun tonight. 

    The awards were starting and you could tell Niall was Nervous. He was gripping your hand tight and his leg started bouncing. 

    “Babe, are you ok?,” you asked.

    “Yes, petal. Just anxious about my performance, Niall said, bringing your hand up to his mouth and kissing it. 

    “You are going to be amazing, babe,” you said. “You always are.” 

    After a few awards, jokes, and performances, it was time for Niall to go backstage and get ready. He kissed you bye and sauntered backstage.

    “Break a leg, Ni. Love you!” you said after giving him a hug and watched him leave you. 

    He was gone and you enjoyed the rest of the show. You got your phone out to you had it in time for his performance, when you noticed a text on your phone.

    I know all these girls will be screaming for me, but later tonight you’ll be the only one screaming my name ;P

    Once again, you felt that warm feeling in your panties and you smiled real big. Niall is the sweetest, most loving guy, but when it comes to making love to you, he can have the dirtiest mouth and mind. 

    Finally, it was Niall’s time to shine. He shredded the suit and came out in skintight black jeans, a shirt that showed off his beautiful chest, and a smile as big as San Francisco. He knew what this look was doing to you and when he locked eyes with you, he winked.

    He performed “Nice to Meet Ya” and “No Judgement” and looked like he was having the best time up there. Niall was truly made for the stage. 

    Right before he went off stage, he spoke into the microphone once more. “(Y/N) I love you so much. Thank you, Grammys. Goodnight,” he said and then walked off the stage. 

    You knew fans on Twitter were going to be screaming at the mention on your name. You automatically logged into Twitter and started searching the hashtags. Yep, already trending….

    Your phone buzzed and you opened the picture from Niall. I’ll be out soon, love. The photo was of him getting changed out of his clothes with sweat dripping down him. You were really dating the sexiest man in the world and he loved you back. 

    Right before the show ended, Niall came back to his seat, dressed in his suit once again. He wrapped you in a big hug, eventually landing his hand on your butt. 

    After Corden said his goodnight and everyone was walking out of the theater, Niall directed you in a different direction. 

    “Niall… Where are we going?” you asked.

    “You think you can look like that all night and get away with it? Uh uh. I’m so goddamn hard right now,” he said, dragging you to a private bathroom that mostly crew or performers used, but was now empty. 

    As soon as the door shut, he pinned you up against the wall and started kissing your neck. You would have some hickies in the morning, but who cares? 

    He eventually reached your mouth and your tongues interlocked. You let out a huge moan and could feel the smile on Niall’s mouth. His hands made his way down your body, stopping right on your soaked panties. 

    Niall moved them to the side and put a finger inside of you. You let out another moan loud enough you hope no one heard.

    “Fuck, kitten. You’re so wet,” he growled as he pumped two fingers inside you. 

    “You make me this wet, babe. Always,” you breathlessly said. 

    That made him tease you even more. His fingers went in and out and his thumb reached your clit. You were on the verge of cumming and he knew it. 

    “Mmmmm. FUCK NIALL!!,” you screamed as your orgasm was taking over you. “I’m gonna cum.” 

    “I fucking told you you would be screaming my name. Cum for me, love…” he whispered into your ear. 

    At that moment, you completely let go and soaked his fingers. Your legs were shaking, which was a common occurrence when any part of Niall was between your legs, and you leaned into him to find your balance. 

    “Good girl…” he smiled as he sucked the cunm off his fingers. You loved it when he called you ‘good girl’ during sex. “You will pay me back in the car.” 

    You left the bathroom and the venue and got into a limo that was parked outside. Niall had to show his face at at least one party, but your fun was far from over. 


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  • WARNING: 575 words. A little smutty. Mostly fluff. 

    You and Niall finally arrive and get to the red carpet. Although you are petrified to answer questions, he is there by your side the whole time. Before going into the show, you sneak off and have a little fun

    “Niall!” “Niall, over here!.” “Niall, who’s the lucky girl?” you heard photographers screaming from all different angles.

    “Just keep smiling,” Niall whispered to you, then kissed your cheek. The media went crazy with a million cameras going off all at once.

    “Who do you think she is mates?” Niall asked the photographers. “She is my beautiful girlfriend.” He took your hand and guided you across the red carpet, away from the cameras and towards the reporters.

    “That was….. overwhelming,” you said. Niall squeezed your hand and took you through the crowd.

    “I know, love, but you survived it and I’m so proud of you,” Niall said. “Now, we just gotta make it through the interviews and then the fun begins.” He turned towards you and winked.

    You had no idea what he meant at that moment but your head was spinning just trying to remember your name and the designer of your dress for the journalists.

    ‘And next up we have international superstar, Niall Horan,’ you heard the reporter say. Before you knew it, you were walking up the steps hand in hand with Niall preparing yourself for your first red carpet interview.

    “Hi, Niall! How are you doing tonight?” asked the reporter.

    “I am on top of the world tonight, Kate. How are you?” Niall asked smiling.

    You blanked out halfway through until you heard your name being said.

    “This is (Y/N), my beautiful girlfriend,” you heard Niall say. He looked over at you and smiled, squeezing your hand to direct you to say something.

    “Hi! I am so excited to be here and so proud of this man,” you said. “I can’t wait to see him kill his performance tonight.”

    “Everyone is looking forward to his performance. You look gorgeous! Who are you wearing?” the reporter asked.

    “Ohh…um… Vera Wang, I believe…. and the shoes are Loubitons,” you stumbled.

    “Beautiful! Have an amazing time tonight and good luck Niall,” the reporter said.

    “Thanks so much,” you both replied and walked to the next reporter.

    After about 6 interviews and you saying the same thing during each, you were finally finished. You just wanted to get inside and let the awards begin.

    “Love, you are the best! Thank you for going through all of that with me. I felt so comfortable next to you,” Niall said. He leaned into your ear and took it in his mouth, then he whispered. “You look bloody beautiful in that dress. I am going to devour you later.”

    You shuddered and felt a warm feeling growing between your legs. Niall pulled you behind the carpet into a little secluded spot where no one was. You started making out and Niall grabbed your ass. You both moaned but knew you couldn’t go any further with the risk of being caught.

    An announcement was made that they show will be starting in five minutes and everyone is too take their seats.

    “Fuck,” Niall said. “I just want some time with my girl. It’s not too late to go home, (Y/N).”

    “Niall, we can’t. You’re performing,” you said, dragging him inside. “Come on. Time to take our seats.”

    Turns out your seats were the fourth row from the stage. You looked around in awe at being here and having all of these celebrities around you.

    You sat down and smiled so big. The lights flashed and you had no idea the night Niall had in store for you…..


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  • “I think a lot of relationships can be very solid, and that’s what you hope for — that it’s solid and healthy — but that’s not always what you get. It doesn’t mean that it’s not special and extraordinary just to have a relationship that’s fragile and somehow meaningful in that fragility.”

    an appreciation post for this performance and this performance only 

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    Lorde | Grammys 2014

    #lorde#lorde melodrama #lorde pure heroine #royals#grammys#melodrama#pure heroine #ella yelich o'connor
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  • swifties theories be like:

    i was born on the 25th


    25-13 =12 (taylor’s birth month of December)


    12 - 10 (the amount of grammys taylor has ) = 2 (my birth month of February)


    if i was born 2/25 i am @taylorswift’s 12th grammy to be won in the future🤪🤪🤪

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  • On February 24 1993, Michael Jackson attends the 35th Annual GRAMMY awards and is presented with the GRAMMY Legend Award by his sister Janet Jackson. ⁣
    📍Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA⁣
    #michaeljackson #janetjackson #grammys #grammyawards #mjfan #mj #mjj #mjfam⁣ #memes #memesdaily
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    Supermodel: 9

    Love Galore: 9

    Doves In The Wind: 8,9

    Drew Berrymore: 9

    Prom: 9,5

    The Weeknd: 9

    Go Gina: 6

    Garden (Say It Like Dat): 9,5

    Broken Clocks: 9,1

    Anything: 7,9

    Wavy (Interlude): 7

    Normal Girl: 7

    Pretty Little Birds: 8,5

    20 Somethings: 8,9

    Total: 84

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