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  • saturngrqy
    18.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Traitor- GD Pt. 5

    Gif creds- @graysonsbailey

    A/n- I’m writing this on my phone so if there’s a shit ton of typos please don’t hate me el oh el also I can’t figure out how to add the keep reading thing so sorry if I clog y’all’s tl

    Warnings - fighting, relationship issues, angst, throwing up, unfaithfulness

    Summary- Mari reveals some shocking news to Julia, leaving her realizing she should’ve never trusted Grayson in the first place.


    “Grayson, all the proof is right fucking here, you asshole. You fucking lied to me,” Julia spoke, tears streaming down her face.

    The night had started off normally- once everyone left, Julia and Grayson had their nightly cuddle sesh, and they were tired and ready to sleep when Julia’s phone pinged.

    I’m sorry, it read. I was waiting for Mando to come back then Graysons phone went off. I looked at it and it was Emma, and I needed to tell you. I’m so fucking sorry.

    Attached was a picture of Graysons texts, showing countless flirty text messages between him and Emma.

    She shot up, making Grayson sit up too, afraid something happened.

    She stared at the messages with a wide mouth, tears threatening to escape, afraid to even read the next couple texts attached in the next slides.

    Julia choked, immediately running to the bathroom. She felt sick. The man she trusted with her entire life betrayed her.

    Grayson rushed behind her, holding her hair up when she seemingly threw up out of nowhere. When she finished, Grayson hushed her.

    “Are you okay? What happened?”

    Julia’s eyes darkened. The audacity of this man.

    “Get off me, you coward,” she spat, rushing up and out of the bathroom. Grayson, ever confused, followed her quickly, asking her what happened.

    “Why don’t you tell me?” She whispered, pulling her phone out. She pulled up the messages showing him. He read them slowly, trying to piece together why you had showed him this.

    “I- I don’t get it. What is that,” he asked. Julia scoffed.

    “It’s you flirting with Emma, you idiot,” she spoke, venom dripping from her words. “I can’t believe you actually cheated,” she cried, her voice cracking. She lost her balance, falling back on to the bed. Sobs racked through her body,

    Grayson was now more confused than ever.

    “W-what? Babe I don’t even have her number,” he said. “Who told you that?” He pushed, determined to find the culprit.

    Julia rolled her eyes. The proof is right there, why is he trying to deny it?

    “Fine. If you don’t have her number, show me your messages. I don’t believe you, I have all the proof I need,”

    Grayson sighed, grabbing his phone. He knew he never texted her, how could someone have done this?

    He scrolled to his iMessage app, pulling it up.

    “See, baby, there’s no e-,” he stops.

    Right under his thumb, was the conversation. He opened it, finding texts from himself. Julia heard his pause.

    “Unbelievable,” she grunted, sitting up to leave. Grayson grabbed her arm, quickly, stopping her from leaving.

    “N-no, you don’t understand, sweet girl,” he said, using her favorite nickname trying to coax her into staying. He saw her eyes soften for a second, then they quickly darkened again.

    “I just, I- I don’t get it,” she spoke, choking on her words. “I thought we were over her. You hadn’t seen her in a while, but you guys were texting the entire fucking time- oh my god,” she cried even harder. Words couldn’t even describe the betrayal and heartbreak she had felt at that moment.

    The realization hit her; the entire time they had spent making up and having intimate nights together the past couple of weeks- were all a lie. He was never interested, he wanted Emma.

    Graysons heart broke. “N-no baby, you don’t- I never fucking texted her! I don’t know who hacked my phone but I never texted her,” he finished, eyes shutting closed as he saw ur face maintain its disbelieving look. He knew he lost you.

    “Grayson, all the proof is right fucking here, you asshole. You fucking lied to me,” Julia spoke, tears streaming down her face.

    “You’re a traitor,” she spoke, seething angrily. “When’s she’s sleeping in the bed we made, don’t you dare forget about the way you betrayed me.”

    With that, Julia left the room, slamming the door behind her. She glared at Ethan and Kristina standing behind it. She could’ve sworn they went to bed.

    In reality, they heard the screaming and woke up to investigate. From what they heard, it was bad.


    Julia spent the next week ghosting everyone. She ignored Graysons desperate texts, begging for her forgiveness, still maintaining his innocence. She couldn’t fathom how he still claimed he never texted her. His actions were cowardice, and Julia didn’t hide her feelings towards him to Kristina or Ethan, either.

    You’re brothers a cheating, cowardly, pussy bitch. Ethan read.

    She liked to think she was holding up well, but she was entirely the opposite. She hadn’t gotten out of bed in days, and she ran out of tears to cry. She felt physically and emotionally numb.

    Mari had come over a few times, simply to express her deep sorrows for Julia. Julia confided in her, explaining how she could no longer trust anyone. In fact, she actually said Mari was the only one she could trust.

    Mari tried to hide her satisfaction, but it was difficult. Julia was right where they needed her. She was putty in their hands.

    Back at the Dolan residence, Grayson was doing no better. He, too, couldn’t get out of bed.

    Ethan and Kristina stared at the texts in confusion.

    “Look, gray, I get you didn’t do anything, but this is pretty concrete evidence,” Ethan spoke carefully, not wanting to piss him off. It didn’t work.

    “Ethan, I told you, I never texted her,” he yelled. “Someone hacked my phone, bro. That’s the only way this makes sense,”

    Ethan sighed. He really wanted to believe him. Still, he tried to help him however he could.

    “Okay. Okay,” Ethan groaned, rubbing his eyes. “Um, retrace your steps. Show me the texts again,”

    Grayson handed him his phone, scrolling to the conversation. Ethan skimmed over them, not wanting all the horny sexts his brother had seemingly texted their neighbor.

    He frowned, noticing something suspicious.

    “Grayson,” he wavered. “These are all from last night. Someone who was hanging out with us did this.”

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    18.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Wdym it's not normal to obsess over middle aged celebrities?

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    18.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

    #The Picture of Dorian Gray #Oscar Wilde #this is way too much research for a fanfiction #I'm aware of it but I will not stop
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  • google-drawings-warriors
    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    His colors are picked directly from Frostkit’s palette!

    #graykit#riverclan#kit#tbc#warrior cats#wc designs #i hope frostkit has a nice relationship with her siblings #nice sibling relationships make me happy #gray#tom#tufted ears#solid#gray eyes
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    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #red crackle thoughts #red crackle #gray x carmen #carmen x gray #graham x carmen #carmen x graham #gifs #straight up drove down to over-overlaying and i dontregretitbye
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    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    June 18, 2021

    with husband/manager Garry Kief.

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    18.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    look how adorable he looks!

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    18.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    weed or get skinny… a very difficult choice

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    18.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    #fire enblem #fire emblem three houses #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #ask dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #queue are the ocean's gray waves #// hugs!! for!!! everyone!!!! #// hi i love giving hugs too so dimitri gets to be a cuddle fiend #// 'azure you sure do project onto dimitri a lot' *gestures at the entire blog* you don't say? /lh
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    18.06.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    white haired izuku...?

    #WHERE CAN I HEARD THIS ONE ALREADY #i am#WHAT #what the hell is happening #my hair are about to go gray from all of this #WHAT IS THIS THEORY #midoriya izuku#deku #white haired izuku #???? #dfo theory #related??? #bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #where have i heard it* #ffs i can't spell to save my life
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    #dgm #d. gray man #that bunny#my art #just learned he's named yoshi
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    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    thomas stop being vague /j

    #''logan roman and patton are thriving'' oh so is that why the last major episode patton had a mental breakdown and turned into a frog? #why logan showed up as just a fucking text box? #/jjj #im so excited tho #grays thoughts
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    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ever since reading The Picture of Dorian Gray I’ve thrown myself on 108% more divans!

    #the picture of dorian gray #oscar wilde
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    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Y’all I’m finally a real adult I’m buying a fridge today

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  • google-drawings-warriors
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    He has one folded ear and freckles :)

    And a big part of his design is how much his bright eyes stand out against his dark fur!

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    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fairy tail

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    Me when I first tasted matcha:

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